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Model Worker

by Alcatraz

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© Copyright 2011 - Alcatraz - Used by permission

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Chapter 1: A Shopping Trip

Laura Reynolds sighed as she stared impassively into the store window. She cast her eyes over the characterless fashion paraded in front of her by lifeless figures. She amused herself thinking even the mannequins looked bored wearing it. How many times she gone through this same ritual today? A new outfit was needed for tonight's party but Laura had wasted nearly all of her morning wandering from one faceless high street chain to another each time leaving disappointed, fed up and empty handed.

She lived in a small town in the heart of England. It actually had a reasonably good sized shopping centre for its population size, something for everyone, as long as you were either 80 years old or a clone of every other girl in town. Laura was looking for something different for tonight; something attention grabbing, maybe even a little naughty.

Having returned from university the previous week she had found most of her old friends had either settled down with partners or moved on to pastures new. It seemed a lot had changed in the three years she had been away studying sociology in Sheffield.

It had taken all her willpower to make the move to University in the first place as she was quite the homebody. But as her parents had frequently reminded her, she would regret not taking the chance to get a wider perspective on life, live a little and meet new and interesting people. And so reluctantly she had gone. And she had loved it; all it had taken was a little extra push to get her out of the rut she was in.

The end of her studies at University however was marred by the breakdown of her relationship with Brad. When not at University they lived a few hours travel away from each other, and Brad had said the distance was too great for the relationship to stand a chance of working. She had been crushed of course but had come to terms with it eventually. If she were honest with herself she would say that the spark had not really been there, but it had been a very pleasant distraction.

So here she was, back in her quiet little home town, taking some time to plan her future. She had a taste for adventure but there were things that needed taking care of first.

When she received an invite to a party from an old school friend she had leapt at the chance. Laura was looking forward to having some fun, letting her hair down, having a dance, and maybe .. just maybe finding a nice boy to flirt with. A girl has needs after all! Given the late notice of the party she did not have time to shop on the internet, hence she was forced to look for something in town.

Rapidly running out of options for party wear she wearily wandered inside another store. Predictably the hangers were draped with the same wares as every other shop she had visited that day. The assistants mooched around the store zombie-like, lost in some thought or other.

"'Exclusive Summer Lines' my ass" she grumbled to herself eyeing the signage. She picked herself a promising looking bright summer dress from one of the racks and proceeded to the changing rooms. Laura entered the booth and swiftly disrobed. She threw the light dress over her head letting it settle on her slender shoulders. She looked at the mirror in front of her. Brushing out the creases of the flowy dress with her hands she shook her head slowly. "No. I don't think so".

Laura began to change back into her own clothes. With the dress removed, lying in a crumpled heap at her feet she looked at her naked reflection in the mirror. She had a fine figure which she was very proud of. Standing 5' 4" tall on bare feet she had some killer curves accentuated by her narrow, flat waist and plump perky breasts. Her mane of auburn hair draped over her shoulders in ringlets and lay, softly, just below her collar bone. Her long legs were toned and athletic mainly due to the dance classes she had taken while at University.

She rested her hands on her hips and let her tummy twist from side to side as she shifted her body weight from her right to left leg. The movement gave her a beautiful smooth 'S' curve running from her slender neck all the way down to her feet.

Resigned to the fact that there would be no purchases today she slipped her white cotton t-shirt back on. It was cropped at the bottom, just enough to reveal her navel and was held slightly proud of her body by her full 'C' cup breasts. Stepping into her jeans she pulled them up, wiggling her ass to tease the denim over her hips. The fit was snug and highlighted her tight round ass beautifully. After a quick pirouette in front of the mirror she slipped her trainers back on and exited the cubicle leaving the dress on the floor behind.

Back outside the store, she took a moment to gather her thoughts. Perhaps she should just cobble an outfit together from her current wardrobe.

As she prepared to head home something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. She turned her head to look down an alleyway, the entrance to which she was now crossing. She could not remember an alley ever being here before, but a lot had changed in town while she had been away.

It appeared as though there may be another shop down there. She glanced at her watch. "OK, one last try!" she said to herself and proceeded down the narrow alley.

As she got closer she noticed that it was indeed a shop. The sign above the store read "Surrender" in black gothic style calligraphy. She caught her breath a little as she peered at the window. "Oh YES!" she said to no one in particular.

The shop had a single door next to the moderately sized display window. On the other side of the smoky glass were some mannequins and it was what the dummies were wearing that brought a flush to her cheeks. Close to the window now, she rested her fingertips upon the cool glass as her gaze lingered on the scene in front of her. The clothes were certainly not the same boring items that had blighted her shopping spree all morning. Instead the outfits in this window almost shone, capturing and reflecting the light in fascinating ways, curving exotically around the frames of the mannequins.

"Latex" she smiled. "Hmmm". Laura had never worn rubber clothing in her life but now, stood in front of the mysterious window; she could not help but imagine what it would feel like to wear the material against her skin.

The outfit which had caught her attention was a red latex mini skirt which clung snugly to the mannequin's hips and extended down to just a little higher than mid-thigh. Emerging from beneath the mini skirt was a pair of black tights that slipped into a pair of black patent leather heels. The upper body was covered by a white cotton blouse tucked into the skirt. It gaped slightly at the top to reveal a hint of plastic cleavage.

"Now that is an attention grabber." she thought. "THAT is what I need!"

Laura noticed that there were no prices on display. That was not a good sign. Perhaps she would not be able to afford to buy it after all. That would be a cruel twist of fate. She decided she would have to go into the shop and enquire about the price. Laura moved to the front door. A tentative push on the door revealed it was locked. Cupping her eyes she tried to peer into the interior beyond, but the smoky glass prevented her from seeing anything. Looking down at the handle she noticed a small device just to the right. She recognised it as some sort of swipe card unit.

"Ah shit!" she hissed.

With her efforts focussed on trying to peer into the shop beyond the glass she had failed to hear the approach of someone behind her.

"Hi" spoke a voice "Can I help you hun?"

Laura spun around in surprise at the sound of the voice and saw a woman stood in front of her. She was taller than Laura and had shoulder length blonde hair which framed her long neck. At the base of her neck was a black choker with an 'S' character in the centre. She wore a full length black leather overcoat buttoned at the front. A loosely tied soft leather belt held the coat in at her waist. The pockets were currently occupied by her hands. She had a very pretty face, large friendly eyes and full lips. Laura was quite taken aback by the woman's beauty.

"Can I help?" she repeated the question softly, smiling a wide welcoming smile.

Laura was aware she must look like a rabbit in headlights right now. "Erm, hi" she said laughing nervously.

"See anything you like?" the woman asked.

"There are .. erm, no prices. In the window I mean. For the outfits. In the window ..." Laura was aware she was babbling as she regarded the woman up and down. She had an air of mystery and confidence which Laura warmed to immediately.

"No, there are no prices. Sorry, this is a private store and we don't sell direct to the public."

"Oh no, I really liked this outfit" she gestured to the window behind. "I need to wear it for a party tonight."

Laura looked crestfallen as she sensed that her chance was slipping away. The woman scrutinised her thoughtfully. She pretended to glance around her as if she were a spy handing over secret plans; a wry smile appeared at the corner of her mouth and her eyes shone bright.

"Why don't you come on in anyway, maybe we can make an exception just this once eh?"

Chapter 2: An Aladdin's Cage

Laura couldn't believe her luck. She thought she had been thwarted at the last hurdle yet here she was being granted privileged access to the mysterious store. Excitedly she followed the woman inside, giddy as a schoolgirl. As the door softly closed and locked behind her with an electrical buzz, she stopped dead in her tracks as she now saw the inside of the store. She slowly looked around in disbelief; it was much larger than she expected it to be inside and everywhere and every inch was covered in bizarre items of one kind or another. Extraordinary looking rubber clothing hung from walls and display racks and strange shaped objects were on view all around. A cursory glance revealed chains, straps, masks, boots and, oh my God .... whips?? There seemed to be no space left at all which was not covered in macabre items.

The woman had by now reached the sales desk situated against the left hand wall about half way into the shop. She turned and saw Laura still stood by the door, her face revealing her shock at what she was seeing.

"Come on in hun!" she prompted in a bubbly voice.

"Erm, I think I may have made a mistake" Laura stammered, still scanning wide-eyed around the amazing Aladdin's Cave of fetish treasures. "This is not my scene at all ... I thought this was a clothes shop not a .. a .. what IS this place, a dungeon?"

"Well it IS a clothes shop. But it is also much more. Come on in and I'll give you the tour, there is nothing to be scared of. We have plenty of clothes here and some toys and accessories too. Sure some of it looks a little shall we say 'exotic' but there really is something for everyone". She smiled her warm smile and Laura felt a little more at ease.

Laura slowly walked towards the sales desk. She was suddenly aware of the smell of latex and rubber pervading her senses and to her surprise it was not a bad aroma. In fact, although right now she would never dare admit it, the smell was rather captivating. She shook the thought from her mind.

As she approached the sales desk the assistant removed her long leather jacket and hung it up on a peg behind her. Laura's breath was taken away for a second time. The woman was stood before her wearing a figure hugging blue latex halter neck dress. It clung to her body as if it had been painted on. The bottom of the dress ended just above her knees. She wore a feminine wide black leather belt buckled tight enough to showcase her small waist; the low neckline teasingly displayed the top of her considerable cleavage. Laura now saw why the woman had appeared so tall because on her feet she wore a pair of black high heels with what must have been 4" heels. Laura thought she looked amazing, the rubber beautifully accentuating the smooth curves of her body. She felt a sudden compulsion to reach out and touch the woman's body, to feel how the material felt in her hands.

"My name is Melanie, or Mel." the woman's voice broke Laura away from her thoughts. "I can see you like my outfit. You can be sure we'll find something for you too."

Laura blushed a deep red as she realised how obvious her curiosity must look. "I'm sorry. It's just that I've never seen this sort of stuff close up before. I've seen pictures in catalogues but seeing it for real is completely different. How do you move in that dress, it is so tight?"

Melanie giggled. "You get used to it. The material is light and quite forgiving. Come on, how about that tour before we sort you out".

Laura had completely forgotten about her shopping trip since she had entered the store. Too many thoughts were running through her head for her to organise quickly enough. What sort of people used this stuff? She felt caught somewhere between trepidation and intrigue, completely out of her comfort zone yet she wanted to learn more about this strange subculture.

"I'm Laura, show me everything" she replied, surprised at her own eagerness to continue.

As Melanie turned to begin the tour, Laura noticed that her chocker was secured at the back with a tiny padlock. She was about to ask her about it when Melanie spoke again.

"OK, here we have some samples of our latex clothing range. We don't have everything on show but we keep a very well stocked storeroom with loads more gear. There's a catalogue on top of the cash desk if you want to check out the full lines we carry."

Laura stepped up to the racks of apparel in front of her. The material felt light and sensual in her hands, not at all what she was expecting. She stretched and pulled at it thoughtfully.

"Have you ever worn this type of clothing Laura?"

"No, it always seemed so, well, weird I suppose". She was now stretching the material over the back of her hand, seeing how it reflected the light when pulled taut. She imagined it must feel like a second skin when worn properly. A tingle of excitement took her body.

"I think it depends on your definition of weird." Melanie replied. Her voice sounded closer now and Laura was aware that Mel was stood very close behind her, peering over her shoulder while she played with the material in her hands. She felt two hands rest gently on her hips, "I think you would look fabulous in it, you have a beautiful body" Melanie whispered into her ear. A chill shot up Laura's spine, and she was unable to prevent a little electric shudder run through her entire body which she knew Mel must have felt too.

Surprisingly Laura did not feel the least bit uncomfortable with Melanie's touch and compliments; in fact she enjoyed the closeness. She was not a lesbian but the attraction to Mel was unmistakeable. Her heart skipped a beat as Mel brushed her hands from her hips dragging them slowly across her lower back. Is she testing me thought Laura, or is she just a tactile person?

"Moving on!" Melanie's voice was louder now and startled Laura from her day dream state. "Over here we have some things for a little bondage fun. She showed her some light chains and thin leather straps. Laura sensed she was being introduced gently to the machinations of bondage, but was happy to go along with it. Also on display were various sized cuffs.

"Here, try this on. Hold out your arm".

Laura tentatively held out her right wrist and Melanie gently wrapped a small leather cuff around it and tightened the strap to secure it. She noticed the cuff was lined with a soft material and she was surprised how comfortable it felt. Using her left hand she tried to twist the cuff round her wrist but it held firm.

"We sell a lot of this stuff here, it's very popular with the members. Have you ever been tied up by a boyfriend ... or girlfriend perhaps?" Melanie looked sideways at her with a cheeky smile.

Why did she say girlfriend Laura thought, a little alarmed at the question. Oh God she must have sensed how I reacted to her touch.

Maintaining her composure Laura replied "No, never. I have had my hands held so I cannot easily move during sex but that is all, nothing like this stuff."

"Did you enjoy being restrained?"

Laura felt as comfortable talking to Mel as she would with one of her closest friends. She was completely relaxed in Melanie's company. She had known this woman less than an hour, but something about her was quite disarming, almost compelling her to divulge her innermost feelings, to confess the guilty secrets she usually locked away from others. She found herself answering her beguiling guide's questions without a second thought.

"It was kind of hot I guess, but I can't imagine I'd enjoy being physically tied up, I would feel too trapped and vulnerable."

Melanie laughed "But that's the point Laura. The feeling of being at another's mercy, of being unable to stop them having their wicked way with you is amazingly sensual."

"Do you like being tied up then?" Laura asked tentatively

"Yes, tighter the better!"

Laura didn't know what to make of what she had just heard. Melanie looked so 'normal' yet she confessed to enjoying being tied up and used as another's plaything! Laura's perception of what was normal and bizarre was becoming a little clouded and Melanie's comfortable openness and complete lack of embarrassment about such matters was slowly but surely lowering her own defences. Was it wrong for someone to be engaging in these practices, or was it just a choice to play differently to most 'normal' folk?

Next on the tour were the gags and hoods. Laura refused to try anything out but could not deny that she was super curious about what it would mean to have her ability to speak removed, to be unable to express herself vocally ... to be unable to say "no".

The dildo cabinet had shocked her, some of the rubber phalluses were a ridiculous size and she wondered how on earth anyone could draw pleasure from using them. The inflatable ones in particular seemed more of a torture device than a pleasure giver.

Melanie had asked her if she owned any toys of her own for those quiet times and she had responded "I have a small vibrator which I sometimes use. I couldn't and wouldn't fit one of these in" she had said toying with a large black dildo tracing the moulded veins with her fingers lingering for longer than was absolutely necessary.

"You'll be surprised how you will adapt to them" Melanie had said noting Laura's apparent interest in the huge toy.

Laura was suddenly aware that Melanie had said "will". She laughed it off as a funny mistake.

If the dildo cabinet had made her nervous then the collection of accessories made her wince in fear. There were various contraptions designed for use on nipples, vaginas and God knows where else. "I am way too chicken to use THESE sorts of things! Why would anyone choose to feel such pain?" she asked. Dressing up and being tied was one thing she thought, but surely there was no need for these torture devices in a healthy relationship.

"They can provide an enormous amount of pleasure, increasing the sensitivity of your 'special' places" Melanie explained. "Sometimes just the right amount of pain can feel amazing. It's a fine balance and not for everyone."

"Don't tell me YOU use this sort of thing!"

"Here, feel ...". Taking Laura's hand, Melanie pressed her trembling fingers to her own latex clad breast. Laura could feel something slightly raised and very hard under her thumb where Mel's nipple should be.

"Oh my god! What is it?" Laura squealed. Subconsciously she continued to touch the interesting shape, circling it with her fingers testing the hard object beneath the skin tight rubber.

"It's my nipple ring." Melanie replied.

Without thinking Laura gently squeezed Mel's nipple.

Mel drew in a sharp breath through her teeth. "Mmmm, that feels niiiice." Laura looked up at Melanie's face and saw her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip a little, obviously enjoying the attention she was getting. Suddenly very self-aware and embarrassed Laura withdrew her hand as if it had just been burnt.

"Oh God I'm so sorry. I .. er .. don't know what to say. Sorry."

"Don't apologise. I think perhaps you enjoyed that a little too? I know I did." she winked now at Laura who in turn gave a little embarrassed smile of acknowledgment.

Laura's head was reeling after the tour had finished. She'd seen stuff which interested, excited and repulsed her. Her eyes had definitely been opened to this strange new world and she felt more determined than ever to explore deeper. Melanie had been her guide into this world and Laura had been a willing disciple. She was feeling a hum of excitement all over her body.

She was also having feelings towards Mel that she could not quite explain. Was it her unorthodoxy, a silly crush or infatuation? She didn't know, but she did know that when they were together she felt like she belonged - as ridiculous as that sounded to her.

"OK" interrupted Melanie "Time to try your outfit. I'll be back in a minute. Have a look around, enjoy yourself. But not too much eh?". Melanie disappeared behind a curtain which Laura assumed was the changing room.

Whilst Melanie was gone Laura wandered around and looked at the array of movies that were on display. All tastes were catered for from voyeuristic dressing up to full fetish sex. The pictures on the reverse of the boxes were very graphic and she was now left in no doubt about the usage of some of the gear she had seen in the store. She wasn't sure if it was just the adrenaline rush of the day but she was acutely aware of being very turned on and she knew it would not take much effort for her to reach an orgasm.

It seemed she had discovered a hidden side to her persona which she had not known existed. Notions and practices which would hitherto have caused her consternation and revulsion had somehow transformed into imaginings of wonder and seduction, an enticing fantasy world of escapism inhabited by people like Mel who were all too happy to accept a new disciple into the fold.

Dreamily her hand drift down towards her aching pussy ....

Chapter 3: Cinderella Shall Go To The Ball

Laura heard the curtain draw open again and Melanie reappeared with an armful of articles, liberating her from her rapture.

"Here you go" beamed Mel. "I think everything you need is here. I've taken the liberty of guessing your size; I usually have a pretty good eye for details. You can try them on in the changing room behind that curtain". Melanie handed her the small pile and ushered her to the changing room. "Remember that the skirt will feel tight on your body so you will not want to wear any panties underneath or their outline will be visible through the rubber, not a good look!"

"Really? I don't normally go commando" Laura was taken aback.

"Trust me, it would ruin the effect" Melanie said.

And Laura did trust her; she was the neophyte and eager to learn.

Now behind the curtain Laura looked at the piled items in front of her. It was all there; tights, skirt, belt and the blouse. She removed her clothes including her panties and pulled the dark tights up her toned legs. The tights had black seams which ran down the back of her legs from butt to ankle. She smiled at how slutty they looked, perfect for the party!

With her excitement building Laura stepped into the little red mini skirt. Thanks to the hosiery cladding her lower body the latex glided easily enough up her thighs. As the skirt was raised to hip level the fit became much tighter. If I was not wearing nylons I would have a hell of a job getting this on she mused. "I think the skirt might be too small" she called out to Melanie.

Melanie popped her head through the curtain taking Laura completely by surprise. "No, I think it will be perfect" she purred. "Go on; pull it up over your hips."

Laura teased the skirt higher over her hips and ass. She felt the lower hem of the mini skirt fit snugly against her upper thighs. "This feels amazing" Laura said, running her hands over the rubber garment as it clung to her body.

"Hang on a moment" Melanie said and Laura heard the sound of a zipper being fastened behind her. As the skirt's zipper rose Laura could feel its upper edge gripping her lower abdomen even tighter. She gasped when Melanie slapped her ass cheek. "See" she said "perfect!"

Laura experimented moving her legs. Although the skirt was embracing her perfectly she could still move without too much of a problem, the latex stretching just enough to allow her to move comfortably.

Melanie was now fully in the dressing room with Laura. She held up the blouse so Laura could guide her arms into the sleeves and watched as she buttoned it up the front. Laura stepped into the pair of black patent leather 3 inch heels which Melanie had also selected for her to wear.

"Well, what do you think?" Laura grinned at Melanie. Melanie regarded her up and down with an analytical look.

"Beautiful" she said "but something is not quite right. You are going to a party after all. Do you trust me?"

"Of course!" replied Laura.

"Good girl." Melanie disappeared into the store again for a few moments and returned with another hanger. "Here, I think this will look much better! But first you need to remove your bra." Laura was fully into the flow now and did as she was told without a second thought. She popped her bra and took the new item. She noticed Mel was looking at her breasts and she instinctively pushed them out a little further with a subtle arch of her back. If Mel could flirt, then she sure as hell could too she thought devilishly.

The item she had received was another white blouse, but this one was made completely of latex. It looked like it was going to be way too small for her but she tried it on anyway. Melanie had been spot on about the skirt after all. As her arms filled the sleeves the material stretched around her back and shoulders to form a beautifully snug fit around her torso but not too tight. Melanie fastened the buttons up the front, the top button positioned just above Laura's nipple line. The blouse gently squeezed her breasts and pushed them a little higher showing them off beautifully.

"Much better! Beamed Mel. "Have a look in the mirror, I think you will be pleasantly surprised!"

Laura stood in front of the full length mirror. She could not believe how she looked. The rubber contoured he body amazingly and she loved the embrace it was giving her. Her curves had wonderful definition and her breasts looked huge. "I love it!" she gushed, running her hands over the material feeling the way her fingers skimmed over the surface as if it were made of Teflon. Light reflections playfully followed her touch.

Laura frowned. "What will it cost me then?" she asked.

"Well, I've been thinking and I have a proposition for you, if you are interested. My assistant left a couple of weeks ago and the store can get pretty busy at times. You seem to like it here, we get on great, and you said you were at a loose end. So if you would like a trial here then the outfit can be your first pay check."

"I'll do it!" Laura answered immediately.

"Wonderful. There are only a couple of hours till we close. I'd like you to model the outfit while you work in the shop. Will you do that for me?"

"Of course" Laura was delighted to be able to keep the outfit on; she felt so damned hot wearing it.

For the rest of the afternoon Laura helped around the shop tidying, sorting, exploring and of course modelling for the surprisingly numerous visitors. Melanie was kept busy serving the members giving Laura plenty of time to look round the store at her leisure.

When closing time arrived, Laura felt peculiarly sad.

"Enjoy the party. Don't do anything I wouldn't do! See you tomorrow." said Melanie as they shut the store.

Chapter 4: A Model Worker

Laura arrived for work promptly the next day. Melanie let her in the front door and Laura felt ecstatic to be back at the shop.

"So how was the party?" asked Melanie "Tell me all the gossip!"

"Erm, it was great!" replied Laura quite unconvincingly. What she failed to mention was that she had not gone to the party at all. Instead she had gone home and released some of her pent up arousal that the previous day had created, bringing herself to a delicious orgasm, still wearing her new rubber clothes. She had also fantasised that it was Mel's hand that was rubbing her clit so eagerly and not her own!

"Oh, I searched for your website too last night but it is members only" said Laura.

"Yes, remember this is a private enterprise. Members must join and can then logon to see our catalogue, take part in auctions and receive other special benefits."

"What sort of special benefits?"

"I'm not at liberty to say, our member's privacy is paramount. Anyway, thanks for coming back today, we didn't scare you off then" Melanie teased.

"Not at all. I love it here." She was also keen to see Mel again but she stopped short of saying this to Mel's face. Perhaps she should save that little confession for another day.

"Well I am pleased you are here. Yesterday the sales of the clothes you were modelling for us exploded. There were many complimentary remarks about you. Would you be prepared to model a different outfit while you work today?"

"Sure" she said, eager to wear the fetish clothing again.

Mel walked around the store and selected a number of items from the racks. Laura eagerly watched her from the changing room entrance, her anticipation rising quickly.

"Here we go" announced Mel. "You will need my help though."

As she disrobed, Laura wondered why she would need Mel's help.

The first item was a black latex thong. It fit snugly about her crotch and she loved the feeling as the back of the thong slipped deeply between her ass cheeks. Laura could already feel tiny sparks in her pussy as she savoured the fact that she was wearing naughty rubber underwear.

Next was a pair of smoky coloured latex stockings.

"We need to powder your legs to get these on" instructed Mel and produced a bottle, similar to a talcum powder bottle. She squeezed an odourless dusting into her hands and started to apply it to Laura's naked legs.

Mel's hands worked their way up from Laura's ankles to the top of her thighs making small circles as she spread the powder over her soft skin. As she worked the powder to the top of her thighs Laura felt a strong surge within her. Biting her lip she tried to think of something completely different for fear of revealing how turned on she was. She involuntarily fantasised about grabbing Mel's head and pulling it into her pussy, moaning as she received a tonging of a lifetime.

With her legs prepared Mel eased the first stocking up Laura's leg. Laura felt the latex gripping every inch of her leg as it was eased higher and higher. At the top of the stocking was a wide black band which gripped her soft thigh flesh firmly ensuring it wouldn't fall down. The process was repeated with her other leg. Laura's state of stimulation was growing exponentially.

Mel held up the next item, and Laura inhaled deeply. "It's beautiful!" she purred.

What she saw was a full length black armless latex dress and she couldn't wait to put it on. Mel held it at her feet while she stepped in and then gently eased it up her body. As the dress reached her hips Mel stopped. Again she got a small amount of the powder and massaged it over Laura's stomach, back and underside of her breasts. Laura shivered at Mel's touch and had to fight to prevent a moan of pleasure that was growing inside her. She prayed that Mel could not tell how turned on she was.

Mel eased the dress the rest of the way up her torso and over her breasts. No bra was needed; the cleverly wired dress supported her full globes and formed them into an amazingly deep cleavage.

A wide latex belt was wrapped around her and gently fastened with laces at the front, gently hugging her waist.

Laura stepped into a pair of black patent leather high heels which must have been 4 inches high.

Her reflection in the mirror astounded her. Even if she said it herself she looked amazing. The dress hugged her body from her breasts to her thighs and hung semi loosely from her thighs down to her ankles. It had a slit at the front which ended just at the top of her left thigh, tantalisingly exposing her rubber sheathed legs.

"This is amazing!" Laura rasped as her hands moved over her body feeling the latex undulate above her skin. She gave her peachy ass cheek a squeeze and laughed at how it reminded her of squeezing an inflated balloon.

Mel grabbed her other ass cheek. "You look fabulous. I'm sure this will be a great seller. Let's take a couple of photos so you can remember what you look like."

At first Laura was a little anxious about having her photo taken but was too lost in the moment to refuse her friend's request.

Mel produced a professional looking camera and fired off a few shots. "The camera loves you!"

Laura spent the day wearing the dress as she went about her work. She noticed the admiring glances from the members, both male and female. It was hot in the dress and she was glad of the split to allow air to circulate and cool her a little.

At the back of the store Laura had noticed a heavy looking door. The door had another swipe card device next to it.

"What's in here Mel, can I look?"

"That is the members' private dungeon. They can play out their fantasies without having to worry about being disturbed. Some of our members have partners who are unaware of their second life, the dungeon provides them somewhere to play without fear of being discovered. I'm afraid you cannot enter that room unless you are explicitly invited by a member."

The door intrigued her and her natural inquisitiveness was driving her mad with curiosity.

Laura and Mel's friendship was blossoming. They shared stories and experiences and generally put the world to rights.

But if someone had actually asked Laura what she knew about Mel, she would be surprised to realise that she didn't really know much about her at all. Mel told her a lot of stuff, sure, but on reflection none of it was really about her as a person ... But no one did ask her, and she never even gave it another thought.

All too soon the end of the day arrived and Mel redress into her own clothes again.

Laura's body was damp with perspiration and she knew she would need a good shower that night, and probably a cold one too!

Chapter 5: Job Prospects

"Good morning super star!" Mel greeted Laura as soon as she entered the store.


"Sales were off the charts yesterday! You are a huge hit with the members, they love you."

"Wow really?" beamed Laura delighted she was doing so well at her new job and delighted that she was pleasing Mel.

"How do you fancy trying something a little more risqué today?"

"I don't know, how risqué are we talking?"

"You do trust me don't you?" Mel's eyes seemed to plead with her like a small puppy, and Laura melted.

"You know I do".

"Fabulous." giggled Mel and took Laura to the changing room. The items were already waiting for her she saw, Mel had clearly prepared for this, assuming Laura would say yes. She stripped when asked and Mel passed her a black rubber thong. It was similar to yesterdays except this one had several metal studs attached.

Next her legs were powdered and Mel helped her pull on some opaque black latex stockings. These were thicker than the ones she wore yesterday and compressed her legs much tighter pinching her soft thigh flesh at the top to prevent them working their way down her legs.

After this a wide leather belt was positioned about her waist and tightened. The belt had little metal 'D' rings hanging limply at the sides. Laura wondered what these could be for. The belt also had many metal studs, similar to those attached to her thong.

Next a black latex bra was fitted snugly around her full tits. Again many studs adorned the bra.

Laura liked the studs, they made her feel like an Amazonian woman, strong and powerful.

"Remember, trust me" Mel said again as she noticed a look of unease cross Laura's face when she saw the leather cuffs which Mel obviously intended to put on her ankles and wrists. Each was secured with a tiny padlock that clicked shut. Laura was acutely aware that she would not be able to remove them herself. The cuffs also had a couple of 'D' rings attached around their edges.

Mel stood in front or her and smiled her warm disarming smile. "Relax" she whispered and Laura heard of the sound of chains brushing together..

"Hey what are you doing?" panicked Laura.

"Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you, it's just a bit of fun".

Mel chained Laura's wrist cuffs to the belt using the 'D' rings. There was plenty of slack in the chains and Laura would be able to do her work around the store unhindered. The chains were anchored again with tiny padlocks. Then a chain was attached between her ankles and locked in place with a click. The clicks of the padlocks resonated like gunfire in Laura's head as she realised that with each one a little more of her freedom was taken away from her. With each click of a padlock Laura's pussy also pulsed lusciously. She would soon be at the mercy of Melanie who held the only keys to her liberty.

Her panic had subsided somewhat and she tested her restricted range of movement. Her arms could still move freely and the chain made a wonderful rattling noise as it moved. The chain between her ankles however was much shorter she would have to shorten her usual stride length considerably and almost shuffle to move.

"Try these on for size"

On the floor by her feet was a pair of what she assumed were shoes. She stepped into them and saw that they were high heels in function but strangely there were no physical heels. Closer inspection revealed that they looked like horses hooves!

Mel moved behind her now and Laura felt her hair being pulled into a ponytail. It was a much higher pony tail than she would normally wear but Mel was in charge today. Unbelievably she sensed she was getting wet beneath the thong and it was not perspiration. Oh my god she thought I am actually getting off on this!

Her mouth was slightly open and she was in a trance like state revelling in her heightened state of arousal. She was shocked back to reality by something entering her mouth. She felt for the intruder with her tongue. It felt like a soft leather strap.

"Hey! What's that?" she shrieked.

"It's OK, it's just a small strap. It won't stop you talking or breathing or drinking. It really does finish the look perfectly". Laura felt the mouth strap being secured gently at the back of her head. Mel was right, it was not uncomfortable and she could breathe and talk quite easily. Relief swep her body.

"There, all finished my pony girl!"

What did she mean 'pony girl'? Laura shuffled over to the full length mirror. Staring into the mirror she saw what Mel had meant. She did indeed have an equine appearance. She raised each leg as high as the chain would allow and saw how her feet had become hooves. As she twisted in the mirror she noticed that Mel had also attached a tail to the belt!!

"Ah, I see you like your new look. I'm sure this will be another big seller with your help!" Mel took a few photos of the new outfit.

Laura soon got used to hobbling around the store and eventually the ankle chain no longer snapped tight as she naturally adapted to her shortened gait.

The outfit did indeed attract a good amount of attention that day. Several members asked for a closer inspection which Laura was only too happy to provide, she loved people to see her in this gear, she had come out of her shell and was quite the extrovert it seemed. Members had her cantering around the store, performing a fun dressage and one cheeky member even fed her a Polo mint to suck behind her bit.

Later that day a rather confident, elegant looking woman entered the store. She obviously had a swipe card so Laura assumed she must be another member. Upon the woman's arrival Mel had practically leapt across the store to be at her side. It appeared to Laura that Mel's posture and demeanour whilst stood before this woman was almost that of a naughty child. Her eyes were cast down most of the time and her hands were hanging behind her back.

While the two women were talking with each other the mysterious member was clearly staring at Laura. Laura felt a little uncomfortable locked in this woman's gaze. The lady's expression never changed, never faltered. It was very apparent to Laura that they were talking about her and she decided to go over and introduce herself, perhaps this woman was interested in what she was wearing and needed a closer inspection. She made slow progress across the store due to her chained ankles and she almost toppled a couple of times. As she approached the member turned to leave the store but hissed to Mel before leaving "You know what to do".

Laura tried to talk to Mel about the strange woman but Mel apparently did not wish to discuss the matter. Laura knew something had been said between them that had caused an obvious change in Mel's behaviour towards Laura. She was quiet and contemplative rather than her usual friendly, playful self. Laura hated to see Mel upset, but rather than press the matter Laura decided to let Mel tell her in her own time if she wanted to.

Another day was over and Laura was again back in her own casual clothes. She had loved the pony girl outfit and had actually liked the chains too; the reaction in her pussy was evidence of that.

"Laura, the woman who was here earlier was the owner of the store. I told her what an asset you have been, and how you have broken all sales records. She has told me to offer you something more permanent."

Laura noticed that Mel was having trouble maintaining eye contact and her words were strained as if she did not really want to speak them.

"Here is her offer" Mel pushed some papers across the counter top.

Laura looked at the half folded document. She'd had such a great time since starting at the store that she jumped at the chance for a permanent position there. She signed the document without a second's hesitation or even a skim read of its contents. She gave Mel a huge hug. "Thanks so much! We'll make a great team. We should go out for a drink to celebrate, you and I!"

"Maybe another time" sighed Mel.

"OK, see ya. Can't wait to see what trouble you get me into tomorrow!" she giggled and bounded out of the store.

Had she looked back she would have seen Mel's face a picture of sadness. "Poor sweet Laura" she whispered to herself as she put the folded document into an envelope and applied a wax seal. "I'm so sorry"

Chapter 6: Taking Stock

The next day Laura turned up for work as usual. She was greeted by a rather solemn Mel. Laura asked her what was wrong but she wouldn't tell her anything, only that a friend was going away and she would probably never see her again.

"I have another outfit for you today." said Mel "I hope you like it."

Laura couldn't wait; she wondered what it would be today. She loved modelling the outfits for the members, feeling their eyes follow her around the room. She didn't even mind them playfully touching her as long as they respected her personal space when told.

Laura followed Mel to the familiar changing room and stripped, this time without even being asked. She knew the routine .. enjoyed the routine.

"Good girl" purred Mel, "I have you well trained don't I." she forced a smile, but her eyes were not shining as they usually did.

Mel stretched a pair of tight black latex stockings up Laura's legs. Laura recognised them as the same type she had worn yesterday and she loved the way they held her legs so tightly.

Next Mel lowered a garment over Laura's head and pulled it down around her body while Laura pushed her arms through the sleeves. The sleeves were very short and only just covered her shoulders. They were trimmed with frilly white lace. Mel pulled the top downwards to its full length. Actually the full length only just covered Laura's round ass and she knew that even a slight bend at the waist would expose her butt to anyone looking her way. Her face flushed a little at this thought, she realised what a tease she would look and she secretly hoped that Mel would be looking too.

The bottom of the costume had some loose pleats and was lined with the same sort of lace as the arms. There was an absurdly low neck line that plunged to just below the underside of her breasts meaning her breasts were completely exposed. The cut of the neckline gently pressed her tits together giving them a nice plump curvature. Again, the same white trim lined the neckline. Laura could see in the mirror that her outfit for today was a latex French maid's outfit. How naughty she thought.

A pair of black latex opera gloves was slid up her arms. This was the first time she had worn latex gloves and she adored them. Dressed like this her naked flesh could not feel the warn softness of her hands, but instead only the cold slick rubber of her gloves.

"Time to show off that fine slim waist of yours" said Mel. She stood behind Laura and reached round and in front of her and Laura felt something firm press against her stomach. Mel then pulled the sides around and behind Laura's back and clicked them together. Laura saw she was now wearing a black leather corset which extended from her lower tummy to just below her breasts. "This is going to start getting pretty tight hun, brace yourself."

As Mel worked fervently behind her Laura could feel the corset squeezing tighter and tighter, compressing her whole midriff together. She watched in the mirror as her waist was cinched harder with each wonderful flex of Mel's arms, a beautiful hourglass profile being sculpted before her eyes. Being unused to corsets she felt her breathing becoming shallower as her rib cage struggled against the rigid leather cage. When the corset had been fully laced Laura heard the now familiar click as she knew a padlock had been attached. She was effectively trapped in the corset.

A sense of helplessness was washing over her, but it was OK because it was Mel in control. She trusted Mel, she was a friend and friends look after each other.

"Now, don't freak out hun" Mel whispered as she applied a tall leather collar to Laura's long slender neck. Again the unmistakeable click of a lock. The collar was tight enough to grip her neck firmly yet not so tight that it further restricted her breathing or movement. "Just as well" thought Laura as she continued to adjust her breathing to compensate for the corset.

"Mel, I'm not sure I'm ready for this sort of thing" Laura nervously said. "This isn't just dressing up!"

"I think you are definitely ready to move on to something a bit different".

Mel attached a pair of cuffs just above Laura's elbows. Click click. Laura was starting to feel a little uncomfortable with how this session was progressing. She loved the dressing up but the tight restraints were a cause for alarm.

Next Laura stepped into a pair of ankle boots. Mel laced them tight and again secured them to her feet with little locks. The heels were much higher than she had worn before and must have been 5 inches. These shoes were the most uncomfortable she had worn so far, but she would be unable to remove them because of the locks.

Laura felt her arms being gently pulled slightly behind her and a chain attached between the cuffs on her upper arms. Click .. click. Now she could not move her elbows forward of her body. With her arms held back like this her ample breasts were pushed forward her erect nipples giving away her excitement.

Mel walked round so that she was facing Laura. Her voice was notably colder than it had been before. "Laura. Now you work for me we need to change a couple of things. We will be doing some role playing today"

"OK" Laura uttered warily.

"You will be my maid and I will require you to clean this store for me. You will not call me by my name, but will refer to me as Mistress. Do you understand?"

Laura chuckled, "That sounds really silly".

"Maybe this will help you focus" Mel said and Laura felt a hand slap on her ass cheek.

"Ouch!" she squealed "what was that for??"

"When you displease me or fail in your duties you will receive a punishment. Also you will call me Mistress whenever you talk to me, understand?"

"I don't like this, take these cuffs off. This is not fun"

Slap! Another sting on Laura's ass.

"Ouch! OK OK, but you owe me big time for this!"

Slap! "Call me Mistress!"

"Sorry .... M .. m .. Mistress .."

"That's better" Mel was now beaming her disarming smile. "Look hun, this is a fetish store and the members like to see some fetish play when they visit. You have been very popular with the members since you joined us and they have requested that you do this for them. It's role playing, enjoy it! I am now going to gag you with a training gag. The training gag ball is small and has holes to allow you to breathe easily but will restrict your ability to talk a little."

Laura shook her head . "No, please don't gag me" she pleaded.

Slap. "What?"

"Please don't gag me .... Mistress"

"You will wear this gag like I have instructed. Maids will do as they are told". Mel held the small sized red ball to Laura's mouth. Laura kept her lips pursed. Slap, the sting of Mel's hand prompted her to open her mouth and the ball was slipped between her lips. Mel fed the thin leather straps at each side of the ball round the back of her head and tightened them.

Laura moaned and with her tongue examined the ball filling her mouth. There was no way she was going to be able to spit it out and the chain securing her upper arms ensured she would not be able to get her hands anywhere near it! She could close her mouth over the gag and it was not as bad as she had initially feared, however she now experienced a strange sensation as her mouth began to salivate in response to the balls presence. She managed to swallow some of it away but a little drool escaped out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.

"Well done, you are doing great!" Mel continued. "I have some more news for you. Today you will not be wearing panties or a bra. A further request from our members." Mel winked at her.

Laura mumbled her horror at being so exposed, but the gag prevented any clear words of refusal.

"What?" asked Mel, "I can't hear you ... I guess that means you are happy to do this.". Laura could tell by the look on Mel's face that she was really enjoying teasing her like this.

Laura tried to cover her pussy with her hands but they would not reach. She drooled some more as she panicked at her predicament. Her drool dripped from her chin onto her breast and she felt it slither its way down toward her solid erect nipple.

"Well well" said Mel staring down at Laura's pussy. "I do believe you are enjoying this more than you are letting on!". Laura's trimmed pubes were glistening slightly with her juices. Laura hadn't had time to realise it, but yes she was incredibly turned on at the moment. She was getting off on being dominated by Mel. Laura felt Mel's hands caress her breasts and play with her nipples. Her body shuddered, she closed her eyes and pressed her pussy towards Mel, moaning, but this time with pleasure.

This role play had really got her horny - more than she expected and she wanted more than anything to relieve herself or better still for Mel to help her .....

Mel laughed out load. "Maybe later if you are a good maid" she teased. "But for now there is work to be done". She stung Laura's ass one more time with a slap and put a feather duster in her hand. Mel worked Laura hard that day and she did her best to comply although she did feel the sting of Mel's hand several more times. Her initial objections to the day's activities were gone and she wanted to excel in her duties so Mel would carry out her promise and play with her later that day.

Members came and went constantly and all regarded her with great pleasure. Her breasts were played with; her nipples pinched causing little squeals of pain ... and undeniable pleasure too. God how could she be enjoying this humiliation? She felt shame at her decadence yet the relentlessly stimulation she was receiving would fill her mind with rapture, dissipating her negative thoughts. She was a toy for anyone that entered the store. She was stroked, teased, tickled, pinched, prodded and spanked all day, but at no point did she feel in any real danger, Mel would always be close at hand to protect and reassure her.

Laura's excitement was building like a volcano inside her and she knew that she had to orgasm for her sanity. She was, however, unable to reach a climax but came frustratingly close many times, always cooling off before the magical moment.

Just before the store was due to be closed Mel approached Laura as she was hard at work. "I need your help with a stock check tonight so I need you to stay a little longer after we close. OK?" Laura nodded her agreement. In her heightened erotic state she relished the chance to be alone with Mel, hoping she would carry out her promise she had made at the start of the day.

The store closed and Mel removed Laura's gag and the chain which restricted her arms.

"Let's have a drink before we begin" said Mel. "You have earned it today. How did you enjoy your role play?" she asked as she fetched two glasses of wine from the desk. The girls sat on a sofa in the corner of the store and Laura took a large sip of her wine.

"I was scared shitless at first, but once I was into it I felt incredible and got extremely horny. Being exposed and a play thing, but at the same time being completely safe was a huge turn on. I hope we can do it again!"

"Did you come?"

"No" Laura did a fake frown "I couldn't quite make it over the edge."

"Well, I think you have earned it." and with that she leaned over to Laura and gently flicked her tongue over her nipple. Her hand moved to caress Laura's other breast, rolling her nipple playfully. Then without warning she pinched the nipple hard between her fingers.

Laura arched her back and winced at the sudden pain but then gasped a huge gasp of pleasure as Mel relaxed the pinch again. She hadn't believed that she could enjoy the pain; she had always been a missionary type of girl. The pain in one nipple combined with the waves of pleasure from the tonguing of her other nipple was driving her wild. Her breathing became faster. Her eyes were closed swimming in the waves of pleasure washing over her body. She was now rocking her pelvis slightly, mentally riding the waves.

Far away through the haze in her head she heard the buzzing of an insect. The buzzing became louder as the miasma in her head slowly lifted. Uncontrollably her body bucked as she felt a pulsating object touch her clit. She was panting now, Mel playing the vibrator over her swollen clit. An almighty orgasm was about the burst. She rubbed her pussy against the vibrating shaft, faster and faster.

"I'm coming! Oh God, Oh God OH GOD!!" she shrieked. And then it hit her. Her pussy exploded sending shocks of euphoria shooting throughout her body until she thought it might blow her head clean off. She collapsed back into the chair, her body still twitching from the huge endorphin rush of her orgasm.

Mel watched her chest rising and falling, her breathing returning to normal as she began to relax again.

"I think you needed that" she said.

"Mmmm, yeah !"

Mel clinked their wine glasses together. "Cheers!!"

The last thing Mel remembered before the drug took effect was the electronic buzz of the front door as someone entered the store ......

Chapter 7: I'll Have That To Go

When Laura regained consciousness she was aware that she was in a darkened room. A single intense light source above her head cast thick shadows around her which deepened and formed into oily blackness at the periphery of her vision. Wherever the walls of this room were, they were invisible; she could only see a couple of feet in front of her.

Laura could feel a considerable amount of heat radiating from the lamp above her. She must have been under the light for some time as a dull ache was coming from her feet and her body felt as if it were covered in a film of moisture. She was sweating, her body trying to cool itself; a bead of sweat was currently snaking its way down her spine, tracing its route from her thick auburn hair to her ass crack.

She was stood with her arms held above her head, cuffed together at her wrists to a thick chain hanging from the ceiling. The darkness in the room was such that she could not see where the chain attached to the ceiling. Her bare feet were flat on the cold floor but were held shoulder width apart by some strange force. Looking down she saw there was a metal bar anchored between her feet, attached at her ankles with leather cuffs.

Her maid's outfit had been removed, and she was completely naked. Laura felt very exposed and vulnerable; she could not even cover her shame due to her tied limbs. She tested her bonds by rigorously pulling and twisting at them, hoping to find a weakness. It only took a few moments for it to become quite clear that she was securely held in place.

Laura had no clue where she was and the room was deathly silent, except for the faint ticking of a clock from somewhere to her right. Her breathing was rapid as fear began to grip her. With wide eyes she desperately tried to survey her surroundings but she saw nothing, no clue to her predicament.

Her head felt pretty woozy and she would describe the sensation as similar to a hangover. She knew the relentless heat on her body was dehydrating her, and she tasted the tell-tale claggy dryness in her mouth.

In the void the only sensation she felt was the bead of sweat still inching down her stretched torso. Having followed the cleft of her ass it was now continuing its journey down the inside of her thigh. The sensation felt nice, like a phantom zipper being slowly opened from her neck to her feet.

Her head was clearing a little now, but her body felt fatigued. She did not know how long she had been like this, but she guessed it had been quite a long time. "What's going on ?" she shouted at no one in particular, her dry throat had a raspy quality.

Still the silence pervailed. And then ...

"It seems our little pet is awake at last". A female voice which she did not recognise permeated the gloom. Laura gasped in surprise at the sudden sound.

"Yes Mistress". A second female voice. There was a strange muffled quality to the voice and the words were not clear, as if she were talking into a pillow.

"Mel! Mel is that you? Are you alright? Where are you?"

"Silence!" came the first voice once more.


CRACK. Laura felt a sharp sting on her ass and she gritted her teeth to stifle a whimper. "What the hell was that?" she shouted.

"I said BE QUIET!" this time the first voice had a harsher, dangerous edge to it.

"You are in the dungeon room at the back of my shop. You will do as you are instructed or my slave will strike you again."

Laura figured that the strong voiced woman was called 'Mistress' and the other muffled voice must be the 'slave' she referred to.

"You have a very beautiful body Laura; the photographs did not do you justice." The Mistress continued.

Photographs? What photographs? thought Laura. She feared the woman must be talking about the photographs which Mel had taken during her dress-up sessions. But how the hell did she get her hands on them? Oh God why hadn't she refused to have them taken when she had the chance, what the hell had she gotten herself into now.

"Please let me down. I really am not into this stuff, you've got the wrong idea about me!" pleaded Laura. The ache in her wrists and ankles had grown and she was sweating more profusely now as adrenaline coursed through her body. "Where is Mel? Is she OK? What have you done to her you freak?"

Laura was conscious of the slow click-clack sound of heels walking across a hard stone floor. The stride was slow - almost predatory - and the heels echoed around the room. Laura felt a gentle breeze of cool air caress her body from behind her which caused the hairs on her back, arms and legs to stand to attention, a brief but welcome respite from the oppressive heat.

"Is she still a virgin?" Mistress asked, but Laura knew the question was not directed towards her.

"No Mistress, she has been sexually active previously." came the muffled reply.

Laura heard the sound of another pair heels approach her from behind. There was an additional sound too, a chain rattling softly. Totally unprepared she felt a rubber gloved hand reach through between her thighs and a finger played at her outer pussy lips. Laura squealed at the touch and her body bucked in response to the extremely personal intrusion. She tried to clamp her thighs together to expel the invader but the spreader bar prevented it. "What the fuck do you think you are doing? Get the fuck off me, bitch!" she roared. Her bucking was futile because her feet were anchored to the ground. "I told you to get the fuck away from me!" she yelled again as the finger slipped inside her pussy.

There was a low evil laugh. "So you have some fight in you after all. Excellent, I will relish crushing your spirit. Mmm, you are still tight. Good girl."

This woman has no intention of letting me go anytime soon realised Laura. Her body was trembling a little now, but not just through fear. She was aware of another sensation she was feeling .. excitement! She was disgusted with herself at the realisation of what she was experiencing.

The woman's hand lingered on her clit and rubbed in gentle circular motions. Laura desperately tried to resist but she could not supress the sensations in her pussy. Her hips seemed to have developed a life of their own and were gyrating slightly in response to the woman's touch.

"Well, aren't you quite the slut! You're getting wet for me strung up like this. Even in your current predicament you are juicing up like a common whore."

"How dare you touch me, get your filthy hands away from me you bitch, get awa ....". she ranted a little breathlessly.

"Slave. Three!!" commanded the Mistress as her hand broke away from Laura's pussy.

CRACK. CRACK. CRACK. Something hard struck Laura's ass three times in quick succession with brutal force. Laura screamed at the searing pain and decided shouting abuse at this woman was not going to secure her freedom. Who was the 'slave' she had ordered to beat her?

"Ah, so my pet learns quickly" the voice was calmer again, almost tranquil.

'Pet?' thought Laura. Why did she call me her pet? Was Laura playing some weird kinky game with one of the members? This had gone way beyond simple voyeuristic teasing and was rapidly getting way out of hand. Laura remembered Mistress had called it her shop earlier. She was feeling dread in the pit her stomach. There was something very sinister about this woman that chilled her to the bone and she was fearful for her well-being, especially as matters were becoming decidedly more physical.

And where the hell was poor Mel?

"Is she still an anal virgin?" Mistress continued.

"Yes mistress. She has never had anal sex"

'Hey!' thought Laura, that's a bit personal. Who was this person with the muffled voice whom seemed to know so much about her? She had only ever confided in Mel. Had someone forced Mel to reveal what she knew, was that why she did not answer her appeals?

"Has she been bound before?"

"No Mistress. She has experimented with some playful form of restriction previously." The muffled voice continued.

Laura was shocked to her core. This person was freely revealing all of her most personal secrets to this club member with complete abandon and lack of respect for her privacy.

"What is her sexual orientation?" the Mistress continued with her interrogation.

"I would say bisexual Mistress. She has bedded boys and this very evening she willingly allowed me to commit a sexual act upon her."

"Yes I saw you both when I arrived. Is she attracted to you, slave?"

OH JESUS! thought Mel as she suddenly began to grasp what was happening here. The 'slave' just said she had committed a sexual act on me tonight which must mean .... Oh no .. no .. no it can't be.

"MEL is that you?" she asked meekly, dreading the answer.

Not only was it Mel herself who was betraying her to this Mistress, but it had also been Mel who had beat her ass so hard too! Laura felt sick to her stomach. While she had been concerned for Mel's safety, fearful of her plight, the bitch had been in cahoots with the Mistress all along.

Laura's adrenaline rush had now subsided and her legs collapsed beneath her. She hung by her wrists unable to comprehend the depths of Mel's treachery. She sobbed uncontrollably her tears mixing with her perspiration.

"Yes Mistress she is attracted to me." Continued Mel clearly apparently unphased by Laura's torment.

"That is too bad. I told you not to get involved with her. You will be punished later for your lack of self-control and your disobedience!"

"Thank you Mistress. I have done wrong and deserve to be punished."

Why the hell was Mel thanking this woman? She was literally asking to be punished. Laura was thinking what a VERY fucked up pair this was.

"What are you freaks talking about, this is fucked up!" moaned Laura. She was physically and emotionally drained yet the obvious arousal she had felt from the Mistress' earlier exploration of her pussy was driving her mad with confusion. "I want none of this perverted shit; please let me out of here."

"Maybe my pet is not such a quick learner after all. Slave. One!"

CRACK. Laura felt another sharp sting on her ass. She snivelled from the pain, tears rolling down her cheeks. She wasn't sure what hurt the most, the skin deep physical pain or the profound crushing sense of betrayal she felt as Mel beat her ass readily at her Mistress' command.

"Does she have any family or friends?"

"No strong ties. No close immediate friendships. Her parents are aware of her desire to move away to the city again. I have been her closest friend recently."

"Excellent. She makes new attachments easily. I think we can make a clean severance from her current life"

Severance? Current life? Laura wanted to ask a million questions ... but her stinging ass cheeks reminded her what happened when she spoke out of turn.

"Did she sign the document?" asked the Mistress.

"Yes Mistress"

Laura heard the heels clicking once more as they made their way around her body towards her front. She felt the gloved hand on her skin again as it brushed her skin from her right ass cheek to the left, then round her hip and across her stomach. A tall woman appeared before her.

Hypnotic cold blue eyes held Laura's complete attention. The woman had a chiselled yet very feminine bone structure. Straight jet black hair fell to her shoulders, framing her beautiful face. Laura remembered now where she had seen this woman before. This was the woman who Mel had been talking to in the store the other day after which she had acted so strangely.

The woman smiled a wide full lipped wicked smile.

"You are probably very confused right now. All will become clear in time." Her fingers snaked a trail up Laura's stomach to cup her breasts. "Right now all you need to know is that you are mine. I own you, and can do with you as I please. You should remember that before embarking on any more of your little tirades."

As she spoke she grabbed Laura's nipples and twisted mercilessly. Laura cried out in pain, her head jerked back in agony. She understood her mistake immediately. From behind her a round rubber object was pulled forcefully deep into her mouth. It was a ball gag she knew, but this time it was no mere fun toy. The straps were pulled tight behind her head and fastened with a click. Damn it Mel she thought, why are you doing this to me. More tears washed from her eyes as she muffled into the solid ball settling into her mouth cavity. Saliva was already forming around her lips and the round blockage.

"Mmmph!" Laura shouted into the gag, but no meaningful sound escaped. She was forced to breathe through her nose now. Her nose had been running and mucus was being expelled from her nostrils as she breathed deeply trying to relieve the pressure in her lungs. Her chest rose and fell alarmingly until she managed to gain some control of her respiration.

Laura knew she must look a complete mess. But she didn't care anymore. Mel's duplicity was all she could think about right now. She had been tricked by someone she regarded as a close friend, the cruellest betrayal of all.

"It seems you are quite the celebrity. The pictures of you posted in our member's area have sparked an enormous amount of interest and I have received several bids from all over the world. We have great expectations for your auction. But first you must be prepared before you can be sold, and that is MY job. Our clients expect a quality product, not some back street tramp." she purred.

Oh God, what does she mean sold? Trained how? Like an athlete? Her hazy mind was fighting to take everything in.

"I am going to enjoy training you." Mistress' left hand dropped between Laura's legs and grabbed her labia. "Who knows, I may even decide to keep you for myself. Good slaves are hard to find." she pulled pitilessly on her labia while Laura screamed and screamed into her gag, shaking her head in agony as fire ripped through her pussy. "Wouldn't that be nice?"

"I'm sure you are wondering how I can do this to you? Well, the document you signed the other day was a watertight legal release document which states that you give your mind, body and soul to me. I own you my pet, and I can deal with you how I see fit - you should bear that fact in mind. "Perhaps you should be more careful what you sign in future. If you had a future that is" she laughed maliciously her blue eyes shining more brightly than ever.

Laura sobbed, tears running down her cheeks.

"This is a present for you". Mistress showed her a 2 inch wide leather collar which had a leash attached. She fastened it snuggly around Laura's throat. "There, every pet should have a collar"

Mistress held a second leash in her hand and she was now pulling it towards her. Attached to the other end was a naked girl. As the girl was pulled closer Laura saw it was Mel. Her immediate reaction of anger towards Mel was replaced with pity at the sight of the girl before her. Her face was a picture of sorrow and pain. It was obvious she had been crying profusely, and her wide eyes looked at Laura as if pleading for forgiveness. In her mouth was a penis gag which had not been fully inflated. This had allowed her to talk, albeit with some difficulty. The gag was attached to her head by a harness of leather straps, it looked painfully tight.

Attached to Mel's nipples were two fierce looking nipple clamps. There were weights hanging from each of them pulling her nipples painfully downward.

Laura realised now that Mel's betrayal had not been of her own volition. Mistress had used Mel as a puppet to entice Laura into her current dilemma. God knows what suffering Mel would have had to endure if she had disobeyed. She was going to be punished anyway, and she had even succeeded in her task of ensnaring Laura!

"Slave here will help me prepare you for your journey. You will be coming with me tonight to start your new life."

Laura slowly shook her head. It was all her drained body could manage.

Mistress pumped a bulb which was attached to Mel's gag. Mel's cheeks started to puff out a little, her screams virtually silent with her mouth full of the inflating member. "We have heard all we need from you tonight" scolded Mistress. She added another weight to each of Mel's clamps which made her wince and emit a long grunt of pain.

"Right, let's get started, we have a lot of work to do."



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