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Modelling Assignment

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2006 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/ff; latex; pvc; sack; cons; X

Modelling Assignment by Unknown FF/ff; latex; pvc; sack; cons; X

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Monica Brown sat behind her desk in the offices of the modelling agency she owned. She was in her middle 30’s, tall and raven-haired. She called in Susan, her secretary, when she had been through the post and handed her one of the letters to which was attached a brochure:

“I seem to remember something about this firm”.

Susan, in her early 20’s looked at it and replied:

“Yes, we sent Janet down about 18 months ago - I checked our records and she is one of the models in the brochure I’ll check to see if we have anything else on file if you like”.

“No, don’t bother, I remember now, it’s very short notice though. Have we anyone available?”

“Very few; its busy and not all the girls would be prepared to take it on — well, you know in case they get a tag — rubber is still kinky to lots of people”.

“It’s a very reputable firm - I remember the checks we did for Janet — although I accept that rubber and PVC fashions are not everyone’s cup of tea. But be a dear, have a quick look at the lists and come back”.

With the office to herself Monica pretended to be busy. She had helped her old friend Edith write the letter she had just given to Susan and whom she had been watching carefully since she had joined the agency, and she wondered... .Susan returned shaking her head:

“There’s no-one Miss Brown but I did wonder...”

“Come on, all ideas welcome, it’s good fun and we don’t want to throw it away lightly”.

“Well, it sounds cheeky I know but..., well I seem to be almost exactly what they are looking for - height, weight and age. I know I’m not trained but I’ve learned a lot here and I’ve also got a weeks holiday due and if you could spare me I’d love to have a go”.

Monica concealed her delight at the ease with which the plan seemed to be working but feigned surprise and doubt.

“Mm,. I don’t know - how do you feel about the style of things you would be modelling?”

“I know rubber and PVC still have a kinky tag but nowhere as much as before, I mean you can buy almost anything down the Kings Road and anyway I’ve got a PVC rain suit and Mack - you’ve seen them and you’ve got that long satiny mackintosh”.

“I know Sue but there is one other thing that’s not on the file, its coming back now - Janet told me in confidence when she had finished the job that it was a woman’s house. They didn’t force themselves on her or anything like that, anyway she was getting married soon afterwards and going with her husband to Canada, but you ought to know”.

Susan blushed prettily and the tip of her tongue moistened her lips.

“That doesn’t worry me - I’m - well I don’t sleep around but I’m more interested in, well, my own kind — does that shock you?”

“Shock me? Darling I’m past being shocked. What you do is your own affair. OK then — it’s agreed — you have the job. Get them on the phone and I’ll have a word with, what was her name? Oh yes Edith Clark”. A moment or two later she was talking on the phone to her friend but, for the benefit of Susan whom she guessed might be listening talked as if she had not met her.

“Edith Clark? Hello, Monica Brown here - yes, the Brown Agency. Thanks far your letter and yes, we can help. No, Janet left - married and is in Canada, yes she was good wasn’t she. No. .my secretary - no she’s not trained but I’m sure she’d do well and she’s the only one who matches your specifications. She’d love the job - you will? I’m delighted. Her name is Susan, Susan Harman. Now when would you like her - Sunday afternoon. Hang on a moment please. Susan can you get down there on Sunday - say by teatime? Hello again; yes she can - she’ll drive down. Would you put directions in the post tonight? Thanks. Not at all — delighted we can help - yes I’d love to - lets say on Saturday — yes please - good I’ll be there for lunch. Goodbye”. Monica sat back and called out to Susan who quickly came in the office.

“Did you get all that? She’d like you there Sunday afternoon and she’s invited me down the following Saturday when you should just about be alone - oh, and she’ll get a map in the post today”.

That evening from home, having changed into a pair of yellow latex lounging pyjamas she spoke to Edith Clark on the phone again.

“Sorry I had to be so formal this morning my dear. No, I don’t think she suspects - anyway even if she does I don’t think it would matter. Why? - Well she quite openly said she was one of us when I mentioned it was a “Woman’s” house, and I’ve got a feeling too that she’s more our way than she would admit - but we’ll see and she has taken the brochures home - I checked. No, I can’t get down this weekend - I’d love to but I really do have a pile of work on. On the Saturday? No, no plan, let’s play it by ear OK? Anyway we shall talk before then. I’ll bring Deidre — yes she’s here – no you can’t I’m afraid - no, not very comfy - oh In the airing cupboard — neatly packaged In a sweat suit and sauna sack. Yes, and I’ll keep all my fingers crossed”

At much the same time Susan was in her flat. Although she had reminded Monica of her PVC rain suit and mackintosh she hadn’t mentioned she had much more, nor that she had had a longish relationship with another girl but who had been “turned off” when Susan had revealed the depth of her submissive nature and her love for PVC. Somehow or another she had not consciously linked rubber to PVC but now, as she thought about It and leafed through the brochure, she had to admit that although Monica attracted her, the attraction was more urgent when Monica appeared in the office in her long black rubberised satin mackintosh. Her flesh prickled as she imagined herself in Monica’s arms and the smooth shiny PVC of her floor length liquorice black housecoat rustled as she ran her hands over her gleaming body before she picked up her vibrator and went to her bedroom and her PVC sheeted bed.

Sunday came far too slowly for Susan and when she awoke she found the weather forecast had been accurate and a thin drizzle was falling. She had decided not to go overboard with her appearance and wore over conventional underwear, other than a pair of thin plastic pants, her black PVC rain suit of tunic and trousers tucked into a pair of glossy fashion wellingtons and the matching calf length mackintosh and sou-wester style hat. She packed two cases but decided against taking anymore of her PVC collection and loaded the car and set off. The rain continued, the directions were easy to follow.  

Susan had looked with interest at the attractive woman in her late 30’s, in particular at the clothes she was wearing; a lovely cream rubber long sleeved blouse with a high neck, a flared skirt in heavier black latex with a wide belt around a trim waist. Shiny rubber stockings and glossy patent court shoes completed the outfit. Edith had watched for her reaction and spoke again before Susan had a chance to say a word.

“We all wear rubber here - but don’t worry you wear just what you want but I have put a selection in your room in case you wanted to try wearing it before tomorrow’s session begins. But come and meet everyone” at last Susan got a few words in.

“I’m so glad to be here and that you’ve given me a chance. I’ll try not to let you down. I’m sorry too that I was staring just now, it was rude of me, your outfit looks quite lovely - perhaps it’s rude to ask but isn’t it hot wearing it all the time?”

“Not really and it depends on what one wears and of course its weight — anyway in here my dear — darlings — Susan’s arrived”.

After Edith had Introduced Susan to the other four women in the room, they all quickly put her at her ease. She looked around admiring the rubber clothes they all wore and listened as one, Carol, who was much Susan’s age and who would be her co-model, spoke.

“Edith does most of the design and Individual orders. Janet, she’s with Edith now is the photographic expert and looks after publicity generally and stocks. Sarah and June, Sarah is in the pale blue dress, look after the house and cook - they do model when required. I’m the basic model and general dogsbody if you like but we usually all pitch in on whatever is needed and we can all do cutting out and making up although a couple of women come in daily and do most of that. Some ready-made items are done elsewhere though. It sounds chaotic but it works. By the way have you worn any of our things?”

“No - but I’m looking forward to - but I was asking Edith if they didn’t get hot and uncomfortable”.

“Some do — but I quite enjoy getting sweaty if that’s what you mean - its a super feeling when the rubber slips and slides all over you - look have you finished tea? Good.. Edith I’ll help Susan with her things to her room and give her a quick conducted tour if you like.”

“Good idea — we’ll meet here at 7.00 for a drink before supper - It’s lovely to have you here Susan, make yourself at home and if there’s anything you want just ask for it. See you both later”.

Carol led the way to a lovely bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and showed her the wardrobe and chest of drawers.

“We’ve put a few things here of your size for you to try on if you want to”.

“Well, I do seem to be the odd one out....”

“Don’t be silly — anyway you’ve got that super PVC suit on - you wear what you like - we wear it because we like it”.

“It sounds a bit like me and PVC, I’ve never worn rubber and I’d like to try it”. 

“OK - but remember you wear what you want - no one will mind”.

Half an hour later Susan had changed. The rubber had been a bit cold to start with but now it had warmed and she was enjoying the touch of it on her body and also the scent of it, which she realised, permeated the house. She looked at herself in the mirror and as she turned the latex rippled and rustled and the glistening folds gleamed in the light. She had put on a bra, suspender belt stockings and panties followed by a long sleeved peasant blouse and mid calf length circular skirt, which hid the tops of a very glossy pair of wellington boots. There was a knock on the door and Carol came in. She clapped her hands in delight.

“It suits you - you look delicious — come on let’s get started”.

For the next half-hour or so they toured the house including the studios and workshops in the converted stables. Once back in the hall Carol said: “Well, that’s the inside, we’ve got plenty of time before supper - how about a walk -yes? We’ll need Macks - we keep an assortment down here to save traipsing upstairs - did you have one or do you want to try one of these?”

Susan found her hands almost stroking the mackintoshes hanging in the cupboard and she picked out one similar to Carol’s. Carol laughed as she gasped at its weight as she held it against her blouse and skirt.

“Isn’t it super — I’ll help you on with it - we call this SBR - but all ours have a lining of latex or rubberised satin - it really will keep you dry - there - now the matching sou-wester”.

It took all Susan’s willpower to hide her excitement, as the mackintoshed Carol stood so close that their rubbered breasts brushed against each other. She felt deliciously warm and her nipples and body felt alert and hungry. Carol took her too a full length mirror and Susan looked at their reflections — both in ankle length, double breasted mackintoshes, storm collars up and belts buckled tightly around their waists, wrists and neck, booted and hooded and sou-westered. Outside she fell into step with Carol as they walked in the thin drizzle across the dripping grass under the delighted eyes of the four women who were watching them from the sitting room.

Later that night in the privacy of her room Susan tried to think rationally of all that had happened. She knew instinctively that even without the influence of rubber she would have been attracted to Carol and she knew she would respond to any overtures she might make. She had washed, dried and powdered the latex clothing she’d worn and now lay soaking in the bath. She got out and dried herself and then, albeit rather uncertainly, slipped on a full length Victorian style night-dress in silky smooth heavy black latex. She buttoned up the frilled neck and stroked the cool rubber across her breasts stomach and thighs. She walked back to the bathroom and took the sleeping pill that Carol had given her in case she found it difficult to sleep in rubber for the first time - but then Carol hadn’t known about her plastic nightie and pyjamas! She smiled as she slid into bed, turned off the light and snuggled down, her trusty vibrator was soon at work before, sated and happy, she dropped off to sleep. She awoke to find Carol shaking her gently and looking down at her happily.

“Come on sleepy head wake up - I’ve brought you tea -oh you did wear the nightie - how did you sleep?”

Susan blushed as she sat up and then swore:

“Very well, but God — I’m hot - oh damn, the bed and pillows are all wet

“It doesn’t matter a bit - you do get a bit sweaty —that’s why we all use rubber sheets. A bit hotter but much less trouble - try some tonight - Yes? Susan watched Carol, in a pale blue rubberised satin housecoat, swish from the room before she got up, showered, dressed and went downstairs. The day was fairly relaxed spent modelling loose fitting kaftans, capes and night-dresses. They finished early and again before supper she and Carol went out for a walk, both wellingtoned and heavily mackintoshed. At bedtime Susan found her bed remade with smooth white latex sheets and pillowslips. Again she wore the night-dress and resorted to the vibrator but found her thinking of Carol and pretended that it was she who was exciting her. But eventually she slept her cheek on the soft dampening pillow and the latex sheet pulled up under her chin. As on the previous day Carol woke her and smiled at Susan’s consternation when she found how much she had sweated and she shivered as Carol said that she’d have to wear a waterproof suit.

That day, the Tuesday, was spent modelling underwear. It was much harder work and Susan had no idea there were so many forms of pants, knickers, brassieres, corsets and the like. Apart from a short break at lunch they worked all day until Edith decided they had done enough.

“Well done both of you - that’s enough for today; Susan you’ve done splendidly - no - don’t bother to change down here - do it upstairs - you can help each other with the corsets - but slip something over you, it’s hot under all these lights. See you at supper

Both Susan and Carol put on latex housecoats and went upstairs. Susan moved stiffly in the unyielding, heavy, boned latex corset that had been laced tight and in which she was encased from just below her breasts to midway down her thighs so it was quite impossible to sit. The pressure seemed to make her breasts larger and more sensitive and they were aching in the tight cups of the matching boned brassiere. The long black latex stockings clung to her legs and under the housecoats their half sleeved camisole tops and calf length baggy knickers rustled and whispered.

Once upstairs Carol asked if she had enjoyed the day.

“Mm, a lot — it’s a lot harder than I expected and I hope I’m not letting you down - but its fun and the clothes are lovely...’”

“I’m enjoying working with you. Janet wasn’t much fun but we seem to have clicked. You looked a bit apprehensive when we started with the corsets but they’re super aren’t they?”

“I feel as if I’m in a vice — it’s a funny feeling — but yes it is nice”.

“Just wait until you feel a deportment corset - these are child’s play”’. Susan didn’t have a chance to ask what a deportment corset was as they reached her room. 

Carol closed the door behind them and Susan slowly blushed as Carol said gently. “‘Seriously - come on let’s get the corsets off we’ve got all the time in the world ahead — that’s it — roll off and bend at the knees.”

Downstairs later at supper Susan’s happiness was obvious but no one commented on it and she missed noticing the quiet word that Carol had with Edith. After Supper Edith set out the work schedule for the following day and when they had all helped to wash up she said she thought that everyone should have an early night. Turning to Carol she added smilingly:

“As for you young miss, Janet and I thought you might be getting a bit podgy here and there so it’s a night in a sauna suit and sack for you. Upstairs now, a nice hot bath and get the suit on and I’ll be up later to help you into the sack”.

Edith pretended to look startled when Carol grinned and said that Susan would help her but then replied:

“Alright, but no cheating. Susan dear it’s quite easy but make sure everything is fully closed - off you go then - sleep well and see you in the morning””.

When the two had gone she turned to the others smiling in pleasure:

“‘Well, we all hoped it would happen but I never, never expected it to be so quick.

I really am delighted for them both and for us too - who knows Janet we may be able to start on the other brochures much sooner than we thought. I only hope Carol isn’t pushing too hard, too soon - oh dear that doesn’t sound too polite! Never mind - bedtime everybody””.

A little later Susan in her long rubber night-dress once more was staring in disbelief at the suit that Carol was struggling to put on.

“You’re not going to bed in that are you? It’s more like a diving suit”. But despite her initial shock she was fascinated by the suit that soon encased every inch of Carol and she knew she wanted to wear it soon. She awoke from her reverie at Carol’s voice, muffled by the built in gas mask. ‘“Zip me in love, there are two - the inner is from bottom to top and it’s reverse for the other — God I’m sweating like a pig already - that’s it. Now the sack.

I’ll sit on the bed and if you hold it I’ll slip my legs inside - no wider darling —that’s better — arms and legs go into internal sleeves like this; now the hood - you’ll have to tug, it fits around to cover the rim of the mask. Now, if I stand up you can close the zip and fasten the flap around the top”.

‘“Are you sure you’ll be alright — it’s all so thick and heavy - what happens if you need to get up in the night?”

“If you mean the loo it’s just too bad, but it’s unlikely since one sweats it all out - but I’ll tell you how to fix the panic button when you’ve got me into bed - damn Edith. I wanted to be with you - phew­ it’s hot”.

“What are these loops for on the sack”.

“Just to keep the belts in place - oh why not - in for a penny - they are in the bottom drawer over there that’s It - thread them through and do them up will you”. Almost mesmerised Susan did as she was asked. She was panting with exertion.

Susan then turned off the light and closed the door. In the privacy of her room Susan found she was trembling. She dared not take a sleeping pill In case she did not hear Carol’s alarm and, having set her own clock for just before 7 slipped between her latex sheets. She lay in growing ecstasy as the vibrator hummed and eventually drifted into a peaceful sleep, not knowing why, nor caring, she felt as she now did. At 7 precisely, when she had removed her nightie and had a quick shower and was dressed in a long golden rubberised satin housecoat she entered Carol’s room.

“I wanted to kiss you Carol and I thought you’d like to get a bit cooler - it’s like an oven and your face is sopping.”

“I’ve cheated already by having a drink like that. I’ll tell you about the other ways later - come into bed for a minute or two - it’s hot because Edith came in after you left to check I hadn’t cheated; she did the belts tighter, gave me a drink and turned the heating up. I suppose I should be grateful she didn’t switch on the under and over blankets too — it’s funny though, I asked her to, one half of me hoping she would and the other glad she didn’t. Hold me Sue - that’s it - oh it’s lovely having you here like this..’”

Later after breakfast modelling restarted; a variety of garments but all worn above latex undies and tight waspie corsets with rigid boning. When they had finished at about - I was wondering - be honest Carol - well did Monica suspect me, that’s a silly word - but did she set me up?” 

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