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Mistress Maya

by slave jj

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© Copyright 2015 - slave jj - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; chast; latex; catsuit; mitts; hood; collar; bond; cell; tease; hooks; gag; nipple; torment; bodybag; denial; true; cons; X

A little glimpse of what drives me, my fetishes revolve around latex, and tight inescapable bondage. All my fantasies involve me serving a Latex Clad Mistress. I’ve visited Miss Maya several times, and every time she has pushed me and my limits to her satisfaction. I’ve never been into the pain side of the scene but have decided to try a little predicament bondage.

I have scheduled a session with Miss Maya 2 weeks in advance. I find the extra time waiting to see her part of the submissive experience.

As per Mistress’ orders, I have packed a bag with specific latex items for use at our session. I also placed my chastity cage on and secured it with a serial numbered plastic lock, I took a picture of my locked up cock with the serial number in plain view and sent it to her email, per her instructions.

The two weeks locked up drove me crazy, when my cock has been secured in chastity I can’t help but to think about Miss Maya non-stop. In the days leading up to my session, I’ll watch her twitter feed and Instagram for any insight of what might be in my future.

The day arrives, it’s a three-hour drive to Chicago, so I leave early after making sure I’ve packed everything and followed all of Mistress’ instructions.

As I arrived in front of the dungeon, my heart is pounding harder than ever, my aching cock is trying to elude its prison its locked in. I get out of my car, grab my bag and head toward the door, nervous, excited, and skeptical all at the same time.

Miss Maya had me arrive an hour earlier than originally planned, but said our session would still end at the original time. My heart is pounding so hard I can’t hear the doorbell ring as I push it. The door swings in and I hear her hypnotizing voice order me to enter.

As I enter she further instructs me to go on down stairs, Mistress is out of sight as she is standing behind the door. Once I’ve reached the last step she says how nice it is to see me, as she steps around me. Once Mistress is in plain view I notice she’s not in her usual fetish attire, just simple sweats. I think to myself surely she remembers how the fetish wear is such a big part of my fantasy.

She instructs me to place the tribute on the table and to remove all of my clothes. As I start to get naked, Mistress takes my bag and lays all of the items out next to lots of zip lock bags with other items already out on her bondage bed. She grabs my latex catsuit first, instructs me to lean against the bed while she applies lube to the catsuit and my legs. She starts by putting my legs in the catsuit and slides it up past my waist, she guides my still locked up cock thru the hole in the catsuit. She proceeds pulling it up until Its completely on me and zips it up. Its already shinny but runs lube over it to make it even more mirror like.

Mistress puts bondage mitts on my hands and locks them on with small padlocks. She placed a dual layer hood over my head that has a zipper that can be closed in front that when closed pulls two layers of latex which covers your eyes, nose and mouth. The hood allows enough air to breath but blocks your sight and makes breathing slightly labored. She closes the zipper fully in the front blocking all sight.

She placed a collar on me, and locked it on with a padlock on the rear which she also passes the zipper pull thru it to, securing my hood to the collar. She pulls my hands behind my back and locked the mitts to each other securing my arms and hands with a small lock. I’m guided across the room and am instructed to turn around and then step backwards. As I do I hear the metal doors close and the sound of locks closing. Mistress then says, now slut you wait here while I get ready.

Miss Maya has secured me in latex, removed all sight from me, and secured me in a cell to just wait to suffer for her. The waiting might be the most devious thing she’s ever done to me. I can hear her devious laugh as she walks away. I feel completely venerable as I’m enclosed completely in black latex except for my locked cock which is the only exposed part of my skin.

A few minutes go by with no sound, then I hear some noise as Mistress is gathering her equipment up to prepare the scene. I hear her shuffle around the room but with the hood on it limits what I can hear. Mistress starts talking to me after what seems like about 15 minutes, saying things like I wonder what I should wear, maybe a latex catsuit, maybe a dress, a Corset and stockings, or maybe I’ll just stay dressed the way I am. This is true torture; I’ve seen most of her outfits either in person or on her Clips4sale store.

I have very limited movement, and my cock is really aching as it is trying to escape its cock cage. I can hear the sound that latex makes when you’re getting dressed. This goes on for several minutes as Mistress says while she gives a sexy laugh, “Oh you’re going to have to prove to me you’re worthy of seeing me dressed in this new latex garment before I’ll take your hood off”.

I mumble thru my latex covered mouth that I’ll do anything. Mistress just laughs louder when she hears my incomprehensible mumbling thru the latex. Soon I hear the click of her high heels which is going to drive my insane. Bound head to toe in latex, blindfolded and hearing the click, click, click, knowing that I’m going to have to prove myself in order to regain my sight, is going to push me into a true level of sub space.

After what felt like an eternity I hear the clicking of Miss Maya’s heels approach and unlock the cage that I’ve been locked in. She grabs my cock cage and lets out a sadistic laugh and says follow me you worthless slut. I try to steady by balance and keep up with her, but being led by your locked cock while blindfolded is genuinely difficult. Suddenly she stops, unfastens what hold my hands together and then pushes me back forcing me to bend at the waist. I’m guided face down on her bondage bench.

My freedom was short lived as she locked my hands to the bench. Mistress then places my ankle high ballet boots in patent leather on me feet forcing my toes and arch in very unusual arch then secures my ankles to the bench. Mistress removes my Chastity cage, and then tightly ties my balls with string, and anchors them to the heels on my boots.

The zipper from my crotch was opened allowing access to my ass, I felt the cool sensation of lube being applied to my ass, followed by Mistress’ gloved hand working one, then two fingers in my asshole. The zipper closing the front of my hood was opened just enough in the middle to allow Mistress to place a nose hook which was subsequently connected to metallic anal hook placed in my ass. This assault on my asshole was a new aspect I’ve never experience. Mistress laughed and said that I must like anal because my muscles didn’t show any resistance. My head was forced back with the two hooks being tied by a short string. She inserts a rubber ball in my mouth, and then inflates it, now I cannot see, speak or move.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more uncomfortable, Mistress then undid the front of my catsuit enough to put clamps on my nipples. I didn’t have much wiggle room being tied the way I was, but damn it if I wasn’t trying. I now know why they call it predicament bondage, because every action causes an adverse reaction.

At this point my mind is racing, trying to keep focused enough not to rip my balls off, and how can I stop the pain in my nipples, but Miss Maya has decided to fuck with my head. The clicks of her high heels walking around me while not being able to see her, pulled, tied and anchored with no ability to see is absolutely excruciating, both physical and mental. Miss Maya just gives that devious laugh has she circles around admiring her handy work.

Miss Maya informs me that for the pleasure of seeing her choice of latex outfit she’s worn today; I must suffer at least five more minutes in the predicament that I’m in. I think to myself I can do this, and then my balls ache, so I move only to put pressure on my nipples, then I shift and my head lowers putting pressure on my ass and my nose. I cannot win, I’m now leaning over more on the left and am scared to try to straighten up on the bench I’ll lose a vital body part.

Mistress removed my nose plug, then re-ties the anal hook to my collar, tighter then it was tied to my nose. Click, click click begins again, but now Miss Maya is running her fingers over my bound body, which causes me to shift slightly which sends pain to some part of my body with every move. This must please Mistress because her trade mark laugh penetrates my latex covered ears. Mistress tells me she’s very pleased with my first time in predicament bondage, and begins to release me.

After all the twine, chain and clips are release she helps guide me up on my feet again. Once I’m on my feet Mistress removes my gag, and offers me a drink thru a straw to help replenish all the liquid I’ve loss through my sweat glands. Mistress tells me that I must close my eyes as she opens the top half of my hood up which allow my sight back, and then after 10- 15 seconds I’m allowed to open my eyes.

WOW, there I am in front of the most powerful and domineering woman I know. Her jet black hair falls down her beautiful face, she has on a semitransparent green latex catsuit that has a black corset look covering her mid-section, standing tall in her kneed high patent leather boots.

She instructs me to follow her into the Ivy room, where she secures me in a latex body bag where she teases my cock until I’m on the brink of an orgasm only to stop and deny me release. She continues this for the remainder of the session, then relocks me in Chastity and after some conversation she dismisses me. The long drive home gives me time to relive every second of the most amazing bdsm scene I’ve ever been involved in.

The story above is true except for the being held captive while Miss Maya gets things ready, I added that from a dream I had.

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