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Mistress Latexa's Rubberdoll 4: The Wedding Album

by tessa

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© Copyright 2015 - tessa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; latex; slave; cd; catsuits; hoods; gag; bond; cell; castle; boots; corset; chast; sendep; rubberdoll; wedding; cuffs; leashed; owned; cons; X

story continued from part three

Part 4: The Wedding Album

Where to begin? Each detail of that day is embedded deep within my consciousness, for it was the signal turning point in my existence. There was my life before, which seems drab and pointless now; and my life after, the thrilling, extraordinary life of a rubber slave doll that I had secretly craved long before I could even put words to it. It seems more than a union of two souls, more than a troth that was pledged; it was a kind of rebirth of body of spirit, the razor-sharp demarcation of a life begun anew, the destiny I have always been fated to fulfil at the hands of my beloved Mistress Latexa.

Perhaps it would help if I showed you our wedding album. Give me a moment to fetch it; I can't move very quickly in these severely laced thigh boots with 7 inch heels, and the heavy latex hobble skirt restricts my gait even further. Ah, here it is. I can barely reach it due to the chains that connect my wrist cuffs to the steel waistband, but I think I can manage. Sorry it takes me so long to sit down; I've learned that I must do it in a gingerly and ladylike fashion when I have such a large inflatable plug buried deep inside of me.

The first picture? Why yes, you're right... it is a castle. It was here that the wedding took place. Mistress Latexa had been there before to attend fetish parties, and knew the owners. I'm not sure exactly where in Northern England it is, for as is usual I was transported while encased in latex and sense-deprived. I do recall the windy moors outside and the dark, threatening skies when we arrived, the day before the wedding was to take place.

After we arrived, I did not see Mistress Latexa again until the actual ceremony, for she believed in the old custom that the couple should be separated the night before the ceremony. Instead, I was prepared for the event by friends of Mistress who acted as my bridesmaids. I had no hand in the planning of the wedding; Mistress Latexa had taken great delight in arranging every detail of the ceremony, which was purposely kept secret from me. I knew only that the most joyous day of my life awaited.

The white catsuit in the next picture? That was my undergarment. It was custom-made for me out of superheavy rubber by Libidex; as you can see, it covered every part of me except for my head. You're right, it rather does accentuate my already enormous bosom.... you're making me blush! Mistress Latexa prefers me that way. She revels in seeing my breasts squeezed into taut globes that thrust out from my chest; all the better to play with them, she says. The suit felt as if it were painted on when I wore it; my burgeoning nipples were embarrassingly obvious beneath their new skin. The only part of my body that was hidden was the traces of my former maleness; they were cleverly concealed beneath a moulded rubber vagina that imprisoned my desires.

The corset? It's white leather with heavy whaleboning. It is rather severely curved, isn't it? You can tell even from the photo if it that it crushes my waist; it causes my hips to flare in a most immodest way, I'm afraid. Yes, that's a special lock at the top of the lacing; once I am incarcerated in its merciless embrace only Mistress Latexa can free me. I even slept with it on; I am never freed from severe corsetry.

Ah, the picture of the helmet! It is a rather fearsome looking thing, isn't it? I've gotten used to them.... why, I've spent so much time in them that I almost forgot what this is like, to have my head free and to be able to talk to you. Most of my life now is spent in silence, my mouth filled with the bulging, relentless push of an inflatable rubber bladder that renders me mute. Normally my long red hair emerges through a tiny portal at the top of the helmet to stream downward in an auburn waterfall, rather than hanging free like this. There have been times when I've spent weeks so encased, the only aperture the narrow breathing tube you see in this picture. When the helmet is finally removed, I find it almost impossible to speak from the prolonged sensory deprivation; my tongue can scarce obey me as I struggle to enunciate words, their sound strange and unfamiliar to me.

So this is how I spent the night before the wedding: sealed into my catsuit and helmet, ruthlessly corseted as I slept bound between latex sheets in a tiny cell within the castle, alone with my thoughts. It was utterly dark and silent; I could only meditate upon the fate that was to befall me, the final act of commitment to my Mistress.

When the bridesmaids returned the following morning, I was taken upstairs to another chamber. First I was laced into a pair of thigh-high white boots with 7 inch heels; they hugged my legs so tightly it was difficult to bend my knees. This was not the end of my constriction; as you can see from this picture, I was subjected to a severe white leather posture collar next. It was locked on so tightly that my head was forced into a regal yet submissive bearing; I could make only the tiniest of movements. Oddly, however, no leash was attached; the significance of this was not to be clear to me until later.

Finally, I had been prepared. The bridesmaids then took their turns, donning lovely pink latex dresses and antique leather ankle boots. I could dimly hear a commotion outside; unlike Mistress Latexa's normal practice, my ears had not been filled with wax so my hearing, though somewhat muffled, was still useful.

There was the deep, repetitive thud of a baseline emanating from a hall nearby; it sounded like trance music, perhaps Enigma or Delirium. There was a knock at the door, and the bridesmaids motioned to me; it was time.

The bridesmaids walked in front of me; Mistress Latexa's friend Donna was the maid of honour. The doors to a large hall opened before me, and I gasped as I saw the large crowd congregated. The room was lit by candles only, lending it an eerie, gothic feel; on both sides of the aisle friends of Mistress Latexa were congregated, resplendent in fetish attire of every type imaginable. All eyes turned towards me as I took halting, dainty steps forward. I could hear the music pulsating and I could see faint streams of smoke; I surmised that incense was burning. The room was draped in symbols of the pagan and wicca faiths.

At last we reached the altar, and the bridesmaids parted in front of me, leaving me thunderstruck as at last my Mistress Latexa was revealed to me. I almost collapsed at the sight of her, majestic in her skin-tight shiny black catsuit adorned with a long black latex cape; upon her feet were matching knee boots. Her magisterial crown of long silken blonde tresses transfixed me; those stunningly intelligent eyes penetrated through me; those glorious, full lips mocked me and aroused me simultaneously.

Her arms were encased within shoulder-length latex gloves; in her hand she held a leash whose chain was plated with gold and the strap was burnished black leather. About her midriff was a black leather corset, and atop that a studded leather waist belt, from which hung a pair of silver-plated handcuffs. Her face was perfectly made up, wearing dark plum tones for eyeshadow and lipstick. I felt warm as she inspected me coolly, finally permitting herself a smile as she saw that my appearance had fulfilled all of her expectations. At that moment the music grew softer, changing to an exotic chant, perhaps from India, and a woman in dark purple robes emerged from the curtain behind the altar. The front of her robe appeared to be embroidered with Celtic rune symbols; upon her head she wore a garland of flowers, identifying her as a priestess.

Here, this is the picture of the actual ceremony. It was then that the enormity of the moment resonated within me as Mistress Latexa stood beside me and we faced towards the priestess who was to perform the ceremony. Upon the altar there were three items; a silver goblet containing wine and two documents whose content I could not ascertain.

The priestess motioned with her hands, and the assembled guests sat down. The room was silent; I could hear only the rhythmic wheezing of my breathing tube. Now the priestess spoke.

"We are gathered here today to join in sacred eternal union Mistress Latexa and Tessa. Though this is a wedding, it is also much more than that. It is a bond deeper and more profound that may never be broken. It is one soul being completely subsumed by another, one life being given without limitation to another. We celebrate today the mystic devotion of the lesser to the greater; the renunciation of Tessa's physical freedom to attain a spirit which shall soar endlessly beneath Mistress Latexa's wing."

"Equally, we recognise the infinite, implacable will of Mistress Latexa, her vast and superior gift to Tessa of a life unfettered by petty concerns, a joyous journey of pure servitude. We honour Mistress Latexa's willingness to shoulder the greatest of all responsibilities, her desire to own another being whose existence will be completely dependent upon Mistress Latexa's every whim."

She paused and scanned the gathered congregation. "If there is anyone who knows of any reason why the ceremony of claiming should not take place, speak now or be silent forever." The hall was silent, and a smile returned to the priestess' face. "Very well then, let us proceed. Approach the altar."

Both Mistress Latexa and I stepped forward. "There are two documents before me. The first is for Tessa alone to sign, and the second is for you both." She handed me a pen and presented me with the first document. It was a legal application to change my name. It had already been notarised; all that was left was my signature. Henceforth my old male name would be banished forever; I would instead be known as Tessa Montague. Mistress Latexa turned to face me. "Tessa, as a symbol of our union and of my pledge to care for you for all time, I grant you the gift of my last name."

I felt a deep and abiding love welling up inside of me as I signed my old name one final time, and then my new name, the glorious bequest of my beloved Mistress. "The second document is the certificate of marriage. This binds you in the eyes of the law." Mistress Latexa signed first, then leaned over to hand the pen to me. A shudder of exaltation came over me; I felt I would burst out of my latex skin as I excitedly signed my new name to the document.

The priestess then grasped the wine goblet upon the altar and held it with both hands. "But, there are bonds infinitely greater than those recognised by law . I speak of the bond between owner and doll, between possessor and property. "

She presented the goblet to Mistress Latexa, and continued. "Let this wine symbolise the bond of blood between you both. In the eyes of the law you are married. In the eyes of the public you shall be sisters. In the eyes of those assembled, each other and the Goddess from whose loins the universe was begotten, you shall be Mistress and maidservant doll. " Mistress Latexa turned to face me and slowly lifted the chalice to her lips, sipping deeply, savouring it as her eyes remained fixed upon me. She then passed the goblet to me; I discovered my fingers were trembling. I raised the cup to my breathing tube , dipping it in the wine as I inhaled. The wine slid through the tube, splashing against the back of my throat as I detected its dark, rich flavour. I stretched my arms out and the priestess took the goblet and placed it once more upon the altar.

"Do you, Latexa, take this woman to be your lawful wedded doll; to clothe and protect her; to bind and control her; from this day forth to keep as your servant, your slave, your toy, for as long as you both shall live?".

The words hung suspended in mid-air for a moment; it seems time itself began to dilate, so clearly can I recall Mistress Latexa's divine countenance as she intoned her assent.

"I do."

The priestess turned towards me. "Do you, gagged Tessa, accept the bond placed about you and give your life into the care and control of Latexa, knowing that from this day forth, you accept her desire to bind you, feed you, clothe you and seal you for as long as you both shall live?"

I summoned all the strength from deep inside of me. I felt as though a jolt of electricity was animating me; never have I felt so purely alive. I nodded my head visibly, straining against my bonds. A smile emerged from Mistress Latexa's face that illuminated me from within, that caressed my very soul like a warm autumn breeze.

The priestess open her arms, outstretched before us. "Then, Tessa, I declare that you are the claimed property of Latexa, her doll in perpetuity. Let Latexa provide Tessa with the first breath of her new existence, to acknowledge that life itself is within Mistress Latexa's dominion." I felt my owner place her gloved hands upon my swollen, gagged cheeks, drawing me towards her as she stroked me tenderly. Her perfect rosebud mouth opened as she placed her lips around my breathing tube and exhaled, literally inspiring me, filling me with purpose, with clarity, with a sweet relief that has never left me since.

The guests erupted into spontaneous applause, echoing thunderously throughout the hall. It reverberated until the priestess motioned for them to stop. All eyes turned towards Mistress. Her voice was firm and clear.

"Kneel, my darling Tessa." Her fingers touched my shoulders only lightly, but it felt as irresistible as fate itself; I sank to my knees, all will sapped from me. She unclasped the handcuffs from her waistband as she stood behind me, drawing my rubberclad arms together. "Let these cuffs serve as your ring." I felt the cold metal snap shut as she ratcheted them till they were snug and inescapable. She unfurled the leash she held, snapping the lead onto the D-ring attached to the front of my collar. "Let this leash serve as our kiss."

Tears of joy welled up from deep inside me; I felt myself convulsing in sobs of happiness, a lifetime of pent up longing pouring out of me in an instant. Then I felt the reassuring presence of my Mistress' hand upon my head, and my heart was stilled. "Arise, sweet Tessa. Let us begin our new life together."

I raised myself unsteadily, aided by Mistress Latexa's guidance. I walked behind her, lead by the leash, as we walked down the aisle; I can still hear the click-clack of my heels reverberating upon the stone floor as we approached the large wooden exit door; I looked back briefly at the sea of smiling faces wishing us well. The door opened onto a broad patio filled with sunlight, the beckoning vista of my life as a doll before me.



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