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Mistress Latexa's Rubberdoll 2:The Doll

by tessa

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© Copyright 2015 - tessa - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; latex; catsuits; nurse; surgery; bodymod; feminize; hood; gag; seal; breathplay; corset; collar; rubberdoll; slave; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continued from part one

Part 2: The Doll

"Wake up, Tessa!" The words were hard and accompanied by the sheets being thrown back by strong arms. Tessa opened her eyes, fighting for consciousness. Strange smells invaded her nostrils, and there was the jarring crash of metal against metal to her right.

The room was a whitewashed blur before eyes which refused to focus. Pressure around her midriff, arms and legs suddenly slackened, then she was being pulled into a sitting position, legs swinging over the side of the bed, cold metal against the back of her thighs. She tried to protest, but her mouth would not respond, her tongue felt as if it were made of concrete and her jaw felt as if it were locked shut.

The room was a whitewashed blur before eyes which refused to focus. Pressure around her midriff, arms and legs suddenly slackened, then she was being pulled into a sitting position, legs swinging over the side of the bed, cold metal against the back of her thighs. She tried to protest, but her mouth would not respond, her tongue felt as if it were made of concrete and her jaw felt as if it were locked shut.

Two women stood before her. The first was dressed in a skin tight black outfit which showed off her body to the fullest. Heart quickening, Tessa felt a familiar stirring as she realised the woman was dressed entirely in heavy black rubber, a moulded catsuit which clung to her, emphasising her trim, natural waist - the kind of waist Tessa had often dreamed of - and cupping her round, full breasts. The sleeves of the suit ended in tight, moulded gloves, while the legs disappeared into knee-high rubber boots with towering heels that raised the woman's height to over six feet. Ash blonde hair had been pulled back into a tight ponytail arching from the crown of the woman's head. Her face, carefully made up was haughtily beautiful and held an expression of superiority mixed with contempt.

"What are you looking at, slut?" the woman demanded. "Did I give you permission to look upon your Mistress?" The hand was raised a third time, and Tessa shied away, casting her eyes to the floor. The hand was lowered. "That's better. You may have been under the drugs for a week, but I didn't think you would forget that much."

A week? Tessa tried to speak again, but her tongue and jaw refused to move. "Take her to the mirror. Let her see her new self." Mistress commanded.

Tessa looked up and the second woman stepped forward. She too, was encased in tight rubber, but the outfit was cut along the lines of a classic nurse's outfit, with a blue dress covered by a white rubber bib. Blue rubberised legs descended into black stilettos more than four inches high, buckled and locked about the girl's ankles. Her waist was impossibly small and rigid, and Tessa realised she was laced into a very tight corset. A posture collar was locked about her neck, and black gloves covered her hands.

But it was her head which held Tessa's gaze. It was an anonymous black ball from the mouth of which protruded three tubes. Two of these ended in valves fitted to the sides of the collar, through which the unfortunate girl's air hissed. The third, central tube ended in a heavy pump fixed to the collar. With a shock, Tessa realised this was attached to a gag inside the mouth, already viciously inflated so the girl's cheeks bulged. No nostril holes broke the shaped face of the mask, and the eyepieces were tinted black, preventing Tessa from seeing anything of the woman inside. Staring at the apparition, she allowed herself to be lead to a full-length mirror.

"I think the final - adjustments - have been worth the pain, don't you?" Mistress Latexa enquired, as Tessa stared, wide-eyed at her new body. "And the electrolysis has been a complete success. You'll have no more hair to worry you ever again!" laughter followed the comment.

Tessa stared at her nude reflection. She was completely hairless. Her long brown hair had given way to a smooth, bald dome of pink flesh. Not a single hair was left on her arms or legs. Even her eyebrows were gone. "Rubber sluts don't need real hair," her Mistress mocked from behind her.

Tessa barely heard the words, as she stared at herself. Her skin was smooth and silky, utterly feminine, while her waist was now small and trim, flat-bellied above flaring, female hips, the kind of waist she had once needed the strictest corseting to achieve.

"I think the hormones have done you proud, slut," her mistress continued, crossing to her. Lifting hesitant fingers, Tessa brushed them against her rich, full lips, filled out by the collagen she knew she had at some point received, as the memory of her admission into the "clinic" returned.

But it was her breasts which held her attention. She stared at them, frightened to touch them as they rose and fell in time to her breathing.

"They are magnificent, aren't they?" her mistress asked, stepping forward and rubbing the breasts with her gloved hands. Tessa exhaled, feeling her nipples hardening at the touch. "Forty-four DDs. Well over the top, but I like my dolls top heavy," Mistress continued. Tessa closed her eyes, and felt her nipples suddenly twisted and pulled viciously. She tried to cry out, eyes snapping open, but still her mouth refused to work.

"I didn't give you permission for that!" Mistress howled, pointing to between Tessa's legs.

Following the extended forefinger, Tessa saw she was not the total woman she had dreamed about. There, between her legs was the most incredible erection she had ever managed. Her eyes widened in shock and surprise.

Her Mistress's anger immediately turned to mocking laughter. "Poor little slut. You didn't think I'd have you converted all the way, did you? Where would the fun lie in that?" She grabbed the offending penis and began pumping it roughly in tight-pressed fingers. "Besides, I can have a lot of fun torturing this, slave doll!" She let go suddenly, thrusting Tessa backwards. "Restrain and mask her, nurse!" she commanded.

Before Tessa could react, her arms were grabbed from behind and a strap looped about her elbows. She could do nothing as it was drawn tight, pinioning her arms behind her, forcing her breasts out in front. Another strap was wound about her wrists immobilising them, then a third was passed about her waist and was drawn tight, pinning her useless arms to her back. When she was turned around, the nurse was holding a strange rubber hood. She backed away as the nurse advanced, opening the mask to reveal a flaccid mouth bladder. Strong hands gripped her from behind, holding her fast.

Eyes wide, Tessa realised it had been her Mistress who had hauled her from the bed, and not the nurse as she had supposed. She was twisted towards the mirror, made to watch as the nurse produced a ball of a wax-like substance. Latexa's arm folded about Tessa's neck in a choke hold, and the nurse deftly broke off pieces of the wax, the mask hanging limply in her hand. In seconds, Tessa's nostrils and ears were plugged. She opened her lips to breathe, and discovered the reason why she could not speak. Her jaws were held fast by a wire device which left just a small gap between her teeth, but which held her tongue fast against the bottom of her mouth, all movement prevented.

Before she had time to react, the nurse depressed two clips at the front of the device, and the wires released their steel grip and were pulled roughly from Tessa's mouth, causing her to hiss in pain. Then the mask was sliding over her face, forcing her head roughly back as the rubber enclosed it. She opened her mouth to protest, and the bladder slipped in place.

Moving swiftly, the nurse held the mask fast, the rubber stretching over every contour of Tessa's face, forming a new layer of skin, which tightened even more as the rear zip was pulled down to the shaped collar, completing her encasement. A tube of permabond was produced, and Tessa felt it being applied to the back of the mask.

"There," her Mistress announced, her voice deadened by the earplugs. "You are now sealed in, Tessa. The glue has been used to seal a rubber flap over the zip to your mask. Now the only way it can be removed is if I choose to cut it away!"

Tessa whimpered as she was turned to face the mirror once more. The face of the mask was totally anonymous. Only her eyes were visible through small, almond-shaped holes. The nose was devoid of nostril holes, while her lips formed a smooth outline as they pouted around a double tube sticking out from her face. Mistress Latexa approached with an aerosol can and length of tubing. "How do you like your gag, slut? Does it taste good?"

Tessa struggled to reply, but her words were reduced to useless mumbling which brought a ripple of laughter from her Mistress.

Latexa's expression became harsh. "You've worn inflatable gags before, slut, but this one is special." As she spoke, she attached the aerosol tube to the inner one protruding from Tessa's rubberised face "This is foam rubber, the kind used to harden car tires after a puncture. I've been told I makes an effective permanent gag, and solidifies very quickly."

Holding the can where Tessa could clearly see it, she depressed the nozzle. Instantly, the bladder in Tessa's mouth began to expand, forming a ball which completely filled the front of her mouth, forcing her jaws wide and pressed tight against her cheeks. As the pressure mounted and her mouth filled, Tessa felt the rubber deform and force its way between teeth and cheeks and teeth and lips until her mouth was completely sealed off. She could only shake her head, breath held fast as her Mistress finally released the nozzle.

Already the compound was hardening inside its sheath, forming a tailor-made gag which trapped Tessa's tongue and filled her mouth so that she could not utter a single sound. Lungs bursting, eyes wide with silent pleading, she tried to exhale. But instead of finding it impossible, she felt the air whistle from her lungs. She tried to inhale, and discovered that while she had to suck hard, she could still breathe. She looked at her Mistress.

Latexa laughed. "No, Tessa. I'm not going to suffocate you. There is a tube running through your gag. It allows you to breathe and to be fed." She reached up and stroked Tessa's distorted cheek tenderly. "But you won't be able to do both at the same time. And remember I can always fit a valve to your mouth and suffocate you that way!" She pressed her hand against the side of Tessa's face, checking to see if the rubber compound had hardened. Satisfied, she disconnected the tube and aerosol.

"In case you're wondering, the doctor who runs this clinic has developed a special liquid diet which will be fed to you three times a day through your tube. Of course, you won't be able to taste it, but I think that's a small price to pay. The diet also means you won't need to empty your bowels in future. You will only have to urinate. Which means I'm going to fill your ass just like I've sealed your mouth!" Reaching down, Latexa grabbed Tessa's straining erection viciously. "I know you wanted to be feminised, but I want something else. I want a rubber doll I can play with and abuse," she paused for a moment, smiling viciously, hand pumping at Tessa's stiff cock. "But before I can finish your transformation, we need to get rid of this."

Suddenly, she stopped and signalled to the nurse. Instantly, Tessa was propelled forward and forced down onto the bed. Rolled painfully onto her back, she could do little as her ankles were strapped to the corners of the bed. Then the nurse slipped what looked like a vacuum developer over her penis and strapped it tightly in place. "Enjoy this, slut," her Mistress hissed. "It's the last pleasure you'll have for a long time." So saying, she activated the unit.

Tessa fell a powerful suction clam the device down over her cock. Then a thick rubber sleeve, warm and moist closed about her, and her eyes widened as she felt herself being fellated by the machine. Unable to speak, arms pinned behind her, she could only mutely shake her head as the pressure on her cock increased. Laughing at her, Latexa simply turned up the power a notch. The effect was electric. Despite her attempts, Tessa started jerking in her bonds, trying to thrust in time with the sucking motion of the device strapped to her. It was to no avail. Then the base of the unit was tightening on her, constricting the root of her penis, like teeth biting down on her. She whimpered in pain, as her thrusting stopped. Latexa turned the machine on full and stood back as Tessa felt as if her entire essence was being drawn into the device.

Pain surrounded her, making her body rigid, yet she still felt herself cum, although little pleasure or release came as semen filled the trap at the top of the device. Laughing, her Mistress swiftly fitted a long black tube to Tessa's mouth piece and held it aloft as the nurse switched the machine off and freed it from Tessa's rapidly subsiding penis. A small funnel was attached to the end of her tube and the nurse lifted the machine to the lip of the funnel. Cold realisation dawned on Tessa, and she shook her head violently, causing the nurse to hesitate and look at Latexa

Still holding the tube, the Mistress smiled down at Tessa. "What's the matter, slut? Don't you like cleaning up your mess?" She turned a valve at the base of the tube, cutting off Tessa's air supply. Then she nodded at the nurse, and a thick puddle of semen filled the bottom of the funnel. "You'll have to swallow it all if you want to breathe again," Latexa cackled, opening the valve again.

The semen flowed into the tube. Lungs bursting, Tessa held her breath, waiting for the semen to reach her throat, but Mistress Latexa lowered the tube, causing it to slacken and bow. Now the only way Tessa could clear her breathing would be to deliberately suck her cum into her throat and swallow. She closed her eyes. The cum bit at the back of her throat, salty and sour. She swallowed hurriedly, lungs bustling, then exhaled and inhaled deeply, the last of the semen watering her air. Removing the tube, Mistress Latexa nodded her approval. "Good girl. You handled that well. I think training you to drink my piss will be easy." She nodded to the nurse. "Suit her and seal her."

Dazed, Tessa made no attempt to resist as her legs were released and she was made to sit up on the bed. The faceless nurse brought across a flesh coloured suit. Directing Tessa to raise each of her legs, she carefully worked the suit over Tessa's pointed toes and kneaded the latex until Tessa's feet were completely encased in the smooth material. Working with care, the nurse worked the suit on up Tessa's legs, making her stand as the latex passed her knees. The midsection of the suit had a built-in pair of special panties. Taking Tessa's now flaccid cock, the nurse fed it carefully into a tough rubber tube which was strapped against the base of Tessa's penis and against her balls. Then she made Tessa bend forward and, taking some KY lubricant, inserted a rubberised finger into Tessa's ass. Seconds later, Tessa squealed into her gag as a two inch length of rubber tube was forced into her, holding her asshole open. Then Mistress Latexa was standing behind her.

"Just to show you how much I own you, slut," she stated, as Tessa felt something fed through the tube and on up into her rectum. Seconds later she felt it expanding, and realised her Mistress had inserted an inflatable plug up her ass. With the plug tight against her ass walls and extending deep into her, Tessa heard her Mistress instruct the nurse to finish her dressing. The rear of the suit was sealed by a zip, then Tessa's arms were released from their bonds and forced into the tight sleeves.

The sleeves ended in tight mitts which prevented Tessa from using her fingers. The front of the suit had shaped breast cups which individually held each of her enormous tits. The collar of the suit overlapped that of her mask, forming an airtight seal. Moving behind her, the nurse draw up the long back zip, then pushed Tessa to the mirror. She might have been looking at the reflection of a nude girl. Matching normal human flesh, the suit fitted so well, it left barely a wrinkle. Even the breast cups had moulded themselves perfectly to her tits, the painted nipples looking so natural.

But it was the crotch of the suit which held Tessa's attention. Gone was the bulge of her manhood. Folded tight back between her legs, her cock and balls were held invisible prisoners inside the suit. Instead, Tessa appeared to have a hairless pussy, complete with lips. "The tube containing your cock is connected to this," her Mistress explained, roughly cupping Tessa's "pussy" in her hand. "A perfect replica of the real thing, and plumbed up so you can even piss like a little girl. The suit is your normal undergarment. You'll wear it all the time, except when you are bathing. When you've completed obedience training I might remove the mitts and let you wear gloves. Now, let's get you into suitable clothes."

The next hour passed in a daze for Tessa as she was dressed by both her Mistress and the nurse. First her legs were further encased in glossy latex stockings. Then she was made to stand with hands held high over her head as a long, vicious-looking leather corset was wrapped around her. This extended from her ass to her neck, and incorporated rubber cups for her tits. Once laced and locked, the corset held her in a grip of steel, preventing her from bending or moving her head, now held regally upright by the shaped neck piece. Her breath hissed shallowly as her Mistress passed a tape measure about her middle and showed her the results: her waistline was down to an unheard-off 20 inches!

Moaning faintly from behind her gag, she waited as a specially-shaped rubber dress was pulled over her head. Devoid of any openings, the dress had to be carefully fitted by both her Mistress and the nurse, working together to unroll the superheavy latex and force Tessa's arms into the tight sleeves. The dress included a black helmet with inlaid black plastic eye pieces and a small hole through which her breathing tube was forced. Once the outfit was in place, Tessa was pushed down onto the bed and her legs forced into the most vicious pair of high-heeled, thigh-length boots she had ever encountered. These took the nurse nearly thirty minutes to fully lace up.

By the time she had finished, Tessa could barely bend her legs, and it took the combined efforts of both Mistress Latexa and the nurse to haul her back onto her needle-point heels and tips of her toes. Finally, her arms were forced back behind her and laced in a binder which pinned them together from wrist to elbow, straps pulled agonisingly tight about her armpits and fitted to a strong leather collar laced tightly about her neck, further imprisoning it, ensuring she could not move her arms in the slightest, while her breasts were thrust cruelly forward.

Once more propelled to the mirror, Tessa was made to look at her modified body. Her breasts, engorged by the tight rubber and vicious lacing of the corset and her arms, stood out from her chest like two enormous cones, nipples erect and pressing through the thick latex. Her neck was held in the double vice of the collar and corset, only allowing her to look directly ahead. The corset itself crushed and held her waist to the most ridiculous of proportions, the latex dress hugging it tightly and making no secret of what lay beneath. A short skirt flared outwards from the lower part of the dress, barely covering her ass, while her long legs, sculpted by the laced boots, had been turned into rigid pins. Rapidly inhaling against the corset, Tessa felt her heart rate increase. Despite the pain and restriction, she felt excited by what she saw. Her Mistress' words echoed her excitement.

"So Tessa, this is how you'll spend the rest of your days with me. A silent, rubberised doll. I'm going to deny you speech or any freedom of movement. You're mine to play with, punish or pack away in my toybox as I please. If you're lucky, I might let you be used as a sex toy by my associates, but mostly I'll probably just leave you on display." She stepped up, hand pressing between Tessa's legs stroking her rubber pussy, and through it, her tubed and helpless penis. Closing her eyes, Tessa felt herself hardening, only to be stopped by the tight tube, held folded back on herself in the rubber. A faint moan escaped her throat.

"I know Tessa. You're useless now, aren't you. Can't even relieve yourself." Her Mistress turned away as another woman entered the room. She was tall and striking, her face regally severe and framed by long blonde hair drawn up into a bun. She was wearing a white doctor's housecoat over a gleaming white catsuit. "Ah, Mistress Latexa, I see you have your doll ready for shipment. I think you'll agree our final transformation programme has been a complete success?"

"A remarkable feat, Doctor Lensing. I take it you can still enhance it, should I require?"

"Oh yes. We have a number of additional enhancements we can make. Enlarged breasts, arm or leg removal. Conversion into a number of items of living furniture. This one is a prime candidate for all of our advanced processing."

Mistress Latexa and the doctor laughed, both eyeing Tessa speculatively. "Then you may well be seeing this one coming back to you, Doctor. In the meantime, I'd like this delivered to my mansion. It's time I took my new doll home and played with it."


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