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Mistress Gwendolyn

by Gwendolyn CheminDeFer

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© Copyright 2013 - Gwendolyn CheminDeFer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; cuffs; bagged; inflate; gag; breathplay; chast; torment; bfold; bdsm; tease; denial; mast; toys; climax; cons; XX

The slave felt his heart pound as Mistress Gwendolyn zipped the rubber bag up and rolled him onto his back. He looked longingly towards her as she moved away; treasuring the look of her shimmering back and rear as she slowly moved out of sight.

He took stock of his situation. He was in for it now that was for sure. Now that it was zipped, there was no way out of this clear latex bag. And what a bag it was. Somehow the workmen had lined the bag with over a thousand pinprick points which poked into his back, his ass, the backs and fronts of his legs, his chest, his nipples, his arms, even the soles of his feet and his palms. Thanks to the various sleeves in the bag, he couldn't move his arms or legs - not that he wanted to. Those pinpricks made any movement painful. Of course lying in one place was painful too!

He tried to flex his toes and fingers, trying to assert some control over the pain assaulting his body and discovered (yet again) that the rubber toe cuffs immobilized his toes and the finger sheaths did the same to his fingers. No, he really couldn't control (or even avoid) the pain of the pinpricks at all.

Her slave stretched his jaw a bit trying to adjust the rubber butterfly gag in his mouth and met with as much success as his efforts to flex his toes. Mistress Gwendolyn had put excellent sound blocking earplugs into his ears and then had pulled a quite intense very thick rubber hood over his head. She left the attached blindfold off, but she had snapped a rubber butterfly gag into place and inflated it so his cheeks were puffed out and his tongue was immobilized. All he could do was grunt; words (or screaming) were impossible.

Mistress Gwendolyn floated back into view carrying a tube. Oh, did she look amazing. He turned his hooded face with difficulty to better drink her in with his eyes. She was glistening in her highly polished black rubber catsuit. The suit was zipped down in front to her black and white corset and the swelling white of her magnificent breasts was partially visible above the corset.

She turned to look at him and he could only see her eyes and that lovely mouth as the rest of her head was covered in a black and white ponytail hood that matched the corset perfectly. The sight of her inflamed her slave's lust and her cock strained mightily against the metal cage SHE had locked her property into.

His Mistress smiled, turned and he heard the click of her sandaled heels as she went out of sight down to the end of the table.

Suddenly, he started as he felt her fingers ever so gently stroking her cock through the bars of the chastity cage. At this point, her chastised property was the only thing attached to him that was exposed. Other than that cutout at his crotch, every square inch of him was covered in heavy latex.

He moaned in pain and frustration as Mistress Gwendolyn ever so gently and ever so rhythmically stroked her cock. His desire for her was uncontainable. Yet the cage contained it. The swelling was crushing the ball and causing him an unbearable mix of desire and agony, but there was nothing he could do as she stroked, stroked, stroked her property.

Finally, Mistress Gwendolyn stopped and took her hand away. After a few seconds, he dimly heard a noise through the latex and the earplugs and then soon after that felt the air start to fill his rubber prison. The sack she had locked him into was inflatable and the compressor was slowly filling it with air.

As the bag filled out, at first the equalizing pressure relieved some of the intense pressure points of the pinprick. But this was temporary. As time passed, the pressure in the bag grew greater and greater. His body started to lift off the table as the air worked its way underneath him and pushed him away from the table.

After a few minutes he floated there, surrounded on all sides by a cushion of air. He no longer felt the certainty of the table. That feeling was replaced by the sensation of the thousand pinpricks each poking his body in a different place. With the pressure equal on all sides, none of them were stronger than another, so none of them obscured the others. He could feel them all. He truly was a human pin cushion with small stabs in his soles, the inside of his arms, his thighs, his back, his ass, his nipples, everywhere. Well almost everywhere. His face just had to deal with the jaw-breaking gag and her cock was imprisoned but not in pain (yet).

Mistress Gwendolyn stopped inflating the bag and smoothly started passing rope back and forth over the rubber bag, lashing her slave securely to the table. Within a couple of minutes the task was complete. He was going absolutely no where no matter what she did to him.

With each pass of the rope, the pressure tightened and the pinpricks drove deeper into his flesh. Yet the pressure was still equal all around so the pain just grew all over his body. He tried to wiggle to avoid it somewhere, anywhere, but he could not. There was no escaping his Mistress or her pain.

Suddenly she appeared before his head. Her cock surged again desperately. Oh, how much he wanted her. He longed to be out of her cage, to press her cock against her, into her, to feel her hands, her feet, her tongue, her body on it. He wanted to give her pleasure and get pleasure from her.

His eyes told her all this. Strapped down here, helpless before her, he could keep no secret desires from her. She smiled at him and then put the blindfold over his eyes; torturing him by taking away his ability to see her. She hummed a little as she zipped the heavy rubber faceplate over the front of his mask and tied the sides and top down to the table. Now he couldn't move any part of his body at all. He was almost completely dependent on her.

Mistress Gwendolyn felt a sadistic surge as she took the last attachment and slowly screwed the breath control bag onto the front of the faceplate. She saw him shudder and heard the rapid increase in his breathing as his sense of smell was overwhelmed by the scent of rubber. click image for larger view  

Mistress Gwendolyn took off her shoes and climbed on top of her slave. He grunted as the pinpricks dug even deeper into him and yelped as her glorious bare feet gripped her caged cock and she sat back on her heels as she attended to his breathing bag.

She took the screw on cap and slowly tightened it over the air vent at the end of the bag. With each tiny turn, she took more and more air away from her slave. Her excitement mounted. She literally had her slave's life in her hand. From experience, she turned the screw until her slave could just breathe. He had no breath left over to scream, to grunt, or to make any unnecessary noise.

Now he really was totally dependent on his Mistress. All his senses were controlled by Mistress Gwendolyn. He felt, saw, smelled and tasted rubber. His body was racked with pain, he struggled for breath and yet her cock surged against the cage trying to get as much contact with her so very erotic feet as possible.

She got off of him for a moment and then a few seconds later he felt her feet and legs near his face as she lay down on top of him. He wondered what she had in store next.

It didn't take long to find out. Current slammed through his ass as she activated the electric butt plug. Shit! He had forgotten about that in all the other sensation and excitement, but Mistress Gwendolyn clearly had not. Within seconds it was sliding in and out of his ass as the current caused painful contractions to his ass muscles dragging the plug deep into his ass and then relaxing. Over and over and over again.

Before he could adjust, Mistress Gwendolyn, started to torture her cock. Brushes, chiro wheels, clips, her nails, little spikes. She used them all to tease, torment and inflame her cock.

Her slave wanted to scream.... He couldn't. He wanted to make her stop... He couldn't. He wanted to touch her... He couldn't. The one thing he could do, the only thing he could do was suffer for her.

And suffer he did.

Finally she stopped the cock torture. The pounding in his ass stopped and she got off him. Will she release me he thought?

No. Suddenly he could breathe more fully, but only for a second. She had screwed some type of hose over the end of the bag and he had to draw long breaths to pull the air through. She climbed back on top of him and after some adjustments he couldn't figure out, he suddenly smelled latex, sweat and the scent of sex. He quickly realized that she had somehow stuck the other end of the tube into her catsuit and he was smelling her.

The scent of her sex drove him insane with lust. Her cock surged out of the cage and surprisingly encountered her tongue. His Mistress was gently licking her cock through the cage while starting to buck her hips against his head. He could now feel the vibrator she had inserted in herself. As she bucked back and forth, his air was cutoff for unpredictable periods. He was breathing and re-breathing her while all the while her tongue was flicking out, tormenting her cock with what he thought he wanted. But of course it wasn't what he wanted, but it was all he was going to get.

She started to moan and flicked the electric butt plug back on and switched it to audio. Now her slave was getting fucked by her moans and her excitement. The more pleasure she felt, the more frustrated agony for him.

She bucked more and more and then came.

The smell of her sex became overpowering to him. He was ecstatic over her using him to please herself, but he still had that need. In fact she had heightened the need beyond endurance. Surely she would now take the cage off?

Instead she lifted herself off him, removed the tube from the mask and re-attached the breath control plug. His breath labored out around the plug as his body quivered from the ongoing pain and the frustration.

The sight of him suffering made her realize that she had more sadism to release. She climbed back over him again, completely unzipped the crotch and this time lowered herself over her caged cock. Her red-hot cock lay flat as her lips enveloped the top of the cage.

Her slave quickly figured out what she was doing. He could feel her warmth and moistness. He was so close, but at the same time a million miles away. The cage lay under her sex, not inside it and the difference was the distance between agony and ecstasy. He was in agony.

He felt the vibrator as she pressed it to herself. As she pleased herself, time slowed down. He seemed to feel every individual pinprick, he seemed to literally be inhaling rubber with each breath, but most of all he was aware of her heat, her female energy radiating down through her, into her cock and through her cock into him. He wanted that energy, he wanted to blend his energy with hers. But such was not to be.

She came....he didn't.

As Mistress Gwendolyn got off of him and strapped the vibrator to her cock, he knew from experience that release was impossible. He realized again that theirs was not an equal relationship. Both his power and her power were harnessed to the same goal, her pleasure. She would take his power, add hers and make him suffer for her.

It was confusing this relationship. He wanted his pleasure, but he wanted hers more. So he relaxed and let the frustration and pain and sexual agony drive away all thought.

For the next half hour that is all there was. Suffering and submission.... Oh and one other thing. Gratitude towards his Mistress, his Rubber Mistress Gwendolyn.

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