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Mistress's Vacbed

by Marcelo Augusto

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© Copyright 2009 - Marcelo Augusto - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; tape; vacbed; mc; tease; bdsm; toys; cons; X

I arrived at my Mistress place and all my feelings where touched by that pleasant atmosphere. It was inviting enough for wishing a hole life standing there close to my owner. She informed me all the instructions for the night as I entered her garçoniere."-I'm going to set you ready as I use to. I'm going to leave you alone as long as I what it. I need to take a refreshing shower and latter some delicious meal for dinner. Be polite!, Do not disturb my silence! I want you thinking about how good is this pleasure I offer you!

Now, without my clothes, my Mistress gagged me with silver tape and put an earphone since she don´t have an good earplug. With a elastic large tape she involve my head as she said - For the earphone stay in the right place and to improve better sound insulation.

Since this, i feel nothing more and then i come sad to stay in this situation, with nothing to do or have fun, just passing a lot of time without a woeful stimulus ! Oh sadness sad. I love passing long times tied, imobilized, deprived of my sense... but staying loose would be bery boring. And without a toy plugged on me! oh boredom.

I was lay down at the floor and after a some minutes i felt a hand pushing me aside, opening my butt and inserting a buttplug. then, i fell my Mistress (i suposed) putting panties on me to i stay better. She lovely see me in pretty panties, and I´m a little less sad.

More some minutes passed, i don´t know how much exactly, but was a lot of time when i feel my Mistress or some female hand touching and leading to the bed, puting me inside a vacbed.

Tubes was inserted inside my nose and The vacbed was turned on. I feel a light pressure of the latex over the skin. it was so delicious feeling. Then i tried to move myself and was so hard. I prefer than relax and enjoy. Maybe wait for some cramps. But now i´m happy in my situation, passing a lot of time in this situation will be good.

I tried to discover how many hands was passing to sleek the vacbed, but my senses was disturbed and i don´t know exactly, but i think in 2 or 3 hands. Well is possible that i Mistress had an assistant? I realy dont´t know.

The hands stopped and i started to listen a nice calm music through the earphone. probably some new age music for relax. Yeah! The things was now so good to pass a lot of time thinking and reflecting.

When i was enjoying the music, and now with the extreme sured that i not hear anything by the high volume. i feel the volume going lower and i started to listen the voice of my Mistress!

-Hi my sweet slave

so Delicious ! the sensation of my Mistress talking directly in my ears, directly in my mind. Is this a record? or my Mistress stay with a microphone ? and my Mistress continue talking with the good sound in background.

Fast i discovered the game! It Was a session of relaxation, she tell to take a breathe, to relax all the muscles. I do exactly as the voice said and enjoying. The voice of my Mistress is guiding me and now everything was perfect!

the voice follow telling to relax and to start to feel a smell of Patchouli, to believe that i smell Patchouli.. and then i started to feel the perfume in my nose. Every Breathe i feel more intense. But i started to be confused. My mind was tricking me? Now the voice said to I feel a hand passing in my belly and i fell perfecly. I don´t know if was truly going or my mind was hipnotized. I was confused, but not worried. I was in the hands of my Mistress and i trust her. Nothing bad will happen with me.

The games of touch and sensations continued.... after the hand in my belly, a hand in my chest, stoping in my nipples and pressing them, after i fell as a order a slow vibrator in my legs.

My mind was a lot confused, i feel myself in the best of all hypnosis, the sensual voice in my ear, telling me to imagine things to i get my cock hard. so i got, the audio tell me to imagine the vibrator over my cock. Was perfect! i fell perfectly the vibrator in my penis and the reflect in my balls. The ecstase was over the sky, i want to come to the true reality, i tried to escape out off the transe but could not, continued the things happening as the voice said.

My mind was in panic, i lost the relation of what was real or unreal.

I just know that everything are happening accurately, it seems like programed, recorded and tested. Until the time of cum, when the voice commanded to cum, it happen!!!. After this gorgeous, the voice tell me to relax, to get quiet and calm. The sensation was amazing and confused.

Yet more relaxed, the voice started to tell about some sorrow of my Mistress, little mistakes that i made. telling me that she only believe that i can be better slave if i was punished. And again my mind was more confused. The voice said to believe in a cane. a long thin white cane made of a very flexible material... a great cane. And in the same rate that the voice in my ears i fell the strokes in my legs. The strokes started so light and come heavy while the voice ordering.

after a good number of strokes that i think the session follow with the voice telling to relax, to breathe easy and slow the voice slowly left me and i stay only with de music, i listen more one music and then i fell the vacbed releasing me, the music stop and my Mistress start to free me. She take off the tape, the earplug e when my eyes could see something, she was bathed, clothes changed and smelling so good.

In the bedroom, everything was in the same place. no evidences of incenses, canes or vibrator. My legs was burning a little bit, but i did´nt nothing different in my skin, just my panties was wet.

And the dinner was done, hot and ready to eat, but she already had dinner.


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