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A Mistaken Delivery

by The Devil's Engineer

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© Copyright 2009 - The Devil's Engineer - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; Sbf; vacbed; bdsm; transported; bond; susp; hum; reluct/cons; X

Amy walked into the store a little sheepishly. It wasn’t her first time in the fetish shop. In fact, she had bought several things there before. But her modesty and quiet nature rose up just a bit every time she walked in.

“How’s it going sweet thing?” asked the store’s owner. Melanie stepped out from the stockroom in bit of fetish glory wearing thigh high leather boots with a 4” heel and a leather version of the little black dress. It always struck Amy to see the little girl she met at school 20 years ago dressed like this.

Amy and Melanie met on the first day of kindergarten and had been best friends ever since. As they grew, Melanie became a more classic beauty. By college, she stood 5’-6” with a very slim build and lovely blue eyes and blonde hair. Amy was no less beautiful but not in the same way. She stood 5’-3” with a stockier, athletic build, toned muscle with short brown hair. She could be the center of attention except when she was around Melanie. And she was always around Melanie. The constant attention to Melanie and away from her had worn on her self-esteem.

During college, Melanie had the opportunity explore her sexual desires with numerous people. And she took full advantage. One boyfriend introduced her to a dungeon and she was hooked. Now at the age of just 26, she had taken a business degree and a love for her work and created the Little Shop of Fetish.

With all the attention going to Melanie, Amy didn’t have as many prospects. She enjoyed her free time but applied most of her energy to academics and just finished law school. She would soon be on staff with a local attorney.

“I’m doing great. How about you?” Amy replied.

“Doing well. It’s really slow for a Saturday afternoon though. What brings you in?” asked Melanie.

“Wanted to see if you could grab some dinner. Interested?” Amy asked.

“Sure. Come into the back and let me grab some plain clothes. I kinda stick out in my work clothes.” Melanie said.

That you do, thought Amy as she walked into the back. Her attention was quickly drawn away when she saw what was on the wall near the loading dock. A human form was sealed up in transparent plastic. It looked like an air packed piece of meat waiting to go into the freezer. Amy couldn’t take her eyes off the image. The human form had a black latex hood covering its head, obscuring its identity. There was a collar around the neck and cuffs around the wrists and ankles. To each of these was a chain that was then attached to a frame on the edge of the plastic seal. A small tube ran through the plastic at the mouth.

“Interesting, isn’t it?” asked Melanie.

Amy nearly jumped at the words. She had been so lost in observation that she had not heard Melanie come back. Amy stood there with her mouth hanging open in surprise, still staring at the figure in plastic. “Yeah,” she stammered. It was all she could manage.

“Let me explain,” said Melanie. “This is Jennifer. She is very much a real person though her senses are a bit dulled right now. The hood obviously has a blindfold. She is also wearing a penis gag. Actually, her senses are pretty much gone right now. Jennifer will be in a slave auction tonight at the Den of Devils Dungeon. The patrons will bid on the right to play with her during the night. To get to the dungeon, she is encased in the vacuum bed here. You can see she is chained to frame so that her bondage will be total even as she is taken from the bed. The winning patron can do as he or she pleases with her tonight. Then, she will be placed back in the vacuum bed and returned here. The winner may leave the hood on all night and she’d have no idea who did what to her.”

Amy continued to stare with her mouth agape even as Melanie explained Jennifer’s situation. This was not lost on Melanie. “Are you wondering what it’s like? How she feels right now?” she asked.

“No. Maybe. It just seems so strange.” Amy replied.

“Not really. The auction happens one every couple months at the dungeon. A slave for the evening will come here or another pick up point. Deposit her clothes in a programmable combination safe and be sealed up for delivery. She’s the only one who knows the safe’s combination so no one can steal her clothes. All the pick up points are respectable adult stores or the homes of a select, trusted doms.” Melanie further explained. “Come on. Let’s eat.”

Amy finally looked away from Jennifer as they left. Melanie told her cashier she would be at dinner around the corner and to check in on Jennifer once while they were gone. Dinner went by quickly for Amy as she was in a daze. Melanie couldn’t help but notice her friend’s lack of attention and decided to make a proposition.

“You want to be her, don’t you?” she finally asked. “You want to be in that vacuum bed waiting to be bought. Admit it. You’ve always had a fantasy of being taken. You’ve told me that yourself.”

“Fantasy is one thing,” Amy said. “Doing it’s another. I don’t know if could control myself.”

“That’s the point, silly. You can’t. It’s all out of your control,” said Melanie. “Why don’t you let me put you in the bed? Just for an hour? To see what it feels like. You won’t regret it if you do but you may kick yourself for missed opportunities later.”

Damn you for making that point Melanie, Amy thought. “Okay,” she said. “An hour. Don’t let me chicken out when we get back.”

I won’t, thought Melanie. But all she did was smile as she finished her meal and they rose to return to the store.

Back at the store, Amy’s heart raced as she disrobed. She was naked when Melanie walked back in with her work clothes back on. Melanie wasted no time in talking. A hood, gag and ear plugs went on Amy’s head. Handcuffs were placed on her wrists to establish being bound. Melanie tapped Amy’s inner thigh and spread her legs further out. Very quickly, a vibrator entered her pussy and plug went in her ass. Amy winced. She didn’t tell me about that, she thought.

A chain was attached to Amy’s collar and she was led over to the vacuum bed. The chain was hooked to the frame. Her wrists were pulled to one side as one wrist was attached to the frame. The cuffs were released and her other wrist was attached. Finally, both ankles were chained to the frame. Melanie stepped back and admired her friends helpless form before sealing the vacuum bed closed. Amy didn’t hear the vacuum come on but she felt the growing pressure of the plastic sealing her in. Very soon, she was trapped and unable to move. She tried to relax but her heart raced like never before. How long will an hour seem in this thing, she wondered.

Amy noticed movement a short time later. At least, it seemed like a short time. She had very quickly lost all track of time. She tried to sing songs to herself to try and track time but soon lost interest. It disturbed her how much movement she felt. Melanie doesn’t need to be doing this to release me. And that was true but it did take that much movement to be placed in a delivery truck alongside Jennifer and then taken to the dungeon.

Melanie had not expected the delivery crew to come by then. She did not expect them to pick up the “package” without talking to her. And she certainly didn’t expect them to take two “packages” when they were only noted to take one. But the crew was early and even so in a rush. They wanted to finish and be done with work. So they grabbed what they assumed they should take. Two lovely, nude girls sealed tight in a vacuum bed.

Melanie had no idea what had happened until 30 minutes later. She had gotten busy in the store and figured Amy could hang around for a little longer than an hour. The dungeon owner, Ray, called. “I think there’s been a mistake. Why do I have two girls here when only Jennifer is set to be here?” he asked. “I recognize Jennifer but I don’t know her adorable looking friend.”

Melanie’s eyes widened and mouth dropped in shock. She kept that expression as she ran back to the store room and found Amy missing. “Shit,” was all she could say at first. “Listen, Ray, that’s a friend of mine. She saw Jennifer and was fascinated. I talked her into living out a little fantasy. I didn’t expect your guys yet, I was only going to leave her for an hour, I . . . “ she continued, but was cut off.

“Relax,” said Ray. “I can have my guys bring her back or you can come pick her up. As long as you do the explaining and hopefully she’ll forgive you. Pity though. I like her so far.”

Figures, thought Melanie. Ray never was much for the ultra-skinny girls. I like some muscle on them, he used to say. He’d even passed over Melanie once when she was playing the sub for another girl a lot like Amy in build. A thought flashed in Melanie’s mind. A really damn evil thought to have about your best friend but Melanie could rationalize this by thinking she may help a friend live a little.

“Let me come and talk to her,” Melanie suggested. “I’ll fill you in when I get there.”

Amy could feel the vacuum bed deflate. Finally, she thought. That was a long hour. Why the hell did I feel like I moved? When her blindfold came off, she figured out why. She was no longer in the fetish store. Though she had never entered one, she thought she must be in the dungeon.

As she gathered this new information, she saw Melanie. She had changed clothes again. Black, six inch heels, stockings with garters attached to a leather corset and matching thong panties. The corset pulled Melanie to an amazing wasp figure. The top exposed her breasts up and out for all to see and fantasize about. “Let me explain,” Melanie began.

“You probably guessed that you were picked up and moved to the dungeon. A mix up by the delivery crew we’ll call it. You have two choices. First, I can seal you back in the bed and you can be delivered back to the store immediately. I would unchain you and take you home myself but your clothes are safely locked away. That’s the easy choice. But I think you should consider option two. Stay here and be in the slave auction.”

At this suggestion, Amy’s pussy started to tingle. Her breathing accelerated. Why would Melanie think that? Fantasy or not, she was scared to do this. But the feelings in here gut and between her legs made her think it may not be a bad idea.

“You would go to the highest bidder,” Melanie continued. “We’d be sure to make any stipulations you wish about what is allowed and what isn’t. You know this is your fantasy. You’ve wanted to be taken since you 15 and first confessed it to me. Why don’t you try it?”

Damn your memory, thought Amy. I want to. I can’t. This is crazy. Why not? The thoughts came to rapid to filter. And that feeling between her legs was welling up inside her. My God, I’m about to orgasm just thinking about it, she thought.

“I’m going to remove your gag,” said Melanie. “You have one chance to answer. Do you go and be safe? Do you stay and live a dream you can’t imagine?” And with that she took off the gag.

Amy couldn’t control herself. She let out a long, deep moan of orgasm. People make different decisions under the influence of alcohol all the time. Amy made a decision that was perhaps different than usual under the influence of orgasm. “Stay,” she said.

“Good,” Melanie replied with a smile. She swiftly put Amy’s gag back in, her blindfold back on and sealed her back in the vacuum bed.

When it was all finished, she stepped into the adjacent room to see Ray. “Nice timing with the vibrator,” she told him. “She was so hot and bothered by the time I asked her stay or go, she couldn’t have answered differently.”

“I’m glad. Don’t worry about her. Our arrangement stands. She remains on display but is marked as sold. She’ll be handled by me and me alone,” Ray replied.

Amy never was able to calm herself. Then she felt the vacuum seal release again. She felt the chains being released from the frame but not before her hands and feet were cuffed and shackled. She was pulled up and led away, terrified and thrilled at the same time. She felt herself being put in a chair and chained down. A few moments later, the blindfold was removed. She was in another, smaller, private room and she looked at Ray. Handsome, she thought. Ray was about 5’-10”, 175 lbs. somewhere between an average and athletic build. Brown hair and lovely light blue eyes that she could not help but stare at. He carried himself well and sat down in a chair across from Amy.

“My name is Ray,” he began. “I’m the owner of this dungeon. I know everything that has happened to you today and realize you never thought you would be here tonight. I also know you agreed to stay. I have you to myself tonight. You will witness all the other slaves being used. You, however, will only be bound and only by me. Your vibrators will get a lot of work but otherwise you will receive no punishment. It’s something I like to do with first timers to my dungeon. They are either turned on by everything and soon return or they are so turned off they never want to come here again. This should not have been a first time for anyone. The slave auctions are for those with a little more experience. No one else knows you’re a first timer and if they ask, I will simply tell them that you like punishment so much that not getting any is your punishment. Do you agree to this setup?”

Ray removed Amy’s gag. “Yes,” she said. “But where is everyone else?”

“In the main dungeon,” replied Ray. “You can see them in these monitors.” He directed Amy’s gaze to several computer screen on a table. She saw Jennifer immediately. Jennifer’s hands were bound and stretched above her head. Her feet were pulled out to the sides leaving her spread. She was nude except for a blindfold. A man was whipping her and though Amy couldn’t hear it, she could see that Jennifer was moaning and screaming. And Amy felt a tingle in her legs.

“I told you that vibe would get a work out,” Ray said with a smile. He only smiled bigger and Amy breathed quickly. “Come. We should see this in person.”

Amy was unchained from the chair and taken to the dungeon. There, she was tied in more ways, shapes and to more pieces of equipment than she could have imagined. She saw slaves whipped, shocked, vibed, and doused with cold water and hot wax. Ray kept playing with the vibrator and took her over the edge to orgasm too many times to remember.

At the end of the night, Amy found herself exhausted, exhilarated and chained back in the chair in the dungeon’s security room. “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing with you Amy. I’m not going to ask if you will come back. I want you to think about that yourself for awhile. Besides, you know how to find us through Melanie. If you do come back, there is a good chance you will experience everything you saw tonight. Maybe more. Think about it. I’ll be in touch.”

Ray led Amy back to the vacuum bed, chained her to the frame and sealed her for delivery. Back at the fetish shop, Amy didn’t talk to Melanie much as she got her clothes and left. Melanie didn’t try to talk to Amy either. She figured it was best to let it go for a few days.

Sure enough, a few days later, Amy walked back into Melanie’s store. “Thanks, I think,” she told Melanie. “You provided me some of my fantasy. But now I wonder what going further would be like. That scares me. I don’t know if I could or if I could feel safe. Being with Ray was fine but I don’t know if I could do that with just anyone.”

“I know,” Melanie said. “If you ever do want to try it again or talk about it or go with me to the dungeon, we can to that. I’d make sure you never got over your head.”

“I know that,” Amy said. “I’ll think about and talk with later.”

While Amy left the store, Melanie made a phone call. A few days later, a special delivery package arrived at Amy’s house, a rather large package. As Amy read the accompanying note, she was shocked.

“Hello, Amy. Once again, I had a great time with you the other evening. I tried to not contact you but couldn’t help myself. I want to see you again. The delivery you have here is a specially made vacuum bed. It has a delay timer to start the sealing process after you have climbed in. It has a delay timer to let you out after a certain time. You’ll notice it also has the frame and chain attachments. I have a proposition for you. If you would like to see me again, mail your house key to me in the enclosed envelope. Then next Friday night, seal yourself in the bed by 8pm. Set the delay to release you by 10. You shouldn’t be released then as I plan to be there to pick up you by 9. I can switch off the delay and keep you sealed. I want you back in my dungeon and I want you to myself again. If you do not wish to do this, you may call the delivery company to return the bed to me. I hope to see you soon.” - Ray

On the next Friday precisely at 9pm, Ray walked through Amy’s door to find a beautiful nude woman, sealed transparent plastic lying on the living room floor and smiled broadly.


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