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Miss Q

by Miss Nyssa

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Good afternoon ladies and welcome to this meeting. I hope this venue meets with your approval this hotel bar is both public enough to allay your fears of meeting a stranger and private enough in this booth for us to talk in the strictest confidence and the fact there are 2 other ladies here in the same situation as yourself should make you all feel more comfortable. So let me introduce myself my name is Mistress or Miss Q don’t let the name fool you I never make mistakes there’s a good reason for me taking this name which I will get too later. Let me introduce you to each other in alphabetical order and you are sitting in order as well on my left is Amber in the middle is Beatrice and on the right Carole.

Now you are all here because you answered my ad for female submissives into various degrees of rubber, bondage and role-play in return I offer the unique opportunity to live out your fantasy beyond the limits of your imagination. You all in fact have different roles Amber is a pony girl; Beatrice is a slave and Carole is a maid so your not competing against each other here. So why the ad? I run a health and fitness club with a difference this being it uses rubber and bondage sex in its exercise program after all what better way to shed a few pounds than a vigorous sexual encounter while wearing layers of rubber. Before I begin my presentation in full let me say I have had hundreds of replies to my ad and held lots of other meetings like this. I know all the questions you could ask. So please keep any questions till the end and in any case I can assure you there won’t be any.

Why haven’t you heard of the club well I haven’t wanted to be public knowledge, my guests are all people of position or power, wealth and influence. My guests of course therefore want total annonminity as do I for myself for that matter the world is not quite ready to accept a club of this nature and it will be detrimental to my guests public lives if knowledge of their visits to the club is found out. Before I begin my presentation let me say if you feel at anytime this is not for you just raise your hand and ask to leave. I will ask for no reason why you wish to do so and you can leave freely.

I shall begin with my own personal history it is very unusual and you may not believe it. As the ad says I am a she-male of course this means I was born male. I was a typical normal transvestite I had a normal job I dressed in my free time and surfed the net. Now I know a lot of ladies are not into science fiction but everyone’s heard of star trek. When it came back to television in the 80’s the first new alien to appear was a being called Q who came from a race called the Q and all of them were called Q confusing I know. Q was an all powerful immortal omnipotent being after a few years and lots of repeats showing later I thought wouldn’t it be great to have this power and what fun I could have with it. I started when going to bed at night wishing I had this power. I don’t know why and I don’t know how but I woke up one morning with the strange feeling I knew everything and realised what had happened I had the power of the Q and this is how a took my name, after a few experiments I found I could move in space and time I could make things out of thin air or manipulate things already in existence, I thought about what I was going to do with it. The first thing was maybe I should make the world a better place, I tried to end war and poverty but the more I interfered for the good the more I made things worse. It took a lot of time to put things back to the way they were, but I made one trip to the future and found the earth was a better place without my interference I then vowed not to mess with the timeline again.

So what to do well I had asked for this power for my own fun so why not use it and try to include many others as well in this fun. I have a she-male partner and we had always said if we ever got any serious money we would open a tv maids school. We thought about this in our new situation and decided on a rubber and bondage sex health and fitness club and now involve everyone, the club is open to all male, female and transgenderd and dominant or submissive. We bought a huge country manor house the large grounds and acres of fields. After some discrete advertising we started getting guests it proved a great success and surprisingly the bookings kept increasing it seems the guests have a lot of like minded friends despite risk of this not publicly acceptable aspect of their lives.

The enquires for visits have grown so much I have decided to increase the number of guests allowed at the club at anyone time. I therefore need more staff to accommodate this increase and this is the unique opportunity I’m offering the chance to live out your own fantasy as a full time submissive employee of my club. Now you're either flabbergasted by my story or think I’m a complete looney. You can now leave if you wish but you probably have one question your thinking of. If secrecy is so important why am I talking to total strangers about it. Well there’s something I haven’t added yet, if you wish to leave you still can do so freely however you will leave by me clicking my fingers and you will find yourself transported back to your home. Plus your memory will be erased you will have no knowledge you saw the ad, that you answered it or attended this meeting does anyone now want to leave at this point..


Very well then the obvious thing to do now is prove to you my power is for real so we shall go on a little trip, if you will stand and get your handbags, don’t worry this won’t hurt everyone ready...

(All 3 nod, I raise my right hand and click my fingers there’s a blinding white flash the warm indoor surrounding is replaced by an outdoor chill wind.)

Welcome to New York ladies, to be precise the top of the empire state building if you look over there you can see the statue of liberty. You are thinking now weren’t we seen the simple answer is no. The mind only sees what it's used too. The people in the bar will just see an empty booth and just think oh where did they go and carry on, as would that man over there reading the newspaper, he’s just gone in surprise where did they come from and gone back to his paper which gives me an idea.

(I go over and borrow the mans newspaper)

Now ladies we have not only travelled in space we also have travelled in time as you know today is that worldwide charity concert if you look here at the date that was a week ago and here is the backstage report on an event you know hasn’t happened yet. I think now I have proved everything I ’ve said about myself is true. Now the next part of my presentation shall take place at the club you will just be in one room and not get a tour although you should see a few examples of my staff and here you will learn what your prospects will be if you accept employment there. Before we leave does anyone wish to back out.

(all 3 girls shake there heads)

Very well then lets go

(I click my finger and there another flash of light when it clears the wind is gone and we're indoors and warm again. The room is large with white painted walls to my right is a door to my left a window. Behind me is a large leather armchair and on the wall behind a large picture depicting a rubber and bondage image. In front of me a coffee table, then the ladies behind, then 3 more leather chairs and behind them on the wall the same picture.)

Well ladies now I’m home I’d better change into something more appropriate.

(clicking my fingers again my appearance totally changes I had been in full business mode, blonde hair in a French plait wearing a dark blue business suit. Now my hair is very black and very straight and reaches to the small of my back. The suit is replaced by a long tight black rubber dress, high neck and long sleeved so long they nearly cover all my hand and reach down to my knee. The tightness of the dress continues down all the way to my ankles giving a very tight hobble the hem of the dress looking like tentacles spreading over the floor. My make up pale foundation lots of black around the eyes and deep red lips. I sit down and wave to the ladies to do the same)

My tribute to Morticia Adams I hope you like it now before we get to your own fantasies I will show you a couple of example of the type of staff I have. If you look out of the window close to us you can see Sharon, she is my gardener. Her level of rubber wear is light as you can see it’s a nice day out so she’s in a green rubber t-shirt and matching shorts, her rubber thigh boots are ones I have made for her, the thigh length protects her knees and end not in heels but gardening boots. She hates it when I walk across her perfectly manicured lawn in my heels but being submissive won’t say so but I can see she’s not happy. Her bondage is also light a simple collar from which 2 chains go down too her wrists, today she has her bondage mitts on for seeing to the flower beds. At the end of the left mitt is a gardening trowel and the right and small fork, from the wrist the chain goes down to her ankle cuffs. She has no sexual need, she just loves to garden in rubber and bondage and as I have lot of garden to see too I hired her.

Now if you look right down to the end of the garden you can see a bed of sunflowers, right in the middle you can see one bigger than the other that’s Katie, where Sharon's fantasy if simple Katies is a lot more complicated. It began by placing her in a bright orange bondage sack with internal sleeves and attached hood. The hood has UV sunglass lenses so she can see and not hurt her eyes, nose holes and a gel gag. When she took the gag into her mouth it formed to it and set virtually welding her mouth shut, after all people do talk to plants and she can hear but she don’t talk back. Next she was placed in a dark green rubber tube this was then heat shrunk onto her this now made movement impossible. Next a wide posture collar was fitted this also had 100 one foot long yellow rubber petals coming out of it making the full flower. She was then taken out to the garden and buried upto her knees the stiffness of her now green rubber stock body holding her perfectly straight and there she has remained.

She lives as a flower does taking her food from the ground well sort of, she has been entubed, one that takes food directly to her stomach from a food container nearby, the other removes her bodily waste this tube ends in the ground around and she knows she is somewhat helping to firtilize her fellow sunflowers. In another difference from Sharon Katie does have a sexual need while being entubed she was also fitted with a large vibrator. Now this is a vibrator of my own invention sealed in as she is batteries are useless that why this vibrator is solar powered. In her petaled collar are solar cells which charge the vibrator it also contains a chip which randomises the way the vibrator works. The chip decides when to turn on the vibrator, what power setting and for how long. It can run all day on a low setting keeping her all ways on the brink of orgasm, or at times it can let all the power go at its top setting with obvious results.

She's very happy out there and wouldn’t have it any other way although not really serving any purpose than her own pleasure I just found it such an intriguing fantasy I had to make it happen. So ladies theres a couple of examples what I can do for peoples fantasies it doesn’t have to be way out there it can be something very simple, the main thing is it fits in with the clubs needs. So now lets move onto to your own fantasy and how they fit in with the clubs needs, you all sent in your fantasies with your application of course you wrote these with only the knowledge you have. I have expanded these with the things I can add to them. We shall begin in alphabetical order with Amber, if you look at the picture behind me you will see images I have made of how you will look, I have used a current member of staff to model for your proposed look and some of the duties that will be required of you so lets get started.

Your fantasy Amber the pony girl is the most extreme I have to go through today, now if you look at the picture this is the image I have for you. You wanted to be totally sealed in rubber now as you can see the image the body colour is different than what you thought, maybe you were thinking a plain black suit or maybe a white. What I have done here is given you the colouring of a palomino pony and not only that because of the extremeness of your fantasy I have decided to do something very rare, my model is not wearing a suit but her skin is in fact rubber. Other changes I have made are you asked for the use of your arms to be taken away you may have thought of an arm binder, I will melt your arms into your body so they won’t exist and finally you asked for hoof boots, I again have gone further and will make your feet into hoofs. All this I have added because the extreme part of your fantasy is to be sensory deprived, your head as shown will have lenses for eyes but these will not let you see a thing, your ears will be plugged rendering you totally deaf the pony ears on the top of the head are just for show and you will still have nostrils holes.

Finally you will be totally gagged it will have a hole to aid breathing running through the middle but you won’t be able to make a sound, I have also made you a special bridal and bit, the bit fits perfectly into your small mouth hole you’ll still be able to breath through it and it will also still act as a proper bit so you can respond to the pull of the reins. Finally your mane will be your own hair as will be your tail and of course as is traditional your tail will be attached to a butt plug.

Next we’ll look at your duties and how you will live. The first thing were going to have to do is to train you to get a command structure sorted as you won’t be able to see or hear. Then we’ll move onto your movement training when completed you’ll be put to work, this comes in all the forms that pony girls have been known for, so you could be either a show pony used in buggy races, taking guests for carriage rides around the grounds and also a working pony, as I said the estate has acres of fields, we are a health club and promote healthy eating for this we grow our own food so you could be put to work in the fields preparing the soil, ploughing it, sowing the crop, harvesting it and to transport the harvest to the cold store. When your day is finished you will of course go to the stable for the night, you’ll have your own stall. You will be attended to by my head stable girl with the club expansion I have promoted some of my original staff they are still submissive to me but will be a domme to you. Once in your stall she will put a tube to your mouth and one to your butt plug through these you will be fed and your bladder emptied.

Now I have something different here, included in your food will be a little potion of mine this will stop you going to the toilet but also stop you having the feeling you need to go and after all as with your total enclosure request your crotch area will be sealed off and very smooth. This brings us to your sexual needs, you want to have a permanent vibrator in you like Katie out there and again like hers a battery one will be useless so you will get the same type of one but different in one way yours will run off your own bio-mechanical energy, the smallest step you take will add a charge you vibrator it will also have the same random operating chip. That ends my vision of how your fantasy will be fulfilled here at the club now we’ll move onto Beatrice’s fantasy.

Now Beatrice your properly thinking your fantasy is too mild compared to Ambers, but as I said it doesn’t matter how extreme a fantasy is as long as it fits in with needs of the club and yours as a typical rubber and bondage sex slave does fit my needs. If you look at the picture you can see the model as you wish to be, dressed in a typical slave outfit, rubber corset, stockings and knee high platform boots as well as shoulder length gloves, open faced hood with a tube for your hair, a inflatable rubber posture collar and a ring gag. You don’t mind what you wear as long as it varies so you could be in this one day, next something as simple as this an open cup bra and crotch less panties set or this a full enclosure suit but only for the day.

Of course as a slave you’ll be used for bondage and sex most of the time this will be in the main dungeon here, you will find this, it’s a piece of bondage furniture of my own invention its basically a St.Andrews cross horizontally resting on a plinth. As you can see our model has a steel band round her waist and steel cuffs on her wrists and ankles, attached to the cuffs are chains which go into the cross, there is also a chain coming out of the plinth and attached to the tube of the hood. This piece of furniture is what I call my orgasm rack, with the slave without panties and legs spread by the cross she’s ready to provide sexual pleasure for her Master or Mistress and to receive her own pleasure. It works like this, there is a sensor in the plinth that measures the power of the slaves orgasm it then tightens the waist belt and the chains accordingly, it will continue to tighten the chains till you're stretched to your limit not of pain but of pleasure. You will be stretched so no movement is possible but also with the combination of the posture collar and the chain to your hood your head will be moved to the optimum position to provide oral pleasure for your domme.

This is just one piece of furniture, overall here at the club you name the form of bondage its available here cuffs and chains, ropes, restraints, arm and leg sleeves, bondage sacks, inflatable and deflactable rubber body bags and all types of mummification, cling film, bandages and plaster nothing is missing from the clubs list of type of bondage available. Your duties are obvious so we can skip that you’ll be staying in the slave quarters to explain how you’ll stay, we’ll start from the end of a bondage session. The domme will return you to the dungeon Mistress in the wardrobe room, your outfit will be removed and you can shower. After showering you’ll be dressed for the slave quarters, this entails a total enclosure hood with hollow penis gag and with nose holes and then a pair of butt plug panties. You will be lead into the quarters and placed in a stall this is like the stables but made from stone not wood and the sides only come out 6 inches. You be placed with your back to the wall you’ll find indentations in the floor for your feet and the same in the wall for our arms to be away from you body and an indent for your head.

Once all three are in place steel bands come out of the wall and grip you very tightly, three bands per limb and three for your body and one each for your neck and forehead. Then you’ll be fed and drained just like Amber this is because with some of the complex bondage involved having to stop and let the sub go to the toilet is not an option. There is also another reason for the hood, there was at the beginning some favouritism to certain slaves so with all the slaves hooded and there bodies nearly identical there can be no chance for favourites, so everyone gets a fair crack of the whip if you’ll excuse the pun also now with the expansion the slaves will swap day and nights shifts so this too lessens the chance of favourites. When your shift starts and are chosen to serve a domme you’ll be taken to the wardrobe room and dressed as required, when the domme is ready they will take to the appropriate room, there are many rooms apart from the main dungeon, some rooms are more specialized on one theme and some are more private all as it should everything catering to the guests need. And that’s about it for you Beatrice as I said not as extreme as Ambers but again as I said it doesn’t have to be it just has to match my and the clubs needs.

Which at last brings us to you Carole. you are the one that’s somewhere in-between the others for your rubber wear you want this, a see-through total coverage cat suit it has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth it has a zipped crotch and a back zip so you can take it off to go to bed and put on again in the morning. From there you wear your maids uniform over it, so if you look at the picture of our model for the traditional French maid uniform. We start with a corset, the frilly knickers, then stockings and lockable 5 inch heels. Next a tutu style wide and stiff petticoat over which goes the uniform low bust line, puff sleeves and a short skirt resting on the petticoat to top off the look short gloves and a frilly cap. Other uniforms range from this just a elasticised headband and small waist apron to this, an exact replica of a Victorian maid complete with several lavers of heavy underwear and heavy petticoats over which goes a uniform, which covers from neck to floor when adding the mop cap only your face has a minimum one laver of rubber covering it.

Your bondage will be light like Sharon’s out there, restrictive but it won‘t effect the way you do your work too much. Your duties will include cleaning, laundry and serving in the restaurant and providing room service this is properly where most of your sexual encounters will come from. A lot of the guests sometimes want a little starter before going to the dungeons or maybe later on as a wind down, you could of course be used at anytime after all the guests must be happy. You will be quartered at the top of the house with the rest of the maids. You will have your own room but this is really a walk-in wardrobe with a bed, as you have an open mouth you have to eat and meals will be taken in the maids common room food will come up by dumb waiter. There is also a lounge area where you can rest up now the next part is important.

Most of the other maids like yourself are not permanently gagged so they have a rule all knowledge of the outside world is banned. There is no television or radio, there are books and magazines to read but these only deal with cleaning techniques or are tales of rubber maids. You can talk to the maids but you can only ask their names but not where they come from or what they did in the outside world. You may find this useful in the beginning to get advice on how to do your duties properly and you may have submissive guest maids who need some tutoring. When you wake up to start your shift, you like the slaves work day and night shifts, you will find a note saying what uniform you are to wear posted on your door. You will wash and dress then report to the housekeeper, my partner by the way or her assistant, you will be inspect to make sure your uniform is in order, you will then receive your duties for the day, you will generally work on your own but your work will be inspected and any mistakes will be brought to your attention by my housekeeper. And that about finishes this part of the presentation you now know what will happen to you if you accept employment here and what will be expected of you, so does anyone now want to leave?

(all three shake their heads)

Very well then we shall move to the final stage

(I click my fingers and upon the table 3 black padded leather folders appear embossed in gold on the front are each girls name next to each folder is a gold pen)

Please pickup your folder and open them inside you will find a standard employment contract, it's only one page long and only contains 6 clauses from here we will go through the clauses as they have a little more finer detail for you to consider let us begin.

The length of your employment shall be from the 1 of June 2010 till the 8th of June 2010

So your immediate question why go through all this just for a week and besides one week isn’t even long enough for Amber to get through command training and for Carole to learn where all the house rooms are. Well I have a little trick up my sleeve, although I haven’t broken my vow to mess with the timeline I have bent it a little, now this might get a little complicated so bear with me. There is the club and there is the outside world for myself, my senior staff and the guests time remains the same, one day in the outside is equal too one day in the outside world, for my staff however its different, one day in the outside world is equal to one year at the club so this is not a contract for 7 days but for 7 years. However when your contract is finished and you walk back through the gate it won’t be 2017 it will still be the 8th of June 2010 and you will leave exactly in the same physical condition as you arrived more on this later, however you will still leave with 7 years of memories. This also saves a lot of problems I won’t have to arrange any disappearances, friends and family need not worry and I won’t have to arrange for your property and possessions to be looked after. Also I won’t have to pay you to cover for you time here, you just have to take a weeks holiday from work also more on this later.

Clause 2:
I can do anything to you I want too

This mainly takes in body modifications if you look at the picture you will see all 3 models together. You can see they all have exaggerated figures, I like large breasts and small waists so all my staff have 40 dd cup breasts and 24 inch waists this is reduced to 20 inches when corseted. There is one more modification and this is hair removal, now Amber we’ve done you with a rubber body you won’t have any just your mane and tail. For you Beatrice all your hair will be removed from the neck down the hair on your head will be restyled into a long bob and coloured jet black. This is the standard hairstyle of a slave, first of all it again limits favouritism and secondly as you have seen can be an asset in a bondage scenario. And finally for you Carole your hair removal will be total not a single hair will remain from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. This for firstly for hygiene, you will be spending all day working up a sweat in your skin and secondly it makes getting in and out of your skin very easy.

Clause 3:
I can use you any way I wish.

Well we have already covered this in you duties so no need for explanations.

Clause 4:
I will return to your arrival state on reaching the end of your contract.

This means as I said earlier when you leave you will look exactly the same as when you arrived. All the modifications I make to your bodies will be removed and again you will leave with 7 years of extra memories.

Clause 5:
The breaking of the submissives cardinal rule will lead to swift and severe punishment.

Now before we get to this rule a little clarification on who you receive orders from. They are myself; my senior staff and of course the dominant guests but not the submissive guests. On a couple of occasions submissive guests have got it into their heads they can domme the club staff. All subs are equal whether they be guests or staff, if you get a guest sub trying to domme you, you will inform myself or your superior. You need not fear informing on a guest, in fact you will be rewarded for doing so, as you now know I can find the truth very easily if they deny it.

Now the cardinal rule which you should already know. Any order given to you by a superior is to be carried out immediately, without question and to the best of your ability. Failure to follow this rule will lead to the afore mentioned swift and severe punishment, also for the breaking of this rule there are no warnings, no appeals, no second chances. Break the rule and the punishment will be instant statuefication. You will be turned into a solid block of rubber only able to see and hear, you will be then placed somewhere where you will suffer the most anguish and remain in place for the rest of your contract. For you Amber this means near the stables you will watch the other pony girls come and go in all there finery and have a perfect view of the training ground the race track and the fields. For you Beatrice it means being placed in the main dungeon to watch and listen to the other slaves being put through there paces. And for you Carole this means a place in the maids common room looking at all their fine uniforms and listening for them tell tales of their daily duties to each other. So of course the easy thing to do is not break the rule.

Clause 6:
You will never mention to anyone your knowledge of the existence of the club or your participation in it for the rest of your life.

You should of course be obedient enough already to follow this clause and certainly you will be after 7 years of service. But still I have a safeguard just in case. I have already said if you want to leave I will have to erase your memory, however there is sometime till the contract starts. If you choose to join my staff you will sign the contract with the pens on the table I call them my confidentiality clause pens. These are for want of anything else magic pens and will cast a lifetime long spell on you.

Now if you sign, when you go work on Monday you will ask for this week off on holiday, you may well be asked where your going, your cover story will be your going to one of the Mediterranean party islands. After all you're all young attractive ladies and this will be a very plausible cover. Now what were dealing with here is not the conscious mind but the sub-conscious. When asked where your going your sub-conscious maybe so excited it will overtake your conscious mind and let it slip accidentally information about the club, this spell will prevent that by making you cough till your conscious mind regains control and you can tell your cover story. This will also work upon your return when your asked where you’ve been.

So ladies that’s the end of my presentation, you now know everything to know about me, the club, what happens here and your possible role in it. As my ad said the opportunity to live out your fantasy beyond the limits of your own imagination. So do you have any questions

(the three shake their heads)

I told you there wouldn’t be any.

But I have one last question for you

Who wants to sign?


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