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Miss Inform

by TheLargeEmpty

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; majick; latex; straitjacket; strip; spank; hobble; predicament; encase; cage; petsuit; mast; vacbed; toys; cons; reluct; X

Continues from

Part 2

The front door to the home of Mr. Info and Miss Inform clicked softly as the latter carefully unlocked the door and peeked inside. The blue paint had disappeared. Her roommate, Mr. Info, must have wiped it all up. Behind her stood her friend Miss Management, looking over her shoulder. Her red hair tickled Miss Info's ear, although it barely reached her chin.

"Too bad, I liked the new paint job," the blue-haired woman muttered and pushed the door open to let herself and her friend Miss Management in. She had a backpack on her back in which she had stowed her loot from last time. A latex straitjacket that fitted her perfectly and wouldn't let go once someone had tied her up in it.

"Me too, but it's probably better this way. I won't be able to find you in all that color later," Miss Management explained, tousling Miss Inform's blue hair.

"Hey, stop that," Miss Inform laughed, raising her arms to shield herself from the attack and fixing her half pixie haircut, "Come on now. Mr. Info seems to be working, but if he's not, I don't fancy him chewing our ears off."

She pulled her friend into the apartment, through the living room and unlocked her own room.

"Home sweet home," she murmured, taking in the scent deeply. How she had missed it. There were posters, sketches, colors and ideas for future projects all over the room. Even her bed was covered in paper. She didn't often sleep in it anyway, but it still had its uses as a storage place. Instead, her favorite place to sleep was hidden behind a secret door.

"You could really tidy up," Miss Management commented with a grin.

"What do you mean? It's tidy! Only geniuses can master chaos!" said Miss Inform, sticking her tongue out at her friend. She didn't see Miss Management raise an eyebrow at the gesture. Miss Inform opened her wardrobe and pushed some of her clothes aside to make more room. A secret switch on the side opened the secret door to her little dungeon, where she had everything she or Miss Management desired. A much cozier bed, covered with latex sheets and blankets, stood in the corner, inviting the two of them to take a break after their games together. In the other corner was a wooden horse that had already given them a few unforgettable moments.

"What shall we do first? How about…" Miss Inform suddenly fell silent. Her friend's hands came to rest on her shoulders and pressed her gently but firmly to the ground.

"What… what are you doing?" Miss Inform whispered and carefully got to her knees.

"I'm putting you in the right position for the first stage of your punishment. Your cheekiness must not go unpunished," said Miss Management.

"Cheekiness? I'm never…"

"Never cheeky? I beg you. We both know you're an incorrigible troublemaker," Miss Management interrupted, "Strip. Everything."

Miss Inform bit her lower lip. She loved it when Miss Management gave her orders, even if she would never admit it. She unbuttoned her blouse and let the garment slide to the floor. Her bra followed and she stood up briefly to take off her denim skirt. She wasn't wearing any panties. She wanted to try something new.

"Hehe, I knew you forgot something," Miss Management said, stroking Miss Inform's bottom and giving her a little spank.

"Ahh! I didn't forget," mumbled Miss Inform, rubbing her bottom.

"Mmmmh sure. About time we re-dressed you. Arms forward!" ordered Miss Management, rummaging around in her friend's bag. The blue-haired troublemaker knew what would follow and suppressed her excited trembling. She stretched out her arms as Miss Management appeared in her field of vision holding the light blue latex straitjacket.

"Let's do this then!"

Miss Management guided Miss Info's fingers into the sleeves of the straitjacket and they slipped into the pockets with some difficulty. They heard a soft plop and her hands were stuck up to her wrists. A shiver ran down Miss Inform's spine and she moved her arms slightly to make it easier for Miss Management to pull the jacket up her arms. The zipper was pulled closed and Miss Inform held her breath until the jacket was fully zipped. It clicked softly and she exhaled. As she breathed in, the jacket pulled tightly around her body and it felt as if it was sucking against her skin. The straitjacket fit perfectly. Something Miss Inform had wondered about the last time she wore it, after all, Mr. Info had bought it. Where had he gotten her measurements?

"Arms," Miss Management demanded, snapping Miss Inform out of her thoughts. She put them through the loop on her stomach, crossed them and waved her hands playfully at the side of her body. Miss Management shook her head and suppressed a laugh. Her friend looked too funny like that. She grabbed the ends of the sleeves and tied them together. This was followed by the straps through Miss Inform's crotch, which Miss Management pulled extra tight.

"Hey, aaah. What are you doing? Can't you make it looser?" asked Miss Inform, glancing backwards. Miss Management, however, pulled them even tighter and she lost her breath as the straps pressed into her crotch.

"Don't talk back or you'll regret it, darling."

"Awww," Miss Inform said, chewing her lip to stop herself from saying anything.

"Let's move on to the next…" said Miss Management, taking Miss Inform by her shoulders and placing her on the soft floor.

"Ho? What do you mean?" Miss Inform interrupted and immediately caught a spank on her bottom. Harder this time.

"Ow! What are you…"




This time Miss Inform said nothing, but drew in a hissing breath.

"Open. Your. Mouth. Once. More."

Miss Inform shook her head and blushed.

"I thought so," Miss Management whispered, stroking the mop of blue hair beneath her, "Don't interrupt me. How many times do I have to tell you? Now lift your feet so I can finish dressing you."

Miss Inform lifted her legs off the floor and felt Miss Management pull something over them. A glance over Miss Inform's shoulder told her that a blue latex hobble skirt had also been pulled on her. It felt incredibly tight and squeezed her legs together so tightly that Miss Inform thought it was turning her into a mermaid.

"Almost there," Miss Management panted, pushing the latex up until it was snug around Miss Inform's waist. The hobble skirt had a gap at the point of her rear, exposing her now slightly red skin. Miss Management used buckles to connect the skirt to the straitjacket, transforming it into a hobble dress.

"Ha done," said Miss Management, slapping her friend's unprotected bottom with the flat of her hand.

"Aaaah!" said Miss Inform in surprise, but she kept her mouth otherwise closed, which brought a smile to Miss Management's lips.

"We're going to play a little game now, Miss Inform. I'm hiding a vibrator somewhere in the dungeon and you have to find it. If you manage to come with its help, you win, but if you haven't managed it within, say, fifteen minutes, we'll continue with the punishment," Miss Management explained and switched on said vibrator.

"I'm so ready," said Miss Inform excitedly, following the vibrator with her eyes as if she were a dog chasing a ball.

"Right, let's go then," said Miss Management and placed the vibrator on a shelf. Miss Inform's mouth dropped open in defiance.

"How am I supposed to get it?"

"What do you mean?" laughed Miss Management, heading for the door, "I'm going to change for a minute. Don't run away."

"Haha!" she echoed and the door slammed shut noisily. Miss Inform looked up at the shelf. The vibrator was shaking seductively, but it didn't roll down.

"Maybe I can get myself up somehow?" Miss Inform thought aloud and wanted to crawl towards her bed like a worm. However, she found that the latex stuck surprisingly well to the floor and she could hardly move from the spot.

"Great," she mumbled, but she didn't let that discourage her. Miss Inform stuck her tongue in the corner of her mouth and lifted her bottom to push herself forward with her legs. The latex squeaked softly as it was pressed against the floor and Miss Inform smiled triumphantly as she moved a little closer to the bed. A slight tingling sensation spread through her chest. Her nipples were pulled across the floor with each squeeze and her bound arms were more of a hindrance to her task. In addition, every movement was extremely strenuous and demanded everything from her body. A thin film of sweat formed between her skin and the latex and the squeaking was accompanied by a slurping sound. Out of breath and exhausted, Miss Inform finally arrived at her bed and managed to sit up. She now stood swaying next to it and gathered herself for her next task. To push the vibrator off the shelf. At that moment, the door to the dungeon opened and Miss Inform glanced over her shoulder. Miss Management stood behind her and looked at her with amusement. She had changed her clothes and was now only wearing high heels, latex leggings and a simple but appropriate black bra.

"Nah, is it fun?" she asked, leaning against the door frame.

"I'm almost ready, just you wait and see," Miss Inform replied and tiptoed over to the shelf. Only a few centimeters separated her from her destination.

"Ahooo, that's what you meant by not getting to it," said Miss Management, as if she had only just noticed the difference in height. She walked past Miss Inform and took the vibrator off the shelf just as her captive was about to bend down for it.

"Hey, what are you doing?" asked Miss Inform indignantly, turning carefully to look at the device. Miss Management weighed it in her hand and threw the vibrator into the opposite corner.

"Help you?" asked Miss Management innocently and grabbed Miss Inform by her arms to place her on the floor again. The blue-haired troublemaker puffed out her cheeks in anger, but she didn't dare say anything against Miss Management and just grumbled to herself.

"Well, hop hop. You've got a few minutes left," Miss Management cheered her on, glancing at her watch. Miss Inform shook her head and crawled forward again towards the vibrator that was humming seductively on the floor. Meanwhile, Miss Management lay down on the latex bed to watch Miss Inform, but was startled when something poked her in the back.

"What the?" She pushed the blanket aside and this time her mouth fell open. Countless stuffed animals had been hidden under the latex comforter. From series and movies, animals, mythical creatures like unicorns and what Miss Management found particularly strange, a stuffed animal from Miss Inform's roommate, Mister Info.

"Are you serious?" asked Miss Management, holding up the replica. Miss Inform immediately blushed.

"I… I just like my stuffed animals."

"But from your roommate?"

"I thought it was a funny idea," mumbled Miss Inform, hiding her face in her straitjacket.

"Wow… just wow. I'll deduct five minutes for that."

"What?" said Miss Inform, looking up in horror at Miss Management, who was making room in the bed. But she quickly came to her senses and crawled off. She couldn't have much time left and the vibrator was still so far away. Every movement she made cost her more strength and she slowly left a trail of sweat behind her, as if she were a snail. Her nipples shrieked from the constant rubbing and soon Miss Inform would do the same. She crawled around a corner and there it was. The vibrator was buzzing on the floor right in front of her. All she had to do was roll on it and bring herself to climax. Miss Inform crawled into position and simply let herself fall onto it from the side. But suddenly she heard a skittering sound next to her and the vibrator rolled aside so that her hips simply crashed to the floor.

"What the?"

Miss Inform crawled towards it again and tried to drop onto it again, but once more it simply rolled aside as if by magic. Only now did she notice an almost invisible string around it and she already knew where the other end was.

"You're cheating!" Miss Inform accused her girlfriend.

"The advantages of being a Dom, my dear," laughed Miss Management and at that moment the alarm clock rang, "And it seems your time is up anyway. Oh well, I'll just have to punish you."

She raised her hands to show that it was completely out of her hands.


"Awwww, come on, that was totally unfair."

"Do you want to keep complaining or do we want to move on? I'm happy to add a few more penalties to the end."

"'Carry on'," Miss Inform whispered as the wind was taken out of her sails again by her friend. She crawled back towards the bed and when she got there, Miss Inform simply collapsed to the side and greedily drew in air.

"Aww, there she is at last," said Miss Management, helping Miss Inform to stand up. The blue-haired girl hoped that she could now simply rest in bed with her friend, but far from it. Instead, Miss Management simply placed Miss Inform's upper body on the bed and forced her to stand. Her bottom was proudly presented to the world without her being able to resist.

"You know… I thought the red tone of your bottom was really nice just now… unfortunately it's back to normal, but I think I have an idea to bring it back," Miss Management opened and Miss Inform's eyes widened.

"You're not doing that now…"

That was as far as Miss Inform got as there was a loud clap and she was left speechless.

"How does a hundred sound?"

"Are you insane? I can't even manage…"


"Miss Management! That fucking hurts…"


"If I get out of here, then…"





Neither Miss Inform nor Miss Management had counted, but both knew each other's limits and before they were reached they had finished the punishment. The friends were now lying in Miss Inform's latex bed surrounded by the soft toys, although Mister Info had been banished to the shelf by Miss Management. Miss Inform lay on her chest and dozed off while her glowing bottom recovered from its exertions. Miss Management was leafing through a BDSM magazine she had found on the shelf.

"Do you think this could be fun?" she asked her friend, pointing to a cage equipped with spikes. Miss Inform opened one of her eyes and looked at the picture she was shown.

"Well ah. That would prick me non-stop."

"Well, that's the point of it," Miss Management muttered, turning the page, "How about this?"

"It's a rack, darling."

"I know what it is, but…" Miss Management fell silent as her stomach grumbled, "I'll be right back."

Miss Inform pulled a face, yawned loudly and snuggled into the latex blanket as best she could in her bound state.

"A rack," Miss Inform mumbled into the pillow and squinted at the magazine beneath her. Had she just imagined it or had the model just moved?

Naaa, I was just imagining it. Or was it? Wait!

Miss Inform moved her face closer to the magazine, but suddenly she lost her balance and toppled to the side. She braced herself to slam against the paper and closed her eyes, but nothing happened. Confused, she opened her eyes again and was startled when she seemed to fall into a sea of color.

"What the hell is going on! Miss Management help!" Miss Inform screamed, but she could see the colors taking shape beneath her. A space formed beneath her and she slapped the floor hard.

"Ouch," Miss Inform muttered, shaking her head to get rid of the stars flying around her.

"Oh, who do we have here?" a cold voice asked, sending a shiver down Miss Inform's spine.

"Ha… hello?" she asked cautiously, trying to straighten up, but with the fire in her butt, she rather changed her mind. Instead, she looked around the room. It was sparsely furnished, but had plenty of free space. There was only one bed in the corner, resting on metal struts that looked suspiciously like they could be used as a cage. Only now did Miss Inform notice that a person with purple hair was lying on the bed and studying her with interest.

"Has a helpless sub strayed into my realm?" she asked Miss Inform, who nodded cautiously. Something told her that this woman was no good for cherries and she had to get back home quickly.

"Y… yes, if you could just show me the way out of here?" asked Miss Inform hesitantly and swallowed when her counterpart just laughed.

"Oh darling, you've only just arrived. Here. As a token of my hospitality, I'll give you something suitable to wear so that you can settle in here properly," said the person, waving her hand in Miss Inform's direction.

"Settle in? I want to go back!" Miss Inform rebelled and tried to stand up again, but suddenly froze as a shiny black mass flowed towards her from under the bed.

"Well, that ship has sailed for now," the stranger sighed theatrically as the substance settled on Miss Inform's body. She felt her restraints being released, but she still couldn't move.

This stuff is holding me down! Miss Inform thought as her straitjacket and hobble skirt were removed from her body and thrown carelessly into a corner of the room.

"What's that?" asked Miss Inform, strained as the black mass wrapped itself around her body and her arms and legs were forced to bend.

"Oh, just a little toy I made up. Maybe you've heard of living latex? It's something similar, only it obeys my will," the woman said, swinging her legs out of the bed.

"Living latex?" asked Miss Inform with wide eyes. Of course she knew what it was. She saw it almost every day in the DSO and was constantly trying to get the staff to release it. However, experiencing it on her own naked body was something she didn't want right now.

"Let… let me go right now, or else…"

"Or else what? Are you giving me a nasty look? Begging to let you go?" the woman asked, walking over to her and placing her foot on Miss Inform's stomach.

"Listen, bitch. You're in Miss Input's realm now and you're not getting out of here until I, Miss Input allow it. Understand?"

"Fuck you!"

"Heh… wrong answer," said Miss Input, waving her hand again. The living latex grew up Miss Inform's neck and over her mouth. It sealed it and formed a mask with pointed ears around her head and hair, reminiscent of a cat. Miss Inform screamed into her gag, but to her astonishment no sound came out. Startled, she looked up.

"Yes, as I said, something like that, by the way, it can also do this," said Miss Input and swept to the side. The latex immediately changed color, as if Miss Inform had been swallowed by a chameleon, and the black turned pink.

"Well, no pink," said Miss Input and wiped again.

"Blue really is your color, Kitty," she murmured, but continued wiping until the latex turned transparent, completely exposing Miss Inform's body.

"But I haven't even really looked at you yet, so you're going to stay like this," Miss Input said with a smile. If Miss Inform had been able to say anything, a torrent of insults would have rained down on her hostess. Instead, she tried to push her foot aside with her arms.

"Oh, you intend to look around, go ahead," Miss Input said, lifting her foot and using it to push her guest on her stomach, "Nice red bottom."

Miss Inform blushed and pulled herself up onto her knees and elbows. She trembled slightly from the unaccustomed strain, but carefully managed to take one step at a time.

There must be something here that I can use to free myself and get back. She thought and scrambled to a door.

"Oh, maybe not in there, Kitty," she said, taking a few quick steps past Miss Inform and shutting the door, "We wouldn't want you to hurt yourself, would we?"

Miss Inform scowled at her, turned and tried the other door. But as soon as she stood in front of it, Miss Input was beside her again and closed it too.

"Well, maybe we'd better stay here. It's much more comfortable, isn't it?"

This time Miss Inform's head turned red because she was angry and she hit Miss Input's leg with her elbow. The room immediately became chilly and Miss Inform knew she had gone too far.

"So you've decided to trample on my hospitality? Let's see what you think when I'm done with you."

Miss Input grabbed Miss Inform by the back of her neck and dragged her towards the bed. She opened a barred door and flung her guest inside. Miss Inform slithered across the floor and once again her nipples rebelled.

"You wait here!" she snarled at Miss Input and slammed the barred door shut. The blue-haired woman tried to get up and go to the bars, but she bumped into the hard ceiling of the cage and had to crawl across the floor again, much to the distress of her nipples.

Damn! What am I going to do now? Miss Management, you have to save me! Miss Inform thought and lay down sadly in front of the bars.


"Forgive me, darling, it took a little longer," said Miss Management and stepped into the dungeon, "But guess what else I found in the car. A collar with your name on it…"

She fell silent when her friend wasn't in bed.

"Uh, Miss Inform?"

But no one answered her. She put the collar labeled "troublemaker" aside and went to the bed. The latex had already cooled down, which didn't mean much. Miss Management doubted, however, that Miss Inform could have escaped from the dungeon quickly. On the bed was only the magazine she had been leafing through and nothing else. Miss Management searched the bed for more clues, but suddenly she saw movement in the corner of her eye and turned to the magazine.


She picked it up and froze as she saw a purple haired woman tug Miss Inform from under her bed and grab her by the back of the neck like a kitten. Miss Inform was wearing a see-through petsuit that hid nothing and Miss Management could see that she was struggling wildly. But the woman dragged her Miss Inform across the room and stuffed her into a huge see-through latex sheet before zipping it up and connecting a vacuum cleaner to an opening. Miss Management licked her lips.

"Oh baby, I didn't think you'd give me such a show," she murmured, lying down on the bed. She began massaging her crotch as she watched closely what the two figures in the magazine were doing.


Miss Input held Miss Inform down through the vacuum bed and pushed two small tubes into her nostrils.

"Careful, you don't want to turn as blue as your hair, do you?" asked Miss Inform coldly and immediately Miss Inform stopped fidgeting. She switched on the vacuum cleaner and immediately the air between the layers of latex was sucked out. Miss Inform didn't dare move for fear that the hoses would come loose and a short time later she couldn't either. The latex clung tightly to her body and because of the petsuit she was stuck between the two layers. Panicked, she peered through the latex and looked up at Miss Input, who was standing over her smiling.

"You're afraid of me?"

Miss Inform nodded cautiously and Miss Input bent down to her.

"Hoooo? Good… but I have another side too. Would you like me to show you?"

After a moment's hesitation, Miss Inform nodded again.

"But first… a little more fun," Miss Input said, patting Miss Inform's cheek. She got up and went to her bed, where she fished out a vibrator from between the sheets. She went back to the vacuum bed and hung the device from a hook over Miss Inform's crotch. She pulled it down until the vibrator hovered just above her.

"Come within… let's say fifteen minutes and you can go," she said, switching on the vibrator. It immediately started humming and seemed to be calling for Miss Inform's hips.

Fifteen minutes again? Miss Inform thought and lifted her pelvis. Immediately the latex pulled her back and her bottom landed heavily on the floor without her crotch even grazing the vibrator. Frustrated, Miss Inform gritted her teeth and reared up with all her strength this time. She managed to touch the vibrator this time and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she finally stimulated herself.

"Oooh are you that eager to leave me or are you just craving an orgasm?" asked Miss Input with a laugh, pushing Miss Inform back down to the floor.

You witch! Don't steal my moment of success! Miss Inform thought and pushed herself up again when Miss Input let go of her.

"Oh, so very eager," commented Miss Input, bending down to her guest again. As Miss Inform's eyes rolled back into their sockets, Miss Input stroked her chest. She circled her nipples and pinched them.

OW! Bloody hell! As soon as I get out of here, you're going to get your blue wonder! Miss Inform thought as she lost her concentration again.

"I won't make it too easy for you, of course, sweetheart," Miss Input said as Miss Inform's bottom sank to the floor again, "Nah come on, you've got thirteen minutes left. I'm beginning to think you actually intend to stay here longer."


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