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Storycodes: F/f; FF/f; latex; catsuit; bond; kidnap; bagged; vacuum; entrap; breathplay; toys; climax; cons/nc; X

As they slowly rounded another corner Ashleigh didn't see anyone she was interested in. It wasn't looking particularly good at this stage, but she didn't want to 'settle', she'd rather spend a bit longer looking. She knew Sally was getting a bit fidgety in the back of the van. Sally was her genius. Without her Ashleigh was sure she wouldn't have anywhere near as much fun as they did together. Halfway through a Chemistry Major that she didn't need, Sally worked wonders with molecules. She'd single-handedly created several compounds that she and Ashleigh regularly used to have a bit of fun.

This afternoon they were out looking for someone to play with over the weekend. Ashleigh had spent the last few hours helping Sally into her 'Super Hero' outfit, as they called it. Sally sat almost still in the back of the van, entirely black, and gleaming from head to toe. She had a sexy athletic build, as she spent most of her leisure time working on it.

The elaborate suit she wore started off with a tight pair of red latex panties. Ash had pulled them up and then carefully pushed a remote control buzzer down the front, and made sure it was pressing firmly up against Sally's clitoris, so she could give her little rewards during the evening. She had then helped Sally into her red latex bra and corset, pulling it rather tightly around her, pausing to hear the soft moan that escaped Sally's lips as she was embraced by the soft but firm latex.

Ashleigh then pressed gently against Sally's shoulders and she sat down on the edge of the bed, whilst Ash attended to her head. First she had gently pulled her strawberry hair back from her face and pinned it behind her head. She carefully wrapped a gag around Sally's head, and pushed it gently into her mouth. It had a tube through it so she could breathe, and after pressing the pump a few times to fill it with air she pulled the pump off and re-tightened the strap at the back to make sure it was firmly in place. Sally 'mmmphed' happily before standing up again.

Ashleigh then got a small bottle of baby oil and begun applying it to Sally's body, rubbing her gently all over, and certainly enjoying herself in the process. As she passed over Sally's now mounded breasts she gave them a squeeze and then quickly reached for the remote in her pocket and gave her subject a short buzz... which was reciprocated with another happy 'Mmmph!'.

Once she was all oiled up Ashleigh grabbed the limp rubber suit she was going to help Sally slide into and got down on her knees to assist Sally with getting her feet in. The oil made sure Sally slid easily into the suit, and once her toes were at the ends of the latex socks built into the suit, Ashleigh got up and helped Sally get her fingers into the gloves. She then moved around to the back of the girl and slowly zipped up the suit, smoothing and pulling at it as she went. Upon reaching the base of the neck she moved back around to the front to pull the hood over Sally's face. The hood was made of thicker latex than the suit. The area where Sally's eyes would lie behind the hood were made of dark plastic, heavily tinted, but could be easily seen through from the inside. The hood had no nose holes, only a small hole where the mouth would be.

After pulling the hood over her head Ashleigh spent a while playing with the front, making sure that Sally couldn't breathe at all for ten or so seconds before lining up the hole in the gag with the hole in the hood. She listened to the sound of air flowing quickly into the hole as she moved her finger away, and she had smiled just a little at her torture. She returned to Sally's backside and pulled the zipper the rest of the way till it clicked, signifying the small locking mechanism had caught. At that she slapped her subject on the bottom and then pushed her face first onto the bed and watched her squirm and touch herself as she played with the remote in her pocket. She turned off the buzzer and left Sally lying panting on the bed, she needed to get ready herself.

Ashleigh looked over her shoulder at Sally sitting in the back of the van. She had picked out for her a large black latex coat, some modest heels, and a black wig, of long straight hair to wear on top of her latex prison. Sally was fidgeting with her thumbs and breathing laboriously. Ashleigh had ended up putting on a tight fitting brown latex mini-dress, small black shiny high heels, long black latex gloves, and had left her long blonde hair out.

As they rounded another one of the tight corners on the large college campus, Ashleigh saw something that caught her eye. She couldn't see much of her body, but an extremely cute ... pretty, even beautiful face was walking the opposite direction along the side of the road. As she passed her she noticed she must have been half-asian, and she had certainly gotten the best of both halves. Under her loose shirt Ashleigh could sense a fit body. This was what she wanted. The girl’s hair was brushed over her face, giving a very shy appearance. She even had a cute little red bow in her hair. Ashleigh couldn't resist. She reached around and tapped Sally on the shoulder, signalling her to get ready, and she heard a muffled squeak from inside her partners prison.

One of Sally's many creations was the source of Ashleigh and Sally's now large fortunes. Sally had created a new chemical compound that could be used to dissolve the bonds in cement and reduce it to its original powder form. Despite her amazing creation Sally was rather shy about her genius, and she never really revealed her inventions to her peers or the industry, but she had mentioned it in passing to her girlfriend one night. Ashleigh had then seen the opportunity here to make rather a lot of money, and using her business prowess, set up a whole company and even made an effort to create a sham story about the chemicals invention so Sally could remain unknown, as she wanted, but the compound could be sold. In the last year the company had profited over a million dollars, and quite a lot of that profit had gone to the girls.

Of course they both shared an interest in playing ... games, and with this new found fortune Sally and Ashleigh could bring their fantasies to life. Ashleigh had the devious ideas, and with money, Sally could easily realise the technical details of the fantasies. They had done this particular 'game' a couple of times before, and it was by far their favourite.

Sally had gotten up to look out the side window of the van at the selected girl. She also liked what she saw, and noticed an iPod.... always useful when they can't hear you coming. She then stumbled over into her seat as Ashleigh took a sharp corner. She grabbed the 'trap' from the floor and readied herself as Ashleigh turned the van around and headed back towards where the girl was walking. Ashleigh slowed the van to a stop a few meters in front of the girl, and moved over to the passenger seat. As hoped the girl took no notice of the van. Sally was waiting at the window, and she had her timing perfect. The door slid open as the girl walked past it. Sally stepped out in front of her, and she looked up. The moment of shock that washed over the girl as she saw the black figure standing before her was all the time Sally needed to lift the trap up and pull it down over her head.

The 'trap' consisted of a metal oval to which a transparent latex bag was attached, almost like a butterfly net, though the bag was about 2 meters long. As she pulled it down the girl’s body Ashleigh came from behind and wrapped her arms around the girl’s torso just as she began to struggle. Ash clamped her left hand over the girl’s mouth, through the latex, and kept her other arm around her body as the two lowered her carefully onto the pavement, where Ash shifted so that most of her bodies weight was holding down the girl who had really started to struggle now. Sally fiddled with a catch on the oval, which flattened to seal the bag closed, and then the two picked up the struggling mass and moved it into the van, onto the floor. Sally got in after it and as Ashleigh closed the door behind her the muffled screams of the girl in the bag could be overheard protesting her capture.

Sally pressed her hand against the girl’s mouth through the bag again to suppress her screams a bit while she pulled the hose from the vacuum pump across the van. She gave up and let the girl have a bit of a struggle while she pushed the hose into the air valve on the bag and kicked the on button on the pump with her heel. There wasn't much air left in the bag anyway, and after about 20 seconds the girl was nicely vacuum packed, her body convulsing back and forth, trying to move in her prison, or more likely, trying to breathe. Sally enjoyed the sight for a few more seconds, noting especially the fantastic body this girl had (revealed now perfectly from the vacuum packing) before running her fingertip around the girls face. She pinched the girl's nose closed through the rubber.

The glove on her right hand's pointer finger had a special sharp tip, which she pressed gently against the latex stretched across the girl’s now gaping mouth, until it pierced the rubber. She pushed it in further till it touched the girls tongue. She must have felt the prick, because she fell still, and after Sally withdrew her finger she watched the girl take several quick breaths, sighing with relief after having spent a minute with no air. Sally un-pinched her nose and quickly placed a small clip on it to hold it closed so the girl didn't breath out into the bag. She ran her hands over the girl's body, and she felt the van start moving again.

The girls’ breathing was calming down a bit, till Sally ran her hands over the girls breasts and gave them a nice squeeze. At response to the grope the girl squeaked through the hole, and at that seemed to realise she could protest once again. Sally pushed her fingertip back into the hole to silence her, a bit of a warning perhaps, but upon removing it a few seconds later the girl began to squeal again. To keep her quiet Sally reached over to a small box on the floor and pulled out an interesting gag. It looked like a small flat disc with a tube through its centre, and had a small pump attached. Sally held her thumb over the hole on one side of the disc and pushed the tube on the other side into the hole over the girl’s mouth. Once she had pushed it in so the disc against the girls face she started pumping, and she should hear the girls moans and squeals quickly become muffled to near silence as the outside of the tube inflated to fill the girls mouth. She pulled off the pump and let her thumb off the end of the tube, hearing the faint whistle of the girl breathing rapidly through the tube, and enjoyed watching her struggle against the vacuum bag.

After about half a minute the girl gave up, exhausted, and ceased to move, only her chest rising and falling with decreasing frequency as she calmed down again. Sally moved to her seat which was back to back with Ashleigh's, and no sooner had she sat down was a latex gloved arm reaching around and feeling it's way to her face while the buzzer deep in her suit came to life. Ashleigh had pulled the van over so she could give Sally a nice reward, she had both her arms reaching around behind her playing with Sally. She ran her hands over Sally's breasts and caressed her thickly covered head while Sally writhed in her seat, her hands clamped under the sides of the chair.

Ashleigh continued to caress her slick black body, and after just a minute of this treatment Sally began to convulse from her reward. Ash pushed a finger hard into Sally's breathing hole, sealing her off, and held her head and waist tightly as the girl shook violently from her orgasm. She moved the hand not sealing Sally down to press and rub hard between her legs, and after she felt the best was over she released her grip on her subject.

Ashleigh flicked the switch on the little remote to turn off Sally's buzzer and replaced it down the front of her dress between her breasts. Sally collapsed slowly onto her side and then to the floor in a state of ecstasy and exhaustion. Inside the suit Sally was covered in a thick film of sweat, she felt awfully hot, and Ash could hear air moving rapidly in and out of her breathing hole as she gently rolled onto her back on the floor of the van. She 'mmphed' in appreciation of her reward, and then her head rolled aside.

After spending a few minutes starting at the beautiful form lying on the floor Ash's attention returned to the girl in the vacuum bag, who had resumed struggling and was starting to make a few muffled noises again. She gave Sally a short buzz which brought her back to her senses and she sat up and started rummaging through the box again till she found a small blue canister. 'Calm' read the label. It was one of Sally's own compounds, in aerosol form. She pulled off the cap and pressed the nozzle into the girls breathing hole just after she exhaled, spraying it in for about five seconds. After a few moments of protest the girl stopped struggling and mmphing... just as expected.

At that Ashleigh turned back to the road, she shook her head and indicated back into the traffic, driving the van the remainder of the way back to their 'secret lair'....



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