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by Rubee01

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubee01 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; latex; suit; toys; fantasy; M/m; D/s; ws; oral; anal; climax; cons; XX

Caution story contains scenes of water sports, if such topics offend you please do not read this story.

Several months ago I went to bed between my rubber sheets, dressed in my full rubber, butt plug, sheath briefs, and body suit. I had worked hard all day, and was tired enough that  I fell asleep almost immediately, without the usual period of self gratification. I awoke sometime during the night, emerging from a thrilling dream.

I dreamed that I had dressed in the same rubber that I was wearing in bed, but with a pair of rubber jeans and a rubber uniform shirt over top. I drove downtown to a fetish bar that I had seen advertised. I sat at the bar, nursing a drink, watching the action of the rubber and leather clad patrons, and thinking of how I would like to participate. Suddenly I felt a hand softly caressing my rubber covered  rear. I turned to see a well built man dressed in a rubber body suit. He smiled gently and commented that I must be a rubber lover. I nodded in agreement as his other hand found the zipper on my jeans and reached inside to massage my now erect and juicy sheath. He guided my hand to his groin, where I felt his upright penis through the rubber. I was both frightened and excited. I had never fondled a man before, but found myself eager to continue.

He told me that he had a very extensive rubber wardrobe at home, and invited me to see it. I nervously accepted. We left our drinks on the bar and, as we left, he paused at the coat room and retrieved a full length rubber cape which he asked me to drape over his shoulders. The feel of this wonderful material in my hands excited me even more, and as I placed the cape on him I ran my hands over his rubber body. He responded by gently rubbing my erection through my rubber jeans. I could not say no to this man even if I wanted to, and I did not want to. I had fantasized in the past about what it would be like to be with a rubber man, and I had to find out what it was really like.

When we reached his car he opened the door and brought out a full length rubber cape with a hood. He stood close to me and reached around placing the cape over my shoulders. As he did so he pulled me close and I could feel our erections rubbing together. We stood like that for a minute, rubbing together in mutual rubber pleasure until suddenly he pulled away, opened the door and guided me into the car. I pulled the cape tightly around me as he entered the other door. He did not start the car, but reached over and put his arm around me and pulled me close. He started to run his hand over my hood, making the rubber dance over my neck and ears. I was getting hotter and hotter from the wonderful sensations, and did not realize that he was gradually moving my head down onto his lap. He told me to open his zipper, and, as I fumbled to find it I ran my hand over his erection inside the suit. I could feel that is was slippery with pre-cum. Finally I opened the zipper and his penis popped out in front of my face. It was large, stiff and juicy. “Go ahead, give it a good suck. You know you want to.”, he said as he guided my head onto his beautiful cock. I was nervous. I had never done this before, but he was right. I did want to.

With his gentle pressure on the back of my head urging me on, I licked the head of his cock, tasting the pre-cum that was oozing from it. It was good and I wanted more. I lowered my head and slid my lips over him, pushing back his foreskin with my tongue. I could feel him shake with excitement, and was happy to be giving him pleasure. I was now eager to continue and, without any further urging from him, took his entire length in my mouth. This was better than any of my fantasies. The warm juicy flesh, quivering with excitement, was better than any dildo I had sucked. His gentle hands were making the rubber hood dance around my head as I licked and sucked, running my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. My face was buried in his rubber lap as I swallowed him down my throat. I bobbed my head up and down, tasting more pre-cum oozing from his cock. I pulled back to run my tongue around his head and felt him throb and jump. Suddenly he was filling my mouth with his beautiful creamy cum. It was delicious.  I sucked hard and gently squeezed his balls to get every last drop as I swallowed it all. I was in rubber heaven! My rod was still engorged, I was consumed with excitement.

He held my head firmly and, as his penis softened, instructed me to also take his balls in my mouth with his penis and hold my lips firmly around the base. As I did so, I felt and tasted a warm salty flow. He was pissing down my throat! “Swallow it all. I don’t want any mess in the car.”, he commanded. I didn’t care, in my rubber passion I was ready for everything. I swallowed his piss and licked his balls as he continued to empty his bladder into my eager throat. I reached for my sheath, massaged my cock, and shot my cum into my rubber sheath just as he was  pouring his last drop down my throat.

I finally  released his cock and balls from my mouth and sat up. He leaned over, put his arm over my shoulder and pulled me close. I too put my arms around him, feeling his rubber body against mine. We relaxed in our rubber embrace as our open mouths found each other. With our tongues wrapped together, we enjoyed a deep and passionate kiss. I sucked in his tongue  and he licked the inside of my mouth, finding all the spots that excited me. I started to get hard again.

I woke from my dream to find that my sheath was full of cum. The thrill of my dream was so real that it had taken me over the edge. I knew what I was going to do that evening.

After a light supper, I dressed in my rubber. I had never gone out in public in rubber, but tonight I was going to visit the fetish clubs in town and see if my dream was just a fantasy or a foresight of things to come.

I spent hours in various clubs without seeing anyone that appeared to offer an opportunity for rubber love. There were rubberists to be sure, but none that was of interest to me. In one club I was approached by a hefty middle age woman in full rubber, with a whip in her hand and spurs on her boots. She demanded that I become her rubber pony and cracked her whip in front of my face. I waved her off, but she continued to demand that I get down on my knees until finally I told her in rather vulgar terms what I thought of her ideas.. In one club after another I failed to find my rubber love. I returned home, thoroughly frustrated. I removed my jeans and shirt and slid into bed between my rubber sheets, still in my body suit and with the butt plug still in place.

As I lay in my bed, softly playing with my stiffening sheath, I drifted into a state between waking and sleeping. The only thing in my mind were thoughts of rubber. Suddenly my rubber lover from last night appeared before me. I opened my eyes wide to see him better, but he was not there. He existed only in my mind, but he seemed so real! I closed my eyes and again drifted into a semi-sleep state, and again he appeared. I kept my eyes closed. I could see him approaching my bed, I could hear his rubber squeaking, I could feel his lovely rubber body slide into the rubber sheets behind me. His arms held me close as his rubber body pressed against mine. 

One of his hands caressed my sheath, sending waves of pleasure through my body, as the other hand opened the zipper at my rear. He removed the butt plug. His rubber fingers prodded my anus, rubbing and relaxing it. I was shaking with desire as I felt his finger enter me, and then a second finger, and a third. He was opening me wide. I knew what was coming and I was eager for it. I reached behind me and opened his zipper. His cock was hard and slippery as I released it from its rubber covering. I could feel his finger slide out of me to be quickly replaced by his engorged slippery cock. As his juicy rod slid into my ass, I shook with pleasure. He started to pump in me with a slow easy rhythm, entering me deeper with each thrust, until his entire member was buried inside my hungry ass, as our rubber bodies worked against each other. He paused and we lay still as I thrilled at the wonderful fullness in me and his loving rubber arms around me. I started to rhythmically tighten and loosen my ass, milking his cock with my muscle. I felt his rubber body move against mine, and heard him moan with pleasure. He reached for my sheath and slowly massaged it. He began to pump in me, long slow strokes at first, and then increasing in tempo as he approached his climax. His massaging of my sheath increased in time with his pumping. Soon I felt his cock throb inside me as he reached his peak. I felt his cum shooting into me, filling my insides with his love. The thrill was too much for me to hold back and my sheath swelled as I unloaded my cream into it.

We lay together between the rubber sheets, relaxed and happy in our rubber nest. After a few minutes of this rubber bliss he knelt over me as I rolled onto my back. His limp penis was hanging over me as he started to piss. He knew what I wanted and moved up so that I could take him in my mouth. His warm stream flowed into my mouth as I sucked and swallowed. He filled me with his piss. I continued to suck on him and felt his cock start to stiffen. Soon he was fully hard, filling my eager mouth with his beautiful and tasty manhood. I could taste his pre-cum oozing from him and eagerly licked it from him. I massaged him with my tongue, hungry to taste his cum.  He started to pump, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth in a frenzy of passion. I swallowed him down my throat and felt his rubber body press against my face. He started to pump again, and soon I felt his cock jump as his delicious creamy cum shot into my mouth. I savored every drop, swirling it around his head as I sucked out every drop. He pushed his cock down my throat as I swallowed his cum..

I awoke from my dream to again find my sheath full of my cum. Again, the dream had brought me to completion. I moved to get out of bed and felt him behind me. He had not left me. He still occupied my mind. I rolled to take him in my arms. I did not want to ever leave this rubber nest and my rubber lover. I did not get up and go to work.

He rolled me on my back and climbed between my rubber legs, lifting them over his shoulders. He placed a large rubber pillow under my hips to raise me to a good position. Once again his beautiful juicy cock slid into my rear. His rubber body pressed me down into the rubber sheet, as he pumped his whole length into me. I could feel his balls bouncing against my rubber covered ass. My rigid member was massaged between our rubber bodies. As he slowly worked in and out, he placed his lips over mine and our tongues intertwined in mutual passion. My whole body and soul were consumed by rubber passion as my lover thrilled my ass with his cock. As I could feel him beginning to climax, I sucked on his tongue. I shoved my body up to him to receive his full length. My erection worked against his body, and we both erupted in mutual climax. I never want this to stop. I stayed between the rubber sheets and made love to this wonderful man, over and over again.

I don’t know how long this went on, but I came out of my trance to find the police beside my bed. I had not shown up for work for several days and my boss had called the police to find out what happened to me. They found me laying in my rubber bed covered with piss and cum. They took me to the hospital, where I remain to this day. They claim I am mad, depraved, and out of touch with reality. They keep trying to cure me, but I hope they never do. This is my reality. They won’t let me wear rubber, but that is all right. In my madness I can feel rubber enclosing me, caressing me, loving me. I lie here day after day with my rubber lover beside me. We make rubber love over and over again. We are consumed by our rubber passion. I am happy to live like this forever.


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