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MaryAnn's First Rubber Experience

by ShinyDane

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© Copyright 2007 - ShinyDane - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; bond; cons; X

Six months had now passed since Maryann and her boyfriend split. They had decided it was inevitable, since he didn't want to try out the rubber scene like she did. Maryann had long been curious about latex, this soft and shiny material, sounding real kinky when touched. And now she was on her own, she knew that it was time to explore it; so today she went downtown to a latex store, exited and curious.

When she got there, she peeked outside the window for a while, and finally decided to step inside. The first thing she noticed was the strong sweet odour of rubber, and all that shiny clothes hanging everywhere...she went around in the shop, slowly, inhalating the nice smell and looking at the various garments.

Suddenly Maryann saw a guy she knew, in the other end of the shop; he was talking to the shop assistant and had turned his back to her, so he did not notice her. Maryann met him a couple of months ago to a party, they had talked a lot, and that was that; she found him attractive, handsome and intelligent, but she did not want to start any relationship at the moment, as the main issue for her right now was to try out the rubber scene; and if he turned out to be like her former boyfriend, it would only take more time before she could make her latex experiences come true. Therefore this was a really nice surprise, seeing him in a latex store. Maryann walked slowly towards him, thinking about what to say to him.

"His name... come on, Maryann... you know... AH!"

He was from Denmark and his real name had been too hard to pronounce, so he called himself 'Mojo'...

"Well hello ...Mojo?" Maryann initiated a conversation to him.

He turned around, "Eh...? Ah, Maryann, we met at this party, right!"

"Yes we did...I have been thinking about you since." Maryann lied, smiling at him, hoping to make him interested in her. "I wish I had told you about my fantasy of latex clothing then, you like it too, I believe?"

"Sure thing, " he replied, "And I was actually going to buy some new stuff, have you been into latex for a long time, Maryann?"

"...Actually I have never tried it. But I'm very exited about it, it looks so sexy..."

"Then you won't be disappointed, I think. How about letting me guide you?"

Maryann suddenly got a warm feeling all over."Oh,...that...would be lovely!" she stuttered. It looked indeed like this day was going to be more exiting than she had been dreaming of.

"So your first garment should be a tight catsuit, like this" he said, showing her a red latex suit, with both feet & gloves attached.

"If you say so, " Maryann had decided to let him lead her, exited about all this.

"I just bought such a suit before you came into the shop", Mojo said with a peculiar look in his eyes. "And I'm impatient to try it out with you".

MaryAnn paid for the garment, excited about it all.

"Okay Maryann, lets go to my place then, and start you off in the rubber world."

They left the shop, and MaryAnn was beginning to be a bit aroused, feeling that she was about to experience someting very sexy and exciting.

Part Two

Mojo was living in a house not far from downtown, and as soon as the two was inside, MaryAnn unwrapped her new item to take a closer look at it. It was precicely her size, and she was wondering how it would feel to wear this skintight suit, when Mojo said: "Ah, the suit looks like it will fit you perfectly. It's actually made from a new sort of latex, it shrinks a bit when it is warm... to fit even tighter".

"But it looks as if it already HAS got the right size..." MaryAnn complained, "I'm sure if it becomes smaller than it is now, it will hurt?"

"No, no... feel how elastic it is. And it will only decrease a fraction in size when warmed up to body temperature."

"Allright then, let's give it a try, but you first!" MaryAnn replied with a curious glimpse in the eyes.

So Mojo undressed before her, and started to put on his latexsuit, black and glittering. When done, it was MaryAnn's turn to do the same, and she was already in a very sexy mood as she had helped him put his suit on; he looked real gorgeous and shiny in that outfit, ready for playing rubber games... hmmm, sexy!!

When MaryAnn had gotten her suit on, she could not believe what she felt. It was like the rubber was trying to make love to her, caressing and squeezing her whole body in the most sensual way.

"Uh, how strange... mmm" was all she could say, too excited to converse with Mojo.

"Nice, huh?"

"Oh but, ...yes, nice is not the word ...completely astonishing, I think. And the looks..." MaryAnn looked at herself in the mirror and was turned on just from the looks and feeling of the tight rubbersuit.

She looked at Mojo, who now had been wearing his suit for about 15 minutes, and she noticed that the rubber had shrinked a bit on him; now it was as tight as if painted on, and she also noticed that her own suit began to tighten even more around her. It did not hurt at all, it was a feeling so sexy and peculiar that MaryAnn thought she was dreaming. All of her body lines was exposed through the tight and shiny thin latex, showing her most intimate parts in the most sexy way. Mojo touched her back with his rubberclad hand, caressing her from the shoulder and downwards.

"Aah... so good, SO good a feeling" MaryAnn whispered, now fondling his body, sensing the vibrations stemming from rubber touching rubber.

Mojo replied, fondling MaryAnn more: "I'm glad you like it. You look astonishing, a rubberangel!"

And now the two got closer, rubbing their bodies against each other. MaryAnn could not believe it. She was as horny as ever now, this rubberized feeling had totally taken her away; she was about to get an orgasm right there, so thrilled and exited in the tightest wonderful latex suit.

"I want you to tie me up, Mojo". MaryAnn could not believe what she was saying, but the kinky rubber feelings had completely taken over her selfcontrol. Maybe it was a reaction from getting so horny, she didn't want to be exhausted by orgasms too soon, which she felt easily could happen if she continued this way.

"But of course, dear. It's part of the game, you know. As long as it is your own decision to be tied up, of course."

And Mojo lead MaryAnn into the bedroom, where she laid on the bed, hungry for more of this intense latex experince. Mojo found some rope and began to tie her feets to the bed posts.

"Are you sure this is what you want me to do?", he asked.

Being too aroused to give a clear answer, MaryAnn finally whispered: "Mmmmmmm...yeah!", nodding her head. Now her legs was fastened, spread to each of the bedposts, and her hands likewise in the other end of the bed. She never had tried this before either, but feeling secure with Mojo and letting him do it thrilled her even more; now the only thing MaryAnn was able to do, was to lie there waiting for Mojo to play with her.

His rubberclad hands went all over MaryAnn's body, and she was trembling from pleasure all the time, bound, helpless, with this shiny wonderful latexsuit pressing tight against her. And when Mojo laid upon her, rubbing her crotch with his latexed intimate part she could not help it, she came in an explosive orgasmus; it was like if the bedroom turned upside down, her body shivered and vibrated so wild in the ropes that they almost broke. At least this is how MaryAnn felt it, and she would never trade this experience for anything in the world. Her latexsuit was real hot now, and she herself was turned into the horniest wildest rubbercat, wanting more and more of this totally exiting pleasure. The smell of the sweet rubber and her own and Mojo's juices mixed together, made her crazy.

They went on for hours exploring the rubberfun, and when MaryAnn was finally released from her beloved bondage she had trouble standing on her feet; her legs was shivering, her heart was beating like mad; she was tired, exhausted, wet, hot...and the happiest girl in the world.

"Mmmmmmmh..." she whispered to Mojo as they were resting on the bed together "I think I can easily become an addict to latex... and to you, my darling rubberMojo..."

"Rather wild, huh?" Mojo reacted, "I think I like doing this with you too, sweetheart. Maybe you would try again later?".

They were fondling each other gently, and MaryAnn whispered into Mojo's ears: "Later, and later, and later, and..."

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