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Married Life

by Rubber Phantom

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; enema; diapers; toys; insert; latex; catsuits; neoprene; mask; multi-layer; strapon; watersports; anal; mast; climax; cons; X

Part 1

So getting out of work on a Friday and the wife says she’ll be late and wants to stay in. I say to myself, “hmm, I’ve got all this time, maybe I’ll dress up a bit”. I walk to my vehicle with the beginnings of quite a hard on, glad no one else was in the lot. As I drive home I text my wife to make sure she didn’t have plans and told her mine. She replies “Sounds fun. I'll join you when I get home.” She says “We have a pretty lazy weekend, impress me.” I nearly came there, but figured I’d save it.

I tore off my work clothes and made a bee line for the shower. I grab my enema bag and fill it with the warm shower water. I needed some sort of relief, my cock was so hard and I thought how kinky would it be if I came in my enema bag before I used it. I swore it only took 3 tugs before I exploded into the bag. After getting my composure back, I lubed up the douche end and inserted it easily in my ass. I release the clamp and the warm water and spunk enter my ass. I’m overtaken with a bit of warmth, then a slight full feeling. I only hold this first bag a min and release the contents into the bowl, slightly chuckling, thinking I may have just cream pied myself. I repeat the enema process several more times until the flow is clear, then add one more for good measure. I think I’m actually starting to enjoy these cleansing sessions instead of them just being a cleanliness necessity.

After toweling off, I lay out all the necessary under suit equipment for the long haul; sheath panties, diapers, butt plug, lube, compression undergarments. I wrap a condom over the plug and with a high volume injector I squeeze almost a pint of lube into my ass and spread the remaining between my cheeks. Being in diapers and rubber, I figured the messier the better. Two of the three bulges of the plug insert with ease, with the third making me gasp a bit. The plug looks like a string of rigidly attached anal beads with progressively larger balls. Looks plain enough, except it’s what’s in the balls that matter. They hold a loose weight similar to ben-wa balls and every step with them in lets you know that it’s in there. I seat the base and give it a bit of a wiggle, smiling as the percussion plug rattles around inside me.

I next pull on the sheath panties, squeezing a liberal amount of lube into the sheath. Mmm first piece of rubber. They have an open rear for other options, similar to a jock strap. I attach a 4 foot drain tube to the end of the sheath and leave that hanging for now. I put on a set of pull up diapers as my first set and as it settles in place, I squeeze more lube, applying it to every surface under the diapers, mmm what a slippery mess, the next two are standard opening plastic backed adult diapers and they just go on with adhesive strips. I pull on a pair of body shaper undergarments readily available from Walmart over all this to keep things tight and secure, while routing the drain tube through the crotch opening.

I haven’t even gotten into my suits yet and I could hang a coat on my sheathed cock. I rub my bulky crotch against the dresser edge for a few, taking in my progress so far and comfortably positioning my plumbing. I then lay out a 0.3 mil transparent latex suit and my smooth skin neoprene suit. Now the smell of rubber is in the air and driving me wild. The transparent suit has attached feet, gloves, and closed face hood with eye, nose, and mouth openings while my neoprene has open hands, feet, and detached hood. I spray myself down in dressing aid and easily slip into my latex. I do up the back zip with a detachable tether, again routing my drain tube out the bottom between my legs adjusting the three way zips.

They say dressing is part of the fun and I’m having a blast, but now I can’t wait to finish gearing up. Again more dressing aid and now I pull on my neoprene. The inner liner makes it a little more difficult, but with enough lube it’s doable. This one has a separate crotch “relief” zip where my drain tube is routed, as it was sold as a functional wetsuit. Before closing off the neck, I reach into my drawer and put on the wetsuits matching open face hood. I press any out of place folds flat and finish zipping up and Velcro my neck area shut. I pull out my neoprene gloves and put them aside as I still need dexterity.

I stare at my rubbery figure in the mirror for a few, surprised the bulk of my diapers was compressed enough to barely notice them. Usually starting from the bottom up, I step into my boots and zip them up. They’re black pvc with a 1 in platform, round toe, and 4 in block heel. I usually walk around the house in 5 and 6 in heel boots so these are a breeze. I walk to the closet, listening to each step click away, and grab my “armor”. I painted all the plastic components gloss black to cover any logos and to contrast the flat black look of my neoprene. First I buckle on the knee and shin guards, then thigh and crotch protection. I attach my dangling drain tube to a 1.5 liter black piss bag and strap that to the inside of my right leg. I route the tube itself under my leg armor buckles as to secure it in place. Next I get into a pvc waist corset, lace that up and don the chest and arm gear. It goes on like a jacket as the hard plastic plates are stitched onto a black fishnet material. There’s a hard back protector and chest plates, but not much except for the zip in the stomach area. My only protection there is my corset. This soft belly vulnerability pushed me over the edge. I grabbed my cup and forced it against myself. Humping my suit a few times I came again without much effort, stumbling in my heels a bit.

At this point I needed a smoke, so I grabbed one and headed out the back door. Glad that the back yard has a tall fence, I basked in the cool air hitting only my eye, nose and mouth area. I walked around the yard a bit while smoking, my plug hammering away with every step, just enjoying myself. Feeling a need to relieve myself, I figured I’d test my plumbing. It’s always a little strange just letting yourself go where you stand, but after a few seconds it gets easy to acclimate to. I watch my piss flow through the tube and the bag fill. No back pressure in my waist area and no increased warmth there either. So far so good I thought. I empty the bag under a tree in my yard. I find that the vacuum the escaping liquid creates helps keeps the sheath from slipping off. On a previous occasion, the sheath had slipped off which prompted me to start using diapers as a backup. Who would have thought I like the bulky feeling of wearing them? I put out my smoke and head in to finish sealing myself in.

I pull out my S10 gas mask where I modified a second tube next to the drinking tube to accept a cigarette and added a nose cup to keep the smoke from getting everywhere. Cleanup is a bit of a chore, but it beats having to unmask to indulge my nicotine vice. The powered air supply also helps in expelling the residual smoke. Next to it I lay out a backpack I wired with extra batteries connected to my powered air supply. I estimate the thing should last 20 hours before needing a recharge. Plus being attached to a pack, I caged off the air inlets so I don’t block them if I’m on my back. I pull the mask on, attach the breathing hoses and buckle on the pack. Flipping the switch, I get the sensation of cool air against my nose and lips. I buckle on my helmet and finally add smooth skin neoprene gloves to finish off, only to realize another soft unarmored area around my neck. Another vulnerable point for a bit of choking fun. Maybe the next purchase item would be a neck corset of sorts.

I’m all suited up and it’s still about a half hour till the wifey gets home. I crack open a beer and just chill on the couch watching a bit of tv while I wait. The sounds of the tv are muffled and drinking through a tube remind me of how things are gonna be as long as I can keep it up. Even crossing my legs are restrictive so I just lay back and take in my rubbery situation.

Part 2:

My wife arrives to find me hanging out on the couch fully dressed. I could see by her face she was pleased and surprised at the same time. I’ve expressed to her my concept of rubber armor but haven’t shown her the completed suit. Referencing my hours of playing Halo, she says “You look like a black rubbery Master Chief. A bit much but I do approve.” She gives me a peck on my mask. “Liquid dinner for you I take it? I was just gonna grab a slice from the pizza place before settling in. Care to take a ride?” I’ve gone driving with my wife before in rubber, but not in this quantify, and not masked up. I instantly shot to attention at the thought of an adventure out. She notices me squirm a bit to adjust myself under all the restrictive layers, “What have you got on under all that?” She listens intently as I describe the layers of my suit. She has a little bit of a puzzled look when I describe the diapers, but smiles as she pokes at the soft parts of my crotch where the plates of my armor have a gap. “I see you given this suit a lot of thought. I’m gonna want to check out these diapers of yours later.”

We take my truck mainly because the windows are tinted and it’s lifted so peering eyes can’t make out the occupants. I climb into the back seat as an added precaution and for more space due to my augmented profile. As were driving she tells me about her day. Each bump of the road shot straight through my truck’s stiff suspension and right up my plug. I think she knew seeing as she was speeding up at the speed bumps in the road. She picks up her dinner and we return home without drawing any attention. What was a 10 min ride felt like an eternity to me. There wasn’t much room to rub up against anything so when we returned my cock was aching so much it felt as if it were going to burst out. We cracked open a bottle of table wine to have with dinner; or in my case was dinner with several glasses of water in between to stay hydrated.

My hard-on still at attention the whole time while we continued talking about our day and how glad she was we decided to stay in tonight to play and hang out. A rubbery date night at home. The intake of fluids started to catch up with me at this point. Admittedly, it’s a lot easier to pee with an erection when you don’t have to worry about aim. She notices that my piss bag is filling. “Are you peeing?” she asks. She could see that I was blushing right through my mask. Surprisingly, instead of cracking a joke, she asks intently, “Any leaks? How do you have the tubes run? Can you make something like that for me?” In previous conversations she didn’t appear to protest handling piss as much as I would have expected. She had talked about trying catheters in the past, but were both too chicken to insert something like that into ourselves without knowing what we’re doing. She wants to try being sealed in rubber down the road, but without all the bulk of the suit I’m in. “OK, I’m gonna shower and change. No peaking until I’m dressed. In the meantime, here’s my Hitachi to relieve your urges. You’ll need it while you go online and look up enclosure suits for me.” She blows me a kiss and walks down the hall.

Still at attention, I plunge her Hitachi set on high into my crotch. The vibrations magnified by cup were only slightly muted through the neoprene and diapers layers. My knees buckle and I let my body go limp, falling whatever which way gravity takes me down, knowing I would not be harmed in my suit. The scream I let out, cumming as I hit the floor, sounded quite the contrary. The orgasm was so strong I pushed out one of my plugs beads, which quickly reseated itself with the help of the liberal amounts of lube poured in while dressing. After a few minutes to regain my composure, I get up and set out online to see about fulfilling my wife’s request for a light total enclosure suit with plumbing.

Part 3:

Our bedroom door opens and I hear the distinct click of my wife’s thigh high stiletto boots. She emerges in an almost liquid gloss black suit. She must have been polishing quite some time to get that sheen. From head to toe, she has on her full body catsuit, with attached feet, gloves, and hood with a transparent face and latex pigtails. Her arms were wrapped in PVC gauntlets that go to her elbow. Her bust and waist were laced into a halter corset with a high neck. Around her waist she was wearing her dildo harness, with a very ambitious phallus protruding from where her pussy would be. I knew her suit was open under that harness as the dildo she wore was her blue double ended one. Rubber garter straps hang from her corset and clip into the top of her thigh high stiletto platform boots. She is not a huge fan of receiving anal, but she at least let me try once. She does however love to penetrate, and knowing how much of a slut I am in rubber, appears to want to take advantage of the situation. “Let’s just hang out and watch a movie for now. I heard you cum and figured I’d catch up before I came back out.” I agreed, at attention yet again.

We enjoy watching Guardians of the Galaxy together without too much excitement. We only had one orgasm intermission, where she “stabbed” my crotch with her Hitachi as I gave her a “hand job”. She jokingly mentioned “I see you’ve done that before”, referencing my self-pleasuring horny nature. We polished off 3 bottles of wine in total up till the end of the movie and were both quite tipsy. We step out into our back yard for a smoke, holding hands and enjoying each other’s company, augmented by the fact that we were both dressed head to toe in rubber. I step away to empty my leg bag and as I finish, I turn around to see my wife standing next to me. “I wanted to watch” she said. “And to see what is was like to pee standing up.”

I then noticed her dildo in her hand, her legs spread wide as she stood next to me. I’ve never actually watched a female pee before now, as she lets go. It’s not a straight stream as with guys, but a bit of a narrow spray. It was clear now with all the water and alcohol consumed, and I thought I’d get a bird’s eye view. I laid down mid-stream under her allowing her piss to hit my mask. I could barely make out the profile of her pussy under her harness, but it was enough to make me hard again. “It looks like your rubber armor can protect you from pee”, she said, as I re-lubed and helped her insert her dildo. This was our first attempt at watersports and I loved it. I think she did too seeing as the re-insertion of her dildo practically made her squirt, leaving a slippery mess on her suit. “Let’s stay out here in the yard tonight, we can lay out tarps and enjoy ourselves.” She says. “I’ll get the inflatable mattress and cover it” I reply. “Might as well be comfortable if we’re gonna be out here.”

We settle into you bed for the night. It’s a cool 50 degrees out. I’m perfectly comfortable, but my wife’s suit is quite a bit thinner. I cover her latex clad body with a tarp to prevent clinging and a blanket above it. Our booted legs intertwined on our bed for the night, I couldn’t be more content.

Part 4:

Sleep was fleeting in our rubber cocoons. It’s still dark out when I felt a stirring. I really hadn’t slept well and may have come at least once already while lying next to my rubbered wife. She got up to pee again. I had the luxury of a plumbed suit and released where I was. She saw I was awake, and bluntly said, “I want to rape your ass”. Still drowsy, I replied, “huh?” muffled by my mask. “Didn’t you mention wanting to feel vulnerable in your armor? What else were you expecting when I wore my dildo harness hun?” My eyes drew to her dildo as she stroked herself. “I’m in diapers too under all this, how is this gonna work?” blushing under my mask after what words just left my mouth. “You’ll see”, she said “Your suit won’t be open too long.”

She coerces me onto my back. I clumsily turn over, encumbered by my pack and my heeled boots tangling in the sheets. She reaches down and unclips my crotch protector, then unzips my neoprene outer suit all the way around my back. She can now barely see the white plastic backed Abena diapers I’m wearing under my transparent latex suit. She runs her hand over the zip, feeling my hard on through the latex bulky mass. She reaches in and up as the zip to my transparent suit sat a little higher up and undoes it all the way around as well. She then pulls open the crotch flap of the spandex shapewear in in. My diapers are now fully exposed and I’m feeling so naked as the layers of rubber protecting me are opened. My diapers are now bulging out of my suit. Seeing this she has me go empty my leg bag, knowing walking would be awkward. I comply and waddle over to a tree, balancing myself on my heels.

When I return she has me get down on my knees. Curiosity is now getting to me as I wonder how she plans to penetrate me. I feel a slight prod on my backside and hear a snip. “What did you do?” I exclaimed, knowing full well she had just cut through my diapers. “Shhh, don’t worry, I’ll close you back up when I’m done.” She widens the hole with her hands. I feel the cool night breeze on the inside of my wet ass cheeks, soaked in sweat and lube. My mind is now racing, my suit is breached and feel so vulnerable. My cock feels like it’s about to blast off. No time to revel in my situation, as her hand reaches in. I feel her gloved fingers snaking around the base of my plug. “Ready hun?” she says. Not waiting for a response, she yanks out my plug. The force of the escaping plug takes with it a liquidy mess. I panic, hoping I had cleaned out enough as to not make too much of a mess. I turn around and breathe a sigh of relief, glad to have taken the extra enema rounds while dressing. She was standing to the side when the plug came out. There’s clear lube all over my leg protectors and boots. I did use a lot of lube I thought, staring at the shiny liquid on the bottom half of my suit.

Again, I didn’t have much time to enjoy this image as my wife straddled my back side, plunging her 10 inch dildo deep into my ass. I scream muffled cries of pleasure as she penetrates me over and over. She was loving this as it didn’t take long for her to cum. Her first one was enormous and so was the amount she squirted. Her cum was everywhere, squeezing past the half of her dildo inside her and around the harness she wore. I felt the warmth of her cum and she plunges deep into my ass. I’m franticly rubbing my cock now through my diapers. It slips easily against the inside of the piss sheath I’m wearing and I cum in turn. My arms collapse and am now face down with my ass in the air, wife still in my ass. “Right there! Hold it!” she yells as she starts to pound me again. I squeeze my ass as tight as possible, trying to hold her dildo in my ass so her side would move more. Another burst of warmth, now spreading across my diapers as she cums again. This goes on for what feels like forever, until one last plunge, cum, then collapse.

We lay there breathing heavy for a while. She pulls out as I go to get up for a smoke. She stops me short. “Hold on hun, let me close up your suit first.” My ass numb, she plunges my butt plug back in with ease, then duct tapes the hole made in my diapers. She zips up both my suits and re-attaches my crotch protector. “There, rubbered and protected again. And now you have cum soaked diapers to be stuck in.” My diapers full and jammed back into my suit, walking was a bit more labored. I puff on my smoke through my mask tube, just taking in the warm mess that’s stuck inside my suit with me. I finish up and return to our bed for the evening. I get in and lay next to my wife. She kisses the eye pieces of my mask and nestles in, intertwining our booted legs again. I was in heaven were my last thoughts as we drifted off to sleep.

Part 5:

I wake up to water splashing. My wife was rinsing herself off with the hose, still suited up. The morning sun only made her suit shimmer more. She turns the hose on me. I barely feel the water through my armor. We towel off and head inside. As I walk, or more accurately waddle with my cum filled diapers, my percussion butt plug reminds me again of its presence. It’s about 10 ish now and we were happy to have slept in all dressed up. She pours herself a cup of coffee, dildo still in place and we sit at the dining room table. I insert my drinking tube into a Gatorade and we chat about our previous day, as if our attire weren’t a factor. But it was. She was squirming in her seat with her dildo still in her. I was too as I worked my plug against the seat. I reached over and gave her a tug. She jumped up, “wait, I want to cum in my suit before we get undressed.”

She unbuckles her harness and has me pull out her dildo. I pull it out gently as to watch her cum cling to it as it comes out. She stood there with her naked pussy exposed. I can see her blush. “Is this what you felt like when I opened your suit?” she asks. “I can see your appeal with the vulnerable feeling in rubber.” I nod as I wipe her cummy dildo on my suit. She zips up, lays me down, and mounts me. Starting slow, but wasting no time to go into a humping frenzy, she rubs her crotch against mine. She cums, then grabs my soft unarmored neck and squeezes as she goes for round two. My already muffled moans were choked out as I cum. “I found another weak spot” she teases as she cums again. Still a bit drained from the night before, she collapses on top of me. We both laid there in our cum filled suits, still not wanting to get out.

After a few minutes to recuperate, we go about our day doing chores around the house. We stay dressed with the evidence of our rubbery love fest trapped in our suits. We indulge in one more hump fest before showering and getting presentable again. Cleanup was an undertaking of its own. After putting away our toys and hanging up our suits, we meet some vanilla friends for dinner that evening. She wore her latex panties and I wore neoprene shorts under our street clothes. Every time our eyes met there was a naughty secret that we shared between us. Our friends notice and comment “looks like you two had a good day.” I replied “Like you wouldn’t believe.”

The End

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