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Making a Monster

by M88

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Storycodes: FF; scout; location; abandoned; asylum; discovery; basement; cells; captives; latex; bond; harness; armbinder; petgirl; hotel; M/f+; electro; stun; kidnap; enslave; wrap; saran; straps; gag; cons/nc; X

Amy and April had just reached the final locations on their sightseeing assignment. Both young ladies worked for a film company that mainly did horror films. They had been searching the UK in order to find a filming location. They had spend all week going from one end of the country to the other. So far they had found nothing that would work. This was the last option and if it did not live up to expectations, their boss would be having strong words with them. They had spend lots of time and money and failing to find somewhere would put the project back. 

Amy and April (known in the work place as the A’s) had both joined at the same time. Both girls looked amazing and worked out together in their free time. Amy had long red hair and had an ass from god. April had shorter black hair with an hourglass figure. They had worked together for years and knew each other extremely well.

They had saved the best till last. Near the town of Torquay was an old abandon village that could work nicely. They arrived with cameras, note pads and maps. They slowly walked round the site as made notes. They needed to do a risk assessment to see if the area was safe. Look at weather reports, hotels, roads and food. The girls had looked on google maps beforehand and how a good idea on the layout. Now as they walked round it was somewhat disappointing. They had wasted not only their time, but their company’s time. Normally Amy and April find great locations in good time. This was not going to be one of those trips. Still the girls continued to look about.

The abandon village was at the bottom of a tree covered hill. They started walking up the hill and away from the village. They wanted to see as much of the area as they could. They kept taking pictures and thinking about camera shots. The thick canopy was starting to block out the light as the girls walked up the increasing muddy hill. Reaching the top give them a great view of the whole village. It looked so much better from this angle as the sun beamed down on it. It was from this view point, they spotted another massive building to the right of the village. They could only see the top part of it and didn’t know if it was condemned or not. They started walking over to it. Cutting back through the village and then needing to jump over a small stream. Again trees towered above them as they walked into what felt like a valley. They don’t notice the fact, they had just passed the remains of the perimeter fence. The broken metal fence was covered by overgrown grass and bushes. Nature had reclaimed the land as the years had passed by. Finally the shape of a building started to come into view. It looked like an old asylum with all the windows boarded up and the brick work was falling apart. The girls walked around the outside of the building taking pictures and making notes. Seeing some fire damaged to the upper floors and roof, which they needed to get a better look at. They quickly found a loose board and moved it out the way. 

Being well prepared, both girls had touches as they slid the board back into place. The only light coming from their touches as they slowly moved forward. They had entered into a long corridor on the ground floor of the asylum. The walls had been turned black from years of neglect and all the doors had fallen over. Pools of water waited for them with each step. As wires and piles hang down from gaps in the ceiling. They could see all the equipment had been removed and the site had just been left to rot. Amy was making notes on all the hazards in just this area. It was becoming a very long list. Maybe other parts of the building had taken less damage over the years. It was the same throughout the structure as they throught about going up the stairs or not. The stairs looked like they could fell over at any moment and with that in mind they passed on the idea. They then searched the back half of the asylum. The corridor area they had just been in was possible the lower risk room of the inmates. This back section looked more serious. Behind the peeling wall paint, the walls around each room was reenforced with metal. Clearly this was for housing of the criminals. The girls throught this may lead to finding something cool and scary. No, the whole place had been emptied long before they got here. Going to the very back of the building. Which they don’t know anything about. The whole layout was odd and unhelpful. 

They found the wardens office, thanks to the sign on the door. It was a far back in the building as you could go. They had a look inside and found the room to still have all the equipment it should, nothing had been taken. It was the only room in the whole asylum that still had stuff within it’s walls. The room had a desk backed up against the wall. The window were still boarded-up and you could see the metal beams in the ceiling. The girls walked inside to have a better look. It was so out of place and odd. April then had a brain wave, the stuff in the office was owned by the warden. So he could do whatever he wanted with it. Everything else was owned by the state and was removed. That would make complete sense as April walked over to a bookcase on the far wall. Having to step over some broken chairs and a old lamp to get there. She had spotted something that made no sense to her. All the books looked dirty apart from 3. Why had 3 books not aged or become ruined over time. April pulled each book out and stood in amazement as the bookcase moved outwards. A secret door in the wardens office. How long had this been there? Amy had been looking through the drawers in the desk at the time and was somewhat shocked to see a new doorway.   

Both girls looked at each other, almost daring themselves to go through the door. They both knew this location wouldn’t work as it was so unsafe. But having spent so long exploring the area. Why not see the last part of it. Maybe they could use just this bit in an upcoming film. The other side of the door was a large gas powered generator and some creepy halloween style masks. A man-hole cover was in the centre of this small secret room. Beside the generator was a couple of metal jerry cans. Picking one up it was clearly full. Cutting through the harden concrete was a couple of power cables. What could be underneath them. Having a moment to think about it the girls sent a message to their boss saying where they were and about having a real horror film location. Sadly they left out how they had come across it. They also put the desk from the office in the way of the hidden door. They wanted it to stay open. The man-hole cover was heavy and difficult to move as Amy used all her strength to lift it out and slide it to one side. Bright light beamed through the new opening. The girls saw a steel ladder descending into the burning lights. Again they looked at each other as their fate started to become unknown. They kept going and slowly lowered themselves down the ladder. 

They entered a triangle shaped room with the ladder being in the centre. The room had a spot light in each corner and structure was made from concrete. The concrete looked perfectly poured and smooth on all parts of the room. Around the ladder was a triangle of large metal cupboards at went up to the girl’s hip. A small gap between the cupboards let the girls move away from the ladder. The three sides of the room all had a heavy duty stainless steel door built into the wall. A folder was hanging by each door. What type of hidden prison was this? The girls looked back toward the ladder and the opening. Wanting to get back upstairs. But curiosity was building inside both of them. They almost had no control of their legs as they pushed them towards the first door. A thin window was blocked by a metal slider as April picked up the folder next to the door. It was somewhat heavy as she looked at the front paper. It just said Inmate#02. Amy pulled the slider back as the view in the room was clear. What she saw inside would forever be burnt into their brain. 

The moment the slider was pulled back the lights come on in the room. Right there in the centre was a women in the most weird and extreme outfit Amy had ever seen. She was so shocked she couldn’t speak. The women was facing the door with her legs folded in half. She was wearing a dark black latex catsuit with endless bondage items keeping everything in place. She was balancing on the very tops of her knees and as Amy’s eyes moved up her body. She saw the harness that kept her upright. The harness had two elastic supports that jointed the harness at her shoulders. The supports then meet up with a metal frame that went into the celling. This frame could hold her weight and as it was rigid it would stop any rotating.

Trying to keep her eyes off the poor victim, Amy looked skywards. Focusing on how the frame worked. She spotted a massive plastic look ball at the end of the frame. The ball was the other side of a large plastic structure built just below the celling. Cut into it was an + shape design. God Amy thought as she worked out how it worked. The person could move themselves in one of four directions at any one time. Amy couldn’t make out too many details of what the women was wearing. It looked like latex was covering each inch of her body. It was then she turned to her friend to tell her what she was seeing. April was shaking as she flipped through the papers of folder. April looked up to see Amy had become white in the face and her eyes screamed fear. 

“What the behind the door” April asked with a slight croak in her voice.

Amy could see the paper that April had stopped on.

“Thhhat thing your looking. It’s..It’s real”

April looked down at the paper again. Her heart rate was flying up as sweat start from built on her forehead. 

“The folder says it’s a…. a long term latex bondage and torture suit". April was only just able to get her words out. She continued to read from the papers.

“Subject is placed in a full body latex suit. The suit is thicker than normal and re-enforced for long time wear. Hands and feet are also enclosed within the suits latex walls. Keeping the full body suit on the woman at all times was a full layer of bondage. Her feet had been locked inside a pair of knee high ballet boots. A leather corset was wrapped around her stomach and stopped just below her beautiful breasts. A rubber arm-binder was used to restraint her some more. Her hands and elbows had been pushed together by the arm-binder. A massive leather collar was pressed against her neck. A full body harness joined everything together. The arm-binder has straps that run around the shoulder blades. The harness goes over the top of them. The ballet boots locked onto the harness as the legs are folded. A couple of straps also keep the leg like that. The harness also worked it’s way through the rings of the collar and this would stop it from moving. The collar itself pushed the head and chin up and stopped side to side moment. In fact the woman has very little moment at all. The only pressure point are the knees and they have added rubber padding to help them. She will be able to walk”

April was hit by a cold sweat as the details of the outfit filled her with panic. April kept reading. 

“As for the head it will be forever enclosed in a latex bondage mask. First all her hair was removed and replace with lube. Ear plugs cut off all but the loudest sounds. A small hole is cut into the side of her cheeks. Holes are also added to her nose bridge and earlobes. Stainless steel rings are then fixed into the holes and left to heel. Her mouth was then filled with liquid rubber jelly, which would harden in only minutes. The rubber jelly was worked into every corner of her jaw. It was put between her teeth and lips. Before it harden a plastic tube was pushed through the holes in her cheeks. The tube had a gap in the centre and it was far enough back in her mouth to not be enclosed by the rubber jelly. The jelly had cover three sides of the tube and this would hold it in place. With the ears and mouth filled, it was time for the hood. The super thick latex was squeezed over her bald head. With only two holes to breath through. The hood will be almost painfully tight against the face. Subject can breath through the nose holes. Food and water can be pumped through the tube in the mouth. To stop the subject using the feeding tube to talk or breath. A solid rubber mould will be placed in the tube and to stop it falling out. The ends will be able to inflate and deflate. The last layer of bondage for the head is a full harness made from stainless steel. The harness was divided into parts that locked together. ”

“The first part of the harness was feed through the hole in her cheeks. After the rubber mould was deflated. The harness then going through the holes in her ears and they are locked to the first part. Going across her face the hole through her nose is joined to the harness. The harness then going under her chin and ever side of her nose on it’s way up and over her head. Another part goes round her head just above her eyes. The harness id quickly locked together making an unbreakable link around her. Removing the hood underneath is impossible". 

April was starting to loss her voice as she completed the first page of the folder. She couldn’t get her head round the layer of bondage the girl was in. Catsuit, arm-binder, gag and harness. That was a lot of one girl. Now the big question for April was wether or not she wanted to be in it. She turned to the second paper to see if there was any more information.

Name: Isabella Smith 
Age: 23
Place of Date: Cardiff
Job: Artist
Arrive date: 12.4.19 at 16:34pm 

“Subject has four options when in the room. The cross section above it’s head can be used at anytime. They are split into North, South, East and West. North is simulation, both pain and pleasure. South is food and drink. East is for sleep. That part of the cross section dropped down as she could lay down. West was if there was any problems or trouble”

The girls looked at each other trying to take in all the information and make sense of it. The level of control the person had over this women was shocking. She was totally helpless and unable to do anything herself. It was then the girls remembered in was not the only cell. They closed the window to the first room and moved on to the second. What was behind this door as April moved the metal plate across. It was empty. Ready for the next person to be play with. With one cell left, they both hoped it would be empty as well. 

It wasn’t. 

This time a even more unbelievable sight awaited them. Struggling to move round the cell was a woman covered in full body latex. This time she was made to look like a dog. Her arms and legs had been folded over, so she was walking on her elbows and knees. The latex was as black as the night sky and almost hidden a key factor of the outfit. There was an added layer of bondage that kept her on all fours with her head pulled backwards. A harden plastic harness and shell had been built round her limbs and body. The harness had joins built into it an key locations. Like the shoulders and hips. It worked like an exoskeleton and a cage mixed into one. It supported her body weight and stopped her from ripping the thick latex suit. Her head had been bound inside a latex dog hood that removed her human identity. The snort of the hood was pointing away from her face. God it make her look like a dog. The woman could see out of the dog hood and dropped her knees to the floor. She then moved her body weight backwards and stood upright on her folded legs. Amy and April got a better look at the underside of the suit. They saw she was not gagged, but even tho the women could see them. She was not calling out for help. They also saw her nice breasts hanging below her. 

The girls had a look through the paperwork for the dog girl. What they read was horrible. If the girl spoke word she would be painfully shocked for 30 seconds all over her body. Even if it sounded like a word she would be shocked. If she tried to keep talking the shocks would become stronger. Any dog sounds would lead to food and water being given. 

All this bondage and fetish stuff was overwhelming to Amy and April what the hell had they found. It was one of two things. One a madman was holding the women against their will and they should get the police. Two this was some type of kinky sex game and they just happened to find it. They knew the taxi would be coming back for them in around an hour’s time. They would wait for the taxi and go straight to the police station. The next option was should they stay in the room or the asylum. Or wait near the road. Remaining in this horror room sounded like a bad idea. The girls left the room and quickly got out of the asylum. They kept going back towards the abandoned town. Both girls now somewhat on edge. The sun had disappeared behind a sky now filled with clouds. This gave the walk back a darker and more foreboding feel. 

Starting to feel the cold on the back of their necks. The girls waited for the taxi with lots of fearful looks around at any noise. Finally they saw headlight of the taxi come into view. A audible sigh of relief escaped both girls mouth as it pulled on next to them. They would keep the events of the day out to themselves. 

“Back to the hotel I take it ladies” the driver said.

“yyyeaaahh that would be..good” Said Amy as she tried to hid the shaking in her voice. 

The car started moving away as the girls looked back at the abandoned village. They soon arrived back at their hotel right on the waterfront. Thanking the driver and heading inside. They waiting to be back in their room before the girls called the police and told them about what they had found. They got told to stay put and a unit with be with them soon. It the meantime the girls talked over what they had seen and any details they could remember. Enjoying a bottle of white wine from the hotel and hours tricked by. Did the police take they call seriously or was it just a busy night. Seeing as how they were safe in a hotel room and could wait from help. Maybe other people had not been so lucky. Deep down both girls had a horrible feeling about what may happen. If the police in no rush to speak to them. It would give the person responsible for the kinky bondage shit time to get to them. 

The loud knock at the door made both girls jump. There was no call following the knock. Amy slowly got up and inched towards the door. Her bottom lips was shocking as she looked through the peephole. It was the taxi driver. He banged the door again, making it wobble. 

“Can we help you” Amy callout from behind the seeming shrinking door. 

“Hi. Yes. One of you left your camera bag in my car. Only spotted it once I got home. I know it’s a bit late. Was thinking about giving it you back tomorrow morning, but didn’t knew if you would be gone or not. Sorry again for being so late”. The driver said in a friendly manner. 

He moved the camera bag so it was inline with the peephole. Amy had a little laugh at herself for bing so paranoid. She unlocked the door and was given the bag back. Just as Amy grabbed the handle of the bag, she was hit on her outstretched arm by  stun gun. The powerful shock made her arm numb within a split second. Unable to react quickly enough from the first attack. The stun gun was pressed into her face and left her on the floor. Amy was out of it in only moments. The stun gun had hit her vocal cords and stopped her from screaming. April was frozen in fear as he walked over to her. A lighting quickly shock to her neck was all it took to take her out. 

The driver just about got both girls into the back of his taxi and cleaned up the room before the police arrived. Somehow no one spotted him moving two fully grown women to his taxi. Having handcuffed and ball gagged the girls before getting them out the room. After about half an hour the room was spotless and no evidence of what happened remained. 

If the girls hadn’t left their camera he would never have known about them finding his secret sex prison. Slave 101 and 102 had been so close to the finished product. A mindless subhuman toy. With no desire of escape or freedom. They would be great cock suckers for him. But these two would be torture and pain sluts. He soon had the girls back at the asylum. They hadn’t put up any fight or even screamed for help. They had been scared so much they had become lifeless. Before the sun come up the next morning the girls had been placed in their matching bondage suits and locked into their new home. 

A wooden table was placed in the centre of the room. The girls heads would be bound above the table. The table’s legs had been bolted to the floor and the table was low to the ground. The two girls sat on the cold floor and faced towards the door. Just able to see each other out the corner of their eyes. Seeing under the table was impossible. Both girls had been wrapped from head to toe in layer after layer of cling film. Arms forced against her body and legs trapped together. Their hands had been taped into balls to stop them clawing at the plastic. Leather straps added a second layer of securement. They ran the length of each girls body. The final bit was a very heavy ball and chain. The massive ball was there to stop them kicking out and slow them down if they got out. At the end of the chain was a set of leg irons. This meant the metal ball was linked to both legs. This gave the girls space to struggle and move away. 

Above the table the cling film covered the girls head. A hole had been cut away from the mouth and a head harness was locked over the girl's faces. The leather head harness had a metal ring gag. The gag was held safety in their mouths. They could breath, talk and eat. The table swallowed their necks in a vice like grip and stopped them from moving too much. Finally after waiting hours he entered the room. He then placed a number of items in front of the girls.  

  1. A massive 9 inch dildo
  2. A bottle of hot sauce (extremely hot)
  3. A bowl filled with used condoms
  4. A 2 liter bottle of piss 
  5. A couple of cans of dog food
  6. A piercing kit
  7. A pack of cigarettes 

“Welcome ladies. Please have a good look at the items in front of you. They will be your food and drink from now on. One of you will be taken to my home as an oral sex slave. The other will become a torture slut. Pain and humiliation is all you will know. I know which outcome I would want. So enjoy your meals and eat everything thats put in front of you” 

Loud moaning followed the completion of that statement. Sweat was pouring down both girls back as their eyes forced on the torture items in front of them. It was going to be hell on earth. 




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