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Make the Bed

by Latex Mummy

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© Copyright 2009 - Latex Mummy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bodybag; vacbed; tease; torment; bdsm; spank; oral; sex; cons; X

"Would you please make the bed" my wife asked.

"NO" I sternly told my wife

After all I had already done like the dishes, laundry, folded the laundry, cleaned the house she was going to make the bed. She wasn't very happy and of course that started a war and after it was all said and done she made the bed. Yea give it up for the guys right sticking up for themselves. With that she said, "Just wait you'll pay for that"!

"Whatever" I said, "always talking no action". The look she gave me meant it was going to be a long time before I was getting any and when I do I was going to be in for it.

It was two weeks later when the grandparents called up and asked if the kids could spend the night. OK its play time I thought. We could even try out the new vac bed I made if she let me. Just thinking about it and imagining the cold plastic sheets with me in between them. Could I move, and would I be able to move? Those pics on the Internet always looked so sexy with some one trapped inside and here I was maybe going to get lucky and be that person. I had a hard on all day and the wife wasn't helping out texting me and rubbing against me in the morning. Then texting me all day at work. So the time to take the kids to the grandparents came and after we all ate we headed back home.

On the way back I asked if she would use the Vac bed on me and she said ,"Maybe".

Completely forgetting what happen two weeks ago and just excited about getting in the vac bed was all I was thinking. When we got home she was on the computer playing some game and I came up behind her and started poking her sides and tickling her. After about two or three jumps and her making a mistake on her game she turned around in the chair and grabbed my member and told me in her mistress voice, "go get ready"

Into the bedroom I went getting everything ready for the vac bed and it was about half an hour when it was completely together and sealed. I hollered that I was ready and started stripping, and about had my pants off when she entered the room. She looked at the vac bed and said, "You are not going in right now, first I get done so pull out the body bag."

So in the body bag I went and I licked her till I felt her thighs squeeze the life out of me. I wasn't done yet and she told me to get in the vac bed and I 'll get you done. So I put the vac bed up on the bed again and get in and slide down to the slit I made in the plastic. I had put a slit for my hose and duck taped it so it wouldn't tear as pressure pushed down and plenty of air. As she folded the plastic and taped it up to make sure there was no leaks and made sure everything was in line. She then climbed off the bed and asked if I was ready. I shook my head yes and waited in anticipation.

The vacuum came to life and it was thirty seconds and I was enclosed by the beautiful plastic. Mistress asked if every thing was all right and I tried telling her but my jaw was locked and managed to 'ug huh'.

She smiled and said, "Do you remember the time you told me no for making the bed?"

I was at an all time shock and she seen it in my enclosed plastic face. She slowly walked towards me and started rubbing my member it didn't take long to get hard and then cold air hit. What was she doing? She pulled it out and wrapped something around it to make sure no air escaped and neither was I. The feeling was awesome I was pressed in between two sheets of plastic not able to move my body or head any where and the form fitting plastic was yielding at letting me go. She tickled and poked at my sides and kept doing it. I was waiting for the vacuum to quit and then it would be my time I would tickle her till she went potty. That wasn't going to happen as she spoke up and said, "Oh by the way I read some stories and I did some research on vac beds and vacuums overheating so I decided to grab the vacuum from my parents house".

One vacuum shut off the other started I wasn't going anywhere. She was holding something up to my face but what was it? A tube of ben-gay, oh no not that and she started putting it on, oh my it was starting to get hot  and then even hotter. I was trying with everything I had to get out and  my attempts were futile, but she enjoyed watching me and laughed hysterical. I heard a RIPP and I knew what that was duck tape. She came over and said lets take your sight away. Have you ever tried moving away in a vac bed ? Not happening.

 I felt something cold, real cold, what was that? 'Oh my its an ice cube' as she followed my body and started tickling my feet. After that she switched vacuums again and then I felt her climb on me and start riding me and as she was she plugged my nose and no air, I came like never before and she let go. My lungs were on fire and she put her nipples on my lips she knows I love them but I couldn't get to them no matter how hard I try. This thing I made was amazing it held me firmly and  I could feel everything she is doing I was the luckiest man in the world. I Thought.

Whap!! Whap!! ow that hurts I felt that before it was her hair brush on my legs.

"You promise to make the bed the next time I ask?"

Whap!! Whap!! She was getting impatient.

Yes yes I tried saying and she gave me another hit just to remember.

She poked and tickled me for a while longer and finally let me out.We kissed and cuddled for a while and we both said we love each other and went to bed for the night.



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