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by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2003 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; envelop; majick; cocoon; stuck; tease; revenge; wizard; enslave; cons/nc; X

“That old jerk! He ruined my best jeans!”

Gina stood in front of the mirror, examining herself. A tall, strikingly built woman, she loved to dress to accentuate her body. Today it was a pair of skintight jeans, topped by a sheer, long sleeve blouse over a low neck tank that barely covered the nipples of her large, firm breasts. Normally, Gina enjoyed preening in front of the full length mirror, but not today. Today, her attention was focused on her jeans. Specifically, on two small, dime-size black dots, one on the outside of each leg. The dots felt like rubber, and try as she might, she couldn’t peel them off.

An hour before, she’d been in the store. As usual, she was in a hurry. Gina hated shopping, so tried to get it over with as fast as she could. Rounding a corner with her arms loaded, she’d run into an older looking man standing in the aisle. Her selections had gone flying, and only the surprisingly strong arm of the stranger had kept her from falling.

Recovering her balance, Gina had pushed the man’s arm from her waist, then began hurling insults at this old fool who insisted on standing in everybody’s way. The man had just crossed his arms and looked at her, which made her even more angry. Her insults grew in volume and venom. When she’d finally paused for breath, the stranger had reached down and briefly placed his hands on her legs. When he stepped back, those two black dots had been on her jeans. “I’ll collect your apology later,” he’d said quietly, then turned away before Gina could recover from the shock of this stranger actually laying hands on her.

Now, safe in her house, Gina turned from the mirror in disgust. Putting her purchases away, she moved to her office and turned on her computer. Gina worked from home, and often spent all day in front of her monitor. Several hours later, she turned off the computer and started back to the kitchen. But something wasn’t right. She felt something rubbing against her legs. Gina looked down, then rushed back to the mirror. The dots had grown, being now about the size of a saucer. Worse, they seemed to be soaking into her jeans. Angrily, she tried again to peel the blackness off, scrubbing at the spots with her fingers. Then she got a shock. Her fingers stuck. Surprised, she tried to pull them away, but they were firmly attached to those black spots. Frustrated, she pushed her palms against her legs, trying to lever her fingers free, only to have the palms stick as well.

Looking into the mirror, she saw herself standing, arms straight down at her sides, hands firmly attached to those black spots on her jeans. And the spots were still growing. As she watched, both spots began to spread around her legs. And from the feeling in her legs, it wasn’t just some kind of stain. The fabric of her jeans seemed to be changing, taking on a rubbery feel.

Before her now horrified eyes, the blackness spread across the fronts of her thighs. Then the material between her legs seemed to peel back, overlapping even as it changed. The change continued down her legs, drawing them together in a single, rubbery tube. When it reached the cuffs of her jeans, she hoped it was over, until she saw her shoes and socks change. Gina now stood before her mirror, unable to move, her legs held tightly together in the rubbery tube that had once been her jeans and shoes.

“What the hell is going on?” she cried. As if motivated by her voice, the frightening change now began moving up her body, fusing her arms to her sides as her blouse also changed.

Moments later, Gina found herself standing, totally helpless, gazing in horror at herself. From neck to toes, she was now encased in tight black rubber, the shiny surface outlining every curve of her body. She struggled to escape, but the tight rubber allowed no movement. And her hands, palms pressed against her legs, were useless. She considered screaming for help, but rejected the idea. Her house sat in the middle of a large plot of fenced land. Nobody could get close enough to hear her, and her nearest neighbor lived over a mile away.

Again she struggled, this time losing her balance. Helpless to break her fall, Gina landed solidly on the floor, the impact knocking the breath from her. As she recovered, she found she could bend slightly, the only movement allowed her by the tightness of the rubber holding her. Gina squirmed until she lay on her side, facing the mirror. What she saw stunned her.

The rubber was still spreading. Already it covered half her throat, and now she watched as it crept slowly up toward her face. She tried twisting her head, hoping the motion would stop the rubber, but by now it encased her neck, holding her head facing forward. She watched, helpless, as the blackness crept up from her chin. When it reached her bottom lip, she tried to bite it, only to find she could no longer open her mouth.

Soon her lips were sealed, and she watched in horror as the rubber crept over her nose. Gina feared suffocation, but as her nose was covered, small air holes opened beneath her nostrils. Then her eyes were covered, casting her into blackness. By feel, she traced the rubber as it rose higher, until she was completely encased. Gina squirmed against the tightness, rolling onto her back. Now the rubber seemed to grow even tighter, depriving her of even the slight motion of bending. Helpless, blind, unable even to speak, she lay in front of her mirror in her black cocoon.

What now? she wondered. Do I just lay here and starve?

Her answer, part of it, came when, somehow, the rubber covering her nipples began to vibrate. Gina felt her nipples responding, hardening and poking into the rubber. Then she felt another vibration between her thighs.

Desperate, she renewed her struggles, but it was hopeless. Worse, her body was beginning to respond to the stimulation of her most sensitive areas. Soon she was moaning helplessly, her arousal steadily growing. But the vibrations never built to the point of causing an orgasm, holding her at a point somewhere short of the release she now needed badly.

Suddenly, she felt something touch her rubber-encased nipple. She stiffened, and a muffled scream emerged from her sealed lips. Helpless, she felt that touch explore her cocoon. When the vibrating patch between her thighs was pressed against her, her hips tried to buck, but the rubber held her motionless.

Now she felt a presence near her head. A soft voice spoke. It was the voice of the stranger at the store.

“Now you are mine to do with as I please. You will learn many things. You will learn to serve, and to please. You will also learn manners, something you seem to be sadly lacking in. If you apply yourself to learning, and to pleasing me, it may be that I will free you. Until then, you are mine.”

Gina screamed into the rubber sealing her lips, the sound coming out muffled and unintelligible. She felt herself lifted from the floor, and as her helpless body was carried away, that soft voice spoke once more:

“Oh, one more thing. Never piss off a wizard.”


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