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Made a Latex Maid

by twp00uu

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© Copyright 2014 - twp00uu - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; hotel; strip; voy; latex; stockings; corset; maid; cuffs; gag; bond; nipple; toys; insert; cons/reluct; X

Jenny inserted the key card into the door, it clicked and the green light flashed. She grasped the door handle and with a small intake of breath she pushed open the door. Inside was what appeared to be a completely standard hotel room. A double bed, TV, a small bathroom - generic decor in muted colours. There wasn't anyone in the room, where was he? She must be in the right room because the keycard worked. She hadn't know what to expect, but she had expected there to be someone here. As she walked a little further into the room she noticed a white cardboard box on a chair next to the small dressing table.

'I can't believe it, everything is happening as I planned', Andy thought to himself. On the monitors in front of him he had watched as the door had opened and she had walked in. She was dressed in a simple white suit shirt, grey pencil skirt and heels obviously having come straight from the office. She was looking round the room now, clearly having expected someone to be there. She checked the bathroom and then walked around the room. She had seen the box on the table, and now she was walking towards it. There was no sign that she has seen the cameras - she shouldn't do, he had spent a long time making them as obscure as possible and they were giving him fantastic angles of every part of the hotel room. Now she was opening the box - how she responded to what was inside would be make or break for where he could take this, and how much power he could have over her.

Jenny picked up the box from the chair - it was reasonably heavy so she transferred it to the bed and tentatively folded back the lid. Inside was a plain envelope with "open me" written on it. The envelope was placed on a layer of tissue paper which obscured the rest of the contents of the box. Jenny could see no harm in doing exactly this and took a single printed page from the envelope and nervously started to read:

"Hello Jenny,

Well you have made it this far, and I hope that you will enjoy what I have in store for you for the rest of the afternoon. I decided it wasn't yet time for us to meet so today is going to be just about you. You experimenting. Inside this box are a number of layers of tissue paper and in each is a set of instructions which you must follow completely and to the letter in the time alloted before moving on to the next layer. If you skip even one instruction I will know, if you don't get to certain instructions in time I will know, and I will share your little secret with everyone you care about.

I know you will enjoy your afternoon, even if you wont admit it to yourself.

The clock is ticking..."

Jenny put down the letter and pulled back the first layer of tissue paper. Inside was a index card that just said "Off - everything below the neck" Next to the card was a can of what looked to be hair removal cream.

Jenny's mind was racing now - in the back of her mind she had guessed this might be something sexual, whoever he was had caught her at it, and now fancied some himself. But he wasn't here... She hated the idea of this unknown man (was it even a man?) telling her what to do. But what choice did she have - her world would end. None of them would understand what she had done, it was too embarrassing to think about. She'd slept with guys to get what she wanted before - the worst she would have to do is sleep with this guy to get him off her back. It was worth it - let's do what this sicko wants for now. She could always re-evaluate if things got out of control.

She picked up the can and headed towards the bathroom. "Ha - this'll fool him". She took the "Do not disturb" sign and put it on the door, then put the chain across the door. "If he had any ideas about bursting in on me that will at least give me a chance to react".

Andy smiled as he watched her put the chain on - 'A smart cookie' he thought. He maximised another window on his laptop and bought up the cameras in the bathroom. The best view was from the shaving socket camera on the wall, Jenny was facing the large mirror now and looking almost directly at the camera. He lost sight of her in this camera as she bent down to unbuckle her high heels and slip them off, and as she came back up she was already unbuttoning her shirt. As she pulled it back off her shoulders he got his first proper look at those pert C-cup breasts, tucked neatly in a simple white bra. They were just fantastic - they were going to look great in the outfit...

Her high-waisted skirt came off next as she unzipped the side zip and wriggled her hips out of it. Andy hadn't realised what a flat stomach she had before, but now it was plain to see that all that exercise did the job. The skirt revealed an equally simple white thong which she now pulled down as well. He was glad he had thought to get her to remove all her hair - she was neatly trimmed but far from how he would like her. Finally he saw her reach back and unclasp her bra, which she unceromoniously dropped to the floor.

She looked back at the mirror now and stroked her hands over that flat stomach and twisted round to look at her ass - she was clearly quite proud of her body - and she had every right to be. Her slender frame was accentuated with her toned muscles, leaving her looking athletic, not just skinny. As she dropped out of her admiring trance she reached up and clipped up that rich brown hair, showing off that long neck and good jawline - he was just itching to see how it looked with that nice tight collar round it.

Jenny stepped into the bath tub and pulled the shower curtain across. She had used hair removal cream before, and she had removed all her hair before. A previous boyfriend had always liked it, and to be truthful she liked it too. But it was just a hassle and something that she had let drop because her husband wasn't bothered. She did it occaisonally enough though that it wouldn't raise any suspicions with him, and that was assuming he even got to see - she probably hadn't been naked with her husband for months now. She shook the tube and squirted some out into her hand - pasting the cream out on her legs all the way from ankles to the tops of her thighs, and then on to her arms. Finally squirting some more out onto her mons, and rubbing some between her ass cheeks. It tingled a bit and she hopped from foot to foot for a couple of minutes as she waited for it to do it's work. It had that weird smell as always. 'I can't believe this guy is making me do this and he isn't even here', she thought.

Andy bought the cameras in the bedroom back onto screen as Jenny came out of the bathroom with a towel around her. She dried herself off and let the towel drop to the floor. She stood in front of the dresser with the TV on it now and looked into the mirror. Examining her now completely smooth skin, she touched herself lightly between her legs, feeling the smoothness of her mound and lips. She was clearly not finding this too unpleasant an experience so far, the next few layers of tissue paper would be crucial...

Jenny pulled back the next layer of tissue paper and found what looked to be a black suspender belt, neatly laid out with a note next to it "Put me on". As she touched it she realised it was smooth and cool to the touch. It was made of latex - thin and very shiny. This was getting a bit kinky. She'd never worn latex before, but she had liked the idea of it. It had two poppers to hold it together, she un-popped them and wrapped it round herself. The cool feeling was nice against her skin and the six clasps scratched against her now super-smooth thighs. She was getting a little turned on. She buttoned the two poppers.

She pulled back the next layer of tissue paper and found latex stockings - they were long, slightly transparent grey and had wide bands of black latex at the top and a seam down the back. She picked them up and felt them in her hands. She sat on the bed, scrunched the first one up and put her toe in. They were slightly damp feeling inside, and as she slid her toe in and started to pull the stocking up her legs she realised it must be lubricated as it slid up quite easily, despite the close fit. The stockings were long - coming high up her thigh and the black bands at the top slightly tapered in and hugged her upper thigh tightly. It was a nice sensation and she realised she was breathing a little faster now. She pulled on the other stocking and clipped them both on to the suspender belt, standing to do the rear ones. Standing now looking in the mirror she liked what she saw - her slender legs looked long, accentuated by the black seam running up the back.

This was better than he could have hoped for - she was following every instruction and seemed to be ok with it. She was picking up the next item now - a latex corset. It seemed to be taking a her a little while to figure out how to get it on. She had got the front buckles undone now and was wrapping it round her waist. It had been loosened off

Jenny felt the coolness of the latex as she wrapped it around herself and breathed in to do up all the clasps. She read the rest of the note - "There's a dial on the back, twist it to tighten it until it goes no further". She felt around behind her and found the dial. It didn't stick out far, but was quite wide and easy to grip. As she twisted it she felt the corset tighten, she continued to twist and enjoyed the sensation of being squeezed by it. There was a click and the dial would go no further - she realised that it was now really quite tight. It was made of thick latex and the latex was stretching slightly with the tension. She also realised that she had no idea how to get it undone.

She moved around a bit and got used to the effort of breathing. As she did she saw herself in the mirror again - she ran her hands over her now pinched in waist. The corset ran from the top of her hips meeting the garter belt, to just below her breasts. Her squeezed waist pushed her chest out a bit, especially as she breathed in. She cupped her breasts and realised her nipples were hard and sensitive. This whole thing was turning her on.

Jenny turned and looked at her back in the mirror and felt around looking for a way to release the corset, there was a small hole in the centre of the wheel that looked like it might take a simple key. She went back over to the box to look for it, but there was no sign in the current layer, so she pulled back the next.

He was getting really turned on now as well. She was reading the note and examining the two small plastic bullet-shaped objects in her hand. She was still doing as she was told - she placed each one on her nipple, where they stayed as she took her hands away.

The little plastic nubs felt fine - she was expecting, maybe hoping, that they would be painful, but they weren't. She lifted out the latex bra that was next. She was hardly even surprised now - it was black with a white trim, similar to the suspender belt and corset. Although in a much thinner latex. She put her hands through and felt the latex against her as she pulled the straps tight behind her, stretching the material over her breasts and clicking the two poppers together behind her.

The plastic nubs over her nipples were just about staying in place under the thin latex, but she now noticed the small holes in the bra aligning with her nipples and understood the instructions that had slightly confused her. She put her hand inside and forced the plastic bullet through the hole, which was considerably smaller than the bullet. And her nipple. Too late she realised what this meant, as the bullet breached the latex hole the hole closed around the slightly tapered base of the bullet forcing it through and the latex snapped off the end of the bullet and tight around her nipple, the bullet falling away

It was funny and sexy watching her wince and yelp slightly as it snapped on. Now she was looking at her engorged nipple in the mirror, brushing her hand over it lightly, feeling the sensitivity. She tugged it lightly, seeing that it was quite securely held by the bra. He changed cameras to watch her now adjust the other bullet to line up with the hole on the other cup and press it through. She flinched again as the bullet flicked off her nipple as the bra pinched on tight.

The pinch on her nipples was receding now leaving just a sensitivity. She looked again in the mirror, pinching her nipples, then running her hand down over the latex bra, corset and latex garters. She stroked her smooth sex lightly, she could feel that she was really wet. Her eyes glazed over for a minute, but then she pulled herself back and returned to the box.

He recited the words to himself as he watched her reading the next note. "You are mine, you will obey me and serve me. You are my maid". He watched her expression as she lifted the latex maids dress out of the box, it unfolded showing the simple black design with white latex frill trim around the low cut neck line and short arms. The skirt was very full and wriggled around, shining in the light.

Jenny was a little more surprised by this one. She just looked at it for a few seconds. It looked small. It looked nice. She turned it round and unzipped the back. She gently placed her feet inside and pulled it up. It was small - by the time it got to her stocking tops she was wriggling to get it over her firm butt. She shifted her weight and it popped up over her ass and caught around her waist and the thinnest part of the corset. She'd have no chance getting this on without the corset, she untangled it a bit and put her arms through.

As she lifted her arms the dress pulled tight against her breasts, her nipples rubbed over the inner surface sending a shiver down to her crotch. This was getting her really hot. She reached back and with some difficulty pulled up the zip. As she reached around behind her she could feel her nipples simultaneously rubbing against the inside of the dress and being pinched and pulled by her bra, it was a fantastic sensation and she spent longer with her hands behind her than she probably needed to.

Next in the box was a white latex apron with long latex ribbon tie. She put it to her stomach and tied it tight round behind her. It was lightly boned in front, protruding up above the ribbon as well as below, stopping just below the low cut dress. Again her twisting and turning to get the apron on was making her nipples tingle like crazy.

She stepped back now and took a look at herself in the mirror. The full skirt was short stopping just below her ass cheeks, just barely covering the stocking tops. The rest fitted her perfectly - hugging the tight corset and pushing her breasts up to the low cut neck line. She put her hands down the top of the dress and rearranged her breasts a little, pulling them up to peek neatly out of the neck line. Her nipples getting pinched hard as she did so.

He watched as she gently ran her hands over the apron and pressed down between her legs, rubbing her sex through the latex of the skirt. This was going better than he could have hoped - he started to prepare, for the next part of his plan. Checking over that he had everything ready. He had sorted everything and checked everything so many times. This was going like clockwork.

Looking back at the screen she had pulled her hand out from between her legs and slipped on the pair of high heels that were in the box. They had fastenings around her ankles and as she bent down to to do up the fastenings the skirt rode up, exposing her stocking tops and bare ass.

Bending over in the corset and arpon was tricky and she felt her rear exposed as she did so. No sign of anything to cover that up so far. The apron and wide skirt of the dress made it difficult to see. She got the buckles done up and stood back up. With the heels on, her legs looked fantastic and her butt jutted out that bit better against the skirt. She looked fantastic - whoever this guy was, he had style.

Next in the box was a leather collar maybe three inches wide, with metal rings at the front and sides. She put it round her neck and tried to do it up. There seemed to be only one setting and that was tight. She got the buckle in place and felt it against her neck. She could barely get a finger underneath the collar, but it didn't seem to uncomfortable. She'd never worn a collar before, or even a choker. The sensation of having her throat lightly constricted, and the connotations of ownership were clear. It made her feel subservient just wearing it.

There were some matching wrist and ankle cuffs to go with it. The ankle cuffs were easy enough, and she fiddle around for a short while and managed to get both the wrist cuffs on as well.

She lifted the last items out of the box. The note just said, "Eat me. Clean me." She opened wide and slipped the good size ball gag into her mouth and buckled it behind her head. The ball tasted really bitter. She picked up the feather duster and started to dust around the room. She looked around a bit aimlessly not quite understanding why she was being made to dust. But she was playing along.  She was getting a bit light headed moving around in the corset was tough,

This was it - it was really happening. He opened the door to the room put on the latex hood and pulled out the key card. He heard the click and then pushed. The chain fell away with light pressure, he had remove the screws and just blu tacked the fixing to the door frame.

She jumped as she saw the door open - and went to look for somewhere to hide, but there was nowhere so she just kind of stood there holding down the skirt with one hand and the other over her cleavage. Not that that did anything to change the situation, it was just a reaction. Then she went to undo the ball gag.

"No... leave it. You will do as I say or you know the consequences. "

She stopped - again more out of the strength of command in his voice. That voice, she could kind of recognise it, but just couldn't place it. She dropped her hands back to her sides. There was nothing she could do.

"I've been watching you  - you seem to have been enjoying yourself"

She went red, she remembered she had touched herself a couple of times, it was somehow more embarrassing him knowing that she was turned on by this.  At the same time that embarrassment was turning her on slightly as well...

He was walking over to her now and she instinctively put her hands in front of her crotch again and took a step back. but there was nowhere to go. As he got to her she tensed up, not quite knowing what to expect. He just stood over her for a minute looking her up and down. Then he walked around behind her, she stayed where she was, still tensed, not really wanting to react to him. He stopped behind her, and she got nervous and looked over her shoulder to see what he was up to.

Jenny felt his hands on her arms as she did this, stopping her from turning around, but simultaneously pulling her arms behind her. She fought against it trying to keep her hands in front of her.

"Let's not pretend that you can stop me doing this please, don't resist."

She knew he was right, she wasn't going to stop him, he was stronger than her, and more importantly, she would do anything to stop him ruining her life. She lessened her resistance and he pulled her hands behind her. She heard the click and then his hands released her wrists. She tried to bring her hands back round in front of her, but knowing already that her wrist cuffs were now joined. She tested them anyway, but of course they were strong. She twisted around a bit but couldn't get her hands up to feel how they were joined. With her hands bound behind her, her breasts jutted out further, as she wriggled she was reminded of the predicament that her nipples were in, looking down she could see them pushing out against the thin latex of the dress.

He walked back round in front of her now and she narrowed her eyes and stared at him defiantly. Looking her straight back in the eye he reached down to her skirt. Instinctively she took a step back

"Come back, and legs apart. I am not going to warn you again - don't resist."

She thought for a second, there was nothing she could do. She was under his control and she knew it. It was a strange mixture of fear, embarrassment, adrenaline - it was making her breath a little harder, the corset probably had something to do with that as well. She took a step back towards him

"Legs apart"

She hesitated again for a second, then took a half step sideways. Tensing up again, the sense of helplessness coming through strong now, she bowed her head, looking down at her latex clad body. As she did so felt her small drip of drool escape the edge of the gag and drip down into the top of the dress, her chest heaving with the effort of breathing through the corset. Her cheeks were red now, she knew he was going to touch her freshly shaved sex and she knew her body was giving her away. She was wet.

His hand disappeared under the wide skirt and she flinched as he touched her lips. His finger stroked over her silky smooth lips and just barely dipped into her. She could feel his finger slide easily, she must be really quite wet.

"You are a horny little thing aren't you?"

She kept her eyes down, so embarrased at her own body's reaction to the situation. This was getting more serious now, she had thought he might be looking for a fuck and a suck, the kinky outfit was one thing, but now she found herself with her hands cuffed behind her. What more was he going to do? She didn't want him to hurt her.

She bought her eyes up to see him delve into a large holdall that he had bought in with him. He was pulling out what looked to be a metal bar.

"Stand at the end of the bed, facing it", she complied taking a few short steps in the heels. She looked over her shoulder to see what he was doing with the metal bar. He pulled on one end and it extended.

"Legs apart, wide apart" She took a side step putting her feet about a meter apart.

"Wider" He bent down, grabbed one of her ankles and lifted it out wider. She had to lean her knees into the bed to stop from toppling, and her legs were now as wide as she could comfortably go. Her view of what he was up to was obscured by the wide skirt and apron. She heard a now familiar click, he moved his attentions to her other ankle and stood back up. Again she had a good idea what her situation was but nonetheless she tried shifting her feet in and found that the wide spreader bar was holding her in position. She bent her knees around a bit but the spreader was so wide that she couldn't get them less than about a foot apart. As she squirmed the full skirt flapped around, slapping against her bare mound, emphasising how exposed she now was.

The combination of the wide spreader, strong corset and collar meant that she couldn't turn around far enough to see what he was up to behind her. He had stood back up and she could hear him rustling around in the bag. Not knowing what he was up to was somehow really turning her on.

Andy got what he was looking for out of the bag and turned to face Jenny. Now that she was fully secured he could relax a bit. He was crazily horny already, but he knew he wanted to take it slow, he had a plan. Stopping to take a proper look at her now, she just looked fantastic. Her legs spread wide, the black heels and the black seam running up the back of those gorgeous legs. The short wide skirt of the dress just covering the stocking tops and her ass. The corset made her waist looking fantastic, accentuated by the apron strings that were long and sat nicely between the mounds of her ass cheeks.

"Lift the back of your dress, show me that ass of yours"

He could see her hesitating for a second before reaching down and getting hold of the hem and pulling it slowly up to her waist. exposing for the first time that perfect butt. He stood behind her now and couldn't help but run his hand up from the stocking top, up the garter belt and back down her butt cheeks. He went to the other garter belt and pulled it back sharply and let go.

Jenny jumped, as much as she could with the sudden sharp pain. She let out a muffled scream into the ball gag and lost her balance slightly. She dropped the skirt and her hands went to where the garter had caused that shock.

"Did I say you could put your dress down?"

The pain was subsiding and she felt for the bottom of the dress and lifted it again. The coolness mixing with the heat now coming from her left butt cheek. She could feel his fingers now pulling back on the right garter. She flinched in expectation. He held it there for a few seconds and just as she was unflinching let it go. She let out another muffled yelp, but this time held her position. The sharp pain giving way quickly to a heat on her round ass, and a heat between her legs as well. She had never been spanked before and in this context it was just adding to her excitement.

"Ok let's see about doing something with that wet pussy of yours"

As he said it she felt his fingers on her. Immediately massaging her lips, dipping a finger into her and spreading her juices over her clit. With the suddenness of the stimulation after the pain of the garter straps she unintentionally let out a moan of pleasure. With the ball still firmly lodged between her teeth it was hardly audible, but she knew he had heard it and again she could feel herself flushing with embarrassment and excitement.

He was pulling his hand away now, and she shut her eyes and readied herself for him gripping the skirt tight in her bound hands. But after a few seconds she opened them again and realised out of the corner of her eye that he was kneeling between her legs  but she couldn't see any more.

As Andy knelt behind her he could smell her wet pussy just inches form his face. It was so tempting to just bury his face in there, but he resisted. He pulled the latex double dildo pants out of his pocket. They had stud fastenings on both hips that were undone, the front dildo was 5 inches and reasonably thick, the rear was smaller and only an inch wide both were ribbed and attached at their base to the latex panty that was more of a thong really, just the width of the dildos.

She felt something brushing up her leg, and tensed as she felt the unmistakable feeling of a phallus brushing the very top of her thigh on the small amount of exposed skin that was there. She knew he was kneeling so deduced it must be some sort of toy. Maybe he wasn't going to fuck her after all? maybe he couldn't? She didn't have time to think about it though, she closed her eyes as the penis slid up the last of her leg and brushed against her now swollen pussy lips. Whatever she was thinking in her rational mind, her body wanted this and as she felt the dildo pressed against her waiting hole she could only think of release. Because her legs were so wide apart there was little resistance and the first inch or so of the dildo slid inside her and she let out a now clearly audible moan into the gag.

The dildo was slowly sliding into her now, it was a nice size and she could feel the ribbing play within her pussy. The toy was filling her, and she swayed her hips slightly, trying to get a bit of movement. He was just leaving it there and she was aching for it now. Then she felt something else, something hard and slippery grazing on her butt and now pressing on her rosebud. She flinched immediately, she'd never let anyone put anything in her ass, she just didn't like the idea of it. She dropped the skirt and went with her hands to stop him. She could feel the small hard prick in his hands and felt it pressing insistently against her tight hole. She wriggled her hips to keep it away, frustrating his attempts.

But it was useless, she felt him grab the cuffs around her wrists and wrench them into the air, pushing her forward until she was bent over at the waist with her face on the bed. Her ass was stuck straight up in the air, the dong in her pussy still firmly in place. With her arms up so high and her legs spread she could hardly move

"Calm down - this is happening. There's nothing you can do about it. It'll hurt more if you struggle and I have to force it in!"

She stopped struggling and and fought to get her breath back against the corset. With her arms pushed up her nipples were tweaked by the bra. She felt the pussy dildo withdraw half way and then the cold tip of the anal dildo pressed against against her ring. He was massaging her hole with it now and she tried to breath. Pressure was incessant and slowly she could feel her muscles losing the battle. She let out a groan as the head stretched her virgin asshole and the shaft started to slide in. She could feel the ribbing slowly work it's way in, it was not an unpleasant sensation. She let out another moan as the two dildos now started moving together into her, slowly sliding into place.

He release her hands but she just stayed where she was, face buried in the duvet. She could feel him with his hands up on her mons now, more latex, and then the snap of poppers and the feeling of a thong between her cheeks, now the snap of poppers on the other side - she could feel the tight latex thong now, high on her hips holding the two intruders in place. She experimentally tried to push the anal probe out of her ass - with some effort she could feel it pushing out a little way, but the latex thong was too strong and as she relaxed the ribbed dildo wormed its way back into her ass eliciting another unintentional moan.

She could feel him straightening out her skirt now, the cool latex again covering her bare ass cheeks. His hands were on her arms, pulling her up off the bed as he did so the dildo shifted slightly, sending shivers through her. He bent down behind her and undid the spreader and she drew her feet together feeling her squeeze the dildos internally. They were going nowhere though, she could just reach to feel the base base of the anal dildo through the skirt. She pressed it lightly, enjoying the sensation.

Andy was so horny now - feeling her struggle as he slid those two dongs into her drove him wild. He stood behind her and reached round to grab her left breast, massaging it in his hand, knowing the pinch and pull it must be causing to her trapped nipple.

Jenny could feel him against her as he played with her firm latex encased tit. His other hand was round her now, sliding down over the apron, pressing into her crotch. As he pressed his hand against her mound she felt the last inch of her pussy dildo slide deep inside her. Her knees gave way slightly as she gave out a loud muffled moan. The last inch of dildo had been holding the thong away from her clit, but now she could feel some raised nubbins on the inside of the thong pressing and teasing her clit as he massaged her through the skirt and panties. Her knees buckled slightly and her weight was on his hand pushing the dildos deep inside her.

He could feel her pushing against him, she wanted this now and he knew it. But he had a plan and however horny he was he was going to see it through - it would be worth it. Andy pulled his hands away and smiled as he heard her let out a moan of frustration. She didn't know what frustration was - she was going to go wild. He turned her round forcefully, her glazed lustful eyes looked into his and he could see her going red with embarrassment. She looked down at herself, remembering where she was and how she was dressed.

"Don't say anything" - he reached up behind her head and proceeded to undo her gag, pulling the ball from her mouth. She looked at him, working her jaw slightly. "If you utter a squeak I will gag you again". She nodded and looked down again.

He went behind her, out of eyeshot and she felt him putting more leather cuffs round first one upper arm and then the other. Jenny then yelped as her arms were wrenched together quickly followed by a click and she realised he had tightly cuffed them together.

He reached up and unzipped the maids dress slightly and pulled it down off her shoulders, exposing her latex encased breasts, now forced out by the tight arm cuffs. Coming back in front of her he leaned forward and gently licked her protruding left nipple. She did nothing to stop him, just watching him now, and then closing her eyes.

The tender touch of his tongue had felt so good. She opened her eyes as she sensed his head come up from her breast to see a glint of steel in his hand. She recognised the clover clamp from a previous encounter and screamed as he went to put it round her nipple.

He straightened up and looked at her

"Please, not those"

"I warned you, not a squeak"

He went back to the bag, grabbed something, and before she knew what was happening he had pushed her onto the bed and was straddling her. With her wrists and arms tied, the dress pulled down over her upper arms and the corset she couldn't do a thing. She moved her legs around looking for some purchase but there was nothing. All she was doing was gyrating against the dildos inside of her.

As he pulled the new gag out she started to move her head side to side with her lips firmly closed. With his free hand he grabbed her jaw and with his other hand pinched her exposed and engorged nipple hard. She let out another yelp, and he shoved it into her mouth.

As the pain subsided she felt what seemed like a piece of thick floppy rubber with her tongue - he was now buckling the latex pad over her mouth and behind her head. Looking down she could see what looked to be a tube extending from the front of the gag. As he finished behind her head she could breath fine and she managed to muffle some swear words and say how much it had hurt. He was holding up what looked like a small bulb from a blood pressure strap attached to the tube going into her gag and she realised all of a sudden what was going to happen. Her eyes widened as he slowly squeezed the bulb and she felt the flaccid rubber in her mouth stir.

She started wriggling and swearing again, but no matter which way she moved her head she felt the rubber grow inside her mouth as he slowly squeezed the bulb again and again. She tried to push it out with her tongue but the rubber pushed back with more and more pressure, pushing her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, and then pushing her jaws apart. She couldn't make much more than a mewing sound now and he still kept slowly squeezing the gag. With her jaws fully extended the rubber started to inch further and further back into her throat. Just as she thought it was going to make her gag he stopped and smiled at her.

She was breathing hard now from the exertion - she just stared at him smiling at her as she breathed hard through her nose. She felt compeltely violated now, dildos in both her holes, and now this huge gag in her mouth.

Andy went again for the clover clamps, he was surprised at how strong her reaction was - she seemed to know what they involved. She mewed and strained to get away as he bought the first clamp towards her left nipple. He bent down and gently licked her nipple, which responded by immediately puckering up completely. As the clamp bit she let out a muffled yell and began to breath even harder through her nose. Her breasts heaving up and down.

He threaded the short chain through the ring in the front of her collar and clamped the second nipple. The chain had a short length of elastic in it and this kept a light tension between the clamps.

The sharp pain was subsiding now, as her chest heaved against the corset her nipples were pinched slightly with the motion, tugging against the chain. She was light headed from the sensation and the hard breathing. He was off her now and pulling her back to her feet. She stood their wearily as he pulled the dress back up over her pincered tits and zipped up the back. He came back in front of her and and tucked the pump gag bulb into her cleavage. She looked down to see it nestling there between her tits and the chain menacingly disappearing down into the dress.

Now instead of her nipples she could see the outline of clamps under the latex and her pincered nipples held in them.

"Ok - now you are ready to clean"

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