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Madame President

by Coated

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Storycodes: Solo-F; F+/f; laboratory; latex; suit; encase; arousal; mind-control; conditioning; drug; bond; bagged; enslave; program; climax; cons/nc; X

Natalie Pizer was doing her best to keep it together. Had she been told a year prior that she would be the Vice President of America she would have laughed. A junior Representative from a non-battleground state, she was as surprised as anyone to be chosen as the Vice Presidential candidate for her party’s ticket. Eagerly she accepted. It had been a long and nasty election, with all sorts of mud and invective flung at her. Her brief record of service in public office and squeaky-clean persona worked in her favor and she had come through relatively unscathed. The usual accusations of fraud and the close count of the votes made for some rough times leading up to Inauguration Day.

Now, a month after taking office, she was shaking in spite of her efforts to remain clam. Word had come in that the President was in a medically-induced coma, his limousine having been attacked by parties unknown. He was now recuperating from his severe injuries in an undisclosed location under heavy guard. Her security detail had come to her office and whisked her away to a secret underground facility outside the city. There, key members of the government watched as she took a new oath of office. Natalie was now the President.

“Madame”, began her chief of staff, once they had finished the ceremony, “the methods used by the attackers have made it clear that our usual precautions are no longer effective. The former President’s protective clothing did little to shield him. We have to take a new approach.”

This worried Natalie greatly. “Was he wearing his bulletproof vest? His flak jacket? His Kevlar codpiece?”

“And his Kevlar top hat. Were he not, he’d be dead. But it wasn’t enough.”

“I’m not sure what else we can do.”

“Professor Holcroft may have an answer. Professor?” The Chief of Staff gestured down the table. A woman Natalie had never seen before, tall and stern, her long brown hair in a tight bun, looked over her glasses at Natalie. “Thank you, Earnest. Madame President, I am the Director of one of our so-called ‘black’ projects that has been preparing our defenses against the alien threat.” Natalie had been unaware there was an alien threat, and imagined she would hear more of this as time went on. The Professor continued. “My team has been developing a new kind of battle armor for our front line soldiers. There are several variants, for uses from heavy combat to light duty support. All would protect the wearer from small arms fire, explosives, and chemical or biological weapons. I believe that a modified version of the later model would serve your needs quite well.”

It took a moment for this to sink in. Natalie finally asked, eyebrow raised, “Doctor, are you suggesting I spend my days in a suit of armor, like some kind of medieval knight?”

“Not exactly. The suit has several component layers. The base layer can be worn by itself, under your clothes, and provide protection from most handguns. It also has a high resistance to acids and chemicals. The second layer incorporates a respirator and hood that protects from gas and biological attack. It can be applied in seconds. There are also gloves and a second suit layer for added protection. The third layer is for transport and public events, and incorporates outer layers that are armored against even the heaviest weapons, even energy weapons.” She took off her glasses for emphasis. “What happened to your predecessor could never happen to you, were you wearing this suit.”

Natalie shivered a bit at the thought of sharing the former President’s fate. What harm would there be in trying it? “How soon could you have it ready?”

A flicker of a smile flashed across the Doctor’s face. “As a matter of fact, we’re ready now. The light version of the suit has been in production for about a month. And, once you were elected, we prepared one for you in case you ever decided to review the orbital installations. It was finished last week.”

Natalie nodded. “All right. Well, I have to address the nation, confer with our allies, so forth.”

Her Chief of Staff looked at his pad. “We’ve scheduled the address for three hours from now. Video conferences with our allies to follow.”

The Doctor sat up. “Three hours would be more than enough for a fitting. We have everything we need in this facility. You can be suited up well in time for your address.”

The tiny itch at the back of her skull, telling her that there was something more than a little odd about the Doctor’s demeanor, was lost in the moment. “Fine. Let’s get it over with. We’ll meet here again in two hours thirty. Go do what you have to do.”

The meeting ended and the gathered dispersed, leaving Natalie with her Chief and her security detail, while the Doctor waited outside the open door. “Jerry”, she said softly to her Chief, “I was never briefed on this outer space project.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a lot you were never briefed on that you’ll learn about in the next few days. Need to know, you know? Now you need it.”

“Okay, fine”, she said, a little teed. “But, what about this Doctor? She seems, I dunno.”

“She has the highest security clearances, higher than mine. And she’s been with us a while.”

“Yeah. I guess I’m just nervous. Let’s go see what she’s got for me.”

“You go ahead. I have to go make sure the Russkies aren’t lobbing any nukes at us.”

“Let me know if they are, okay?” Their gallows humor indulged, the new Praeses walked out of the room and joined the Doctor. “I’m ready.”

“Very well.” They walked side-by-side down a series of corridors, a team of security men in dark suits silently following. Natalie decided to try and get to know the Doctor. “So, this is your field of specialty? Body armor?”

“One of them. I began as a specialist in exotic polymers. At this time I oversee several of our special projects, including specialist nanite development and enhanced educational techniques. Ah, here we are.” She turned and addressed the suits. “Sorry, boys, but past this point the party is ladies only. We have additional security inside.” To Natalie’s surprise they nodded and took up positions in the hall. The Doctor then informed her, “In this facility, I have authority”, and with a swipe of her hand opened the door. “After you, Madame President.” With a bit of a nervous gulp, Natalie and the Doctor walked through the door, which silently closed and locked behind them.

The room they entered was filled with an ice blue glow. Everything, even the walls and floor, seemed made of some glossy, reflective plastic. Several female technicians were standing in a line next to an examination table. Natalie’s eyes widened as she saw that all were dressed in identical black outfits that covered them from head to toe. Each had a suit of some shiny material that fit them like second skins, as if they had been dipped in oil. Over these, they wore articulated segments that seemed like light body armor, their eyes occluded by oversized goggles. All in all, it gave them the appearance of some strange hive of insects, waiting for their queen.

“Report”, the Doctor said curtly.

“All is in readiness, Ma’am”, the one in the middle replied.

“Then let us begin. Madame Praeses, if you would please disrobe.”


“The initial layer is fitted, something of a body stocking. You can’t wear anything under it. Please take off all your clothes, and remove all your jewelry, including your earrings.”

Natalie saw two of the helpers approach with a bin for her clothes. “Okay, but…right here?”

“We are all medical professionals, rest assured. Now, do you require any assistance?”

“No, I think I can handle it, thanks.” She removed her shoes and placed them in the bin, followed by her jacket, skirt, blouse and underwear. A small plastic bag was produced for her earrings and necklace. She stood there, naked and shivering less from the cold – it was in truth quite warm in the lab – than from being so exposed, surrounded by strangers. But the assistants – what should she call them? – seemed almost not to notice her.

“Good”, the Doctor said as one of the others whisked away with the bin. Natalie wasn’t sure if that was approval of her progress or her nakedness. “Now, let us proceed. The underlayer is quite tight, almost a second skin. We will assist you in putting it on the first time.”

Two more helpers appeared, holding what seemed a shadow. It was a black silhouette, a catsuit made of some glossy material. It looked as if it would cover Natalie from the neck down, even her hands and feet. There was a slit in the back from the neck to halfway down where her spine would be. They held it open and one quietly said, “Left leg first.”

Shrugging slightly, Natalie lifted her left foot and gingerly pushed it into the slit at the back of the suit. Whatever the material was, it had a slipperiness that took Natalie by surprise. Her foot, then her leg moved effortlessly into place, the suit giving no resistance as her toes and heel seated themselves in the foot of the undergarment. Natalie tried to stifle a gasp. The suit’s gliding action caressed her, an unexpectedly pleasurable sensation. She made to add her right leg to the suit but faltered slightly, causing the two holding open the suit to steady her with their free hands, while a third helper noiselessly had appeared behind her and placed her hands on Natalie’s waist. The contact of many hands added to the tactile intensity of the moment, and a groan escaped from her as her other leg slid into place.

“I trust all is well?” the Doctor said dryly. “The suits are designed to enhance tactile stimulation. It’s a requirement for working in off-world environments. I’m afraid I didn’t take that into account for this model.” There was a touch of mirth in that last sentence that Natalie didn’t catch.

The helpers slid the suit up Natalie’s waist and torso, then fed her arms into the sleeves. The sensation was all over her now, and as she flexed her fingers to work the gloves of the suit into place the rest of it was gliding over her. Her job didn’t allow a lot of time for physical pleasure, and a lot of pent-up energy was leaking out, threatening to overwhelm her senses. So engaged was she that she didn’t notice the two helpers were holding the sides of the back slit together while the third ran a handheld device over it, seamlessly sealing it shut.

“There we go”, the Doctor purred. “First stage complete. Now, we have to fit you with the next layer, some discreet body armor and life support equipment. Since this is based on the light duty suit, these parts are quite thin and won’t show under, say, an overcoat, or a cape. Do you have any questions at this time?”

Natalie was a bit befogged by the sensual nature of the suit. “No, no, uh, no questions”, she managed, her hands drifting over her hips and tummy.

The Doctor turned and nodded to the trio of helpers, who produced a pile of shiny black items and began fitting them on Natalie. There were a pair of calf-high boots with a raised heel, a pair of fitted, elbow-length gauntlets, and plates that covered her thighs and her upper arms. All were made of some lightweight, rigid, glossy black substance. A kind of rigid corset of the same material was snapped into place around her waist, followed by two pieces for her chest and back that covered her entirely from her collarbone down over the top of the corset. She was looking less and less like an executive, and more like a warrior from some alien ant colony.

“Spread your feet, please.” The Doctor’s tone was more officious now, almost an order. Natalie complied, and the helpers fitted her with a matching belt that extended completely through her crotch, matching up underneath with an unmistakable “click”.

This brought Natalie back to reality. “Huh? What the -?”

“The armor is an integrated set, with active electronics that will only work properly when it is worn in its entirety. Besides, you do want to protect everything, don’t you? Now, let us see if all is in order.” She produced a tablet and began tapping its controls.

The suit activated, and Natalie stiffened and gasped as she stared ahead wide-eyed in shock. It was if all the skin of her body were being lightly caressed. She trembled and teetered in her new, heavy boots as the sensations continued, the overwhelming experience forcing her to breathe in quick, excited gasps.

“Yes, I’d say everything is in working order”, the Doctor said with a sly smile.

“Wha, what are you, you doing to me?”

“Preparing you for your new position, of course.” Holcroft slid her finger across the control, causing the tactile sensation of Natalie’s suit to go into overdrive. Barely conscious of her surroundings, she made no resistance as the trio of helpers walked her over to a chair that looked like something out of a jet fighter. She sat twitching and gasping as the three sat her down, then secured her to it with numerous straps across her arms, legs and torso. When they were done, she couldn’t more a muscle below her shoulders.

“S-stop this. Turn it down.”

Holcroft shook her head. “Sorry, no. You need to be in the proper state of mind for what’s next.”

“I-I-I order you to stop! I-I’m the P- President!”

“Yes, you are. And soon, you’ll be doing exactly what I tell you.” She went to a cabinet and retrieved something that began buzzing when she picked it up. “You have no idea, do you, what’s coming from outer space? We don’t have time for all the petty bickering on this planet. You’re going to lead us into a new future, one of unity and cooperation. I’ll make sure of it.” She walked back to Natalie, standing above her from behind, looking down on her. “Now, we have to get the rest of the suit on you. Do be a good girl and sit still.” With that, she took ahold of Natalie’s long, brown hair with her free hand and began running the electric buzzer over her scalp. Within a few minutes Natalie’s hair was gone, reduced to a shadow of brown fuzz.

“There”, the Doctor said, handing the clippers to a helper. “Nice and clean. We needed to do that in order to ensure good contact for the interface.” Another helper handed her a small black bundle, which she unfurled and proceeded to work over Natalie’s head. It was an open-faced hood, made of the same material as the rest of her suit. Natalie got a brief glimpse of silver mesh, a net of wires and contacts inside, before it temporarily cut off her vision. Then she felt ear buds being fitted in. When it was finally smoothed into place it covered her head but left her face exposed, a pale mask against the ebony.

“I felt it best to leave your face exposed. You’ll need it when meeting diplomats and giving speeches. They’ll trust you more when they can see your face.” Holcroft worked her control pad again, and Natalie felt the hood merge with the suit around her neck. The suit then seemed to warm up. “It’s merging with itself, all the parts becoming one. You can’t take it off now, it’s permanent. But, don’t worry, it will keep you clean and safe. We even have a special shower for you to use. That’s for later. Right now, I need to get you ready for your big speech.” She started working with something on a side table.

“G-Guards! H-H-Help!”

“They’re still outside”, the Doctor said without looking up from her work. “Besides, they all work for me. I made sure your usual detail was replaced from the moment you got here. Ah, that should do it.” She walked over to Natalie and fitted a set of VR glasses over her eyes.

“No, no.” Natalie wailed piteously and weakly shook her head as the Doctor tightened the straps. “I-I’m the President! You c-can’t do this!”

Holcroft made entries on her tablet. “I can, and I must. I’m sworn to protect the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I think the outer planets count as ‘foreign’, don’t you? We’ll make sure you get a full briefing tomorrow. Right now, I need to make you compliant, stop all this silly complaining and get in the right frame of mind. We should have just enough time before you go on TV to get that done. Here, open wide.” She put down her pad and pinched Natalie’s nostrils shut.

Natalie reacted instinctively, opening her mouth wide to gather air, allowing the large rubber mouthpiece to be easily slid in. “MMMMNP!!” she shouted, unable to expel the intruder as it inflated to fit itself tightly. She heard a faint hissing sound and tasted something odd in the air coming in as the VR goggles flickered to life.

Holcroft ran a caring hand across Natalie’s smooth head in a soothing gesture. “Trust me, Madame President, this is all for the best. Now, I’ll leave you to your conditioning. You have a big night ahead.” She stood silently a minute, watching and listening as Natalie writhed against her bonds, her shouts muffled by the gag. It was a few minutes before her motions ceased, her shouts reduced to the occasional light moan. Holcroft nodded and left Natalie to her reprogramming.



Later that evening, the nation was treated to a bizarre sight. The new President sat before the camera at a grey steel desk, the room she was in some kind of bunker. But it was her attire that caused the most surprise. Instead of the usual business suit, she wore something out of a science fiction movie. Except for her face, every bit of her was covered in glossy black, a suit of armor one might expect a galactic villain to wear.

Natalie’s remarks were somber, delivered in a distracted monotone. Most everyone assumed she was shocked and exhausted from the day’s events. How right they were! She began with expressions of regret and concern for the grave injuries her predecessor had suffered. Then, to the shock of many, she explained how the incident had been perpetrated by aliens from outer space who were preparing to invade the Earth. A space defense program which had been in secret until now was being expanded to counter the threat. A general mobilization was to occur. All citizens between the ages of 18 and 50 were to be evaluated and, if deemed fit, would report to regional training and equipping centers immediately. A Dr. Holcroft had been placed in charge of the space defense program, with all personnel reporting to her.

The lights went down in the small studio and the cameras were turned off. The only others in the room were about a dozen or so of Holcroft’s helpers, dressed identically in their black suits, their faces occluded in matching black helmets. It occurred to the still-befuddled Natalie that they looked like insects in a hive.

Dr. Holcroft stepped out of the shadows, dressed from the neck down in a suit similar to the others, to stand in front of Natalie, who remained seated, strapped as she was into a mobile version of the chair that held her previously. “Well done, Madame President”, the Doctor said, looking straight into her eyes. “You recited your speech perfectly. I’m glad you could hear me so clearly through your ear buds.

“Now, we get to work. Our regional centers should easily be able to process a thousand candidates per day. Within a month we’ll have more than enough to handle the alien threat. After that, our numbers will continue to grow, until we can take complete control of the nation, and then, the world.”

“World”, Natalie repeated, the effect of her initial conditioning session and the ceaseless stimulation of her suit leaving her awash in ecstasy, smiling dreamily at the Doctor. At that moment Natalie didn’t have a care in the world, and wouldn’t know it if she did.

The Doctor smiled, nodded. “Yes, my dear Madame President, the world. Soon to be transformed into a giant hive with a billion workers, all like these.” She motioned to those around them. “And you, their first Queen. Blissfully pampered by your workers and drones, locked up tight in your hive, leaving me to run things. Would you like that?” She ran a hand across Natalie’s breasts, eliciting a hungry moan from her immobilized prisoner. “Yes, I thought you might. But now, let’s get you to your new home.”

With that, Holcroft reached down and retrieved the shapeless bundle in Natalie’s lap. It was a black rubber bag with a locking collar and an attached corrugated hose that went into the back of the chair. She pulled the bag over Natalie’s head and locked the collar around her neck. Turning a valve at the base of the hose, she watched as Natalie breathed in and out, the bag filling and collapsing in rhythm, her lungs filling with a mix of air and a special aphrodisiac. She waited a few moments before Natalie began moaning, watched as her nipples hardened and her hands began clenching and opening, her body pulling against her restraints.

Holcroft couldn’t help but run her own glossy hands over the pliant, writhing sight before her. “Come, my Queen. Let us go to your chambers.” She motioned to a quartet of workers awaiting her orders. “You, guide the chair. You two, prep the lab – we’ll be converting several Cabinet members tonight. And you, check in with all the regional processing centers, then report to me. Go.” The one tasked with guiding the chair took up position at its back, while the others bowed and said something in reply that came through their respirators as a muffled buzzing.

Holcroft made her way out of the room and down a wide, gloomy corridor, the chair and its occupant and minder close behind. Soon they reached an elevator that opened at the Doctor’s approach. They all entered, and after the door closed it went downward for some time at a speedy clip, decelerating softly as it reached its destination. It opened to a long and darkened corridor whose floor was lit at the edges by recessed lighting. They proceeded down, past dozens of closet-sized openings, most of which were occupied by sleeping workers in their armored suits, inflated panel walls filling the empty space in each and holding its occupants upright as they slumbered, their respirators humming as they breathed, filling the hive with the sound.

Eventually the bizarre party reached the end of the corridor where an imposing door blocked the way. Sensors noted the presence of both the President and the Doctor and the door slid open with a quiet whoosh. They proceeded inside, and as the door closed the Doctor removed the breathing bag from Natalie’s head.

“Hello, my Queen. How are you feeling? Good?” She ran a hand over Natalie’s cheek as the President, lost in her aphrodisiac reverie, barely responded with a nod. “There’s so much more in store. We’re going to change the world, you and I. We’re going to make it such a better place. But for now, you need your rest. You’ve had a long day, and there’s a lot to do tomorrow. Let’s get you ready.” She stood up and motioned for two of the insectoid helpers to come forward. They undid the straps and lifted Natalie from the chair, laying her on a nearby padded table. Another respirator and hose were produced from the end of the table and fitted to Natalie’s face without resistance. The air it provided was infused with a gas designed by the Doctor to keep Natalie relaxed and compliant. A set of VR goggles were added over her eyes, and the second round of compliance programming began. The helpers then pulled a sheet of stretchy material over the prone President, tightening the built-in straps holding her immobile. When they were done, the helpers took up positions at either end of the bed, standing in waiting.

Holcroft addressed them. “Remain here all night. Let no one disturb her. Watch for any signs of distress, and call if there are any issues.” The helpers nodded silently as the Doctor exited the room. Her night was just beginning. The security detail had detained the several Cabinet members and senior military officers who had come to the facility at the start of the crisis. Most would by now have been prepped and suited, held in isolation by the prep teams, waiting for her to inspect them and commence the compliance programming. Once they were all converted and added to the Hive she could let them handle any problems in the government while her recruitment centers built the Hive into a world power. Soon, she would have an army of her own, a hundred thousand glossy black drones following her every order, fulfilling her every desire. She had been made dictator by the President herself, and she spoke to the Hive with the Queen’s authority. And, since she was the only one who would ever see the Queen in her isolation, the world would be hers to command.

Meanwhile, back in her cell, the signals from the mesh net in her hood were slowly breaking down Natalie’s defenses as the respirator’s aphrodisiac kept her craving the endless tactile stimulation of her imprisoning armor. The VR goggles fed her a fantasy of several drones crawling over her, massaging and arousing her with their hands while over her stood the imposing figure of the Doctor, her alluring, suit-clad figure sending Natalie towards the edge. As the first of the many orgasms that night crested and broke, Natalie heard the Doctor’s soothing, enticing voice: “Now, my Queen, here are the orders you will give my armies…”




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