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Lysandra's Secret Desire

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2001 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; latex; bondage; reluct/cons; X

The bright morning sunlight reflected back at Lysandra as she tilted her morning newspaper towards her for a closer look at an article that caught her attention:

Must be clean, professional, Bondable
Some light cleaning duty, applicant must
be willing to live on location in a three
Storey Estate House, Free Room & Board
Wage expectancy to be discussed.
Apply by writing to:
365 Riverbend Rd.
Hill valley.

The Job was perfect, just the thing she needed to alleviate the boredom, Lysandra didn't need to work, her last remaining relative died some years ago and left her a very rich young woman, she was 21 five years ago when she first received the news of an uncle she never even knew passed away, she lived in France most of her life until later moving to Europe, apparently she was his favorite Niece, not having much to do with the rest of the Family he left his entire Estate to her in his final Will.

Lysandra liked to take the odd job every now and then just for something to do, she didn't really have any hobbies, most of her friends had moved or had gotten married and moved away, she had no real love entanglements, her last few dates had been complete disasters, the men bored her, she had more fun dating women than men, she wasn't an all out Lesbian, she just knew what she liked, if a woman turned her on because she was attracted to her, then that was what she did, she had, had her share of male lovers, but mostly it was being close to an attractive well dressed woman that turned her on... "At least there was someone to talk to afterwards," she would joke.

This job in the morning paper was perfect she thought to herself as she sipped her tea.
"Who Knows... maybe I'll meet someone nice for a change?" She thought to herself.

Three Weeks Later

A red sports car pulled into the driveway of a huge old three storey house, the car stopped in front of the old and weathered stone steps, two huge stone Gargoyles were perched atop ornate carved stone blocks at the base of the steps one on each side of the steps. The car door opened, a slender black stockinged foot wearing five inch black shiny high heeled shoes that strapped beautifully around the slender ankles slid out of the car from under the door, the high heel clicked on the stone pavement and was followed by another click as the other foot joined it.

Lysandra emerged from her red sports car, she was dressed in a French Maid's uniform, although the reply she received by mail had said nothing about a Uniform, she thought it was a nice touch. Her high heels clicked on the pavement as she walked to the back of the car, she opened the trunk and pulled out her suitcase and headed up the stone steps to the large solid Oak door in front of her, the door swung open, an attractive woman probably ten or so years older than her stood in the doorway waiting for her.
"You must be Lysandra?" The woman said.
"Oui Madame." Lysandra replied.
"Here let me take that for you." The woman said as she reached out for Lysandra's suitcase.
"Thank you Madame."

The woman led Lysandra into the main hall of the house, "I'm Margarete and this is my Husband Ben, we will be leaving later today on a business trip so you'll have the whole place to yourself...." They entered into the livingroom, ".....Please...sit, we'll have some tea and chat awhile."
Lysandra sat herself on the couch across from Margarete and her husband Ben, they were an attractive couple she thought, Ben looked almost old enough to be her father, but this did not surprise her, it was not uncommon for a woman to marry and older man.

Margarete leaned forward and pored some tea into an empty china cup on a serving tray in the middle of the old oak coffee table, "Sugar?" She said trying not to stare at Lysandra's beautiful slender black stockinged legs.
"Oui Madame." Lysandra replied. Margarete had noticed Lysandra's deep French accent from the moment she met her at the door, she loved a good French accent, next to British accents French was one of her favorites, "You're French... right dear?" Margarete said.
"Oui...I've lived there most of my life but moved here a few years ago after my family passed away." Lysandra answered. 
"You know a uniform was not necessary... but still.... a nice touch." Ben said his eyes widened a little as Lysandra crossed her long legs. Margarete elbowed him in the chest, "Ooff !" Ben cried. 
"You'll have to forgive my husband." Margarete said, "He can be such a naughty boy...Dirty old man!" She scowled at him.

They finished their Tea, Margarete stood up and said, "Let me give you the grand tour." Lysandra stood up and followed Margarete out into the hall way. She gave her a tour of the house which was very impressive and well kept for such an old house. Once back on the main floor they stopped by a locked door under the stairs. "You have free run of the house, except for this room here, this is private and you are not to enter." Margarete handed her an old skeleton key and continued, " is a key to the door." Lysandra was a little confused...."Strange...Why give me a key to this room if I'm not to enter it?" She thought to herself.

Margarete showed her to her room and said, "I almost forgot, here is the key to the house in case you have to go out somewhere while we are gone." She handed her the key and added, "Well I guess that's everything... make yourself at home we should be gone in about an hour, We'll see you in four weeks."
"Ok Au Revoir madame, have a pleasant trip."
"Thanks." Margarete said as she turned and left.

Lysandra sat herself on the edge of the huge queen size bed, "This is a very nice old house... it has charm." She thought.

The first three days passed by, Lysandra busied herself reading books from their well stocked library and doing what little cleaning there needed, mostly light dusting every now and then, she had passed by the locked door under the stairs a number of times, with each passing day she grew more and more curious about the "Secret Room" as she had come to call it.
"Pourquoi, pourquoi Why! Give me a key to a room I'm not supposed to go into?"
The question gnawed at her constantly, she found herself constantly thinking about what might be inside the "Secret Room" every time she would walk by. Later that night before going to bed she thought. "Maybe they have dead bodies hidden in there....and if they do it would only be my duty to report it to the police.. No?".....She thought about it more....she reached over and turned off the bedside light on the night stand....."Tomorrow I will look inside the secret room.....just to be sure...."

The morning came and Lysandra had awoke and started to get dressed, she slipped her long shapely legs into her black pantyhose, and then slipped on her high heels and fastened the straps around her ankles and finally put on her French Maids uniform. She headed for the kitchen to make herself some Tea and something to eat. After breakfast she gave the house a light dusting, she headed into the hallway and was about to go upstairs when she paused by the secret room, she dipped into the pocket of her French Maid's uniform and pulled out the skeleton key....a long moment passed as she stood tapping her chin thoughtfully with the key.... "I really shouldn't...I was told not to go in there.....but still...why give me a key....they must have known I would be curious........?".......She thought puzzled.

Her curiosity got the better of her...."I'm here all one will know..." She thought, she put the key into the lock and turned it.....the door creaked open....the room was dark she couldn't see into it very far, she stepped into the room, she almost stumbled not realizing that there were steps leading down, she felt to the sides and clutched onto wooden railings, the stairs were short and only went down a few steps, her eyes were a little better adjusted to the darkness now but she could still not make anything out, the room was filled with a certain kind of smell, the smell of rubber and leather mixed with a hint of perfume, she walked carefully into the room with her arms feeling out in front of her looking for a light switch having not found one on the inside of the doorway, her foot kicked something on the floor that sounded like a chain or metal, a long cord dangling from the ceiling brushed against her forehead as she walked into it, she reached up and took hold of it and gave it a tug assuming it to be the light switch, suddenly the room was bathed in a bright reddish light, she could now see clearly the contents of the secret room.

On the floor against the far wall was a large bed covered with dull black rubber sheets stretched tightly over the mattress, the walls too were covered with black rubber sheets which draped like curtains down to the floor all around the circumference of the room, in the center of the room at the foot of the bed was an upside down "V" shaped hobby horse made of black laquer, the top was padded leather fastened to the sides with silver tacks, at the four corners near the bottom were three inch diameter metal silver rings bolted securely to the base of the hobby horse, she nudged one of them with the tip of her high heel shoe, it "clinked," this is what her foot kicked on the floor, "Mechancete!" She said surprised, "Just what are Madame Margarete and her Husband Ben into?....Maudire!".... She looked around the room a little more, over on the far wall next to the bed was what looked like an opening in the black rubber curtains draped around the room, she could see a red glow coming from a slight part in the black rubber curtains.

Lysandra parted them and entered into a small dressing room bathed in a slightly brighter red light that the main chamber, "Maudire!" She cried surprised... Hanging on a dresser was a black latex catsuit, she reached out and touched the fine black rubber, she noticed that the catsuit had high heels attached to the feet, she picked one up and caressed the side of the molded rubber high heeled shoe examining how seamlessly it was attached to the leg of the catsuit, the shoes were molded out of the same rubber as the catsuit, she noticed there were rubber gloves, she could see no zipper on the catsuit, the only way into it seemed to be through an opening in the face of the attached hood at the top of which was a short three inch cone for one to pull ones hair through effectively making a ponytail. "Sis is very kinky stuff no?" She said to herself trying to imagine Margarete and her hubby Ben doing God only knows what in this stuff.

Lysandra suddenly felt a little guilty and scared about being in someone's most private of places, a place she was specifically told not to enter. She quickly hurried out of the dressing room, darted across the secret room almost bumping her head against a metal shackle hanging from the ceiling on a silver chain, she left so fast she didn't turn off the lights, she hurried up the short steps and into the hallway she closed the door behind her and leaned up against it breathing heavy clutching her feather duster in front of her, her black stockinged legs spread slightly apart shaking slightly with nervousness, she felt so guilty and scared at having a glimpse into someone else's very personal and private life. "Ah Moi!" She said catching her breath and fanning the feather duster in front of her face.

Later that night she couldn't help but think about what she had seen in the secret room.... now no longer secret, the remembrance of the intoxicating smell of rubber and the vision of the catsuit still fresh in her mind, she found herself thinking things she had always thought were weird and not normal, somehow the thought of being enclosed in that tight rubber catsuit was turning her on, she started to wonder what it would be like to wear it, she felt herself getting wet, she stoked her moist lips and moaned at the thought of slipping into the tight rubber catsuit, before long she had rolled onto her front and was fingering herself deep in fantasy, she sucked on her thumb as her other hand thrust in and out of her wet pussy, she moaned with pleasure at the erotic rubber images she conjured up in her fantasy, waves of orgasm flowed over her..."Maudire! Maudire! She Cried.... and collapsed onto the bed exhausted.


Almost a week had gone by, lysandra found that she just could not keep away from the secret room, during her cleaning duties she would find herself entering the room and wandering around looking at and discovering all the perverted marvels it contained. By now she knew every inch of it by heart, next to the rubber covered bed on the right side was a short night stand comprised of two drawers, the top drawer she had discovered contained a collection of dildos and vibrators similar in appearance to the seven that stood on top of the night stand like someone's perverted collection of rocket ships. The second drawer contained various shackles, chains, and other items of rubber and leather. Behind the black rubber curtain to the left of the bed she had discovered a peg board filled with spanking paddles, shackles, chains, leather and rubber hoods, ball and dildo gags, chastity belts made of metal, rubber, leather, just about every kind of bondage equipment you could think of.

She stood beside the leather and black laquer hobby horse running her finger along the padded leather top, she so desired to try out some of the items in the secret room, the more time she spent looking around the more aroused she seemed to become, she parted her black stockinged thighs and slid her hand up the short skirt of her French Maid's uniform between her legs and started to massage her already wet crotch over the fine mesh of her pantyhose, the thought of the latex catsuit hanging in the adjoining dressing room entered her mind, she paused and strutted over to the opening in the rubber curtain to the dressing room, her high heels clicked on the hard concrete floor of the secret room.

Lysandra stood in front of the rubber catsuit hanging on the front of the full length dresser, more thoughts of what it might be like to wear raced through her mind as she massaged her soaked pussy through the mesh of her wet pantyhose, she pulled out the chair from in front of the makeup table and placed it a few yards away from the full length dresser, she straddled the chair backwards hiking her skirt up around her waist, she stared at the catsuit hanging in front of her while rubbing her wet pussy, before long she was holding the back of the chair with one hand, leaning back a little and thrusting her wet pantyhose and fingers in and out of her hot soaking cunt.
"Aahhh...Oui! Oui!... H h h...Maudire!....Aahhh!...." She grunted and moaned with pleasure as she fantasized about the black tight rubber catsuit enclosed around and embracing her whole body, her stockinged ankles twisted and writhed, her legs quaked as her orgasm engulfed her, beads of sweat rolled down her face, she could hear her own heartbeat pounding in here ears, her hair was a mess..... A long moment passed while she caught her breath and regained her composure....
"Oh... mien...what am I going to do!?!"....

She stood up and walked over to the catsuit, she grabbed the sleeve and glove and brushed it up against the side of her cheek inhaling the scent of latex deeply, a curious thought entered her mind, she reached down and took hold of the molded high heel of the catsuit and raised her foot to bring the two together, she was surprised to see that the shoe of the catsuit was an exact match of her own shoe size. "Madame Margarete must take the same size shoes as I." She thought.

Lysandra closed the door to the secret room behind her, she was still breathing a little heavy from the orgasm she had given herself and her hair still looked like that of a woman who had just been fucked. The door lock clicked as she turned the key, her high heels clicked on the hall floor as she headed for the stairs. "So I could wear it, it looks like it would fit me perfectly, Madame Margarete and I are about the same size too." She thought as she started up the stairs...
"Maudire!'s not right!" She blurted out loud pausing on the stairs for a moment, she wrestled with the thought a moment and then hurried up the stairs.

She entered into her room and stripped off her clothes, her fingers fumbled nervously on the straps of her high heeled shoes buckled around her slender stockinged ankles. She kicked off her shoes and peeled off her pantyhose and headed for the private bathroom adjoined to her bedroom. After her shower Lysandra got dressed, she figured she would go out to the store to buy a few items for the kitchen cupboards, they didn't really need anything but she figured the drive into town would do her some good and help sort out her emotions and get her head together.

She walked over to the bed, the bath towel dropped to the floor and she sat on the edge of the bed, she pulled on a pair of thick opaque red tights and slipped her feet into her high heeled shoes and buckled the thin black straps around her ankles, she slipped on a red and green plaid, short skirt, she slipped into a white blouse and put her watch on and headed down the stairs. Lysandra sat behind the wheel of her red sports car for a moment trying to gather her thoughts, realizing it was no good and knowing full well that she always thought better once the car was moving, she turned the key and started the car, the engine roared to life and she put it in gear and drove out of the driveway.


A few hours later she returned, Lysandra got out of her car and turned around and leaned back into the front seat of her car to gather some grocery bags resting on the seat, as she bent over her short plaid mini skirt rode up a little revealing her nakedness just barely visible beneath the opacity of her red tights, Lysandra never liked to wear underwear with her tights and pantyhose, she far more preferred just the feeling of the fine mesh covering her naked sex, it made her feel naughty, although she was usually a lot more careful about the choice of outer garments she wore, this time her mind had been on to many other things and she had forgotten about the shortness of her skirt, fortunately for her Madame Margaret's home was located on a very secluded piece of land far from prying eyes and nosey neighbors.

After she had finished putting the groceries away, Lysandra sat down to enjoy a tea break. The trip in the car had done her a lot of good, as it had done on many other occasions in her life where she had trouble sorting things out, the sound of the open road, the feel of the car beneath her always relaxed her, some people enjoy a hot bath to help them relax, but Lysandra loved to drive. It had helped her a great deal to sort out this problem she was having trying to decide what to do about the secret room, she had decided it would be best to stay out of there and leave Madame Margarete and her husband Ben's personal private life alone.


The final week had arrived, Lysandra returned from a drive into town with a few rented movies she planed to watch to help further take her mind off things, "Maudire!" she gasped as a sudden gust of wind blew up her plaid skirt again revealing her nakedness beneath her red opaque tights, always afraid that someone would see her she quickly hefted the grocery bag under one arm and straightened out her skirt, another gust of wind blew her skirt up again from behind this time showing off her perfectly shaped butt, it was pretty windy today at the front of the house, but she had come to notice during her stay that the front steps to this old house seemed to channel the wind, realizing that she was in no real danger of being seen she put down the grocery bag onto the stone steps just in front of the door, secretly she always loved the feeling of the wind against her nylon covered nakedness, she loved the feel of the wind gently caressing her panty hosed legs.... she stood a while enjoying the sensation as the occasional gust of wind lifted her skirt blowing between her legs caressing her nylon covered pussy.

Lysandra passed by the secret room on her way to the kitchen, she was so aroused by her experience on the front steps, a thought had crossed her mind,
"This is the last week... Madame Margarete and her husband will be back at the end of it... If I am to ever know what wearing that suit is like it is now or never... Oui?" She fetched the key from a small pocket in her plaid mini skirt and opened the door... she paused a moment... she could feel the adrenaline racing through her at the thought of what she was about to do, for weeks she had resisted the temptation of the rubber catsuit as it beckoned to her, but now she could resist no more, she had to know what it was like, time was running out.

Lysandra parted the black rubber curtain and entered into the dressing room, before as always was the black rubber catsuit hanging on the dresser, she reached out and grabbed the leg of the suit, she brought the shoe up close to her face and inhaled the heady scent of latex, she held the shoe by the back and started to rub the point of the toe along the crotch seem of her red tights, she was already a little wet from her experience on the front steps, she felt the tip of the rubber shoe and her tights slip between her lips a little.
"Ahh..Oui!..." She moaned.
"Maudire...what is moi doing!?!".... She took the catsuit down and laid it out across the back of the chair in front of the makeup table, she stripped off her clothes and stood naked before the full length mirror in the dressing room, she opened the face of the catsuit's hood, noticing that the interior of the catsuit was generously dusted with talcum powder, she knew nothing of these type of garments and how they were meant to be worn, but Lysandra was a smart woman and figured it was obviously to make putting the garment on much easier, she picked up a container of talcum powder from off of the makeup table and applied some to her whole body, the feeling of the cool powder as it cascaded down her naked body felt wonderful.

Once she had finished smoothing the talcum powder all over her body she carefully picked up the rubber catsuit, she opened the face of the hood up and slide her long shapely powdered leg nervously into the catsuit, she was surprised by how easily the leg of the suit slipped over her own, a perfect fit, she slipped the other leg into the face opening and carefully worked the suit on her leg, pushing her feet into the waiting high heels of the catsuit, after a moment of careful manipulation she had both feet perfectly in the molded high heeled shoes of the catsuit, she started to pull the suit up when she suddenly noticed that the inside crotch of the catsuit had a built in formidable dildo molded as part of the suit.

"Mechancete!" She gasped, she almost stripped the suit off in disgust, most of the men she had ever been with never had a penis as large as this, she paused a moment, she was already so wet from just slipping the suit on this far, and her pussy lips were swollen and aching for satisfaction... "Maudire!... what the hell!"....
She grabbed a bottle of KY Jelly from the makeup table in front of her and applied a generous amount to the shaft of the rubber penis molded to the inside crotch of the catsuit, although her pussy didn't need any she still applied some to herself as well, once done she continued to work the rubber suit up her legs, the tip of the rubber penis bobbed up and down at her wet lips until the snugness of the suit had it resting firmly against her lips.
"Ahh Oui, she gasped as she felt it part her lips a little, she worked the suit up a little more forcing the dildo to enter her, "Ahhh... unh!" she grunted as the full length of the rubber phallus filled her like she had never been before, at the crotch of the suit on the outside she noticed that it had a one and a half inch diameter rubber ring for manipulating the inner dildo, she took hold of it and began to stir the dildo within her, "Ahhh...Oui Oui!...Ummm...Non non..not yet..." She forced herself to stop and continued to slip the rest of the catsuit over her naked body, her lower half now covered in tight latex looked like it was made of black glass streaked a little here and there with white talcum powder.

She finished slipping her fingers into the molded attached rubber gloves of the catsuit and began working the latex of the attached hood over her face, fortunately for her she had remembered the cone at the top of the hood and had already made her hair into a ponytail on top of her head, she pulled her hair through the rubber cone of the hood and worked the latex into place, she stood in front of the full length mirror admiring her perfect form, "Maudier!... Very sexy no?" She said.

The firmness of the dildo trapped deep within her between her legs, the all embracing tightness of her rubber enclosure, it felt incredible, she had never felt anything like it, she had already had an orgasm just putting the suit on, but now that she was in it she was determined to have another, she had heard that second orgasms were always more intense, and now she was sure to find out.

The black rubber curtains from the dressing room parted, Lysandra stood a moment between the parted curtains perched on her high heels of the latex catsuit. She was always accustomed to wearing high heels, mostly in the three to four inch length, the heels of the catsuit were a full six inches in height, they forced her chest forward a little and caused her butt to stick out back a little. The heels and the arc of the shoe bent her foot into an almost "tippy toe" position, she always loved high heels and the effect they always had on the female posture, the molded shoes of the catsuit felt incredible, the combination of the shoes. The tightness of the rubber catsuit and the trapped dildo were making her incredibly horny again as she stepped forward and stood looking at the contents of the secret room, "Mmmm...Oui!, Oui!.."

She moaned as she slid a latex covered finger down over the tight latex covering her abdomen, she slipped her middle finger through the "O" of the rubber manipulator ring molded to her crotch, "Unhhhh..!..." She moaned as she squeezed her crotch forcing the thick rubber dildo deep within her to move, her body tensed as she stood further "tippy toed" in her rubber high heels, her head was swimming with passion, she almost fell forward if not for her quick action to steady herself with a shackle hanging from the ceiling on a silver chain.
"Maudire!"... She gasped.
She let go of the shackle and strutted over to the rubber bed, she knelt onto the tight rubber covered mattress, her thighs were spread two feet apart while she started playing with the manipulator ring at her crotch again, "Unnnhh!" She moaned and grunted with pleasure as the thick dildo stirred deep within her, she collapsed onto her front with one hand feverishly working the rubber ring at her crotch while her other hand rested beside her face, she stuck her rubber covered thumb into her mouth and started sucking it as she started to thrust the dildo in and out of her hot cunt as much as the tightness of the latex catsuit would allow.

She could almost get the dildo out of her but not quite, it always seemed about an inch two short no matter how hard she pulled, it kind of gave her a powerless sensation knowing she could not remove the dildo from within her without taking the catsuit off, she discovered she liked the feeling. She started stirring the dildo in nice wide circles by the manipulator ring, "Ahhhh....Oui! Oui!...Davantage! Davantage....Maudire! Maudire!.....Hhhhh.. Ahhh! Oui! Oui!...."
Lysandras cries of passion echoed out into the hallway.
"Ahhh Maudire...!" She rolled onto her back her legs spread open wide, her middle finger still through the "O" of the manipulator ring, her lips wrapped tightly around the shaft of the thick rubber penis. Suddenly she noticed standing at the foot of the bed were Madame Margarete and her husband Bed, they had obviously returned early from their business trip.

"Dieu!...Maudire!" Lysandra gasped. "What are they doing back so early!" She thought, "How long had they been there." She was so embarrassed, caught in the act, she nervously slipped off of the bed and stood up, "Ah.. Madame moi is so sorry,... Moi is so embarrassed...!"
Lysandra stumbled over her words knowing there were no real appropriate words for such an occasion, she made a feeble attempt to cover her private parts like she was naked, she felt naked even though she was completely covered by the latex catsuit. Madame Margarete stood in front of her, she was wearing a short black leather mini skirt with black tights and shiny black patent leather high heeled shoes, she removed the business suit jacket she had on overtop of a red satin blouse.

"Oh my, my dear, you have been a naughty girl while we were away, haven't you?"... Lysandra stood before them both her hand still covering her crotch while her legs were closed together, her feet were slightly apart with the toes of her high heels pointed inwards a little, her other hand folded across her chest covering her still erect nipples tightly covered by the latex of the catsuit, her posture was bent over slightly like she was trying to make herself small.
"Oui Madame, oui.... Moi is very sorry...." She nervously shuffled around staring at the floor. Meanwhile Ben was walking around admiring how well the latex catsuit fit her.
"Shhhh, Shhh ,Shhhh..." Margarete hushed her, "Now,'s alright... no real harm done....still such action will have to be punished..... Wouldn't you say so Ben dear?" Margarete said, a wicked smile growing on her face. A different feeling was starting to come over Lysandra, she wasn't quite sure what. 
"Ah mechancete! wouldn't!"

Ben had slipped his way behind Lysandra, "Oh but of course would only seem fitting." He said. Lysandra realizing that Ben was behind her started to move away but Madame Margarete stepped in front of her and blocked her, Ben suddenly seized her from behind by her arms, pinning them behind her back, she struggled. Ben wrapped one of his legs around hers from behind pulling her close to him, limiting her movement even more, she could feel the bulge of his manhood pressing up against her butt through the latex of the catsuit and his pants. She struggled more but it was no use, Ben had a good grip on her. Margarete stepped forward staring at Lysandra's rubber covered breasts forced out in front of her. Her nipples were still erect and it was plainly visible under the tight latex covering her breasts.
"Ah Madame... what are you going to do with moi?" She said nervously.
"Well, that would be telling now wouldn't it?" Margarete said smiling and then added, "Oh look Ben this naughty girl doesn't even know that you are supposed to polish the nice rubber once you have it on... looks like I'll have to do it for her, doesn't it dear?" She smiled wickedly again looking over Lysandra's shoulder at Ben. At the mere mention of polishing, Lysandra could feel the bulge of Ben's manhood stiffen even more as he rubbed up against her tight rubber covered butt.

Ben forced Lysandra over towards the shackles hanging from the ceiling. "Non No... Please I beg of you Madame... do not do this to moi!" She squirmed as Ben fastened the leather shackles around her wrists while Margarete held her still, Margarete then knelt down and fastened two shackles around her ankles. Counter sunk into the concrete floor were two upside down metal "U" shapes spaced about three feet apart which she fasted the chains from her ankle shackles to.
Ben parted the rubber curtain next to the dressing room, concealed behind the curtain was a switch, he flipped the switch and the chains attached to the shackles around Lysandra's wrists tensed up as some hidden motor built into the ceiling drew the chains upwards effectively removing any slack in the chain. Lysandra's arms were now held slightly above her head while her legs were held two and a half feet apart, she could move, but not much.

Ben disappeared through the curtain into the dressing room, a short moment later he returned with a cloth and a bottle of latex "Pervo Shine" spray, Margarete took the two items from Ben who headed over to a wooden chair next to the bed and sat down to watch his wife work. Margatrete looked at Lysandra shackled helplessly before her and smiled,
"Now for my favorite part." She said as she started to spray a little of the latex polish onto the front of Lysandra's catsuit, Lysandra squirmed in her bondage as Margarete wiped the murky fluid all over her breasts and the front of her catsuit, "Ahhh... Maudire!" She gasped as Margarete rubbed the cloth across her breasts and worked her way down over her belly and paid extra attention to Lysandra's crotch, she squirmed in the shackles trying to pull herself away but Margarete's hand followed wherever she moved, her bondage allowing her little room for evasive maneuvers.

Margarete rubbed the cloth all over and around the rubber manipulator ring, she worked the cloth around Lysandra's back caressing and polishing her tight rubber covered butt, every time Madame Margarete caressed her crotch with the cloth, polishing the tight latex of her catsuit she felt the dildo stir within her, her pussy lips tightened around the thick rubber invader, each movement bringing her closer to another orgasm, this was going to be even more embarrassing having Madame Margaret and her Husband Ben watch her have an orgasm. She had never been in such a compromising situation before, part of her felt as if she deserved what she was getting while the other half of her felt so embarrassed and ashamed, while a deeper part of her still was secretly enjoying itself.

Margarete sprayed a generous amount of the polish onto Lysandra's slightly spread open legs and began polishing them, caressing her long black rubber encased legs with the cloth, as she rubbed the inside of Lysandra's thighs she could sense her arousal,
"Madame Hhhunh! ...Please ... Nnnn.... let moi go!" Lysandra pleaded half wanting more.
"My she is a chatty little bitch isn't she Ben dear? What do we have to quiet a chatty little bitch?".....

Ben stopped playing with himself and got up and walked over to the curtain covering the peg board loaded with bondage equipment, he returned with a strap on two and a half inch long, thick dildo gag, "I think this will fix her up nicely love." He said to his wife handing her the gag. Lysanra's eyes widened wen she saw it, she began shaking her head from side to side.
"Non,! Non! Madame, ..please... I beg of you no!"
She tried to squirm and avoid the gag entering her mouth, but Madame Margarete pinched her nose until she had to gasp for air and then she popped the short dildo gag into her mouth and fastened the straps around the back of her head, now with the dildo gag firmly in place all that could be heard were the muffled protests of Lysandra.

Margarete continued to polish Lysandra's helpless rubber covered body, she paid particular attention to her breast, legs, especially her inner thighs, her abdomen, butt. Once she was finished polishing Lysandra's rubber covered body, she placed the bottle of polish on the floor between Lysandra's spread open legs along with the cloth, she stood up smiling admiring the tight, shiny, black rubber catsuited form of Lysandra shackled helplessly before her, she grabbed the manipulator ring and started to play with it forcing the dildo in and out of her helpless hot wet cunt. "Mmmmmpffff ...mmmmm..Uhhhh...!" Lysandra moaned and grunted with each twist of the dildo at the hands of Madame Margarete.

It did not take long for Margarete to bring Lysandra to another sweet orgasm, sensing she was in the middle of one she started to kiss her passionately on the cheek, she licked Lysandra's lips wrapped around the dildo gag, while the middle finger of her right hand was slipped through the "O" of the manipulator ring stirring it in wide circles, her other hand was behind her squeezing and caressing the tight latex covering her butt., Lysandra's wrists and ankles writhed and twisted in the shackles as her orgasm reached it's climax, she grunted and moaned deeply while she sucked on the dildo gag in her mouth, she turned her face away from Margarete's kisses twisting her neck to the side and pulled on her wrist shackles lifting herself up as far the chains would allow her in a desperate attempt to pull herself away from Madame Margarete's hand feverishly thrusting the trapped dildo in and out of her hot wet sensitive cunt while massaging and slapping her but with the other hand, with each slap further intensifying her orgasm Lysandra grunted louder into her dildo gag, rivulets of sweat rolled down her face and dripped onto her tight latex covered breasts.
"UunhhhH!... Oui! .. Oui!... F..f.f.fuck!.. UunhH!" She moaned and grunted loudly as her whole body trembled, her hips shook violently for a moment, her back arched pushing her pelvis and crotch onto Madame Margarete's assaulting hand pressing the dildo deep into her, and then she collapsed into the shackles.

Lysandra hung from the shackles in the secret room completely spent and exhausted from her ordeal. Madame Margarete strutted around her limp body supported by the chains and shackles, she smiled at her handiwork knowing the best was yet to come, she stopped just in front of Lysandra.
Lysandra hung in her bondage looking down at Madame Margaret's black stockinged and shiny patent leather shoed feet.
"You'll love what's coming next my dear." Margarete said, she made a motion with her hand and Ben got up from his seat and came over, he helped Margarete undo the chains from Lysandra's shackles leaving the shackles still fastened securely around her wrists and ankles.
"P p p p Please Madame... No more...I ... I ....I beg of y y you!" Lysandra pleaded as Ben and Margarete walked her over to the black laquer hobby horse, they laid her on her front over the horse and fastened her wrist and ankle shackles to the metal rings at the bottom sides of the upside down "V" of the hobby horse, her bottom was positioned at the very end of the horse, the padding at that end of the horse forcing her butt to stick up in the air a little.

Madame Margarete opened a small sliding compartment hidden in the base of the hobby horse at the back, she pulled out a long black coiled wire resembling the coiled wire of a telephone handset, on the end of the wire was a small two prong electrical plug, at the base the manipulator ring molded to the crotch of Lysandra's catsuit just inside the rubber "O" were two small holes for the electrical plug to be fitted into, Margarete inserted the plug, she knelt back down near the open hidden compartment of the hobby horse, she reached inside and produced a small black box with some knobs and buttons on it, she licked her lips smiling as she pressed buttons and twisted knobs before finally standing up carrying the black box with the long coiled black wire coming from it, she stood in front of Lysandra helplessly laid on top of the hobby horse with her arms and legs fastened to the sides of the horse. All Lysandra could see was Madame Margarete's feet standing in front of her and the coiled black wire brushing against her black nylon clad leg as it swayed bach and forth, she had to crane her neck upwards in order to see all of her, it was kind of a strain on the back of her neck to do it for any length of time, she looked at Margarete standing before her holding the black box, her thumb poised over a large red button, she had the most devilish smile on her face as she licked her lips. "MmmPppfff...Mmmmm!" Lysandra mumbled.

Standing next to Margarete was Ben holding a foot long black leather spanking paddle in his hand. Margarete leaned over and kissed Lysandra on the cheek, she held the black box close to her face so Lysandra could see her press the button. Immediately upon activation Lysandra felt the dildo deep within her spring to life, it started vibrating, she could feel the length of it expanding and contracting as it began throbbing, the dildo's expansions and contractions made it feel like it was thrusting her in and out, she could also feel a certain roughness to the surface of the dildo coming and going as hundreds of mm sized rubber studs raised and lowered down the entire length of the thick vibrating rubber penis.

"AahhHH...Mmmmm ..UnnHhhh!" She grunted and moaned deeply into her dildo gag, the muscles of her buttocks tensed as the dildo molded to the inside of her catsuit worked it's magic on her. Margarete returned the black box to the hidden compartment at the rear of the hobby horse and closed the sliding cover, the black coiled electrical cord protruded from an accommodating hole and plugged into the crotch of Lysandra's rubber catsuit continually manipulating the dildo deep within her. Margarete took the leather spanking paddle from Ben who returned to his seat to watch his wife have her fun. "UnhhH!".... UnnhhH!... UnnnhH!" Lysanda grunted hoarsely with each smack of the paddle over her tight latex covered butt the vibrating and contracting studded dildo vibrating deep within her, her rubber covered thighs clamped onto the sides of the hobby horse with each thrust and smack of the paddle.

"Aw maudire.... what has moi done to deserve this?" She thought as the paddle swatted her again, she knew full well what she had done, she had never before felt so confused, half of her pleaded for mercy while her other half longed for her approaching orgasm. One orgasm came, fifteen minutes later another, and so on. Madame Margarete played with her for hours giving her one sweet orgasm after another.

Finally when it was over Margarete and Ben let her go. Lysandra had never in all her life experienced anything like what Madame Margarete had given her, she liked it so much that she became good friends with Margarete and Ben, every week sometimes more she would return to the estate house in the country to play with Margarete and Ben, she never did get paid for her house sitting but you know what? She didn't mind so much, Madame Margarete let her keep the latex catsuit so long as she promised to wear it whenever she came over to play with them.... and she does... always.


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