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Lucy And Lilly

by Rbbral

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© Copyright 2005 - Rbbral - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF/f; latex; bond; susp; reluct/cons; X

Lucy And Lilly by Rbbral

It was the long weekend and Bob was very excited about that, for it meant fun and frolics with Lucy, his girlfriend of 6 months. She was a beautiful broad-minded girl who had taken to his passion for bondage and rubber fetishism, at first a little nervously but then with interest and now with almost his fervour. She was imaginative, enthusiastic and lots of fun and nothing was too outrageous for her. 

She was more than he could dream for, cute boyish blonde hair, medium height with a firm body and cute elf-like face. She was witty, energetic and very athletic which helped a lot in some of their more extreme bondage scenarios. 

They played games of cat and mouse, kidnapping scenes and she to loved fighting like a tiger and then succumbing to his greater strength and being made powerless in extreme bondage. Wrapped in rubber and firmly gagged into complete silence he would allow her to happily stew in her juices and then he would push all her buttons before she came in a torrent. 

She was an identical twin; so identical even Bob had trouble separating Lucy from the equally delectable Lilly. But they were identical only in looks and physique, for Lilly was quiet, demure, pleasant but almost standoffish – which everyone put down to shyness. She seemed to lack the inventiveness of Lucy and almost accepted being in her shadow. She didn’t seem to have any boyfriends and remained a bit of a homebody. Yes, she was as stunningly pretty as her sister and worked out with her so their bodies were similar. In a sisterly way they shared each other’s clothes and sometimes for a giggle when together they would change roles. It was all innocent fun but Lilly remained the secretive one – as if she had some kind of double life that no one knew of. 

Bob did not know how much Lilly knew of his games with Lucy, although it didn’t concern him much. They got on fine together but he figured she would be horrified about what they got up to. Poor Lilly didn’t know what she was missing. Like any red-blooded male he had fantasies of the two of them in rubber bondage, or them tying him up, now that would be fun!

So he was very excited as he waited for Lucy in her apartment. It was an old renovated loft, which had proven ideal for their games. They had retained the beams with rings and attached chains and winches. Chains dangled from the beams and side posts – all the better for stretching out a body and lifting it off the floor. They had done that several times and now Bob wanted to take it up a notch – literally! Visitors to Lucy’s place were told she liked to keep the original feel to the place and no one thought further of it. Lilly had been there many times of course, but had never commented on the paraphernalia. 

Elsewhere and out of sight of course were the fast expanding collection of rubber clothes and cuffs and collars. They were kept in Lucy’s locked wardrobe. Bob waited, dressed in dark blue catsuit, his cock hard and pressed flat against his stomach. The suit had a full head mask with red surrounds at the eyes, nose and mouth. He was working up a good sweat waiting for her. In his hands he held the suffocation helmet he would use to subdue Lucy. 

It would fit tight overhead – it stretched considerably – and he would pull it down in one firm jerk over her unsuspecting head. The mask had no eyeholes and no mouth hole, nor were there any holes for the nostrils. In the place of the mouth was an internal gag in the shape of a bulbous cock and through the cock was a tube, the only connection the wearer had to the outside. Attached at the end of the tube was a re-breather bag with a valve. The valve could control all the actions by the wearer. Open, and the wearer, blind and uncomfortable, could at least breathe and make grunting noises; closed, they would be limited by the air intake to fully concentrating on their breathing, rather than fighting the intruder as he immobilized them. This helmet would be a first for Lucy, although she did like masks and gags. He’d turned the valve almost off so he could overcome her quickly – hopefully. 

He expected her around 5pm but at 4.30pm he heard the key in the door, to which he rushed and hid behind. She came in; her back to him loaded with bags and kicked the door closed. With a leap he pulled the helmet over her head with both hands as she yelped out. Her hands swung round and struck his shoulders but he concentrated on aligning her mask. She breathed in heavily and got no air, the thick cock he could see outlined at the corner of her mouth and as she opened it to try and gulp in some more air he twisted it and thrust it in. There was gurgling and mummfing and the re-breather bag was flattened by her inhalation, then expanded with her exhalation and then flattened again. She was getting very little air and her screams were well muffled by the cock gag.

During this time, he had dragged her, kicking and swinging wildly, to the chain hanging from the centre beam, He had earlier attached a 3 inch wide studded collar to it that he quickly snapped around her neck. She grabbed it and tried to prise it apart but her breathing was laboured. He went to the wall and quickly turned the winch, raising her to her tiptoes. Even though she was struggling for air she was smart enough to realize there was no point in kicking and swinging – the fight was over. As long as she raised her heels just a little, the pull on the collar was not too bad. Within a minute she was breathing a little calmer, the breather bag rising and falling in front of her. She tried to adjust the collar and ran her hands over the smooth rubber on her now anonymous head. She seemed to realize that there was no point in struggling, and she dropped her arms to her sides and moaning quietly.

Bob thought she looked wonderful, firm body in a rather plain summer dress. He came behind her and started undoing the rear buttons, she started to resist again and he closed off her valve. She grabbed the bag, trying to figure out the valve but gave up and dropped her hands in resignation. He opened the valve and now she knew her compliance would be rewarded with oxygen. She seemed a little jitterier than he expected, he knew she liked this, the fight and surrender but it was evidently the new helmet that had given her the shock. 

He slipped the dress off her shoulders and it dropped to the floor. Next he removed her lacy bra and she shivered and covered up her breasts. Then came the panties; she didn’t resist, and stepped out of them. One hand now covered her pubis, the other her breasts. Her body was quite pale and Bob thought it was time they took some time off and went to the sun. The idea of “Kink in the Caribbean” appealed to them both. She continued to cover herself up with her hands, how coy, he thought, as he powdered her with talc. She wriggled and grunted but nothing more. Then he placed each arm in long fingerless latex gloves. He took a couple of minutes smoothing them out, her fingers and thumbs were now flat like a seal’s flipper, okay for gripping but not much else. Next he pulled up a slim garter belt to her waist, followed by a pair of shiny black latex stockings up her finely proportioned legs. There was very little struggle from her, as if she was in fact testing the waters herself – and he sensed she was perplexed rather than fearful. 

The dark sheen of the stockings and gloves contrasted superbly with her pale skin. She was erect – a perfect statue, breathing evenly now. He drew her arms forward and slipped a rubber bra around her and cupped her perfect breasts. He pulled the straps tight, adjusting them at the shoulder, and she mmmmfffed into the gag as she realized the cups had tiny rubber inside nodules which rubbed against her nipples. She groaned, and with her mittened hands tried to adjust them – to no avail. Even her breathing would push her nipples against her tickling tormentors!

But worse was to come for her, he drew a pair of rubber panties up her legs – she helpfully lifted each leg as she felt the rubber brush them – and drew them over her firm rubber encased thighs. Only when the panties approached her naked crotch did she wriggle and squirm. 

So Bob took her ankles and cuffed them and did the same with her wrists. All four limbs now had a separate chain attached and he quickly went to the wall and turned two winches pulling her into a taut “x” shape three inches off the floor – her weight distributed evenly. Then he released her collar and chain. 

He thought the position was not that uncomfortable, as Lucy had been in it before and had actually enjoyed the feeling of vulnerability and exposure. She wriggled a little in her suspended bondage and Bob, with a quiet chuckle, tightened both winches a couple of notches. She was now stretched out as tight as a drum. He passed his hands over her body, her thighs and breasts held in their tight rubber embrace. Her panties were held just below her crotch and he eased his thumbs inside them and slowly drew them up. Only then did she realize that they had two inserts designed for her. Two vibrators with fresh batteries, 4 inches long and 1 inch wide encased in a smooth rubber tube that he had greased well before. 

As they nudged against her openings she tried to squirm, with no success and a faint wail could be heard from the helmet. He required some pressure at her sphincter but he allowed her muscle to slowly adjust and accept it and firmly he pushed it in. She moaned and tried to squeeze her cheeks but he continued to slowly push, inch by inch, and finally it was fully in. Her breathing became irregular and the bladder rose and fell quickly as she sought more air in her discomfort. She rolled her head from side to side as he pulled the panties to her slim waist. Then released the stud fastenings at her crotch and turned on the two vibrators, pushing back the press-studs. Despite her tight bondage he noticed her body jerk and she took a big intake of air. He eased the winch a couple of notches now to allow her to wriggle some more – he wanted to see her squirm a little as the vibrators worked on her.

He then poured himself vodka and sat down in front of her to watch the show! 

Half an hour later he was nicely warmed and relaxed. The show had been great, and Lucy had performed magnificently. She now hung exhausted in her chains. Despite the faint hum of the vibrators and the quivering of her quim and buttocks, her head hung down, the re-breather bag rising and falling slowly but evenly. Sweat shone on her body like a glossy paint, and despite the tightness of the helmet dribble seeped down her neck and over her shiny rubber bra. Similarly, fluid of a different kind copiously slid down her thighs from her quim. She had surrendered her body to the vibrators, as faint shivering orgasms still racked her insides. Bob had not seen so much fluid come from her before, but it had fairly run down her legs and over her shiny black stockings. 

He thought that this time he had hit all the buttons at once. Yes, it had gone very well. He lowered her to the floor, her legs still wide, then lowered her arms, released the chains and replaced them with a single chain which she attached to both cuffs behind her back. She did not move during this change-over, she seemed exhausted, her legs a little wobbly after all the exertions, her head still resting on her chest. He raised her arms with the winch and she bent over and lowered her head, the re-breather bag swinging from her gagged mouth. As he winched higher, the strain on her arms became greater and quickly her torso was horizontal, her shiny black bottom sticking out provocatively. He now raised the chains on her legs and she slowly lifted off the ground, while 90% of the weight was taken by her legs, her arms steadied her and she was a wonderful sight, ready for plundering.

Her hips were now level with his and he pulled off the studs covering her pussy and arse and eased out the two vibrators, leaving the rubber sleeves in each orifice. The pussy one slipped out easily but he was happy to see the arse one was still held quite firmly and as he removed it, the sphincter squeezed shut on the sleeve. 

So now the two love tunnels awaited him and he withdrew his hard cock. But first he needed a little lubrication. He took another helmet from the drawer by her bed and a fellatio gag with strap. This was a wide rubber ring which fitted behind her teeth to keep her mouth open in a wide “o”, allowing sucking and licking but no biting and no talking, just a pleasant  “aaahhhh”. Perfect, he thought. Her head was at cock height and he quickly pulled off the collar and then the helmet, her hair was matted to her head. She gulped in air and blurted. 

“What the….please..” was all she could say before he expertly slipped the ring gag behind her teeth and tightened the strap at the back of her neck. She looked in a bit of shock, and Bob enjoyed that, for he didn’t want their games to get stale. First he plugged her ears. She tried to stretch and look up but all that faced her was his rampant dick only inches from her face, and he was unrecognisable in his suit and mask. Having plugged her ears he slid the mask over her head – it had no eye or nor holes just a gap where her gaping mouth would take in air. He replaced the collar, which kept her head from drooping. He had taken little time to make eye contact – this was business, role-playing at its zenith. Yes, she had looked a little stunned at his attack, and he really did like that, the element of surprise. She was making more noise now, a series of aaahhhh’s but nothing intelligible. Saliva was already dripping out of the gaping mouth and he let some drop on his cock. Then, oh so slowly, he let it slip into her warm wet mouth. 

Even if she did not wish it, she could do nothing, the ring kept her mouth open and inviting. Gripping her head, he raised and lowered it over his cock. She of course had to lick and suck, and breathe as well, which she did with difficulty, gurgling and gagging on his stiff rod. Within a couple of minutes he was well warmed up and he withdrew to an aaahhh from Lucy. Then he turned to her rear and calmly thrust into her rubber-sleeved pussy. The sleeve gripped him firmly and he worked up a good rhythm, holding her hips and watching her head bob in unison to her aahh…aahh…aahh…gasps. Saliva poured from her mouth and sweat from her chest and down her legs.

After 10 minutes he withdrew and moved up a notch to her bum hole. For a bit of lubrication he dipped his cock quickly into her mouth again and then pressed it against her rubber-encased sphincter. This was a lot tighter, but he revelled in the gradual easing of the muscle as he pressed on. Slowly it yielded to him and he slid to the hilt. The groans were much louder as he thrust back and forth, and seemed to change from discomfort to acceptance and even pleasure – he was sure of this. The tight arse lips gripped his cock as he pushed and withdrew. The availability of all the orifices was too intoxicating however and he withdrew from her bum to a further long groan from her and entered her warm, wet mouth again. This time she was more welcoming, sucking a little more vigorously and he was about to come, when he heard a key in the front door! What the hell……images flashed through his mind.

“Hi, Bob darling, sorry I’m late, I got held up.” It was Lucy! Oh God, if that was Lucy, then…..who was tied up in rubber and blowing him now. He was so stunned he didn’t even withdraw from her mouth. She closed the door, looked across the living room area, her mouth dropped open.

“Bob? What the….”

“Lucy, I thought…...if you are Lucy, then….she got in by key. I thought….” He realized his position and withdrew from her mouth, squeezing himself back into the suit. “I thought she was you, she looks just….oh no!”

“It’s Lilly isn’t it? Oh Jesus!” She said, shocked. 

“Look I’m so sorry, I thought it was you.”

“Never mind about that now. We’re mistaken for each other all the time, although not under these circumstances. I can see you overcame her and……screwed her and you thought it was me.”

“Yes, don’t you see I had all this planned for the weekend for the two of us. But she was on time, your time. Oh God I am so sorry. What do we do now?”

“This is just terrible, does she know it is you? Can she hear us?” Lucy then began to whisper.

“No to both I think, her ears are plugged and I’m wearing this mask, she won’t have recognised me.”

“Christ, it’s almost funny,” she smiled ruefully, “we get confused and my sister gets a good fucking from her sister’s boyfriend. Looks as if it would have been fun too. I’m really sorry I was late now.” He started to unwind the winch - Lilly, as she was now, had remained motionless – arse out, saliva dripping from her mouth. Moaning quietly

“What are you doing? Leave it; we have to think this through. Jesus, what do we do now? Tell me, how did she react to this?” Bob told her. At first she fought, then slowly seemed to accept it, and was even having orgasms.

“I’m not sure she would go for this, she’s very private, even with me. God, this is so weird. And I don’t know what kind of sex life she has, we’re close but she doesn’t confide in me on that topic. And you say she likes this, or seems to?” She moved quietly around her sister, and was clearly admiring Bob’s handiwork. She didn’t seem mad that Bob had been caught screwing her sister – and more! It was a clear case of mistaken identity – to the ultimate degree! All along they had been talking quietly and now they were whispering again. 

“Look, we either own up to the whole thing and hope, really hope, she understands, no hard feelings etc, blah blah; or we pretend it was a burglar, or a rapist or something. Although that doesn’t explain all the chains and clothes, does it? No, it has to be a clean honest explanation, she won’t buy the burglar bit, I don’t think so. Maybe, but not likely. I have to think this through. I have to admit,” she whispered as she placed a gently soothing hand on the rubbered head, “that she does look great! Do I look as good as this?”

“Jesus, Lucy, get your mind on the problem here!” And then Bob smiled. “Oh yeah,” he smiled, “you look just as good. Look darling, I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, don’t worry. Forget it, it’s done, talk about mistaken identity. What we have to do is get her on side, otherwise my family and I are screwed forever. God, I wish it had been me here- it looks great! Go into the bathroom, I’m going to have to release her. Then we just have to play it by ear. Let’s go with the burglar thing, see how it goes.”

Bob could see very few options so he hugged Lucy, looked at Lilly, dribbling on the floor and now groaning loudly – and left for the bedroom. Lucy lowered the winch and Lilly straightened up, drawing in heavy breaths. Lucy released the ankle and wrist chains and then her collar, and Lilly, as if in a daze but still blinded and ring gagged realized she was free. 

She seemed to collect her thoughts. Even with her mittened hands she could have rolled down her stockings and removed her gloves, with difficulty, but she didn’t. She felt her way across to a living room chair and sat down. Lucy watched in silence, fascinated by the reactions of her sister. If the “intruder” was there, or anyone else, she didn’t seem to care, but appeared to be in her own world. 

She didn’t try to take her helmet off, but sat in her own dark silent world. Then she slowly rolled down each glove and tossed them to the floor. She passed her hands over her anonymous rubbered head, then her firm, trapped breasts, with no attempt to take them off. Then she moved to her shiny stockings and then, to the utter shock of her sister, to the sleeves between her legs and began to rub herself and groan quietly. 

Was this her sister? Most definitely it was. On impulse a stunned Lucy ran to the bedroom and grabbed Bob, who had just changed into street clothes. She told him what Lilly was doing and said.

“I don’t know what the hell is going on but we have to leave her and give her time to come down from this. Come on.” Bob didn’t give it any further thought but just tiptoed out with Lucy, and they left together. They would have a drink, talk this through and go back in half an hour, hopefully with a better story. She would be all cleaned up by then, maybe she would buy into the burglar story. They would find out soon enough, they thought. 

Lilly eased off the clinging helmet and blinked in the bright light. Well, that had been an experience! She ruminated. She was sure the intruder was gone; despite the earplugs she had heard mumbling in the background (were there two of them?) and the door close. So who was the phantom in the night, the rubber rapist? Well maybe a rapist at first, but not later, she must have had about ten orgasms. Well okay, five, but they were good ones. She’d been pushed to the limits and yet not once had he harmed her, just silenced her, immobilized her and fucked her and then released her before leaving. But something was strange, would a burglar bring all this stuff? No, he wouldn’t bring all this, use it on her and then leave. She had to think this through, something was wrong here.

She got up and moved to Lucy’s bedroom…..and there were the tell tale signs. The gunmetal catsuit was on the bed and in the open closet were more bondage equipment and rubber clothes, for both Lucy and her lover Bob strewn over the bed. Well, that explained a lot, they liked to play games, Lucy was always the more adventurous. There really was some weird stuff in there – dildos, vibrators, gags, and lots of costumes. So did the burglar just help himself to them? It was a good disguise with the full suit and the helmet. Well, thought Lilly, if being strung up in rubber and gagged brought her ten orgasms in as many minutes (okay, five) then it can’t be all bad! Maybe she was more broad-minded than even she thought. Frankly she didn’t want to talk to them about the intruder – he had not harmed her and she had survived and yes, even enjoyed it. And nothing seemed to be missing, so what was going on, and how could she explain everything to them?

Soon they would be coming here, and there was no way she could put everything back in the right place, tidy up and pretend nothing had happened. If she left everything out then they would probably think she had been nosing around in their stuff and had come upon the rubber stuff. She didn’t want that. But….again….how could she explain the mess and did she really want to explain what had happened?. Maybe he was spooked and just cut his losses; he had at least got a good blow job (and more) out of it. She would have to tell them the whole story, but why would they believe her? How could she have got free? And why had nothing been taken?

She was very confused with it all but was starting to think this through. How could they believe a burglar came in, took nothing and forced (well only initially) himself on her? They may believe her if they found her as if she had not been released! Now that would work, she thought. Only the burglar knew that she had been released. After all he was the one who released her, right? This seemed insane, but there was sanity to it. If she was found trussed up they would know that she would know their little bondage secrets, or at least they would know she would figure it out fairly quickly, but most importantly they wouldn’t accuse her of finding out, after nosing around in their private possessions. The only reason they would figure she had got to know about their games was because the burglar had chosen to introduce her to them, and they would have to believe her burglar story, even if nothing was stolen. This was a twisted plot for sure. 

She had still not removed her ring gag, and was now strangely quite used to it. She looked at the chains and cuffs and secretly rather liked being trussed up in them, a damsel in distress unable to do anything to stop the dastardly villain having his way with her. Yes, if she returned herself to bondage, she could pull it off, convince them of an intruder and convince them that she was not a snoop. She wiped the inside of the helmet and, with talc from the bathroom, powdered the insides of the mittened gloves. Some of this she would have to do in the dark so she positioned herself between the ankle chains and practised leaning back to the wrist chains dangling behind her at shoulder height. Yes, there was more play, but with her legs spread and arms behind her it would convince them of the story she would unfold. The sleeves in her orifices were empty and it didn’t take long to convince herself that she might as well have some fun into the bargain while waiting for them. 

Okay, she thought, and gasping, she slid the vibrators in, front and back, the back one going in a little easier than before, as her muscle had certainly been stretched. She turned them on low and pressed in the studded covers. Now she leant down and placed her ankles in the cuffs, leaving her legs about 3 feet wide. Placing the mittened gloves between her legs where she could get them, she slowly pulled the rubber mask over her head, cutting out all sight and sound. She was now plunged into a strange world of touch only. She tried to breathe calmly as she felt between her feet and pulled on the fingerless mitts, the second one taking some time. The vibrators were humming away and she could feel the start of her first orgasm coming. She knew she could still back out, put the stuff away and spin a yarn, but in her dark world, sweating already, trapped in her rubber clothes, she knew she had already made her decision. She leant over and felt behind her for the cuffs, ratcheting one, then, no going back now, the other. Shortly she was rocking to her first orgasm, wriggling in her bonds, she aahh’ed and felt the juices flow inside her tight pants. 

In her dark world Lilly was almost reborn. If this was what Lucy experienced with Bob, well she wanted some of it, whether self imposed or with the help of an understanding (and firm) partner. God, this was crazy, she felt so vulnerable, so perverted……and yet so excited. But why feel dirty, she mused. Then she rolled on her side and enjoyed the feel of the vibrators!

She must have been like this for half an hour and her arms were beginning to cramp, when through her earplugs she heard the door slam – okay, she thought, let’s see how this goes, and she wailed through her ring gag. 

Lucy and Bob had expected to see the place empty or at least Lilly recovering but were stunned to see Lilly back in rubber bondage! They knew that only Lilly could have done this, but why? To convince them of a robbery? Or because she liked it? Now they were confused. They would have to play it by ear; they didn’t know how much she knew of what really happened. Lucy played out her role.

“Oh my goodness, what is this, is that you Lilly, Jesus, let us get you out of this.” She had to admit though that Lilly did look really good in her bondage. Bob pointed to the two vibrators and Lucy gave 
him a look as if to say, “I don’t believe this,” they released her ankles and wrists, and Lilly stood up, groaning. Then Lucy pulled off the mask, exposing her twin’s sodden hair and red face. She pointed to her ring gag with her mittened hand and Bob carefully removed it. Then she pointed to her ears and said “earplugs” and Lucy removed them. No one said anything for a full 10 seconds as each wondered what the other knew. It was Lilly who broke the silence. 

“Well, I guess you’re wondering why I am dressed up like this and all tied up? It’s a long story and I need a drink!” Bob rushed to the cabinet and returned with three big whiskeys. Lilly took hers in both mitts and took a large gulp. Lucy spoke.

“Lilly dear, are you all right,  do you want us to get you out of these?” She pointed to the attire, the cum streaked stockings and the vibrators still humming!

“Actually no, Lucy love, not yet. I’ve a story to tell and, well….I guess I’m more comfortable telling it like this.”

“Are you sure, dear? This is so weird.” And Lilly looked at her sister and placed her hands at her vibrating crotch. 

“But you should know, shouldn’t you sweetie.” She smiled knowingly. “Now let’s sit down and I’ll tell you how my afternoon went.” So they sat, Lilly very gently as the two vibrators continued to hum, and spread her legs. Although Bob and Lucy now had a good idea as to what Lilly had done, they tried to look shocked. 

“Don’t look so shocked Lucy, I know where all this gear came from, but more of that later.” And she immediately told the story of arriving early, surprising a burglar and being stripped, dressed and tied up and then plundered. She spoke of the suffocating helmet and of being stretched and being fucked in all orifices and then having the vibrators stuffed in her. 

Bob noted she told absolutely everything except being released and then returning herself to rubber bondage! Bob and Lucy for 5 minutes made a big show of seeing if anything had been taken and of course, nothing had. 

“That’s very strange, he breaks in, assaults me, (in a nice way I may add, but more of that in a minute) and leaves. Look you two; I know this is not his stuff, okay? What burglar brings all this rubber on a job; uses it on an unsuspecting visitor (and he didn’t harm me in any way) and then leaves without it, and without taking anything from the flat? It doesn’t make sense. He didn’t come up the elevator in a gunmetal rubber catsuit and mask; it was already here. This stuff is yours. Come on, I’m not that stupid.” She groaned and stood up shaking as another orgasm took her. 

“Okay, okay, Bob and I like dressing up and playing bondage games. Jesus, I feel guilty for some reason. Yes, all this stuff is ours, happy?” Lilly pulled the studs on her pants and pulled out the two vibrators, wincing as the rear one took a little more effort.

“Hard to concentrate with these in you. You were always the more adventurous one, Lucy. Well, I guess I have some catching up to do! You see I have another thing to tell you. Well, let’s see now, the fact is…..well….the last two hours or so have been the most….enlightening of my life. Don’t look so shocked. Initially I was terrified but once masked and immobilized and strung up in rubber something came over me, I don’t know. Just look at me. I have taken a couple of vibrators out of my pussy and arse, I am still dressed in rubber bra, panties and mitts, and my stockings are smeared in my own cum and….oh God….I am loving it!” She hung her head and gripped her mitts between her legs. Lucy looked at Bob as if to say, “well now, this is getting interesting, isn’t it” She put her hand on her sister’s thigh and gently hugged her.

“Lilly, love, there is nothing to be ashamed of, really. No one’s been hurt, everything Bob and I do is between consenting adults. Believe me; what we get up to would blow your mind, but we get so much pleasure so….who cares? And I am so happy that you can get pleasure while being tied up in rubber and screwed, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Well seeing as you seem to be getting interested in this, how would you like to see our stuff?” Lucy glanced across at Bob, who nodded, they of course already knew that she had already been through it, but she didn’t know that they knew that she had put herself back in rubber bondage!

 “So this is your catsuit, Bob.” Said Lilly in the bedroom, although she knew it already was. “Well, it sure fit the burglar well, and he was well endowed I can tell you.” She mused. 

“Really.” Bob replied and tried not to look at Lucy.

“Yes, he was firm but not violent; you know it was strange, after the initial attack I never felt in danger. And he knew how to push my buttons; he knew when to thrust hard and when to ease up. Jesus, what am I saying…well, I’m owning up, I really enjoyed it, I can see what Lucy gets out of it. I can, strange though that seems. Lucy dear; that must be another gene among identical sisters, eh?” She passed her mittened hand over the rubber clothes, as if thinking back. Bob made a sign to Lucy – do we tell her? Lucy nodded. Yes, we have to, she signed. So Bob took a deep breath.

“Lilly love, sit down here on the bed. You have been very honest with us and it must have been hard for you admitting to these strange feelings, not strange to us, but to the less enlightened, shall we say. Now we must be honest with you, so prepare yourself for a shock.” 

And so Bob told her the whole story of him being the “burglar”. A stunned look came over Lilly, part of her was shocked that she had been screwed by her sister’s boyfriend, but as Bob explained, it wasn’t Lilly he thought he was fucking, but Lucy. The room was quiet for a while.

“So there was no burglar and it was you that put me into the rubber and released me Bob, and you therefore know it was me that put myself back into bondage and lied to you.” She seemed in shock and then embarrassment, as he nodded. 

“You must think me crazy doing that.”

“No sweetie,” Lucy replied, holding her sister’s mitt. “Believe me I know what it is like being strung up and screwed until you are weak at the knees. You’re not crazy, just a pervert like Bob and me.” They laughed together, a release of some of the embarrassment and tension. Lilly smiled.

“Well Bob, you sure know how to take care of a girl. Once you had me trussed up and nearly unconscious you were really quite gentle with me, attending to every orifice. My arse still feels a little loose!”

“The feeling is mutual Lilly, I don’t want to create a rift between you two sisters, but I acted…I think we all acted in good faith. It was just one hell of a case of mistaken identity. Lilly has now found her inner self, and she knows all about her perverted sister and boyfriend, but…where do we all go from here?” After a protracted pause where all three stared at the floor, it was Lucy that spoke.

“Why are we all looking so gloomy, hey, no-one has died, have they? Aren’t sex and all the foreplay and scenes supposed to be fun? Bob, do you have a problem with Lilly joining us in our little games if she wants to, that is. I don’t. Well?”

“I’m not quite sure what you are getting at Lucy. I love you and I love our games. Are you telling me you don’t have a problem me….sharing my services with Lilly, I mean….”

“No, no I don’t, I love you too, and my sister. I know you love me and this won’t change anything, come on, it will be fun, right? You shouldn’t be complaining.  It brings a new twist to the two chicks and one guy routine. Anyway, maybe Lilly and I have a few plans for you buddy, right, Lilly?” Lilly seemed to still be in shock, but the idea appealed to her immediately.

“Well, sure, if it is all right with you. I would love it. I hope one day soon I will find a guy who I know I could trust and we could get up to some of this stuff together, but right now I trust you – both of you. Sure, why not, it could be a lot of fun. I do remember when we were kids Lucy, and we used to tie each other up – Cowboys and Indians stuff, remember, and you enjoyed being tied up, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but now we play adult games; no boundaries but all with mutual consent, all fun and no guilt. Right?”

“Okay.” Said Bob and Lilly in unison, but all three were very quiet for a while, as if waiting for something to happen. Lucy sensed this. 

“Look, we need to break the ice here. We have a long weekend ahead and we need to…..get to know each other…..if you know what I mean!” Here she giggled a little nervously.  “Now……you two have had some fun already, but I have been looking forward to this all week and I reckon it must be my turn. What do you say to me getting some of Lilly’s treatment, she’s still glowing from it, it must have done the trick.” She smiled slyly and the other two grinned at each other and nodded. 

“Okay, people, let’s have some fun, I want to be fucked into next week, and if you don’t do a decent job then when it is my turn I will wreak my revenge on both of you.” Lilly took this seriously and moved first.

“Well, if I am going to get to work on my dearest sister then could you help me off with these mitts?” Bob helped pull them off, and said to Lucy.

“You, dear Lucy, can strip to the buff….now!” The slight change in Bob’s tone was noticeable as Lilly selected a pair of shoulder length latex gloves, this time with fingers. As Lucy stripped, so did Bob and after powdering himself, chose to get himself back into the gunmetal catsuit. Lilly helped him, now trembling with anticipation. He had a fine body and already she noticed he was erect. 

“I’d like a mask too, if you have one.” Said Lucy, and Bob smiled through his tight grey mask and pointed to a drawer.

“Mmmm, yummy.” Said Lilly as she pulled on a black mask with eye and mouth holes and smoothed it out. “Now Lucy, your turn, I will leave Bob to lead the way; you know, I’m a bit nervous but I think this is going to be so much fun.”

“Stand over there, hands on head.” Bob ordered, and Lilly watched with interest, as Lucy suddenly took on the role of a true submissive and did as she was commanded. Lilly had to admit that Lucy had a fine, trim body, but then that meant that so did she, for they were after all identical twins! That made her chuckle, as it also meant that all of Lucy’s clothes would fit her just fine. Bob and Lilly conferred out of Lucy’s earshot on what clothes she should wear – Lilly enjoyed this small intimacy. Bob assured her that she would have an equal hand. She was feeling horny and empowered; she liked seeing her sister submissive, standing silently in the corner, her hands on her head. Yes, she thought, this would be fun! They selected the clothing, taking their time, increasing the tension for Lucy, while Lilly fingered the latex, even smelling it. 

“Hey, you two, have we got all night, come on!” She sneaked a naughty smile and Lilly knew that she was just egging them on, probably wanting them to increase their punishment of her. Bob grabbed a pair of cuffs and a ring gag and handed them to Lilly.

“Here, the little minx needs quietening, you do the honours.” Lilly was at first a little nervous but as Bob pulled Lucy’s arms behind her and Lucy gave a token wriggle, Lilly approached her with the gag. 

“Open up, little sister.”

“Hey, you can go to…..” Lucy was alarmed at the speed and force with which Lilly crammed the ring into her sister’s mouth.


“There, that’s much better.” Smiled Lilly behind her mask, and tightened the straps behind Lucy’s head. This is even tighter than Bob would do, thought Lucy. Maybe they had bitten off more than they could chew in taking on Lilly. This was a different Lilly now, assertive, self-confident. Maybe it was the rubber, or the mask that made her take on another persona. She watched as they selected the clothing and laid it on the bed, and she groaned through her gag and waggled her head from side to side.

“Aahh, nnngg, ahh.” Oh no, she wanted to say but it was no good. They, or possibly Lilly alone, had selected the shocking pink little girl outfit that Bob had bought a couple of weeks ago. She didn’t like it, despite it being of the highest quality latex and Bob said he would give her time, but Lilly, the wily girl, had persuaded him to do it now. Bob and Lilly smiled coolly at Lucy as they approached her and Bob liberally coated her in talc. She tried to plead with her eyes but Lilly, her dear sister Lilly, seemed unperturbed. First came the pink stockings. She didn’t want them on and began to wriggle, but to her utter surprise Lilly slapped her bare arse hard.

“My my, what a bad girl, now should I paddle you some more or are you going to behave?” She chided her, and Lucy raised her legs as they slid the first stocking and then the second up her legs. There was to be no garter belt, just two incongruous frilly garters that they rolled up, and the garters gripped the tops of the stockings tightly. Lucy groaned as both Lilly and Bob each smoothed out the stockings.

Lucy, with much regret, noticed they worked as a pretty good team. Next came two pink mittens, which held her hands in two loose fists. They were strapped firmly on her wrists, while her cuffs still remained on, behind her back. Bootees in bright red were placed on her feet, held in place by frilly anklets. She felt very silly. As they were about to put on her romper suit, Lilly got an idea.

“Bob, little girls are smooth-skinned aren’t they?” She smiled

“Yes.” He said, not knowing where this was going.

“Well, I mean smooth all over, right? Well look at that, that doesn’t look right, does it?” She said, pointing at Lucy’s fine blonde bush.

“Aahh aahh.” Said Lucy, catching on quickly, and crossed her pink-stockinged legs. Bob now got it!

“Are you suggesting….?”

“Of course, why not? She must play the role, mustn’t you my dear sister?” Lilly placed a hand on Lucy’s shoulder and smiled, while Lucy grimaced.

“I don’t know, I mean…”

“Don’t worry Bob, I’ll do it. It’ll grow back anyway, get that leg spreader Bob.” She said assertively and each took a leg and stretched her out, fixing her ankles to the bar. Then they manhandled her to the bed and plonked her down. She was feeling very vulnerable; she could bend her knees but not close them. They wouldn’t do this, she thought. But Lilly seemed in her element and had already pushed her back and slid a small rubber pillow under Lucy’s arse.

 Bob could hardly believe this as Lilly then brought a bowl of hot water from the bathroom, his shaving foam and a new razor. Lucy wailed through her ring gag but Lilly placed a hand firmly on her thigh and said.

“Lucy, this is going to be done, now, so the less wriggling the better, I don’t want to cut you, so behave.” Behave, she thought, this is getting out of hand! But she realised her position and nodded, saliva now dripping down her cheeks. Lilly gently foamed her pubis. 

“At least Bob will be able to distinguish between us now.” She smirked as she squatted between her sister’s thighs, feeling the vibrators move within her as her panties were stretched.

“You have a thicker bush than me Lucy, or maybe I should now say had.” She giggled. The foam was wet and cool and Lucy gave a shiver. Bob stood over the squatting Lilly and even had just a little pity for her, but not much! Lucy stared down and groaned, but it was soon too late as Lilly swept down with the razor, one, two three strokes. Lucy winced but Lilly was quite expert. Bob watched, fascinated as Lucy’s pussy was gradually exposed and denuded of all hair. Soon her pink quim was naked. Lilly rinsed and wiped her sister’s pussy gently. 

“Smooth as a baby’s, this is probably like the last time I saw it, dear sister, naked and pink, like when we used to bathe together. I have to say you look great, maybe I’ll do mine sometime, or you could do it for me.” Yes, Lucy thought, I’d like that a lot!

“Little baby girl is ready for dressing now.” Lilly chirped and lifted up her sister, Bob cleared away the shaving things – he was still in a bit of shock. Lilly hugged her sister, who drooled a bit on her shoulder.

“There, there, you will get your reward soon, won’t you, and then soon you can turn the tables on me, or maybe Bob. That’s what makes this game so much fun; I’m really getting into this – the ever-changing combinations and the element of revenge. I’ve missed a lot, and I have some catching up to do.”

Lucy could not believe this was her sister, but on reflection she was happy it was. Through all this they may become even closer. She had little time to dwell on this as Lilly released the leg spreader and held up the pink romper suit for her to step into. The lower half was a mid-thigh frilly skirt with inside attached panties, but with reinforced holes opposite her denuded pussy and arse. As her arms were still cuffed behind her, she put up only a token struggle, and her legs were pushed through the tight panty legs. Then they slowly eased the dress up her thighs as Lucy stood motionless, saliva dribbling from her gaping mouth. The cool rubber against her sensitive pussy made her shiver. They now unclipped her wrists and taking one each, pulled it round to the front and pushed it into the hanging sleeve. They had tight frilly wrists which perfectly covered the mitten straps. It was tight at the waist and also cupped her breasts in two firm, reinforced cups – incongruous in the little girl outfit. Then Lilly said. 

“Excellent Lucy, but we really must cover that ugly gag of yours, with a nice, pretty little girl mask Bob has got for you – perfect for the occasion.” Lucy began to struggle – she really didn’t want to be dressed up in all this pink – Lilly was having a great time however and grabbed her sister’s arm and twisted it behind her. The wrists had a reinforced section and on the inside of each, barely visible, was a small ring which Bob and Lilly deftly snapped together and locked. Now poor Lucy was immobilised. Lilly held the mask in front of her sister. 

“I understand you haven’t seen this one before, so it’s a surprise and a treat for you. It’s all in one piece, no zip and in light pink and as you can see, it resembles a young girl’s face. See, eyebrows, blue eyes with eye shadow and rouged cheeks and nice large lips, look at them, it’s as if they are saying “oh” or more likely “no” I think.” Lilly laughed and as Bob grabbed Lucy’s upper arms, Lucy waggled her head and moaned loudly, but Lilly calmly approached her sister and stretched out the rubber, saying.

“Come now, Lucy, say goodbye to us and become who. Little orphan Lucille, that should do, now stop struggling sweetie, Bob has promised you, well all of us actually, are going to have some fun, you’ll get your turn with me soon enough.” She stretched the mask on top of Lucy’s head and then pulled it down hard on both sides. Down it came over her eyes, nose and dribbling mouth, it was a tight fit and she struggled but Bob manhandled her fairly easily and pushed her onto the bed, face down, so that Lilly completed encasing her sister’s head in the tight pink latex. She drew together the collar of the dress and with a metallic click imprisoned her sister, the frilly collar under the chin of the mask cleverly covering the fact that it was a locking collar, and Lucy was a prisoner of it. 

Bob and Lilly sat back; Lucy had now stopped wriggling and lay there, breathing heavily. In her rubber little girl alter ego, Lucy looked back though two small holes in the mask’s eyes, breathing through her two small nostrils. Her mouth, all bulbous red lips had further reduced her ability to make any sounds, but the lips were flexible, and she could envisage them expanding to accommodate a good sized cock, like Bob’s!

She groaned into her mask at the sight in the adjacent mirror. She now stood between Lilly – white helmet, black stockings, bra and panties (with vibrators) and Bob, all in grey. She could see them proudly smiling under their masks. She appeared to be smiling too, her large red rubber lips set in her pink face, but she wasn’t – her mouth was gaping and gagged under the pretty, innocent face. Lilly lifted her frilly skirt and Lucy could see her pink stockings held up by her frilly garter belt, and her frilly panties – with a hole opposite her shaven pussy. What a sight she was, all pink and frills, yet with a bizarre kinkiness. 

Bob applied a small amount of spirit gum to Lucy’s rubber encased head, and Lilly placed a cute, jet-black pageboy wig on her dome. Lucy thought that Bob would not have come up with this on his own.

 Lilly was now the catalyst for all three, and all three were going to have an amazing time together, all feeding off each other’s imaginations. But first, she thought ruefully, she was to be the first “victim”.

They led her through to the winch, cuffs were placed over her ankle booties and chains attached. Then a single chain was fixed to her wrists and Lilly – it was Lilly - slowly winched her wrists into the air behind her. Then came the feet being stretched apart. Slowly she was raised up, her arms pulled back and balanced her. She wailed into her mask but little was heard, her bulbous rubber lips doing an excellent gagging job. Lilly, now so horny she was almost shaking, lifted up Lucy’s skirt, exposing her frilly panties, complete with hole opposite her sphincter. Lucy felt so vulnerable – head at cock height and crotch at cock height too! Lilly felt Lucy’s bottom; eased her rubber finger around the panties and rubbed her sister’s sphincter. 

“Lucille threw a tantrum Bob; I think she needs some discipline.” Lucy wailed into the gag, as Bob grinned, went to the bedroom and returned with a thick paddle, handing it to Lilly.

“Your honour, I think.” Said Bob, and Lilly lent over and whispered in Lucy’s ear.

“You know Lucy, I think this is what I have always wanted to do. Don’t feel too bad, you will get your chance soon enough. If only I knew that this is what you have been up to all these years. Well I wish I had been in on it earlier. You’re a strong girl – come on now, you can take it.” And with that she brought the paddle down hard on her sister’s frilly panties. With a muffled yelp, Lucy swung in her suspended bondage and Lilly steadied her with one hand, almost tenderly; then brought it down again. She continued with ten more. When finished, she could feel sweat under her mask and the continual throbbing in her two orifices. She could not understand it but she felt great. Even more strange, it appeared so did her sister!

Being pounded by her dear sister, her arse on fire, and being totally encased in her silly pink attire and being thoroughly gagged had somehow brought out Lucy’s most submissive nature. The others didn’t of course know this, and maybe she wouldn’t tell them yet – it was always good to keep something up your sleeve, God knows, Lilly had. Talk about still waters running deep. Yes, they were going to have fun together, with Bob and maybe without – just the two girls, now that could be fun.  

Strange thoughts went through her head about Lilly, very strange. Bob also felt pretty good too. Although he loved Lucy dearly, Lilly had now brought a new dimension to their games, and she was wonderful. At the same time he was excited and just a little worried. Get these two women together and there would be no stopping them, they would have him for breakfast!

He was rock hard and had to release his cock from its confines. It sprang out from the suit and Lilly glanced down at it and remembered it in her mouth earlier. Now it would be Lucy’s turn. He looked down at his girlfriend’s rubber masked and wigged head. Gently he lifted her chin until she could focus on his cock, saliva was dribbling out of the bulbous red lips; he imagined her hot sweating face underneath, only a pair of soft lips separating cock from mouth. 

He gently eased his cock to the lips, there was no resistance, no pulling away of the head. He pushed a little harder, separating the lips slightly; they were wet and smooth. Lilly was at her rear, holding her hips, he pushed harder and slipped in one inch, and then two into the smooth rubber entrance. He suddenly felt a warm wet tongue lick the underside of his cock and play with the head, encircle him and tease him. He pushed further and there was an audible groan from her as he sank into the warm, wet cavern. She hung, with legs wide and wrists in the air, and her mouth stuffed by his cock. 

Lilly stepped back and admired her sister’s frilly rubber rear, suspended in front of her, two holes just waiting to be plundered. This was her sister, she didn’t know why she wanted to ravage her, well, yes, she knew all right! She left Lucy sucking on Bob’s cock and went to the bedroom, and found what she wanted, a strap-on rubber dildo, which she strapped round her waist and through her crotch. She pulled it tight and it pushed the two vibrators further inside her. She returned and saw Lucy still sucking away at Bob – well, she didn’t have much choice really.

Bob saw her and looked a bit shocked when he saw the strap-on sticking out from her rubber panties; then he smiled and nodded. Lilly approached the raised frilly buttocks, with the two expectant holes. Arse or pussy? No question, she decided; the sensitive shaved pussy of her sister beckoned and she slid her gloved finger up and down the wet lips, then she tweaked the inflamed clitoris. 

She heard Lucy moan, even though her mouth was fully occupied. Part of her wanted to change places with her sister right now, but that would happen soon, she was sure of that! So with the rubber dick rubbing against her own wet cavity, she eased it into her own sister’s wet hole. She didn’t want to analyse why she was raping her own sister but taking her hips, she thrust into her and there was an audible mmfff from Lucy. 

Lucy rocked in her harness, sucking at one end and being plugged at the other, dressed in her cute little girl’s pink outfit. Her arse was sore, her mouth was going to be sore and her shaved pussy was going to be pretty sore soon as well. But, well, she was having a great time. 

She was with the two people in the world she cared for most – they were abusing her of course – but she liked that too! Lilly thrust in and out, and Bob pulled her head back and forth, and Lucy bounced in between. 

The three more days of the long weekend would see a change in places, uniforms, appendages and orifices. Two on one, one on two; the permutations were endless, with all the clothes and equipment they had, they would not get bored easily. Bob would soon find out these twins were double trouble!


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