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Storycodes: Solo-F; Ff+; latex; panties; catheter; toys; insert; public; factory; diaper; cons; X

Mei spooned the last of the eggs into her mouth and took a sip of coffee. She refilled her cup, sat on the bed, and surveyed her world. The apartment was small, only one room with a tiny enclosure in the corner for the toilet and shower. She used the kitchen sink for everything. It wasn't much, but it was cheap and it allowed her to send money home to her parents.

The eggs and coffee did the trick. Mei took off the soggy diaper, and squatted over the bowl. Under the circumstances, being 'regular' was a blessing.

Showered and dry, Mei tore open the plastic package, uncoiled the catheter. She spread her pussy lips, positioned the tip of the tube at the opening of her pee hole, and pushed. She didn't need to see the flow. Two years of experience told her the tube was where it should be. She thought for the thousandth time that it wasn't fair, that her ass was fine, but her bladder sphincter was useless. There was a small plastic cup with tiny rubber plugs. She cut the tube to within an inch and plugged the end.

She picked up the red, latex panties and disconnected the charger from the jack in the base of one of the shafts. She pressed the button embedded in the crotch. Both shafts sprang to life. She pressed it again and again, the intensity of the vibrations increased. She pressed it a fourth time to turn them off.

Mei squeezed lubricant on her fingers, ran them between her pussy lips, slid two fingers deep inside her. She did the same with her ass, working first one finger, then a second into her bottom, spreading her fingers, tugging at the rim to loosen it.

She stepped into the panties and pulled them up over her knees, past her thighs until the shafts nestled against her crotch. A bit more lube and it was tug and push as she drew the panties up over her hips, embedding the shafts front and rear, until finally, with one last tug, one last push, a bit of ooching around she was done. She reached in and fed the catheter through a small hole in the rubber.

Mei loved the feel of latex. Loved it the moment she first touched it two years ago. And those first few minutes each day were the best. Like a large, smooth, firm hand gripping her ass and sex. Oddly enough, despite the shafts inside her, it wasn't really a sexual reaction. Sure, when she turned on the vibrators there would be that, but she would be just as happy without.

A few minutes later she was dressed and waiting outside for the bus. She felt naughty. Like that first rush she got when she pulled on the panties, wearing them in public made her feel both embarrassed and, well, naughty. Mei knew nothing of these things before coming to the city. Her auntie had told her about Ben Wah Balls. She was too young to understand why anyone would want to put something in there. But her auntie just rocked in her chair and gave Mei a happy little smile.

The bus came and there were empty seats, but Mei stood. Sitting on the hard bench transmitted every bump up through the shafts inside her. It was one thing to feel naughty, but another to become sexually aroused surrounded by strangers.

She had left the farm a bit over three years ago. Her brothers had left earlier; one went into the army; one to school. Her parents were too old to work the land even with Mei's help. The agency sent her first to a clothing company, but Mei couldn't quite get the knack of sewing. The second job was with the Lucky Fun Novelty Company.

Mei had no idea what they did. And even when she saw she wasn't quite sure at first. The lady at the desk gave her an application, though that was just a formality. The agency sent the girls to jobs and the girls went to work. But as with all bureaucracies there was paperwork.

In a little side room was a table and chairs and there was a display case. Being a farm girl, Mei knew about sex, but the idea of sex toys was alien to her. There were brightly colored shafts of all shapes and sizes. Some were simple, tapered things like candles, some had odd knobs and bumps. Some were tiny and some quite large. The pretty colors gave the display a festive look.

Mrs. Chin, the owner, came in while she was looking at the display.

"Do you know what those are for?"

Mei wasn't totally sure. She frowned.

"Men have sex, right? But we have these. Better than a man!" she said with a wink. "Never too tired. Always ready. With the bunny battery it keeps going and going." She laughed.

Mrs. Chin gave Mei the tour. There was the fabrication department and the assembly department and in a corner was a table with twenty girls seated on opposite sides.

"Quality control. Very important job. Number one job. Best job in the whole place. You work hard you can be QC girl."

And Mei had worked hard, first in fabrication, then assembly. She had a knack for spotting defects and a year later she was promoted to QC. Part of her job was to personally test the product. Mrs. Chin would say, "Try this one, tell me what you think. This is a new design."

Mei took her own cherry. Like a Samurai falling on his sword, she simply impaled herself. After that she set out to personally test all of the toys. It was fun and it had the added bonus of keeping her mind off men. The last thing Mei needed was to get pregnant.

One day Mrs. Chin gave her the rubber panties. "You've been here one year. This is a bonus," she'd said. "You'll like these! Much better than a man! And no bunny!"

Mei wasn't sure if that was exactly true being as she'd never been with a man. As for no bunny, Mrs. Chin showed her how to plug them into the wall charger. She told her about how to use lubricant, how to insert the shafts, how to clean them.

From the first instant Mei was fascinated by the rubber. It was like nothing she'd ever felt. And she almost ignored the discomfort of being plugged front and rear just to feel the smooth latex squeezing her ass and sex.

The first few weeks were awkward. Sitting at her workbench it seemed she always had to pee and taking off the panties, cleaning them, and going through the whole process of putting them back on was a pain. She stopped drinking water during the day hoping to stem the flow. Then she came up with the idea of the catheter. She knew about these things from the time her mother went to the hospital.

It took her a few weeks to figure out how to use it and it felt distinctly uncomfortable, kind of a burning itching sensation. And what would she do with the tube and bag? Then she hit on the idea of punching a tiny hole in the panties and feeding the tube through it. She found some little rubber plugs in one of the shops and suddenly Mei had a system. She could drink what she wanted and when she felt that familiar pressure she could simply squat, pull the plug and empty herself. Simple.

After work she would go home, remove the panties and catheter, put on a fresh diaper. There was a coffee shop around the corner. It was an internet cafe of sorts. Mei spent her evenings surfing the Web, drinking coffee, getting damp between the legs. Back at her apartment she'd spend some quality time with one of Mrs. Chin's toys before putting on a fresh diaper for bed.

The bus let her off two blocks from work. Mei clocked in. She was early. She always was. She didn't want to be just a QC girl, she wanted to be a supervisor. She said good morning to Mrs. Chin, pulled on her white smock, and sat in her chair. She reached under the bench for the little electrical cord. She pushed the tip into the jack and pressed the button - twice.

The other girls arrived in ones and twos. Each wearing a white smock. Each settling in their respective chair. Each reaching under the bench for the little electrical cord.

The start of another day at the Lucky Fun Novelty Company.



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