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Lucky Find

by Redneck Rubber

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Girls in shiny clothing have always been a fetish of mine. Spandex was the real awakening for me, then the latex era. Catwoman in Batman Returns was the last straw. I never could find a girl that liked latex and rubber the way I do.

I thought that I had found the one, but Sara did not like me wearing it. She really only liked herself in latex so I could do all the rubbing and polishing. Don't get me wrong, I liked that part a lot. The sex was great too. I showed her a few pics of the doll suit from Simon O. That I wanted to get her and that was it. She said that she enjoyed the fun, but was not that freaky.

Well damn. Back to square one. I knew that I would find a Latex Freak like myself somewhere. The total enclosure suit that I had just received in the mail was a neck entry one that had attached feet and gloves, matching hood, and cock and ball sheath. All custom made to fit precisely. I would stay in it hours at a time. One Friday I decided to wear my regular latex catsuit under my street clothes just to see how it would feel. It was the most amazing thing ever. Wondering if anyone could hear it popping or see the collar was even better.

My position at the company I work for required some travel, so I find myself in New Orleans around Halloween. I thought to myself about the catsuit under my street clothes again. Yes, I did put in the suitcase. While on a sidestreet off Bourbon I noticed a dimly lit resale shop. As I walked in, a quite attractive lady with long blonde hair asked if I was looking for anything special. I said not really, just a good deal on something to remember this trip by.

"Oh I have just the thing for you. By the way my name is Candice, and you are?"

"Oh, I'm Brad, please excuse my manners".

"I just bought this shop last week and have been trying to clear out some things. I believe I have what you are looking for".

"Great", I told her.

She led me down a narrow aisle to the back and made the corner. "Here she is!" the lady said.

Holy shit. It was a rubber sexdoll. I asked the woman if this was joke or what.

"No dear, I'm quite serious. I heard your latex squeaking as you walked in. I'm a rubberist too, but probably not as freaky as you. I may get there one day."

"Anyway, I've never seen a rubberdoll like this. She's so lifelike. Even her eyes, fingernails and makeup that you can see around her eyeholes in the hood. Her perfect round lips are the only thing that make her look unreal. She has a perfect body. She even weighs the same as a female her size. She needs dusted off and shined up and she would be beautiful. Look at her red rubber looking body with all black accessories". The store owner did not have to tell me to look.

I said, "She looks a lot like you ma'am".

"Do you think so".

I said yes she does.

My eyes glazed over as I dusted off the sex dolls forehead. The dust cloth slipped out of my hand and I made skin contact with it.

"What just happened?" I asked the store owner.

"What do you mean?" she said.

"When I touched the dolls forehead with my hand I felt some kind of warm sensation go through my body. Try it," I said.

"I have moved the rubber doll several times and I haven't felt a thing. Maybe it was just you", she said.

Satisfied with that, I asked her how much and how could I get the doll home. She said 20 bucks and you pay for the ground shipping. I said, deal.

After getting my address and money, the shop owner said there was a note with the rubberdoll as well. We will ship it all together. Look for your package in a week dear.

* * *

Oh boy, what kind of thoughts was I having. My own life like rubberdoll. We were going to have us some fun. We, I was going to have some fun. I had already made plans to break in my total enclosure suit. I thought I would explode before my shipment arrived next week. It's late Thursday and no package. Damn it boy.

I get home late from work and there it is my package from New Orleans. My excitement is off the charts. It's like Santa Claus has come and I'm 7 years old. Let's get this rubberdoll unwrapped and see what she looks like.

A sexdoll wrapped in a red catsuit with black knee boots, black corset, and black gloves. Red hood with eye, mouth and nose holes. The mouth was a perfect black O shape. I did not recall the doll in the shop having a tube on top of her head for a pony tail, long blonde hair coming out of it. It was sexy as hell. I had begun to sweat and get a little bit nervous at the sight of this love doll.

A piece of paper fell out of the shipping crate, it said, 'Take very special care of your new rubberdoll. Love and take care of her like no other and all your desires will be fulfilled'.

What the hell does that mean. It's a sexdoll after all.

My plans are set for Friday night. No company, no work, no nothing, just my new toy and me. It's about 8, I've had a drink or two and I decide to put on my full enclosure catsuit for a night of fun with my new rubberdoll. I won't have to pretend what kind of latex freak I am tonite. I have been saving a pill to ensure plenty of play time with dolly. My latex covered cock is ready to explode. I have my silicone spray and cloth ready.

About midway, I think to myself, what should I call my new lover. Sandy, no Candi. Like that sexy woman at the resale store. Yes, Candi, I'm about to get you shined up and ready to play. As I'm rubbing and shining Candi getting her ready for me to play with, I feel the dolls body begin to warm.

'What is going on here?" I think to myself.

Nothing is going on, it's just a sexdoll. Use it like its supposed to be used. I set my drink down on the night stand and take Candi by the head and ask her if she is ready to play. There is no answer. Candi's perfect lips just stayed open waiting for something to enter them. They had become even more shiny and puffy than before. I don't know what came over me, I had to kiss them. It almost seemed that Candi was kissing back. I stuck a finger in between her lips as if I were rubbing some lubricant in her mouth, but found it not need any. Candi's mouth was as slicker than anything I had ever touched.

"Ok Candi , I can't wait any longer. Come over to the couch with me".

I picked Candi up and placed her on her knees between my legs. Those perfect round lips were more than I could stand. I grabbed Candi by the head and shoved her ponytail out of the way with my other hand. The anticipation of seeing my rubber covered cock go between her lips was killing me. I shoved her lips down just enough to cover the head of my dick about eight or nine times, then just began to shove all eight inches of it in. From head to base only for a few strokes before I came the first time. It was like no other blow job I had ever had. It was so good.

I found my cocktail that I had left on the table and finished it off. Candi needed a fresh polishing, so I laid her face down on the couch and just began to rub silicone spray all over with just my hands. Candi was becoming so shiny and slick. So I flipped her over and continued with my shining of my new rubber Doll. I sprayed her down with silicone and began to rub her breasts and hips. My cock was back at attention. I really wanted a another hole to put it in, but Candi's mouth hole would be just fine. My cocksheath looked like a balloon at the tip from all the cum in it. "Ok Candi, let's try this again. "

I took her by the back of the head and guided my cock into her mouth with the other. Something was different when I pulled her mouth all the way down on my cock. It seemed harder and harder to pull Candi's head back up, almost like the doll wanted to stay down on it. Finally I just let her head go and brushed her pony tail out of the way. It felt like Candi's mouth and throat were massaging my dick. I was getting dizzy it felt so good. I even thought I saw Candi blink her eyes. Man pull your self together.

Finally, I began to cum in my rubberdolls mouth. Something was happening to me. I did not feel the restriction of the cocksheath holding all that cum. I tried to pull Candi off, but she would not budge. I saw her blink and look up at my face, I knew I saw her blink just before. She closed her eyes and I thought she was going to come off me, but she started right back bobbing up and down on my still rigid cock. With every stroke it seemed like my cock was getting longer and thicker.

Oh boy, Candi I'm about to cum again.

She never let up and swallowed this load too. Holy shit, my rubberdoll Candi was alive. She came up off my dick that looked at least 12 inches long and quite thick with a loud pop. Candi licked it clean and then licked her lips as she kept stroking my now huge cock. Candi's round mouth took regular shape now and she began to speak.

"Now that's more the size I like. Flip me over and stick that thing in my ass fuck hole Brad. I'll be happy too".

Her ass was only a black rubber hole that was as slick as grease. I teased her by just putting the head of my now huge cock in and taking it out.

"Fuck it and quit playing Brad, I want you to come in it too!"

I exploded after about five minutes of her rock on and off all twelve inches.

"Put that cock in my tight pussy hole".

It was so tight and slick that it squeaked as I was sliding my cock in. Candi began to tremble and shake violently. Almost vibrating from head to toe. As I came in her the last time, the tremble and shaking came over me. I did not know what was happening to me. It felt like my catsuit was shrinking tighter and tighter. I could see the seams all disappear from it too.

Candi's body began to change too. Her breast grew even bigger and her ass lifted up and then her corset began to tighten down to about 18 inches. Those hips were killing me. She looked even hotter than she did before.

"What the heck are you Candi, and what have you done to me?"

"I am your dream rubber girl you have been looking for". She was twirling her pony tail, "don't you recognize me".

"Holy shit, you are Candice from the resale store. I should have known something was up, when I said that doll in the store looked like you."

"When I heard your latex under your clothes popping, I knew that you were a rubber freak like me. That's when I knew I had to implement my plan."

"Your plan", I asked.

"Last year my boy friend had a voodoo woman cast a spell on me. He had her put a spell on me to become a rubber sex doll because I only wanted to have sex dressed like this".

"What a dumbass" I thought out loud.

"The doll you saw in the store was the suit I was to have to wear to keep the spell from harming me permanently. The only catch was that I had to find someone that would use me enough to break the spell. The rubberdoll part of the spell can't be broken, but the comatose state I was in could be broken by a massive dose of semen. It looks to have worked so far. And look at my new badass body".

"What about my body Candi or do prefer Candice."

"Candi Is good. Well, I knew that you were a rubber freak probably on the same level as me. I knew that I had to have someone to keep the semen doses coming and I really thought you would like being my rubber man. Do you like it Brad?"

"You don't have any idea how much I like it. I've been wishing for someone like you for a long time. What about this big new cock I have. It's a little distracting when we aren't fucking or sucking."

"It's like my ass and pussy fuck holes, they only appear when we get horny or I need my dose of medicine. Ha. When you calm down a bit it will disappear."

"How about your mouth when you got here?"

"The same thing happens to it."

"What if I don't want to calm down just yet Candi? I think I need some more help with this thing, first lets get you shined back up. Oh yes those round fat lips turn me on. This is what we were made for!"

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