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Love of Rubber

by Willy Jim

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New York Adventure

I love traveling in rubber. I love to wear my rubber suit while traveling, especially while flying. It makes an otherwise mundane trip exciting. I have found ways to fly wearing kinky stuff without worrying about the TSA sending an alarm. Oh, what a great feeling to sit among the vanillas without anyone knowing my kinky secret all the while deliciously slipping and sliding around in my steamy rubber suit.

I have made several trips across the US and abroad wearing rubber. The trick Is the choice of suit. I wear a sleeveless “farmer John” style suit. The suit did not have attached socks. There is no zipper anywhere including the crotch. No zipper, no sweat leaks and nothing shows on the X-ray. I have traveled this way extensively without a hint of concern for me or the TSA.

I have recently added something to my rubber wear: Plastic pants! After a lifetime wearing rubber, I have found a new wrinkle. I now always wear plastic pants under my rubber. No matter how many layers of rubber I wear, I start with a smooth slippery pair of plastic pants. The reason is simple. They feel so much better than rubber when I pleasure myself and for someone who is constantly looking for new and better ways to sexual ecstasy, they more than do the job. 

I was scheduled for a trip to New York for business. It was an overnight trip and I flew in a day early. I wore my rubber suit for the trip. I first selected a new pair of plastic pants. They were brand new, soft and supple. I hesitated for a moment thinking about a quick cum before the trip but reluctantly decided to hold off. It would be a long day and I had better plans for later. In addition to my dress clothes, I packed several other items for the evening. I dressed in street clothes over my rubber, looking forward to a long day in both my plastic pants and my rubber suit.

The TSA was a breeze. Nothing shows even on the Z-Ray. My secret is safe. The walk is quite a distance from the gate. They seem to always be at the end of the concourse. Things began to heat up a bit as I walked, causing a little tingle as my pants began to steam up inside. I reached the gate and smugly sat among the vanillas. Knowing I was wearing rubber in public without anyone knowing it is exciting.

Once on the plane I can settle in and enjoy the flight perhaps more than those around me. There is just enough bodily fluid building up in my pants to begin to slip and slide as I squirm in my set. Delicious! The flight was uneventful. I even dozed off for a while. When I woke up I began to feel certain urges. My suit had warmed up inside and the smooth damp surface of the rubber began to massage my body as I moved. The feeling was sexually stimulating.

After landing, I took a cab to the city. I checked into my hotel, dropped off my bags and I decided to walk around a bit and see the sights. My hotel was always just north of Time Square. My first stop was for food. I left without breakfast and I was hungry. I looked for a deli. They used to be on every corner but now all I see are Starbucks. I finally stopped in at the Majestic Delicatessen on West 50th. I loved a good deli hero. The Italian Sub is my favorite. I grabbed an ice tea and headed out with my prize. I headed for a quiet little spot I know in Central Park near the Hallett Nature Sanctuary and 5th Avenue. It’s about a fifteen-minute walk. Hallett has been a haven for birds and small mammals. I am usually able to find some solitude and tranquility in the preserve. That is something to be said for New York. I found a park bench and sat in the shade quietly eating my hero sub. 

Here I was in the middle of Manhattan sealed in a rubber suit and plastic pants among millions of people. It was pleasantly warm and I began to notice things in my suit were heating up. A layer of sweat was forming. It was a cozy warm feeling. I savored the moment with thoughts of my self-indulgence. The moment passed, and my attention shifted to thoughts of where I go next. I decided I would walk a bit then head over to Time Square. I finished my sub and then headed out. As I started walking I began to notice how that layer of sweat in my suit was acting like a lube. The combination of the constriction of the suit and the lube-like sweat felt like my total body was given a sensual massage with every step. I was in heaven.

It took me another fifteen minutes to walk back down to Time Square. I enjoyed every step of the way. Time Square has undergone a lot of changes since I started visiting in the ’90’s. Then it was pretty sleazy with a lot of porno shops along the fringe. My kinky nature almost misses those days. Today the Square is awash of giant corporate icons and trendy art. I will admit it is a lot cleaner than in the ’90’s. Here it is midday and midweek and there are wall-to-wall people. I was getting very hot in my rubber after my brisk walk from the Hallett. I ducked into Dave & Buster's for something cool to drink and to get out of the sun. I ordered an ice tea and sat for about twenty minutes planning my next move. It has been ages since I saw Ellis Island, so I headed out to catch the Line One subway south to Battery Park.

It is about a ten minute ride on the subway. It gave me time to rest my feet and get out of the sun. My suit was hot, and my plastic pants were steaming. Here is where my plastic pants show their worth. They capture all my essential secretions and seal them in. The collection of sweat and pre-cum creates a stimulating combination that tends to keep me constantly aroused. I wanted to cum on the spot. Yes, it's New York and yes , such things happen on a subway, but I thought better. 

I finally reached the South Ferry stop at Battery Park and proceeded to the ticket booths located in Castle Clinton. It was hot waiting for the ferry, but things cooled down once we were on the water. Once we reached the shore things were stored to heat again. I was walking in the sun, sweltering more and more with each step. It was at that point that pleasure was turning to punishment. There was a torrent of heat in my plastic pants. I was literally floating in my rubber suit, and I was stuck unable to relieve myself from what was quickly becoming self-induced bondage.

I hurried inside the building hoping that it was cooler and that the exhibits would distract me from my dilemma. It worked for a time. I bought something cool to drink. That cooled me off a bit. I wandered the halls for about an hour and a half until my pleasure-inducing punishment got the best of me. I need relief. No, not in the form of physical relief. I need sexual relief by now I was randy as hell. I headed out to catch the next ferry back to the city. It took forever. Once back on shore I grabbed a cab. I would have taken the subway but by now sweat was pouring down my legs onto my socks. There is a lesser chance someone would notice in a cab. 

It normally takes about twenty minutes to get back uptown. Traffic was horrible, so it took forty long hot horny minutes before I reached my hotel. I virtually ran to the elevator hoping no one would notice my sodden socks and shoes and my wet pant cuffs. Once in my room I tore off my clothes and immediately began to rape the pillows on my bed. The buildup is excruciatingly slow, but eventually I cum, I almost faint, so intense spasm after spasm, after a day of self-teasing, unable to get off, now pumping my seed into the plastic pants. Pleasure came in a savagely violent manner. I nearly passed out. I don’t know how long I laid there but when I finally came to, I knew there were things I needed to do to prepare for my evening playtime.

I first ordered room service. I needed food and had no plans to go out. Next I unpacked my bags laying out my “personal” items. This consisted of two full rubber suits, two hoods, some mouth gags and a handful of rubber straps. My urges were building again as I anticipated my next move.

At this point one would think that I would strip out of my rubber suit and plastic pants. Not so. The plan was to walk the streets of New York in rubber to the point of suffering from the heat, fill my suit with sweat and pre-cum, then come back to my room and layer up in two more layers of heavy rubber. After all, I had a day’s worth of visceral fluid invested in that suit. I was not going to waste one drop. 

I waited for my room service dressed in a hotel robe so as not to needlessly scare the hotel staff. I ate my meal quickly then prepared myself for an evening of rubber debauchery. My first item was a rubber hood. The hood had openings for eyes, nose and mouth. This hood with a vest shoulder part attached. Once I add a full rubber suit the hood can not be removed. Next I eagerly slipped into the first rubber suit. This was a front zip suit with attached feet only. My hands and head were free…for the moment. Now to keep things quiet I add a gag. This is a particularly intense version of a gag. It is a tongue gag that fills my mouth completely, as well as the space between the teeth and lips. Once in place, my screams of ecstasy will be reduced to a moan. This intrusive gag will be sealed under my second hood for the duration of the evening. The second hood was a pull-on style with only nose tubes. All sight and sound would be removed. I would be deprived of any sensory input. The nose tubes are designed to protrude a couple inches into my nose. I love the longer tubes, but I find that I can not go more than an hour with them in place. The other ends of the tube were nearly two feet long. Those would prove to be my only lifeline once in the second suit.

Now for my second rubber suit. This was a loose fitting 2.0ml, full closure, with hood, attached feet and gloves with only nose holes for breathing. The tubes from my second hood are fed through these nose holes. Once zipped in I was totally sealed in. The tubes are my only connection to the outside world. I remember the warning that came from the manufacturer of the suit: “Due to the heavy latex thickness, long-time wearing in hot conditions may be hazardous.” Let’s hope so. 

Once zipped in, I was sealed in three layers of heavy rubber. My first layer filled to capacity with a day's worth of molten magma of sweat, copious amounts of stringy pre-cum and other pre-orgasmic excrement all of which is now trapped in under layers of impenetrable rubber. I was like I was swaddled in a prenatal cocoon immersed in ecstasy. My first order of business was to pleasure myself properly. Here is where those plastic pants once more “cum” into play. All those slippery secretions are captured in one place deliciously coating the inner layer of my rubber encapsulation. I begin to gently stroke myself in this visceral fluid then things turn to fever pitch. All I see are stars in my blackened rubber state. The worries of the world are no longer. I am in a state of euphoria.

I remain in my semi-comatose state for what seems like forever. I have no concept of time. I know that when I last checked the clock it was late afternoon. In my current state, I am sealed off from the outside world. time meant nothing. I know that I have a glorious night ahead of me. Fortunately my meetings tomorrow are in the early afternoon, so this morning is all mine to clean up and prepare for the day. In the meantime I have more thrills to seek.

I hazily regain my consciousness. I contemplate my next move which is always some form of breath play. I love challenging breath play. I blindly feel two small exit ports on the front of my suit. I pop open the rubber caps sealing the ports. I then snatch the ends of the breathing tubes and twist them into the exit ports making sure they have a good seal. I am now breathing only the air sealed in my outer suit. The scent is intoxicating. I can feel the hot air from my breath entering the suit. Having done this before I know that if I stay calm I can go almost a half hour before stress distress kicks in. I plan to cum at least two times before removing the tubes. My challenge is to keep calm.

I breathe slowly at first. My breath is heating the inner suit. I am now breathing the stagnant rubber infused air which is now dampened by my breath. I begin building toward my first cum. My breath quickens. Somewhere in my head I know I will pay dearly for this later. Undaunted I ravage my inner pants and cum with a savage force. I then have to struggle to compose myself as my rubber tainted air is quickly becoming stagnant. It leads me to doubt if I can make my second cum. I try desperately to control my breathing, but excitement combined with the ever lowering oxygen level forces me to breathe harder. This excites me even more. My mind tells me I must act quickly as my air is reaching the distress level. I desperately try to cum, but my libido seems to be struggling as fast as my breath. In my dank sweaty haze I hear my mind saying to me, “It is way too soon to cum again.” "You will never reach a second orgasm before your air runs out." I begin to see stars again but this time it is due to oxygen starvation. I am suffocating as I struggle to breathe. I am succumbing to asphyxiation. I finally come to what I believe will be my last breath when I am hit with the greatest orgasm of my life. It comes like a freight train causing me to pass out. 

Am I dead? Did I die? I lay there for a moment. My eyes flutter and begin to open. It’s all black. I must be dead. I struggle to catch up to what has happened to me. I begin to realize my situation. I finally get my bearings. I am alive. I can’t see because I am sealed in three rubber hoods, and I am breathing. Yes, I am breathing. My breathing tubes are no longer stuck in my suit. Did someone save me? I do not hear anyone in my room. Then it dawns on me that at the last minute I must have pulled out the tubes. I was breathing fresh cool air. I was saved. I suddenly feel a purging of all emotions, a catharsis.

By now I was roasting hot in all my rubber layers. It was as if all of me had melted, reducing me to a puddle of sweat and semen. My first instinct was to bail out of my self imposed rubber bondage. But the rubber fiend inside me spoke up and said “Rubber till morning is what you wanted, and nothing less will do.” I threw back the covers and sat up on the edge of the bed, collected my thoughts and began to consider my situation again. Heavy total enclosure rubber suit, two hoods, a complete mouth gag, inner rubber suit and plastic pants ready to explode with biological juices. My arousal returned. I went back to bed.

I was spent. The excitement of the evening and the event of the day have worn me to the point of exhaustion. I need sleep. Some, including myself, would say it would be impossible for anyone to sleep soundly dressed as I was in layers of rubber but I did sleep. I slept so soundly one would think I was in a coma.

I eventually woke up. I had no idea of the time. All I know is that I was literally floating in my rubber suits. They sloshed as I moved. It was like a tsunami in rubber. I had to relieve myself. So what is another few hundred or so milliliters of liquid among friends. I added it to the natural nectar in my pants. I then attempted to get out of bed. All the fluid rushed to my feet. Walking was ridiculously difficult. I knew that I somehow had to make it to the shower unless they wanted to find a lake of fluids on the floor of my room. Blind, hot, and with feet of lead, I tried to feel my way to the bathroom. I was completely disoriented and staggering around the room. It must have taken me forever to finally reach the bathroom. Once I found the shower, I turned on the water. I blindly stepped into the shower. I reached up and pulled the zipper of my outer heavy suit. I'm imagining a puff of steam as I did so. Immediately water started to fill the suit. I was able to struggle out of the suit which by now filled with water and weighed twice as much. Next came the hood, nose tube and gag. I could finally see for the first time in hours.

I continued showering for a few minutes enjoying the hot steamy water pelting against my remaining suits. I removed the next hood and I started to unzip my full rubber suit. I was suddenly overwhelmed by the aroma emanating from inside the rubber suit. It was an odor not to be reckoned with. Apparently the combination of sweat, cum and piss had sufficiently marinated in my remaining layers. I had to applaud my suit’s ability to seal in all that concoction for as long as it did. I opened the zipper completely and let the hot water flood my suit in order to begin to wash away the noxious substance inside. I then slipped out of the suit leaving the last two layers to remove. My final suit was a challenge to remove. It seemed to have become a part of me after all this time. Again I let the hot water flood the suit and finally strip it off leaving my plastic pants. These pants had also done an admirable job sealing in the volume of toxic waste fit only for Chernobyl. I started pulling them off. I was hit by a second wave of pungency. I continued to shower for at least fifteen more minutes, totally cleaning both myself and my prized rubber play things. Satisfied that all was sufficiently clean I exited the shower and began drying and inspecting everything. I gazed at myself in the mirror only to find that I was a bit weather-beaten. It would take some time for my skin to recover, but I was used to that.

I toweled everything inside and out and hung up each item in hopes they would dry before I had to leave. I began to dress for the day. I glanced at the clock for the first time. It was 7:00 AM which gave me plenty of time to repack all my items for the trip home. 

I finished dressing and checked my items. It had been a couple of hours and by now they were dry and ready to pack. I was all set to go. I left my room shortly before noon. My meeting was uneventful. The meeting ended, and I have a couple of hours before going back to the airport to catch my evening flight. I grabbed a bite to eat at some sidewalk café before heading to the airport.

The TSA greeted me with their typical indifference. If I am lucky the plane will leave on time. The flight home was restful for me. I can easily sleep on a plane. Two hours later we landed and I woke up. There is something pleasurable about waking up and finding I had landed and was heading home. I reflect on the events of the last few days. My horniness returns. Happily I am still in my kinky knickers. You see I decided at the last minute to slip back into my plastic pants. What’s a day without a little kink? Looking forward to my next trip.


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