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Louise's New House

by JeansWeb

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Louise loved her new house. She had been searching for about a year and had finally found what she had been looking for. It was a small secluded cottage a few miles outside a little town in the middle of nowhere. Her only problem was that she had very few items of furniture apart from the essentials ­ sofa and a couple of chairs, her bed, a wardrobe and the all-essential TV and VCR. How she was going to be able to find the money to fill her dream place was playing upon her mind that day. She decided to measure the upstairs rooms in order that she may visit a few shops over the coming weeks to purchase some items to help her.

It was after she had taken all the measurements that she noticed something strange about the dimensions she had taken. It appeared that there was some space 'missing' from the upstairs of her new place. She found some paper, a pencil and a ruler and decided to sketch out the layout of her rooms. Once done she noticed that there was a void in between her bedroom and the bathroom. A further search of the rooms surrounding the apparent void did not help; the walls seemed as solid as all of the others and there certainly wasn't a door leading to the 'cupboard' or whatever it was.

The next day Louise sketched the layout of the ground floor and discovered that there too was a similar space between the walls of the various rooms. "What was it?", she thought and decided to pay a trip to the DIY store to pick up a few pots of paint, rolls of wallpaper and a hammer and chisel so she could find out just what was behind those secretive walls.

While at the DIY store she also picked up a couple of padlocks to secure the old gate that fronted the long, winding path to her new property and a few eyebolts to hang her baskets of plants from.

On her return, she put down all her purchases in her sparse lounge and grabbed the hammer and chisel she had just bought. "I've just got to find out what's behind that wall", she thought. As she chiselled through the old, dry mortar she felt a slight chill about what she might find. "Maybe it's something I really don't want to find?", ran through her mind, "A corpse, maybe." She quickly pushed these thoughts to the back of her mind and told herself not to be so silly. Her over active imagination remained working as she slowly chipped out the first brick.

After about fifteen minutes she managed to ease the brick from it's place in the wall and stared through the small rectangular hole she had made. It was too dark to be able to see much but she could just make out.something. It looked like some sort of chair that was attached to the wall. After removing a couple more bricks, Louise slid through the hole she had made and surveyed what she had found. The 'room' was bare with what looked like black rubber lining the walls but the most intriguing feature (and almost it's only one) was the contoured chair that she was facing.

It was shaped to fit a person's hind quarters and thighs. Where her crotch would be placed was a upwardly pointing blunt moulding. She sat in the chair and found it 'fitted' her shape just about perfectly, if a little snug. As she wriggled to get comfortable she noticed that the chair had straps hanging down each side which she presumed attached to the slots on either side of the top of the blunt moulding between her legs. Louise grabbed the ends of the straps and sure enough, they clicked into place firmly securing her to the seat.

After a few seconds she pressed the button on top of the moulding and rather than releasing the straps as she had expected they quickly tightened forcing the soft rubber upright tight against her pussy. So shocked was Louise at the grip the straps now held her with, she almost didn't notice the whirring noise coming from underneath the chair. It built to a whine then suddenly the flexible shaft began to vibrate very strongly. Louise's pussy was pressed so tightly against it that the vibrations were beginning to have an effect upon her. Through her jeans she could feel her labia begin to swell and her juices begin to flow. As she became more and more stimulated the straps tightened further until the vibrating rubber shaft began to force the seam of her jeans between her lips and press against her rapidly swelling clitoris.

Louise was enjoying herself immensely. She thought her new discovery was wonderful and as she rapidly approached orgasm her mind was reeling from the myriad of possibilities her new toy might be used for. Suddenly the noise and vibrations stopped. Louise was so close to coming she was wildly rubbing her crotch against the rubber shaft, wishing it would come back to life. Opening her eyes for just moment she got the shock of her life..instead of the shiny black rubber covering the wall in front of her, there was now a door.

* * * *

Although still incredibly horny, Louise was so surprised by the sudden appearance of the door she quickly stood up, letting the now released straps fall away from her lap. Her mind was trying to work out how the door could have materialised from thin air. Putting these thoughts to the back of her mind she decided that she would have to open the door since there was no other way to exit the small 'room'. She slowly turned the handle and pushed the door open. It was dark in the next room but quite comfortably warm. Louise felt for a light switch and her hand fell upon a small button which she pressed. Concealed lights gently began to glow around the large room, illuminating the space in front of her.

As she looked around Louise's mouth dropped open in shock. Every direction she looked she saw strange shiny equipment that seemed to lend itself towards a dungeon chamber than anywhere else. In one corner was an open closet which appeared to contain dozens of garments all made of shiny rubber of all different colours. Louise approached this and ran her hands over the material which squeaked and rustled when she gripped it. After her experience with the vibrating chair all manner of kinky thoughts began to run through her mind since she knew that any mind capable of thinking up such a sexy device would easily be able to create even more depraved equipment and clothing.

She started to look through the hanging clothes and after a few minutes browsing came across a pair of panties that behaved as if they had a life of their own when moved. Pulling them off their hanger she realised that the reason they wriggled was because of the two dildos that were attached to the inside of the panties which must have been filled with mercury or some other very dense liquid. Entranced by what she had discovered, Louise's mind came back to the fact that she was still very horny and extremely damp between her legs so it seemed the obvious choice to try on the panties.

Discarding her jeans and underwear she stepped into the rubber panties and pulled them up her legs. Parting her knees to stop them from falling down she positioned the front dildo at the opening of her pussy and gently began to ease the phallus into her willing hole. By this point Louise was so horny that her vagina was literally dripping with juice and she used some of this to lubricate the smaller of the two dildos that she was now about to insert into her anus. As she felt the head of this glide past her sphincter, Louise let out a long moan and the rest of the butt plug was drawn deeply into her ass.

This movement was involuntarily transmitted to the front phallus which wiggled on its own accord, producing another moan of pleasure from Louise. Realising just how sexy this was going to feel, she quickly pulled the panties up fully and felt the two dildos slide fully into place. Whenever she moved she now felt the two intruders shake and wobble deep within her pussy and ass causing her to moan almost constantly and her pussy moisture to liberally coat the inside of the latex knickers. Louise's fingers rubbed her now very engorged and swollen clitoris through the thin rubber and she looked around the room for some other kinky devices to heighten her mounting pleasure even more.

In the far corner she saw what looked like a saddle mounted upon a pole in the floor, only it was deeper than a normal horses saddle, almost like an upturned 'U'. "That's perfect to mount myself onto", she though and somewhat bow-legged, walked over to it and climbed on. The saddle was slightly too high for her to put both feet on the ground and while trying to balance so as to gain the maximum pressure on the two dildos she saw that there were stirrups bolted into the floor on either side of the saddle. She put first one foot into the stirrups, then the other. Unfortunately she could not get enough purchase on the loops to properly support herself so she put her feet further into the loops so they were around her ankles. As she pulled on the stirrups to press her wet crotch onto the saddle a sound began. Startled, Louise realised that the seat had started to rise slowly from the floor pulling her legs straight and taught and pushing the wiggling rubber dildos fully home up her butt and cunt.

Once she was tightly stretched, the saddle started to vibrate strongly making the two intruders shake and wobble deep within her two holes. Beginning to forget her situation, Louise was in ecstasy. She quickly began to orgasm over and over again, not just moaning anymore but screaming out load with pleasure. Her whole body just yelled with wild abandon as she rode her vibrating stallion.

After fifteen minutes, Louise was sweating profusely and so exhausted she felt as if she were about to pass out. She had been climaxing almost constantly and knew she could handle no more of the shaking inside and outside her soaking pussy. As if the machine knew this, it gradually began to slow its vibrations down and eventually stopped, slowly lowering back down. She almost fell as her feet touched the floor since her mind was still racing from what had just happened ­ she had had the biggest orgasm of her entire life. Her pussy was still spasming around the shaft inside her and her anus was twitching around the base of the plug up her ass.

On her knees, Louise removed the loops from her ankles and began to regain her senses. After her experience all she wanted to do now was go back to her normal life for a while and relax. Once her breathing had returned to normal she walked back towards the door she had entered by and noticed a small sign on it reading "Elevator." Once inside she sat back on the moulded 'chair' and strapped herself in. The elevator began to rise and the vibrations of the seat began again in earnest. The straps tightened and it was then that Louise realised that she was still wearing the now quivering dildo panties. This was more than she could take and before she reached her floor she had fainted in an orgasmic haze.

Louise awoke curled up in her bed. She felt wonderful and lay there for a while thinking about the kinky, freakish dream she had just experienced. It had seemed so real. As she got out of bed and headed for the shower the pair of dildo panties caught her eye and she stood still, realising that her dream had not been a dream after all.

* * * *

Louise spent over half an hour in the shower thinking about her experiences the previous day. Her somewhat conservative upbringing made her feel slightly ashamed at her complete abandon with the perverted apparel, but she was also excited at the way she had behaved. She justified her actions by telling herself that she had hurt nobody, had made the decisions about what to do by herself and that no-one would ever need to know her secret. She also wanted to desperately go back down into the debauched room.

All day at work she could think of nothing else but what she had done in her under-house playroom and knew that as soon as she got home she would have to pay a visit to the room again. During her mid-morning break she sat drinking her coffee and wished she had worn the dildo panties to work. During lunch she went to the restroom and while rubbing her clit imagined herself on the bizarre vibrating saddle machine. All afternoon she wondered just what other kinky devices the room held. She almost ran to the car park once she had finished work.

Back home she decided she needed a plan of action before she embarked on another visit to the room. Louise prepared an evening meal of salad and cheese ­ something light ­ and headed for her room to begin her evening.

First she discarded all her clothes then grabbed the dildo panties. Next she took out a large tube of lubricant she had bought during her lunch hour. Third, she went to the toilet and expelled as much out of her bowels as possible. Once done, Louise approached the hole in the wall she had made the previous day and entered what she now knew to be the elevator. Sure enough, the moulded seat with it's straps was there; she was ready this time. Before sitting down in the 'chair' she liberally applied some of the lubricating jelly to the rubber upright and then some to her moistening labia.

On sitting down she manoeuvred herself into a comfortable position with her vaginal lips parted around the soft shaft of the seat. This allowed her clitoris to lightly press against it. "Here goes!", thought Louise as she grabbed the straps and pushed them into position at the top of the shaft. She felt the expected whine of the electric motors as the elevator began to move and the straps around her thighs began to tighten. Because of the lubricant, the soft shaft spread her pussy lips further apart and the hood of her clit gently lifted to allow the now insistent vibrations to be transmitted directly to her most sensitive spot.

After a minute or so of this intense stimulation, Louise was astoundingly horny but was desperately staving off an orgasm in preparation for the events which lay ahead in the room. At last the elevator stopped its descent and the straps across her lap fell away. By this time, Louise was breathing heavily ­ not only from the vibrations of the seat, but also from the machinations of her mind, imagining what kinky adventure she might embark upon tonight.

Upon opening the door to 'her room' she was once again greeted by the dim, concealed lighting and she walked straight up to the closet where she knew there must be all sorts of exciting clothing to experiment with. Louise opened the door and started to select her outfit for tonight. First came a pair of red latex stockings, then a matching pair or red high heeled shoes. After a moments thought she also selected a red rubber garter belt (she had decided to leave her pussy bare since she liked the thought of being clothed but free at her most sensitive spot). A red latex bra came next and after a further look upon the shelves of the closet she picked up a soft leather collar to set off her skimpy outfit perfectly.

Louise donned the garter belt and pulled the latex stockings up her legs. They seemed to slide up her legs easily and she made a mental note to buy some talc for future use. Once clipped to her garter, she added the shoes and slipped the bra over her head, revelling in the feeling of compression that the rubber gave her. The collar was the final item she adorned herself with and she gazed at herself in the full length mirror next to the closet. She was still amazed with her new-look pussy ­ she had shaved it completely of hair and loved the image of her swollen and damp lips being seen so clearly in the reflection of herself half-encased in rubber.

Now suitably clothed, Louise decided to explore a little further around the room without jumping onto the first item of pleasure she came across, so to speak. The first thing she looked at was a set of shelves, upon which were all sorts of sex toys; vibrating dildos, inflatable dildos, butt-plugs, ben-wa balls, nipple clamps, you name it, it was there. The next set of shelves contained masks of all shapes and sorts; some full-face, some just 'Batman-like' thin latex half-face, some with built-in ball gags and some gags were simply inflatable balls designed to fill the recipients' mouth.

Moving past the shelves of pervy gear, Louise moved on to the various type of larger equipment in the room. The first thing she came across was a kind of vaulting horse with a two dildos protruding upwards, one at a slight angle. They were obviously for both holes, one being somewhat smaller than the other. The odd thing about the front phallus was that it had a kind of circular cup around it's base and the other noticeable thing was the tube connected to the rear dildo which led to a small hand pump.

Without going any further, Louise decided to try this one out. She mounted the horse and after lubricating and positioning the rubber intruders correctly, gently eased herself down onto the two dildos. They filled her nicely and she began to rock back and forth on the two cocks. As her excitement started to grow she remembered the pump attached to the butt dildo and gave it a few experimental squeezes. Her rectum filled in response to her hand and she soon found that she was feeling very full. So full in fact that she was unable to lift herself off the device, and to her horror she realised that the pump had no deflation valve. She decided that she would simply have to pull the tube from the pump to let the air out of the dildo when she was finished, so was not too worried. She began to get worried when the front phallus began to hum and not so much vibrate, but to pulse with waves going from the head of the dildo to it's base. This had the effect of pulling it further into her pussy and making her press her groin further onto the 'vaulting horse' and her labia into the 'cup' that surrounded the base of the dildo.

Once Louise was decidedly impaled upon both the quivering intruders, a new sound started. It was a quiet hissing and was only just audible above the buzzing of the electric motor that powered the front dildo. Although she was in absolute ecstasy her mind was still in enough control to make her wonder what the noise was. Before she could consider anything else, she felt her pussy lips being pulled and sucked into the cup surrounding the front dildo ­ the hissing sound was obviously a vacuum pump that was now holding her firmly onto the rubber penis. The sucking continued and her already swollen labia began to swell even further to fill all the available space in the enclosure.

The suction was not great enough to cause her pain or discomfort, but certainly made itself known since Louise could only move her hips slightly. This disappointed her slightly because she liked the feeling of being able to raise and lower her hips on the dildo which also caused the inflated prod in her ass to pull nicely on her sphincter. Attempting to raise herself even slightly now just caused her pussy lips to be stretched even more than they were already.

By this time, the front dildo had stopped it's 'rippling' and it now began a very pronounced shuddering. Not just the shaft of the dildo was shaking, but the cup that encased her whole crotch was being strongly vibrated, the effect being of incredible stimulation to the whole of her groin, and especially her clit. The feeling was amazing and in an attempt to gain even more pleasure, Louise gave the anal dildo a few more pumps to fill her rectum even more. She now could hardly move on the vaulting horse and was stuck fast, but this did not stop her from trying to move her pussy and ass on the two rubber phalluses. The more she pulled and pushed on the dildos, the closer she got to her very needed orgasm.

A huge scream of delight emerged from her as she finally achieved her goal of climax. She came over and over again as she furiously rode the incredibly perverted creation and her mind was once again taken over by the beautiful pleasure she was experiencing. All too soon, the machine seemed to halt her wild abandon as the vibrating of the dildos slowed then stopped, the suction-cup lost it's insistent pull and the butt-plug gently deflated. Almost limp with exhaustion, Louise climbed off the device and wiped the sweat from her face, and staggered back towards the bench she had used when she had first put on the latex garments. Seating herself on this she spent five minutes regaining her breath then could think of nothing but sleep. She stumbled towards the elevator and after the usual vibration-laden ride in the seat she arrived back in her 'normal' world, disrobed from her rubber garments and slipped into her bed, only to find her dreams punctuated with erotic images of rubber, dildos and other sexual torment.

* * * *

Louise woke early the next day, slipped out of bed and headed for the shower. As she shampooed her hair her mind turned back to the amazing encounter the previous night and her hand involuntarily crept towards her pussy. At her touch she was slightly shocked when she realized how swollen her labia still were after the suction exerted on them by the dildos she had rode last night. Once she had finished her shower she towelled herself off and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her pussy lips were indeed swollen and when she pressed her thighs together her labia squeezed upon her clitoris in a very pleasurable way.

Beginning to feel somewhat horny she thought about the strange garments that were downstairs and how they might make her feel if she wore them to work that day. Without a moments further thought she made her decision and headed for her elevator. Strapping herself into the chair, her engorged pussy lips settled easily around the rubber upright and she was greeted by the vibrations as if it were an old friend. Emerging into the kinky room she strode over to the shelves she had gazed upon the previous night and made her selections.

First she took a black inflatable vibrating dildo, complete with an inflator bulb attached via a small tube and a wired power control box. Then she chose a butt plug which rotated whenever the button on the control box was pressed. Now that she had made her choice of toys she needed something to hold them in place and opened the door to the closet that contained the latex clothing. Rifling through the various items she spotted a pair of tight rubber cycle shorts and took them from the hanger. After examining them Louise noticed that they had a stiffer, moulded rubber patch over the crotch area with small latex fingers inside that would stimulate her clit nicely. "This will do perfectly", she thought as she made her way back to the elevator.

Once back in her bedroom, she started to dress for the day's work ahead of her. The clothing was totally conventional ­ on the outside, at least. Under her tight jeans she had liberally lubricated her crotch over which she now wore the rubber cycle shorts, delighting on the massaging of her swollen lips and clitoris as the stiff rubber pad slipped over her whenever she moved causing the little fingers to stimulate her . She put the two dildos in her bag and headed for the door. Even by the time she reached her car she had started to become increasingly horny and was glad that the rubber shorts she was wearing were hiding her increasingly damp crotch. Because of the lubrication she had applied, the cycle shorts had spread her labia and slipped as far as they could into her pussy, increasing the rubbing of the little fingers on her clit whenever she moved. The tight jeans did not help matters as they too helped to place more pressure on her pussy and accentuate the gentle pleasure.

Louise arrived slightly late for work and raced into her office, hoping that people who saw her would think that she was out of breath because she was late, and not because of the crazy, insistent rubbing of her latex underclothes. All morning, the only thing that she could think about was how she was feeling between her legs and wished she were in her house so she could climb into her elevator, ride the kinky chair downstairs and try out some more of the depraved equipment in her strange cellar. While sitting behind her desk, taking phone calls, typing, and doing all the usual mundane work she was employed to do, she constantly ground her pussy against the rubber pressed tightly against her crotch, but had to restrain herself from coming since there were about twenty other girls who worked in her office and although they were all engrossed in their own work, someone having a huge orgasm right in the middle of the office just might have gotten noticed.

After what seemed an eternity, lunchtime arrived and Louise did as best she could to run to the restroom, locked herself in a cubicle and without even taking off her jeans, rubbed furiously at her groin, imagining the wild time she was going to have this evening when she got back home to her house, and bringing herself to a thundering climax in less than a minute.

Partially sated, Louise didn't even attempt to clean herself up, knowing that any juices she had created would be held underneath the latex shorts and they actually helped the movement of the stiff rubber pad and flexible fingers against her swollen lips and clit. She walked to the canteen and bought lunch, sitting on her own enjoying her private pleasure. As she ate lunch she thought about the two items in her bag and the more she thought of them, the more she decided to use them this afternoon.

After her meal, she once again visited the ladies restroom and after entering a cubicle and locking the door, pulled her jeans down. She rubbed her hands over her rubber clad lower half and revelled in the feel of the stretchy latex sliding over her body. With some reluctance Louise pulled the sexy cycle shorts down to her knees and reached for the two toys she had been carrying around in her bag. First she coated the butt plug in her own lubrication and gently pushed it past her sphincter. It glided in smoothly and as her hole clenched the narrower end of the rubber toy she moaned at the feeling of fullness it gave her. Then she slowly inserted the vaginal dildo and as her pussy lips slid around it's shaft she closed her eyes and breathed deeply, trying to fend off the approaching orgasm. Once deeply seated, she leaned forward so that the control boxes and inflator pumps were out of the way and she could pull up the latex shorts. Then she pulled her jeans back up and arranged the wires and tubes so that once zipped up they hung over the waistband at the front. Louise had prepared for this and put her bum bag on, routing the attachments into it.

Louise's eyes were wide with excitement as she walked slowly back to her desk. Sitting down pushed the butt plug even deeper and she shuddered with even greater anticipation. After sitting for only five minutes she could no longer keep her hands away from the contents of her bum bag and gave the two pumps a gentle squeeze. The dildos began to swell and the feeling of fullness inside her jeans increased. A couple more pumps and Louise felt as if her insides would explode. As she began to turn the knobs that controlled the vibration of the front dildo and the rotation of the ass plug she had real difficulty in keeping herself from screaming in delight.

The thought that kept running through her mind was that here she was, sitting at her desk in an office full of people while all the time her insides were being vibrated, pummelled and stretched by the now fully inflated intruders ­ and only she knew anything about it. After about half an hour of intense stimulation, Louise could take it no more and rushed to the restroom. Almost before she could stagger into a cubicle her hands were groping for the controls in her bum bag. Turning both dials to their maximum, Louise fell to her knees as the climax ripped through her body, her mind whirling with the intense pleasure being felt from the two dildos that shook and squirmed deep within her holes. With some effort she even managed to pump the small inflator bulbs a couple more times to increase the sensations even more.

Kneeling on the lavatory floor, she came over and over again, the waves of the orgasm rippling wildly throughout her whole body. Once the orgasm had begun to subside, Louise became aware of how she must look, should anyone be able to see her. She was kneeling on a cold, hard floor, madly pressing through her jeans (and rubber shorts) at dildos in her ass and pussy, punctuated occasionally with a twist of a control dial or a pump of an inflator bulb. For only a moment the thought shamed her, but this was quickly overtaken by rationality, which confirmed her as an extremely sensual being who enjoyed exploring her sexual side by using rubber clothing and toys. What on earth could be a better hobby?

Louise's mind gradually stopped swirling with lust and she, not without a touch of remorse, deflated and turned off her two dildos. Pulling her jeans and the cycle shorts down she slowly removed them from her ass and pussy, strangely feeling somewhat naked without them. After cleaning herself and her toys, she pulled the rubber shorts back up and seated the little fingers where they should rightly be; tickling her clitoris. This feeling was accentuated when she zipped her jeans back up.

Since the inflatable vibrator had stretched her pussy, the seam of the jeans and the latex shorts were pushed deep between her lips. In fact, the outlines of her labia were clearly on display for all to see. This thought, combined with the feeling of the rubber fingers on her clit, only had the effect of turning her on again. Confident that she was in for an enjoyable afternoon, she stowed her toys in her bag, pulled her jeans up a little more to increase the pressure even more on her pussy and strode back into the office, swaying her hips a little greater than was necessary since this heightened the stimulation.

Throughout the rest of the day Louise, in her ever-lustful state, ground her crotch against the little rubber fingers that massaged her most sensitive spot. Gaining in confidence that no-one knew her secret she would even do so while talking to others in the office, idly wondering if they had done anything so depraved as she were doing at that very moment.

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