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Lost Bet

by LoveNrubber

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© Copyright 2004 - LoveNrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; fem; latex; bond; toys; cons; X

Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

"Full house," I said triumphantly, laying down three kings and two tens.

"That's very impressive, dear," she said. "But I've got three aces and two jacks." I stared in disbelief as she laid her cards on the table. "Let's see, that means that I've won three hands, and you've won two. Hmmmm.... What shall I do with my winnings? I wonder...."

I laughed at her attempt to play coy. We both knew what her winning this tie-breaker meant: For the rest of the day, she would have total control over my body, and any disobedience on my part would result in some form of punishment, and if I really got out of line, she could decide that I forfeit the rights to my body for a second day in a row. I shuddered internally at the thought.

"You don't look too disappointed at losing," she said. "Are you sure you were playing to win?"

"I always play to win," I replied. "It's just that in this game I win no matter what." We both laughed. "I was looking forward to putting you through some unique submission, but that will just have to wait until next time, I suppose."

"That's right. So go into the bedroom and strip completely naked. Now."

Without argument I stood up and walked toward the bedroom. After several months of dating, we finally moved into a place together. This weekend, her daughter was away with her father, so we had the entire house and weekend to ourselves. Such moments were precious to us both, so we made the most of them.

As I stripped, my Domme entered the room. "I think you'll be Natalie for today." Ah, so I was to be feminized. I had no objections. "Go get your clothes." I walked over to our closet and unlocked the large trunk within that held all of our kinky clothes, toys, and equipment. "Get your rubber suit and the black lingerie." Lovingly, I picked up the articles that she demanded, and brought them over to the bed.

The lingerie was my size, or at least my size when I'm wearing the rubber catsuit. The catsuit was a marvel of rubber textile technology. Shiny red in color, it fits my body like a tight glove. However, it also has a few important features. At the waist, it has extra material to augment my hips, making them more feminine; it does the same for my breasts. It also has a hood with long, beautiful blond hair coming out of the top, just like a wig. Finally, it has a detachable crotch that allows my penis either to be exposed, or to be tightly confined behind a very well-sculpted vulva. With the crotch in place, I look very, very womanly.

After applying some talc powder, I quickly put my legs in the suit, brought it up to my arms and put them in the sleeves, and my Mistress helped me zip up the back and to put the hood over my head. In the end the only part of my flesh that was exposed was my face. "I love looking at you in that suit," Mistress said. My submission and feminization were major turn-ons for her, and I could see the excitement in her eyes.

"Now for the lingerie," she said. Although I like wearing the lingerie directly on my skin, there is no doubt that the added countours of the suit make for a much better fit. After strapping the garter belt around my enhanced waist, I pulled first one then the second black, sheer hose up my legs and clipped them to the belt. 

Next came the corset. This was probably my favorite piece of all my women's clothes. It covered my "breasts" while pressing them tightly against my body, and it also severely constricted my waist. With Mistress's help, we tightened the laces all the way until my lower and middle back were perfectly straight, my internal organs were squished together, and my breathing was reduced to relatively shallow breaths.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

"Wonderful," I breathed back. She smiled at the sexual nature of my reply, and proceeded to slide long, black, silky gloves up each of my arms. When she was finished, I looked in the full-length mirror, and I marveled at the transformation that I had undergone. Instead of a tall, thin, paled-skinned, hairy male, I had been turned into a very sexy, well-rounded, smooth and red-"skinned" woman, with contrasting black lingerie fitting every curve just perfectly.

"Are you ready for the next step, Natalie?"

I nodded, still looking at myself in the mirror. "Yes, Mistress."

"Okay, stay here." She walked over to closet off to my left, dug around for a few moments, and came back with a bag that held our collection of toys from the ErosBoutique and some other fetish-friendly online stores. "You're going to be gagged in a second, so I won't have you put lipstick on. But I do want you to have some rouge and eye make-up, so let's do that first." Looking longingly at the bondage equipment that she laid on the bed, I allowed myself to be guided to the bathroom. In short order, my eyelashes were elongated by mascara, my eyes were highlighted by black eyeliner and blue coloring, and my cheek bones were brushed to a light crimson.

"Okay, back to the room," she said.

I walked back in, with Mistress right behind me. "Stand here," she commanded, and I obeyed. With a loving yet no-nonsense manner to her, she efficiently made my submission complete. Starting with a long and stiff posture collar (called "Midnight Darkness" in the Eros catalogue), she immobilized my neck and head. She then took our armbinder and secured my arms behind me, making sure that they were comfortable yet securely bound. Next, she took the inflatable butterfly gag and, with a raised eyebrow to indicate that I should open my mouth, she inserted it and strapped it around the back of my head. Taking the inflator in her hand, she pumped the gag - filling my mouth and the space between my teeth and cheeks - until I moaned in protest, and then she pumped it once more. 

"Mmmmph!" I protested. She just winked at me with a devilish grin.

Turning away, she grabbed the 30-inch, "Vixen Red" spreader bar from the bed, but stopped short when she looked at me. "I totally forgot about your boots! You shouldn't be in your stocking feet. Shame on you!" I sighed helplessly through my nose. Any protest would be useless.

Digging around in our trunk, she pulled out the black thigh-high, ballet boots that are in my size, and walked over to my position in the middle of the room. She placed my feet into the boots, and when she finished pulling the strings tight and tied off the top of the first boot, she rose slowly and nibbled on the rubber of my crotch. I near lost my balance, jumping up with only one boot on that forced me on my tip-toes! But she grabbed me to keep me from falling, and then she continued to nibble all around my crotch and inner thighs. Feeling somewhat light-headed from the pleasure, I moaned through my gag.

"Not yet," she said, slapping me on my ass. "I have too much planned for you to come just yet." I breathed out a long sigh of resignation.

Once both my legs were suitably adorned by the 7-inch, shiny black boots, Mistress returned with the spreader bar and had me widen my stance. When my feet were about 2.5 feet apart, she enclosed each of my ankles in the cuffs at either end of the spreader bar, making it impossible for me to bring my legs together.

The final piece of my bondage came swiftly, when Mistress attached the end of the armbinder to a rope which she had threaded through a bolt in the ceiling, and she pulled on the other end. Immediately I was forced to bend over forwards as my hands and arms were pulled mightily above my back.

Mistress tied the end of the rope off to another bolt on the floor behind me and walked over to me. "Are you comfy, dear?" she asked lightly.

"Mmmmph," I replied. Although I was physically quite uncomfortable with the strict bondage, my body heat collecting in the catsuit, and my feet stuck "en pointe", I was also very much in heaven. The role of utter submission and femininity totally overtook my mind and my body, and the resulting sexual energy coursed through me like a placid torrent of fire and ice.

"That is good to hear," she said. "Hold on for one moment while I get myself into something more comfortable."

"Mmmmph," I replied. My neck totally immobilized by the heavy posture collar, I couldn't see anything except the floor between my legs, so I had no way of knowing what was coming next. However, as she took the long way to walk past me, she "accidentally" dropped an item that fell immediately into my field of vision. It was her "Ultra Harness" strap-on dildo.

My eyes rolled back into my head as I contemplated what was about to come, something that I was glad I didn't have any power to stop or control.

"Woops! Clumsy me," she said ironically. I merely grunted and rolled my eyes.

"Let's see, I think I'll go with the chainmail "Slut" halter-top, 5-inch "Mistress" boots, and my latex opera length gloves. Oh, and of course I need something to cover my pussy "I wouldn't want that to just be hanging out there, now would I dear?"

"Numph-umph," I replied.

"I know just the thing to put in the place of my pussy, a very erotic piece that I think you'll enjoy, even if you don't get to see all that much of it."


A few moments later, she stepped behind me. Her divine form came into my field of vision as she knelt down behind me; I saw the strap-on firmly attached to her crotch, and my mind melted at the sight of the rest of her dominating feminine appearance.

"I'm sure that you just can't wait to have me take your tight little ass, now can you?" As best I could, I shrugged my shoulders. It really didn't matter what I could or couldn't wait for, now did it? "Ha ha! Okay, well you get to wait for just a little bit longer. There's one or two last little details I want to attend to, first."

"Mmmph," I replied. Go right ahead.

She started her ministrations with a small leather device that made me moan deeply into my gag as soon as I saw it. Removing the crotch of my rubber suit, she took a moment to stroke my hard and leaking member, sending waves of electric pleasure throughout my body. Then she started tugging at my scrotum to bring my balls away from my body. Once the skin had loosened enough, she took "Chevron Stretcher" and wrapped it around my dangling balls. At the top of the hood there is a strap that allow you to close the top like a bag or a purse, which in this case firmly attaches the leather ball-sack to my family jewels. Careful to find that balance between intense pleasure and slight discomfort, my Mistress tightened the strap tightly enough so that I felt continuous pressure, but not so tight as to cause me any distress.

However, she still wasn't quite finished. Attached to the bottom of the ball-sack is a long cord that we often used to tie to various weights. This time, however, she tied it directly to the spreader bar beneath me. It was rather insidious, really. My arms were pulled up so high that I couldn't bend down very much, and now that my balls were tied to the bar between my ankles, I couldn't stand up too much either. In all, I probably had about a quarter- to a half-inch of space that was bearable; standing too high meant that my balls got stretched, and crouching too low meant that my shoulders got wrenched.

Since I couldn't do so externally, I nodded my head internally. I love my Mistress. She really knows how to treat a man.

"Now you are making quite a mess with all this pre-cum, my dear. What do you think we should do about that?"

"Rrmmmrrrmmm." I don't know.

"Hmmmm... I think I have just the thing." And with that, she reached up and rolled a condom down my shaft, followed by a tight cockring. I nearly came right then and there from the stimulation, but I managed to hold it back. However, once that thing was at the base of my shaft, it would be impossible for me to truly come, anyway. My mistress could fuck me for hours and I'd never find true release. I almost came again at the thought.

"Now," she said triumphantly, "I think you're ready to be fucked like the sissy-slut that you are, my darling Natalie."

"Umph hmmph!" I replied emphatically.

Coming around my side, she leaned up close to my face and kissed me tenderly on the cheek, then again on my eye. "I can't tell you how turned on I am by seeing you like this, my love. Between your complete submission and the utterly feminine role you take for me, you complement me, complete me, and fulfill me. I love you so much, and when you are like this I could just die from the pleasure." My knees melted to butter at hearing these words. My feminine energy and desire to feel womanly at times used to be such shameful things for me; now I know that they are not shameful, but instead they are a part of my personality that make me so desirable to the love of my life. I sighed in complete contentment.

"Now get ready for a good ass-fucking!" she said, giving my right butt-cheek a strong slap.

My ass exposed to the world and the rest of my body powerless to change that, I waited while my Mistress made the final preparations. It's a delicate process, treating a rectum like a pussy, even one as frequently violated as my own. Soon I felt a cool liquid slipping down the crack between my cheeks, and almost immediately I felt my Mistress's fingers touching me, sliding inside me, spreading the lubricant to all surfaces inside and out. I let out a long, unsteady breath.

"What a slut you are," she said. "You are a dirty little slut, aren't you?"

"Umph hmmph."

"You're a dirty little slut who wants to have your rectum violated and taken, aren't you?"

"Umph hmmph."

"You want me to take your dirty little hole, don't you, you little whore?"


"Okay, you asked for it!" she said as she thrust her hips forward, and she shoved the dildo fully into my rectal passage. I screamed my pleasure into the gag, though it came out as little more than a whimper. After pausing for a moment, she pulled back and slapped me on my right ass-cheek, never letting the dildo completely leave my vulnerable hole. Then she thrust inside once more, and again and again, bringing my complete helplessness into stark relief. My ass was hers, and there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it.

Within a few moments, she found her rhythm and was able to focus on other things, like spanking my ass. With each thrust she slapped me harder on my cheeks or my outer thigh. Feeling her hand landing on me through the rubber added even more erotic energy to my already super-charged batteries. Within a minute of her fucking and spanking me, I would have come if not for the cock ring.

Time rolled on and still she continued to fuck me. I was even starting to feel dehydrated, yet all I could do was ride it through. Then her rhythm changed, and instead of just going in-and-out, she started also to have an up-down motion to her movement. Now not only was she hitting different parts of my anal passage, but she was also forcing me slightly up and slightly down, which alternately caused my arms and my balls to be yanked in opposite directions. The added pressure to my already overflowing testicles was finally too much, and I passed out from the intensity of sensation.

When I came to, I was lying on my stomach with a pillow under my chest, and Mistress was frantically removing the gag from my mouth.

"Are you okay? Are you okay?" She kept asking. I couldn't respond until the gag had been totally removed.

"Yeah, I'm doing great. Never been better. I can't remember the last time I passed out from too much pleasure."

"Is that what happened?" she asked incredulously. "Why you little bitch! You had me all worried about you." Her harsh words were belayed by her tender caresses as she laid down beside me.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well everything seemed to be going great, but then you just slumped down and only the rope was holding you up. I thought you were playing at first, but you stopped moaning, and you didn't respond when I called your name. So I put that pillow on the floor and untied the rope, and I was going to totally untie you when you came to... Are you comfortable?"

"Quite. I'm actually feeling very pleasant right now, kind of otherworldly. But if you take the collar off, I can turn my head to look at you."

"Ha ha! You mean you don't like looking at the fibers of our carpet?"

"Oh, no, I love counting tiny threads for my Mistress; no task is too demeaning for me. I just thought I'd like to kiss my sexy Goddess, which would be hard to do in this position."

"Mmmm. Well, we can fix that." Mistress stood up, grabbed my arms, and started pulling me upward and onto my feet. "Now I'm going to lay you down again, so hold on." She grabbed the pillow and laid it down behind me, and then slowly let me down to the floor again. I was careful never to stand too tall, as my jewels were still attached to the spreader bar.

"How's that?" she asked.

I was incredibly uncomfortable, with my balls tied to the bar, my arms bound behind me on the floor, the corset still squeezing my lungs and innards, and the collar holding my head tightly. Yet my cock was as big and as hard as I can ever remember, so I said, "Perfect, Mistress."

"Good," she said as she crept up to me, stalking me on all fours like a lioness. When her mouth touched mine, she kissed me passionately, biting me and nearly drawing blood from my lip and tongue. I responded in kind, and we stayed in that primal embrace for what seemed like hours.

Late into the night, my cock still restrained by the cockring and never having found release, my Mistress pulled me back up to a standing position, and pulled my arms up behind me again as she had me before. Then she forced a large, vibrating dildo up my ass, and made sure it stayed in place with an anal plug harness. Turning the vibrations onto "high", she whispered her final words to me for the night, "Natalie, I am tired and it is time for me to go to bed. You usually win our bondage poker games, so to make up for it I will be leaving you here until morning. If you don't like it, you will simply have to play better next time, and then teach me a lesson when it is my turn to bottom. Enjoy the rest of the night, love."

And with that, she kissed me gently on the cheek, gave me one last slap on the butt, and crawled into bed, turning out the night-stand light before drifting off to sleep. 




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