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Long Dark Nights

by M88

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Storycodes: Solo-F; van; strip; cuffs; hogtie; naked; transport; M/f; bunker; captive; drug; latex; catsuits; intubate; stocks; susp; collar; cuffs; bond; mask; bdsm; whip; cons; XX

Charley had only just found out about the world of latex, after a friend bought her a pair of latex leggings. Since then she had been seeing how far down the rabbit hole she could go in a week. She had been meet with a tidal wave of kinky fetish nightmares and sickeningly prevented images. She had unlocked a deep lake of hidden fantasies and desires within herself. After searching the internet for days, she found something which left her heart racing and her soul horny. On a heavy rubber and bondage forum based in the UK was an advert looking for a woman to be a long term rubber bondage prisoner. Charley had message the owner of the post saying how much she wanted to do it. She got a message back within 48 hours with a list of instruction of what to do.

First she needed to send them information about her shape and size with measurements for every part of her body. After that Charley was told to head to Victoria train station in the centre of London in three weeks time and be there at 10am. She was also given a signal to give them. She was also told to keep the fact that she was going to be part of a bondage session a secret. She was also told to have a hair cut, shave her pussy and have short finger and toe nails. 

After three long weeks it was finally time for her rubber adventure to begin. She was waiting outside the station at the time they had agreed beforehand. She was told to watch out for a black van and wave it down if she saw it. The back door would be unlocked and she would enter without saying anything. She would not see who would be taking her and she would have to lock the door behind her.  A set of bondage cuffs would be waiting for her. She would also have to strip naked before closing the cuffs.

Her heart was going a million miles an hour and sweat was running down her back. As the clock ticked by. Then she saw a black van turning the corner and gave it the sign they had agreed on. The van pulled up next to her and she walked round to the back doors and opened them. Her hand was shaking as the door opened to reveal a set of metal cuffs which would leave her limbs in a hogtie. She stepped inside and started stripping as the van pulled away. Which caught her off guard and she almost fell over. She regained her balance and composer and continued getting naked. The van had already hit the speed limit as she removed her underwear. 

The shinny metal cuffs were sliding around on the floor of the van every time it went round a corner. Charley grabbed them and saw the chains between the cuffs was shockingly short. She would be folded up in a very tight ball. She bent her legs over and cuffed her ankles together. She then put her hands behind her back and searched for the wrist cuffs. After a few minutes she finally got them and closed them tightly. She was now hogtied in the back of a van without her clothes on.

It was only now she started having second thoughts about doing this. Questions started firing in her brain. Who are the people or persons taking me? How did I get to this so quickly? Why is this a turn on? What if they do something horrible to me? Why did I tell no one about this? 

Charley could not believe how stupid she had been. She had loved the idea so much she had bypassed her own safety and put her life in danger. She wanted to scream as they continued driving. But what good would it do her, she had asked them to take her and screaming suddenly out the blue would not get the message across. It was very unlikely any one outside the van would hear her. It was the middle of rush hour in one of the busiest cities in the world and her cries for help would be drowned out in the background noise. Plus they may gag her or knock her out if she made a sound. 

Charley stayed tight lipped for the three hour drive. Breathing slowly through her nose the whole time. She was in some pain for the last 30 minutes as the bondage hold had taken it’s toll on her. The van then pulled up and the engine was switched off. Charley was facing the wrong way as the door opened and something grabbed the chain between her feet. She was dragged out the van and dropped on to a trolly that had been placed right next to the door. She hit it with some force and the impact knocked the wind out of her. The trolly was covered in rubber padding as she saw the van drive off.

The weather had taken a turn for the worst as her naked body was hit by ice cold rain. She could see nothing but trees and a dirty road as she searched for something to give her a location. But she saw nothing. The trolly was then pulled with her facing down the road if you could call it that. She had not seen the old World War 2 ammunition base which had been left unused for years. The base had been run by the army and was built just outside Manchester. The concrete walls of the base was the only part visible from the outside. The base had been built into a hill and the dirty road made finding it from the air very hard. The site had never been bombed throughout the war. And had since been sold off by the Ministry of Defence to a private owner. The MoD had left the base in a state of disrepair and had removed any army supplies. The base had been in the hands of it’s new owner for 5 years now. And in that time he had turned the run down site into his dream location.

He was well off and had lots of time on his hands to get the work done. His blood, sweat and tears had gone into this forgotten space. The outcome of his work was something amazing or in Charley's case a horrible nightmare. Charley was still outside in the driving rain as he unlocked the main door to the base. He needed to use three keys in order to open the door. He then pulled the trolly inside. Charley was looking at the black sky with water running down her body one minute and the next she was in a concrete tomb with no natural light. The trolly was pulled through a massive open space. She could see the exit door getting smaller and smaller as she taken into the base.

After the main room (which was empty of stuff) was a couple of long corridors and a couple of staircases. The hallways had nothing in them and only thing she saw was grey concrete. It felt like forever before they reached a room, once again it needed three keys to enter. How big was his set of keys if it was the same for every door. Charley was a bit worried that, that was her only thought just before he was going to take her into an unknown room. 

She could hear the metallic sounds of the heavy duty door opening. She just could not bring herself to witness her new resting place. The trolly was pulled though the thick doors and the thanks to a charge in floor design, Charley was shaken around as it vibrated on the metal grid system. So the floor would have grip. The smell of latex/rubber was overwhelming as he closed the door. It made the loudest bolting sound as it shut. She was lifted off the trolly and placed with her head pointing towards the very reason she had contacted him.

She had never been so horny and excited, but at the same time she had never been so horrified and uneasy. She then had an injection right to the base of her neck. She let out a knee-jerk noise as the needle broke the skin. 30 seconds later she was completely gone, her body had gone limp and her heart rate had slowed all the way down. She would be out cold until he give her some adrenaline. He worked on her nonstop for 25 hours and was so tried and drained by the end of it, he just slept on the floor next to her.

He was in some discomfort when he woke up the next day. The metal floor did not make a great bed for the night. He finally works his way to his feet and took in his creation. He made a few changes and made everything look as clean and shinny as he could. He knew she was ready to be taken from her peaceful sleep. But just before doing that he want to get a couple of pictures of his new toy. So he got a stills camera from a table in the back of the room and started clicking away. 

First he started far away from her, so he could get everything in. She had been put in two interlinked latex catsuits which covered her whole body. The suits had been designed just for her to wear in new setup. The inner suit had a built-in IV drip in her left arm. The suit also had a built-in catheter to take care of her urine. It had a built-in latex waste bag. The two suits had been reenforced and were made from very thick latex. Charley's body had been covered with a liquid mix that did almost everything. It glued the latex to her skin and stopped any air pockets. The inner suit was smooth, shinny, flowing latex which was now glued to Charley’s skin. The outer suit of 2nd suit was there to connect her to the bondage stocks and keep the suits crashingly tight. Her legs had been spread apart so the shit bag could hang between them. Which he thought was very humiliating for her. The catheter had a long rubber tube which went from her pussy and into the base of the stocks. He had picked stocks as the bondage device as they let him completely control someone as they give the prisoner very little movement. 

The second outer suit had a couple more things built into it. A full body harness and corset had been built into the suit so Charley was being squeezed and contained. As well as had latex covered fingers had been trapped inside latex mittens which were part of the suit. The shine off the outer suit was stunning and the dark black colour highlighted her curves perfectly. The stocks she had been put in had her completely restrained. Made from thick stainless steel beams that had been welded to two stainless steel frames, that went from the floor to the ceiling. The stock would not be moved by anything Charley did. In fact an earthquake could hit and the stocks would stay still. They had been over engineered.

Charley had the massive horizontal stocks keeping her feet, upper legs, stomach, above her breasts and neck in place. The holes going though the stocks had been lined with inflatable rubber padding that stopped that part of the body moving. Charley would be able to move her muscles groups if she wanted to struggle, but that would do nothing. The stocks and frame had been made very well and unlimited her movement. He had also trapped her breasts to the stock by adding metal rings around the base of them.

She had a couple of added bondage items on her as well just to reenforced the inescapable setup. She had a heavy rubber old collar on which kept her neck and head pointing one way and at one angle. She also had a couple of thin leather straps which kept her feet and toes locked to the base of the frame. That the elbow he had added more restraints. Two cuffs and two short chains linked the limbs to the frame. The cuffs had been put above and below the joint and the chains connected to the stock around her neck. It was all about going the extra mile. 

Her head had not been missed out. He had designed and built a horrifying rubber mask.  It covered her whole head in very thick rubber with only one hole. Her ears, eyes and nose all had added padding over them. The hole in question was a large rubber funnel that had been straps to her face. It was her only link to the outside world. It was for her breathing and feeding. The mask also had a built-in ring gag to which the funnel was joined so she could not spit it out or move it. The funnel had a couple of breath control options to help with the torture. The item needed to be placed over the funnel tube at the opening. Charley could be left breathing though a shockingly small hole. Plus he had made up 1000's of food bottles with some of the most horrible tasting things liquidated inside. Something for Charley to hate would be feeding time.

The IV drip also give him the options of added different drugs into her body. After he had taken a few more pictures it was time to wake her up. He had a syringe filled with adrenaline, which he connected to the IV system. He pour it into her veins and watched as she suddenly jumped back to life. Well she would of if she was not tied down like a beast. The sounds echoing from her funnel gag sounded animal like. It was music to his ears as she tried to move. The stocks and frame made a rattling sound as she struggled with everything she had. Nothing was going to give way. He was looking through the list of things she wanted done to her, when she was in bondage. Top of the list was to have her tits very badly beaten with whatever he wanted to use on her. He put the list down and picked up a whip. 

“Well lets start getting through your list slut. It may take a couple of weeks. Best get started”


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