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A Lone Girl's Latex Enclosure

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2002 - Unknown - Used by permission

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A Lone Girl's Latex Enclosure by Unknown Author
Funny, she thought as she sat on the side of the bed, carefully pulling on a pair of glossy pantyhose. Funny, how the overwhelming feeling to enclose yourself in tight, black, shiny latex clothes, suddenly comes over you without a warning. She kept on thinking, there’s no point in resisting it either. One can’t stand against it more than a day, at the most. As the evening arrived, she went in to the closet to fetch the boxes containing the tools of the forbidden fetishes. 

The pantyhose dressing stopped for a second. She only wore the pantyhose to protect the tiny blond hair on her legs to stop them being pulled out by the roots. She also felt that the latex stockings were easier to put on with the nylon underneath. She pulled the nylons on over her waist and finally adjusted the strategic hole in the crotch. 

The Catsuit was talc’d and ready, she always did the ”maintenance” after every dressing session. Eagerly she slipped into the covering suit. Feet first and it didn’t take long before it covered most of her curvy body. She straightened the small wrinkles that occurred on her wrists as a final touch, before pulling up the back zipper and opening the crotch zipper. Temporarily her hands and head were left uncovered by the tight fitting material. Well aware that no parts of the suit couldn’t be seen when she had finished the other layers, she put on the shiny spray anyway. 

The first layer ready then, she thought. She studied her own image in the mirror for a second, but soon went for the other gear lying spread on her bed. It was now time for the stockings. Well used to the procedure she quickly pulled up the thigh high transparent latex stockings. They came so high up that they almost touched her crotch. Before the stockings started to roll themselves down, she pulled on a pair of Latex Bermuda shorts to ”lock” them up. The suspender was saved for the next pair of stockings. Of course, also the Bermudas had an open crotch. 

She usually left the gloves until last because they complicated the dressing a bit, but she really loved wearing them, so tonight she couldn’t wait. The latex gloves were black and almost reached her shoulders. 

Time for some rubber glossing again. She rigged her camera and now was an appropriate time for some shots. Before the photos she fitted a full-face latex mask with holes for her mouth and eyes and with tiny holes in the small moulded nose. And over that a half face gasmask, tightly covering her nose and mouth. She glanced fascinated on her glove-clad hand as she gripped the camera trigger. She turned her behind to the lens, bent forward and stretched her legs a bit extra. She touched herself gently between the legs and shivered. - No, not yet, she said to herself. 

With the gasmask still on she pulled on a black latex blouse. It slid smoothly over the arms and upper body that still only was covered with one layer of latex. 

Now the time had come for the red stage, as she called it. The third layer. But first time for change of mask. She took off the half gasmask and instead pulled an open face latex hood. She let it sit as a collar around her neck for a while. Its purpose was to cover the straps of the gasmask to come. The gasmask she had in mind was a black, British model that she thought had the right, cruel, appearance. Besides, the inner mask was comfortable, softly covering her nose and mouth, preventing condensation to build up on the lenses. She tightened the straps hard and held her hand over the air inlet of the filter to test for any leaks. It fitted well, so she pulled the open face hood over the back of her head to cover the ugly bands. That, of course made it a bit more difficult getting the mask off, but then again, also a bit more exciting! 

Her apartment was totally silent. She could only hear herself breathing, with some resistance, behind the mask. This really makes me warm, she said cosily. She breathed heavily a couple of times just to hear the sound of it, while she searched for her red latex bodysuit. The bodysuit was almost too small for her, but the cut over her hips became more sexy that way, she thought. 

The bodysuit was closed with a front zipper. It didn’t have an opening down there though, so she pulled up the string so it slipped in the crotch. She felt her cunt pulsating. Not yet, not yet, she kept on mumbling to herself. She took a couple of photos, just because she liked her hips so much in the bodysuit. Her thoughts were now on the 5”-heeled boots, thigh high of course. But still she had to dress in the last pair of stockings, the red latex ones, kept up by the red suspender. 

Time again for some shiny spray. But first yet another change of gasmask. The new mask was an older WW2 from Germany. Not as sexy, but easier to wear when she had to spend fifteen minutes on lacing the boots. She also changed to a red latex open face hood, too keep the red look complete. She started lacing the thigh high boots. Should have had someone to help me with this, she said longingly. 

Her feet was viced into an unnatural angle. She willingly admitted that she had difficulties in walking in them, but the stretch of her legs and the tension from the boots only made the orgasms, that inevitably were to come later, better. When they were properly laced, she pulled on a pair of short red latex gloves and stood up and took some small steps in the room. The items that now remained was a red blouse, a long tight, heavy latex skirt, that were to complete the third layer. 

And, of course, that special gasmask with built in regulator, connected with hoses to a set of oxygen bottles on the side of the bed. The total enclosure, not depending on the oxygen in the room! 

The blouse came on first, a high collar type, with a short zipper in the neck. Then the skirt. Not without effort. It was very, very tight. Yet again time for some shine. The red rubber needed a bit more attention and work to get the real glimmer. The red skirt hugged her round body, and ended at her wrists. It underlined her sexy walk in the stiletto heels. Yet she couldn’t help thinking that it was a bit of a waste with the boots, after all, you could only see the heeled feet and the wrists. The rest you had to imagine by the fine contours through the shiny red rubber. 

She sat on the bed and changed to the oxygen-connected gasmask. The change was made with remarkable speed in spite of the two pairs of gloves. She adjusted the hood over the straps for the final time. She turned on the oxygen supply and her nose and mouth was filled with a fresh dose of oxygen. Carefully she lay down on the bed. 

She did nothing but breath heavily for a couple of minutes. 

She was so filled of lust by the experience alone, that it kind of tickled in her cunt. She put her hand over her vagina on top of the latex skirt and pressed down to reach in with her finger. A few touches was all she needed before she came. She trembled for a hundredth of a second and every muscle in her body tightened, this was the followed by an amazing relaxation and calm. She lay there and almost fell a sleep before the oxygen was out. 

She already longed for next time! 


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