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London Holiday

by Rubber Doctor

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© Copyright 2013 - Rubber Doctor - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; latex; conference; outfits; corset; cd; chast; collar; cuffs; denial; cons; X

It had been a long 'red-eye' flight, but at last we touched down at Heathrow Airport. A half hour of long, tedious lines to present passport and then collect baggage ensued, then on to the shuttle bus as promised to be included in the package. Also provided was the round-trip flight, lodging for 10 days, and a pre-paid pass to "Britkink 2013, a 3-day Show and Conference". All this was offered via my e-mail. It took maybe 15 minutes to fill out the application and payment form! Although it was expensive, this sounded so exciting that waiting a month for departure was difficult, although details - tickets, passes, hotel reservation, transport, and an intriguing booklet "Alternate London Lifestyles" arrived by mail within a week!

The shuttle bus dropped me and my sparse luggage at a small boutique hotel, surprisingly modernly furnished as was my room. Checking in was fun, as the young lady handling my reservation smiled knowingly as she passed me my itinerary printout, commenting, "I think you're going to have a great time!" with a twinkle in her eye.

I hurriedly unpacked, wanting a refreshing nap before the conference started this very night. I had included a separately wrapped cloth bag containing my trousers and briefs, as well as a turtleneck top and lightweight zip-front jacket, all latex, plus two inch heeled rubber ankle boots. As I took these out of my luggage, a slip of paper fell out. Curious, I opened it and read: "Very interesting contents - exciting! Will hope to see you again ... Your personal customs agent, Linda." I blushed, realizing she had seen my kinky outfit, but wondering what she meant by 'see you again' ? Then I remembered my passport picture and the Britkink ticket! Well, it was fun to imagine the possibilities ...

Later, having napped, shaved, showered, powdered my body and pulled on my polished latex, I caught a cab to the conference, relieved at seeing others dressed in sexy, and sometimes wild costumes. I no longer felt like a freak... now more comfortable among the wearers of leather, rubber, and vinyl.

Once inside, I decided to look around the many displays of erotic clothing, accessories, bondage and discipline offerings. One shop appeared particularly exciting ... corsets in all styles and fabrics were shown on mannikins, making my heart beat faster - I'd always imagined how erotic it would feel to wear one! As I stood staring at a heavy rubber boned full corset in transparent red, feeling an arousal beginning, a voice behind me said, "You'd look smashing in that ..."

I turned to see a very attractive lady in a red, transparent latex, high-necked 3/4 sleeved dress, black gloves, and matching knee high boots with at least 6" heels! "We'd almost be twins!" she giggled.

"Umm, yes," I replied, blushing.

"You should really try it on, " she suggested .. "We have a dressing room here".

"I don't think I could get it on ..." I replied.

"Oh sure - I'll help" she said, already taking my measurements, and finding the appropriate size. "Come on .."

Taking my hand in her gloved one, the smooth, warm latex increasing my heartbeat, she led me to a small mirrored room, closing and locking the door, and telling me to take off my jacket and top. She seemed so matter-of-fact and confident, I quickly did as instructed. She wrapped the cool heavy rubber around my waist, telling me to hold it in place, and began lacing after lowering my briefs a bit, and smiling at my firming erection beginning. As my breathing became more restricted, my erection also became increasingly obvious.

"Hmmm.. we have to control that, or you'll be embarrassed all night" she giggled, digging into her purse and handing me a chastity device I'd seen online, called CB 6000! "Here ... put this on" she ordered. I'd just met her, didn't know her, but for some reason wanted very much to please her, so I applied the acrylic restraint on my balls and cock. "There, that's better," she smiled as I pulled my shiny latex briefs up over the small bulge made by the plastic prison, then continued the corset lacing, finally snapping a small brass lock, making sure I couldn't loosen it.

"That's looking very exciting, but it's missing the final piece .." she said quietly, almost to herself, removing a snap-on bra and silicon breast forms from the corset box.

"Umm ... I don't think ..." I started to protest.

"Oh, come on - might as well get the full effect, trust me, you'll love it!" she exclaimed, snapping the bra and 'breasts' in place! She beamed as we saw in the mirror how my chest now looked quite sexy under the thin rubber of my jacket! "Now put these on - I'll be right back" she said, handing me shiny black wrist gloves.

Again, I did as I was told, smoothing the perfectly-fitting gloves in place as she returned, carrying a pair of what appeared to be 4" heeled knee boots, telling me to sit down so she could put them on. Again, they fit perfectly, and I wondered at her uncanny ability to estimate sizes! "Time for a break!" she announced, helping me to balance on the new heels as she pulled me up from the chair, and led me out of the dressing room and to an outside balcony.

Taking a cigarette from her purse, she held it between latex-gloved fingers waiting expectantly. "Oh, sorry," I said, fumbling for my lighter as my cock jumped in its cage in response to how incredibly sexy she looked smoking! "We share this kink too!" she smiled, handing me one of her cigarettes, "and many more, I think!"

"I hope so" I replied, "By the way, I'm Ned" introducing myself.

"Welcome to London, Ned!" she replied, "I'm Linda".

"You don't happen to work at Heathrow do you?" I laughed.

"Of course .. but then, you wouldn't have guessed.." she giggled. "I knew what you looked like, and saw the passes to this event. The rest was easy, I just took a few days off. We're going to have fun!"

Now it dawned on me that ours was not a chance meeting - would this be the kinky adventure I'd always fantasized about? "Wow, that's unbelievable -thank you, Linda!" I exclaimed.

"I'm happy to be your guide, but there's going to be rules, and the first is: you will call me Mistress Linda, or just Mistress, if you're ready for this ..."

"Oh yes please, Mistress. I'm very ready!" I gushed.

"Good. Now unzip your top and buckle this on" she said, handing me a wide leather collar with leash attached, and again taking something from her purse. As I carefully strapped the collar on, Linda unsnapped the bra with my 'breasts' from the corset. I felt a sudden sharp bite as she screwed small clamps on my now-exposed nipples, then replaced the silicon boobs! "Owww" I reacted.

"Oh, don't be a wimp", she giggled, "or you'll have to be gagged.."

"Ohhh, mmm, yes please, Mistress!"

"All in good time, she laughed. but we need other things first" pulling my leash and leading me back into the show room and it's supplier booths.

The first booth we stopped at featured hoods, masks, and other headgear. Linda selected a full latex hood with snap-on eye and mouth coverings, and asked the lady proprietor to fit it on me while she shopped for further purchases with her assistant. I felt more stirrings in my crotch as my poor cock struggled in response. Having perfectly fitted the hood and eye coverings, the proprietress said, "Hmmm.. I think this will be appropriate ..." as she applied semi-permanent lipstick on through my mouth opening. Just then Linda returned with an almost full shopping bag.

"Hey, great idea!" she enthused, seeing this. "Now pay the lady ..." After the eye coverings were removed, I signed the credit slip, charging just over $200 U.S. It would be the first of other purchases here this evening that promised further kinky delights!

Next we visited a beautifully-appointed lounge with just the right touch of lowered light, joining other couples who were obviously into the lifestyle, judging from the varied costumes in leather, latex, vinyl worn by both men and women, most anonymously masked. One could see next-door neighbors and never recognize them! As we entered, a beautiful leather clad hostess greeted Linda warmly and led us to a very unusual corner table. the chairs all had attached hanging straps, narrow padded backs, and one featured a U-shaped seat with straps I imagined to secure widespread thighs! Noticing my wide-eyed interest, Linda said, "I think we'll pass on the straps tonight ... maybe tomorrow" with a grin. She ordered wine for both of us, and again posed with an unlit cigarette, which I lit for her faster than before, as she smiled at my obvious turn-on, seeing the movement in my rubber crotch.

"I suppose you are wondering at your good luck with our chance meeting?" she asked.

"Well, yes," I replied "I would never have dreamed being this lucky - and on my first day in London!"

The Mistress smiled .. "Luck had nothing to do with it, Ned, you were selected by one of my members who works for your company. She's been hacking into your computer, and noting your viewing habits for months. She thoroughly researched your personal life, including your short-term marriage to a wife who refused to accept your kinky interests, and got a quick annulment. She nominated you for this whole adventure, the flight, which hotel, this conference, and our "chance" meeting! By the way, your luggage has been moved to a room in my home. I arranged that soon after our meeting with a phone call. My 'job' at the airport? Doesn't exist. Another club member who is in customs planted the note!"

My jaw must have been hanging upon hearing all this, as Linda continued ... "Of course, if this plan isn't of interest to you, say so now, and you'll be returned to your hotel to enjoy your London holiday as you wish, and no hard feelings ."

I quickly replied, "Oh no, Mistress Linda ... please, I do want to continue - I just can't believe I'm this lucky!" I gushed.

She reached into her voluminous purse, took my gloved wrist, and wrapped a leather cuff on it, then the other wrist, locking catches clicking but not yet joined ... With a sensual smile she said, "Good ... we have an understanding. Now we can go for a ride .."


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