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by Darqside

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© Copyright 2008 - Darqside - Used by permission

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In all my wildest dreams, I never thought a woman of her intelligence and caliber could stoop so degradingly low.  Yet for me, Helen Vales had become absolutely perfect.

All it took was a little persuasion.

When I had first arrived in college I was virtually a nobody.  Not really someone you’d notice based on his credentials, credibility, or the clubs and organizations he’d belonged to.

I didn’t have many friends yet, and from the looks of things, I was an outsider to many of the groups and cliques on campus.

Our college has a large history going back at least 200 years or more, so it isn’t surprising that some of the Greek houses go back just as far.   Particularly the women’s sorority Epsilon Zeta Chi (or ΕΖΧ for short) was known for its very antiquated traditions.

I remember when I first tried out for one of the local fraternities and got rejected at the outset due to not having a “recommendation” from one of the other groups.  I sighed in defeat.  It was obvious to “get in” you had to “be” one of them, a catch 22 of sorts.

They told me that, but I knew it was also “tradition” for the upper crust to block those of lesser social status from ever joining these groups.  In essence, in order for any males to join a fraternity, you had to get approval from one of the sororities…which almost never happens.  For some reason, however, the population for these organizations never dwindled, yet continued to remain, almost as if people were initiated into the groups when they were born.

I knew that, and I knew the likelihood of me getting approved by any sorority was next to impossible.  I had a middle class income and way of life, not to mention my means of getting to college seemed to ooze “commoner” to these people.  I wasn’t humiliated, really, or embarrassed, but I knew in order to get any sort of recognition after college, you had to be in with them, or you’d never get anywhere.

Enter Epsilon Zeta Chi, who is known for squashing upstarts and hopefuls at the front door.  The women of this organization are elitists by nature.  So much so that male escorts are common among them to serve both as bodyguards and as a means of keeping the riffraff a safe distance from the residence.  Despite it all, I was mesmerized by Madame President, Helen Vales.

Even from a distance, she was a shining pillar of beauty.  Even if she treated her underlings like dogs, she always carried herself like a princess or queen.  Never once did her eyes stray from the path she walked, and never once did she stumble.  Perfect, rigid, erect, a column of beauty and intelligence you might say.  Her sable hair matched the unique lapel design of her household petticoat, her walk a solemn march.

To emphasize this, she had at least four women escorts followed by four men escorts at any given time.  She was elite among the elites.  Not only did I envy her position, I lusted after her as a woman.  Not a man on campus, save for the men’s fraternity president himself held sway over her, and only in situations that required vast compensation.

It was the third week of the first semester I arrived that I suffered humiliation directly from her hands.  I was carrying my books from the library over to the commons area when her male escorts shoved me aside, knocking several papers to the floor, without as much as a glance in my direction.

It was common for them to push aside any who crossed paths with Madame President, but if for even a moment, I…I felt defiant to her.

All I simply did was glance upwards at her from the ground, and glare into those frigid silver eyes of hers.

“Wait…” she waved her hand to stop the procession.  “This…thing is defying me.  I won’t stand for it.  Find out its name and dock 50 demerits from the register for its behavior.”

I muttered something under my breath.

“What?  Do you have something to say, trash?”

I reached in my pocket.  I had a piece of candy from a store I carried with me, I suppose, I wasn’t planning on having it till later but…inspiration struck me at that moment.

“I said ‘You should try and be a little sweeter!’”  In one quick motion I got up off the floor, un-wrapped the candy in my pocket, a lollipop…and shoved it into her mouth.

“Mmmrphhh?!?” she took a step back in shock.

All four male escorts were on top of me in a heartbeat, beating me down with staves as if I were a common criminal.

I was on the verge of unconsciousness as I heard her voice, “Dock 100 demerits in addition to the 50…and see to it this thing never sets foot near the library ever again…hmph.”

I remember…the lollipop I had given her…was sour apple.

The next day I woke up with a splitting headache, it was probably noon already by how lit up the room was…wait, where was I?

The Nurse’s First-Aid room?  Somebody must’ve brought me here out of the ‘kindness’ of their heart.

“Really, I wish they would stop all this organized nonsense…it gets people hurt.” I heard the nurse mutter.

“You and me, both…” I rubbed my head, “Bandages?  Did I really get hit that badly?”

“Those idiots gave you a concussion and acted like it was their sworn duty to protect their Mistress…bats and everything…what did you do?”

“I stood up to her…and then…”

“No wonder…if you really want me to, I can report this…but fat lot of good it does, since the organizations control paperwork flow around here.”

“No need, I won’t be going near that woman ever again…but…”


“I wish she was a little nicer to people, that’s all…”

The nurse advised me to go to my dorm room and rest for the day, but it was obvious there was more to it than that.  This ‘rest period’ was meant as a warning to me from the organizations, if I so much as spoke a word of this I’d be kicked out of the school.

I made my feeble excuses to my landlord about my condition, told everyone else what they wanted to hear and went to sleep.  I wasn’t in the mood for anything anyway.

It was about 1:00 in the morning when I heard my door latch.

“Is someone trying to break in?”

They were picking the lock by the sound of it, and by the looks of it, they would be breaking in any minute once the tumblers fell.

I grabbed the nearest thing I could get my hands on.

“A bath towel?  Well maybe I’ll smother them before they get in!”

I hid in the dark corner of my room and watched the door open with a creak.

A figure dressed in black with a ski-mask…a classic burglar if you ever saw one.

I waited quietly as the perpetrator walked into the room and shut the door.

“Huh?  No bag?  No gun?  No ‘tools of the trade’? What’s going on here?”

For a burglar this person didn’t seem interested in anything I owned at all…did they just come here to look?

Whoever it was must’ve thought I would still be in the Nurse’s office, otherwise why in the world would they break in to my room with me still sleeping there?

“So this is ‘his’ room…it’s so small….”

“A woman’s voice?  No way…What is a woman doing here?”

She proceeded to take off her ski mask, and a huge lock of blonde hair tumbled free.  And now that I was watching her from behind in the shadows, I noticed she had a rather dynamite figure even in a black outfit.

Just who is this girl?

“This is ‘his’ bed I guess…I wonder if he’s still a virgin…”

“Grrg…right for the jugular, you wench…what are you doing?”

She sat down on the bed, ever so lightly touching the covers…I don’t know why but I just stared in awe of this woman.  Her figure was even sexier than I had first thought.

She sprawled herself on my bed (my bed!) and proceeded to snuggle into the covers, regardless of the fact I hadn’t cleaned that day.

“What the hell is she doing?”

“Mmm…it smells nice…a ‘nice guy’ smell…”

“Why is she…why are you in my bed!?”


“Eep! Did I just yell out loud?”

“Who…who’s there…?”

I stepped out of the corner of my room.

“Who do you think…I live here…and who are you?”

She turned away before I could get a good look at her face, damn…and the light switch is too far away!

“It’s all…your fault…”


“I said it’s all your fault!” she turned to face me…


“Shhhhh!  Not so loud!” She covered my mouth…her hand was so warm.

“Why is Helen Vales…the woman who treated me like so much trash…sneaking into my room?!?!”

“Dammit…why do I have to explain myself…it’s your fault anyway…and…and you have to take responsibility for your actions!”

“Responsibility?  For what?  I didn’t do anything…your goons beat me down with bats and I had a concussion…”

“Dammit…I didn’t want to do this so soon, but you left me with no choice…it’s better if I explain it…like this!”


In a flash her lips were tightly on mine.  Kissing!?  We’re kissing!?  What the hell?  She’s…she’s putting her tongue in my mouth!?


Why does her tongue taste like Sour Apple?

That kiss left me breathless and heaving hard…I had to sit down.

“Now do you get it?  I know it was sudden but…do you understand why…I…”

“…was it the lollipop I gave you?”

“…The…the very nerve and impudence of anyone…putting something in my mouth is…is…you…you have no idea how I feel!”

“…Should I be mad…or grateful?”

“HOW DARE YOU!  You think you can simply win me over like I’m a strumpet?!”

“I never said anything of the sort…”

“Get out!  You…you….filthy…”

“This is my room…”

“I….I…bloody hell I can’t take it anymore, that’s why I love you and--!”

“She…said it…”

“You love me?”  I stood up.  It was obvious she was going to cry at any moment.

“Damn…why did it have to happen so soon?!  You…ever since yesterday…you made me remember I…like sweets.”

“You like sweets…” I encouraged her.  It was obvious she was having trouble sorting out her feelings.

“How can I…with such a commoner…I’d be the laughingstock of the college!?”

“I understand it’s probably hard to deal with.” I tried, “But you did come here…and you were looking for me…so…”

“A-are you trying to psycho-analyze me?!”

I sat her down on my bed.

“Listen…you’re the one whose stuck on me…and maybe it is my fault for having the ‘impudence’ to stick a lollipop in your mouth but there’s more to it than that…if I’m right…you’ve liked me for a while now, haven’t you?”

Her eyes went wide, as though I’d uncovered a deeply hidden secret.  After a while, she nodded.

“And, I’m guessing you’ll want me to reciprocate those feelings…”

“That…I…don’t…” she was unsure of herself.  Probably the first look of doubt I’d ever seen on such an austere and confident woman.

It was obvious she wanted to be with me.  But she wasn’t sure if her ‘other self’ could handle it.  It was then and there my mind began to hatch an idea, this woman’s love was pure, but I am far from satisfied with that.

“You told me, that I reminded you of how much you like sweets, did you not?”


“Then prove it.  Prove to me how much you like sweets.  If your love for me is so strong that you’re compelled to come into my room in the dead of night, a lollipop is nothing compared to that.”

“I…have to prove…”

“From now, until the end of the semester, any time I see you out in public, I want to see a lollipop in your mouth.  And every time I see the lollipop, I want to watch you enjoy it as though you were having an orgasm.”

“But I can’t…”

It was dark in my room but, she was close enough that I could feel the heat from her face…“She’s blushing…”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s fake…or real…if you can do it…then I’ll accept your love when the time comes…you do know what an orgasm feels like…don’t you?”

“Don’t be absurd...I know but…something like that is…humiliating…”

“Is it?  All you’re doing is enjoying a lollipop…how is that humiliation?  And isn’t there something more important at stake here?”

“What are you…saying…?”

I looked her dead in the eye.

“I’m not a man to be trifled with, Helen Vales.  I may be a ‘commoner’ to you, but I have my own pride.  And love is not something I give for free…not without a price.  That…and…you hurt me…it’s not something I will forgive easily.”

“I suppose what I did isn’t something anyone would forgive easily…so be it!  I’ll accept your challenge, and I’ll put on a show for you like you’ll never believe!”

“I have one more stipulation to this ‘challenge’.”  I leaned close to her, my lips were inches away from hers, and if she moved her head slightly she could’ve kissed me again.  I knew she wanted to.

“No other men are to touch you or openly flirt with you during this ‘challenge’…anyone who eyes you or ogles you may get an eye-full, but its eyes only…nothing else.  If you’re going to do this for me…I want the performance to have me as the guest of honor.  Cross me even once on this…and I’m leaving the school for good.”

“….Fine…but what do I gain when I win?” she smiled, her confidence and arrogance were returning.

“I’ll be your boy-toy or whatever else you want me to be…if you win, I’ll swear my love and loyalty to you for the rest of my life.”

“You would….for me?” her eyes brightened.  It certainly sounded like a sweet deal.

“That is…if…you can win.” I smiled.  “Don’t forget for a moment I’ll be watching you from a distance, even in your circles and organizations, you may be surrounded by an entourage…but I’ll be watching you.  And whenever I look at you….I want to see that lollipop in your mouth.  Any flavor will do…but that taste will be filled with lust…understand?”

“Very well…then…”

“Don’t forget this…” I handed her the ski mask she wore earlier to hide her face.  “Oh…and do something about that school dress uniform…you’re sexy, so flaunt it!”

“Hmph!” she walked away in a huff.  But I could tell by the way she looked at me that she was happy that she had a chance to confess her feelings.

But, in the end, how hard could this challenge really be?  I guess both of us will find out in the next few months.

The next morning was very slow and casual, the usual classes and books and study agenda.  It was about the time of day where I would go out for a brief lunch and go over my books.  I hadn’t expected to encounter Madame President so early in the day but to see her among her friends all trussed up in her school uniform seemed normal enough.

They were eating lunch at a picnic table surrounded by books and of course her female colleagues chattered away like it was business as usual.  But I could tell almost immediately that something was amiss.

“Huh…that’s strange, the usual crowd of boys around the girls’ table is gone…something must be up…” I heard one of my classmates mutter.

Another piped up, “Yeah I noticed that earlier too…it’s almost like the President doesn’t want anyone around, though I kinda wonder who would want to be around her anyways, she’s really frigid sometimes.”

“Yeah, really, no kidding…but she is pretty hot. And the girls around her are pretty good looking too.”

“Quiet, she’ll hear you…heheh.”

I watched Helen through dark sunglasses during that time, watching her eat.  She seemed to be taking her time with every bit of her salad, and it also seemed like she was looking around the park campus for someone at the same time.

I knew it could only be me.

She was at least fifty yards away from my table…surrounded by numerous other tables.  But I sincerely doubt she would ever see me unless I made a point of making myself known.  I couldn’t help but notice her eyes nervously darting around the park, looking to meet mine.

Of course, I was hidden behind sunglasses and a book, not only could she not see my face, but I wasn’t making any effort to make eye contact.  Just simply noting her presence from time to time was sufficient for me, truly a torture for her I would imagine.

She casually finished her meal and made a motion to stand up and leave…but hesitated.

“What will you do, Helen Vales?”

Instead of standing, she turned on her bench seat and leaned on the back of the table, as if to enjoy the beautiful sky…which did just so happen to be beautiful that day.

I’ll never forget the forlorn look on her face as she crossed her legs and reached in her vest pocket to pull out a fresh lollipop, wrapped in green wrapping and signifying the mouth-watering flavor of Sour Apple.

She stared intently at the lollipop for a brief period of time, probably wondering if the challenge she was given was really true or not or if she was being toyed with.  Or maybe perhaps she was mentally preparing herself, I’m not quite sure.

After removing the wrapper, she started on it with a simple lick, touching the flavor to her tongue, and immediately I noticed her legs had tightened together.  She began to grip the bench as though to brace herself and slowly plunged the lollipop in her mouth.

I watched in awe as her face flushed pink.  Closing her eyes, she leaned forward and cupped her hands around her breasts through her blouse as though they were such heavy things.  Her chest was erect, her hips round and squirming…and that feverish pink blushing face of hers…I’m surprised none of the girls at the table had noticed the dramatic change in her demeanor as of yet.

Then I heard it, and not only me, but several guys at my table and the surrounding tables.  A low, deep, incredible moan came from her mouth, all heads turned, even the girls, and in that instant her face grew an even brighter red, due to embarrassment.

“Wow, girl, you really enjoy your candy…” I heard one of her sorority members say.  No one thought much about it at the time, but I knew…

“So, Helen, the game is on is it?  How long will you keep this up I wonder?”


When her sorority group got up to leave, I noticed she was having trouble standing, somewhat wobbly at first.

“Are you okay?  You look like you have a fever…”

“I’m…fine…it’s nothing…”

“Okay if you say so…”

As I watched her walk back to the sorority group’s house, I etched that blushing red expression on her face into my memory.  That beautiful face in such heated passion over sweets was a face I would never ever forget.

The next day was the same, relatively uneventful, and I found myself once again in the campus park on a spring day, eating a sandwich and reading a book.  It only recently occurred to me that Helen had been sitting at that same park table not too far away from me to eat her lunches regularly for a while now, before we even met.

“How interesting, this fate of ours…” I thought to myself, casually flipping through my book.

I wasn’t particularly paying much attention at the moment, but she had already opened up a fresh lollipop and was idly stroking it around in her mouth.  That flushed face of hers returned, and soon enough she was heaving and breathless…almost to the point of a shudder.  Her eyes were closed tightly shut, so I could only imagine what she was thinking during her performance.

With every lick she arched her back, thrusting her hips.  The fact that the school’s uniform was restricting her body’s movement just made the spectacle even more enticing to anyone who happened to be watching.  I personally was having a hard time convincing myself that this wasn’t an authentic demonstration.

She rolled the lollipop around in her lips like a passionate kiss, but still managed to moan and hum away at it.  The pink in her face turned to an almighty red, and did I see that, or was she laughing?

Sure enough, she was giggling like a schoolgirl, a college schoolgirl no less, as if someone had been tickling her to death in all the right places.  She even had a smile on her face.

I hadn’t expected her to enjoy this so much, or even to act so convincingly during her exhibition.  She really was taking this wager seriously, and it looks like I underestimated her feelings for me.  She really does like me.

She…likes me.

I hadn’t thought of it that way.  To me, at first, it was simply a one-sided thing…a game to get back at her and the sorority for being so snobbish and cruel to everyone.

I hadn’t dared to look up from my book, but when I did, our eyes met.

I don’t know if she knew it was me, seeing as I wore sunglasses, huddled up with my book…but she looked at me long and hard.  Her flushed expression was still there, as was the smile on her face, lollipop casually placed in her mouth.

I really didn’t know anything about her, did I?

Was she…trying to tell me something just then?

“How’s that for a performance…”

I think that’s what she was trying to tell me.

As she stood up to leave, it was obvious to everyone at the table now.  She was being stared at by everyone, and nobody could believe what they saw, and much less believe that the President of Epsilon Zeta Chi had done it.

“Let’s…just go to class…” I heard one of them say.

It looks like I’ll have to take this wager seriously as well.

For the next few weeks, things went normally for me in my life as a college student; nothing major except my own education was pertinent.  But every day, around lunch time, I was treated to quite possibly the greatest thing any man could ever want to witness: a woman who truly enjoys her candy.

Not only me of course, but every man on campus was watching by now, and even some of the girls.  It had become routine, and yet, somehow, none of the boys dared approach her.

I listened intently to the rumors going on.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into Madame President, but I like it…”

“Still, she hasn’t been with any guys lately…what gives?  You think maybe she’s got a boyfriend?”

“Well if she does I haven’t seen him.  I doubt a girl of her class would stoop so low as to flirt with guys like us.  She’s way out of my league, that’s for sure.  They say she only answers to the Fraternity President, Gabriel Hegison, and even then, they’re not exactly on speaking terms right now.”

“You think maybe she’s just waiting for the right man to come along?”

“I don’t know…but damn, I wish I was that lollipop.”

“Heh, you said it.  Speaking of which, do you really think that she’s…you know…having ‘it’?”

“Maybe she is and maybe she isn’t…I can’t tell.  But she enjoys that lollipop.  That much I can say for sure.  Either way, it’s a performance you can’t miss, right?”

“True; and they even say there’s even a sorority girl fan club now…she’s gotten really popular recently.”

“Popular maybe. But available? Yeah right.”

That day I seriously started to consider her feelings for me.  Her performance was getting to be routine to everyone else, but she was also getting better and better at it, not to mention she was enjoying every aspect of it.

My original goal was to have her humiliated such that she would realize how she’d treated me that day in the library…but that plan seems to have backfired….or seems to.

She may be performing well…but I won’t lose.  Not to her.  Not to Helen Vales.

That night I wrote an e-mail to her address under an alias.  She would know it was me, but that wasn’t the point.  This wager was far from over, and even if she enjoyed her sweets, it was getting too easy for her.  And I refuse to lose in such a fashion.

From:  Username Withheld

To:  HelenVPrez @


You surprised me.  Your performance is top notch.  But it’s only going to get harder from here.  You may be able to convince everyone else, but you won’t convince me, at least not yet.  Routine gives rise to bad habit, and bad habit leaves a bad taste in all our mouths.


If you’re truly sweet on something, sometimes expressing how you feel in other ways is just as important.   The question is how sweet can you really be?  Or are you a sour apple?

I encrypted the message and sent it, wondering how she would react.  I suppose I would have to wait the next day or two to see results.

The next day, all eyes were on Helen Vales.  It was no hallucination; she had literally changed her appearance from that of a conservative silver-tongued high-society girl, to that of some sort of temptress or collegiate vixen trying to seduce men.

To best describe it, her blouse was opened just enough for anyone to see her cleavage, her hair curled in wide fluffy curls like that of some blonde super model, and most striking of all…she was wearing green accessories, from earrings to belt around a tight school-regulation skirt with specially made green pantyhose and even more incredibly she wore strikingly bright green heels.  To top this off, she wore a green choker around her neck with an apple on it.

So she’s a sour apple.  I suppose being perfectly sweet isn’t something she’s capable of; even so, she looked incredible.

It looks like my plan to corner her didn’t quite pan out like I had expected, still, she’s willing to go this far in her appearance. I can at least give her credit for that.  But now things were starting to get more complicated.

“Did you hear what happened at the park benches today?” the usual crowd of gossipers was overheard.

“What’s gotten into Madame President?  Usually she’s so cold and untouchable, but it’s like she’s just begging for the right man to come along.  Wearing something like that…even if it’s within school code…doesn’t she feel ashamed of herself?”

“I doubt it.  I think somebody put her up to that.  And whoever it was probably wants revenge for something she may have done.”

“You think so?  But she hasn’t announced anything…and if she was going to get back at somebody, wouldn’t public humiliation be the next recourse?”

“Ah, you remember what she did to that one boy last year?  Needless to say the guy who tried to get it on with her had a hard time fitting in anywhere when she was through with him…I doubt anyone could get near her after that incident.”

“Still, do you really think she’s being manipulated to wear her clothes like that…I mean, sure it’s sudden, but what’s to say she isn’t doing it for somebody she likes?”

“While that’s possible, it’s highly unlikely.  She isn’t the type of girl to get stuck on a common guy around here.  She uses men like stepping stones, and only if they’re worthy of being stepped on.”

“Still…whoever it was, must’ve really pushed her hot button to make her change the way she looks so drastically.  She looks incredible!”

“You shouldn’t say that out loud!  You’ll get in trouble!”

“Heh, you’re probably right, but if she’s doing this because of some guy pulling her strings…he’d better hope she doesn’t find out who it is, or find a way around what he’s doing.  She’s like a female grim reaper when that happens.”

As I walked to class, I had a few things on my mind more pressing than the thoughts of her getting back at me.  I knew that woman wasn’t easily defeated, and she held her pride before anything else, I knew that much.  Such humiliation was sure to bring its own comeuppance…

…If I were someone else, that is.

I remembered very clearly her words to me that night.  This wasn’t some simple blackmail where I was humiliating her for the sake of my own enjoyment…even if I did enjoy her ‘performance’.

This woman had feelings for me, but even more so was unable to express them openly.  Her position and rank barred her from any sort of relationships with other men.  From a certain point of view you could even feel sorry for her.  But she was above all that, and held her head erect and confident, even in clothes that spoke volumes of her appearances as that of a flirtatious tart.

If even for a brief moment, that night in my room, I did consider receiving her feelings, despite my angered appearance.  But it was because of those feelings; I realized that neither of us could get close to each other.  It would compromise her reputation as well as put her in a questionable position with the college; That, and I was unsure of my own feelings.  Did I love her as well?  Or was it simple common lust, like every other man on campus?

Just as her pride refused to publicly acknowledge her feelings for me…my pride also refused to admit that she was starting to appeal to me.  Even if the performances were public and rather shameful.  I started to pity her.

I shook my head out of my reverie of such thoughts.  This wasn’t the purpose of it at all!  She humiliated me…this wasn’t a courtship ritual or some twisted blackmail of lust…it was a public apology!  Whether or not she had feelings for me is beside the point…I will share no pittance to her or her feelings towards me until this debt she owes me is paid in full!  I will not lose to Helen Vales, this I swear!

But it was because of my pride, that…not long afterward, I had underestimated her.

I returned home to my dorm room late one night to find the door unlocked.  I knew there was only one person who would come to see me, and because of who it was, I raised my guard up, gearing for the worst.

Instead, what I found was a beautiful woman lying down on my bed, waiting for me, and even more surprising was what she was wearing:  A black rubber catsuit with plunging V-neck, accessorized by deadly-looking stiletto heel boots.   She accessorized it even further by the green apple choker she’d worn earlier.

“You…?! Why did you come back here!?” I whispered hoarsely.

“I needed to find out for myself if the feelings I’ve been having lately for you were the truth. And looking at you now, I can’t find any reason to walk out that door.” She licked her lips.

My face got red.  “Get out…you have no right to be here!”

“Oh is that right?  Then why is it you’ve let me get so close to you just now?”

She was right.  She was literally inches away from my face, and could very easily kiss me from any vantage point.

“You’re probably wondering something like ‘Shouldn’t she be angry with me now?  Is she going to get back at me for trying to humiliate her in public by faking an orgasm on a piece of candy?’ And if I could wager a guess…you probably think I’m this close to you with plans of injuring your pride and blackmailing you just like you did me.”

She was so close that I could smell the sour apple lollipop on her breath.  Her lips were green either from the lipstick or candy…I couldn’t tell.

“What I did and said wasn’t blackmail…and it wasn’t something you were obligated in any way to act on…that night you could’ve left my room and nothing would have come of it.”

“You say ‘obligated’ like it was a simple business contract…you underestimate a woman’s pride and her feelings.”

I was stunned.  But even more than that, she somehow managed to get past my defenses and in one fell swoop embraced me in the deepest kiss I had ever experienced in my life, nearly knocking me over backwards.  I nearly stumbled, if I hadn’t grabbed onto a nearby table counter.

She…she was kissing me so deeply…and I was accepting it so easily.  Why?  Why am I doing this?  Just what is this woman to me?!  I had to hold on to something to balance myself….

…Why am I holding her hips?!  God, why is this happening…this is wasn’t in the plan at all?!

After a moment she stopped and leaned on my chest.

“Your feelings are conflicted right now, aren’t they?  I know…and it’s my fault. I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing…you…you have no idea…”

“It’s something I had to think about a bit…my pride before wouldn’t let me get close to you…and when you ‘coerced’ me into this deal…I realized I was more of a fool than you took me for.”

“What are you saying?  I didn’t coerce you into anything…you…you made that decision yourself!”

“You told me before…you said I needed proof.  I didn’t expect to prove myself that way…but it taught me something.  It taught me I still have a long ways to go to being a woman.  Something…woke up inside me…and now, I can’t get enough of you.”

“All this, because of pretending to have an orgasm on a lollipop?” My mind wasn’t clear to say the least, she was making everything fuzzy and distorted to me…and I couldn’t focus.  My feelings…the way she was towards me…I didn’t understand any of it.

“…It…it wasn’t pretending.”

“What did you just say?”

“I said I wasn’t pretending to have an orgasm…I…really was having them…it’s hard to explain in words.  All it took was thinking of you…and the taste of sour apple in my mouth…and then I just…exploded.”

“But then for the past few weeks you’ve been….?”

“That’s right.  Every time at lunch, none of the girls knew about it but me.  They thought I was acting or goofing off.  The first time it happened shocked even me…it was because…because I hadn’t realized how much I wanted to be with you since the beginning.  It got so bad I had to bring an extra change of panties and tampon with me in my school bag.  And now it feels like I was…conditioned; whenever I taste sour apple…I can’t help myself.”

“Show me.”


“I think I get what you meant, when you said you couldn’t get enough of me but…I still haven’t given you a proper answer to your feelings.  What’s more…I haven’t been real honest to you, or myself.”

“You’ve been…denying your feelings because it’s me…isn’t that right?  Because of how badly I treated you and because of my status in the upper echelons…but…the semester isn’t over yet…and I still haven’t gone through on our deal.  I haven’t given you a complete apology.”

“Why are you saying that now?  You seem to think this contest is over.  It didn’t matter to me at all if you felt guilty or not, or even if you apologized…don’t misunderstand. And don’t think for a minute the deal is concluded just because you seem to think I’m developing feelings for you.”

“What do you mean?  I don’t understand.”

“I said ‘show me’.  I meant right now: show me…that burning obsession of yours.   You just confessed you can’t get enough of me, right?  I want to see it.  And then, maybe I’ll think about answering your feelings.”

“You…you…how can you do this to me?!  Didn’t you say you haven’t given me a proper answer?!  Aren’t you going to say that you love me?  Just like I love you?”

“Perhaps…or perhaps I haven’t been properly convinced.  You just told me eating a sour apple lollipop causes you to orgasm.  I find that very hard to believe.  In fact most men would find that extremely hard to believe.  On top of this, this is the second time you’ve kissed me without my consent, even going as far as to lean on me and placate to my physical desires…and you think I’m in love with you?  How naive.”

“But…you just…and I just…I felt it…you…you kissed back…and…”

“I never said I didn’t have feelings for you…but I never said I did have them either…for now, let’s assume I’m undecided.  That troubled look on your face suits you.  You have no idea how sexy you look right now.”

“How…how dare you?!  You think you can play with a woman’s feelings?”

“I’m not just playing with a woman’s feelings…I’m playing with your feelings regarding me.  You’ve already confessed your love for me, and I’ve accepted the fact this ‘relationship’ if you want to call it that is only in the beginning stages.  You say I underestimated your feelings and pride?  Who is taking this ‘deal’ more seriously, you or me?  I told you before it was up to you whether or not you wanted to humiliate yourself to ‘prove your love’ for me.  Whether or not you realize this is all your doing is up to you…but you can’t expect me to take responsibility for your actions.  You kissed me after all.”

“Nrrrgh…how do I convince you that my love for you is real?”

“Convince me?  Oh but my dear…you’ve already convinced me.  But you’ll have to do better than that if you want to win my heart over.  I’m not some lowly man you can kiss who will automatically belong to you.  I’ll say it again: show me.  It’s late, and I’m tired…show me what sort of woman you are whose obsessed with the man she loves.”

“What are you expecting me to do?!”

“What?  I’m not expecting much of anything…don’t make me do the thinking for you…”

I said that…but only as motivation to her.  I had no idea why it was she wanted to be with me so fiercely, she barely knew me.

“You!  Sit in that chair over there!  I’ll show you something no man up till now has ever seen!  And you better be grateful!”

What she did next was not only shocking, but surprisingly skillful.  Swinging her knees onto the arms of my chair, she spread her legs wide.  This wasn’t going to be a lap dance…but an exhibition all the same.

She slowly unzipped the front part of the suit, and I could tell she was already breathing heavily from the stimulation.  Once ‘it’ was exposed, and by exposed, I mean completely shaven…no trace of hair, just a mass of pink.

“Now, watch.” She said with a deep smile on her face.

Taking a fresh lollipop and unwrapping it…she coolly touched it to her tongue.  And from that moment on, I could feel her body temperature gradually rise.

“It’s…getting wet…” she said between pants… “Oh god this is great…”

My eyes weren’t deceiving me, she had definitely gotten wet down there…and from no less than a single piece of candy.  And the moment I saw this…I realized this woman belonged to me in more ways than one.

“Are you…satisfied?  Did I prove it, my feelings for you?”

“…You proved them…but I’m not satisfied.  I’m far from satisfied!”

In that moment I brought her head down to mine and gave her the deepest kiss I could think of…deeper than any she had given me.

I watched with avid fascination as every time I touched her body, it would light up like a Christmas tree.  Slight touches caused her body to shudder in pleasure.

“I’ve never met a woman as sensitive as you…”

“It’s because no man besides you has had the courage to go near me…you’re the first man to get past my entourage…the first man to humiliate me as much as you did.  You’ve given me something that makes me feel more like a woman than anyone else.”

“Would you be willing…to give all that up for me?  All that power…prestige…”

“I’m…not ready for that just yet…college is still…important to me.”

“I understand.  It’s like that for me too…but you know this secret can’t last unless you and I do something about it.”

“I see…then that’s going to be a problem for me.  I can’t stay away from you for very long.  Not with my feelings such as they are.”

“I’m not asking you to make a decision just yet…if these are your feelings for me…I’ll gladly accept them…but if we’re going to still keep it secretive…you’ll have to be a little more creative than just becoming my own personal candy-girl.  I’m not a man who likes to be kept waiting, especially by a beautiful woman.”

“I’m willing to do more than just tantalize you, you know…you’ve become important to me…and I don’t want to lose that relationship…even if school keeps us away.  So, why don’t we…keep doing what we’ve been doing till now…and you can still contact me now and again the way you did in e-mail, and then, meet like this every once in a while…”

“I’m not a man who likes to wait…so you’ll have to remind me of your feelings…keep me excited…keep me eager for you.  Otherwise I might lose interest…and you don’t want that.”

“I’ll do anything and everything for you and only you.  I’ll be your candy-girl or whatever else you want me to be…just promise me you’ll stay with me.”

“Become my candy slave and I’ll consider it.”

“Your what?”

“You heard me.”

“How do you…how do you expect me to do such a thing?”

“How indeed?  How does a slave serve her master?  How does she prove her loyalty?  You’ve lived your rich pompous life filled with respect and power…I want that power.  And you must give it to me….perhaps not in the way the school allows, but you will give me that feeling.  Submit to me, come when I bid you come, and do what I desire.  How does that sound to you?”

“I…I can’t…it’s too much…”

“If you really want to be with me…its something you’ll have to decide on your own to do.  Perhaps you are too used to life as Madame President.  But when it comes to me…I want you to belong to me and only me.  Do you understand?  I will be as harsh and as cold to you as you are to others…and you know you want that.”

“….”  She stared long and hard at me.  Her eyes were lusting after my body, desperate for me to satisfy her, but my conditions were strict.  If she had any plans of being satisfied by me, she would have to submit her will to me, something I knew she wasn’t prepared to do.

To tell the truth I was bluffing to an extent.  I had no idea if she truly desired me to the point of degrading herself and becoming my personal slave.  But I had to know for sure how deep in love with me she was, and how far her obsession went.  This second encounter proved to me I wanted her very badly…but my heart refused to accept her just yet.  She had to atone.

She remained silent for a long moment…unsure of how to answer my demand.

“Of course, there is only one way to prove you’re my slave.  Every day…from this night forward…even into the remaining years you spend at this college…I want to see that lollipop in your mouth.  It’ll be a sign of loyalty to me.  You don’t have to do it of course…but only if you truly want me.”

“No!  I can’t!  It’s too much!  I told you what happens when I do it!  I lose control of myself!  You’ve seen it for yourself!”




I smiled gently.

She gasped in shock at my response.   She had a horrified look on her face, like I had simply placed her feet in a mire of quicksand.

“It’s not so bad is it?  Performing for your master day after day?  Becoming my slave yet retaining all the prestige and respect the title of Madame President brings?  I’ve hardly asked for you to compromise here.  Only that you show your loyalty.”

“So you would have me cum myself day after day as your candy slave?  And as the school watches on, they never suspect a thing?  Am I to live each day in humiliation?”

“Tell people if you wish…it doesn’t matter to me anymore.  Everything is up to you now.”

She didn’t realize it, but I had trapped her in her own feelings.  If she would just simply give up her feelings for me…she could’ve freed herself.  In fact that’s what I wanted her to do.  I knew deep down, it wasn’t love I felt for this frigid woman, but a burning lust.  Sex and revenge were all that was on my mind, just to simply humiliate her and make her do so many degrading things outside her role as head of the sorority.

“Leave and decide for yourself what it is you want.”

I didn’t say another word after that.

Her face was beyond tears, beyond lust, beyond confusion, and overall bewilderment.

It took five minutes for her to clean herself up, zip up, and leave in silence.

Part of me didn’t want her to leave, but part of me simply never wanted to see her again.  I both spurned and loved her simultaneously.  Even my own heart was confused.

The next day, lunch time came around and I sat staring at my sandwich in silence.  There was no reason for me to eat there any more.  Nor did I have feelings of regret for what I had said the night before.  I had placed my conditions on the table.  I had no expectations one way or the other as to how she would respond.

It was strange, but that day she was not seen coming to eat lunch.   Perhaps I understood the reason, but I also considered the possibility that she refused to be seen in public anymore, possibly humiliated beyond what I could imagine.  If that were the case, it would be all my doing, but even then…I had no regrets about that woman.

“Excuse me…but are you Student ID Number 2685391?”

“I am…what of it?” I turned to see a class representative standing before me.

“Madame President Vales requests your audience at her private residence.  Also she sends a message.”

“And that is?”

“’I was unable to attend luncheon today due to a prior engagement, I hope you understand, M.”

“M? I have no idea what that means?”

“It was not clarified to me either, sir.  Please come this way.”

I was led up the up to her private residence.  In all honesty I had no idea what to expect.  From the rumors I’d heard, this was the usual way she dealt with troublesome students before kicking them out of school.

I was prepared for the worst when I opened the door, as I knew without a doubt I hadn’t exactly been lenient on her in any way shape or form.

It was strange to see her sitting at her office desk in full college uniform.  Her eyes glared at me like frigid icicles.  But I wasn’t going to react, not until I knew the reason or purpose of this requested visit.

“Have a seat.” She stated flatly.

I complied, without a word.

“This…,” she said, showing me a strange document, “is your Student Resignation Form.  I have the power to make you sign this and permanently end your academic career here at RTS.”

She stood up from her desk and began to pace around it, her hands sharply clasped behind her back, as though preparing to interrogate me.

“Do you have…any idea why I called you here?”

“No, I don’t suppose I do.”

“I suppose you think I’ve placed you here in this situation to intimidate you?  Or perhaps to humiliate you just as much as you humiliated me?”

“….It never once crossed my mind.”

“Is that so?  And I suppose you also feel apathetic towards me now?  Not even an ounce of regret or perhaps pity?”


“Are you aware of all that I could do to you right now?  Not just kick you out of school, but ban you from all local employment circles?  You would be jobless and without a home here and elsewhere unless you decided to leave the country.”

“…It doesn’t bother me.”

“I could do even more you know.  I could claim you sexually assaulted me…they could throw you in prison for several years in fact.  I even have a lawyer who could extend the sentence to decades or more.  Do you think I’m bluffing?”


“Then you simply don’t care one way or the other?”

“…That’s right.”

“Let me ask you this, then: if given the opportunity, would you physically punish me, assault me, or perhaps verbally abuse and humiliate me all over again?”


“Would you perhaps…relish in knowing you had full power over me, to do as you wished, and treat me as your personal slave, despite my position as head of this Sorority?”

I refused to answer.

“Do you hate me?”


“……Do you want me?”

“…I do.” I finally admitted.

“Then we have nothing further to discuss.  You may leave now.” She returned to her desk, took the Student Resignation Form in her hands and tore it in half, tossing it in the shredder nearby.

I got up and turned to leave, when I felt her hot breath on my neck.

“I said ‘you may leave’, but that doesn’t mean you have to listen to me….Master.”

“What did you just say?” I turned around.

In an instant her lips were pressed hard against my own, her arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders.  I could feel her breasts pressing hard against my own chest, the weight of her hips pushing gingerly against my crotch.

“I’ve made my decision.  I’m yours.  And nothing you say or do with persuade me otherwise.  I will become your candy slave.  You can insult me, mock me, deny me, publicly humiliate me as you please.  You’re the only man who can make me feel like this.”

“…I don’t care.” I stared at her coldly.

“And that’s precisely why I’ve decided to belong to you.  You’re the first man to spurn me, and yet your body refuses to deny yourself of me.  You’re more of a sour apple than I am.  Your kiss makes me pucker, yet you’re so juicy and delicious.”

Helen licked her lips before kissing me again.

It was strange, but she was exactly right.  I said many cold things to her, and in fact I had no intentions of loving her.  But my body spoke volumes of what my mind and mouth did not…and she was able to read me so easily.

I felt my hand slowly creep up and touch her breast.  I was surprised to find a strange sensation.  Underneath her academic uniform, she had worn her apple green latex cat suit, apple choker, molded stiletto heels and all.

She had been waiting for me this whole time, and I couldn’t wait any longer.

Pressing her body on the office desk, I swept any and all materials in a nearby wastebasket.  Her sable blonde hair spread wide across the desk, and I could already feel her hips buck to accommodate me.

Her plaid skirt was off in seconds, as was the blue jacket emblazoned with the school’s emblem.  It didn’t take long for me to unbutton her white silk shirt and spread her arms wide around my own.  All that remained was the front zipper of the cat suit.

“You don’t have to rush, Master, I belong to you, so you can take your time and savor me…”

She said this while unzipping her suit, revealing a single solitary lollipop embedded in her cleavage.  It was wrapped in green swirly paper and ready for consumption.

“Be quiet and let me enjoy unwrapping my candy, slut.”

I unwrapped the candy and shoved it in her mouth without a second thought.


She was unzipped past her box in seconds, and already she was wet, pink, and juicy.  I took the wrapper and sopped it into her wet innards to let it soak up the juices.  Her pungent smells were incredibly sour, and it wouldn’t be long before I thrust myself inside her.

I heard her mumble in excitement as the thrust took hold.  I wasn’t holding back on this woman, I was going to let her melt in my hands and to hell if my seed ended up inside her!  Even chocolates have cherries inside them and you’re supposed to enjoy the whole thing as far as I’m concerned!

It seemed she was just as prepared for this as I was, as she instantly accepted my member into herself with a wet sloop.  I kneeled on the desk to press myself even further into her, making her grip the desk in ecstacy.

“Mmmmhiihhhhmmmm….” She inhaled deeply with the sucker still in her mouth.  She bit down on it with her teeth so as to take the full force and power I gave her.

“I’ll never finish eating candy like you, slut.”

I gripped her ass as hard as my hands could hold.  The friction of my grip squeaked against the latex causing her to yelp in pleasure.  She belonged to me and I wasn’t letting go.  I won’t ever let go of such a woman.

~Several Years Later~

It didn’t take much to move into her family mansion.  I’ve bought up and own the majority of the stocks her family once gave to her.  Her Sorority sisters come by every so often to check up on her, but I simply smile and nod to them.  To everyone else I am her husband and life partner, as well as business associate and advisor, and that suits me just fine.

We’ve recently invested stock in the Kay’s Confectionaries Lollipop branch of products, as Helen Vales has become the up and coming poster girl for Sour Apple Confections, and she couldn’t be happier.

That is to say…everyone else thinks of her this way.

I on the other hand refuse to let her do anything beyond what I command.  And every day, at the stroke of 12:00 Noon, she is bound by oath to eat a single Lollipop after luncheon.

She has yet to break this oath, but I am prepared with ‘binding’ consequences should this ever occur.

The End?


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