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Locking Pussy Hood

by latexsubmale

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© Copyright 2015 - latexsubmale - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; latex; catsuit; hood; mitts; toys; insert; bond; viagra; pussyhood; encase; tease; femdom; oral; climax; cons; X

You had given me your measurements and I special ordered the item. I had forgotten I gave you my measurements as well, but you would soon remind me. I sent you a package about a week before I came over.

When I arrived you asked, “Are you sure I wanted to do this?”

I said simply, “Yes. I have constantly dreamed about it”

You said, “Just remember, I am very, very wet and squirt a lot and I mean A LOT. Second, once we start, we are both locked in until the ice around the key melts. Third, I have read your writings about your fantasies and I am going to fulfill another one for you, complete rubber enclosure.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

You said, “I have some additional items other than the ones you sent me. Remember you sent me your measurements too. If you want to wear what you sent, you must wear the items I bought as well or the deal is off.”

I said, “I am yours and I say let’s do it.”

You pulled out a pair of latex briefs with some odd modifications. The briefs had a built in inflatable butt plug and I could also see by the wires, it must vibrate. There was a penis sheath in front that had a small cockring embedded around the base of the sheath with wires coming from it too. I knew once I pushed into the sheath, if I became hard, I would remain hard a long time. But the most evil part was a tube that ran from the tip of the sheath back to the butt plug. You lubed up the butt plug and pulled the briefs onto me. You pushed in the lubed plug in from the outside as I pulled up the briefs and once in, gave it a couple of pumps to make sure, as you put it, it stayed in place. I don’t think you had to worry as the briefs were very tight and made of a thick latex which only served to hold the plug firmly inside me, especially since my cock was pushing out the front sheath as I became erect.

You said, “There, it won't come out and I have a sort of remote control on you with vibrators in your ass and on the cock ring, plus the briefs will send all your cum and any piss into your ass, sort of the ultimate enema. This way, you won't mess my bed and you also have some incentive not to cum.”

“I am still not totally enclosed”, I said with a grin.

You pulled out a mass of latex and handed it to me. The smell of rubber filled the room. I unfolded it to find a catsuit with attached feet, socks and hood. The hood had open eyes, nose holes and an open mouth.

“The other hood should still be able to pull over that one”, you said as you saw me examining it, “and allow you to do your duty”.

There were zippers over the crotch and nipples.

“The crotch zippers will allow me to run the wires for your remotes and your inflator bulb out so I can access them. You, however, will have no access to them or say in how I use them. The nipple zips are for future play. I even got the suit chlorinated so I should be easier to pull on and also easier to slide the other hood over it. Now put it on”

I began to pull it on over my briefs and you helped route the controls through the crotch zipper so that they would be able to lay on my back later. You zipped my shoulder zip closed and I heard the click of the first lock.

You took out the package I sent you and unwrapped the items. First was a pair of high waisted panties made of semi-transparent latex. But attached to the crotch of the panties was a latex hood of the same material. The hood had small nose holes but mainly the mouth was attached to the crotch. The hood had a locking collar built in and the pants had a locking belt built in. The belt had extra D-rings on the sides. You also took out some fingerless latex mitts with locking wrist cuffs.

"Better hydrate", you said as you gave me a drink of Gatorade. I noticed that it tasted a bit gritty. Then you pulled the hood over my head and *click* locked the collar on me to hold it in place. Then you pulled the latex mitts over my gloved hands and *click*, *click*, locked the wrist cuffs.

You then had me bend over as you pulled on the latex panties that were hanging from the mouth of my hood. Once all the way up, you put on the lock on the belt *click* and then *click, *click* locked my wrist cuffs to the D-rings on your belt. We were finally locked together and I was locked in total latex enclosure!

You had me look to the side of the bed. You said, “All the locks could be opened with one key and that key was in the middle of that block of ice”

I could make it out through the semi-transparent latex of my outer hood and could see it was a block that would take forever to melt.

You said, ”Rather than use a cup like you suggested, I used a one gallon container. Oh and that drink I gave you earlier? That had a large dose of ground up viagra”

You turned up the vibrator that was in me and said, “Get licking.”

As I was firmly locked to your pussy, I had little choice (not that I wanted any). I settled into the long hours of oral worship of you. I discovered the panties and hood held all your juices in so before we were done, I must have drunk the equivalent of your juices as you used in the ice block (at least a gallon).

After several hours, you became very sensitive and discovered that your thrashing just made me lick and suck more. You tried to stop or slow me by turning up the vibrators and then turning them off, in different combinations since each was independently controlled. But that had the opposite effect and I just dove deeper into your hot wetness. The combination of the tight vibrating cock ring, the slick latex sheath, the Viagra and the now slick inside latex catsuit kept me hard a long time, even after I came.

I lost count of my climaxes and I know you did of yours unless you want to consider it one long climax. The vibrating and expandable plug held all of my cum in place in my ass. You were right to route the sheath to the butt-plug as I may have otherwise overflowed the briefs from the amount and frequency of my own climaxes. You know, that ice took 6 hours to melt so it was a good thing you had extra batteries for the vibrator remotes. The nice byproduct was that we discovered you loved having me enclosed and locked into latex.

When I left you said, “Think about it but if you lived here and became my permanent rubber sex toy, I would have you locked in latex most of time. And maybe next time I will use the two gallon container for the ice….”

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