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Locked out in Rubber

by Latexx

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© Copyright 2007 - Latexx - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; latex; bagged; stuck; cons; X

Max had put on his favorite rubber outfit: several latex underpants, two pairs of long latex gloves, a thin latex hood and a heavier on top of it, two rubber suits, rubber boots, two rubber overalls, a gasmask, a pair of heavy rubber jeans and a heavy rubber raincoat. He checked the locks in the harness of the gasmask and in the belt of the raincoat; they were secure. He would stay in rubber for several hours, the locks made sure of that.

He walked around in the house, feeling good. He had bought it just three months ago from the widow of a friend, another rubberist.  With it came a substantial collection of rubber garments, in which she had no interest.  One of the rooms was outfitted as a rubber bedroom.  He entered the room now, looking at the rubber-covered bed and the soft recliner.  Along two of the walls hung some 200 rubber garments.

It was time to relax, maybe read the newspaper. Where was the newspaper?

It hit him that he had forgotten to bring it in, it would still be on the front porch. Well, it was a dark night and it was raining, nobody would see him. So he opened the front door a crack and looked out. Not a soul was in sight. He quickly stepped outside and grabbed the newspaper, when the door behind him slammed shut.

Max frantically grabbed the door knob, but the door was locked. There was no use trying to force it, there were high-security locks on all the doors.

He awkwardly walked off the front porch around the house to the back and hid in the bushes. Rain splashed down on his rubber outfit and the ground was muddy. He tried to remove the gasmask, but couldn't.

He looked at the rear of the house. Light shone through the windows, illuminating half the backyard. He mentally examined the doors and the windows, trying to find an opening he might have overlooked. There were none.

He would need to break into the house, he decided. He could smash a window, but the neighbors might hear it. If he only had a saw, he could crawl underneath the house and perhaps cut through the floor. And then he remembered that he had discarded an old saw-blade the day before.

Max got up, moved quickly to the trashcan and turned it upside down. There was the saw-blade. He grabbed it and squeezed himself into the crawlspace. He had never been under the house before. It was dark and his vision was restricted by the two latex hoods and the gasmask. He didn't have a flashlight. He moved on his stomach, there was not enough room to crawl on his knees. He now felt hot in his rubber outfit but was grateful for the protection.

Then he suddenly noticed a beam of light. He crawled toward it and saw a strange gap. A board had become loose and he was able to remove it with the help of the saw-blade.  He stuck his rubber-clad head into the opening. There were stairs leading below the ground. He squeezed himself through the opening and fell head-first onto the stairs. Again he was grateful for the many layers of rubber he was wearing.

Max stood up and found himself standing in front of a door. There was a latch which hummed slightly. 

An electrical lock, he thought. 

He opened the door and entered a large room in astonishment. It was a dungeon with many different torture contraptions. There was a cell, rings and chains on the wall, a whipping horse, an iron maiden, several benches and chairs with straps. But what most intrigued him was the rubber. Rubber garments everywhere, on the floor, hung up on the walls, in racks, drawers and shelves.

He examined the rubber garments: raincoats, capes, bondage bags, heavy rubber suits and all sorts of hoods and gasmasks.  He took one of the bags off the hanger, walked into the cell, stepped into it and zipped it up. He lay down on the rubber-covered bed. He began to masturbate.

Suddenly he heard the door to the dungeon close and lock. Then a frame with rubber straps descended from the ceiling directly over the bed. The frame locked to the bed and the rubber straps held him down. 

He struggled to get out of it but couldn't.

Then the heavy metal door of the cell shut and locked and the light went out.




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