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Liz & Phil

by Unknown

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© Copyright 2004 - Unknown - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; latex; catsuit; public; oral; sex; cons; X

It was to be today that Liz was going to visit me and I could hardly contain myself. My hand trembled as I took a sip of black coffee; I was at work as this was a convenient place for us to meet. The phone rang "Phil it's for you" Bob said, picking up my phone I mumble into the mouth piece "Phil here".

"There's a young lady to see you, I have sent her up" said the receptionist. I had hardly put the phone down when the door opens and in walks Liz. She is wearing a very smart full-length black coat with a small scarf around her neck and boots.

She makes her way across the office towards me, when the other people in the office are behind her she allows her coat to slip open. I glimpse the latex catsuit she is wearing beneath the coat, she slips her knee through the opening of her coat as we meet and rubs me with it. She gives me a kiss on the cheek and says, "let's get going then I can't wait to get started".

We say good-bye to the office and make to leave the building, except I steer Liz into a small room at the far end of the corridor, I check no one has seen us and shut the door. Turning round I see Liz has slipped out of her coat and is standing there covered in her tight catsuit, it hugs all her curves. We seem almost transfixed when suddenly we are together my hands caressing her body, the latex feels fabulous. We are unable to control ourselves, my hands slip between her legs searching for the zip that will allow me entry into her. Her hands are busy on my trousers undoing the zip, then my belt.

Finding her zip I pull it open and I can feel her warmth on my hand, she turns round and bends over and I am in her. The weeks of anticipation of this moment explode into a fury of sex, no gentle coupling this, our bodies crash together as I take her from behind. I hold onto her hips as I thrust in and out of her. Looking down I can see the perfect curves of her body leaning over in front of me the rubber shining in the light. Our bodies shudder and we both stifle our cries as we come.

Liz turns around and we fall into each other's arms gasping for breath, we hold onto each other trembling my hand traces over her body as we both kiss and try to lick each other's lungs. Regaining our composure Liz zips up the opening between her legs in the catsuit and puts on her coat and scarf and picks up her bag. Checking that we are both presentable I check the corridor and we slip out of the building.

We head off into London and do some shopping; Liz takes any opportunity to give me a glimpse of her latex covered body. While standing in a queue I slip my hand beneath her coat and fondle her body when suddenly her hand starts massaging me between the legs. We are tight up against each other face to face so no one can see what we are doing, we are lost in each others gaze. Suddenly we are aware of the cashier shouting, "Next Please !" Slightly embarrassed we untangle ourselves and pay for our goods and leave.

In the next shop as we are leaving Liz needs to "powder her nose", so I wait outside for her. The door to the ladies room opens and a latex covered foot and then calf come into view followed by a hand which then beckons me in. Entering I find Liz standing there looking absolutely gorgeous in her catsuit. "There is no one in here" she says "and look there is a bolt on the door".

Slipping the bolt across she wraps her heavenly legs around mine and we start to kiss. Our breathing gets faster and faster as we kiss each other, again the weeks spent in anticipation were hard to control and we were soon finding each others zips. Unzipping her opening I insert my fingers into her and started to work on her, she was incredibly moist. We really could not control ourselves Liz turned around and I was thrusting in and out of her. This time Liz forgot herself and let out a scream as her body shuddered in orgasm.

"Are you all right in there dear" came a call from outside. Making ourselves respectable Liz undid the bolt and we walked outside arm in arm. "Well I never, how disgusting. Did you see that she had a man in there with her, I don't know what they think they were up to" said the woman. As we turned the corner we burst into laughter and then ran outside.

Late afternoon we made our way to the Hotel and booked in. Once in the room Liz removed her coat and got onto the bed. I took some photographs of her as she posed for me, she had a great body which looked very erotic in her shiny black catsuit.

It was not long before we were kissing and petting each other on the bed. I ran my fingers over her latex covered body, shivers ran through me as I did. Liz started to push my head away in the direction of her crotch. She gave a little wriggle and bent her legs at the knees. Putting my head between her legs I could see she had put the lace through the eyelet's either side of the zip. Using my teeth I slowly undid the lace and pulled it out, I then found the zipper and gripping it with my teeth pulled it open. I started to search inside her with my tongue, I took more time than I needed to find the spot as I wanted to tease her a little. When I hit the target her body tensed slightly as my tongue touched it. I went to work caressing her sex with my tongue, I really just wanted to get up and penetrate her straight away. But I stayed with my face buried between her legs using my tongue to work on her, she squeezed her legs against my head. 

I was absolutely rock hard I could hardly control myself when she arched her back and started to pull at my hair. I put my finger into her and continued massaging her, I then raised myself up the bed. Positioning myself between her legs I exchanged my fingers with my now aching rock hard penis and slowly started to move it in and out of her. The desire to thrust faster and faster was overpowering but I somehow managed to control myself and kept up the slow thrusts. Liz gave out little whimpers as I moved in and out of her, her latex covered body felt wonderful beneath me.

Slowly Liz required the tempo to rise and we got faster and faster, again I had to fight back the temptation to accelerate away. Liz then started to cry out louder and started to thrust upwards towards me, we increased the tempo. Our bodies started to shudder with ecstasy when suddenly Liz arched her back and gave out several loud screams, I exploded in her and my body went rigid. We collapsed back on the bed and I held her rubber covered body and gently caressed her hair as we kissed.

When we had recovered I helped Liz out of her latex catsuit, the zip is laced over and this needs to be undone before she can take it off. With the catsuit off she seemed more vulnerable standing there totally naked, her body was very beautiful. After our shower Liz came and sat on the bed with her back to me, her shoulder was very inviting so I lent slightly forward and slowly kissed it. She put her hand up and pulling her hair to one side she bent her head forward. I then started to kiss the offered neck, with my right hand I slowly traced the curves of her delicate breasts. As my hand circled her breasts the back of my thumb would just catch her nipple, causing a very slight tremble to pass through her body. Liz then swiveled round and our lips met and we fell back onto the bed. Our tongues met and danced in each others mouth. 

With my right hand I traced down the curves of her body and then up her thigh. Her leg was bent at the knee with her thigh pointing up so on the return journey the back of my hand traced the inside of her thigh. My hand traveled this path several times always avoiding the area between her legs. On one of these travels as my hand got near her breast I transferred my lips to her nipple, and my hand to her breast. Her nipple was not fully erect so I very gently sucked and it rose and started to harden. I then took her nipple 'oh so gently' in my teeth and gave a very very gentle squeeze. Her nipple responded and became very hard, I then gently circled her tight nipple with my tongue. 

Moving back to her mouth we kissed with renewed passion, my hand started to trace its path up and down her body very slowly again. I then did the same to her other breast and nipple and afterwards our mouths met again and my hand started to draw up and down her body. I continued like this for an age enjoying every moment. Then as my hand started its return journey up her body Liz took hold of it and pushed my hand in between her legs. Inserting my finger into her warm moist depths I started to caress her there. Her breathing became faster I moved my mouth to her breast and started to circle her nipple with my tongue and gently suck at it. 

My finger kept working away at her all the time, she writhed on the bed in pleasure and gave out a little whimper. Liz suddenly pushed at my head pushing me downwards, as I moved she raised her hips and pulled a pillow under her behind. This raised her up and allowed me easier access with my tongue which started to massage her erect clitoris. Her hands held my head as if she were afraid I would remove it too soon, her writhing became stronger and the groans louder. Suddenly she was pulling at my hair, she wanted me inside her.

Again I put my finger inside her as I moved up the bed, guiding my erect penis with my hand I entered her body. The movement was slow and deliberate at first then Liz demanded more speed our bodies found a rhythm which they pounded out on the bed. Faster and faster we got, Liz was groaning in pleasure suddenly she arched her body and convulsed in spasms as she came. Suddenly my body went rigid and convulsions passed through my body, I hardly had the strength to hold my self up anymore. I slipped off Liz and we embraced each other our hearts were pounding and we were both breathing heavily. We kissed and stayed there in our embrace while we recovered from our exertions.

The time had gone far too quickly and it was time for us to leave, we dressed quickly, Liz in jeans and jumper which she had brought with her. We made our way to Waterloo station with a few moments to spare before the last EuroStar that night was due to leave. We kissed and Liz walked through the barrier and got on the train, she waived and blew me a kiss before disappearing inside. As I made my way back up the motorway from London to my home, I wondered how long it would be before Liz would visit me again. Or maybe I might get invited to visit her and perhaps meet her friend Sarah.

Now that would be an interesting story.


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