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Liz's Night of Bliss

by Chris L

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© Copyright 2007 - Chris L - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM/f; latex; bond; susp; bdsm; public; toys; cons; X

I walk into the club with my friend Julie, the pounding, rhythmic bass of the Chemical Brothers having an immediate effect on our hips. The place is packed with bodies clad in all sorts of fetish wear: leather, PVC, latex, fishnet... It is quite a sight to behold! We make the rounds to get a good look at everyone we can see, and so everyone can see us as well. I am wearing a rubber tank dress that plunges deeply, showing off my bosom, opera length gloves and platform t-strap heels, all black.

Julie is wearing a deep purple leather corset that pushes her breasts up, giving her a wonderful Victorian look. Her shapely ass is accentuated with a black thong pulling her fishnet leggings between her cheeks. Her long nails are painted a metallic blue, matching her full, pouty lips. The dark color gives a pale look to her skin, making her look somewhat fragile. That is a stark contrast with the rest of her wardrobe which gives her a very powerful look.

The club is hot and I begin to sweat immediately in my latex garb, making it slide over my body, turning me on with every wiggle and step. We wander to the back of the club and find the torture chamber. I see an attractive lady tied up to a rack, spread eagled. Her tits and ass are flushed red from all the pinching, twisting, slapping and spanking. Her face a picture of agony and rapture as she comes from the wicked torture provided by her equally attractive master. Julie's hand slides down from my waist, giving me a little pinch. There are several other people bound to various objects, a man hanging upside down, wearing only a g-string, being taunted by his mistress. Another man is on his hands and knees, wearing leather chaps and vest, his master rubbing his ass with his steel-toe boot. From farther back we hear the distinctive crack of a whip, even over the pulsating music. The smell of sex, sweat and leather overpowers the smell of all the smoke.

Julie grabs my hand and takes me on to the dance floor. She knows what I want and she will tease me before giving it to me. She rubs and grinds against me as we dance, turning me on all the more. I can see people in the torture chamber tied up, punished, coming... I can see what I want, but cannot yet have it. It drives me wild.

She reaches up and pinches my nipples, already erect from the feeling of latex on them. She grabs one of the rings and twists my nipple with it, an inaudible moan escapes my parted lips. I grab her waist, pull her toward me, and kiss her deeply. My tongue dancing with hers, caressing the steel ball on her tongue. I long for it on my clit, her hand on my ass. I open my eyes to see we have acquired quite an audience from our play. Julie has noticed this as well, she grabs the front of my dress and pulls it down, exposing my breasts for all the on lookers to see.

She bends over, takes one of my nipple rings in her teeth and pulls. The ecstasy is almost enough to send me over the edge. I look at one of our admirers, and give him the slutiest look I can muster. His jaw drops, as does his hand to the growing bulge in his pants. I hope he will come over and start masturbating next to us, but he just watches and rubs his crotch from afar. I pull Julie's mouth from my breast, and bring her up to kiss me again. I turn her head, bite her ear, run my tongue up and down. "Take me now... please..."

With a wicked grin, she grabs my nipple ring and leads me to the torture chamber. It takes us a while to get there since she doesn't take me directly. She has to show me off first. Julie finally takes me into the room, to a wide, padded saw horse in the corner. She bends over and straps my ankles on to a spreader bar, so my feet are about six inches wider than my shoulders. She gently runs her soft hands up my legs, taking my dress with them as they go. She pulls my dress over my head and discards it on the floor leaving me wearing only the tiniest of g-strings. My body is covered with a slippery mixture of sweat and cornstarch. The circulation of cool air against my hot skin gives me a chill. Next she puts on leather wrist restraints and tells me to bend over the saw horse. I hobble as best I can over to the horse and practically fall over it as I lose my balance. Julie then attaches my wrists to the legs of the horse, and the spreader bar to the floor on the other side. She bends over and bites my ear lobe and whispers in my ear, "Your ass looks very exquisite while it's waiting to be spanked!"

Julie walks out of my sight, and is gone for what seems like eternity in this position, although it probably wasn't more that a few minutes at most. When she returns she has an arm full of toys, many of which I couldn't make out. She begins to rub my ass and thighs with her hand, continually getting stronger and rougher. Soon she is kneading my flesh, causing it to burn from the friction. She then begins to spank me, only this time she doesn't start of gently but instead starts into me at full force. I can't help but let out a yelp with every swat. I can see the feet of yet another growing crowd gathering around us, but I can't see any more than that. Julie stops my spanking, to switch tools I assume, but I can't tell for sure.

She seems to be gone for quite a while, and I begin to wonder if maybe she was going to let me sit here until the crowd starts to have their way with me. I couldn't hear her anywhere nor see her. The crowd started to close in a bit and my heart started to pound in my chest. I could feel hands on my skin, gently touching me, as if they were stealing cookies out of the cookie jar; touch me really quickly and then pull away. Suddenly the mob backed up and I could see Julie's lovely feet standing in front of me.

"You weren't cheating on me were you?!" she yells down at me.

"No, Mistress! There was nothing I could do!"

"Well obviously you want more attention than I can provide alone."

It was then that I noticed another person standing next to me. He had on white patent leather shoes and white pants. I strained my neck to see more of him, and saw he was dressed as a doctor, his outfit made of leather.

Julie walked around behind me, and resumed her spanking with a cat-o-nine on my bottom and the backs of my thighs. I watched the Doctors feet walk towards me, and lean against me. I couldn't feel him doing anything, but I could feel him growing hard under his pants. He reached around me and began to mercilessly pull, twist and tug on my nipples and breasts. I wanted so badly to have an orgasm, but Julie is an expert at keeping me on the edge, and she would always back off when I got too close. The doctor stopped fondling my tits and moved so he was standing directly in front of me. He unzipped his pants, took out his cock and began stroking it inches from my face. Once he was very hard he began to slap my face with it. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but he would never let me. The best I could do was stick out my tongue and let him slap his penis against it.

Julie came over and kneeled down next to me, and kissed me deeply. "Do want to suck his cock? I bet you do, you little slut." Then she grabbed the Doctors hips and guided his dick into her mouth and began to suck feverishly, just out of my reach. She looked beautiful bobbing back and forth, I wanted desperately to kiss her and taste his precum on her lips, but I knew it would not happen, Julie knew I wanted that more than anything, it was her trump card. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and gave me a slutty grin, a trail of saliva running from her lips to his head. She licked her lips and approached to kiss me, only she stopped and barely touched my upper lip with her tongue. I quickly sucked in my lip to taste her, and I could taste his semen mixed in with her saliva.

She unhooked my wrists from the legs of the horse and helped me stand up. I got a head rush from the blood flowing to my brain again and almost fell over. By the time the room stopped spinning, my hands were also attached to a spreader bar that was attached to a rope that went to the ceiling. The rope started to lift me off the ground until I could just touch the floor with my tiptoes, but could not take any weight off my wrists.

Julie and the Doctor just stood there looking at me and then at the crowd around me. She said something out loud but I couldn't make out what it was over the music. The crowd all started cheering and closing in on me. Again my heart was pounding, as I knew what was coming next.

Julie and the Doctor started to kiss and fondle each other, the crowd closed in even more. Soon there were hands all over me, rubbing, pinching, slapping, twisting. My tit's were being fondled and tortured by at least three different people. My ass was being spanked and pinched and rubbed by even more people, and there were a few more people slapping my pussy and rubbing my clit. I was there for the taking and there was nothing I could do about it. I watched Julie as she continued to make out with the doctor, seemingly oblivious to what was going on to me. It didn't take long for the group to gain more confidence and soon they were inserting fingers into my cunt and ass, making me writhe in ecstasy.

I came so many times that I soon lost count and I started to feel as if I was no longer in my body. My breasts and ass were bright red and sore, as was the backs of my thighs. I looked down to my right to see a man jacking off against my leg, the head of his penis rubbing against my flesh. He tilted his head back, let out a moan, and sent his come flying all over my leg, and down onto my foot. I began to wonder how long this was going to last, and where the hell is my dress?

My mind began to wander, but I would suddenly be brought back into reality by yet another orgasm or a particularly hard slap against my tender skin. I could feel myself being lowered back down to the floor, but I could not stand up. I just hung from my arms, which felt as if they were going to be ripped from their sockets any time now. Julie came over to me and kissed me, her tongue darting around mine, I could taste the doctor"s cum in her mouth and saw some of it dripping off her chin. She released my wrists and ankles as I lay on the floor like rag doll. She helped me up and with the Doctors help she carried me out of the club, still only wearing my gloves and a g-string.

"Where is my dress?" I asked, mumbling from exhaustion.

Julie just laughed, and didn't answer my question.

I don't recall the trip to the car, but it must have been interesting, wandering through three city blocks carrying a naked, exhausted woman.

The car was parked next to a small, not very well lit park. Julie and the Doctor plopped me down in the car, hitting my head on the door twice in the process. They closed the door and I immediately leaned against the window in a trance-like state, staring off into nowhere. I thought Julie would be getting into the car right away, but some time had passed, and she still had not joined me. I looked around through the window, but could not see anything in the darkness. Feeling a bit more sober, I got out of the car and began wandering through the park, looking for her. As I neared the far end of the park, I could hear Julie's soft, sensuous moans. I got a bit closer and could see the Doctor had his face buried between Julie's legs, her stockings torn and falling down her legs. She looked directly at me and licked her lips and gave me a wink. I stood back and watched as the Doctor did his work on my beautiful lover.

My hand glided across my flesh, down to my waiting lips. I slid a finger inside my wet pussy. I slowly gyrated my hand over my mound in what I imagined was the same tempo as the Doctors tongue. I nervously looked around for other observers, but there didn't seem to be anyone else around. I heard Julie's moans increase in intensity, and I could tell by the change in the pitch of her voice she was coming. I vigorously masturbated, wanting to come with Julie, but all I did was make myself terribly horny! Julie and the Doctor were getting up, so I quickly ran back to the car and assumed my semi-comatose state.

Julie climbed back into the car and gave me a look I could feel without even having to look at her. "You've been a naughty little slut haven't you? I know you have, but don't worry, you'll get what is coming to you."

The rest of the trip was in complete silence except for the humming of the engine and the radio, which I could hardly hear over the ringing in my ears from the club. My mind was swimming in the thoughts of what Julie had in store for me. I grew more nervous as we pulled into her driveway, again my heart started to pound in my chest in anticipation.

I followed her up to her play room where she told me to wait for her. I stood in the middle of the familiar room looking around at all of the tools of torture Julie had collected over the years, wondering which one had my name on it tonight. I went over to a closed wooden chest that I had never seen before. It's latch was closed and locked, but the key was sitting on top of the chest. I looked out the door of the play room and listened for Julie. She was downstairs talking on the phone to someone about a business deal or something like that, I didn't listen long enough to find out. I quickly tip-toed back to the chest, inserted the key and unlocked it. The latch popped open, and I gently lifted the top open. The contents were covered in a sheet of blue latex that was tucked around to the outside of he box. Taking note of how it was tucked, I pulled it out to find another box under the latex. I nervously looked over my shoulder to see if Julie was coming, but I could still hear her on the phone. I pulled out the box and tried to open it as well. Unfortunately, it was one of those secret boxes that you have to slide the pieces in a certain way to open it. I fumbled around with it for a few minutes, and finally got it open. Inside was a gold ring that had a single twist in it. It looked like it would fit Julie's finger, but I had never seen her wear it.

I heard Julie hang up the phone, and start walking towards the stairs. I put the ring back in the box and tried to close it the same way I opened it, but it wouldn't fit right! I frantically manipulated the doors and hinges trying to close it, but it was no use. I placed the still open box back in the chest. I could hear Julie's foot steps almost at the top of the stairs, I heard the second to last squeaky step. I threw the latex sheet over the box, tucked it in as best I could in half a second, closed the lid, and locked it. I stood up and walked back to the center of the room, right as Julie walked in. Adrenaline was rushing through my system, heart pounding, still frantic on the inside. I was wondering if I looked that way on the outside as well. Julie came over and gave me a deep kiss, her tongue exploring my mouth and lips. I glanced over at the box, and saw that I had left the key in the keyhole! I was fucked! Julie was saying something to me, but I wasn't listening.

My mind was racing to try to figure out how to get Julie out of the room even for just a second, so I could get the key out. Then I realized that it wouldn't matter anyway, the box inside was still open. She was going to find out. My heart sank, feeling like I had betrayed my Mistress and lover. An enormous wave of guilt washed over me. I had to tell her. I looked her straight in the eyes and said "I have something to tell you... I... uh... I..."

The phone rang. I stopped in mid-stutter, hoping she would go answer it before making me finish what I was about to say. She told me to hold that thought, this was an important call. She walked quickly out the door and down the steps. I didn't bother checking to see where she was, I ran over to the box, opened it again, took out the latex sheet, then the box. I fumbled with it some more, trying desperately to close it. Finally I got one door to close! Some more fiddling and got the second one to close! One more was left open. It was the hardest. I tried everything to get it to close, short of putting it on the ground and stomping on it to force it closed! I opened the second door again and saw a tiny latch that I had not opened before. I opened it, then closed the second door, and the third door finally fit snugly in it's place. I couldn't hear Julie anywhere. I looked over my shoulder to see if she was watching me, but she was no where to be seen. I put the box back in the chest, and carefully covered it with the latex again. I closed the chest, locked it, removed the key, and placed it back on top of the chest. I walked back to the center of the room and waited for Julie to return.

It was a little longer this time, and I had time to calm myself down before she came back in. "Now what was it you were going to tell me?" She asked in a very motherly tone.

" I um... just wanted to say I had a lovely evening tonight! Thank you." I forced a fake smile on my face. I shouldn't have done that.

Julie just stared at me. No emotions showing on her face. I was busted.

How did she know?? How could she know? She can't know. I was just scared, and nervous. It was starting to show. My fake smile faded. Still Julie stared at me, emotionless. Fuck, say something!! I wanted to admit what I had actually done, but I still wasn't sure if she already knew or not. It was on the tip of my tongue, but I bit it to keep from saying anything.

Finally she smiled her warm smile and said, "Me too, I"m glad you enjoyed it. But the night isn't over yet."

She got a pair of wrist and ankle restraints out of the closet and put them on me, and locked my feet to the eyebolts in the floor, my arms to the chains hanging from the ceiling. I was facing the chest that had almost gotten me in deep shit. "I wouldn't want you to get into anything you aren't supposed to. Wait here while I go change." She stared at me coldly for a moment, smiled again and walked out of the room.

Shit! She does know! Why can't I control myself?? I began to sweat profusely in nervous anxiety. What was she going to do to me? How long will she leave me here? Damn it, where the fuck is my dress?? Questions were running through my head faster that I could listen to them. All I knew was that I was in for a serious punishment.

Julie left me hanging there for an hour before coming back in, still wearing the same thing. She was carrying a TV and a VCR, and she was glaring at me with those piercing eyes of hers. She set up the VCR and turned on the TV, and again walked out. I was left hanging alone again.

The television cast its staticy pale blue light on the room. Another hour passed before she came back, again in the same clothes. This time she had a video tape in her hand. She put the tape in but didn't play it. Standing directly in front of me, still glaring, she asked "What was it you were going to tell me?"

" I'm sorry Mistress" I mumbled. " I opened the chest over there without your permission."

"I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. Could you repeat that, you pathetic little whore?"

"I"m sorry Mistress. I opened the chest without your permission." I said as loudly as I could manage in my exhausted state.

A smile crossed her face, a shit eating grin that I knew all to well.

She pressed play on the VCR and walked out. I was expecting to see myself fumbling frantically with the box. But it wasn't. It was The Usual Suspects. The part where it shows the guy getting away in the end.

"You fucking bitch!" I screamed out at her. All I heard was her nasty little I-won-and-you-lost-as-usual laugh. She never knew, just suspected. She probably put it there knowing I would open it, knowing I would feel guilty about it, knowing I would admit to it. Bitch.

A little while later she returned, having finally changed. Now she was wearing a black latex full body suit, gloves and a pair of shit kicking boots with 4 inch heels. "Queen of mind games, sweetie. You'll never win." She said to me, her little smirk still plastered on her face. I just stared disapprovingly at her, knowing she was right. "Oh don't be huffy about it, your little crushed ego will get over it soon enough. Besides I have a special treat for you." She pulled out a six inch straight razor, and flashed it in the light. My eyes opened wider than I thought possible.

"You know I don't like blood Mistress!" I pleaded

"Well, I guess I'll have to be careful then, won't I?" With that she began to shave off all of the hair on my body, below my neck. She started with my arms, the sweat covering them providing enough lubrication that I wasn't cut. Then my chest and belly, she carefully removed all the fine hair. Then my pubic hair, and the tops of my thighs that weren't already shaved. The slight drafts in the house seemed amplified a thousand times as they blew over my sensitive, hairless skin. I was very cold, and more naked than I had ever been. She untied me and took me downstairs to the dining room. The large glass table had been completely cleared off and ropes were attached to the legs.

"At least you were doing something while I was hanging upstairs," I said smartly. The reply I got was even smarter. She slapped me across the face, making my cheek glow with heat. It was apparent my smart ass remarks were not welcome tonight.

"Just get on the fucking table before I change my mind about being careful with the razor, you slut!"

I climbed onto the table, my weakened arms having difficulty supporting my weight. I laid down on my back and automatically spread my arms and legs for Julie to tie me to the table. She tied the ropes very tightly, they felt as if they were cutting into my wrists and ankles, and strong pulling on my part would have done exactly that. "Now, don't go anywhere."

I laid there, almost falling asleep, despite my uncomfort. The slight drafts blowing over my bare skin gave me chill bumps all over. I started to shiver. In a few minutes Julie returned with several plastic containers, and the Doctor! Oh shit, what was I in for now!

The doctor had two cat's in his hand, one for himself and one for Julie. She put down the containers, took the whip from the Doctor, and gave me a hard swat on my belly. I screamed out from the unexpected hit, straining against the ropes, causing them to cut into my skin. She laughed her evil laugh again and swatted me one more time in the stomach. I was prepared for it this time so I didn't cry out. Now she moved between my legs, and the Doctor was standing next to me. She began to swing the cat in circles, just nicking my pussy every rotation, it was driving me wild!

The Doctor began his barrage on my breasts and stomach. His wasn't light nicks, but full swats, coming down with force. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Over and over. He was rapidly turning my skin to red welts all up and down my chest and stomach, sometimes breaking the skin a bit.

Julie kept her torture going at a constant, teasing rate. never getting stronger or softer, faster or slow. Just a constant nick, nick, nick, nick... About every forth or fifth one would hit my clit directly, causing me to jump, digging the ropes into my flesh even more. This seemed to go on forever. Finally the Doctor stopped, and went over the get the plastic containers. Julie finally increased her pace and force, hitting me harder, causing tiny tears in the delicate skin of my bare labia, my juices getting the tips of the cat wet, making them sting even more.

The Doctor opened one of the containers and began to pour it's contents out all over my body. It was thick, gray, cold liquid, and it had a very strong aroma of ammonia. It felt so soothing on my ravaged flesh, I didn't care what it was. He poured it over my nipples, coating them and the rings, it dripped down the side of my body onto the table, then onto the hardwood floor. Then he poured it onto my stomach, covering it, filling my little belly button, running down between my legs, soothing my swollen lips. Julie stopped her whipping now as well and went into the living room. The Doctor poured the liquid on my legs, and began to smooth it into my skin. It was cold and very slippery as he rubbed his rough hands over my body, spreading it evenly over me. Soon I was completely covered in the liquid, only the skin above my jaw line was left bare.

Julie came back in carrying two heat lamps, and placed them on each side of me. She turned them on and the heat began pouring out heating up the liquid, making me sweat under it. The heat on my face was immense, it felt as if my flesh was being burned off it was so hot. I closed my eyes to keep them from drying out, waiting for the whips to begin again, but they never did. I opened my eyes to see a video camera starring at me from above... but no one was around. I looked down at my body and saw the liquid had turned to a black shiny rubber covering my entire body, cementing me to the table.

Julie and the doctor returned, and began pouring more liquid latex on me, all different colors: purple, red, white, blue, mixing together making even more colors. The heat lamps drying them quickly, adding layer upon layer of rubber insulation. I was so hot under it all, sweat pouring off my face, the only place it could escape. I strained against my bonds, needing to cool off, but it was useless, the ropes only dug into me more. The final layers were applied and dried under the immense heat, baking me along with it. The lights were finally turned off, a rush of cool air bathed me, cooling me at least a little bit. Julie began lightly touching me, rubbing her hands over my latex skin. The rubber was so thick at this point I could hardly feel it.

The whip came again from the doctor. Instead of the stinging pain that was inflicted before, it was now a dull thud, like someone hitting me with an open hand, pushing the air out of my lungs from the force. The feeling was delightful, yet left me yearning for more because the sensation was dulled from the rubber. Now She brought out her toys, a very large butt plug, and an even larger strap on dildo. She peeled some of the rubber away, opening my puss to the air, and her invasion. She buried her face between my legs, tongue plunging into me, blissfully penetrating me. Her fingers began to work their way into my ass, as she worked her magic on my clit. The Doctor tore away the rubber over my nipples, freeing the rings. He attached large, barbed fishhooks to them, then ran the line up over the chandelier and began to pull them up. My nipples were being pulled so hard... I wanted to sit up to release to pain, but it only caused more pain from my bound wrists.

Julie began inserting the plug into me, filling my back passage with its girth. Once in place, the thunderous vibrations started, a steady pounding in my anus. She brought her face to mine and kissed me, letting me taste my own nectar in her mouth. Her cock began the enter me, forcing its way in. She started her steady, pounding rhythm into me. I brought my hips up to slam into her every thrust, despite the pain it caused in my tautly pulled nipples. I was getting so close, so quickly.

The Doctor began slapping his cock against my face, occasionally letting it slip into my mouth, letting me get a little taste of what was to come.

Once he was fully erect, he slid it's entire length into my mouth, making me gag as it reached the back of my throat. He began to pound in rhythm with Julie as she continued on my cunt. Waves of ecstasy began to swell in my loins, my body began its uncontrollable shaking as the onset of the orgasm hit me. Still they pounded into me. I tried to scream out, but couldn't even mumble through the Doctors massive manhood in my mouth. The orgasm seizing up all of my conscious functions, I just lay there taking what they gave me, the Doctor in my mouth, Julie pounding into me, the massive plug vibrating in my ass. It was all too much.

Another orgasm began to rise up even before the first subsided. I could hear the Doctor moaning, I could feel his cock growing even harder, the head swelling in my mouth as he was close to coming. The first load came at the peak of my orgasm, he thrust himself all the way into me and shot down my throat, my body again quivering uncontrollably. He pulled himself out and spewed more come on my face, neck and tortured breasts. Julie leaned over and took him into her mouth, sucking the rest out of his dick, some of it dripping down into my mouth. The Doctor climbed off the table and collapsed on the couch, still breathing heavily.

Julie leaned over me and began to spit out the Doctors fluid. It slowly dripped off her tongue and into my mouth. She began to slurp up the come on my face and chest, savoring it as much as I was. She cut the lines holding my nipples up, then the ropes to my wrists. She laid on top of me, embracing me, her silicone cock still buried deep inside me, the plug still vibrating in my ass. I figured I was going to have to wait for the batteries to run out.

"Where is my dress?" I asked again, mumbling from exhaustion. Julie just laughed, and didn't answer my question.



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