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Living Statues

by Master S. M.

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© Copyright 2009 - Master S. M. - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/fff; bond; vacbed; display; toys; cons; X

I can relax now that I've finished my senior year mid-semester finals here at Harvard. My brain feels like its fried. There's only a couple more steps to finish my half mile dazed walk to the local tanning salon in order to finish off my winter tan. So it's time to celebrate: one full body massage, a hair cut, and a pedicure. It's so nice and relaxing to have someone run their fingers through my long dark hair and wash it throughly, while having a full body massage done at the same time.

"Time to move to the brown leather chair."

The woman who had just finish washing my hair was waiting for me to move to the next station, in order to have my hair layered to the middle of my back while all my nails were filed and massaged into long bright crimson red jewels.

Now that I'm done and all relaxed, I have to walk the half mile back to my rental. I should have drove. It was definitely a slower walk back and a good long nap sounded real nice. Sasha must have cleaned the whole house up. I'm so glad she agreed to share the rental together. She's been such a great friend since high school, and I don't think anyone else would have put up with my messes. A warm steaming shower sounds good before my nap. She even cleaned the bathroom. OK, what's the note on the mirror for:


Don't forget! The party starts tonight at 8:00 across campus.

Lots of Love,


I'm so glad she reminded me. It was only 6:00, so I have plenty of time to get ready, but I'd have to skip that nap I'd been looking forward to. I probably don't need the shower, but I'll take one anyway. Where's the soft new towels to dry off with? The thermal hair removing device I bought 6 weeks ago must be really working, because I don't see a hair from anywhere under my eyebrows all the the way down to my toes. Its just silky smooth all over.

Now what to get dressed in? I want comfort and to feel nude, free, and relaxed, but I need to be alive and on the edge so I don't fall asleep. I think I'll go with wearing nothing but that short, button-less, sleeveless, crimson red silk, v-neck blouse that comes to just above my belly button and the short, black, free-flowing silk skirt that is just a few inches below my mid-thigh, and allows more than enough room to walk freely. The silky black fishnet thigh-high stockings with my black 4" spiked sandals will finish out the outfit perfectly. My makeup and lipstick need to match my nails and blouse. Need the full length mirror to see what I look like.

My legs look longer with my feet in such a strict angle, and I'm definitely taller at 5' 10.5". The silk's draping off all my curves in that soft smooth sensual manner. My nipples are already starting to become erect from the silk's soft teasing caresses. I'm awake now, but with my nipples like that and no under seam in sight, my outfits going to have to be changed in order to show my face in public. But, it is the middle of the winter; I could just wear my long black leather coat over it for the whole party. I'll just unbutton it while I'm there and keep this erotic feeling going the whole night. I have to grab my coat and purse, and I'm out the door.

It's just a 5 minute drive to the party, and I'm only going to be a little late... I'm here, check the clock, it's 8:12... The party is a little slow, and Sasha is nowhere to be seen. I'll check out the rest of the building. There's the crowd; they're just running late too. I think I just caught a glimpse of Sasha in that room. I can't believe it.

My redhead friend, about my size, had on a black, strapless, leather corset, hobble dress that went to just above her black knee-high leather boots with 3" spikes. The sign hanging above read "Living Statues." Sasha, along with one other woman, a taller blond that I had seen with Sasha before, was encased in a long clear latex vacuum bed with a platform to stand on. All the air had been pulled out of the bed through a one-way valve, making the latex skin tight. The frames were held up to the ceiling by eye bolts and chains, so that each woman appeared to stand in mid-air without being able to move. Their smooth black blindfolds blocked out any sight of me and overlapped with a black covering that was over their mouths. Attached to the covering on their mouths was a long air tube for breathing that went up into the ceiling.

The latex was so tight I could see every detail of the material it laid against. Sasha's leather outfit didn't change shape much. But, the blonde's long blue dress was sucked to every curve of her body with her legs spread wide, showing off the outline of her bikini bra and G-string, and leaving nothing to the imagination. Besides the creaking of the chains and a buzzing sound that I thought was a motor pulling and holding the chains into the ceiling, both Sasha and the blond were making sounds and moans like they might be in trouble. Just then someone tapped me on the shoulder and about made me jump out of my skin. With the sound of my heart pounding hard, I turned to see a handsome man in his thirties, wearing an all black tux. He had dark brown hair and blue eyes you could get lost in.

"Do you like the scene?"

I was still shaken and wondered what he meant; then it hit me: the scene behind me.

"I was just going to find someone about this scene, because those women sound like they need out." The man just smiled.

"Actually, I don't think they would appreciate being let out yet."

I'm sure I had a puzzled look on my face at that point.

"I mean, they did sign up for this, to be the 'Living Statues' at the party."

"What do you mean they signed up for this? Sasha didn't tell me anything about this, and I think she would have told me".

"If you want to see the paperwork, it's in that room over there," he pointed to a small room off to the side of my hanging friends.

I had to know, "Yeah, I'd like to see those papers."

"Well, this way then."

I got to the room, and he handed me the papers. I can't believe it. It was Sasha's signature on the bottom of the paper saying she wanted to be part of the "Living Statue" scene for the whole party.

"The whole party, what did she invite me for," I whispered. The man must have heard, because he immediately gave me another piece of paper. It was a note from Sasha.


I know I've never been into this kind of thing like you have. (I blushed wondering if the guy beside me had already read this.) But my friend Angela, who I'm sure you remember, talked me into this. I'm sure you would love to join us. That's why I talked to Jim, the guy in the all black tux, and asked him to get the paperwork ready for you. I gave him a picture of you, so he would know what you look like. (Whoa, I wonder who this guy is, and how much he knows about me).

Lots of bound Love,


"Sasha told me to have this paper ready," Jim was handing me a piece of paper that read "RELEASE FORM" across the top.

"Uh, well, Uh. I can't." He had no idea. The way I was dressed, everything was going to show up in detail without my coat, which is how he'd ask me to do it. Besides, I had never made my fetish public knowledge. Sasha was the only one that knew, except it looks like this Jim and Angela may know now.

"Sasha told me you might back out, so I'm supposed to give you this."

It was another note.


I hate to do this, but you've always told me it was your fantasy to be caught in bondage by some hunk that would understand your needs. You also said that it would be a relief not to hide it from everyone. So this is the deal. While you were nude in your vacuum bed, the clear custom made one from Kink Engineering that has the neck and penis gasket and a spring loaded closure bar that's held shut with an ice cube in order to release you from your self-bondage once it melts, (What! This note was just in Jim's hands. What does she think she's doing?) with a remote in your hand to turn on and off the shop vac that sucked the air out of the bed, with your head encased in that shiny black blindfolding latex hood of yours that was sticking out of the neck gasket, with your red ball gag that has a breathing hole, and with that pink vibrating plug- in toy inserted through the penis gasket between your spread legs, I video-tapped you. (Oh, Nooo!) If you don't join me and Angela, I'm mailing a copy of the DVD to your parents and a few of your friends. (She's blackmailing me... Uhhh... I'd like to ring her neck. I can't believe this...Calm down...What am I going to do now?)

Again, Lots of Bound Love,


"She told me not to read either letter. She also said that you would be more than willing to join her as one of the 'Living Statues.' Was she right?"

"Well!" Yeah right, he did read it. She is so dead. What kind of friend is she anyway. "On one condition only, I get to keep my coat on."

"I suppose that will be fine, but I'm thinking your going to get pretty hot."

"That's OK. What do I need to do next?"

"Sign here, and we can go into the room over there that has the vacuum bed ready for you."

I signed and headed over to the room. I didn't really have a choice, did I.

The room was dark and the lighting seemed to put the shop vac and clear vacuum bed under a spot- light. The vacbed was the same one Sasha and Angela were in. Its one-way valve for the vacuum was exactly like my vacbed's back at the rental; so once the air was sucked out of the vacbed, there was no need for the vacuum, which was probably why the box against the wall said "Kink Engineering."

The blackness of a blindfold being put on from behind me, I knew this was coming. I could hear it being buckled in place. Wait. Why is Jim grabbing my hands?

"Nooo!" He's tying them together. I have to scream or fight my way out. "No... sahhh."

Suddenly, my screaming is muffled, and it feels and tastes like a rubber penis gag with a breathing hole. "Saahhh.." Stop please. My coat is being pulled off toward my tied hands. He's shoving me onto my back. Now he's sitting on me. I feel my dress being pulled up. I want to kick, but something or someone is holding my legs down and spread. I've tried everything, but nothing is working. I hear Jim laugh.

"You are going to put on some show tonight without a bra and underwear."

I can feel a vibrating smooth object being inserted into my sex. I gasp. Oh my, I know why my friends were making that noise, and where the buzzing was really from. The intruder was set really high, turning me on too fast. I didn't want this, not like this. "Uhhh ohh...," maybe... I do.

I felt myself being picked up and inserted into the vacuum bed. My hands were being untied and held in place while my coat was completely removed, and then my hands were drawn to my sides. There had to be more people involved than Jim, I couldn't move the whole time. I could feel my clothes being pulled into their proper places and heard the shop vac turn on. The latex sucked right to my every curve. I've felt this tight immovable erotic feeling of the latex in my vacuum bed back at home, but not with this added feeling of total helplessness in the hands of strangers and being totally exposed. Why am I getting more turned on?

They lifted me into place among the other women. Every fiber of my being felt electrified. I was floating on air, but with the sensation I was being touched, caressed all over by either silk or latex. It was overwhelming. The heat was spreading like sunlight kissing my flesh after just getting out of the water and stepping onto the warm sand. It spread from my toes up my legs and along my thighs and from my face and lips down my neck onto my shoulders, continuing down my arms and breast to my sides, till all the kisses met together between my legs.

I almost forgot someone might be watching me, looking over me in detail, following my every curve and wave of sexual dance. Then it hit, a flood of intense explosions radiating out from my sex to the rest of my body. One wave after another, with no way of stopping it. The tide kept coming and crashing...wave after wave... I was a part of this ocean forever. I was getting tired, but my body kept responding to that buzzing intruder, that's all I could think of. Then the batteries must have started to run down; I was starting to relax. Then my vacuum bed was being taken down. I was laid on my back. The party must have ended. I was being unsealed, but I still couldn't move. Then I felt the intruder being removed. I still couldn't move. After a moment the intruder was re-inserted with stronger vibrations. "Uhuu..." Oh no, not again. The bed was sealed, and I felt the vacuum suck the air out again. Then I felt myself being hauled off.

I was being hauled a longer distance this time. Here I go again... keep your mind together Tenisha... I have to get out of this, but how? I'm about to cum. What! That's cold air from outside hitting my latex covered body. I'm suddenly dropped down onto a metal floor with a jolt. I felt something behind me and now something placed in front of me. They were warm, buzzing bodies. My friends and I were being stacked against each other like dominoes, and all I can think of is my orgasm, and how bad I need to cum.

"OK, ladies." It was Jim. "I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. I plan on making you a permanent part of my new dungeon at home. You'll each make very lovely sex slaves." With that a door was slammed, and an engine was started. I could feel the bumps of the road and each of our struggles, trying to get free. Or maybe it was the the combined waves of all our orgasms taking over us. I can't think. Please help! Ohhhh Aahhh!


I... didn't think... Sasha... could talk.

"Hey, you, get up. We have a party to go to tonight. Except it looks like you're partying already." Sasha had been trying to shake me awake, then she unplugged the vibrating toy and popped out my red ball gag with the breathing hole.

"I must have fallen asleep. I wish you wouldn't have woke me. I was having a unbelievably wonderful dream."

"Sorry, but I got to get you out of this vacuum bed, or we'll be late for the party. Oh, I about forgot to tell you. I went shopping for something for you to wear to the party. What do you think?"

She held up a short, button-less, sleeveless, crimson red silk, v-neck blouse and a short, black, free flowing silk skirt to go with it.

The End

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