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Living Their Fantasies in Paris

by CoreDump

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Storycodes: latex; sex; oral; anal; insert; chastity; hood; gag; corset; catsuit; reluct; permanent; X

A couple create new lives in 40 days 

A long, day-by-day account of a happy couple living out their fantasies and fetishes on a life-changing trip to Paris.

(Latex, Chastity, Humiliation, Reluctance, Chasti-Permalock)

Author’s note: This is, of course, pure fiction. In a couple of cases the timeline is somewhat unrealistic (for example: for surgical recovery), but necessary to maintain the flow of the story. Stories of the Chasti-Permalock company and their product offerings have been around for a while, I take no credit for them (I’m not aware of their inventor/author). Please suspend disbelief as necessary and just enjoy the tale…


Continues from part one

Part 2

(Day 6)

The next morning, after a quiet breakfast, and a stroll around yet another quaint neighborhood, Rob and Cindy returned to the latex shop.

They entered the store to find the same sales-girl waiting for them. They were both surprised when the girl said that it would be a couple of hours before the measuring process would be complete.

"Madam," she said, " our technology is first rate, and must take its time to gather every measurement. It will ensure that any and every piece we make for you will be perfect. You wouldn't want anything else, would you?"

With that, Cindy could only surrender to the long session, described. Rob said he'd look around the shop, there was another sales-girl he could talk to, and then he'd wait at the cafe across the street for the completion of the process.

Cindy was ushered into a back room, and told to strip off all of her clothes. She found that embarrassing, and protested, but was told in no uncertain terms that it was all necessary.  

As she began removing here dress, thoughts of another old fetish, exhibitionism, crept into her mind, and got her excited. When naked she was shown to a small bathroom and told to give herself an enema and use a provided cream depilatory and sponges to remove all of the hair on her crotch. Again, Cindy was taken aback, and embarrassed, but that too aroused her. She knew that Rob would be very turned-on by a bald pussy, as he'd had her bare for their wedding. They'd discussed that topic a few nights ago, when they were dreamily reviewing old fetishes and sexual adventures.

She was more put off by the enema. She had only done that once before, when she had some intestinal issues as a teen. Then she had found it unpleasant, at best. She wasn’t sure why it was necessary, but at this point she couldn’t stop to argue.

About 20 minutes later she emerged, naked and bare as the day she was born.

The sales girl casually nodded and escorted her into another room that had both a gynecological examination chair, a large computer and two booths, one large, like an oversized phone booth from years past, and another smaller one that was oddly mounted over a stool.

She was directed to sit and lay back into the examination chair and place her feet and legs into the stirrups. Again, she protested, questioning the need.

This time the girl broke into angry French and clearly demanded that Cindy do as she was told, or else leave.

Cindy was indeed tempted to grab her clothes and walk out, but she remembered that she had promised Rob in return for the additional time in Paris, and she didn't feel like she could go back on the promise now. And besides, she was so turned on by the whole deal, the thought of her latex fetish, coupled with the experience and humiliation that she was feeling was driving her to distraction. She had never felt so sexually excited.

She did as she was told.

The girl proceeded to don a pair of latex gloves, and then wipe down Cindy's crotch, front, back, and everywhere in between with a series of sterile wipes.

She then proceeded to carefully insert a well lubed and sterile catheter, a vaginal plug and an anal plug into Cindy's holes. The catheter was connected via a long tube to a pouch. Cindy was shocked and dumbfounded by the whole procedure. The plugs were left extruding about three inches from her body and each item was bright Green in color.

As she inserted the devices, the girl explained that they were necessary for the measurement process to ensure that it determined the precise location of each orifice.

Cindy was stunned and horrified, but also turned on by the abuse and overwhelmed by the feelings each device forced upon her. Damn she was horny!

After the insertions, the girl carefully helped Cindy up and out of the chair. careful not to disturb the protruding plugs.

Cindy was then led over, waddling, to the large booth, and shown exactly where to stand, on two footpads located on the floor.

The girl handed Cindy a pair of swimming goggles and warned her that they had to be worn to protect her eyes from the lasers. She then explained that she would be closing the smoked plexiglass door and starting the laser measurement process. She also explained that several positions would be necessary, and that she would instruct Cindy via a microphone and speaker what position she must stand in, very still, for each phase of the scanning.

The door was then closed and the procedure began. First Cindy had to stand in a star position with her legs and arms spread like DaVinci's famous 'Human Body' drawing.

Then she had to bend at the waist and hold her arms out straight to her shoulders.

Finally, the girl came in with a very tall set of plastic mules, with something like 5" heels.

Cindy had to stand with her arms and legs straight up and down, in the heels.

When the booth’s door was finally opened, Cindy was relieved and ready to get out of there, but was told that there was another step. A special scan of her head was also needed. That was what the other, smaller booth was for.

She was escorted over to the smaller booth and instructed to sit on the stool underneath the scanning machine. She was again going to protest, as she still had the two plugs sticking out of her crotch, but the attendant, anticipating her complaint. pointed to two strategically located holes in the seat, where Cindy's plugs would fit.

With a resigned sigh Cindy carefully sat on the stool, making sure her protruding plugs aligned with the holes.

The girl then produced a tight latex bathing cap and placed it on Cindy's head covering her hair.

In a mirror on the opposite wall Cindy saw herself bald, and even found that sight to be a turn on. The thought made her wonder if all of this wasn't turning her on too much. It seemed that all of the humiliations and manipulations of her body were really tickling all of her old fantasies and fetishes.

Once Cindy was seated and ready, the girl stuck small patches over her closed eyes and lowered the small booth down around her head until it rested on her shoulders. She instructed Cindy to sit up straight and still while the machine scanned her.

Ten more minutes later the scanning was complete and the attendant had Cindy stand again with her legs spread wide, while she reached into her crotch and slowly removed first the catheter and then the two plugs.

After everything else, Cindy shuddered and felt the stirrings of an orgasm as the girl gave her pussy a quick squeeze as she backed away.

With shaky legs, Cindy staggered over to the dressing area and slowly put her clothes back on.

As the sales-girl walked her out and to the front of the store, she told Cindy that the measurements would be calculated and ready for her to select her Latex clothes, the next day.

Cindy acknowledged and thanked the girl as she walked in a daze outside. She snapped out of it only after she spotting Rob across the street and hurried over to his table. She sat delicately on the available chair and exclaimed "I need a glass of wine, or two, or three. Then you need to take me back to the hotel and screw my brains out!"

Rob laughed and she joined in.

As they sat, and Cindy recharged, she described all that had happened. Rob kept it well hidden, but he was enthralled with everything he heard. When Cindy told him how much it had all turned her on, he couldn’t believe that he had gotten so lucky. After all of these years he was learning that Cindy was almost as kinky as he was. He suddenly saw many new possibilities of feeding his long suppressed, personal fetishes with a wife who apparently shared many of the same ones.

As they left the café to head back to the hotel, both of them were anxious to get to their room and fuck each other’s brains out.

During the first hour of Cindy's measurement ordeal, Rob had worked with a second sales-girl to order numerous latex items for her. All of them were to be a surprise. The sales-clerk had agreed, for a hefty, additional fee, to have all of them ready within two days of the completion of the measurement process.

She also took a substantial order for a custom Chasti-Permalock device that after a call to the factory, and another substantial fee for express service, would be ready in about two weeks.

After taking the Chasti-Permalock order the clerk took Rob back to another measurement room and helped him take a very special set of measurements of his own body – one part in particular.

He had spent a fortune on his huge order, but he knew they could afford it, and what price is too high to spend on living out long-cherished sexual fantasies.

When he walked out of the shop, Rob was so turned on by thoughts of Cindy wearing the ordered items that he had to take off his jacket and hold it in front of his bulging cock.

(Day 7)

The following day, Rob took Cindy on a day trip to the French countryside. They drove the back roads, stopped in little villages for lunch and dinner and finished the day exhausted in their cozy hotel with a glass of wine.

It was then that Cindy pointed out with a sly grin that they still had to return to the Latex shop to order a couple of pieces of sexy latex.

Rob told her not to worry about it "I've taken care of everything. I'm sure we will both enjoy the things we have on order."

"Well, aren’t you going to tell me what I have coming?" Cindy asked, excited and curious.

"Nope" was Rob's only reply. "Let’s head to bed, I want to ravish you and eat you. Have I told you how much I love your new hairless look?"

"Yes, you have, several dozen times. I like it too." She answered with a giggle.


(Day 8)

The next day was spent with their favorite past-time - wandering the back streets, window shopping, this time in the 7th arrondissement. Rob subtly directed their wandering to a specific street address, and stopped when they were outside a store specializing in women’s boots, in particular, high-fashion leather boots with high heels.

"Hey, take a look, the other night, didn't you mention a fantasy for these? Come on, let’s go in." he said with feigned surprise.

Cindy was interested. She had always liked the way she felt and looked in high heels. She knew she had the legs for them. She usually wore 3" heels almost everywhere she went. At 5'6" she felt a little short compared to other pretty women she saw. Heels higher than 3" were troublesome for every-day wear, though. They were tough when walking on uneven surfaces, especially like the cobblestones on the streets of Paris.

In any case she was happy to look. What woman didn’t love pretty shoes?

Again, the sales lady was more than helpful. The boots were fantastically sexy, and Cindy was quickly turned-on by the possibilities and the way she looked in the mirrors when she admired her legs in the sky-high boots.

Rob too was clearly turned-on, as the bulge in his pants showed.

All of the boots she tried laced tightly onto her calves, sometimes all the way up her legs to the tops of her thighs. They were often stiffened by stays like in a corset. The tallest ones, with integral stays, made it difficult to bend her knees. These required her to take very short strides. Climbing steps would also be a challenge.

Cindy was very nervous about the heels, not so much the extreme height, but the tiny tip of the spike heel, and the potential for tripping on uneven or soft surfaces. Walking on cobblestones, dirt surfaces or even grass would be impossible.

The sales lady addressed that by showing her a pair of boots that had the height but also a wedge type heel, that smoothly integrated into the sole of the boot. These were 6" tall. In them Cindy stood a full six feet tall! The clerk explained that this style was fairly new and was becoming all the rage among the ladies of Paris, for the very reasons that concerned Cindy.

She also showed them another pair that she described as the newest, most stylish rage of the day. Rob immediately recognized them as 'Pony boots', seen on some of his fetish web sites.

Cindy didn't recognize them as such, but she did think they were sexy in a weird sort of way, that she couldn't put her finger on.

Those boots had large, hard, semi-circular soles, that were flat to the ground and the sole rose up steeply in the back, holding her heels up as if they were in the very high heels. But they had no heel at all, and would force the wearer to stand tall on her toes and the ball of her foot.

The salesgirl showed her a picture of Victoria Beckham wearing a pair that was similar, but perhaps not as high and the soles were not as clunky.

When Cindy tried them on, Rob had to help her stand, and as she slowly walked around, she could feel her legs starting to ache, much more than they did in the other shoes she'd tried on.

These shoes also made a peculiar sound as she strode around the store’s wooden floor. Much like the clip-clop of a horse on concrete.

Rob, of course loved everything she tried on. Cindy couldn’t help but notice, and his excitement only added to hers.

After spending more than an hour calculating sizes, and trying on different styles Cindy selected two pairs, both black. A very high 5" spike heel and an insanely high 6" wedge heel. The cost was horrendous, but Rob simply waved it off as money well-spent.

With considerable goading from Rob, and despite her better judgement Cindy wore the wedge heel boots out of the store.

It was a struggle, and within a block Cindy had to find somewhere to sit down and rest her aching legs. They easily found a pleasant sidewalk cafe, and ordered wine and cheese.

As Cindy relaxed and massaged her calves, she couldn't help but notice the admiring glances directed her way from all of the men and many of the women. Her new boots were a sexy hit, and that realization eased some of her pain.

Rob in the meantime, suddenly realized that he had left his sun glasses on the counter back at the store. He ran off to retrieve them, leaving Cindy to relax and prepare for the walk back to the hotel.

He was gone a surprisingly long time, but returned with the glasses and a big smile. Cindy was suspicious. She suspected that he had made another purchase, but he wouldn't admit to anything.

The walk back to the hotel was punctuated with a couple more stops for Cindy to rest her feet and legs, but as time wore on, she found that the boots' excellent design allowed her legs to become accustomed to the style and height, and by the time they got back to their room, she was feeling OK. Especially after Rob gave her a long sensuous massage, and a good screwing.

She wore the spike heel boots to a nearby restaurant for dinner that night. Again, she found that the boot's craftmanship allowed her legs to quickly become accustomed to the extreme height and the affect it had on her stride. Her feet and legs protested at first, but eventually settled in for the duration. Cindy thoroughly enjoyed the height they gave her, and the admiring looks they earned from the people around them. She felt thoroughly sexed up by the end of the evening and was looking forward to another massage followed by good sex. The orgasms she had been achieving as of late were the best she could ever remember. She wanted them to continue, and looked forward to even more mind-blowing experiences to come.

It was another great night for them both. Cindy had multiple orgasms and Rob got off dreaming of the events planned for tomorrow.


(Day 9)

Rob timed their morning to allow them to arrive at Amour Fétiche soon after the store opened. Cindy, on Rob's insistence had her new, sexy wedge heeled boots on. She found them a bit easier to walk in today, and of course they contributed to her now nearly constant state of arousal.

Both of them were excited by what was to come. Cindy was also a bit apprehensive as she had no idea what Rob had ordered for her.

When they arrived, they were greeted enthusiastically by both sales girls from the original session, along with the store's owner, introduced as,’ La Madame’, a majestic X-model of middle age with a commanding way about her. She explained in excellent English that she had made it a point to be in the store today to meet with the new customers who had placed such a substantial and special order.

At that Cindy got even more nervous. What on earth had Rob done?

She expected to pick up just a couple of items, perhaps try one or two on for fit, and hurry back to the hotel to test and model them in private, for Rob. Of course, she also expected to finish up with a super session of sex afterwards.

But now, she was told that each piece had to be tried on and examined for a perfect fit, before they could leave the store. She also found out that there were 12 pieces in total!

My God! she thought, how much had Rob spent, and how much trouble am I in? The thought of him turning her into some sort of latex princess suddenly made her so excited that she almost danced with excitement. She had never before dreamed of carrying one of her fetishes this far.


And so, it began. She and Rob, along with the original sales girl and the elegant manager all moved into a very nice fitting room. There were mirrors, comfortable chairs for Rob and the madam, and a curtained dressing room for Cindy and the sales girl who would help with the dressing. At the last minute, however, the madam decided that she should handle the dressing and pushed the sales girl out to keep Rob company.

The manager immediately took charge and ordered Cindy to strip. She then turned to a huge stack of boxes and opened the first of the many garments Cindy was to try on and take home.

Cindy was shocked by both the commanding tome of, La Madame, and the huge collection of boxes present.

She realized that this was going to be a long and trying session, one that would probably be very embarrassing, and she had to admit very exciting.


It turned out that there were three cat suits, three body suits, three hoods, four corsets, three pairs of gloves, three panties, three bras and four pairs of stockings. Everything was in very nice latex, except for two of the corsets, that were in leather. The latex appeared to be not too thin, and not too thick – just perfect!

In each case the three items varied in color, black, royal blue and white, and in some cases in design.

The cat suits were in the three colors. The black suit had zippers in the crotch and up the back. It also included oversized and padded cups for her breasts – they looked like Double-Ds, and integral plugs for both her pussy and anus. The royal blue suit had cups that fit her breasts perfectly and two zippers and integral plugs for both her pussy and anus. The white suit had padded breasts but only a back zipper and the two plugs. Otherwise all three included high collars, sleeves to the wrist and leggings with matching but separate socks.

The body suits were very much like the cat suits but had no sleeves or leggings.

The plugs in both the cat and body suits could be swapped out. There were several sizes, and two types, either vibrating or inert. All could be locked in place, and the vibrating plugs included small wireless remote controls.

There were three sets of long latex gloves, to match the cat suits.

In addition to the ‘normal’ royal blue gloves, there was an odd second pair that included built-in boning that held the hands stiffly in a natural position, but prevented gripping or moving of the fingers. They made the hands look natural, but they were essentially useless

The high-waisted panties also had zippers to close them at the waist, but no opening or zipper in the crotch. The Black pantie had a plug for the pussy, the royal blue had one for the anus and the white one had two plugs.

All of the zippers could be locked closed with a small, well-made padlock.

The bras also came in the three colors. The black one employed heavier latex and padding in its cups, which added two cup sizes to Cindy's small C-cup breasts. The royal blue one had an opening for the nipples to poke through. The white one was more of a 1/3 cup bra which supported the underside of the breasts but didn't cover the areolas. The cups were lined on the inside with many dozens of short, sharp hard latex spikes that looked as they would be very uncomfortable. All of the bras had a heavy latex strap configuration, with embedded wires, which would allow them to be locked on with padlocks.

The two latex corsets were thick and strict. They were designed to reduce Cindy's waist by four inches, (to 22") but included an elaborate adjustment mechanism that could take it down another two inches after that. The latex corsets were in black and royal blue. The black one was an under-bust type with 1/4 cups built in, while the royal blue was an over-bust type with padding that would take Cindy to DD-cup. Both were heavily boned, and would severely restrict Cindy's movement and breathing.

The two leather corsets were even more restrictive. Made of thick leather with metal boning they were both black.

All four corsets, of course, could be locked on.

Finally, the hoods were also provided in the three colors, but with differing features. All of them covered Cindy’s face and fit her head like a glove when zipped closed at the back of the head. The necks were long and stiff. Of course, the zippers could be locked at the back of the neck. All had one-inch breathing tubes which would slip up into the nostrils. They had a hole at the top of the head to accommodate Cindy's hair set in a pony tail.

The black one included openings for Cindy's eyes and mouth. Additional attachments were included that would either limit her vision or completely cover her eyes. Other attachments would fit her mouth. There was a simple cover, a penis gag and a ball gag.

The royal blue hood had eye holes, with cover attachments, but the mouth included a permanent cuff insert that held the mouth open wide. It included several plug attachments, three solid plugs of varying lengths, and another with a 1/2-inch hole through the center.

The white hood had no mouth opening and only tiny holes in front of the eyes. It was made of the thicker latex encountered in some of the other items.


As they worked their way through the fitting and the modeling Cindy ran through the full gamut of emotions. It took hours, and all throughout Cindy was so turned on her brain almost failed to function. She was so horny, that added to the feelings of humiliation, exhibitionism, submission, latex constriction and penetration, she was constantly afraid of losing it and orgasming in front of everyone.

They settled into a rhythm, and Cindy eventually just went with the flow. Lubing her body, lubing her pussy and anus, working her way into the outfit, with the constant help of the mistress, adjusting the fit while feeling a stranger's hands all over her body, slipping back into her tall boots, then walking out to show Rob. All the while coached and man-handled by La Madame’. Her man was obviously also very turned on, and loving every minute of the display. Often the sales girls, one, the other or both stepped in to also view and show their approval.

Cindy found almost every piece of clothing to be restricting, often uncomfortable and sometimes painful. The plugs were constantly stimulating her. The corsets made it so very hard to breath, bend and twist. The hoods were scary and worked on her head, making her even more submissive when they were in place. But despite these issues, she loved it!

The anal plug was particularly distracting as she had never explored anal sex. Back in her teens, she had debated it with herself on a couple of occasions. She couldn’t figure out why a woman would be interested, or why a man would want to plug his cock into a woman’s ass, when there was a perfectly good vagina right there. The guy could get off using the woman’s rear hole, but the woman couldn’t, as far as she knew. It seemed degrading and painful for the woman. Even the most popular rear-entry position seemed to put the woman in a submissive situation. Of course, Cindy did enjoy the submissive role. There may be something to that. And, after working her way through several of the outfits with plugs in both front and back, she did start to feel some pleasure, as the two seemed to work together to arouse her. Overwhelmed with all that was going on, Cindy just let it go.

Finally, exhausted, and so horny she could hardly stand up, Cindy realized that the session was over. She asked, and Rob told her that it had taken four hours! As advertised, every item had fit perfectly. Each item had performed as expected, restricting or stimulating as desired.

Cindy was a mess, covered in sweat and lubricant. Lube was also slowly seeping out of her pussy and anus.

She was ushered by the staff into a large and, of course, elegant bathroom, where she finally had a chance to relieve herself. As she flushed the toilet she was again surprised and embarrassed when their favorite sales girl stepped into the room in a latex body suit and invited Cindy into the large shower enclosure. She was there to assist in washing and massaging Cindy's overworked body. “As a special service provided by the store,” she was told.

Cindy was intrigued, and too exhausted to resist, so she stepped into the warm water and simply stood there as she was thoroughly washed. Near the end, the girl also took the opportunity to massage Cindy's breasts and pussy bringing her to a knee-bending orgasm as she kissed Cindy deeply and sensuously. Cindy was too numb after that experience to feel much of anything. Now added to all of the emotions of the day, she had reached a new level of sexuality, and fulfilled yet another deeply seeded fantasy.

It took her fully ten minutes, sitting on a stool under the water flow, to recover from the experience.

The sales girl waited patiently outside the stall to dry Cindy with big fluffy towels when she stepped gingerly out into the bathroom proper, not trusting her body to move too quickly. The girl then sat Cindy down at a make-up table, still nude, as she brushed and dried Cindy’s hair and expertly applied some heavier than normal make-up on Cindy's still flushed face.

It was when they stepped together out of the bathroom that Cindy was faced with yet another challenge. She was greeted by, La Madame holding the royal blue body suit and yet another bottle of lubricant.

"Here, my dear," she said, "let's get you ready for the trip back to your rooms. When we explained to your husband that it was traditional for our customers to depart our store after a fitting, wearing one of their purchases, he selected this outfit for you."

Oh God, thought Cindy, this is getting to be just too much. But again, she was in no condition to argue. She took a deep breath and resigned herself to donning some of her new latex. As soon as she accepted that as the next step, she started to get excited again. Here she was living out her great fantasies, and loving it. Damn, this was good, and she was ever so horny!

Cindy took the bottle of lube and again smeared it all over her body, and in her pussy and ass, as she'd been doing for the past four hours. Then with the help of La Madam, she slid her feet and legs into the royal blue cat suit, pulling it up until the two plugs slid into her holes. She noted casually that they were not the remote-controlled vibrating ones. Thank God! Regardless, they immediately did their thing and got her pussy juices flowing. After a deep breath she pulled the rest of the suit up her torso, over her breasts. Before she could push her arms into the sleeves the sales girl handed her the blue gloves. Cindy realized that by putting them on before the rest of the suit she wouldn't be able to take them off. That thought gave her another tingle as she knew that she'd have to use her blue latex hands out in public.

But there was no fighting it. She slid the gloves up her arms to her arm pits and then slid her arms into the sleeves. The girl then helped her pull the suit up to her throat and zipped it closed up the back.

Cindy heard one of the padlocks click shut and knew her fate was sealed, literally. The girl then knelt down and reached between Cindy's legs to place another lock on the crotch zipper. She then handed the two keys set to Rob, who took them with a smile. He had a large keyring full of those keys, each numbered to match a lock from the dozen, or so, he had been provided. Cindy didn't have any of the keys...

As she had done all morning, Cindy then sat gingerly on a stool to slip on her high wedge heel boots. After they were in place, she was surprised that the girl knelt down in front of her and proceeded to insert pad locks into holes at the top of each boot. Cindy hadn't realized that the boot locking option existed. She looked up at Rob as he took those keys and added them to the collection.

Oh God, Cindy got another tingle as she realized that she was now locked into the boots, and could always be locked into them if she allowed Rob that control. She also knew that her rediscovered feelings of submission to her man would drive her to do so.

As Cindy stood, La Madame approached her with the blue latex corset. Cindy thought about resisting that additional restriction, especially going out in public. She knew that the expanded breasts that it would force upon her coupled with the restriction in her waist would cause a big uproar wherever they went. She could already feel the embarrassment and humiliation she knew she would experience as people gawked. It only made her hornier and hotter.

The corset was slowly laced to its full 4" restriction by the girl, who took the time to teach Rob how it should be done. It took quite a while with periodic pauses for Cindy's waist to adjust to the pressure. At the end Cindy had to hold onto the door frame while the laces were closed the last inch. She was left panting and had to hold onto Rob for a few minutes while she recovered.

Now covered in latex, Cindy looked for the dress she had worn into the shop, all those hours ago.

That's when it hit her that she couldn't possibly fit it onto her now latex enhanced body. Her breasts were too big and her waist too small to fit into it.

La Madame also realized that it would be a problem, so she sent the sales girl out to find a suitable replacement from the stock. She said that it would be a simple affair and would be on the house.

The sales girl returned with a blouse and skirt combination. The blouse long sleeved, white cotton, and light weight, and the skirt short, tight, black and, of course, latex lined with silk.

Both pieces fit Cindy like a glove.

Of course, Cindy's gloves, the high neck on her cat suit and her legs were all clearly royal blue latex.

The world would know. what she was wearing underneath.

La Madame then came up to her and handed a small bottle of lubricant, saying “My dear, you had better take this, you’ll need it. In fact, you had better learn to always keep it in your purse.” The word ‘always’ hit Cindy in her gut. Was this to be a part of her every-day life from now on? Is that what the woman was implying?

After a final critical inspection by La Madame, and a lascivious ogling from Rob, they were escorted to the door of the shop by all three staff members.

"We'll have everything delivered to your hotel, and we’ll see you next week." La Madame called as they walked away.

"What did she mean by that?" Cindy asked Rob, somewhat breathlessly, as she had yet to get used to the reduced breathing caused by the corset, coupled with the exercise of walking in her high boots. Not to mention the plugs moving around inside her with every step.

"Oh, there are a couple of little things on back-order." Rob said dismissively.

It was at that moment that they ran into several older couples walking toward them on the sidewalk. One of the men stopped suddenly and stared his mouth hanging open and his eyes bugging out. His wife almost tripped, and the two couples behind him collided with his back.

When the other two men saw Cindy, they too stood transfixed. One of the women was also obviously impressed, but one of them was apparently scandalized. She muttered 'slut' and dragged her husband into and across the street. The others followed, slowly.

At first Cindy was mortified. Humiliated beyond anything she had ever been. But then it sunk in that in this outfit she was a slut, and the realization set her off like a rocket. she had to stop and hold onto Rob while she orgasmed on the spot. Of course, that caused her to feel very faint what with the restriction caused by the latex and the corset. The two plugs also played a part.

She had become the embodiment of her fantasies! She was the sexiest woman in Paris! She was a latex slut, standing on a street corner orgasming in public! That thought drove her to yet another orgasm, right then and there.

This one was bigger than the first, and she moaned aloud, drawing even more attention to herself. She almost fainted. It took several minutes with her leaning up against the wall behind her, and Rob holding her in place and shielding her as best he could form view, before she could breathe again and look up into his loving eyes.

She could tell that he was enjoying every minute of it, and she could feel his cock long and hard pushing into her belly. Damn! she wanted to get back to the room and screw him to death.

With every step the dildo in her pussy moved around and aroused her, and she was surprised that the anal plug seemed to contribute, positively to her feelings. Perhaps there was something enjoyable about anal penetration, after all.

She was, after all, not able to walk very much farther in her current state. They found another cafe, this one with a larger patio allowing them to sit somewhat out of sight. Cindy still drew stares from drooling men and mixed reactions from the women who glanced their way.

The situation continued to keep Cindy aroused, with barely enough self-control to keep her emotions in check. Just sitting quietly on the hard chair, trying to catch her breath, was driving her nuts as the plugs were pushed ever so much deeper into her two holes. There was no relief there.

A nice cool glass of wine did help, and they finally had a chance to eat their much-delayed lunch.

Rob continued to stare with unmasked desire at Cindy's shape and outfit.

Cindy couldn't eat much due to the corset. That situation too added to her sexual heat. The controlling restriction of it all fed her submissive feelings. She was becoming more accustomed to those too, and more in love with those long-ignored emotions.

After a couple of hours sitting in the cafe, and a second glass of wine Cindy was ready to walk again. But as she stood up, she realized that she had to go to the bathroom and pee.

She paused and whispering, explained her situation to Rob. Embarrassed and humiliated yet again that she couldn't even pee without permission and assistance. She knew that even if given the key, she wouldn’t be able to reach down and open her suit let alone open it up and afterwards wipe herself properly.

Rob also knew and understood her predicament and enjoyed it thoroughly. Of course, that emphasized her humiliation yet again, and sent another wave of excitement to her poor pussy.

Rob escorted Cindy to the back of the restaurant and found the tiny washroom available to customers. They entered together without anyone noticing, and locked the door behind themselves.

Cindy unzipped her latex skirt and let it fall to the flor so she could step out of it. They had to jockey for position in the tiny space so he could bed down and find the number on the lock at her crotch. He had to squat down and stick his face deep into her crotch and pull the lock forward into the light so he could read it. He then had to find the right key among the many on his key ring before he could finally unlock the zipper and expose her pussy.

During all of this, Cindy balanced on her high heels and concentrated on not losing control of her bladder.

As soon as she could she backed to the toilet and squatted over the bowl. She had never before peed in front of Rob, and the process embarrassed her further. When she was done, Rob had to wipe her as if she was a little girl, humiliating her further. He then zipped her back up and relocked her suit.

When she tried to bend to pick up her skirt, she found that that too was impossible, so Rob had to help her again.

All in all, it was a totally embarrassing and humiliating performance. Cindy couldn't believe that even that turned her on.

When they were ready, they opened the door to leave only to find two women waiting to use the rest room. One looked disgusted, while the other winked at the two of them. Cindy was certain that neither knew what had really gone on in that tiny little bathroom.

As they walked out, Cindy wondered if that was the way things were going to be from now on. The thought of her secret helplessness was yet another turn-on.

Rob was also thinking that the whole situation was a huge turn-on. Having that kind of total control of his wife, turned latex slut, was one of his greatest fantasies come to life.

The walk back to the hotel was just more of the same excitement for Cindy. She reveled in the lustful looks of the men who watched her. The scornful looks of some of the women and the lustful looks of others, provided more sexual stimuli for her.

She fell in love with the feeling of the latex on her body, the compression, the warmth, the smooth texture. The restriction it placed on her movements. It was very much as she imagined it would be back when she was younger and masturbating to her stimulating sexual fantasies.

By now the high heels were becoming increasingly painful. She had, after all spent most of the day in them. The plugs in her pussy and anus were driving her nuts, wiggling around inside her with each short step. The corset was also hurting and she still wasn't used to the short breaths she had to take. She found that with the big breasts the corset provided, and the unbending stiffness of the boning she couldn't see her feet, or the ground immediately in front of her. Several times she had stumbled, and had to be caught by Rob. Again, she wondered if this was to be her new normal. God, it made her so very horny.

She wasn't sure how much more she could take. Part of her didn't want it to stop. Part of her wanted to get back to the hotel and have sex for ten hours, and part of her just wanted to get to the hotel so she could soak in the tub and sleep for a day.

Rob just wanted to get back to the hotel to screw Cindy's brains out, but he knew he had one more stop to make.

They ducked into the next Apothecary shop they came to, and Rob purchased an enema kit. Cindy didn’t understand what he was doing so he whispered into her ear, “we can’t be sticking things into your bum, without making sure it’s clean in there first.”

Cindy sputtered and blushed like a lobster, and spent the next five minutes considering the implications. The enema she’d given herself at the latex shop had been unpleasant. Now it seemed she may have to get used to them. It was another thought that oddly enough excited her.

They left the shop to the now typical stares of drooling men and the mixed reviews of several women.

At last they made it back to the hotel. Walking through the lobby was another adventure, as the staff who had come to know them, stopped to watch her in all of her new latex slut glory.

Arriving back in their room. Cindy collapsed on the floor at the foot of the bed. Rob was worried until he saw the contented smile on her face. After a few minutes, she laboriously climbed up onto her knees, reached up with both hands and grabbed Rob's head, pulled it down and gave him the longest, sexiest most thrilling kiss he'd ever received.

After he recovered, he stood Cindy up and slowly began undressing her. She just stood there and let it happen.

First, he took off her blouse, and skirt, setting them carefully aside.

Then he found the key, unlocked her corset and carefully unlaced it. Once open, Cindy at last was able to take a deep breath. It was a simple pleasure that she had almost forgotten how to do. After the breath, though she suddenly felt a pain in her belly and back as her body tried to return to its normal position. Rob held her until she stopped moaning. He then pulled it down off of her and laid it out on a nearby chair.

Next were her beautiful boots. Their removal also elicited moans from Cindy, so Rob sat her down on the bed and massaged her feet and calves for the next ten minutes, until she started to purr with pleasure.

Only her latex cat suit remained. Rob wasn't ready to take it off quite yet. He pushed Cindy back onto the bed and laid down on top of her, feeling her, and rubbing her beautiful latex encased body. Eventually his hands found their way to her crotch where he squeezed and massaged her well filled pussy and ass driving her crazy using the plugs that had been locked in place and exciting her for hours. She moaned and purred in response and orgasmed right on the spot. And when he continued with his ministrations, she came yet again.

After that he allowed her to rest. He got up to use the bathroom, and when he returned, she was sound asleep, still locked into her latex.

She looked fantastic. A beautiful smile on her lips, completely happy and satiated.

He let her sleep for a couple of hours before he woke her, telling her that it was time to shed her latex, take a hot bath and then come out and pay him back for her wonderful gifts and experiences.

"Yes master" she replied sleepily. But a minute later she realized what she had actually said. It was another aspect of her fantasy life fulfilled. She started giggling and repeated herself in a sultrier voice. "Yes master, your latex slut will please you like you have never been pleased before."

Rob laughed at her antics, but inside he was surprised and very excited. Here was his dear wife, completely changed into the wanton, sexy woman he'd always fantasized about.


After her bath Cindy came out clean and naked and smelling wonderfully. Rob though had another chore for her. He sent her back into the bathroom to wash out her latex.

Cindy realized that that was yet another task she would have to undertake while they played this game.

The washing done, she practically pranced out and crawled into bed and proceeded to pay back her husband and master for the great day they'd had.

She started kissing him, and worked her way slowly down his chest to his cock and balls where she licked and sucked until he nearly exploded, then she paused, crawled up his body and plugged his cock into her waiting pussy. She rode him until they both climaxed as they had never done before.

Afterwards, they lay in bed together and promised each other that tomorrow would be another day as exciting, sexy and fun as this day had been. Cindy promised to wear whatever she was told to, and to follow instructions without complaint.

Continues in part three


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