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Living Art

by Rubbermatt

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubbermatt - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; bond; susp; cons; X

Living Art by Rubbermatt  M/f; D/s; bond; latex; susp; cons; X

The only light in the room came from an array of spotlights, all focused on the bizarre figure spread-eagled against one wall.

With curving hips, narrow waist and jutting breasts, the figure was undoubtedly female but every feature was smothered in an unbroken layer of seamless latex.

Head to toe, the anonymous woman was sheathed in ebon black, from the tips of her toes to the crown of her head.

A muffled groan filtered through the blank hood, the outline of a large gag barely visible under the thick rubber, the cloying black latex erasing any features, rendering her deaf, dumb and blind.

Mittened hands twisted futilely as the girl writhed and strained, but her efforts were in vain, thick leather straps held her fast to the wall.

Encircling wrists and ankles, more straps at six inch intervals further binding her limbs, across her hips, waist and chest, a final pair at neck and across her forehead, the tightly fastened straps held the girl immobile, half way between floor and ceiling.

Chrome padlocks sealing the restraints sent shards of reflected light dancing across the darkened room as the girl writhed helplessly.

More light glinted from between her legs, where cables snaked up and connected to the infernal devices embedded deep inside her belly.

A moan of frustration escaped the girth of the gag filling her mouth, she could feel the metal studded shafts filling and stretching her but, encased in rubber, inescapably bound, she could do nothing to reach fulfilment.

The reflected light partially illuminates another figure in the room.

Seated in a leather bound chair, his face in shadows, the master smiles as the helpless girl in front of him twists and strains against her restraints, the light dancing across her curvaceous form.

To his right a bottle of fine wine stands next to a remote control atop a small table.

Like a child at Christmas unable to decide which present to open first, his hand poised above the remote, pondering which button to press, which device to activate first.........



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