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Lisa & the Armbinder

by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuits; multi-layer; hood; gag; corsets; harness; armbinder; duster; toys; insert; tease; stuck; denial; climax; cons; X

Lisa had learned through experience that more than three latex catsuits made it difficult to move around freely especially when she laced the latex corset tight over the first one, normally when she was in a playful mood she would stretch two over her toned body and do her weekly shopping or clean her house, today would be different. Waking still sealed in rubber Lisa relieved herself then eased two large vibrators into her holes before stepping into another catsuit then laced her corset on trying to close it, making her gasp as she strutted around her room letting her body adjust.

Staring into her closet she stroked the heavy rubber suit she had purchased but had only worn once because of the restricting hood narrowing her vision to small holes and the long rubber phallus attached inside that forced her to breathe only through her nose. The attached gloves and feet also made her feel numb and made walking and grasping things harder but today she wanted harder. Forcing her already double coated rubber body into the suit was difficult and made the thick black rubber stretch even tighter across her flat stomach and firm ass but it was her breasts that took the most punishment.

Even though the suit had cups for her breasts and normally her globes that were only large C cups but looked much larger on her petite frame, fit and stretched them perfectly but since she already wore two suits with no breast cups and the rubber over bust corset her breasts were smashed completely making her look like she had none and were quickly becoming uncomfortable.

With her limited vision Lisa untangled the mass of leather straps she had pulled out with the suit and began wrapping them around her body buckling each loosely as she struggled to get each one straight. Panting through her nose Lisa finally had all the straps straight and buckled and worked from the top down tightening each until her rubber skin bulged over the strap before slipping small locks through the buckles and clicking them closed, finished Lisa stared at herself in the long mirror.

The body harness started at her neck with a two inch wide collar with two straps in front and two more in back connecting it to the first of eight straps that encircled her body, two above her breasts and six below all connected to each other every four inches by riveted vertical straps. Three straps left the bottom horizontal strap becoming attached to each other as they split her thighs then spread back out as they climbed over her ass and were secured to the bottom belt.

The body harness pulled tightly around her entire torso increasing the difficulty Lisa was having taking a deep breath and pulled deeply into her pussy and ass forcing her to remain erect and in perfect posture, tightening the three thigh straps on each leg that were attached to the harness was difficult but had to be done after the rest were tightened or they would not fit right.

Lisa sat back gasping through her nose as the feeling of being locked into the thick rubber sank in reminding her she did not have access to the keys to any of the locks she would be using today and hoped she wouldn’t have to cut the leather or rubber off before the large ice block still in the freezer melted. Catching her breath Lisa slipped her feet into the knee high leather boots and closed the straps around her legs, these boots had very tall heels, she thought they had said six inches but they had always felt taller to her forcing her to walk on the balls of her feet, her toes were crushed inside the pointed toe and as she locked the wide ankle cuffs around her ankles she knew she would have to tolerate the pain until the keys were released.

Laying back again Lisa smiled under the hood as she noticed she was no longer thinking about the suffocating tight rubber surrounding her head or the large cock shoved almost down her throat or the fact that she could no longer inhale deeply. Sitting up again Lisa locked the straps around her thighs together with locks on each strap making her unable to separate her thighs and limiting her steps even further as she thought about her frustrating dream that had inspired her to secure herself in such a heavy cocoon of rubber and leather.

During her dream her abuser had forced her small body into five catsuits locking her corset on over them and locking her wrist and ankle cuffs on then forced her to clean his large house while encapsulated, the frustrating part was not only was she peering through the same tiny holes over her eyes but the gag was larger and made her fight her gag reflex all the while. In the dream she had been strapped into a wide posture collar and the boots had been ballet thigh boots and her user had controlled her actions by manipulating her body with a series of stimulators attached to her breasts, ass and two large vibrators he had forced inside her.

Lisa didn’t have ballet boots even though she wanted some nor did she have the posture collar or stim unit but she awoke so aroused she desperately wanted to reproduce her frustration in her dream and was going to use everything she had.

The vibrators she had placed inside her had random features and Lisa had placed the remotes on a shelf that would soon be too high for her to reach and would leave her torment up to them for the duration making herself clean her own house while the mechanical master controlled her pleasure. Lisa shuffled into the kitchen amazed at how well locking the thigh straps together limited her stride and how much the heavy rubber compressed her whole body making her take short breaths and continuously try to reach her pussy to stimulate herself, the thick straps covering it keeping her from reaching anything.

After securing the ice block to the overhead beam knowing it would take six to eight hours to melt and lower the keys into her hands Lisa shuffled back to her room to finish restraining herself. Lisa looked around again before backing up to the thick rubber Armbinder hanging on two hooks mounted in the wall, the armsleeve had no openings other than what would normally be a small slit in the top but stretched as it was could be big enough to allow someone’s arms to be placed inside it, it was meant to be stretched over the wearers arms crushing them together and the two wide rubber straps continuously pulled it up making it remain tight and almost inescapable.

Lisa had figured out that if she wrapped the straps around her body correctly she could wiggle her arms into the sleeve forcing her hands to the bottom then unhook it from the wall, this step took even more flexing and once unhooked the straps would pull tight across her shoulders and she would be trapped into the ever tightening armbinder until the hook on the bottom of the line buried in ice dropped and she was able to hook the straps with it pulling them off her shoulders and wiggle her arms out.

It had worked many times in the past and Lisa was quite adept at getting into and out of it by herself often falling asleep while her arms were held firmly behind her back only to wake and struggle frantically as she slowly remembered what she had done to herself, these times making the aches and pains she felt afterwards all the more worth it. Carefully Lisa slid the straps over her shoulders then began struggling to get her arms into the armsleeve, after several minutes of struggling Lisa stood gasping for air still unable to get her arms fully into the sleeve, as she stood moaning from the building pain in her crushed tits she thought about what she was doing wrong, never having this much trouble in the past.

Lisa continued to wiggle her hands and arms as she thought and noticed they were slowly sinking into the rubber sleeve, continuing to ease her arms down Lisa fought the tight rubber until she felt her hands reach the bottom and could feel her elbows already being squeezed together and smiled knowing in a few minutes they would be crushing each other as the armbinder continued to try and return to its normal size. Lisa rested for a moment before twisting and pulling on the hooks feeling the straps shift slightly before snapping into place and allowing her to walk carefully away from the wall.

Standing in the middle of the room Lisa struggled with the armbinder for several minutes, testing it until she was satisfied she could not remove it until the hook dropped and sat down gasping in the tight rubber and trying to ease the pain in her breasts. Catching her breath again Lisa stood and walked over to where the long handle of the feather duster had been secured sticking straight up, bending over she worked to force the handle into the hole in the gag of the hood, Lisa had whittled the handle down until if fit tightly into the small hole in the solid rubber gag and once it was pushed in fully she would need her hands to remove it.

Now equipped to do her cleaning duty Lisa found that the feathers stuck up more than she had expected and partially blocked her limited view, even though the collar of the body harness was only two inches wide it was very tight over the rubber and made bending her neck increasingly more difficult. Lisa chuckled to herself knowing they was absolutely nothing she could do and began her dusting chores moving carefully around her room rubbing the duster against anything she could reach and grunting from the amount of effort it took.

Working for almost an hour before needing to rest her throbbing feet Lisa sat down in her recliner and leaned it back forgetting it had a handle that needed to be pushed to make the chair sit up straight again. Lisa sat wriggling in the chair enjoying the tightness of her restraints as she ground her elbows together under her and pulled at the cuffs holding her ankles together.

After four hours of getting dressed and struggling in the rubber Lisa drifted off to sleep dreaming of being under the control of a sadistic master bent on making her orgasm over and over again while she was tightly encased in rubber, waking suddenly by her vibrating crotch and ass Lisa was moaning and grunting as she gasped for air while her orgasm grew. Lisa struggled in the chair until the vibrations stopped, deciding to continue her cleaning in hopes her master would turn the vibrations back on if she did a good job.

Lisa now had a new problem, she was laid back with her feet held in the air by the foot rest and she could not make the chair fold back up and allow her to stand. Lisa was grunting and twisting as she fought the chair almost laughing at first thinking, “I didn’t need all these restraints to frustrate myself all I need was this stupid chair!” Slipping off the foot rest Lisa was lying on the floor catching her breath as she thought about how she was going to stand again.

Lisa rolled her body to the couch, the harness around her body and thighs making it impossible to just sit up so she worked her bound body up onto the couch until she was kneeling, continuing to push herself up the couch she twisted around until she was sitting again and rocked herself up onto her high heels. Lisa’s breasts were now hurting badly and as soon as she stood her feet screamed with pain making her whine as she continued to roam around her house attempting to dust as she prayed the vibrations would return. Lisa roamed into the kitchen and could just make out a small drip fall from the ice block noticing it hadn’t melted very much at all and figured she hadn’t slept very long and moved on.

As Lisa continued to move around she could feel her arms starting to hurt and could tell that the armbinder was really tight now making not only her elbows grind together but her wrists and forearms were now being crushed together as well. Stopping to test her available movement Lisa found she had none, even her gloved hands were now held firmly together inside the ever tightening armbinder.

Lisa stood thinking about this when the vibrators came on again and slowly raised in intensity until they had her gasping and moaning under the tight rubber, Lisa felt her orgasm nearing and tried to shuffle quickly to a chair but the massive orgasm slammed her body making her legs weak and she dropped to her knees and stood shaking and screaming as the continued vibrations made the orgasm last longer than she had ever felt before. Panting hard through her nose Lisa was getting light headed and concentrated on her breathing as another orgasm slowly built, Lisa was sure she would pass out if she climaxed now so she fought the feelings until the vibrator turned off leaving her panting and whining for it to come back on.

“Damn, I was so close” she thought as she rocked herself back onto her feet.

Moving again Lisa had something nagging at her mind as she pretended to dust, checking on the ice again she couldn’t tell it had melted at all when the nagging thought hit her, Lisa normally keeps it very cool in her house so she doesn’t sweat as much during the time she wears her rubber clothes, she had forgot to turn the A/C back up! She stood struggling and grunting as she realized it would take a lot longer for the ice to melt at this temperature than the six to eight hours she had planned.

Lisa no longer thought it was fun and wanted out and continued to struggle until she was light headed again and found a kitchen chair and sat for the next hour watching the slows drops form and fall off the large ice block cursing herself as the aches and pains from her compressed body increased. The rubber around her waist had pulled tighter making her breathing even more shallow and the armbinder had now crushed her arms so tightly they had gone numb and made her shoulders begin to ache from being pulled back so far, this had made her chest push harder against the corset and rubber covering it and caused her compressed breasts to also hurt more as her erect nipples pushed hard against the reinforced stays of her corset.

Lisa sat feeling truly trapped as her struggles were reduced to her sitting and moaning trying to look past the feathers sticking out of her gagged mouth. Lisa had done overnight bondage before but never when she was this constricted or restrained this well and panicked as she thought about spending the night trapped in the tight rubber.

Calming herself she rose to her aching feet and shuffled towards her room spotting a clock she stopped and twisted her head finally being able to read the time and gasped when she realized, adding it several times in her head, she had already been encased and bound for over eight hours! Thinking about the ice block she tried to compute how long it would take to melt completely coming up with somewhere around twenty four hours! This made her start struggling again not wanting to spend a full day restrained this completely and twisted and pulled at her restraints hitting a wall and almost knocking herself down before calming herself again.

Continuing to her bedroom totally defeated Lisa stopped by the thermostat on the wall and stood looking at it trying to figure out a way to change the setting finally opting to poke at it with the duster and eventually making it change to a colder setting before she stopped not wanting to make it any worse and dragged her aching feet into her room and lay back on the bed to rest.

Lisa had only been lying down a few minutes when the vibrations started again but this time one in her tight ass and within a few minutes had her fully aroused and fighting for air as her climax grew nearer but never really got close, Lisa was grunting and twisting on the bed knowing there was no way she could cum by the one vibrator alone and collapsed in disgust when it turned off leaving her a panting heap of rubber on her bed. For the next twelve hours Lisa tried to sleep but every time she would get comfortable she would get vibrated, arousing her then quickly shutting off leaving her sobbing and screaming into the gag. The duster now kept her from resting her head while she lay on her stomach which was the only position she could get comfortable in and now she couldn’t lay that way adding to her frustration.

Lisa finally hung her head over the edge of the bed and between being vibrated was able to sleep some waking each time the vibrators would stir then drift back off again dreaming she had been kidnapped by some fetish physco who was keeping her encased in rubber and not letting her cum. Waking in the dark she knew the sun had set and wanted to go check on the ice block but also knew she had left no lights on and with the shades pulled would not be able to see it anyway so she rolled onto her back whining as the pain increased in her arms and shoulders and lay panting and fighting her rubber until she slowly blacked out and lay still.

During the night Lisa awoke several times only to struggle against her restraints and the vibrators until blacking out again never achieving orgasm or freedom. As the sun was rising Lisa was weeping from frustration, she desperately wanted to cum but the weakening vibrators would not let her, her shoulders had gone numb as well as her legs and feet and now she was worried if she would be able to walk to the keys or not and worried knowing she needed to stand to release the straps across her chest.

Struggling to slide her feet off of the bed the vibrators came on in unison and coupled with her frustration and struggling to sit up Lisa was given her biggest orgasm flopping backwards and screaming as the much needed release rushed though her tormented body, making it tense and strain against the rubber and leather as she continued to moan and slowly relaxed. Lisa was trembling from the orgasm and with a foggy mind slowly stood and shuffled to the kitchen, finding the ice was all gone and her keys and more importantly the hook was hanging freely.

Waking up and squealing Lisa moved under the hook and found a new problem. She needed to slip the hook either under a strap or hook the D-ring on the strap to be able to pull it over her shoulder but with the duster blocking her view through the tiny eye holes she could not see when the strap was near either. Lisa stood stomping her numb feet and whining loudly as she swung her head back and forth hoping to dislodge the damn duster, after making herself dizzy she stopped and concentrated on feeling the hook and get it to go under a strap. As Lisa stood fighting the rubber she thought how she might look, a faceless creature with its arms twisting together behind its back doing the limbo in six inch heels.

Laughing again Lisa continued to try and free herself for another hour before the vibrators gave her a last hurrah making her extremely horny and frustrated before their batteries died leaving her panting and weeping slumped in the middle of her kitchen. Lisa was beaten fully and completely, her mind had given up on ever being released and she knew they would find her weeks later a corpse wrapped in rubber and leather, she had no options, her normal safety, June, had not been told and there was no way she could contact her.

As Lisa sat down thinking about how helpless she really was an orgasm shot through her body making her grunt and moan for several minutes before calming herself and smiling at her first bondage only orgasm and thinking how much of a bondage slut she really was. Still sitting contemplating her struggles Lisa spotted the small hooks on the back of the door, she sat turning her head back and forth for several minutes before forcing her tired body to stand and shuffled to them looking closer at them before setting the duster into one pushing down until it snapped in and then began to pull back. Struggling like a dog playing tug of war Lisa almost fell when the small hook snapped off forcing her to shuffle quickly backwards to catch herself and almost began crying before stepping back up to the next hook and trying again only to have this one bend as she tried to force the duster into it.

Lisa’s body was shaking and the light was growing dimmer in the room telling her if she didn’t get free soon she would be trapped for another night at least. There were two more hooks and both had things hanging from them so she had to push harder to get the duster to snap in. Tugging again Lisa was grunting and moaning as she pulled backwards and thought she felt the duster move just as the hook snapped sending her reeling backwards. Lisa began crying as she caught herself again and could feel the weight of the key ring and apron now hanging from the duster pulling her head down and began shaking and twisting her head swinging the apron violently around the room. Finally stopping to calm down Lisa leaned against the wall panting opening her tear filled eyes and realizing she could no longer see the duster in front of her!

Moving her head she finally spotted the apron and duster on the floor at her feet, staring in disbelief she moved it with her foot a little before trying to kick it away and turned towards the hanging hook and shuffled quickly to it. The light was very dim now as she desperately tried to look down low enough to see the straps but the rubber of the mask made getting the correct angle difficult especially in the fading light. As the idea of having to spend another night encapsulated engulfed her Lisa began crying again as she struggled with the hook, bouncing it off her chest several times before finally feeling it catch something.

Moving away from the hook she twisted and turned and could feel the strap sliding and continued pulling until it popped over her shoulder, feeling a renewed sense of hope Lisa walked back to the hook and began trying to see it and as the light went away completely she felt it catch again. After pulling away from the hook Lisa was elated and desperately struggled to wiggle her arms from the tight armbinder, for another hour she struggled and pulled, finally shuffling to her room and collapsing on her bed hopeful that after some rest she could free her arms and get the keys to release herself completely.

Able to get comfortable now Lisa slept until mid morning waking during a struggling fit she tried to figure out what was happening and why finally stopping and calming herself when she did. Feeling better after her sleep Lisa struggled to her numb feet and shuffled back to the kitchen while she twisted and pulled on her arms desperately trying to free them but the rubber layers had stuck to one another and allowed her no freedom.

Reaching the kitchen Lisa saw the dangling hook and remembered the O-ring on the tip of the armbinder and backed up to the hook twisting her arms and head until she could see the loop and guided it carefully as her air ran out from the bind the collar was putting on her neck. Lisa shuffled away from the hook letting it pull her arms up as the rope tightened until she was standing slightly bent over and her hands being held up by the rope and began pulling and twisting.

During her struggles Lisa stumbled as she dangled from the rope scaring herself as she did not want to be trapped hanging from the ceiling but continued to pull when she lost her balance and swung slightly to one side as she fell. Lisa tried to land on her knees but was still swinging and was now hanging from the rubber armbinder, the added stretch making it tighten further around her arms causing her to squeal as the pain increased.

Lisa stopped moving and was now hanging with only the leather straps around her thighs and her crushed toes touching the floor, she hung limply dejected at her new position but also got aroused having always wanted to try having the armbinder tied to the ceiling keeping her arms held high behind her but had been afraid she couldn’t get loose.

As she hung the pain in her shoulders made her begin to struggle and try to bring her welded together thighs under her, suddenly she felt herself drop some, and fought even harder feeling herself slowly getting closer to the floor until she dropped the last few inches onto the hard tile floor and her numbed arms dropped out to each side of her. Squealing as she realized she was free she started flexing her hands and bending her arms, as the feeling returned she whined loudly as the pain increased and she struggled to her feet and unclipped the key ring from the rope and fell back into the kitchen chair grasping the key ring.

Unlocking herself took another hour, her buzzing hands making locating and unlocking the small locks difficult, finally free of the locks she began unbuckling the tight straps of the body harness. Crying as she didn’t have the strength to unbuckle the over tightened straps she sat back and rested as she thought about the scissors in the drawer nearby but refused to cut herself out so close to freedom and began yanking on the straps fighting them for another hour before the body harness lay on the floor near the locks.

Unzipping the thick rubber suit she fought the rubber until she had her head uncovered and the thick gag out of her mouth, gasping for air as she stopped and looked at her rubber covered body. Removing the tortuous boots Lisa peeled the rubber off her, then untied and loosened the corset letting herself rest as she gulped air into her lungs filling them for the first time in two days and sat and rubbed her crushed breasts until they felt almost normal again.

Peeling away the remaining rubber Lisa was sitting in the kitchen as the pile of sweat soaked rubber grew at her feet, the last suit was the most difficult but finally was off leaving her sweat covered body naked and shivering from the cold air in the house as the long dead vibrator slid out of her swollen pussy hitting the suits on the floor, Lisa jumped up and turned the A/C down, grabbing a robe from the bathroom before dashing back to the kitchen and gulping down two bottles of water and grabbing a bowl of leftovers and wolfing them down.

After her hunger was sated Lisa looked at the clock and figured she had been sealed up tight for about fifty hours, her pussy got wet again thinking about the time she had spent completely helpless and trapped in rubber. The plug in her ass was the last uncomfortable thing she still had in her, so she went to the bathroom and while the water warmed in the shower she removed it and cleaned herself out before stepping into the shower and washing away all the fluids she had been sealed in with for the last two days.

After eating again Lisa cleaned her rubber and equipment before feeling tired and wanting to go to bed, her mind filled with exciting ideas for future adventures getting her aroused as she was hanging up the heavy rubber suit. Stroking it she smiled and carried it back to the bedroom dropping her robe on the way, she would sleep in her rubber suit, now not afraid of it anymore as she slipped her legs into it and pulled it up engulfing her body again in the thick black rubber, as she stuffed the phallus into her mouth she smiled and thought no vibrator tonight, maybe tomorrow.

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