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My Liquid Latex Error

by Permalatex

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© Copyright 2001 - Permalatex - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; liquid latex; bondage; cons; X

My Liquid Latex Error by Permalatex
 I had been living with my Girlfriend/Mistress for about a year when we discovered liquid latex.  I’ll never forget the first time I brought home a quart of black.  I begged her to let me paint her and she finally allowed me to.  I painted her from the neck down, covering every inch of her body, except for her pussy (I am not allowed there).  She looked so sexy in her shiny, black latex skin.  Unfortunately, when it dried, it started sticking to itself.  When we tried to remove it, it pulled out some tiny hairs on her back and chest.  The edges of her pubic hair also got some latex on it.  She got really mad, saying I should have known better. Oddly enough, I did not receive a harsh punishment session that night (just the usual thirty smacks on each cheek with a crop).  She did say, however, that she had not forgotten my stupidity with the liquid latex.

 My Mistress has always kept me free of body hair (except for my eyebrows) but for the following month I was not allowed to shave anything.  Soon my entire body was covered with a fine coat of hair about a quarter of an inch long.  Finally, on that fateful Friday morning, my Mistress ordered me into the garage where she had covered the floor with a plastic tarp.  First she handed me a fairly large butt plug and had me insert it into my own ass.  Then she handed me an extra thin pair of pantyhose and ordered me to put them on.  The mesh of the nylon was extra thin and most of my leg hairs bristled through the pantyhose webbing.  She cut a small hole in the crotch exposing my genitals (locked in my chastity device as always) and cut another hole near my asshole.  She pulled the pantyhose up my waist until they almost reached my nipples.  She took another pair of pantyhose and slipped them down over my arms, like a shirt.  She cut a hole in the crotch and pushed my head through it, pulling the pantyhose down to meet the other one.  She cut the leg out of a third pair of large pantyhose and pulled it tightly down over my head.  She then cut small holes for my eyes, nose and mouth.  I was now completely covered with pantyhose except for my dick, balls and asshole.  My Mistress was laughing so hard.  She ordered me to get our full length mirror out of our bedroom and set it up in the garage. When I looked in the mirror, I saw this brown, nylon creature with a fine coat of hair sticking through it at all angles.  I took the mirror into the garage and set it on the end of the plastic tarp.  At this point, I really didn’t have any idea of what was going to happen.

 She ordered me to stand in the middle of the room with my arms sticking straight out from my sides.  She smiled wickedly at me and said, “I’m finally going to get my revenge for that stupid latex incident!”  She then produced two gallons of black liquid latex.  She opened the first gallon and slowly began pouring it over my head!  My dick wrestled to get hard within the confines of my chastity device.  She poured more latex on my arms, chest and back.  She ordered me to spread my fingers out into the pantyhose that covered each hand.  With a sponge brush,  she saturated every inch of my body with liquid latex.  When she was done covering every nook and cranny of my body, she brought out two floor fans, pointed them at me, and turned them on.  The latex was freezing cold and my skin bristled with goosebumps, making my body hairs stick straight out.  My Mistress ordered me not to move and left the garage.  I stood there looking at this black, fuzzy latex creature in the mirror, my cock straining against its chastity.  I had never been so turned on in my life!  As the latex began to dry, I felt it tighten on my skin.  Again, what a rush!

 My Mistress returned 45 minutes later announcing that it was time for “coat number two”.  I moaned that my arms were killing me and she gave me a couple of broomsticks I could rest my wrists on.  Then, she unexpectedly removed my chastity device.  Well, even though I was forced to masturbate every day for at least an hour, I had not had an orgasm for almost a month!  My cock got instantly hard.  She took some lite gauze with extremely thin webbing, and wrapped my dick and balls tightly.  The hair on my genitals poked through the gauze at all angles.  “This is going to be your new chastity device” ,she said and then she started applying the second coat of liquid latex.  Starting at the top of my head, she slowly made her way down my body, making sure to cover every inch of me.  She paid particular attention to my dick and balls, thoroughly saturating the gauze with my pubic hair sticking through it.  She turned on the fans and left me for 45 minutes.  Mistress then returned and hit me with a third coat.  She was meticulous, making sure to cover every bit of my exposed flesh.  Again the fans were turned on and I was left to dry for another half hour.

 When my Mistress returned, she had a small dry paint roller and an evil smile.  “You’re a little fuzzy,”  she said and laughing, she began to roll me all over.  If you’ve ever dealt with liquid latex before, you know that when it dries it sticks to itself like glue.  My Mistress was now matting down all my latex covered body hair to the outside of my nylon/latex suit, effectively locking my skin to the latex.  She took my hands and pressed the latex webbing firmly between each of my fingers.  My hands now resembled duck feet.  Next, she wound a band of lite gauze around each of my arms, just above my elbows and a band around each of my wrists.  She wrapped my knees, ankles and thighs, too.  Then she wound the lite gauze around my chest, from just below my nipples down to around my waist and hips, all the way down to the base of my latex imprisoned dick.  Then she wrapped the gauze around my forehead like a headband and around the top of my head and under my chin.  Finally, she placed a band of gauze around my neck.  “Ready for coat number four?” ,she said laughing.

 Again, she saturated my entire body, especially the gauzed areas.  I felt so heavy and no wonder.  I had about a gallon of liquid latex permanently glued to my body.  She turned on the fans and left me once again.  I stood there looking at this amazing fetish statue in the mirror that was me!  My dick strained against its new latex prison.  I knew it was going to be hell to remove but I didn’t care.  All I could see, smell and feel was my new tight rubber skin.

 My Mistress returned (45 minutes later) and methodically checked to make sure I was completely dry everywhere.  She asked me if I wanted to lower my arms and I groaned a yes.  She removed the broomsticks and I slowly lowered my arms to my sides.  But I had forgotten how sticky the latex was.  My arms were instantly glued to my sides.  My Mistress must have known this would happen because she pressed my webbed, latex hands firmly down to my hips. I could barely move.  Then she ordered me to look her in the eye.  Most of my eyes were glued shut by the latex but I managed to get one eye partially open.  She said, “I plan to continue applying coats of latex until I run out.  I have no idea how you’re going to get this stuff off and I don’t care. This is what happens to stupid slaves”.  She laughed hard and then unceremoniously began pouring the second gallon of latex over my head.  Again, she covered me from head to toe, making sure to really soak the gauzed areas.  The fans were turned on and I was left for another 45 minutes while my Mistress went to get me a “snack”. 

 She returned and fed me small chocolately things by pushing them past my rubber lips.  She placed a tube in my mouth and wrapped my face and neck with more lite gauze.  Now, I only had small holes for my eyes.  More gauze was applied to the rest of my body before she began slopping on the sixth coat.  I was left to dry again and it was at this point, reality began to sink in.  How was I going to get this stuff off without ripping out all of my body hairs?

 When she returned, she checked to make sure I was dry, and then had me follow her to the bedroom.  She had me lay on my back, on the bed, with my feet hanging over the side.  After placing plastic under them, she wrapped my feet with the lite gauze and saturated them with liquid latex.  “I think I’ll start getting myself ready while I finish rubberizing your feet”,she said.  “We have to be there by eleven.”  I couldn’t believe it!  She was planning on us going somewhere?  I could barely move!  In fact, I had never felt so completely mummified in all my life.  And at the same time, I felt so exposed.  I just laid there, trapped in my rubber skin, listening to the shower running in the bathroom and thinking how wonderful life is....

The End

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