Gromet's PlazaLatex Stories

Life's too Short!

by Miss t Rubber

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© Copyright 2009 - Miss t Rubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; latex; bond; fem; bdsm; vacbed; breathplay; oral; anal; toys; cons; X

At this very moment, in front of me I have a vision of latex paradise, on the hotel bed is a beautifully made one-way valve vacbed with the most exquisite quality latex and standing next to it is a goddess clad in the most jaw dropping outfit holding a can of rubber shine in one hand and my future in the other.

My arms are immobile from the heavy latex straight jacket, I can hardly breath due to the incredible grip of the neck corset and the crush of the body corset, the mask I’m wearing isn’t going to come off without some serious cutting equipment neither are the thigh high ballet boots that are making my legs burn with fatigue. Mixed between ultimate pleasure and unending pain, I simultaneously wonder how I got so lucky and how lucky I’m going to feel in a few minutes or few hours or few days. She strides up to me with a breath play hood in her hands puts it over the crown of my head and looks at me saying,

“This is the last chance you’ll get to see me for quite some time Ben, so take a good look around. You’ll need some time to get used the changes and it’s best if you don’t come to me every five minutes flapping about what you are going to do. I’m enjoying every minute of this and can’t wait to do it again but I my plan for the website is a long term one so you’ll have to be patient. Now if you’re ready then we’ll get to the parts where the real fun begins”.

I try to read how far she wants to go but I can’t tell, her eyes are wild and her plans for the night are locked away behind them. I take a deep breath, and look into her eyes, she grins at me noticing the tiny hint of panic in my eyes. 

Six years ago to the day things were rather different, it was the day we broke up and it didn’t finish well. I was a bastard to her and we didn’t speak for quite some time. After a few years the dust had settled and I got in touch with Kim again through facebook and apologised, after which we became friends again. There was still a great connection between us and we were able to talk to each other quite openly.

We reminisced about our regular trips to the lingerie shop in town and how we used to sit on the bus in a state of sexual agitation. We laughed about spending the majority our time in the kinkiest section of the shop where she would often pick up the leather wrist cuffs and put them on me and herself or would be eyeing up the riding crops, nipple clamps or spreader bars.

One evening after a few drinks I messaged her recalling the Saturday that when in our favourite part of the shop she picked up some strange looking grey-ish stockings and gloves. I told her that at the time I didn’t really get it but just went along with it anyway and that when we got back to my folks place she was very quick about getting into them while I examined the can of spray we had bought. I told her that when she was standing there in her powdery grey-ish stockings and gloves, that she was looking great as usual, but I didn’t get what all the fuss was about.

That was until the moment I sprayed some of the can on her right thigh and since then everything had changed. To this very moment every detail from the incredible aromas to the beaming smile on Kim’s face was now lodged in my mind forever and is the reason why I’m now all but broke but have a pretty respectable collection of the stuff.

She replied saying how the Internet has opened up so many new possibilities and who knows what kind of things are available these days. After reading this my mind honed in on the incredible items I’ve seen while surfing and walking around various shows but mostly it was fixed on the most powerful experience I have ever been lucky enough to have.

I emailed her back with a few links to various items that I thought she might find interesting but most importantly I told her about the unending ecstasy I felt while being held in the exquisite grasp of a vacbed. 

This certainly peaked her interest as she immediately fired off plenty of questions. After explaining the limitations of time spent inside it due to noise and heat etc… her messages just ceased.

I figured I’d probably gone on about it too much and she was weirded-out. After a few weeks I received an email from her apologising about the lack of correspondence and saying that she had found a load of my old paintings from Art College and if I wanted to pick them up it would be a good chance to finally meet up.

All was well until the day before our long awaited reunion when I receive an email saying she couldn’t make it as her work had called her away after some had dropped out of a big product launch. After a few more emails she mentioned that she would be staying in a hotel that was about half an hour from me and she would be able to meet me but probably would only have time for a coffee. We decided it would be a shame to miss each other yet again so coffee it was.

I was there on my own for about half an hour when Kim strides in through the door. I get up and we give each other a long awaited hug.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, Product launches can really suck”.

“No worries, I hope they aren’t working you too hard but I can’t imagine engineering firms having too many product launches. What was the product this time?”

“Oh I can’t believe it Ben, I’ve only gone and left your paintings in the hotel lobby, god I really hope someone has given them to the reception desk. We’d better go back and get them, I’m really sorry…”

“Hey don’t be sorry, I’m the one who should be sorry, I can’t believe how badly I treated you when we were together”

“I doubt you remember but it was six years ago to the day that you finished with me”

“Ouch how bad do I feel now",

“Yeah you should”, she said with a little smile

When we got to reception Kim asked the guy behind the desk if anyone had handed anything in, and he told her that they had and the paintings had been returned to her room.

“Hold on here Ben, I’ll bring them down”

Kim shot off up to her room so I thumbed through a paper that had been left in the hotel lobby. In the paper within a bunch of other flyers was an advert for a Fetish Show being held today!

I could feel myself getting aroused at the thought of what amazing and strange items they might have on show. I couldn’t wait to go and check it out but I didn’t want to go with out saying good-bye and possibly seeing if Kim wanted to come along too.

I waited for what seemed like an age but in reality was probably about 15 minutes when the guy at reception told me that Kim had called down and asked if he could send me up with a bag for the pictures. He reached under the desk, handed me the bag and headed up.

I knocked on the door and it opened slightly, I poked my head into the room and heard Kim call for me to come in. As I walked in she said she was in the bathroom and to make myself comfortable, she would be out in a second.

Before I knew it my stomach had that strange feeling and I was aroused more then I thought possible in such a short time. It was the most incredible sight and smell. Next to the bed there was a wooden chest with lots of straps and different types of gags, in the open wardrobe was a host of latex catsuits, dresses, skirts, tops, trousers, stockings, gloves, hoods, corsets and boots, and next to the bed was a mysterious shiny black holdall with Kink Engineering written on the side.

I was immediately drawn to the holdall, my mind went crazy with what might be inside but when I went to have a peek I found the zip was padlocked Turning my attention to the wardrobe I noticed that hanging next to one of the catsuits was an exquisite pair of lockable thigh high ballet boots, there was no way I could resist taking them off the hanger and having a proper look. I must have been lost in my own private fantasy because the next thing I know Kim is out of the bathroom and standing right behind me.

“So Ben you wanted to know what product I was promoting this time?”

I turn around and there she is, now taller then me in her 6 inch heels and wearing an outfit that would knock any man or woman off their feet. She was wearing a beautifully made complete enclosure black catsuit with a transparent latex face that just exaggerated her beauty to ridiculous levels. At her hips, knees and elbows the suit only creased momentarily until she stopped moving and then it was perfectly smooth again. Over the top of the catsuit she had an incredibly tight-laced thick rubber corset with a heavily boned neck corset and posture attachment, and it had eight suspenders that held up a pair of exquisite latex Cuban heeled stockings.

I half gasp and say “I did errrr, I mean I do, but…?”

“Well do you want to see it or not?”

“Kim, why didn’t you tell me about this?”

“I’ll ask you one more time Ben, do you want to see it or not”

“OK, ok, yes but….”

“Get me my holdall then”.

A huge piece of the puzzle falls into place and I bring over her Kink Engineering bag. She hands me a key.

“Take it out of the bag, and then take your clothes off”.

After I begin unloading the bag its contents start to look familiar.

“In case you haven’t guessed already, you are unloading a vacbed. However this is no ordinary vacbed. My company has been working on a vacbed that is perfectly airtight and today is the first day it has been revealed”.

“Why didn’t you tell about this when we were sending all those emails?”

“Where would be the fun in that? Now continue unpacking, when you’ve finished unpacking the vacbed, you can empty the chest with the straps and toys in, and then when you’ve taken your clothes off we can start getting you ready”.

Needless to say by this time I’m going out of my mind with excitement, I quickly unload both containers and strip my clothes off. I stand there completely naked in front of her dripping with excitement.

“Right, about this time six years I think you were probably feeding me a load of rubbish saying oh Kim blah blah blah I’m just not capable of committing right now blah…”

At which point I went incredibly red.

“Well, seeing as we’re older and you’ve apologised, only over the internet by the way, I’m not going to feed you a load of rubbish I’m going to be completely straight with you Ben. See one day at work when I heard about what we were developing my mind started to wonder at the amazing possibilities of what could be done with such wondrous slice of fetish heaven. It occurred to me that there must be many souls just itching to try it out but might not have the means to do so or don’t want to pay to use somebody elses… Well one day I had an idea and it is this idea that you are going to help me with”.

“Ok, I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to help, I’m pretty broke but I’ll do what I can”.

“Good!” she said with a wicked grin and a glint in her eye.

“Here’s the deal, I’m going to be launching my own website called and you’re going to be the guest of honour. If you agree then I’m going to film and photograph everything we do, or to be more precise, everything I do to you. It’s going to be incredibly humiliating, and you will agree that I can use the images how and when I see fit. Your face will of course be visible to the whole world and they will be able to see all your depraved little secrets. In return not only do you get to fulfil many of your most wild secret fantasies but you also get to keep any clothing or equipment that I use on you including the vacbed designed by my company. See Ben you don’t need even need any money and you’re going to walk (cough) out of here with a bit of fetish heaven that you never knew existed.”

“And if I don’t agree?”

“Then you’ll always wonder what it could have been like and you will have missed an opportunity to make up for what you did six years ago”.

I thought to myself Don’t be silly Ben you know you want to do this, life’s too short! I knew she was right, there were things that she wanted to try when we were younger and I hesitated, to this day I wish I had just said yes.


“Are you sure?”

“Yes, definitely”

She reaches behind herself into one of the draws and pulls out a contract and image release form.

“OK then, these are to say that you’ve agreed that I can do with you as I will and to give me your consent to use the images. The sooner you sign, the quicker we can get on with things”..

I sign any control of the situation away with a very shaky hand and pass the forms back.

“I do still like you Ben so I’m not going to make it completely unpleasant for you. I remember all the things you used to like and the emails we have sent recently but my priority here is my own amusement and getting some really good images for the website. When I do things to you they will be for as long as I say and as comfortable or as uncomfortable as I say. Shall we begin?”

I start to realise what I could be in for, having read stories about bondage and fetish escapades on websites like Gromets Plaza I remember people saying that as amazing as it is the longer some harder scenes go on for the more aching and uncomfortable things can become. I get the impression from Kim that this isn’t going to be over quickly and that strange feeling in my stomach returns tenfold.

“One thing I’ll mention to you Ben is that the more you do what I say the more time you’ll get to spend in the vacbed and the more fun you make that for me the more your earned time gets multiplied. First thing’s first Ben, pick up your clothes and put them in the bin, I’ll be throwing those out when I leave. Next go over to the wardrobe and pick out the most restrictive clothes you can see, you will be wearing these for quite sometime but don’t forget whatever you wear you get to keep, so the more you wear the more you keep. After that I have a few tasks for you so the real fun will have to wait to wait for a bit.”

She points to the bin and watches me throw my clothes away and then she looks at the wardrobe motioning me to go over.

I walk over to it and start to sift through the incredible clothes trying not to cum with the orgasmic anticipation. It is an amazing range of latex and she is obviously catering for all tastes to be part of her website. I see the pair of lockable thigh high ballet boots that I was examining earlier and pick them out.

“Ahhh great! I wondered whether you’d go for the girly items. They are so much sexier don’t you think. It’s going to be so much more fun fucking and humiliating you as a little rubber slut. I decided to give you 30 minutes in the bed as a starter but you’ve just doubled your time in the vacbed already!”.

I turn around and Kim notices the amount of pre-cum that I’m now dribbling and smiles to herself.

“Ohhh, would you look at that, from what I can see over here, the thought of you being dressed up, bound, fucked and degraded as a dirty rubber whore is really pressing your buttons, isn’t it Ben”.

Completely red and completely about to explode there was no way to deny it.
“Well thankfully, because I’m so organised, I’ve got a few things just in case this was your preference. Keep picking your sweet torture for the night and then you need to take a trip to the bathroom for me”.

I turn my attention back to the wardrobe and after loosing myself a couple of times I pick out a beautifully contoured clear latex catsuit with the hands and feet attached, a rubber bra with inflatable breasts, a pair of pussy pants, a very short black latex dress, a very severe looking corset with neck and shoulder corset attachment, some shoulder length corset gloves, a pair of black latex stockings, a deep waisted rubber suspender belt with 16 suspenders, a very heavy rubber straight jacket, a transparent feminine faced hood and a breath play hood.

“Are you done? No changing your mind, once you’re picked that’s it. OK, good. Seeing as you picked the girly stuff you better get rid of that horrible body and facial hair before you get dressed for me.”

She sends me off to the bathroom where I find the hair removal cream and cloth to rub myself down with.

“I want you to do your whole body, that includes your face and head. Leave the cream on for at least fifteen minutes, I don’t want a single hair ruining this amazing silky scenario. Afterwards use the moisturiser next to the sink to improve your skin”.

“Kim, I have a job to go to tomorrow, friends to see tonight and my folks to see at some point next week. What am I supposed to say to them?”

“That’s entirely your concern, this is a one off opportunity and if you don’t remove you hair then I’ll call the whole thing off and you’ll be in breach of contract, plus I might just send what images I have right now to everyone you know.

Who am I kidding there’s no way I’m going to miss this opportunity. I set about covering myself head to toe, as I do I look around the bathroom and spot the moisturiser. After a few minutes Kim walks in to have a good look and make sure I’m doing it to her satisfaction. She has a great big smile on her face and I look down noticing she is now wearing a big black rubber strap-on with some tubes and a control attachment.
“You know Ben, you should have told me when we were younger, think of all the fun we could have had. Do you remember in the lingerie shop when I picked up the strap-on and you winced like a little girl, well now I’m going to use it on you whether you wince or not, in fact it’ll better if you do wince. Also do you remember me picking up a ball stretcher? Well you’re going to get very intimate with one of those too, ohhhhh this going to be fun!?!”

I step out of the shower after washing the last of my hair away. I stand in front of her and she firmly grabs my balls.

“These are mine for tonight and if you’re lucky you might still have them by the end. First thing’s first, however”.

She pulls them towards her and straps on the stretcher. Grabbing the end of the stretcher for hanging the weights off she strides back into the bedroom. I hesitate for a fraction of a second too long and there is no give from her end.  It doesn’t hurt straight away but I know it’s going to.

“That was silly Ben, you really should pay more attention and learn to respond sooner. The earlier you learn to tow the line the more pleasant this is going to be. I’m going to give you a minute to recover but this is your last time. OK?  However I’m going to have to take off 10 times the resting time you waste here from your time in the vacbed”.

Kim doesn’t completely let go of the stretcher so just I stand there for a minute as the pain subsides.

“So that’s 20 minutes of time in the bed lost, now bend over with your ass towards me”.

I slowly bend over and she walks up behind me grabbing and pinching my cheeks. She pulls them apart then there’s a moment’s pause when all of a sudden I feel a cold hard shaft pressing against my anus. She hovers there for a while pressing slightly harder and then stopping, pressing a bit harder and then stopping again. All of a sudden she grabs the stretcher from between my legs and begins pulling it towards her, slowly but surely she pulls harder and harder.

“Don’t forget what I said earlier, that was your last chance to get a reprieve, I’m going to keep pulling on this stretcher until my dildo has disappeared up your ass”.

I try to relax as much as possible but my sphincter keeps clenching and the pull on my balls gets firmer. I give a concerted push or two and the I can feel my sphincter starting to give, Kim pulls more and more, I get past the tip of the shaft and then feel the whole thing start to disappear up my hole. As it touches me deep inside I shudder with a strange fulfilled delight.

“Good, I’m glad you like this because you are going to be keeping that safe up your ass a lot for me tonight. Whether you still like it up there after the morning has arrived remains to be seen”.

She moves in and out of me a few times causing me to almost buckle at the knees but the tight grip on my balls keeps me just as she wants.  After a few more minutes Kim pulls out and eases her grip allowing me to stand, feeling dizzy with endorphins I look at her with my red face and she has another smile to herself.

“Come on, what are standing around for, get back in that wardrobe and get dressed like a little slut for me “.

Dribbling with pre-cum and wobbling at the knees I move over to the wardrobe and pick through the items that I selected earlier, as I’m deciding what order to start putting them on Kim throws me a bottle dressing aid and tells me to stop dithering. After lubricating my hairless body I step into the catsuit and get it up to my waist, as I do Kim opens up the crotch zip from behind me and feeds my balls through the gap and then grips them tightly reminding me who’s calling the shots. Pushing my toes and hands right to the ends of it I eventually manage to pull the back zip shut at which point with her other hand she puts a padlock through the two way zip effectively sealing me inside.
“Before you put anything else on I want you to put on the pussy pants, inflatable bra and corset. You’ll find there is a hole in the back of the pants for me fuck your ass through, I want you to put these on first and then pull your balls through the hole. The pants will pull them very, very tight, especially when I’m squeezing my strap on through the same hole but that’s just the way I want it. Leave your cock inside the pants where ever, that isn’t going to be useful for quite some time”.

I do as she says and pull on the pants, giving myself a shiver as I do, once they are on I reach inside them and pull myself through the hole in the back. She was right it does pull them tight, it was incredibly intense, it was bordering on painful but the thought of what might be to come kept the sensations just in the realms of pleasure. As I stood upright the pain made me quickly bend back over again. Immediately I felt a firm tug on the stretcher and an assertive intrusion from Kim’s strap-on.

“You’re going to put the rest of the clothes on in this position and with my cock up your ass. Not just to humiliate you that little bit more but also because I think that seeing you trying to get dressed with your ass impaled and your balls in my hands should be more fun for my audience then just seeing you put on some of your fantasy gear. If you don’t wince them you might earn 10 minutes back in the vacbed”.

Strategically and just to rub it in, I’m forced to remain bent over with the unpacked vacbed right in front of my eyes and with the smell it just strong enough to infest my nostrils.

With the other items just in reach Kim tells me to hurry up and get the inflatable bra next and buckle it into place, then she tells me to pickup the suspender belt with the sixteen suspenders and to lace it tightly. After which I’m instructed to put on the feminine faced latex hood and to pull the laces as tight as possible, telling me that she wants no way for me to be able to pull it off without undoing the laces. Next she points to the dress and tells me to pull it down over the rather largely inflated breasts and to smooth it so there are no wrinkles in it what so ever. With that done she eagerly she tells me to pick up the corset and to lace it as tight as it will go and if I do a good job then I can earn another 10 minutes in the vacbed.

I pick up the corset and try lacing it myself but Kim is anything but pleased with my efforts.

“Ohhhh dear Ben, that’s a terrible attempt and 10 minutes off your time…”

She pulls the laces to the point where I can barely breathe. Telling me to relax for a minute or two in order for my body to get used to it she waits and then pulls them even tighter before tying them in lots of knots again and again. After a minute she lets me settle down and my blood begins to flow, she tells me that she is going to seal the laces so I won’t be able to undo them. I think to myself that it will be a shame to cut the laces but there’s not a lot I can do about it anyway. Then, from the Kink Engineering bag, she pulls out at tool that she puts around the knots, with a click and a jolt of electricity, some of which transfers through to me too, the knots are fused together.

“Ben just to let you know that these laces are a composite of fibres, some of which are a welding flux of sort, used mostly by the military, that I found while doing a bit of research for my company. Unfortunately for you a pair of scissors aren’t going to be enough to cut you out of them and even if you choose to cut the latex of the clothing there is plenty of posture reinforcement that’s made of the same stuff so you will only have succeeded in ruining a very expensive and exclusive set of items. Now get the neck corset so I can seal that in place too and then get the rest of the items on, I want to get to get you inside that vacbed!”

Still bent over with her cock up my ass and my balls firmly in her grasp I pick up the neck corset, as I do I can feel her feeding the laces form the hood through something in the corset. It pulls tight and then I feel the zap of the tool again, I’m definitely not going to be able to pull the hood off. I keep quiet and slip the neck corset over my hooded head and buckle it to the main corset. Kim then pulls the laces on that so tight that the two edges are just 20 millimetres from touching and I’m left struggling to breathe.
“Do you remember the fun we used to have with our breath play games? Well tonight we are going to revisit some of them but your going to be the one who sees how far we could have taken them. Now this neck corset is too small for you so I’m going to leave you a small gap at the back for now but if you don’t play by the rules then it gets smaller and smaller before I finally seal it when I see fit. Of course you’ll enjoy that for a very short time but after a minute or two you’re really not going to like it so I suggest you appreciate it for as tight as it is now.”

When I’ve finished buckling the neck corset and body corset together she whips out some more small padlocks and locks them together. I reach out to the ballet boots and slip them on my feet struggling like crazy not to fall over while lacing them up. I loose my balance a couple of times which results in a rather sharp tug on my genitals and thrusting from Kim’s strap-on.

“Good boy, they’re a little on the small size too and you’ve managed to lace to a half decent degree, you must be learning, eventually. Well done you’ve earned yourself 10 more minutes in my vacbed. The boots are made in the same way that the corset is and I’m going to be sealing you in them too, you don’t object do you Ben? No? Good”.

Before she seals them Kim feeds the laces through some eyelets in the corset and then knots them back into the boots. With a jolt from the tool she seals the knots together and me inside the boots. There’s no way I can get these boots off now without taking the corset off and there’s no way to know when that might be. I can only imagine the amount of pre-cum that I’m dribbling and the ache from my groin is in desperate need of attention but it’s not likely that I’m going to get anywhere near it.

“Now hurry up and get on those gloves, you’re going to make me all shiny and potentially earn yourself lots of time in the vacbed”.

I get hold of the gloves and pull the first on without too many probs except being rather on the tight side but when I go to pull the second one up my arm I can hardly bend my gloved arm at all. Kim rolls her eyes and grabs hold of the top pulling it sharply up my arm. The same routine as the boots and corset applied to the gloves, the knots are tied and then the laces are feed through some eyelets in the neck corset before being knotted again and then sealed with her new tool.

I’m duly informed that because she had to help me again I loose 30 mins in the vacbed but there is a lot of bonus time to be had in the next part.

I feel the pull on my balls lessen and the dildo start to retreat from my anus, with a great sense of relief mixed with an emptiness I’m no longer impaled. I stand as upright as I can while the pussy pants do their best to prevent it and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It feels like the most fantastic dream ever, staring back at me is the most perfect fetishist image of myself that I could imagine.

“You couldn’t stop staring at yourself as a guy, this will need to be nipped in the bud otherwise we’ll never get anywhere”.

I feel something rubbing against my groin, I look down and see one of Kim’s steel pointed heels just about to crush one of my already tender balls. I look at her and gulp.

“Ok, now your attention is where it belongs, shall we continue? Yes? Now you’re my lovely little rubber slut you can start acting like one. The first thing a rubber slut does is shine up her mistress, then you can shine the vacbed and then if you do a good enough job you can earn lots of time in the vacbed again and shine yourself”.

She gestures for me to start with her feet and tells me to make her rubber boots so shiny that she can see herself. Handing me a can of rubber shine I spray it on in copious amounts and begin rubbing all around her feet. The gloves make it incredibly difficult which seems to amuse her but there is no let up in my efforts as I rub her as caringly and thoroughly as I can.

Working my way up her legs I get to her thighs and can feel the beginnings of a mini-orgasm building in my loins. I get to her crotch and am confronted by the massive strap-on. I skim around the area until she grabs my head and tells me to pay special attention to it and I might earn myself some bonus of time. She pushes on my head until my mouth is opposite her cock and then she pulls me towards her forcing it into my mouth.

“That’s not an excuse to stop shining the rest of me”.

She reaches for the control attached to the dildo and presses it until it starts pulsing and vibrating. Kim starts grinding her hips pushing it way back into the depths of my throat and I start to gag.

“Don’t be such a pussy, you always used to tell me to stop making such horrible noises when I did this to you, now you need to do the same. If you swallow like the greedy little bitch you are then you’ll find it fits nice and deep like you deserve”.

As I start to swallow the gag reflex subsides and I take her cock deeper and more hungrily into my mouth. She reaches for another device attached to it and starts pumping. I feel a liquid start filing my mouth and running down my throat.

“Don’t worry, its completely harmless. It’s a laxative to clean you out, otherwise our time tonight is going to be constantly interrupted. Swallow up like good little slut and I’ll give you 30 more mins in the vacbed.”

I swallow it all and rub Kim’s breasts as she thrusts her strap-on in and out of my mouth. After a minute or two her pushing quickens and she lets out a quiet gasp, after which she takes a deep breath and licks her lips.

“Mmmmm, that was nice, you’ve just doubled your time in the vacbed Ben. I hope you appreciate my generosity?”

“I do, thank you”.

“Now finish shining my back and bum and don’t flap around”.

I spray plenty on her back and rub it in with my gloved hands tracing the incredible lines of her body. I go up to her thighs, smooth over her cheeks and rub my hands over her corset paying special attention to her shoulders, massaging them as I do.

“As nice as that feels, stop trying to butter me up”.

She grabs the ball stretcher and lets me know that creeping around her isn’t going to gain me favour. While holding me tight she walks over to the mirror, I quickly feel the tug and make sure move with her. Examining herself Kim looks rather taken with the image in front her.

“You’ve done ok Ben, that’s another 10 minutes in the vacbed. Speaking of which, it’s time to turn your attention back to it”.

Kim strides up to the vacbed and pulls me along while I struggle to keep my balance in the ballet boots. Instructing me to unfold it and start putting it in place she has a look in her eyes like a child on Christmas morning. After I’ve laid it out and placed it roughly where I think it will go she grabs my head pushing it into the latex sheets.

The smell of the vacbed is thrust up my nostrils and the exquisite texture of them is covering every millimetre of my face. Kim holds my head in place pulls on my balls again while putting pressure on my anus with her cock. I go to take a breath but get no give from the sheet, I try to turn my head to the side but Kim just pushes my head even deeper. I try to lift my head with all my strength but just succeed in impaling myself fully on her strap-on.

“Suck it up as I fuck your little slut ass Ben”.

Kim turns on her vibrating cock and starts thrusting it in and out of me. After a minute I’m really struggling to breathe and I start to panic. As I begin to thrash about I feel the cock pushing extra hard and extra deep within me. I hear her let out a loud gasp, as she does the most incredible orgasm rips through me and I cum with such intensity that it’s almost painful, the strength in my legs just disappears and I slump to the floor.

“MMMMM!!! Hehe… that was fun, wasn’t it Ben? I’ve always wanted to just grab you when you weren’t expecting it and fuck you silly. You’ve earned an hour in the vacbed for that little show! You don’t have time to just sit there you know. Every minute you sit around gets multiplied by thirty and taken off your total”.

Completely drained and just wanting to clean myself up, I struggle to my feet.
Moving up behind me she gestures for me to put the tubes of the vacbed together and then to start shining it. As I pick myself up and bend over to fit out the frame she shoves her cock up me again and undoes it from herself. She then does the straps back up around my waist forcing it into my hole for the foreseeable future.

“As the last event was so entertaining I’m going to turn it on for you, I hope it’s not too unwelcome so soon after you’ve cum but I’ve got to think about my audience”.

She sets it vibrating and pulsating but the last orgasm wiped me out so much it doesn’t even register. Kim steps away from me and watches the assembly of the vacbed, after which she hands me the can of spray. As I crawl over the bed spraying then rubbing, spraying then rubbing, the intensity of the smell and glorious sites in front of me cause a stirring in my loins and I feel my erection returning. “Already!?!” I think to myself but the sudden awareness of the pulsing in my ass lets me know that my body is ready to do it all over again.

After shining the bed I go about shining myself and at which point I recognise that my erection is definitely back with a vengeance.

“You’re spending way too much time on yourself, that’s ten minutes I’m taking off your total Ben. You are shiny enough, now stand there while I take lots of pics with you shined up and with my dildo in your ass”.

She strides around me snapping away, pushing me into one position, then another, then another.

“Time to get the jacket on Ben, now go and fetch it like a good little slut”.

I start to walk over to the other side of the bed but can’t stand upright to get my balance.

“Stand up straight!”

I try but the pussy pants combined with the strap-on up my ass make it all but impossible.

“You are going to have to straighten up at some point, you’re wearing now what you’re going to be wearing for the rest of your time in the vacbed and that will make your body upright whether you like it or not”.

She walks up behind me, grabs the neck corset, puts a knee in the small of my back and pulls me upright.


The pain and pleasure wrack through my body like nothing I’ve experienced before. She holds me there making me get used to it.

“That’s better, you can start walking like the proud rubber slut you are. Now go and get the jacket while walking properly”.

I gather myself and try to breathe as normally as I can but the severe corset leaves me with such shallow breaths that I manage to stand upright but still can’t get the strength in my legs to walk properly. The amount of blood that my erection is taking from my body really can’t be helping and I stand there for a minute trying not to collapse.

“Right that’s an other ten minutes off your time! Now hurry up, this is dead entertainment time”.

Trying again I take as deep breaths as I can and manage to get over to collect the straight jacket.

As I get back Kim takes the jacket off me and turns me so my back is facing her. She lowers it down in front of me and instructs me to put my arms into the sleeves. As I do she pulls it tight against my inflated breasts and starts buckling it at the back. After doing all them up at the back she tells me to fold my arms and stay like that while she renders them useless. Next she reaches between my legs and grabs the crotch strap. With a harsh yoink she pulls it firmly against my cheeks pressing the strap-on even deeper into me making me wince slightly.

“I’m glad I got one wince out you tonight, the first of many if you’re lucky. Feels good huh? Well I’d better go back and make them all even tighter then”

With which she goes back to the start and pulls each of the straps another notch tighter before padlocking them in place.

“Time for your second hood I think, while I go and get it try not to fall on your ass. If you do you’ll probably do permanent damage to your softer parts. How is your cock by the way? Rather hard and unexplainably active? Hehe… well the laxative wasn’t actually a laxative, it was more like Viagra with a couple of other ingredients that should make tonight more than a memory once it’s over”

I would love to work out what she might be getting at but there’s far too little blood in my head to even go down that road. I watch this rubber goddess walk up to me with the breath play hood in her hand and count my lucky stars. She stops in front of me looking at me face to face. I test the bonds of the straight jacket but as expected they don’t even budge. She lifts up the hood and places it over the crown of my head.

“This is the last chance you’ll get to see me for quite some time Ben and so take a good look around. You’ll need some time to get used the changes I’ve got in mind and it’s best if you don’t come to me every five minutes flapping about what you are going to do. I’m enjoying every minute of this and can’t wait to do it again but my plan for the website is a long term one so you’ll have to be patient. Now if you’re ready then we’ll get to the parts where the real fun begins”.

“Hold on please Kim, what changes are you talking abo….”

She grabs the stretcher and pulls it with a firm gesture to shut up.

“Let me get this over your head then you can ask your questions”.

Letting go of the stretcher she pulls the hood down over my face and I see her beaming smile just before my vision becomes a haze of loose shapes and colours.

I breathe in and the latex mask fills my nose and mouth. My senses are going overtime and I feel another mind shattering orgasm building. The tightness of all the clothes and the thought of not being able to get out of them sends my head into a spin and I loose my balance. Kim guides my fall in the direction of the bed.

“I’m glad to see you’re having fun and that the Viagra cocktail is keeping you alert while also keeping you controllable”.

Kim puts one knee on the bed next to my head and then straddles my face with the other.

“This is your chance to earn 10 times the total of all your time that you’ve built up already. If you make me cum you get times everything. Sound good? I thought so”.

She lowers herself down with perfect aim and I lick away with all the effort I can muster. The restriction of the clothes and straight jacket mix with the reducing oxygen level in the hood and before I manage to please her an unstoppable orgasm unleashes itself upon me.   

“Oh dear Ben that was so disappointing! I loved your thrashing around and the feeling of ultimate power over you, but you spoilt it, you’ve just devastated your time in the vacbed by a factor of 10 and this is the part where you get inside it. Well I might give you one more chance in a minute to make it up to me”.

Kim instructs me to stay still while she spays lubricant all over me and inside the bed and then she tells me to roll to my right until I roll inside it. While she holds it open I roll over and feel one of the frame tubes underneath me, finally rolling on to my back the change in sounds and light tell me I’m inside.

“Nice and comfy are we Ben? “

My whole body is aching like crazy, I’m struggling to breathe and I’m having the time of my life.


“So you’re ready for your time in the vacbed then?”


With something in her hands she reaches inside the bed and grabs one of my ankles and clamps a metal cuff around it, then she pushes the other leg towards the edge of the bed and does the same. I try to move them together and apart but there’s no movement. Next I feel a tugging on the ball stretcher and vibrations from the leg spreader. She attaches the two together with what feels like a rather heavy chain. Next she reaches up to my head and feeds the breathing tubes through the breathing holes in the hood. I then hear and feel Kim climb out and do the zip up.

“You’re plumbed in and ready to go but before I turn on the vacbed and leave you here until you’re discovered by room service in the morning, is there anything you’d like to say?”

“You’re going to leave me here all night?” I mumble through the mask, tubes and bed.

“Yes, the whole earning time in the vacbed was just to get you to do what I wanted and it worked. This is all part of my concept for the website and for my service as a dominatrix. You signed the contract Ben and beside it’s a little late to change your mind now. The whole point of the new vacbed is that it only needs the air sucked out of it once to keep you immobilised for as long as you, well actually I in this case, choose. I’m going to offer a service where people can buy a Kink Engineering vacbed and then the company will give them my details to deliver it and give the client a very personal demonstration of it. I needed you to tryout some of my skills and get the website going so people have an idea of what I’m capable of”

“And what about the changes? What you were talking about?”

“I want to make this little venture of mine work for me for a long time so I need to keep things developing and changing. You are going to be the background story to my more intermittent adventures Ben. We already have a history that I’m going to publish on the website to let people know why you’ve ended up in this situation and our story is going to develop real time for a long time. In with the Viagra cocktail I’ve given you a long term dose of male hormone suppressants and in a minute I’m going to inject six months worth of female hormones into you but I’m not going to tell you where. The effects won’t show for quite some time but in a few months you’ll begin your transformation and it will be viewable to all my website users”.

I’m really not sure about the finality of what she is saying. I’ve fantasized about this kind of thing from time to time but it doesn’t take too long before I’m happy being back to the guy that I am.

“Kim, is this going to be permanent?”.

“As I keep saying, you’ve signed a contract so it’s going to be as permanent as I want it to be and I want it to be permanent. So yes Ben it’s going to be permanent. If the website doesn’t last for the rest of our lives then you’ll have to go back to working in the real world but this time it will be as a woman”.

I start to move my arms to see if there’s anyway I can delay her or get free, I try my legs but the spreader and the ballet boots stop me getting them into a useful position.

“Please continue to struggle Ben it’s great for the website but I’m going to turn on this vacuum pump in a minute whether you’re ready or not and if your breathing tubes are out of place then you’re going to be in real trouble. Besides there’s little point from your point of view as there’s no way you’re getting out of that jacket and spreader combination”.

She was right, there was no give from either and I only succeeded in almost ripping my own balls off.
“God, I’d love to be here in person in the morning when they find you, hehehe… how are you going to explain that one? Oh and don’t worry about trying to blame me as there isn’t going to be a shred of evidence that I was here. Even when they get you out of the vacbed they’re going to have plenty of fun trying getting you out of the jacket and then cutting through those laces. If they finally do they’ll find a hairless guy with a raging erection still. This is going to be so embarrassing for you Ben and I’ll capture the hole thing on my hidden cameras. Don’t bother trying to find them either, technology these days is amazing you know. I think you’ll have too much on your mind anyway to worry about where they are. Besides, I’ll have all the footage I need by then so it won’t make any difference. And as a sign of good faith I’m going to leave you with my strap-on in random vibration mode. It really is quite effective so should last you quite a while, oh and the pumps will be emptied into you for good measure.”

I hear Kim move around the room, she presses in the control and pumps through the sheets of the bed and moves over too the head of the bed plugging something in to a wall socket. It’s starting to get rather on the warm side under all these layers and sealed in the vacbed but I know it’s going to be a short lived relief when the cool skin of the vacbed sucked down on me.

“Ok Ben, I’ll be in touch in a few months time, if you pester me at work or on the website you’ll have broken the contract and will never do anything like this with you again. You will have lost what might have been the most amazing and erotic adventure of your life. Do you understand?”


With that she clicks the switch and I feel the air being drawn out of the vacbed making it an amazing and cool place that I hope will become and stay the most exquisite and orgasmic restriction that I could ever imagine.

The noise from the vacuum pump increases as it sucks the last of the air out and the sweet embrace leaves no part me untouched.

“If you can hear me, I’ve just fed another tube into your mouth so you can take a drink if you need and I’m going to injected the hormone in you when you’re out. I thought you’d be better off not knowing where it was. Well I hope you get some sleep for your sake as tomorrow is going to be a long and difficult day. I’ve sent a cutting tool that’s capable of getting through those laces to your house. It should be there in a day or two. If you can keep the clothes on for long enough you’ll only have to replace the laces but you’ll have to drive home and exist in them for a while. I’ll be in touch, I’m just going to leave you with one more going away present”.

She lowers herself over me and pushes her rubber-covered pussy on to my mouth. The suffocating weight of Kims pussy is pressed into my face and she grabs my head making it move only tiny amounts but still enough to stimulate her. As her movements quicken her groans get louder and louder, she lowers her weight even more, squeezing down the breathing tubes and restricting the air even further. I move my head and try to lick away as frantically as I can but after using every ounce of strength that I can it gets too much. The thought of giving Kim her incredible orgasm, the intoxication of the layers of latex, the restricting corset and the rapidly reducing oxygen levels cause an eruption in my groin that makes stars and spots appear in front of my eyes. The rush of every kind of endorphin and adrenaline combined with the 100th time recycled air cause my brain and body to overload, I black out in the most intense, electrified, fetishist nirvana of an orgasm.

“Sweet dreams my lovely slut. We have the most incredible future together”.

She slips on her street clothes over the latex, picks up the remaining items and takes the bin out with my clothes in it. Striding out of the hotel she dumps the bin over the car park wall, jumps in her car and drives back to the fetish fair.

The perfect silence and the perfect embrace. I want this moment to last forever but I know in a few hours time I’m going to get a rude awakening and there will be plenty of pain before this happens again.    


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