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Life of a Rubber Bondage Prisoner

by rbp818

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© Copyright 2006 - rbp818 - Used by permission

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It's quite a while since I last sent you anything so here is another offering for your approval. Whilst it is a sort of story based on my time with my Mistress (and some writers licence) it also offers some ideas on the Ataxarian system of control. Never did get my Mistress to implement it but I had a lot of fun writing it up. She preferred her own methods for keeping me under control. I know it ends a bit inconclusively but perhaps I'll add some later on.


There was a place called ‘Fantasy Acre’ down in the depths of Cornwall not far from Penzance where Mistress Marie ruled supreme. It was a place where all your fantasies were made into reality. It was a place where Rubber and Bondage was taken very seriously and once you had arrived at this wonderful place you came under the full control of Mistress Marie. Whatever your particular scene was She would make it very real and she did not entertain fools lightly. She preferred people who wanted to stay for at least a week or longer so She could turn their particular Fantasy into reality. Sadly She has now retired from the ‘scene’ but the memories live on.

I have over the years spent about five weeks each year under Her extremely strict control. It took several visits before She had worked out my likes and dislikes and also my limits. My particular scene is to be a Rubber Bondage prisoner and She ensured I was fully aware that ’Fantasy Acre’ was my Prison for the whole of the week. To ensure I stayed for the week She took away my car keys and also my street clothes leaving me only Rubber Clothing to wear at all times. I was to be a 24/7 Rubber Bondage prisoner and at all times I was to be totally covered in Rubber.

She lived in Her part of the establishment and adjoining it was a converted Stable. This had a simple on-suite shower, toilet and washbasin, a small kitchenette with cooker, fridge, sink and all the required utensils. A small table and stools, a dressing table, wardrobe an easy chair and a pair of single beds completed the furnishings. There was also a Video player but no T.V. or Radio. It was all very basic but adequate as you did your own catering and you brought enough food to last you for your stay.

Part of my arrangement with Mistress Marie was during part of the day to carry out various jobs around the establishment. This involved making or repairing items of equipment in Her Playroom and generally making improvements to the property such as rewiring most of the Heath Robinson Electrical installations and adding some extra lights and sockets. A new Electric Shower was fitted and also a Water Heater over the washbasin in the converted Stable. The Bondage Table in the Playroom was completely refurbished and new lighting installed to aid the taking of photographs. A C.C.T.V. system was installed and there were many other items of equipment constructed. In return for this work I got my visits for free and also of course had my Fantasy fulfilled.

After about a year and some five visits I introduced Mistress Marie to the Ataraxian system for controlling someone into Rubber Bondage. This was suggested by ‘Ataraxia’ on the ‘Informed Consent’ Website. Mistress and I discussed it at some length and made various alterations and what we felt were improvements to the system to suit our particular situation. The following account is the system as it was operated for several years until Mistress decided it was becoming too time consuming working out all the targets and then making sure they were strictly adhered to. She said She preferred to do Her own thing and have me Strapped to Her Whipping Bench when She wanted to, not to have to hope I would fail the system.

On one occasion She explained Her philosophy about how She looked on someone who wanted to be a Rubber Bondage prisoner. She said that in real life you went to Prison and became a prisoner because you had committed a crime of some sort and so the Judicial system decided you had to be Punished. This was done by taking away your freedom and locking you up. However in my case I had not committed a crime so the question of Punishment presented a problem.

As I hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact I was generally doing very good work, She felt She had to make me suffer endless torment in order to make the prisoner scenario real. She said the Ataraxian system seemed to do just that, I was being Punished for failing to meet the standards She was setting for me, and only by agreeing to undergo even more suffering was I managing sometimes to avoid further Punishment.


Mistress decides on a form of Dress and Restraint for the prisoner based on what he is doing at the time. For this form of Dress and Restraint Mistress sets a time it must be endured for. She also decides on the number of points the prisoner must earn to complete what She calls the ’target’. The points are earned by what the prisoner has to wear and how he is Restrained and for how long he has to wear them. However the items of Dress and Restraint Mistress decides on will never allow the prisoner to achieve the points ‘target’ in the given time.

This means he must agree to wear further items of Dress and further items of Restraint or to have the time extended to be able to reach the points ‘target’ Mistress has set. She will of course do Her utmost to ensure he does not reach the ‘target’ and he will then have to suffer a penalty for failure. His main occasion for failure will be when he is working as it will be very difficult to ask for more Rubber Dress and Restraint. Extra items will make an already difficult situation even more difficult, and Mistress will refuse to extend the time. He can only hope to complete his work in a shorter time. Taking longer to do the work will not earn him any extra points unless Mistress has agreed to a time extension.

The prisoner can at anytime during a ‘target’ session ask to be released either completely or have some part of his Dress or Restraint removed. If he asks for complete release he will be given a Punishment Enema and it will be sealed in with an expanding Butt Plug and then he will be Strapped to the Whipping Bench until the end of the ‘target’ time, and then given 100 strokes which will be 10 from each of 10 different implements. Then the Punishment Enema will be released. If he has asked for part of his Dress or Restraint to be released then he will carry on to the end of his ‘target’ and then be Strapped to the Whipping Bench and given 50 strokes which will be 10 strokes with each of 5 different implements. This will all be in addition to the penalty that will accumulate from the loss of ‘target’ points.

It is made clear to the prisoner that only the wearing of Dress and Restraints for complete hours will earn him points towards his ‘target’.
Depending on the circumstances a ‘target’ session can last for as long as 12 hours. Mistress cannot alter the ‘target’ once the prisoner has been told the ‘target‘, but She can order him to put on extra items over and above those he has already agreed to.

They will not earn him any extra points but will ensure he is made to suffer as much discomfort as possible.


Rubber Body Bag. Tight fitting, internal sleeves. No Hood.  100
Rubber Body Bag. Inflatable.      150
Leather Body Bag. Internal sleeves. Leather double Hood.  200
Secured to Bondage Table.        50
Secured to Bondage Interrogation Chair.      50
Secured to Bondage Chair with full access.      50
Secured to Revolving Table.      100
Secured horizontal to Revolving Table with C.B. + Tit weights   200
Secured to the Bondage Post.        50
Vertical Suspension Harness.        50
Strapped into Wheel-chair outside. (Hot Day)   100
Chained into Wheel-chair outside. (Wet Day)      50

Zipped Rubber Hood. Eye, nose, mouth openings.   15
Laced Rubber Hood. Eye, nose  mouth openings.   20
Zipped double Layer Rubber Hood all openings.   25
Inflatable Rubber Hood. Eye lens, Breathing tube.   30
Gas Mask. Normal breathing.      10
Gas Mask with filter.       15
Gas Mask full head cover.       15
Gas Mask full head cover and filter.     20
Gas Mask full head cover controlled breathing.   25
Inflatable Rubber Hood normal breathing.    30
Inflatable Rubber Hood controlled breathing.   35
Leather Head Harness with mouth cover.       5
Leather Head Harness with Wedge Gag.    15
Leather Head Harness with Inflatable Gag.    20
Leather Head Harness with Inflatable Butterfly Gag.   25
Leather Head Harness with Feeder Gag.    10
Leather Plain Collar.            5
Leather High Collar.       10
Leather Posture Collar.      20

Leather Wrist Manacles with link Chain (Padlocked)   25
Steel Wrist Manacles and Link Chain. (Padlocked)   35
Leather Ankle Manacles and Hobble Chain. (Padlocked).  25
Steel Ankle Manacles and Hobble Chain. (Padlocked).   40
Steel wrist and Ankle cuffs with full linked Hobble Chains.  50
Cock and Ball root Padlock with Chains.    10
Leather E.M.B.D. Harness.      20
Leather E.M.B.D. Harness with laced Sheath.    30
Leather genital enclosure Bag. (Padlocked)    10
Rubber Drain Sheath with Collection Bag.    10
Rubber Drain Sheath connected to Feeder Gag    50
Harness and Butt Plug.       15
Harness and Inflatable Butt Plug.     25
Harness and remote control vibrating, Inflatable Butt Plug.  30
Harness and inflatable Butt Plug with enema attachment.   50
Nipple Clamps.        25
Nipple Clamps with weights.      40
Tens unit attached to nipples.      30
Tens Unit attached to genitals.      40
Tens Unit attached to nipples and genitals.    60
Rubber Leotard. (Upper and lower body and arms).   50
Rubber Suit. (No feet, gloves or Hood).    65
Rubber Hospital Sheet Suit. Open face hood. (No feet or gloves) 60
Rubber Suit. (Fitted with Hood, feet and gloves).                       100
Rubber Suit Double thickness. (No feet, gloves or hood).           150
SBR Suit Rubber Lined. Attached O/F Hood, feet, Mittens.           100
Rubber Diving Dry Suit with feet. (padlocked)            100
Rubber Vest.           5
Rubber Shirt.        35
Rubber Stockings Full length with Suspender belt.   25
Rubber Pants.        15
Rubber Knee length Pants.      20
Rubber Hospital sheet long leg pants. [Shame Pants] (Padlocked). 35
Rubber Apron. (Lightweight).       5
Rubber Hospital Sheet Apron. (Padlocked).    15
Rubber Boots. (Knee high).      10
Rubber Thigh Waders. (To top of legs).    25
Rubber Chest Waders. (To below arm pits).    55
Rubber Gloves.          5
Rubber Gloves (Elbow length).     10
Rubber Gloves (Industrial gauntlets).     15
Rubber Bondage Mittens.      15
Leather Bondage Mittens.      20
Rubber Bondage Mittens (Over Rubber Gloves).   20
Leather Bondage Mittens. (Over Rubber Gloves).   25
Rubber heavyweight Mackintosh with close fitting Hood.  50
SBR Mackintosh with close fitting Hood all Rubber Lined  75
SBR Mackintosh Rubber Lined (worn back to front)   90
SBR Cape with close fitting Hood all Rubber Lined.   50
SBR Cape. Rubber Lined. (worn back to front.)   75
SBR Trousers. Rubber Lined.      35
Rubber Hospital Sheet long Dress with rubber bra and falsies.  50
Rubber Bed Sheet top & bottom zipped together with Pillows.       150

The points system.
A ‘target’ of points is set by Mistress to be achieved in a set number of complete hours. She decides how the prisoner will be Dressed and what Restriction he will endure. But she will ensure it will never let the prisoner achieve the set target. The prisoner then has to decide what else he will endure in the way of Dress and Restraint to achieve the points and time ‘targets’ she has set.

At all times during his stay at the establishment he will always be working off a ’target’. The ‘targets’ run consecutively for the duration of the prisoners stay. This is on a 24/7 basis. ‘Targets’ will be set for his time while he is working, or if Mistress takes him out on visits to her friends, or any spare time that might occur, for example between finishing work and making a visit to the Playroom.

For visits to Her Playroom for a serious session of Rubber Bondage Mistress will set very extreme ‘targets‘ to ensure the prisoner endures maximum suffering. 
She will also set ’targets’ for his night-time rest period and the prisoner will discover Mistress is not allowing him very much rest. The prisoner, to avoid visits to the Whipping Bench will be at all times striving to reach the ‘targets’ set by Mistress, which will ensure he endures maximum suffering and will test his endurance to the limit and beyond.

An extra 5 points per. Item will be awarded for wearing them in public.

Penalties for not achieving the ‘target’
If a ‘target’ is not achieved in the set time a quarter of the points for the missed ‘target’ will be added to his next ‘target’.
For example Mistress sets a ’target’ of 2,400 points and the prisoner agrees to extra items adding up to 600 points to ensure he achieves the ’target’ in the set time making a total of 3,000 points. He fails to complete the task he has to do so he does in effect fail to reach the ’target’ so a quarter of 3,000 which is 750 points is added to the next ’target’ Mistress is going to set for him. He will have to work off the 750 penalty points before he begins to work off any points from his new ’target’ which will force him to endure even more Rubber Bondage in order to reduce the accumulation of points.

If the prisoner achieves the set ’target’ with points left over or to spare he is not credited with these extra points. The prisoner has to balance what extra items he will wear to ensure he reaches his ’target’ but not agree to too much in the way of extra items to avoid losing the excess points. On the other hand he has to be sure he reaches the set ‘target’ If the prisoner fails to achieve three consecutive set ‘targets’ including any penalty points he has earned and accumulates a deficit of points, he will have to pay a visit to the Whipping Bench to expunge those excess points and begin again with a clean sheet.

If his points are more than 1,000 he will be given 100 strokes which will be 10 with each of 10 different implements. He will be given the option to chose whether to let ‘Pandora’s Dilemma Device’ decide the number of strokes or accept the set number of strokes.
If his points are less than 1,000 then he will be given 50 strokes which will be 10 with
5 different implements but no option with regard to ‘Pandora’s Dilemma Device’.

Pandora’s Dilemma Device
This is an Electronic double dice machine. When the start button is depressed the ‘dice’ will go blank and then when it is released the two dice will show a display between one and six on each ‘dice’ These two numbers are added together.
The ‘dice’ are ‘rolled’ again and these next two numbers are multiplied. The two totals are then multiplied together giving the total number of strokes to be administered.
The dilemma is quite obvious from the following examples of possible spins of the ‘dice’. The prisoner can win or lose by quite a considerable margin.
Example No.1.
First spin. 1+1 = 2. Second spin. 2x2 = 4  Therefore 2x4 = 8 strokes.
Example No.2.
First spin. 3+4 = 7. Second spin. 4x2 = 8  Therefore 7x8 = 56 strokes.
Example No.3.
First spin.. 3+5 = 8. Second spin. 4x5 = 20 Therefore 8x20 =160 strokes.
Example No.4.
First spin. 3+6 = 9. Second spin. 5x6 = 30 Therefore 9 x 30 = 270 strokes. 

Mistress would of course round these examples up or down to divide by ten being the number of strokes with each implement. No..1 would become 10. No.2 would become 60. No.3 would stay at 160. and No. 4 would stay at 270.
The maximum number of strokes is 432 which would require double six to be thrown twice, and Mistress would round this up to 440 strokes.
By the same token the lowest number of strokes would be a pair of double ones giving just two strokes. The likelihood of doubles being thrown so often is very remote so the prisoner has to weigh up his options and decide whether to gamble or take the mandatory 100 strokes. Low numbers are to the prisoners advantage and high numbers is what Mistress wants.
Provided the dice rolls threes or less the prisoner will win, but as soon as fours or fives are thrown the prisoner is soon close to or over the mandatory number of strokes. When fives are rolled this is bad news for the prisoner. If both rolls give a three and five this will earn the prisoner 120 strokes, so he is soon on a loser and a six in both of the rolls can be very bad news. Six and four on both rolls will earn him 240 strokes. The reason for the name of the device should now be very apparent.
If the prisoner does get a low number of strokes he can rest assured Mistress will deliver them twice as hard to ensure he gets his full Punishment.

Mistress has decided to take her prisoner to visit one of Her friends
She decides he must be properly Dressed and Restrained for this visit. So she decides on the following items of Rubber Dress and Restraint.
Rubber Stockings with Suspender belt.                            25
Rubber Vest.                                                                          5
Rubber Shirt with attached open face Rubber Hood.   40
Hospital Sheet Rubber long leg Pants. [Shame Pants] (Padlocked.)                                                                         35
Rubber Gloves.                                                                     5
Rubber Boots. Knee high.                                                  10
SBR Mackintosh Rubber Lined.                                        75
Rubber Full head cover Gas Mask.                                    15
Leather Collar.                                                                     5
Leather ankle Manacles and Hobble Chain.                    25
Leather Wrist Manacles and link Chain.                           25
Extra for wearing in public. (11 items at 5 points per. Item)  55
SBR Sou’Wester.
(this item is mandatory with all ‘targets’ when the form of )
(dress allows it to be worn and is Padlocked to prevent)
( removal, but does not earn any points)   
Total points earned per. Hour.               320
Total time to achieve target is set at four hours.
Target points set by Mistress     1600              

It can be seen that the prisoner cannot achieve this ‘target’ with the Dress and Restraint Mistress has decided on.
What Dress and Restraint Mistress has suggested only adds up to 1280 points. i.e. 320 x 4.
So he must ask for extra items of Dress and/or Restraint to be added to increase his points earning ability. He must try and earn at least another 220 points, but to be on the safe side he should aim for at least 360 points or an extra 90 points per hour.
So he asks for the following items to be added to the list.
Rubber Mackintosh. (worn under the SBR Mackintosh)  40
Rubber Bondage Mittens                                                      15
Harness and inflatable Butt Plug.                                        25
Cock and Ball Root Padlock and Chains                            10
Extra for wearing in public.(4 items at 5 points per. Item)  20
Extra points earned                                                                110

With the items Mistress has decided on and the extra items the prisoner has asked for he now has a points total of 320 per. Hr. plus 110 per. Hr. which equals 430 per. Hour. So in four hours he will earn 1720 points and so will achieve the ‘target’ of 1600 set by Mistress with some points to spare.
Of course he has no control over how short she makes the hobble Chains between his ankle and wrist Manacles or what extra Chains She might add to link his Collar and wrist and ankle Manacles, nor how hard she inflates the Butt Plug, or how tightly She secures the Chains on the cock and ball root Padlock. None of this will earn him any extra points, Mistress just enjoys making him suffer continuous torment.

The cock and ball root Padlock is a heavy cast iron Padlock which weighs about 1kg. with a hasp that closes tightly around the cock and ball root. Fitted to the lock end of the Padlock are two lengths of heavy Chain which will reach to the ankles. The Hospital Sheet Rubber Long leg Pants reach to below the knees and are secured below the knees with Strap’s and Buckle’s which are Padlocked. ‘D’ Rings are fitted to these Straps facing to the inside of the legs for attaching the Chains from the cock and ball root Padlock. The ends of the Chains are Padlocked to the ankle Manacles.

The Chains pass out through reinforced holes in the crotch of the Pants. As the prisoner walks along the Chains are stretched out as he steps forward and this pulls on the Padlock. If Mistress secures the Chains stretched out tight then walking becomes very painful as with each step he pulls on the Padlock around his cock and balls. The Strap and Buckle around the waist is also secured with a Padlock so there is no possible way of removing the Pants and heavy Padlock until Mistress releases the Padlocks.

Also after visiting her friend she may well extend the event to last for six hours by taking her prisoner for a walk in some deserted location.
He is not credited with the extra points he earns for this extended session. He just has the pleasure of being made to suffer for his Mistress and be grateful he has avoided the Whipping Bench on this occasion.

The possibilities offered for a long term ‘target’ session are very much to the liking of Mistress. This would be carried out during the prisoners rest period and she can make the time for as long as she likes. If the prisoner was put to bed at 10-00p.m. she would be more than happy to keep him there until 10-00a.m. the next day. The following is a possible ‘target’ Mistress might set for her prisoner and what he would have to do to reach that ‘target’.
Suggested Dress and Restraint for a Target.
Rubber bed sheets zipped together with pillows.   150
Rubber suit with feet, gloves and Hood.    100
Rubber Bondage Mittens.        15
Rubber full head cover Gas Mask.       15
Rubber drain sheath with collection bag.      10
Leather E.M.B.D. with laced sheath.       30
Leather wrist Manacles and link Chain.      25
Leather ankle Manacles and Hobble Chain.      25
Total points earned per. hour.       370
Points earned in 12 hours.              4440 
‘Target’ set by Mistress.      6850

Extra dress and restraint requested by prisoner.
Rubber Suit (no feet, gloves or Hood).
(to be worn under Rubber Suit ordered by Mistress    65
SBR Rubber lined Suit attached O/F Hood feet and Mittens
(to be worn over Rubber Suit ordered by Mistress)
[less points for removal of Bondage Mittens ordered by Mistress]  85
Steel wrist Manacles and link Chain (padlocked)
(to replace Leather Manacles and chain) [difference in points]       10
Steel ankle manacles and hobble Chain (padlocked)
(to replace leather Manacles and chain) [difference in points]    10
Leather Head Harness with feeder Gag     10
Rubber Drain Sheath connected to feeder Gag.
[less 10 points for drain sheath ordered by Mistress]    40
Extra points earned                          210
Total points earned            370 x 12 = 4440 and 210 x 12 = 2520
             which gives a grand total of 6960.
So the prisoner will beat the ‘target’ set by Mistress by just 110 points.

But of course Mistress is even more cunning than Her prisoner. He will now be wearing a Rubber Suit, followed by another Rubber Suit and then a Rubber Lined SBR Suit which will be four layers of Rubber. The bottom bed sheet is extra heavyweight Rubber and the top sheet is a double thickness extra heavyweight Rubber. On his head is the attached Rubber Hood of the Rubber Suit ordered by Mistress. Then there is the Leather Head Harness and Feeder Gag. Over this is the full head covering Rubber Gas Mask, followed by the open face Hood attached to the SBR Suit which is also Rubber Lined.

So there are four layers encasing his head and face. The bed is fitted with an electric heating pad underneath the bottom Rubber Sheet which Mistress will ensure is set to full heat, so the prisoner can expect to have a very hot and sweaty night. She will before leaving him for the night force feed him at least two litres of liquid and then connect his Drain Sheath to his Feeder Gag. It won’t be a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ he will have to drink his own urine.
It is not the intention of Mistress to give Her prisoner an easy time and a night-time ‘target’ is no exception. He is a Rubber Bondage prisoner and he is in Her establishment to suffer, and She is very experienced in devising ways to make Her prisoner suffer.

He can of course use the “safe” signal and agree to have some of his Dress or Restraint removed. He will of course now fail to reach his ‘target’ and will add to his accumulation of penalty points and bring nearer a visit to the Whipping Bench.

However the foregoing examples must be considered as the easy ‘targets’ for the prisoner to achieve. It is when he is working that Mistress is able to really make him suffer. She invariably makes him wear the ankle Manacles with a short Hobble Chain which just for starters makes working very, very difficult.
Mowing the lawn becomes a real trial with a Full Covering Rubber Suit, Rubber Diving Dry Suit, Gas Mask, SBR Mackintosh, Rubber Apron, ankle Manacles and Hobble Chain and Handcuffs. She really does enjoy having her prisoner Strapped to the Whipping Bench waiting for his 100 strokes or more if she can tempt him to try his luck with ‘Pandora’s’ Dilemma Device’. It is when he is working that the system comes into it’s own. His basic dress Mistress usually decides on is a Rubber Vest, Rubber Shirt with open face attached Hood, Rubber Stockings and Suspender Belt, Long Leg double thickness Rubber Hospital Sheet Pants (padlocked on to prevent access and removal), Rubber Hospital Sheet Suit, Rubber Thigh Waders, Leather Corset (with attachments for the Rubber Thigh Waders), Rubber Gloves, Heavy-weight Rubber Mackintosh, Rubber Industrial Gauntlets (Strapped and Padlocked to prevent removal, Ankle Manacles and Hobble Chain, Wrist Manacles and a link Chain, Full Head covering Rubber Gas Mask and of course the mandatory SBR Sou’Wester (Padlocked to prevent removal). 

This is his standard Dress and Restraint for domestic chores such as Lawn Mowing or cleaning out the Waterfall in the stream, and will earn him 320 points per. Hour. A work period is usually four hours so he will achieve 1280 points. Sometimes She is generous and sets a fairly low ’target’ perhaps only 1500 points, but he will still need at least another 220 points to reach Her ’target’. He could ask for the Hospital Sheet Rubber Apron, change the Rubber Thigh Waders for the Rubber Chest Waders and a Harness and Inflatable Butt Plug. This will earn him an extra 240 points. He is running close to the wind but the margin of 20 points could be enough. Obviously the more items he asks for as extras the more difficult it becomes to finish the work in the allotted time. Mistress likes to be fairly certain that he will be visiting Her Whipping Bench at regular intervals. Although Mistress is always ringing the changes so the prisoner is never sure of what he will have to wear. In order to reach the ‘target’ Mistress will have set he has to ask for extras that will only cause him more suffering and torment, such as the cock and ball root Padlock, a Butt Plug, the Head Harness and a Gag. This is of course relaxed a little when he is doing work of a Technical nature such as wiring or plumbing. 

In spite of the idyllic surrounding’s in the Cornish Countryside, and the very large garden and grounds, one thing Mistress’s establishment is definitely not is a Holiday Camp. She constantly reminds Her prisoner that it is a Prison Camp where her prisoner is made to endure continuous suffering and torment and frequent visits to Her Whipping Bench.

After about a year of operating the Ataraxian System Mistress decided to stack the odds fully in Her favour. She bought a large 40ft. X 40 ft. Black heavyweight Plastic Tarpaulin and a pair of pattern’s from a local dress shop. One pattern was for a pair of men’s pyjamas and the other pattern was for a Fancy Dress Outfit in a Batman style and one of the items was an Ankle length Cape.

She modified the Pyjama pattern by making the Trousers reach up under the armpits with attached Straps and Buckles to go over the shoulders to keep the Trousers in place, and the Jacket was extended to reach down to the top of the knees and the Collar was modified into a close fitting open face Hood. The other pattern was altered so there was no opening down the front of the Cape and the bottom tapered in around the ankles, then an extra pair of slightly larger Pyjama Jacket sleeves were to be fitted inside the Cape with the lower part of the arms protruding out through the front of the Cape. Also a high Collar was to be fitted to the Cape with Straps and Buckles to secure it tightly around the neck.

She instructed Her prisoner to cut out the pattern’s from a double thickness of the Plastic Tarpaulin. Then he spent the best part of a day stitching the items together on Her industrial Sewing Machine. When he had finished he had produced a double thickness Plastic Long Jacket and High Trousers and a Double Thickness Plastic Cape that once it was on was impossible to remove without outside help.

To put the Cape on it had to be lifted up to the ceiling of his room on a pulley system and then lowered down over his body so he could insert his arms into the internal sleeves. Once the Cape had settled over his shoulders he was unable to lift it off as his arms were now trapped inside the internal sleeves.
“I think we had better see if it all fits you prisoner and you can find out just how Restrictive it is.“

Mistress instructed him to dress in some basic Rubber Underwear. First there was a Rubber Vest, then Rubber Stockings and Suspender Belt, a Rubber Shirt with attached open face Hood, Rubber elbow length Gloves, a tight fitting Rubber Leotard with elbow length sleeves and knee length legs and a tight genital hole. Then came the dreaded Rubber Hospital Sheet long leg Pants and the cock and ball Padlock. Mistress made sure the Chains from the Padlock were stretched out to their limit. Next was a pair of Rubber Thigh Waders supported from the waist Strap on the Rubber Hospital Sheet Pants. Then She got him dressed in the Suit and Cape and the prisoner was now aware of just how cumbersome and Restrictive the outfit was. Mistress fitted Rubber Bondage Mittens over his Rubber Gloved hands that were protruding out from the front of the Cape. Steel Manacles were secured around his ankles and wrists and a Stiff, High Leather Collar was Buckled around his neck. A set of heavy Chains linked the ankle Manacles with a hobble and also the Wrist Manacles and these linking Chains were connected together with a long Chain from the front of the Collar through the wrist link Chain and then down to the ankle Hobble. She slipped a Harness over his Head and pushed a Rubber Wedge Gag into his mouth and tightened all the Buckles on the Head Harness.

A full head covering Gas Mask went on over the Harness and Gag and finally the Mandatory SBR Sou’Wester.
Mistress stood back to admire Her devious handiwork.
At a rough guess the whole outfit weighed about 20 kgs., and the prisoner found he had very little arm movement which was severely limited by the sleeves fitted to the inside of the Cape, but the Manacles, Heavy Chains and Bondage Mittens made movement even more Restricted and the prisoner wondered what he was going to be expected to do Dressed like this.

“I now have my prisoner Dressed and Restrained to play a little game. It is called ‘Fetch the clothes Pegs’. You are going to play this game out in the Secret Garden and there is of course a Penalty if you don’t play the game properly.”

“Your Mistress has set the rules for this game so there is to be no discussion about the rules or the Penalties. There are 20 Clothes Pegs hanging on a wire stretched between two posts to be collected from one end of the Garden and taken to the other end of the Garden and placed on a similar wire. So it is really a very simple game, of course there are certain features that bias this game in my favour. For a start you will be attached to an overhead wire cable running the length of the Garden by a Chain attached to your Collar. This is to prevent you from bending down and picking up any Pegs you might drop.”

“Also you will be Dressed and Restrained exactly as you are so gripping the Pegs will be quite an ordeal with the Bondage Mittens and the Manacles and Chains. It is 50 yards between the pick-up wire and the delivery wire, so you will walk 100 yards for each clothes peg. As there are twenty clothes pegs you will have covered about 2,000 yards, so you will be getting some exercise as well as playing my silly little game. Each Clothes Peg you manage to take from one end of the Garden to the other will earn you 50 plus points. But every clothes Peg you fail to deliver will earn you 200 minus points. So as an example if you deliver 15 Pegs you will earn 750 plus points, but for the five you failed to deliver you will earn 1,000 minus points. I expect you can work out that there is a balance of 250 minus points and that means 250 strokes on my Whipping Bench. Of course if you only manage to deliver 10 pegs then things start to get very serious for you.”

“You will earn 500 plus points but you will also earn 2,000 minus points, which works out to be 1,500 strokes on my Whipping Bench. However I shall only give you 250 strokes and the balance will be divided up and added to whatever Penalties you earn for not reaching your ‘targets’, although I have an idea running round in my head to have another method for working off a large number of excess points. It will be an excellent way of ensuring you pay very regular visits to my Whipping Bench for some well deserved and lengthy Punishment sessions.”

“I expect you are already realising that you don’t have much chance of escaping any Punishment, what with the way you are Dressed and then the way I have Restrained you. However there is another option open to you. If you feel like taking the risk you can take all the clothes pegs you have managed to deliver back to the other wire. That will earn you 100 plus points for each peg you manage to transfer..”

“So all is not lost my suffering Rubber Bondage prisoner, but of course you will by then have managed to walk well over a mile Dressed and Restrained in this very severe Rubber Bondage. So I expect you will be very weary, and if you drop any pegs when making the second journey you will earn another 100 in addition to the 200 minus points for not delivering the peg. You see I do like to have my prisoner Strapped down nice and tight to my Whipping Bench, in fact nothing would please me more than to have you Strapped to it  all day, just waiting for your cruel Mistress to administer 100 strokes whenever it took Her fancy and you can be assured that would be at quite frequent intervals.”

“I love to hear the sharp whack of my implements as each stroke lands on your exposed and defenceless bum cheeks. As I always like to have you Gagged I shan’t hear your howls of pain. but I will get my pleasure from watching the reaction of your bum cheeks as they flinch from each stroke and slowly turn a bright red and blue. So you can follow me out into the Secret Garden and you can begin our game and look forward to spending a lot of time Strapped to my Whipping Bench enjoying some serious bouts of Punishment.”

As soon as I made my first tentative steps to follow my Mistress I knew I was in serious trouble. The Thick, Heavy Plastic Trousers and Jacket, the extremely Heavy Plastic Cape which was tapered in around my ankles, and the Rubber Underwear, Rubber Thigh Waders plus the Manacles and heavy Chains made walking an almost impossible task.

I struggled along behind Her and into the Secret Garden. Well it wasn’t so much secret but it was just one side of the Garden screened off from the road with a high hedge and fence panels. When I saw the wires I had to fetch and attach the Clothes Pegs to my spirits fell. I could see from the height they were set at I would have to stand on tip-toe to be able to reach them and re-attach the Pegs. I wondered if I would be able to grip the Pegs tight enough through the Rubber Bondage Mittens and if I would be able to keep my hands pressed together to hold the Peg until I got to the other end to attach it to the wire. The sleeves fitted inside the Plastic Cape  made it extremely difficult to bring my hands together and I was becoming very quickly aware of just how much this game was loaded in Her favour. It looked a lot further than the 50 yards She had mentioned between the two wires. Then I saw the Wire Cable stretched down the length of the Garden and hanging from it was a length of Chain. She pulled me forward and pulling the Chain tight Padlocked it to a ring on the back of my Collar.

“Right, off you go prisoner start collecting Clothes Pegs.. I shall be out from time to time to check on your progress and I shall remind you how your points situation is developing.”

I set off along the Garden dragging the tight Chain along the over-head cable behind me. When I reached the row of Clothes Pegs I quickly realised the difficulty Mistress had created. I tried to lift my hands up toward the Clothes Pegs to unclip one off of the wire. But the Chain that was secured between my ankle Hobble Chain and my wrist Manacle link Chain and my Collar wouldn’t let me lift my hands up high enough. By painfully balancing on my toes I was able to get just the tips of the Rubber Bondage Mittens up each side of a Clothes Peg.

I pressed my hands together and the Clothes Peg opened and I was able to lower my hands down and lower myself back onto my feet. I slowly turned round and laboriously made my way down the garden. I had to repeat the process I had used to remove the Clothes Peg to get it fixed onto the wire by going up on my toes and carefully releasing the pressure on the Clothes Peg. I felt quite pleased with myself and then remembered there was another 19 Pegs to be fetched before I was finished with this devious game. I had managed to transfer 10 pegs when Mistress appeared and checked to see how I was doing. I was by now exhausted, tired and very sweaty inside the many layers of Rubber and Plastic Clothing.

“I see my prisoner has managed to collect 10 Clothes Pegs, but it is the next 10 that you have to worry about as I’m sure you are quite exhausted by now.”
“I’m quite sure that when my prisoner is exhausted he will make mistakes. Also the time is slipping by so you can’t dawdle about, and I’m sure that if you have to hurry then some mishaps will I hope befall you. I’ll be back shortly to see if you are going to make your Mistress happy by having dropped a few Pegs.

Remember prisoner you don’t have to drop very many before the points start to add up. Oh yes! If you don’t finish on time all the Pegs still left to be transferred earn you 250 minus points each. I do believe I shall be very happy in  about an hours time.”

Mistress walked away out of the Garden and I continued with my laboured trudging up and down between the two wires. I was by now almost worn out with the effort of walking in the heavy Dress and Restraint.

I also had to keep the pressure on the Pegs while they were held between my Rubber Bondage Mitten encased hands. It seemed to be no time at all before Mistress was back in the Garden and looking intently at the Clothes Pegs on the wires.

“Well, well my prisoner has managed to make his Mistress extremely happy. It seems you must have struck a bad patch in your efforts to finish on time. Let’s have a count up shall we and see what you have earned for yourself. 11 pegs correctly transferred is 550 plus points. 6 Pegs dropped on the ground is 1,200 minus points and 3 Pegs still hanging on the wire is 750 minus points. That works out at 1,200 plus 750 is 1,950 minus points. Then we take away your 550 plus points and that gives us 1,400 minus points. I have given some thought to my new system of getting rid of your excess points and it will work like this. I shall give you 100 strokes when I’ve got you out of your Dress and Restraint and then you can spend the next two days Strapped to my Whipping Bench. I shall Strap you down at 10-00 am. and you will stay there until 5-00 pm. So that will be seven hours you will be Strapped to my Whipping Bench. I shall be in every hour to give you some of your Punishment of 10 strokes with each of 5 different implements. Each time I visit you and give you 50 strokes it will remove 100 points. So that works out at two days and seven visits each day is 1400 points. The 100 you are going to get shortly is just a bonus and doesn’t remove any points. I now have two days of extreme bliss to look forward to. I shall have my Rubber Bondage prisoner Strapped tightly to my Whipping Bench and very securely Gagged and have him looking forward to hourly visits from his Mistress to administer 50 strokes to his bare bum cheeks. Depending on how well you do on your night-time ‘target’ I shall all most certainly give you a Punishment Enema and keep it plugged for the whole time you are Strapped down.”

“Now that will be something to look forward to won’t it prisoner.”

A Punishment Enema is something I have learnt to accept but at the same time dread. It is at least two litres of liquid and I never know what Mistress is going to add to the liquid. First I am fitted with a Double  Catheter, this has a Bladder that is inflated inside the rectum behind the sphincter muscle ring and then a second Bladder is inflated outside the anus making a totally water-tight seal and impossible to eject. I am then Strapped down tightly to Her Whipping Bench with Wide Straps across my lower and upper back and a four inch wide Strap across the back of my waist.

This wide waist Strap ensures my stomach is pressed hard against the top of the Whipping Bench and as my stomach bloats out with the force feed and the Enema I suffer the most severe cramps as my stomach cannot expand. Further Straps are secured around my thighs, behind my knees and around my ankles.
My arms and hands - which are secured into Leather Bondage Mittens - are stretched out in front of me level with my shoulders on padded extension’s to the Whipping Bench and the tips of the Leather Bondage Mittens are stretched forward and fastened to the ends of the extensions’ and then Straps are secured around my arms above and below my elbows and around my wrists. In this situation I am totally immobile and unable to make any movement. The padded platforms my legs and feet are secured to can be swivelled sideways which spreads my legs wide apart to allow Mistress access to my cock and balls between my legs. She invariably fit’s a Parachute Harness around the neck of my scrotum and hangs a set of very heavy weights from it. Usually I am dressed in Rubber Underwear comprising of a Rubber Vest, Rubber Stockings and a Rubber Suspender Belt.

Then comes a Rubber Shirt with attached open face Hood, a Heavyweight Full cover Rubber Suit with Gloves, Feet and a close fitting Hood with just a mouth opening and nostril tubes. I am fitted with a tightly Strapped Head Harness with a Leather lower jaw clamp and an Inflatable Butterfly Gag. This is very effective as the Rubber Wings Inflate between your teeth and the sides of your cheeks filling this cavity and the centre of the Gag inflates and fills your mouth and presses your tongue down onto the floor of your mouth. This makes speech utterly impossible and with the cheek cavities filled there is no resonance inside the mouth, so the best you can do is a faint grunt from the back of your throat. There is a feeding tube embedded through the centre of the mouth Bladder and Mistress is always ready to make use of this accessory usually with Her own Golden Champagne. The Rubber Suit has a half round zipped panel fitted to the rear of it, which when opened and lowered down reveals my bare bum cheeks and my rectum.  Once I am Strapped tightly to the Whipping Bench Her first job is to lubricate my rectum and insert and fully Inflate the double  Catheter and get me filled up with the Punishment Enema. Her favourite additive is Washing-up Liquid in Hot water -and I mean Hot - to have the maximum effect. Sometimes She rings the changes with cold Coffee or Tea, and if She is not in a very good mood heated up, stale Golden Champagne. This is the worst liquid She can use as the reaction is horrendous and with a force feed of Her Golden Champagne I really know I’m being Punished.

“I’ll just unlock your neck Chain and I’ll release you from your Dress and Restraint and get you prepared for your first 100 strokes. You really have made my day prisoner and I think we must make this little game a regular event during your stays with me.”

“I think we will play it  as soon as you arrive and perhaps I’ll increase the number of Pegs to 30 to make sure the odds are definitely in my favour, and you accumulate a very large number of minus points.”

“Just think prisoner if there were 30 pegs and you only managed to collect 10 of them you would accumulate 3,500 minus points. Now that is quite a total of points to work off. I think that will mean I shall have to Strap you down on my Whipping Bench at 10-00am. Then visit you every hour to deliver 50 strokes with 10 from each of 5 different implements. Now that will work out as 700 points a day for 5 days on my Whipping Bench. There will be just enough time when you are released at 5-00pm. for you to have a meal and clean yourself up before you visit my Dungeon for a 4 hour session in the Interrogation Chair. Then I shall put you into your night-time Rubber Bondage.”

“It will be utter Utopia for your Mistress and utter Purgatory for my prisoner and I will probably add some extras such as some weights to your cock and balls and perhaps the ‘tens’ Unit  wired up to your nipples and your cock and balls and a Punishment Enema to keep you fully occupied between my visits to deal with your bum cheeks.”

“I think I shall gradually dispense with the ‘target’ system and just use my Clothes Peg game. It gives a much better result and takes away the possibility of you escaping some much needed Punishment. I think we can dispense with your work schedules for a while, and concentrate on your Punishment..”

“Don’t worry prisoner you will still have your fill of Rubber Bondage, in fact I shall increase the severity of it to make certain my Philosophy on the Punishment routine of a Rubber Bondage prisoner is strictly adhered to for the duration of your stay in your Rubber Bondage Prison. This will be carried out in the evening in my Playroom as you have yet to experience the full delights of four hours in my Interrogation Chair, being Interrogated for no apparent reason. You will find it to be impossible to answer questions on a subject you know nothing about.”

“Of course the more rubbish you tell me the more severe your Interrogation becomes. You have only experienced the Vibrators for half an hour, so I think four hours with the random timer connected up should be a very rewarding time for you. I think I shall invite my friend Stella round to spend the evening with you, and she takes a lot of satisfying. Whilst I keep you totally celibate she is totally the other way. She has a wonderful system which she calls the ‘National Trust’, but really it is the initials that are used. ‘N.T.‘ translates as ‘Naked torment’. You are Strapped up and suspended from the hoist naked and she is wearing her full cover SBR Outfit and she will expect you to satisfy her for the whole evening. If you fail her, and I expect you will then she has a double ended Dildo which will satisfy her whilst dealing with your shortcomings. Then through the night you will be enclosed in many layers of Heavy Rubber Clothing, and you will be Chained into your very secure and nicely heated Rubber Bed. The Drain Sheath will be connected up to your Feeder Gag and I might add something of my own to your Force Feed, just to make sure you are not only Punished but Humiliated as well.“

“I shall set some impossible ‘targets’ for you reach in my Playroom and at night because I think you have been having a very easy time recently. So you can expect to have a very Punishing time day and night.. With my new ‘game’ I can now ensure the daytime will be spent with you Strapped to my Whipping Bench being properly Punished as only a Rubber Bondage prisoner should and must be Punished. Then the evenings and the nights will ensure you have to endure some real suffering, it will be like being a Prisoner in the middle ages where the welfare of the prisoner was of no concern to the Jailer. As I am your Jailer I shall do my utmost to make your time in my Prison a continuous round of suffering and pain, and your welfare will be of little interest to me. Your mealtimes will be reduced to two a day, morning and evening so more time can be devoted to your continuous Punishment. You wanted to be a Rubber Bondage prisoner and that is just what you are going to be, my suffering Rubber Bondage prisoner.”

Now all this may seem very horrendous and severe, but the sessions in her Playroom were far more serious and severe than anything She did elsewhere. She would always set an impossible ‘target’ which I had no hope of reaching as the amount of suffering Her ‘target’ was going to give was as much as I could endure. So the question of asking for extra items of Dress and Restraint was to say the least rather academic.

I had spent the day Strapped tightly to Her Whipping Bench and received my 50 strokes with 10 different implements every hour and been forced to retain a Punishment Enema with a double  Catheter for the whole time I was Strapped down.

She released me at 5-00pm. and allowed me to expel the Enema, then she gave me just an hour to shower and clean myself up, have some food and then make myself ready for an evening session in Her Playroom. She gave me a list of what Rubber Clothing I was to Dress in, what Restraints I had to apply, and She said She would ‘discuss’ the ‘target’ with me later on. Well I knew it would be a sort of impossible ‘target’ and a quick glance at the list She had given me confirmed my worst fears.

A full set of Rubber Underwear comprising Rubber Stockings, Rubber Vest, Rubber Suspender Belt, Rubber tight fitting Leotard with long sleeves and the crotch cut-away and Rubber elbow length Gloves.

A zipped, tight fitting Rubber Hood with eye lens, nostril tubes and an open mouth. Over this I was to put on the special ankle length Dress made from Rubber Hospital Sheeting which had a large panel that reached from my waist down to the bottom hem and could be unzipped and removed. Then I had to fit on ankle Manacles with a hobble Chain and Padlock them. This was followed with a Leather Head Harness with a Feeding Brank Strapped to the Head Harness. This feeder Brank had a Rubber tube that fitted inside the mouth to prevent any spillage but did allow you to speak in a sort of muffled way. A stiff high necked Leather Collar went on next Buckled at each side over the high Collar of the Rubber Dress and to finish the Rubber Lined SBR Sou’Wester. I was by now forming in my mind what Mistress was planning for me. The special Rubber Dress was Her preferred Rubber item for me to wear when I was secured to the Interrogation Chair. When the zipped panel was removed it allowed full access to my bum hole and cock and balls, the sides of the Rubber Dress would be wrapped around my legs and then held in place with the Straps fitted to the leg supports on the Interrogation Chair. The Interrogation Chair was a piece of equipment I had constructed to Her design.

There was a heavily weighted square box like base for stability and attached to the front of the box was a narrow high back board which was head high when you were sat on the Chair. The back was fitted with a set of Straps and Buckles to secure the body and the head. There was a narrow cross arm with attached Straps and Buckles for the arms to be secured in a horizontal position and the legs were secured horizontal out in front of you. There was a very small padded seat with just enough room for the back of your bum cheeks to perch. This of course allowed full access to the crotch area. The whole seat arrangement could be tilted backwards and locked at different angles so you could end up lying on your back with your arms stretched out sideways and your legs pointing upwards. Below the narrow seat between your legs a device could be fitted for the Ten’s Units to be used. This was a clamp made from Perspex with metal plates and terminals fitted to it. Your cock and balls would be clamped tightly between the Perspex plates making sure the metal plates were in firm contact with your cock and balls.

Then the Ten’s Unit would be connected to the metal plates and electric shocks sent through your cock and balls. Mistress had quite a collection of Ten’s Units and each one produced a different sort of electric shock.

I wondered what ‘target’ She was going to set and how long the session was going to last. I had been working out my points total so far which added up to 160 per. Hour, so I guessed there was more to come in the way of Bondage and other Devices.

I heard the door of my room being unlocked and Mistress came sweeping in dressed in Her one piece SBR Suit and Rubber Boots.. She was carrying a large cardboard box which She put down on my Bed. She stood in front of me and checked how tight the Head Harness was Buckled and the Manacles were around my ankles and the Hobble Chain was secure. She lifted up the Rubber Dress and seemed satisfied I was properly dressed.

“Arms up out in front of you and I’ll fit on the full length Bondage Mittens.”

I lifted up my arms and Mistress gathered the sleeve cuffs of the Rubber Dress tightly around my wrists and secured them with several layers of adhesive tape.
Then from the cardboard box she lifted out the full arm length Bondage Mittens. These were made from heavy Leather and laced up the full length and then had Straps at the wrist below and above the elbow and at the very top above the bicep. She slid the Mitten over my hand and then slowly worked it up my arm over the sleeves of the SBR Mackintosh and the Rubber Dress. Once She had the Mitten right up my arm She slowly tightened the lace and then secured the Straps tightly around my arm. She did the same with my other arm and I was now in Bondage from which there was no escape. She pulled my arms down and pulled them behind my back and Padlocked the tips of the Bondage Mittens together.

“Tonight we are going to have session with you in the Interrogation Chair. Tonight’s topic is 20 questions about the ‘Fishing Industry of Penzance.’ The first question you fail to answer will earn you a plugged Enema. The second question you fail to answer will require a cock and ball Harness to be fitted. The third question you refuse to answer will result in some weights on your cock and ball Harness. The fourth question that goes unanswered will be the signal to bring out and fit on the Ten’s Unit to your cock and balls. Then each succeeding question you fail to answer correctly will result in an increase from the Ten’s Unit.. When the Ten’s Unit is at maximum I’ll think of something else to use as a Punishment for failing to answer my questions.”

I did a quick calculation and worked out that the extras She had mentioned would add another 185 points making a grand total of 345 points and I waited with bated breath to hear what ’target’ Mistress was going to set. Not that it made any difference to the outcome. There was nothing I could add to my present Rubber dress and Bondage and the Interrogation Chair didn’t allow for any extra forms of Bondage, and any extra items of Rubber Clothing would possibly prevent Mistress from gaining full access to me. I certainly had no knowledge of the Fishing Industry in Penzance other than the fact they used Boats and caught fish. But I knew none of Her questions would be that simple. The odds were stacked very highly in Her favour and I could see I was in for a very painful 4 hour session in Her Dungeon, and there was no possible hope of reaching Her ‘target’ and there would without doubt be some more points to add to the ones already in Her book.

“Now then I’ve decided your ’target’ is to be 2,500 points in 4 hours.”

“I have worked out that you will be earning 345 points per. Hour so you will be 1120 points short of my ’target’  as you can’t add anything to your Rubber Dress or your Bondage to try and reach my ‘target’ I shall have to put those 1120 points in the book to be added to the 1750 points already in it . So you will be working off those points very soon on my lovely Whipping Bench.”

“I expect  you will quickly earn the other 130 points tomorrow so don‘t plan on doing anything on Thursday as you will be Strapped to my Whipping Bench for the day getting rid of 3000 points, and you know what that means don‘t you prisoner.”

I knew I was probably getting very close to the 3000 points total but I hadn’t realised I was that close, and I now had a day of torment on Her Whipping Bench to look forward to. I was beginning to regret having introduced this system of Rubber Bondage control to my Mistress as I could see it was getting out of control and She seemed to be making up the rules as She went along and changing the ones we had agreed on  at the start.

“To make sure you will be able to start off with a blank page in my book I’ve invited Mistress Stella over for the day.“

“She will be bringing Her double-ended Strap-on Dildo to use on you as you know how excited She gets when she catches sight of an exposed pair of bum cheeks and an inviting bum hole. She will make sure all your balance of points over the 3000 is fully removed and probably more even if you haven’t earned them, because you know only too well what an appetite She has for Orgasms. However that is not going to happen just yet, but it is something for you to think about and perhaps worry about too. I think we will concern ourselves with the present time, so we will make our way to the Dungeon and get you secured into the Interrogation Chair so I can begin to enjoy myself for the evening.”

She clipped a lead to a ring on the front of the Leather Collar and giving it a sharp tug led me out of my room and into Her house. I stumbled after Her hampered by the Hobble Chain between my ankles through the Hallway and along the corridor to Her Dungeon.


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If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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