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Letters From Kaylin Chapter 4.2: Mountain Meadows of Bondage

by RbrBill

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© Copyright 2012 - RbrBill - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM/m; transport; crate; latex; catsuits; gasmask; farm; enema; bond; susp; sealed; insert; piercingg; mast; denial; reluct/cons; X

I have consolidated all of my stories to date on a Yahoo Adult Group. The Group has the stories and loads of free heavy rubber photo finds that I've compiled over the years. There are even a couple of photos of me enjoying my favorite material. - Story continues from Ch4: Part One

Chapter 4: Mountain Meadows of Bondage

2: Jason Meets Angelina

Jason knew nothing but dark now. The computer battery died at some point so now he was alone in the pressing rubber confines of the box and his thoughts. His thoughts were focused on rubber. He saw rubber in every thought. He drank rubber. He smelled rubber. Rubber massaged his body. Rubber filled his mouth. Rubber filled his belly. He was turning to rubber inside and out. He was rubber.

The warm humid rubbery scented air continued to flow as he breathed. The fifteen percent mix of fresh with rebreathed air was working well. The tanks held plenty of air for the continuing trip. He assumed he was airborne now. He heard nothing through the heavy padding of the crate but there seemed to be little movement save an occasional dip or rise caused by turbulence.

He dropped into a semi-doze. His body felt no stress or cramping. He was positioned much like someone on a comfortable curved lounger. His legs were slightly bent at the knees and his arms held closely to his side. He could not turn his head even an inch as the head cutout of the padding held his mask and the breathing system in a perfectly sized slot. He sucked at the fluid and peed into his suit. Hot piss gushing from his sheath was about the only difference in his sensory inputs he had. The drink tasted like rubber and was about the same temperature as his body at this point. The crate did not have any cooling so it was quite warm inside the insulated shell.

Now that his hot arousal subsided he actually felt a bit cooler thanks to the layer of piss/cum/sweat that formed a layer between his skin and the rubber. His fingers were growing numb courtesy of the three pairs of gloves he wore. A general feeling of safety washed over him as he accepted his future with a level of peace. He felt a certain nirvana in his situation. Some might call the situation a plight but Jason took comfort in his warm and quiet womb.

Ear popping brought Jason out of his reverie. His ride was descending and he realized the end of this safe cocooning crate was at hand. An uncertain future was waiting his crate. Obviously such effort was an indication that someone cared greatly for him and his new rubbery life. Again Kaylin came into his thoughts. That first time he saw her in rubber at the China Doll. It was so many lifetimes ago. Now he saw her in nothing but the tight and shiny latex that was for her second nature. His difficult journey to acceptance passed through his mind but always ended with this trip and his complete surrender to the stretchy material that encased him.

In the dark silence of his prison Jason could feel the movement now. He was being lifted and carried. There was swaying motion and a hard bump then more still silence. Soon his dark cocoon was in motion. He knew he was in a truck or some other transport. He could only wait in his pressing rubber darkness. His thoughts meant nothing at this point. He knew that he was totally controlled by outside influences that he no longer had any say. His fear brought on clutching in his belly. It was that cramping anxiety brought on by too much acid. His bowels betrayed his fears of the unknown and now there was a new element added to the brew from his own body and he did not care. He was safe inside the rubber. The stuff was safe inside with him. He knew in the bottom of it all that there was an end to the trip and then his cleansing would be dealt with. To this point he was sure. Whoever planned the trip had to know there would be a need for hygiene at the end.

The crate was being hoisted from its transport. Jason stirred from the light sleep that exhaustion had finally won from his anxiety. With a not-so-easy bump the thing hit the ground.

Angelina watched as her assistants took crowbars to the top of the crate.

“This fellow could be pretty ripe,” Angelina said.

The crate was in the reception area for new customers/subjects. It was a white tile room with gleaming stainless steel fixtures. There was a shower area that was open with only a tile lip to direct water to the drain. The entire room was drained. A large sink sat in one corner. There was a morgue table with thin latex covered padding. The far corner had a dentist chair. There were restraint points in floor and ceiling and a height adjustable padded exercise horse to bend the subject over.

Jason finally heard a new sound. The screeching of nails being wretched from wood was easy to hear inside the crate. Soon he felt the top of his cocoon lift from him.

“Well, they were nice enough to package him in rubber. At least his mess is sealed inside with him,” Angelina said.

“Get him over to the shower area. See if he can walk, though I doubt it,” she said.

No one else said a thing but they set about finding out the physical limits of the package. Gagged helpers usually have little to say. Sure enough, Jason could not straighten without difficulty. He was frog walked to the shower area and unceremoniously dropped to the tile floor. The helpers pointed to his locked restraints.

Angelina looked inside the crate and saw keys.

“Check the air supply, unlock the ones with keys. Cut off the combination lock. The rubber whore of a client didn’t give me the combination to that lock.” Angelina did not see a point in calling to get it now.

After the assistants fumbled with keys and locks for about a minute Angelina said, “Enough! Cut all the locks off.”

“Get everything off him. He needs a good wash and the soiled suits need cleaning.”

The respirator came off. The tank harness removed. The suits were opened and peeled off one at a time. It took several minutes to get everything off. The inner wear was separated into a pile to be cleaned and sanitized. The outer wear that was dry was hung.

The hose wash took Jason by surprise. The stinging water jolted him to awareness after being in a bit of a stupor for the past hours. He struggled to get away from the spray but rubber-clad assistants held him in firm grip. Much like a car wash system, the water added body wash and other agents to complete a thorough cleaning.

Once the subject was evaluated for his predilections for latex, a more complete processing would be done. For now he would be put into a cotton hospital gown and put into an evaluation room. No rubber or latex would be allowed for this period. If he were already a fully converted rubberist, the tests would show it. If not, a training regimen to make the conversion permanent would be arranged.

It was time to call the rubber slut whore of a client.

Angelina dialed the cell number. The slut picked up on second ring.

“Ms. Franklin, the package arrived safely. We have it in initial evaluation now. Everything is fine.”

“May I visit on Saturday?” Kaylin asked.

“No, we have him in isolation for a complete assessment. He cannot see or be seen by anyone other than staff for at least the next ten days. We can tell more after that. We’ll take good care of your thing, don’t worry.” Angelina was almost sorry for the slut on the phone, just almost.

Jason woke from a deep sleep. He had been given a sedative after the hosing. He woke between crisp cotton sheets. The room was a sterile hospital room. He lay in a hospital bed and most noticeably, he was not in rubber. His last real thoughts were him locked in rubber. Now he was free of the rubber but he wanted rubber. Well, that was not quite right. He thought he wanted rubber. He liked the crisp coolness of the sheets and the room.

Was the trip all a dream brought on by air starvation? Had someone rescued him before death and now he was in this room under observation? Were doctors and such gossiping about the weirdo in Room XXX who was brought in completely clothed in bizarre rubber?

The room had one odd feature, a fifty-five inch HD flat screen television. This seemed quite a luxury for a hospital room. He was attached to an IV drip and vital sign monitors. The room had a window but the curtains were drawn. He could get out of the bed but the IV/monitor cart had to be drug along if he moved about the room.

Not knowing the rules for the place he chose to stay put. He pressed the nurse call button on the bed and waited.

“Subject is awake,” said the monitoring attendant.

“I’ll check on him.”

The nurse went to see Jason.

“How are we today?” she asked in her best nurse manner.

Jason wondered why nurses always talked in the plural and made it seem like they shared the discomfort.

“I feel ok. Where am I?”

“This is Providence Hospital. You had quite a scare for us.”

Providence was the Everett hospital. Jason was really confused now. He last remembered passing out in rubber and waking inside a black pressing box. Something was very wrong.

“I don’t understand. Where are my clothes? Who found me?’

“Your clothes, as they are, are in bags in the storage closet.” The nurse pointed at the wall cabinet near the door.

“The rubber things?” he asked.

“Well that was how you got here. We’ve seen it all, sir, so don’t worry too much about the impression you made on the emergency room staff.”

Providence? If he was really in Everett had the trip, the cocoon, the rubber lust and orgasms until exhaustion all some sort of dreams? Jason pondered the facts he was given and was totally confused.

The nurse checked his pulse – a totally unnecessary act since he was on the vital sign monitor. Her hands were sheathed in white latex gloves and the gloves were a bit thicker than a normal hospital latex glove. This seemed odd to him but his mind was already pretty numb from his ordeal.

“Drink some water. You were pretty dehydrated when you got here.” She gave him the water bottle.

He sucked the cool liquid greedily as he realized just how thirsty he was.

She fiddled with his IV and left the room.

“We’ll give him another couple of hour then we can put the videos on the TV,” she said as she returned to the monitoring station.

Jason relaxed again. He tried the TV and found it didn’t work. Typical hospital room, the TV does not even work.

He stared at the ceiling. He finally pulled himself from the bed and went to the bathroom to relieve himself. As he came out he opened the clothes cabimet to find three large plastic bags. Sure enough when he opened one of them, he was assaulted with the heavy scent of rubber and saw the black shiny smoothness of his clothes. He reached in and let his fingers wander over the smooth material with affection. Yet doubts were pushing at the back of his mind. He had come near death in this stuff and he was terrified of the experience no matter how erotic it had been at the time.

He went to the window and looked out. The scene was definitely not from Everett. The mountains were way too near and the city was nowhere to be seen.

He went quickly to the bed and pushed the nurse call button.

“Let’s put on the porn video,” the head nurse said with disgust. She touched the cotton of the outer garment rubbing her cat-suit beneath with disdain. She hated duty in the transition and evaluation unit. It always meant wearing that stuff she had long since rid from her desires. The idea of sex without full (total enclosure) protection was equally disgusting to her and this porn video was the low point of that world long forsake.

The test was simple. Show a porn video to the subject and measure arousal. If the subject masturbated during the video the nurse would inform Angelina and the subject would be assigned a level one training regimen. If the subject was aroused but did not masturbate then a rubber video – one with scanty rubber – would be introduced to the subject. Again the arousal level would be determined. If masturbation occurred the subject was assigned to level two training.

Videos with progressively heavier rubber would be shown and the subject evaluated. If no masturbation was done during these videos, the arousal differences were assessed to determine if training for the needed purpose of the subject was required. Angelina indicated this one was to be a level nine rubber slave. By the look of his attire upon arrival, the nurse thought he might already be a level four or five; still there was hope he might fail an earlier level test. There was hope. She really loved to take a subject through the complete course of rubberizing.

The TV came to life and Jason was looking at a basic porn video. The bad acting and music was normal. The plot predictable and the guy so hung he wondered if anyone was really that big. The girls, it was a threesome, were answering the door for the pizza delivery guy and his tip seemed to include way more than a few dollars. The scene quickly deteriorated but the sexual action was pretty good for porn and Jason was aroused. Still he would have preferred some rubber in the scene. He had to admit rubber added to the act quite nicely.

He also knew he was not in Everett anymore. The trip had been real as best he could tell. He hit the call button again only to be rewarded by a new video. This one involved girls with rubber dildo strap-ons. They were making out pretty heavily. They had on latex gloves and stockings but the girl taking the dildo was not sheathed or covered. Her cunt was quite exposed and he was harder than ever. These girls were wearing some latex and he was thrilled at the action. He began to wank himself off then went to the closet and pulled out a bag. He rummaged around until he found his gloves and pulled them on to finish his wanking.

“Bingo,” said the nurse. “He seems to be above two but not yet at level three. This should be fun.” It would take weeks, maybe months, to make a two-plus into a nine. Things were looking up.

She picked up a phone and called the information to Angelina.

Jason went to the bathroom to clean himself but the door flew open and he was grabbed by two sets of rubbery arms before he could reach the door. The nurse was behind the two goons. This time she was wearing a rubber nurse’s uniform with a white gasmask.

“Take him to prep,” she said. Her voice had a hard staccato rap of authority.

Jason was walk/dragged to the end of the hall and pulled into the white room he now remembered from his arrival to this place. He was stripped of the hospital gown and strapped on his back to a dentist chair. Bright operating room lights put him under a harsh glare and a rubbery “doctor” came into his vision. The fellow shoved a dental mold into his mouth.

“Bite down.”

Jason didn’t move so hands reached in and slammed his jaw closed. Then they pulled his jaw open and the “dentist” took the mold out. He put another mold in to make a lower set.

“Bite down.”

This time he bit down.

Now the fellow took up a curved piece of hard rubber and put it between his teeth. The rubber had a small hole in its center with an attached tube and cylinder.

“Bite, put your tongue against the spot the top of your mouth meets this spacer and don’t swallow.”

Jason bit and put his tongue on the spot in his mouth. Warm foam filled his mouth and went to the back of his throat invoking a gag response.

“Hold on for thirty seconds, good, good. Yes doing good and now open.”

Jason opened his mouth and the doc pulled his jaw wider to get the molding out.

“You can have him now,” the “dentist” said.

He was pushed into the shower area and two rubbery guys locked him in cuffs at his wrists and ankles between a set of showerheads. This time the shower was used; not a hose like before. The shower sprayed a hard coursing stream that smelled slightly antiseptic. The two fellows briskly scrubbed him all over. He realized his hair was coming off as they scrubbed but he could not get away from the stream because of the restraints. Soon he was as bare as a baby’s bottom.

The fellows released him then dragged him to the exercise horse. They locked his feet to the floor restraints and pulled him across the horse locking his wrist to chains on the other side. The chains had come-along tightening devices and Jason was stretched over the horse until he could not move. Now a finger played with his ass and he was quickly violated by the slippery finger.

“Relax, slave and this will go easier,” the unseen intruder said.

The probing finger was replaced with an anal device. This thing was much thicker than any he had experienced and it stretched him painfully. Jason was subjected to a quick enema treatment. Warm fluid flowed inside then out three times before the enema ended. The probe remained inside. His ankles were released and he felt something stretchy being pulled up his legs. He could tell it was rubber underwear. Hands pulled at the tight shorts around the plug in him and he felt a hand reach under his jewels and pull a tight ring over his cock and balls. With a snap of rubber, he was locked in the brief with his cock and balls exposed.

He felt a pair of latex stocking being rolled up each leg. The attendant was fiddling with each toe on the stockings. Jason realized the stockings had individual toes. Again there were hands doing something at the point where each stocking mated to the shorts. The attendant watched with satisfaction as the chemical cement welded the stocking to the shorts just as the butt plug was earlier bonded to them. The tube that would serve as waste removal/enema treatment dangled between the legs of Slave 1952.

Now legs were again locked to the floor and arms released. A latex tee shirt with open nipples was pulled over the slave’s bald head. This shirt was also chemically bonded to the top of the shorts. Long gloves were added and phase one dressing completed. The slave was sealed in rubber from the neck down save for his private package and his nipples. He was released from the horse only to be secured in the chair again. This time a different “doctor” came up to his secured head. The fellow was a real doctor but his current practice would not conform to the American Medical Association.

He teased the exposed nipples and elicited the proper response. As he teased the tips to keep the things swollen he quickly pushed a piercing pin through the base of each. Now the nipples were locked to the tee shirt and stood out prominently. Next he pushed rubber plugs into each ear. These were long plugs that slid deeply into the ear canal. All sound for Jason disappeared when they were in place. Jason struggled as he realized the things being done to him but could not escape the ordeal.

An assistant attached rubber insulated wire/necklace to electrical contact points on the outer part of the ear plugs. The wire looped under the base of the skull. In its center was a silver disk with “Slave 1952” imprinted. The disk was about one eighth of an inch thick and housed the receiver for the ear pieces and the power supply. Under constant operation the supply had a three-month life. When in stand-by mode the power life was virtually forever.

A crackling in his head, literally in his head filled his brain. “Test one, two, three; test. If you hear me blink.”

Jason blinked. He was immediately tortured with a sharp piercing at his ear, not the lobe but the harder cartilage at the base of the lobe.

“All nice and secure. Those aren’t going anywhere soon. I’ll talk to you later as needed.”

A click and pop and silence.

The assistant pulled a thick rubber hood over his head. The thing was tight. Thicker rubber pushed his ear pieces deeper into the canals. The heavy rubber hood had a recess that pocketed the receiver/battery slave tag leaving a smooth rubber seal on the neck. Wide curved shoulder skirts were tucked under the tee shirt. The assistant used the chemical solvent/cement to coat the inside edges of the shirt and seal them to the hood skirt leaving smooth nearly invisible seams. The tight hood had a small ovoid opening for his mouth, nose and eyes.

The doc forced liquid anesthetic down his throat. He felt a numbing at the back of mouth.

Next he fed two flexible rubber tubes into his nostrils. A crackle in his head and words, “Breathe normally, do not swallow.”

The thin tubes hurt like hell as they snaked down his sinuses and the gag reflex was really strong even though the doc had given him the numbing liquid. He could feel the tubes passing down his throat. The doctor pushed three foam rings up the nostrils. Body heat and moisture caused the rings to expand and seal inside the nose.

Next he used long forceps to reach to the back of the throat and pull the two tubes to the front of the mouth. He pushed the tubes into a flexible y-connector that had a long single tube attached. Using the forceps, he fed this single tube past the larynx and down the trachea. Rings at the end of this tube expanded making an air tight rubber-lined passage from nose to the trachea. The doctor checked air flow and was satisfied the tubes were in place and secure.

Jason endured this abuse in silence though tears were flowing freely from the corner of his eyes and rolling down the outside of the hood. He could feel the struggle to get air through the more narrow opening created by the tubing.

“Once you’re hooked up to your pressurized air supply your breathing will be less distressed,” the doctor said. “Until then you have to cope with the restriction as we finish the preparations.”

Now the doctor went to work on the genitals. The C&B ring had done its job quite well. The cock was aroused and hard. The first item to fit was the thick massage collar with two latex flaps at the base. This was a series of seven vacuum rings embedded between thick latex. In addition small vibrating rings were built into the shaft. When activated a series of small tubes that were bundled together under the shaft would inflate and deflate the vacuum rings creating a squeezing/releasing massage sensation while the vibrating rings added a buzz to the entrapped shaft. The thing slid over Slave 1952’s cock snuggly. The doctor then put two cock piercings through the taught skin of the shaft that locked the device in place. He then pushed all of the tubes and wires into a rubber tube sheath that dangled between the legs. Next he rolled inserted a catheter tube that was attached to a heavy condom sheath which he rolled over the rubber shaft and cemented it in place. The relief tube fed back under the thick rigid sheath to a connector in the anal plug. Any pee or other fluids would flow into the slave’s ass as a special enema. Finally he cemented the lower flaps of the thick sheath to the edge of the cock ring briefs. Now the only exposed skin on Slave 1952 was the small ovoid in the centre of his hood. That would soon be covered as well.

The doctor moved out of the way and the assistants moved in. The next part of the process had no medical requirements. Jason was seated on a tall stool with his feet dangling. One assistant came in with a large black bundle of shiny rubber. The outside of the suit was not latex but a neoprene rubber suit that with smooth closed cells. It was the thickness of a medium weight wetsuit. The inside of the suit was latex that the neoprene was bonded. Between the two layers of rubber was a network of thin electric wiring. Micro-size openings in the latex lining allowed the electrical connections contact with the inner suit. The inner suit also had similar micro openings. Though sweat could not easily pass through these opening, they allowed a thin moisture layer that provided an electrical path to the entire body. All of this was inside the heavy neoprene layer which formed the barrier against any fluid escape from the suit. Of course this little nuance of the suit was not revealed to Jason though he would find out about the system soon enough.

The suit was completely coated on the inside with electrical conducting gel. This was mainly for ease in putting the tight fitting garment on but of course the gel would add to the electrical conductivity when it mixed with the skin moisture bleeding through the latex layers.

Neoprene is not a forgiving material. The attendants struggled to feed each foot into the thick leg tubes. The extra thick ankle rings with attached stainless steel D-rings made it more difficult to get the feet planted into the socks of the suit legs. Once a foot passed the wide reinforced ankle point it sucked right into the attached sock. After getting both feet into the suit, the attendant pulled the suit up each leg. The tight grip of the thick rubber was pretty oppressive. Jason had never felt this sort of bondage with rubber. The attendant strapped his feet to the floor and lifted his arms over his head and secured the wrists to cuffs. With a clanking the arms were pulled up until he could barely move.

The suit was now pulled, tugged, up each leg. The tight grip took on an erotic feel as Jason hung in bondage. The attendant pulled the relief/enema tubing through a reinforced ring opening in the suit. He pulled the sheathed wire/air tube bundle through another small reinforced opening. He worked with two wide rubber flange washers fitted over each tube bundle to cement it to the inside of the suit and create a water/air tight seal. A short third tube stub was already fitted into the suit near the relief tube. This one would be attached to a weak vacuum system to remove sweat from the suit as training progressed.

Next the suit was pulled over his waist. The suit was stretched as much as possible to allow the sheathed cock to be fitted into an internal ring that at the back of a cock pouch. The tight waistband caused the suit to snug right up between his legs. The heavy sheath slid into place pressing against his belly behind the thick rubber prison of the pouch. There was little indication in the bulge of the elaborate prison the cock was in. From all outer appearance Jason looked to be just a well-hung man.

The heavy folds of the suit hung like molten tar at his waist as his arms were released. He felt the living presence of the material enveloping his lower body. He was seated on the stool again and two wide straps locked his legs to it. The stool was bolted to the floor so Jason was secure.

The attendant lifted the suit from behind and guided each arm into the dark sleeves of the suit. As his arms reached the reinforced wrist points with D-rings the fellow pulled at the suit to push his hand past the narrow cuff. The gel made it easy as his hand found its way into the attached mittens of the suit. The mittens had internal fingers that allowed the hand to sit in a comfortable curve with fingers slightly spread. The thumb had its own separate finger. When Jason tried to close his hand he met resistance from internal stays that could not be overcome. His hands were useless inside these mittens.

The fellow made sure the front of the suit was aligned. He fiddled with something at each breast and a dull click that Jason never heard indicated that the nipple piercings were seated into single fuse bus bar links. The piercings were obviously not designed to act as a fuse. The attendant slowly closed the zipper at the rear of the suit. The tight rubber compressed Jason/Slave 1952’s upper body slightly. He left the top several inches open as there was still things to do at the neck and shoulders that required access.

“I’ll take over now,” said Angelina stepping from behind Jason.

The attendant stepped out of the way quickly. Any surprise at this turn of event remained hidden behind his impassive mask.

Jason heard the ear pieces crackle again.

Angelina stepped into his limited view and he saw a rubber vision that was even more incredible than Kaylin.

Angelina was neck to toe in gleaming black rubber. Her stunning figure was encased in the perfection of cat-suit and built-in corset. Her feet were shod in seven inch heel stiletto boots that rose to her crotch. Her black hair shone in perfection as the locks framed her Asian features gloriously. Her almond eyes were the deepest brown. He felt himself being pulled into their depths as he stared at the vision of rubber perfection.

“You can speak, said Angelina.

Jason just stared into the eyes.

“I am Angelina Ocampo. I run this facility. After this short discussion you will either refer to me as Mistress Angelina. This is your chance to ask me three questions about what we do here and what your future will be.”

“Where am I, Mistress Angelina?” Jason chose the title even though she had indicated that it was not necessary for these questions.

“You are in the Colorado Mountains a little south of Denver.”

“Why am I here, Mistress Angelina?”

“You are here to be trained as a total rubber slave toy. Your friend Kaylin contracted our services for that reason.”

“How will this happen?”

“You are going to be subjected to rigorous and very specific total enclosure training regimens proven to destroy any desire of personal freedom and replace your desire with the sole desire to accept a life in total rubber servitude as slave to your owner. This will be completed without regard to any resistance on your part.”


“You asked your three questions. The conversation is over. Any more words will be punished.”

The ear link clicked off.

Angelina actually learned quite a bit from the brief conversation. For once, the more or less right questions were asked. The usual question after the first one, “Where am I?” was “How did I get here?” or “Are you insane?” but at least this one knew to ask the “why” and “how”.

Jason just watched as Angelina pulled a hood over her head. He made to speak but she silenced his effort before it even passed his lips with a sharp whack to his thigh from her crop.

She went to his back and began to pull the wire laces of the built-in corset together. Jason grunted as his lungs began to compress and his breathing became shorter and more labored. Tighter and tighter she pulled the wires. The corset pressed against her victim accordingly. The heavy rubber breastplate squeezed the entire upper torso in an unforgiving vice grip. The heavy busk looped over the shoulders and once the final threading completed would mate with the heavily stayed corset body proper to form a semi-rigid shell encasing the subject. She finished the lacing. Her excursion left her hot, sweaty and a bit spent. She remembered why she left this work to the assistants but this fellow intrigued her.

She came back to the front. She lifted a thick rubber boot with incredibly high ballet heels. The boot had ornamental laces of silver thread but the actually closure was by back zippers. She pulled each boot over the slave’s feet forcing the feet into a ridiculously sharp downward position.

Jason grunted and said, “I hope you don’t expect me to walk in these.”

The crop whacked him hard three times. “That outburst has consequences. Keep it up if you want more severe punishment.”

She pulled up the zippers of the boots and Jason felt his legs thrust out almost straight. He could not bend his knees more than a slight angle in the things. He knew walking would be an absurd expectation in these extreme boots but kept silent.

Angelina released his legs from the stool restraints and pulled him to his feet. He tottered precariously on the ballet boot shod feet. She helped him to a chair where he fell into the seat. The thing in his rear let him know the hard chair and the sudden sit was not such a good idea.

He grunted but stayed silent.

“Slave is learning. Good for it.”

She called loudly, “He’s ready for you again, doctor.”

The rubber-clad doctor returned along with a nurse.

“Wash out your mouth,” he said putting a cup to Jason’s lips and forcing him to take the contents.

The stuff was vile tasting, even worse than Listerine.

“Swirl it around for thirty seconds than spit it out.”

The nurse held a small pan to his chin and he spat.

“Do it again.”

The process was repeated a second time.

The doctor put some sort of instrument into his mouth and looked at it.

“Excellent, less than .01 percent reading.”

He picked up a strangely shaped appliance and approached Jason. The thing was black and rubber but looked like a something from a horror movie. It sort of looked like a spider but without legs.

“Open wide.”

Jason complied and the doctor pushed the thing into his mouth. The lower section pushed his tongue to the floor of his mouth and he felt little pricks of needles or something against the top of his tongue. The doc pressed the lower section against his teeth and they slipped into perfectly molded recesses made from the earlier mouth molds. As his teeth set into the recess, the pricking of the tongue became a sharp piercing as three eighth inch long needles, three of them penetrated his tongue and secured it in immobility within its own rubber-lined prison.

The doctor took hold of Jason’s jaw and pushed up sharply. The upper teeth sucked into recess at the top of his mouth and he felt his mouth fully lined in rubber. When he tried to open his mouth, the suction of the perfectly fitting appliance made it impossible.

Now the doctor fiddled with the front of his mouth. The fellow was spreading the front rubber piece evenly between his teeth and lips to form a perfectly red opening that framed the shiny silver of an ovoid shaped nickel plated ring with a quick connect/release snap ring. A couple of touches of cement secured the pink front rubber piece to the rest of the appliance behind to insure the red remained smooth and flawless.

He pulled the straps on the appliance over his head and went about tightening it in place. The straps were really not needed as long as the suction held inside the mouth but the extra measure of security was always good as well as setting the desired mental condition of the rubber slave.

He tightened the web of eight straps evenly and the appliance was completely secured against any movement. The snout of the thing made Jason look a bit like a short snouted alien beast or some sort of new dog species.

The doctor pulled the rest of the hood over the head concealing the straps under the smooth rubber. The hood also covered the rest of the open face area leaving only the eyes visible behind relatively small eye openings. He made sure the breathing tubes placed earlier were fit through the nose openings of the hood. He closed the zipper of the hood and Jason felt the added press of the rubber on his entire head.

Now Jason’s attempts to speak were reduced to nothing but grunts.

Angelina came into his view again.

“Almost finished. You staying with us?”

Jason nodded an affirmative though he was not all that sure what to expect.

“Excellent. You are going to be a fine slave,” Angelina said. “I’ll let you see yourself in a few minutes. Central casting could not have done better. I’m sure you will find you fit your new status most agreeably.”

This time Angelina gently touched Jason’s chin. She gave the snout of the evil mask a kiss. “You look almost perfect, my dear slave.”

She had to admit that this one seemed to be a special one. She understood why that Kaylin rubber whore loved him so much. She even was developing a place for him and she had never felt an attraction to a man this way in fifteen years.

She lifted the neck corset and began to press it against Jason’s throat. This wide rubber-lined stainless steel device would cradle his head in a permanent upward thrust. Its base was designed to mate with the busk of the suit to form a solid single unit that would force him to turn at the waist to see from side to side. The chin cup would hold his head rigidly straight. She pushed it home and he protested slightly but had to allow the thing to be placed.

She closed the two hinged sides with a click as the hidden locking system engaged. The click had a level of finality. Next she pressed the corset down into the matching grooves of the suit busk and the bayonet ring lock engaged with a click. The corset had two d-rings on either side of its steel body which gave Jason a Frankenstein appearance.

“This next part is a little difficult for you. I am going to insert this tube into your mouth and you must swallow it down.” She held the slimy rubber tube to his face so he understood what was happening. The thing had an oval shaped that would mate with the front of his mouth snout once it was properly placed.

“Once this is in place your saliva cannot be swallowed but the mask has a dental vacuum built in and I will make sure we get it operating before you drool too much.”

She pushed the tube to the back of his mouth. He gagged but took the thing gamely. He saw her hands getting closer to his face though he could not feel the progress of the thing down his gullet. It seemed to fill the back of his throat behind the gag it was being pushed through.

The thing snapped home with a click. Jason actually “heard” the click as the vibration passed through his jaws.

Angelina took up a small rubber bulb and attached it to the front of the newly installed tube. With a couple of squeezes, the small rings inflated at the bottom of the thing to secure it inside his stomach and at three additional positions along the gullet. Jason felt the one near his pharynx seal the top opening. She removed the bulb.

“Nicely done, Mistress Angelina,” the doctor said. “I’ll make you a nurse before long.”

“No Doctor, I only work with very special cases directly.”

“Why is this one special?”

“We might have a way to get into Biotech Discoveries if we work this one right,” Angelina replied.

Angelina took up another hood destined for Slave 1952. This hood fit over the snout of the mouth/nose part. Its main purpose was in the rigid rubber tubes protruding from the eye openings. These would produce a tunnel effect when in place. More importantly when the final suit hood was pulled in place, the two rubber tubes would seal against the faceplate along with the mouth opening to form a firm three leg foundation for the polarized face shield.

She pulled it over the head and went about cementing it to the under-hood. She made sure everything was smooth before pulling the hood behind the head and closing the zip. This hood had small slot that allowed the d-rings on the neck corset to protrude. Otherwise, the steel collar was hidden beneath the black rubber.

It was finally time to close the suit. The final hood was attached to the suit. Angelina pulled it over the head and pressed the eye tunnel tubes against the narrow faceplate. Below the faceplate the mouthpiece attachment snapped into waiting mating ring on the ovoid feeding tube while the dental vacuum connection slipped through a small ring near the feeding tube.

Jason immediately encountered difficulty breathing as he tried to breathe inside this new mask. There was only a small access port to the right of the mouth area that provided only minimal air as he sucked through the restricted tubes installed earlier.

Angelina attached a high-pressure scuba regulator hose to the small opening and pressurized air filled the inner hood space. Jason’s relief from the breathing distress was quickly visible.

She finished pulling the suit neck into place. The neck d-rings pushed through another small slit in the suit. She closed finished closing the zipper. Then she lavishly spread cement over the entire length of the zipper and carefully sealed the outer flap over the zipper. The flap seated into a recessed notch in the rubber on the side opposite the zipper to form a nearly seamless closure.

The communications system clicked inside Jason’s head.

“You’re ready for your first training session,” Angelina said pulling a cloth off a full length mirror in front of her new slave. Jason sat in a pool of light. At least Jason thought the alien in the mirror was he. His shiny black skin was flawlessly smooth. He had never seen such perfection in any of the rubber suit he wore previously. The hooded head hid the ugly mouthpiece behind a black rubber shield. The faceplate above the rubber nose cup area made a silvery reflection that his any features behind its shield. Jason put his nearly useless hand to his face and realized the mitten hit the thick plastic shield a few inches from his head. He was incredibly hot as he looked at his reflection. He felt the surge in his groin but the sheath would deny any attempt at relief. The shiny rubber skin was mesmerizing. In the mirror he actually saw pieces of his reflection reflecting back from the skin, the shine was so intense.

“That is you inside the suit Slave 1952. You are in your totally enclosed rubber cocoon. Your rubberized perfection is complete. We will proceed to the next step of your journey into total rubber submission.”

The sound system clicked off again.

Angelina moved a lever on the faceplate that shifted the alignment of the two thin lenses slightly and Jason’s view went dark. He was pulled to his feet and walked some distance. He had no idea where he was being taken. He just knew he could not see or hear. Spreader bars were attached to his legs and arms. He was lifted until he dangled from the air. He felt someone doing something to his rear area. He was suspended in the ready room. This was where all of the various life-support and sensory systems were connected to a slave. Jason did not know the specifics of the process as he was sealed inside the isolation of his suit.

In short order the waist/enema lines were hooked to the proper hoses. The dental vacuum system was snapped to the connection on the mask and Jason felt the suction drawing off his accumulated saliva. The sweat collection vacuum system was attached to its connection. The various air tubes and wires protruding from the sheathed bundle mated to the proper connections inside a matching sheath of wires and tubes that ran through floor conduits to a control console. There were long runs of loose cable sheaths between the conduit entries and Jason’s location. This extra cable would be needed when Slave 1952 was lowered into the training cell.

The attendant began testing circuits. Jason was suddenly felt massaging and tingling inside his cock sheath. Tingling spread beyond the crotch area the shoicks hit his pierced nipples and he jerked at the tethers.

“Check one complete. Proceeding to check two,” the technician said to the supervisor.

The tingling surged through his entire body and he pulled hard at the bonds the shocks hit his tongue. He tried to jerk his head away from the torment but only succeeded in heavy grunts and slight head movement. The shocks increased as he moaned and grunted then made muffled screams into the gag.

“Tongue punishment check complete. Proceeding to check three.”

His nipples burned as electricity slammed through the fusible links. His pulled an squirmed and grunted hard again. The intense shocks hit his cock and his balls. He pulled his legs up as far as the restraining chains allowed.

“Check three complete. Testing enema flow.”

His belly filled with hot fluid and he felt he would burst. His aroused cock struggled inside the sheath as sweat poured from his body and filled the suit. The vacuum sweat system kicked on as sensors indicated the sweat level had reached the amount to trigger removal. His heart raced. His breathing became rapid as he was subjected to these assaults. He felt something cool coursing down the feeding tubes and filling his belly. The shocks subsided and he sagged at his bonds.

“Testing complete. All systems are green.”

“Proceed with the capsule,” said the supervisor.

Jason had no idea that what he was just subjected to was only testing. The real oredeal had not even begun.

The supervising slave hit a switch that changed the faceplate position and allowed Jason to see again. He saw a large room with bright light on his position as he dangled. He began to drop toward the floor and he thankfully waited in anticipation of his feet touching ground. But as he dropped closer to the floor he realized that he was dangling over some sort of opening.

His head dropped to floor level then below. Soon his view was nothing more the smooth concrete as he was well beneath the floor and his restricted view did not allow him to see more than the small patch of wall lighted by the floodlight above. Then that view changed as the light winked out. He was in total blackness until red lights inside the silo switched on. There was a mirror in front of his and he saw his dangling form from the waist up in the red lights.

He felt heat at his feet. The heat slowly rose up his legs along with a new pressing feeling. Soon the feeling was at his crotch then his chest. He finally saw some sort of fluid filling the silo. The stuff appeared to be thick slime. In the light it appeared to be a kind of yellowish hue though the red lights made that uncertain. It actually looked more grayish sense the red lights inhibited his color vision. Soon the stuff reached his shoulders then kept rising. He had an initial panic attack that he might drown in the stuff. But that was totally unfounded since he was completely sealed inside the suits and he was as safe as a diver in terms of drowning. He realized he was totally dependent on the external systems that controlled his functions. This thought brought on some fear but he had not been harmed so far and this imprisonment had to be very expensive. He figured no one would go to such elaborate measures if murder were the intended final result.

Soon he was completely covered in the goop. The stuff filled the silo to the top covering the suspended slave by about three feet.

Once the silo was full the view on his faceplate again went dark. The goop actually buoyed him slightly taking some stress off his arms. Nothing happened for several minutes. He could do nothing but wait. Where could he go?

This thought brought a wry grunt to his gagged mouth which was rewarded with a shock to the tongue.

“I wonder what he’s thinking?” asked Angelina rhetorically. “That grunt was totally unexpected.”

“Maybe he was thinking about his girlfriend,” the console operator said.

“Well we need to rid him of any desires for his rubber bitch. I want him to be mine when we’re done with him.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“The bitch will be mine too,” she added as she left the room.

Aliquam semper.

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