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Letters From Kaylin Chapter 3: Destinations

by RbrBill

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Storycodes: Solo-mf; F/m; latex; catsuits; multi-layer; gasmask; boots; airtank; cuffs; toys; stuck; sinking; mud; outdoors; mast; climax; reluct/cons; X

I have consolidated all of my stories to date on a Yahoo Adult Group. The Group has the stories and loads of free heavy rubber photo finds that I've compiled over the years. There are even a couple of photos of me enjoying my favorite material. - Story continues from Ch2: Journeys Part Three

Chapter 3: Destinations

Work was boring for Jason now. He missed Kaylin and even the anticipation of finding an e-mail or a note from her had helped break the day. It was Wednesday. The boxes were in his closet. He decided he’d better set up the auction for the rubber stuff when he got home after work.

One of the lab techs had been giving him the look for the last few days. It was amazing how a girl seemed to know when a guy was available and vulnerable. The word was that Kaylin had been in Washington for the weekend and things did not go as well as hoped. Everyone knew Kaylin was a bit kinky. The China Doll show had buzzed throughout the office. Some of the co-workers whispered that Kaylin often had on rubber under her clothes. Then the day she stood up to the “bitch woman” and got the promotion had thrilled most of the team terrorized by the know-nothing supervisor. Now her lover was available and fantasies of catching the one who had briefly stolen the office heroine’s heart spurred the advances.

It had been pretty easy in his case though. He’d been pretty glum since the weekend with Kaylin and the rubber. He didn’t see the weekend as miserable. It certainly had its high points. He was physically drained at the end of it but he was empty emotionally from it… something he wished he didn’t feel. He tried a couple of dates and they were miserable. The girls just could not measure up to Kaylin and her lust for living. Even thoughts of rubber began to intrude more frequently into his mind.

One date with Lois was typical of all of dates he tried. Over dinner he asked her what she thought of the China Doll karaoke contest. Lois’s response was that Kaylin was quite wild and weird to wear such kinky stuff period… much less in public. That ended any further discussion about kinky stuff. Jason figured the girl would not understand his stash of gear from Kaylin hidden in his closet.

No E-mails from Kaylin for another day. Jason was just going from home to work and home again.

By late July, almost two months, later Jason knew he had to do something about the situation. He would eat a quick dinner; watch some TV then look at the boxes on the shelf. He took the box with the older gear off the shelf and rummaging through the rubber. It seemed different now. It was supple and the soft shine of the light reflecting off the black provided a shimmering reflection that pleased his eye. He caressed the soft rubber and thoughts of the massage on his skin and the memories of afterglow when the rubber magic with Kaylin was fulfilled dominated his thoughts.

Was he becoming a rubber lover too? He still couldn’t take that final step within his own mind. The physical pleasure was real but he still didn’t have an emotional attraction to the stuff. Kaylin waxed poetically about how the rubber was a living, almost breathing being. She had a connection to the substance that was beyond fetish. She loved it. There was no question that she reveled in its touch, its enclosing squeeze, its hugging caress and the enhancing eroticism it gave her lust.

Even though his memories of that June Sunday morning didn’t dim in his mind, Jason just couldn’t step over that line into a fantasy of rubber love… at least he told himself that about thirty times each day since Kaylin’s visit. He had to cut the gear from his life and move on or ... He pulled the second box off the shelf. He decided he better open it and do an inventory of the gear then hit the computer to research E-bay prices for the stuff and get rid of it as quickly as possible.

The box was heavy. It was so heavy that if he mailed it back to Kaylin, it would be a small fortune. That was part of the reason he had kept it after she left and not even thought to ask her if she wanted it back. Still if he got any good money from the stuff inside he felt he should contact her and ask if she was interested in any of the money. He still didn’t think of the gear as a gift of her love.

He slit the tape on the lid. The first item out of the box was some sort of body suit. There were little nipple clamps inside the suit where his chest would be if he put it on. He noticed tiny veins imbedded in the rubber that ran from the clamps to the base of the crotch where another metal snap-like affair rested. The bottom of this suit had a small probe that could be inserted into his ass. He wasn’t so sure about that one but the thing was fairly small, not much larger than a rectal thermometer. Other veins radiated out through the suit as well. There were instructions on a piece of paper.

“Remote Fantasy Pleasure Companion (RFPC) Augmentation Device” was the title of the sheet.

The sheet read, “Pull on garment over the RFPC brief. Attach metal snap to corresponding snap on the brief located behind the pleasure control device. Insert the rectal probe into the brief sheath and rectum. Download software upgrade for Augmentation device. The upgrade is found at Use serial number and code found at the bottom of this sheet to start the download.”

He set this aside and pulled out the next heavy rubber garment. This one looked to be a diving suit of some sort. It was a full sort of heavy rubber with attached full hood, gloves and stocking feet. “Just another layer of heavy rubber”, thought Jason as he set it aside. The suit was obviously intended to be worn alone or with all of the other stuff under the heavy HAZMAT suit since Kaylin was so fond of layers of rubber.

The last item were two air cylinders with regulator hoses and connectors that would screw onto the threaded end of the gas mask inlet of the HAZMAT suit. The heavy straps and harness were designed to carry the bottles on the back, although they could also be attached to the mask and placed close to the wearer.

The regulator had two sets of hoses, one of the hoses passed into some sort of rebreathing bag slung between the air bottles while the other hose came from the air bottles. A control valve showed settings that could reduce the amount of “fresh” air being breathed when compared to “stale” air from the bag. A gauge was located between the two tank cylinders to show the amount of air remaining. The bottles were shiny black and all of the metal was chromed. The rubber corrugated hoses were all black. This was some serious breath control system. Jason knew about autoerotic breath control but he didn’t realize that Kaylin might be into it. That last day may have been quite interesting had Jason followed through with Kaylin’s plans.

In the very bottom were several locks and a wide leather belt/harness with wrist and ankle shackles attached to lengths of light-weight chain. The locks had little combination tumblers on the bottom. So the combination locks were a new step above keys. He had the right keys to the older locks and looked around the box for the combinations of these new locks. He did not find them. The leather bondage belt would limit movement were he to lock his limbs into it.

The stuff was expensive. It also had limited selling value. E-bay may not be the place to sell it even though plenty of cheap fetish stuff was available on E-bay and some more exotic stuff too; this gear was a step above even that. The respirator system was easily over $2000, maybe more.

Jason pondered the problem as the two boxes sat on his floor. The new stuff was laid out on his bed and the soft black shine of the suit seemed to call to him.

“What the hell,” he said to himself. “I might as well put it on and see just what it does this once.”

He decided to contact Kaylin after the clothes were on and surprise her. He was not too sure about the bondage belt addition. He did not plan to put that on.

* * *

Monday morning after the weekend in Seattle was hard for Kaylin. She was exhausted from the long drive back to Denver. She really missed the green cover of the Cascade and Olympic Mountains with Mount Rainier always looking on and the sparkling blue of Puget Sound. Seattle was a beautiful place in the summer. She even missed the short gray days of winter with the ever-present drizzle. Denver was beautiful too but in a different way. The city sat on the western edge of the Great Plains. To the east were low rolling (almost flat) lands as far as the eye could see while to the west the foothills of the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains and the mountains themselves provided a fantastic setting for the city. There were no long reaches of water to be seen anywhere in this rugged land. The hills were brown as summer was in its peak while the dark trees on the lower mountains ended in rocky heights above the tree line.

She discovered the mountain valleys on the other side of the Great Divide soon after arriving in Denver. They were cool, even in summer and the clear streams flowing toward the Colorado River were inviting. Fishermen often walked the shallow water in waders to catch the bounty of trout from the fast flowing waters.

Kaylin found the fish to be quite good. She usually had other ideas on what to use the streams for as she would find a secluded stretch away from people and enjoy a heavy rubber wading session. She did have her fishing pole and caught some of the trout as well. She got very good at frying the cleaned and gutted fish into a pretty good dish. The cold water contrasted to the inner heat and provided a delicate balance she found in few other activities.

The company had a contract with the EPA to evaluate clean-up efforts in an abandoned mining town in Eagle County. The place was named Gilman and had quite a history of being one of those places not to live in. Kaylin was assigned to the team. The recent history of the town and its abandonment resulted in fairly modern buildings in significant state of disrepair and vandalism. This was a town with history that only ended in the early 1980’s. The old abandoned industrial buildings made the perfect apocalyptic setting for heavy HAZMAT rubber as the result of some recent battle using chemical weapons or worse. Most of the time the team could just move around in civilian clothes but occasionally they had to don HAZMAT gear for protection when working in and around the old tailing pond and mud pits. Occasionally the wind kicked up and since the trip to the site took two hours, the team donned respirators to guard against any contaminated dust that might rise from the ground to continue the work rather than leave. This was a place for industrial strength fantasies. All she needed was a partner to share in the fun. Jason was looking to being the one but her last trip to Seattle really dampened her belief in his enthusiasm.

South of Red Cliff was property on Homestake Road with power that she fell in love with. It was a perfect place with a cold water stream and seclusion. The cabin was tucked into a tree grove of tall pines that the wind softly whispered through. She enjoyed the fresh air and the quiet solitude of the place. The price was right and with her substantial income from her job she easily qualified for buying the place. It closed just before she went to Seattle. She planned to spring her idea on Jason moving to Colorado that Seattle weekend when things did not go so well.

She spent every weekend since her return at her property. She made several trips to the ghost town. She would flash her company credentials to the security patrol and they would pretty much leave her alone after that. She would strip off her cotton clothes at the company clean station and don her heavy rubber over the rubber layers she wore under the street clothes. She always carried sample kits when she was exploring in the town. It was fun to wander Gilman in HAZMAT (plus other layers) under the eyes of the security team. Kaylin did not much care what they thought and figured they only connected her appearance to being one of the science geeks enamored with the pollution of the mine town. Her testing of the ground and slag areas near the Eagle River indicated clean-up was well on the way in the right direction but there were still toxins to be found near the town site. This concerned her since her property was only five miles downstream and the river ran through it. A trip to Gilman was necessarily confined to no more than three or four hours and she always had to rinse off her outer suit and remove it before putting her loose street clothes back on over the tight rubber under layers for the trip down the highway to her cabin.

She learned her way around other old mining sites in the area. Since all of the abandoned sites were managed by the same company, the security patrol for the Gilman site was the same at the others. She took her samples for appearance as well as for her own education. The silence was so complete. She would sit on the edge of a tailing pool and look at the clear (though polluted) water. Signs posted at the water’s edge warned of high alkalinity but she could wade in impunity with her suits. These pools were isolated from the running streams and successful clean-up resulted in streams that were returning to life.

Exploration of her property was a different matter. The Eagle River had been a major part of the clean-up but was actually close to pristine when she checked the part of the river on her property for heavy metals and other toxins. Fish flourished in the river and she learned from locals that the return of fish was a fairly recent event. The fish were declared safe for consumption only three years before. She had drinking tubes and catheter with collection bags that allowed her to wear her gear for over two days uninterrupted. Kaylin explored her property and enjoyed the solitude of the cool climate. She reveled in the sudden thunder storms bringing on loud drumming rain that blotted out all other sounds. The resulting downpours turned dry gullies into raging rivers that could easily sweep her off her feet were she not careful. She found a couple of low spots on the valley floor that turned into quagmire of muddy clay during these rains. She discovered her pleasure of getting stuck in thigh deep mud and struggling against the mud to break free, a task that always left her breathing hard against her restricting mask and just a bit horny. Her booted feet would sink into the mire and the suction against her efforts to get free added so deliciously to the thrill of rubber enclosure that was hard to explain. It was nature’s bondage.

Once she fell as she struggled to get loose and sank into the stuff up to her waist. She struggled for several minutes to get loose, working her body side to side and laying down flat on the soft surface. Fortunately she had a safety line tied to a thick tree stump and was able to slowly pull herself out of the deeper muck. She was able to drag herself free of the mud and let the rain rinse her outer suit clean as the water from the downpour cooled her hot body. She loved it all. She wiggled and writhed inside the encapsulating suits as toys planted in her body took her to erotic pleasure rides in sexual ecstasy. Jason faded further in her thoughts with each carnal trip in her rubber enclosure. Soon he would be a memory of what could have been.

She found peace in the solitude of her encapsulation. Two days of fasting, drinking only sports fluids and quiet meditating in the wilderness was a spiritual cleansing of her inner soul. Kaylin loved the forty-eight hours in heavy rubber discovered in the last seven weekends at her mountain fortress. No guys, no other people, only rubber and her inner thoughts. This was true inner peace. The fact it took a wild esoteric hobby to release her feelings did not seem all that weird.

The Eagle River always drew her attention. Its high velocity water cascading off boulders and the deep hidden pools to surprise her always provided adventure. She would push into the deeper waters and feel the power of the foaming water pushing her legs. She fell more than once during these sojourns but her suits always kept any water out and she learned to work toward the shore and safety. Often a fall and a hard climb to the bank would leave her so exhausted she would just roll on her back and stare into the deep blue sky while her legs dangled in the running water. These quiet reflections often culminated with her rutting inside the heavy rubber until she felt the surging arousal and her inner juices lubricating the dildo she always had inside and her body shuddering with orgasmic release. After rapture in rubber experiences near The River, Kaylin would roll on her side and look at the rising bulk of Homestake Mountain and wonder at her fortune to find such peace and tranquility before slipping into a light day dreamy sleep. She loved this life.

She quickly started living for the weekend trips into solitary rubber surrender.

She began researching equipment and systems that she could obtain to extend her isolating encasement. She hoped to be able to do 24/7 at the cabin for up to a week before Christmas. She began wondering just to what extreme she could go inside the rubber suits.

But enough of her dreaming of the coming weekend away from the late summer heat of the city … she had work to do.

* * *

Jason started the ritual of pulling on the rubber one more time. This was maybe the last time he would do it, though he now had doubts. That brief with its hollow dildo of rigid rubber and the soft inner pleasure zone was the first item to draw over his legs. He hadn’t inserted the anal sheath in his earlier sessions. He thought about it a bit but realized that if this was to work completely he had to do it. He added lube to the inner surface of the brief at the sheath and pushed it into his crack using the eraser end of a pencil. Then he added the new body suit. This suit was a neck entry affair with a fairly wide neck that had a thickened ring for strength. He had to struggle to get it over his hips. He lined the end of the probe with the sheath opening and started its journey inside his rectum. He then continued the struggle with the thick waist of the suit to get it over his hips. But once past that spot the thing almost sealed to his torso like shrink wrap. The probe slid deep inside him and he felt its presence assert itself. The feeling was foreign but not totally disagreeable once he adjusted to the thing inside him. He made sure the electrical contact in the crotch fit to the mate on the brief behind the ball sack. The suit had short sleeves that he eased his arms into then wiggled to get the thing settled over his body.

The little nipple clamps were actually rings set into the suit. His hardening nipples slid easily into the little opening in the rings. These rings were slightly smaller than his aroused nipples and the thin metal surface bit lightly into his flesh as he looked at the two dark pink buttons of skin poking out of the shiny black latex. This was a bit disconcerting. They did not hurt but they did have a presence and he could not pull the rubber from his chest without some noticeable pain. He hoped exhaustion would allow his nipples to return to a normal state that would make removing the garment without tearing off a thin layer of skin possible.

He pulled on the leggings and felt his calves and thighs being encased in the stretchy massage that he now associated with his rubber dressing. The shirt went over the body suit quite easily and its added squeeze only locked the rings securely to his nipples that were now being massaged as he moved and were even more aroused from the attention of the shirt. It was too late now.

He logged onto the computer to download the software upgrade for the RFPC and started the process before returning to his journey into deep rubber. He pulled on the gloves and then the cat-suit. Despite his doubts about the rubbery world Kaylin gave him, he could not step away from each step that took him deeper into this dark fetish world. The cat-suit slipped easily over the previous layers and the added restriction was barely noticed as he moved inside the squeaking latex. He lightly touched himself and shivered as the taught latex amplified the feel and his hot body began to respond. Sweat started to run under the inner layer and tickled him as it slid down his skin to his feet.

He sat on his bed as he lifted the new and very heavy dive suit in preparation for entry. This smooth black suit was thick rubber inside and out and not really stretchy. This suit would serve to squeeze his body under its thick unforgiving rubber.

He pushed his left leg into the suit and worked his foot past the ankle reinforcement into the attached sock. The heavy material seemed to shrink against his leg forming a tight pressing bondage. The effort to work the suit up his leg made his sweat flow freely. Once the left leg was at his knee he worked the right leg into the suit.

He stood and slowly worked both legs up his thighs to his crotch. Making certain that as much air as possible was pushed out from the suit. He rolled the thick waistband over his hips. The lubrication gel helped with the process until the waist slipped over his hips and literally was sucked to his skin. Now his crotch was sealed tight behind the suit. The thick bulge of the vibrator/sheath was visible but totally inaccessible through the layers.

Jason slid his arms into the waiting sleeves. Again the lube helped the arms slip past thick wristband and made certain his hands were securely in the attached gauntlet gloves. He ducked his head and pulled the hood/shoulders of the suit over his head. He slipped his head into the attached full hood and made sure the nose, eye and mouth openings were properly lines up. The upper body of the suit was a snug as the lower part and movement was nearly impossible yet each move brought amazing thrill as the rubber allowed his body to move inside the suit and the rubber massaged his entire body with millions of fingers.

The Elton John line, “She wrapped herself around you like a well-worn tire” had meaning totally beyond this feeling of rubbery encasement.

At this point Jason was actually on the verge of exploding inside the layers but he knew that final HAZMAT suit had to go on. He did take one of the key locks and snap it on the zipper runner at the shoulder of the dive suit. The thrill of the lock was missing a bit as he had the keys readily available.

With great difficulty, Jason took the HAZMAT suit and started to pull the loose rubber over his heavily encased body. Oddly this layer only isolated him completely from the outside world. It was a totally psychological action that sealed him into complete rubber isolation within his mind. The gas mask and the new respirator tanks would add to the feeling of isolation and the additional physical effort associated breathing through the regulator would add a new mental element to the physical arousal of the rubber layers.

He lifted his legs and pushed them into the suit boots, first the left then the right leg planted firmly inside the boot. The multiple layers before the final suit made his feet fit very snugly. He even wondered if he could get his feet out of the suit when the time came the fit was so tight. He sat there pondering what he was doing. This total encapsulation in rubber was so alien to his rational thoughts that the mere fact he had proceeded to this point was nearly beyond sane comprehension. He thought “nearly” was a subjective word as he was sitting at this point in time wrapped in heavy rubber layers wondering why he was here. Some consuming primitive drive spurred his actions. His reasoning functions were totally shut off.

Jason pulled the heavy upper suit on his arms. He pulled the gas mask over his hooded head and closed its zipper then ducked his head inside the neck opening and into the final outer hood of the suit. Using the mirror to guide the connectors toward the gas mask inlet and outlet connection he was able to clip the gas mask openings into the outer hood connections. His breathing was immediately restricted and the heavy aroma of the rubber hoses added to the sensory invasion of rubber on his body.

He hoisted the harness with the twin tanks in his hand. These things were heavy. He thought to leave them off but knew the complete experience required the air. He shrugged himself into the harness and fumbled with the waist strap, the crotch straps and the chest buckle. The process took several minutes but the result was a fairly well-balanced breathing system on his back. He snapped the regulator hose to the gas mask port and was immediately rewarded with NOTHING. The mask collapsed to his face as no air flowed. He realized he had to turn on the regulator. He reached around the back and using the mirror was able to succeed after a few tries with cracking the air valve open and started its flow. Now his panic subsided some and he opened the valve more and increased the flow. He snapped the outlet hose to the other regulator hose and saw the rubber bag between the two tanks inflate as he watched his reflection in the mirror.

Now he waddled to his computer and sat clumsily at his keyboard. With great difficulty he was able to log into his messenger system. The status icon for Rubber Princess indicated she was monitoring her cell phone. He sent a contact message to Kaylin, “Hello. I am wearing all of the gear you sent and am sitting in front of my web-cam. Love, Jason.” He couldn’t bring himself to sign with some clever rubbery nickname.

One thousand miles southeast, Kaylin was working late. She had just doffed the heavy isolation suit and was finalizing her observations before hitting the shower. She was sweaty inside the cat-suit under her cotton scrubs that was the uniform for all of the isolation suit work. Needless to say, the cat-suit was not standard issue.

She was always a bit more relaxed with her appearance when the lab was empty. The cat-suit neck peaked out above the scrub shirt collar. This was a white cat-suit with a tee collar she had found. It was easy to wear it under clothes and only very close scrutiny would reveal its actual material. She purposely did not shine this suit so the white could be mistaken as cotton. After all, that was what most people expected to see under outer clothing.

Her cell phone pinged. She looked at it and saw a text from the Jason was on Messenger. After the silence since June, she did not expect a message from Jason. Kaylin finished dressing in her street clothes. The jeans and the crewneck shirt covered the cat-suit. She felt the squishy sweat under the suit as she headed for the door.

The summer heat hung over the city. A hot wind was blowing off of the Front Range and storm clouds were piling up over the highlands. A hard rain would come sweeping off the range before she got home. She was glad for the cat-suit as her clothes were in for a soaking. She unlocked her bike and climbed on. Then she took up the phone.

“Bad timing. I am about to bike home and a storm is coming.”

Just when she was forgetting the affair with Jason, here he was again. And her weekend was about to start. She had plans to be at her property in in her rubber world by night. Now Jason was intruding into her plans.

“Can you look at the webcam link?”

Kaylin tapped her screen in the sequence to request the cam link. After a few seconds one very heavily rubberized thing was on her phone. He had certainly done it. He was completely dressed in everything. He looked kind of funny in the small screen but her heart skipped a beat as she imagined her in similar bondage with him.

“You are not wearing the bondage belt,” she texted.

He shook his head.

“I want you to do two things for me. First - turn the re-breather valve on the regulator to twenty-five percent fresh air mix; second - put on the bondage belt and lock your hands and legs in the shackles using the key locks on your ankles and the combination locks on your wrists. Lock the belt buckle with the third combination lock. Then wait. I will see you when I get home.”

He texted, “If I lock myself in how do I get out?”

“I have the combinations, silly. I’ll give it to you after we are done. Do what I ask NOW.”

She watched him fumble with the valve and grinned.

“Better show the setting of the regulator to me.”

He must have the volume up really loud since he heard the incoming ping and looked at the message. He put the regulator toward the cam.

“More. Turn the valve down more.”

He turned it some more. The bag was inflating and deflating pretty fully as that stale air was mixing with the fresh air.

She saw the setting on the valve indicated fifteen percent fresh air was flowing with each breath. It was enough that Jason should be all right and the air would last quite a while with the setting.

“Good. Now the belt.”

Kaylin watched as Jason put the belt on and shackled his ankles. It was fun to watch his struggle to reach his legs. He managed to get each shackle closed and locked with one of his key locks. The wrist immobilization was much quicker. Each hand could reach the other in the chains. But he could not lift his arms above abdomen. Once he was locked, he would not be able to reach the valve on the regulator or remove anything he was wearing since the locks he could reach were the combination locks.

Hesitation as he held the first lock in his left hand and looked at the right wrist. He was using his head again. This was one thing that Kaylin knew would need to change with Jason.

“Lock it NOW or I will not come on line when I get home.”

He read the message and the lock snapped. Then he locked the belt buckle and finally locked the left wrist shackle. He was hers now.

“Good Rubber Toy. Let me give you something to keep you busy until I can get back to you. You better not cum while I am away. Remember the program monitors your vitals too.”

She punched in a few strokes on the screen and closed off the link.

Jason saw his computer blink and a new picture came up on his screen. He was greeted to a video of two rubber-enclosed lovers making out. The girl was pressing her shoe heel hard against the man’s crotch. Meantime the RFPC came to life. He felt the thing mimicking the touch of the stiletto heels on the screen. Then she pressed her gloves to the nipples of the man on the screen and he felt his nipples squeezed and pinched by the new body suit. This was amazing to feel the sexual stimulation as it played out on the screen! He wondered when a Three-D system would bring near reality to the experience.

The system sent little shocks through the suit and his nipples were being attacked by the embedded system. He squirmed in his bonds, pulled at his arms and struggled against the pleasure onslaught. The wall in his mind guarding his reasoning against rubber lusting was cracking under the carnal ecstasy attacking him. The wall crumbled in his mind and he saw his future as a rubber slut forever desiring nothing but this moment. His building lust was a thick sticky feeling that sent electric shocks to his very toes and finger tips. These tingles were real and his thrusting manhood surged toward release as the fire of the real massaging shocks flowed from the bodysuit into him.

Just then his sphincter squeezed in anticipation and the internal probe sent a signal to the system and everything stopped. His thrusting was in vane as with the stimulation ended he could not create enough movement to complete his desire. He panted heavily in the mask that provided his restricted air flow. He sat as the screen on the computer was also blank. This was a new torture as denial of satisfaction after reaching so high a plateau was new. He could do nothing but pant and sweat inside his rubber prison and wait. After several minutes the computer screen came to life and the system started to tease him again.

The scene continued much as before and his renewed desire quickly asserted itself as he was thrusting to the rhythm of the pulsing equipment in an effort to speed the final explosion. Again he reached the near point of no return and again the evil system shut down to leave him at the very brink with nothing but frustration.

Sweat was pooling at his feet and he even felt it rising up his legs. He kicked against his bonds. He twisted his body in an effort to find relief. He pulled at the chained wrists trying to reach his mask. This new bondage was beyond anything he imagined. Even the photos of heavy bondage in rubber he had viewed could have prepared him for this physical torture/pleasure. The system started up again.

The woman on the computer screen began to massage the crotch of the man with the heel of her stiletto shoe. This time Jason was quickly carried to the point of near release. He anticipated the system shutdown yet again but this time it did not quit. He was taken beyond anything imagined as his shaft was squeezed and worked by the sheath. He couldn’t help it as his spunk exploded into the sheath and his final surrender to rubber was completed. He thrust into the shaft for long seconds. To him the orgasm went on for minutes… even hours! The incredible eroticism of the rubberized orgasm reached new frontiers of rapture he never crossed! His doubts about rubber dissolved in this moment of animal passion and release by a remote controlled computer system of rubber bondage.

He was in rubber ecstasy that he never could have imagined as he shot a massive load into the sheath. He panted in his restricted breathing system and felt the tight rubber closing on him as the release subsided and the afterglow began. For several minutes he struggled to get out of the tight rubber prison. Of course it was useless effort and only brought on the sweat and heavy panting in his restricted mask.

He slumped at the computer and the system came alive again. This time the pulses were subtle but persistent. Even with the massive explosion just completed he felt stirring in his groin and the ride began anew. This time the system did not tease but was quite direct in carrying his hot body to a second wave of carnal nirvana. He exploded again into the slippery sheath and slumped resigned in his seat. The desire was completed. He wanted out of the gear and Kaylin was still not on line. He thought of the possible reaction she would have when she saw he had reached orgasm twice during the wait. She had been quite specific that he was to wait for her. He shuddered again and surprisingly he found his cock growing with desire inside the slippery sheath as he shivered in fearful expectation of her ire.

He breathed the stale air of his closed system and felt the press of the mask against his hooded face with each strangled breath. He began to think the mixture ratio was somewhat lower than Kaylin had said. He tried to surf the Internet a little to occupy his mind though RUBBER was totally in his thoughts. How could he not be thinking of rubber considering his predicament?

His messaging link went active and Kaylin was sitting at her computer. She was in street clothes.

“Why aren’t you in total rubber?” he typed onto the chat window.

His actual message was typed as “why ar’ent u n ttal ruber?” Fortunately Kaylin understood what he tried to say.

She was ready for him to message her and quickly typed, “None of your business rubber slut boy. You will just read no replies!”

“You came twice. You show your true colors as a rubber slut boy yet months ago you scorned me and rubber. Obviously that was just a ploy on your part to get me out of your life.”

Jason read the words and started to reply.

“Keep your hands away from that keyboard!”

“Coming twice…you know how much air you have left in the tanks?”

He shook his head negatively.

“I’d say you have air for about 30 more minutes. Then you might be able to breathe the contents of the bag another five to ten minutes as long as you’re careful.”

Jason wondered where this was going.

“I just took control of your computer system. You can’t contact or connect with any site now as long as my system has control.”

Jason tried to use his keyboard and got error messages as reward.

“Silly rubber slut boy to try after I told you what I have done.”

Jason sat looking into the screen wondering what was next.

“Have you heard the expression, ‘Hell has no wrath as a woman scorned.’?”

He nodded affirmative.

“Well you are scorned. I hope you enjoy your last rubbery thrills for I’m done with you.”

Kaylin closed the connection.

Jason frantically tried to make contact with her, then with anyone. The system was completely out of his control. He was helpless in the rubber prison he had voluntarily put himself into. He struggled against the bonds but it was useless. Meantime the system began to work his cock and stimulate his body with massaging pulses and waves of sexual lust washed through him and as he sucked at the last of his air he found himself floating on a higher plain of erotic hunger than he ever imagined. He exploded hard into the sheath a third time and his panting breath stole precious air from the bottles as he slumped again but surrendered to the pulsing mechanics of the fucking machine in which he was trapped.

* * *

In Denver Kaylin picked up her phone and dialed a number.

“Specialty Delivery Systems, how may I help you?”

“This is Kaylin Franklin and I made prior arrangement to pick up a package at 12924 19th Avenue, Apartment H-104.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Please make the pick-up for the delivery. You have 20 minutes to complete the pick-up.”

“Yes, ma’am. I have the key to the apartment and two air bottles along with the shipping crate you provided. We are on our way.”

Kaylin smiled a bit as she imagined the reaction of the delivery men to the “package” they would find in the apartment. She hung up the line and wondered how Jason would react to being a rubber slut toy living on her property near Red Cliff.

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