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9: Gotta Catch Them All

"So Cait," Summer started, "do you feel like going on in a special place? You're already dressed pretty appropriately for it too."

"Phew Summer I'm honestly a little tired already," Caitlyn laughed as she looked into Summer's grinning face.

"Sure, sure. Can totally understand," Summer said slyly, turning around and raising her fist, "You can pick these up next week then, ok?"

Summer opened her fist and Caitlyn saw that a key ring was hanging from her middle finger. Stunned, Caitlyn stared at the keys dangling from it.

"Summer I…" Caitlyn stammered and stood up to follow Summer. Her chains clanked loudly against each other and she looked down at her bonds. Without the keys she could forget about opening even one lock. Not the ankle cuffs or the cuffs over her knees, and certainly not the ones over her elbows and wrists. Not to mention her collar and the ball gag that rested around her neck. If Summer made her threat real, she would be stuck in this way too revealing swimsuit and latex accessories on her hands and feet until next week. Not exactly the best outfit to wear when her little brother and his new girlfriend were in the same house.

"The only thing I want to hear from you right now is, please Summer put the gag back and take me with you," Summer said, rearing up in front of her friend.


"Please, Summer…" interrupted Summer, smiling with pleasure at Caitlyn’s predicament. The young black-haired girl bit her lower lip and knelt down.

"Please Summer… put the gag back and take me with you," Caitlyn whispered, getting so red in the face that she started to glow.

"There you go," Summer said, shoving Caitlyn's ballgag back into her mouth and grabbing the long chain dangling from her neck, "one down, three to go!"

"Pfrree?" asked Caitlyn in shock, thinking of Tea, her brother Luke and his girlfriend Kim who were probably waiting in the living room, not knowing what they were in for.

"Yes of course three. Tea, Chloe and… hopefully Ava. They don't know about their bliss yet but I just got some really great news and there's no way I'm going to miss it. So let's go, time to say goodbye and give Kimmi and Luke some privacy."

Summer helped Caitlyn stand up and gently pulled on the chain to get her to follow. She turned and faltered when she saw a nearly waist-high stuffed animal of a penguin she was very familiar with next to the door. A smile spread across her lips which escaped Caitlyn.

"I didn't know you were a Pokémon fan, Caitlyn. Is Piplup your favorite?" she asked, glancing over her shoulder. Caitlyn's face turned, even a touch redder and she nodded shyly.

"Interesting," murmured Summer, tugging on the chain again. Caitlyn didn't know what she had gotten herself into, but she no longer had a choice and now had to chase after her friend's pink hair.

Caitlyn's Solo Teas3 by pyperhaylie

They walked down the stairs and Summer supported Caitlyn who was still trapped in her high heels. From the living room, the two young women could hear laughter and Caitlyn prayed she wasn't the joke.

"Oi, Luke? I'd like to get going! Can you turn off the security alarm before another disaster happens?" Summer called into the living room, tying Caitlyn's chain to the stair railing. The laughter died down and Tea, Luke and Kim appeared in the doorway. At the sight of Caitlyn, Luke instantly covered his eyes while Tea curiously examined her restraints and Kim's face turned as red a color as Cait's.

"I figured you two must want some one-on-one time. I'll take Caitlyn with me, if you don't mind."

"Oh, no, no, go ahead," Luke stammered, walking in a wide arc around his sister to disarm the alarm, "You two have fun."

He nodded to the ladies and grabbed his girlfriend's hand to escape back to the living room.

"Is that a proper goodbye?" asked Summer with a grin, earning a look from Tea, Caitlyn and Kim.

"I don't think a situation like this is the right time, Summer," Tea whispered.

"Why? We want to go, if not say goodbye now, then when?"

"But..." Tea started but Summer raised an eyebrow when she heard the rejoinders and she fell silent. Luke threw his head back and exhaled deeply before turning around.

"Goodbye Tea, glad to have made your acquaintance," he said, extending his hand to her. He walked over to Summer and hugged her. As he did so, she grinned and let her tongue hang out of the corner of her mouth. Kim had to suppress a laugh at that. Now he was standing in front of Caitlyn.

"See you around." he said curtly, giving his sister a quick hug.

"Pff he pfawe," Caitlyn mumbled into the gag. The siblings would have loved to sink into the floor in embarrassment.

"Fine, fine. I hope you two come with me next time too." said Summer, opening the door for Tea and untying the chain from Caitlyn.

"We'll see." muttered Kim, waving to the three of them. Tea went first into the front yard towards the car while Summer was still waiting and suddenly looked at Luke's alarm with interest. She pressed a button and Luke, Kim and Caitlyn looked at her in shock.

"Oops sorry Tea," Summer called after the young actress.

"Mmh, What do you mean...SUMMER!" she yelled as Summer slammed the door and the alarm system armed itself.

"So and what else are you guys up to today?" asked Summer over Tea's screeching as the net thrower caught her once again and dragged her down to the basement.

"Why?" asked Luke weakly, walking into the basement closely followed by the laughing Summer, who had now left Caitlyn and Kim alone.

"So ehm, aren't you afraid to be alone with Summer?" asked Kim cautiously. Caitlyn shrugged and shook her head.

"Because you're friends?"

Caitlyn nodded.

"Mmmh. Can Luke and I help ourselves with your backpack? For research purposes."

Caitlyn nodded again and smiled encouragingly at Kim.

"Thanks Cait, maybe I can understand this whole thing better."

"Phew man you're heavy Tea!" said Summer as she came upstairs with Tea's mummified body.

"I'm going to get revenge for this Summer!" they heard Tea's voice under the netting and bandages.

"Yeah of course, let me know when it's time." Summer laughed while Luke turned off his alarm again and waited in front of the console. Only when Summer had left the property, with Caitlyn in tow and Tea over her shoulder, did he breathe a sigh of relief and pull Kim into the living room.

Summer was panting with exhaustion when she finally came to a stop beside her van and looked for her keys. She had Tea leaning against her van and Caitlyn was standing next to it, making sure she didn't tip over.

"Fo fif feeim Pfhoo?" asked Caitlyn, groaning in annoyance at her inability to utter intelligible words.

"Where my real car is? Well you can't all fit in there… at least not the way I imagine it."

Caitlyn raised an eyebrow in puzzlement and froze as Summer pushed Tea aside to open the door only to shove her into the van. Tea shrieked in fright.


"What, you landed softly." she retorted, pushing Tea deeper into the van. Caitlyn glanced inside. The back of the van had no seats, instead the floor and its sides were softly padded.

"Wait, what are you doing?" asked Tea suddenly, since she hadn't seen the back of the van before.

"Freighting my Pokémon safely for the trip!" said Summer cheerfully, rolling Tea's mummified body against the opposite wall.

"You're going to transport us like this? Summer, are you insane?"

"It's not quite confirmed yet. Now hold still while I tie you down."

Summer pulled a web of straps over Tea's body, pushing the wriggling bundle down. To Tea's left and right were hidden grommets through which Summer could tighten the restraints and press her victim into the mattress.

"What if you crash?" asked Tea, rearing back against the straps to no avail.

"I won't, and if I do you'll be better secured than I am. Believe me, I'll make sure of that. Caitlyn dear, will you come in please?"

Caitlyn hesitated only a moment before sitting down in the side door of the van and dropping into the soft interior.

Chloe puffed contentedly as she settled down on her sofa, a hot cup of tea in one hand and her tablet in the other. She had thrown on a loose blue shirt and wrapped her legs with a fluffy blanket.

"Finally, they're out of the house. I thought Luke still wanted to move in here," she muttered, opening her sister's comic. For far too long she had been told that she hadn't read it yet, and now she wanted to make up for it. She had experienced half of the scenes on her own body and knew how it ends, but she was thrilled by the pictures her sister had drawn. She turned the first page and pursed her mouth in disgust when she saw her common stepfather.

"I'll have to have a word with you too, old man," she muttered, sipping her tea. The doorbell rang and Chloe rolled her eyes.

"No breaks in Leon City," she muttered and stood up. The blanket slipped off her bare legs and she tugged her shirt to keep her panties in hiding.

"Hellooo?" she asked through the intercom at her apartment door.

"Hey babe," Summer's voice rang out from the speaker, "We've waited long enough and it's time! You have five minutes to dress appropriately and come downstairs before I break down the door and come get you."

Chloe laughed in amusement.

"Sure, you and what army?"


"Yeah well you got me there, but I would love for you to come. Caitlyn and Tea would be happy too for sure."

At that moment Chloe's phone vibrated and Chloe drew in a hissing breath when she saw the picture Summer had sent her. It showed a mummy and Caitlyn tied up with chains in the back of a van.

"Give me a minute, I need to put something on."

"Less is more babe. You'll be princely dressed soon anyway."

Chloe shook her head, she didn't know exactly what Summer was up to, but she certainly wasn't going to get into Summer's van dressed only in panties.

Ava stared at the screen of her laptop with her mouth half open. A video was playing in front of her, captivating her and making her perplexed at the same time. She tilted her head to better follow what was happening and frowned as the woman in the video moaned with pleasure. Ava definitely needed to have Chloe explain this to her. The ringing of her phone half jerked her out of her trance and she answered the call without taking her eyes off the screen.

"Jo?" she asked curtly, forgetting to mute the video.

"Hey Ava, it's Summer. I wanted to ask… Ehm Ava can you please mute the video I can hear every moan."

Ava's face instantly turned red and she shut her laptop with a flourish.

"SUMMER, why do I owe you this uninvited surprise?"

"Wow, is someone a little sleep deprived?" asked Summer with amusement.

"Indeed, I hear you," Ava said bitingly and was about to hang up when Summer said, "Wait… Ava can we please talk?"

Ava took a deep breath.

"On the phone?"

"Was thinking more like in your living room. Standing outside the driveway with my car."

Ava had her chin propped on her hand while she watched Summer make the fourth sugar cube disappear into her coffee.

"I thought you wanted to talk, not use up my sugar," Ava said as Summer reached for a fifth cube.

"Mmh yeah sorry I'm a little nervous right now." the pink haired woman mumbled, stirring her coffee briefly before letting the contents of the cup disappear into her mouth. Summer cleared her throat briefly and looked Ava straight in the eye.

"Ava… I want to apologize. Sincerely. I was so caught up in the idea of having you with me that I forgot the most important thing. You and your well being."

Ava continued to stare at her coldly and said nothing.

"I was not in control and I swear to you that nothing like that will ever happen again. I regret not apologizing to you properly back then and dismissing the whole situation as a prank."

"That's what hurt the most..." muttered Ava bitterly, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I know, and I'm really, really sorry. It wasn't a prank, I was just too stupid to admit I made mistakes."

Ava's face relaxed a little and she leaned back in the chair.

"Why are you just coming now?"

"Shame? Besides, a lot has happened lately and I want to enjoy the future with all my friends," Summer said, adding after a moment's hesitation, "Peace?"

Ava scratched her head briefly and nodded.

"No more lies."

"I promise," Summer replied promptly, beaming from ear to ear.

"Then please explain to me why this piece of junk of a van is in front of my house and not your usual car." Ava demanded, raising an eyebrow.

"Um. I'm not going to lie to you but that might not be the best…"

"Summer, what's in the van?" asked Ava, crossing her arms sternly again and looking at Summer sitting around uncomfortably in her chair.

"I… um… you know I recommended C&T products to you guys. The other day the owner wrote to me after I ordered another one of her Bondsuits. She was wondering and wanted to know if I wasn't happy with one. We got to talking and she offered that I can test some special and new products with her. With my friends, if I wanted. The day would be today… if you feel like it." explained Summer carefully.

"Testing products? At this hour?" asked Ava, looking out into the dark night.

"Special… bondage… and latex products."

"Bondage and latex? But why do you need a van for that? You can fit them all in your regular van, can't you?"

"I figured a special event deserved a special trip."

"Oh… oooooohhh… ohhh you didn't do that," Ava said in horror, paling.

"The others are waiting patiently in the back… snugly packed," Summer muttered and stood up, "I don't want to force you to come. I know where you stand on the subject, but I'd be delighted. I… um I should get going."

Summer stormed off to the van, her head flushed. She was so embarrassed by it all. What had she been thinking?

"Summer wait!" shouted Ava after her, catching up with her at the vehicle.

"I'm sorry Ava. I should have apologized a lot sooner and not when I was going to do something like that with you." Summer said worriedly, leaning against the van door without looking at Ava.

"Show me the others!" demanded Ava, prompting Summer and she turned around in surprise.

"Now don't look at me with such a stupid face and open up. I want to see what you did with the others!"

Summer gulped, but opened the side door to reveal her friends. Ava's mouth dropped open when she saw Caitlyn, covered in chains, lying on the floor dressed only in a bathing suit and latex, a mummy who began to wriggle as she was jerked out of a light slumber, and Chloe, bound only with hand and leg cuffs, looking up at them. All three were pinned to the floor with straps and lay crowded in the back of the van. The air that hit Ava was warm and humid. She could detect a sweet smell in it.

"Hey girls, you okay?" asked Ava.

"Always, are you coming?" asked Chloe curiously, trying to sit up only to be reminded of the straps.

"Sure, someone has to keep an eye on the three of you to make sure nothing happens. Summer can't be left alone with this task!" said Ava, looking up at Summer who had turned scarlet.

"Well then let's go. I want to get to C&T today," said Ava, opening the passenger door and getting into the car.

Summer drove slowly and carefully through Leon City, afraid of causing an accident. That Ava kept looking over at her curiously didn't improve her nervousness.

"Say, where are we going exactly?" asked Ava as they left the city behind and headed east across the massive suspension bridge.

"To C&T as I said," Summer replied, but quickly added after seeing Ava's expression, "The company is based in the woods."

"In the woods? Wait, you mean the Cursed Forest? You're not serious."

"Surprised me too," Summer said with a shrug, drumming on the steering wheel. The Eastern Forest had been a mysterious place ever since the city was built, some even said it was cursed. Too often, plans to tear it down and expand the city failed. Instead, trails were built so that the city could at least use it somehow, even if they didn't really lead deep into the forest.

"Summer, are you sure you talked to the C&T people? Don't have the greatest desire to read a ransom note to my parents."

"Wow now you're exaggerating, Leon City isn't that bad," Summer said, earning a stunned look from Ava, "Well it is that bad, but I'm sure I talked to the owner of the company. We're supposed to wait in the parking lot to the trails and we'll be picked up by employees."

"How sure are you?"

"Until you brought it up, 99%."

"I swear to you Summer, if I get dragged in some musty basement…" threatened Ava as Summer slowed the van and pulled into the parking lot.

"Ava everything will be fine, let's just have some fun tonight. Look, there's the employee already, to pick us up." said Summer pointing to a figure standing at the entrance of the forest waving at them.

"How do we explain our three packages to her?" asked Ava, unfastening her seatbelt.

"Please, we all know why we're here. Just look at what she's wearing!" replied Summer, pointing at the blonde woman illuminated by the car's headlight. She was wearing a catsuit, made of shiny black latex, which fit tightly around her body and accentuated her athletic figure.

"Are you Summer?" the blonde woman asked, extending her latex-clad hand to Summer.

"Yes I am, and that there is my friend Ava," Summer explained, shaking the offered hand, "I didn't think we'd get a welcome in latex right away."

"Yeah, wasn't really planned that way either but my friend and I want to visit some very old friends of mine afterwards. I hope you guys don't mind."

"Not at all!" said Summer, smiling as she saw Ava blush as she admired the woman's body.

"My name is Rilliana by the way I will be leading you to the company as soon as you all arrive, where management will then take over. Where are the rest of your friends?"

"In the back of the van." said Summer, and Ava opened the side door to reveal a view of the three bound forms.

"I can see you're all gonna be in lovely..." the woman said, but suddenly fell silent when she saw the curious looks of Chloe and Caitlyn, as well as the mummified Tea.

"Is something wrong?" asked Summer worriedly, coming around the car to free the women. Rilliana looked surprised, but just shook her head.

"No, everything's fine. We can leave as soon as you're ready."

A short time later, the three women were free of their shackles and Caitlyn was stretching extensively, having spent nearly 24 hours in the handcuffs and chains. Tea was also happy with her regained freedom, even if it would be short-lived.

"Finally we get to see each other face to face! Summer's told us a lot about you already!" said Chloe, hugging Tea. A bit surprised, she returned the hug.

"Yaaa, had a lot going on. Summer showed me that there is more than just working."

"I hope more than bondage too?" asked Ava amused, taking Tea in her arms as well.

"We went to a club once, after that it gets tricky." Tea laughed and Summer caught an accusing look from Ava.

"Can we go then?" asked Rilliana, walking ahead along the forest path. A flashlight lit the way and the women whispered among themselves as Rilliana led them.

"So C&T is actually headquartered here in the forest?" asked Tea curiously as she recalled her fruitless attempts to find out its location.

"Yup, has been for about eight hundred years." Answered Rilliana, casting a backward glance.

"Eight hundred… So is what's on your coat of arms true? Founded twelve hundred something more?"

"1255. Yeah, I… um I mean we could at least trace the origin back to then." said Rilliana, quickly looking forward again. Tea tilted her head, she had a feeling the woman was hiding something. The others didn't seem to have noticed.

"So how long have you been working for C&T?" asked Tea.

"Pretty curious for someone who was just wrapped in bandages from head to toe. But I don't know exactly how long. Suffice it to say since

I was 21 years old?"

"21…" Tea looked at the woman from top to bottom; she was 25 at the most. Couldn't or wouldn't she say exactly how long she had been working there.

"Tea, leave Rilliana alone, she's here to guide us safely through the forest, not expose her work life." Summer remarked, wrapping one of her arms around Tea's waist to pull her closer.

"Oh it's no problem!" Laughed Rilliana, pushing aside a branch to reveal the path to a clearing, which the friends curiously entered. Before them stretched an almost ancient mansion around which stood several smaller buildings.

"And here we are," Rilliana opened and showed them the way to a flat but still large building next to the mansion, "please wait in the house, my boss will join you shortly. If you'll excuse me I'd like to go with my friend," she said smiling and holding the door open for them. As Caitlyn was about to walk past her, she briefly extended her arm. Surprised, everyone turned to them.

"I'd just like to borrow you for a minute if that's okay?" asked Rilliana.

"Um sure is everything alright?" asked Caitlyn in surprise. Rilliana looked at her frowning and shook her head.

"Nothing bad, just want to go over a few things," Rilliana assured her and closed the door. Tea tilted her head briefly, but then turned away and looked around the room they had just entered. A table had been set up in front of them with five boxes on it. Locker rooms were set up on the left side and on the right were several locked doors. A staircase led down into a dark basement.

"This seems kind of, a little creepy don't you think?" remarked Tea as she tried to peer into the room beyond the stairs.

"It'll be fine Tea, trust me the owner is really nice," Summer said confidently as she opened one of the boxes. Out came a shimmering black latex catsuit, similar to the one Rilliana had been wearing.

"Oh yeah Jackpot!" said Summer, unfolding the garment to take a closer look.

"Do you think these are for us?" asked Ava in disbelief, staring at the packages with her arms crossed while Chloe opened one of the boxes and pulled out an identical catsuit.

"Well, there's five of us, that's five catsuits." noted Chloe, furrowing her brow as she saw that the suit seemed a bit too big for her.

"Is that right, Summer?" she asked but Summer just shrugged. A clearing of the throat from the door made them sit up and they saw a redheaded woman in an elegant black evening dress enter the room, closely followed by Caitlyn who looked a little confused and stood next to Ava.

"Yes, the suits are correct, my dears. As soon as you put them on, you will realize why," said the woman.

"So they're really for us?" asked Ava incredulously while Chloe and Tea's eyes started to light up.

"As a little gift, welcome to C&T, my name is Celine and I hope we have a lot of fun tonight. Summer has been a great help to my work and a loyal customer, so I wanted to give her and her friends a nice fun evening."

"Wait, what are we even doing? I thought you were giving us a tour of your workshops or something?" asked Ava.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible. Everything is very, very confidential, but instead I've come up with an exciting game for you to play after I had a few words with Summer. I am sure you will have a lot of fun! I will explain the rules once you have changed your clothes. So please get changed and then come downstairs, I will be waiting for the five of you there," said the red-haired beauty and walked down the stairs while Ava, Tea and Caitlyn looked after her in wonder. Chloe and Summer were already giggling happily on their way to the cabins to change. Tea shrugged and grabbed one of the boxes but stopped briefly next to Caitlyn.

"What did Rilliana want from you?"

"She asked me if I moved back to Leon City with Mom."

Ava and Tea looked at her in wonder.

"You know each other?" asked Ava.

Caitlyn shrugged.

"She didn't say, I don't know her… at least I think I do, somehow… She looked familiar. Maybe I should give mom a call." muttered Caitlyn, grabbing a box from the table. Tea and Ava gave each other a worried look, but they took the remaining catsuits from the table and went into two of the remaining cubicles. The locker room was spacious and had a large mirror that stretched across the entire wall. A table stood in the corner and a wooden chair stood next to it. Tea put the box on the table and she already heard giggling from Summer and a sensual moan from Chloe.

"Like fucking magic." Tea heard Chloe mutter and she opened her own box. As with the others, a black latex catsuit emerged and Tea unfolded it. It had no zipper, but its neck opening was large enough for her to squeeze through. Tea didn't think twice and took off her clothes. She folded her shirt and jeans neatly and placed them next to the box on the table. Her bra and matching panties landed on top. Unlike the Bondsuit, this suit had no mask and also looked much more flexible. Still, it looked a little bulky and Tea doubted it would display the same elegance as the Bondsuit. Tea shrugged and tucked her legs into the depths of the catsuit. A moan escaped her lips as her lower legs brushed over the collar and she closed her eyes to restrain herself. Tea swallowed. Had she fallen so in love with the material?

"Damn Summer what did you do to me?" she whispered.

"I just pulled out your little latex loving self Tea," Summer whispered back and Tea winced as her friend squeezed in.

"SUMMER!", Tea snarled at her for the second time today, but her breath caught when she saw Summer wrapped head to toe in latex for the first time. The suit was neither deformed nor too big for her. Tea couldn't put it any other way, it fit her: "Perfect." She whispered and her face took on a hint of red. She reached out to run her hand over Summer's shiny belly. Even her belly button was visible through the latex.

"You know if you weren't groping my belly you'd be in a suit yourself by now? Here I'll help you." said Summer helpfully, kneeling down to tuck Tea's legs into those of the suit. Her skin slid over the inside of the suit and Tea got goosebumps as her latex-clad friend pulled it on.

"Why does this feel so good?" muttered Tea, biting her lower lip.

"Because you're an absolute pervert, dear. Just like the rest of us." whispered Summer, stepping back as the neck opening snapped around Tea's neck. She gasped as she felt the suit suddenly tighten and fit perfectly against her body like Summer's.

"How is that possible?" asked Tea, holding her hand up to the light of the overhead lamp. The shine of the suit had an almost hypnotic effect on her and she had to pull herself together not to fall around Summer's neck here and now.

"Hey, want to join the others?" asked Summer, smiling gently at her friend. Tea nodded and said, "Thanks Summer."

Summer just smiled and pulled Tea out of the booth. The others were already waiting for them. Chloe, Caitlyn and Ava looked at the other two expectantly. They all had on an identical catsuit and while Chloe proudly presented her body, Caitlyn looked embarrassed, while Ava covered her breasts and crotch, as if she were naked.

"What have you two love birds been up to for so long?" asked Chloe with a devilish grin.

"Do you really want to know or are we finally going downstairs?" countered Summer, brushing back her pink hair, "can we?"

As the friends walked down the stairs, their breath caught. Before them stretched a brightly lit hall, which was so large that it seemed to be under the entire clearing.

"What the… HOW?" asked Ava. Celine stood with her back to them, preparing something on a table.

"Mmmmh? What do you mean?" she asked without looking up.

"The hall! How can something so massive just be below the cursed forest?"

Now Celine looked up and looked around the hall.

"Oh it's nothing, don't worry about it dear," Celine murmured and turned to her guests. She slapped her hands together joyfully and put on a warm smile when she saw the girls.

"You look stunning my dears! Do you like the suits?" she asked and the friends nodded.

"Great! Let me explain my idea for the upcoming game."

She took a step aside, revealing five tablets, each with four balls on them.

"Summer told me that you're all big fans of this series called Pokémon," Celine continued, and everyone except Caitlyn gave Summer an annoyed look, "so I came up with a little game for you. Basically it's kind of like tag, combined with dodgeball and of course bondage. You'll be given a belt of Pokéballs in a moment, and then you'll line up somewhere in the hall. As soon as the light in the hall gets darker, the game starts and you try to throw off the others with these balls. The last one of you standing wins."

Celine handed each of them a belt and the girls put it on and attached the balls to them.

"That's it? It gets dark and we throw the balls at each other blindly?" asked Tea, "I don't really see the bondage aspect to it yet."

Celine smiled and plucked one of the Pokéballs from Tea's belt.

"You can choose one of many Pokémon here," she explained, stroking the ball. Small pictures of the monsters appeared on it, Tea barely knew any of the names yet some of them looked familiar.

"And if I were to use the ball to throw you off right now, you would be trapped in a latex suit by said Pokémon within seconds."

"HOW!?" asked Ava incredulously, but Celine just shrugged.

"That's why you're not allowed in my workshop," she said tersely, handing Tea back her ball.

"I...I have so many questions," Ava mumbled and the others nodded in agreement. Even Summer had frowned, stroking the Pokéballs to test their function.

"Was that all the rules?" asked Chloe.

"Well you are my guests you can of course add to it if you want."

"How about… that if we were caught, we have a chance to escape. Maybe if we make it back here you could free us and we could get back on the plane!" Celine grinned in amusement.

"Well we can do that. Anything else?"

"What does the winner get?" asked Summer, putting the last ball back on her belt after giving Caitlyn a quick devious look.

"Oooh I'll leave that up to you guys. I'll be happy to provide you with anything you need. So you guys want to get started now? Then please line up in the hall." said Celine, pointing towards the area.

Tea bit her lower lip as she positioned herself at the edge of the hall. More than a stone or rather Pokéball throw away from Caitlyn and Summer. Caitlyn had also ducked into a corner but Summer stood confidently in the center of the hall. All eyes were on her. Ava in particular seemed to be keeping an eye on her and licked her lips.

"So my dear guests! Let's get started!" shouted Celine and Tea saw her raise her hand. Suddenly the floor beneath them vibrated and all at once walls rose out of it, blocking Tea's view of the others. Tea heard Ava call out again, "HOW?!" and as the rumble of the rising walls died away, it got darker in the hall as the light grew dimmer.

That's the signal. Tea thought and took the first ball from her belt. She wiped over it until she saw the first Pokémon she knew by name. The worm Pokémon Caterpie. Tea smiled at the thought of being able to trap Summer inside it, but first she had to find it. She started to run, but came to the conclusion that it would be wiser to sneak and slowed down again. The latex on her body made no sound. Tea wondered how that could be possible, but shook her head. Nothing that was happening here made any sense, so why worry about it? Tea crept along a wall and pressed against it when she heard footsteps. A big grin appeared on her lips when she saw Summer's pink hair and her latex-clad peach butt. Tea took aim, took a swing and the ball flew in a high arc, over Summer's head, hit the wall behind her, bounced and rolled back right to Tea's feet. Dumbfounded, Tea stared down at the Pokéball and then looked up. Summer had the same smile as Tea had three seconds earlier and threw. The ball hit Tea right on the forehead. It didn't hurt her, but Tea was thrown backwards from the force. Tea felt the ball stick to her forehead and grabbed it to quickly pull it down. But her hands got stuck on it and she felt something of it spread over her head and hands. Horrified, she widened her eyes as Summer came running over to her with interest.

"I think I need a replacement in case you get released." she giggled, pinning Tea's ball to her own belt as Tea fought a losing battle against the sticky mass of the ball. She felt her hands pressed to her shoulders and her arms folded at the elbows. Her black suit was covered by the Pokéball and turned blue. Tea's vision was restricted as a muzzle formed on her face and black lenses appeared over her eyes. A gag forced itself into her mouth, sealing it shut. Panicked, she tried to get up but before she could take a step the latex had wrapped itself around her legs and folded them like her hands at her knees. Tea fell to the ground again, but was cushioned by the layers of latex. She felt a tail growing out of her spine and dragging across the floor as she moved.

"Wow." was all Summer could manage when she saw Tea the Vaporeon struggling to get up. The Big Ears and neck brace didn't make it easy for Tea and she looked up at Summer pleadingly.

"This is insane Tea. I'd love to take you home as you are, but I have some other Pokémon to catch." she said with a grin and helped Tea onto her four paws.

"Have fun trying to escape!" said Summer, patting Tea's head and leaving the latex Vaporeon alone in the twilight.

Shit, Tea thought, and stumbled ahead on her paws hoping to find the exit of the maze to pay it back to Summer.

After narrowly escaping her friend's Pokéball, Summer decided to be more careful. Especially her next target, would certainly not miss as it was the case with Tea. She knew that Caitlyn trained her body daily to stay fit, and Summer remembered that Caitlyn used to play baseball. Catching and dodging her throws could be a real challenge. Summer stroked her Pokéball and grinned slyly when she found the exact Pokémon she had seen in Caitlyn's room earlier today.

"Now I just have to find you," Summer muttered to herself, listening as she heard footsteps in the direction she thought Cait was headed. Summer licked her lips and ducked behind a wall. There they were again, footsteps coming slowly and carefully in her direction. Summer readied herself and took a swing. Caitlyn ran around the corner and her eyes grew wide with horror.

"HEY! FORMING TEAMS IS FORBIDDEN!" she shouted towards Summer, grabbing one of her Pokéballs.

"Teams?" asked Summer in surprise, hearing movement behind her. Instinctively, Summer dropped to the ground and not a moment too soon a ball flew over her head by a hair's breadth. Caitlyn threw her own Pokéball at the same moment and the two catching devices met in midair above Summer. While the ball from Summer's blind spot fell uselessly to the ground, Caitlyn's ball flew overhead as if shot from a cannon, and the two women heard a gasp as Summer's attacker was knocked to the ground by the force. Summer whirled around and saw the distressed Ava struggling against the latex. She squirmed on the floor as the ball took possession of her limbs and swelled her body. Her arms and legs folded as did Teas, but the latex took on a beige color and within moments the sheep Pokémon Mareep was sprawling on the floor in front of Summer. The thick wool the latex imitated pulled Ava down and she had no chance to get up on her own. She cursed into the gag of her face mask and her paws kicked uselessly in the air. A cold shiver ran down Summer's neck and she turned back to Caitlyn who had already grabbed the next ball and was lunging. Summer rolled aside at the last moment and Caitlyn's second ball bounced heavily on the floor and bounced into the dark hallway from which Summer had come.

"Caitlyn, are you insane? If that thing hits me I'm dead!" exclaimed Summer from behind a wall, gripping her own Pokéball tighter.

"Sorry, Summer, but I always give a hundred percent," Caitlyn laughed, nothing in her voice indicating that she had been embarrassed to have been captured by Summer just a few hours ago.

"I like you better when you're kneeling in front of me!"

"Might take a little while for that to happen again, come on out Summer there's another sheep Pokémon I want to see on you!" retorted Caitlyn, laughing again. Summer's pulse started racing, she had a very silly plan, but if it was a common tactic in first-person shooters, maybe it could help here too. In a flash, Summer jumped out of her cover only to back away again. A Pokéball flew in a straight line past Summer's cover where her head had been a moment ago. Without missing a beat, Summer whirled around her cover and threw her ball at the now shocked Caitlyn. She tried to roll away but the ball hit her shoulder and stuck.

"No!" shouted Caitlyn and grabbed another Pokéball to pull Summer along with her, but the latex took hold of her far too quickly and within no time the small form of a Piplup was standing in front of Summer. Caitlyn was forced to balance on her knees and her arms flailed back and forth to keep from toppling over. From its beak came angry sounds that Summer couldn't understand, but she didn't care. Exhausted, she let herself slide to the floor and leaned her head against the wall.

"I think I just lost five years of my life because of you," Summer muttered, taking a deep breath. The penguin Pokémon waddled toward Summer and slapped one of her latex wings on Summer's head. It bounced uselessly off her hair and Summer chuckled. She could see Caitlyn's eyes sparkle with joy behind the blue lenses of her mask.

"Good luck escaping," Summer murmured, patting Caitlyn's now oversized head and standing up. The Piplup waddled off in the direction she thought the exit was and disappeared behind a nearby wall.

"All that's missing is Chloe, right?" asked Summer, helping Ava, still lying on the ground, to her four legs. Ava nodded curtly in thanks and in response and crawled after the penguin.

Tea exhaled in annoyance as she reached another dead end and turned her body, still trapped in the Pokémon suit, on the spot to pick another away. She still cursed herself for her throw, but enjoyed the heavy latex around her. Although it was exhausting to walk on all fours through the corridors, she found it exciting and wished she could do it more often. As she turned a corner and once again the long ears of the Vaporeon costume caught on a wall, Chloe jumped around the corner and threw a Pokéball at Tea.

"Nooompff!", Tea screamed into the gag as the ball hit her, but nothing happened. Relieved, Tea slumped to the ground.

"Whoops sorry." Laughed Chloe and came up to the Vaporeon. She helped Tea up and peered through the lenses of the mask.

"Is that you Tea?" asked Chloe and the Vaporeon nodded in agreement.

"Do you want to maybe help me and tell me where the others are? I could tell you where the exit is in return?" offered Chloe and Tea tilted her head. How was she supposed to tell her where Summer was?

"Just talk into the gag, I'm pretty good at gag-speak."

Tea frowned, but shrugged and babbled into the gag. Chloe listened intently to her and finally nodded.

"All right, you got a good one on me. The exit is around the corner here and then to the left." Chloe said, stroking Tea's head. Despite the thick layer of latex, Tea felt the touch and leaned into Chloe's hand.

"I guess I'll have to have a serious word with Summer if you're going to be so eager to be petted," Chloe murmured, sitting up.

"See you later, dear!" she called after Tea and ran off. Tea, meanwhile, walked in the direction described and actually came out at the exit. Celine had put on a warm smile and set aside a tablet on which she was following what was happening in the maze.

"Well, you're adorable!" said Celine, nuzzling the back of Tea's neck. She got goosebumps at the touch and stretched. A soft purr escaped her mouth and she quickly shook her head to discipline herself.

"Do you want me to let you out or do you give up?" asked Celine and Tea mumbled into the gag that she wanted out. She didn't see what Celine was doing, but she felt the grip of the latex around her body loosen until she could move her arms and legs again. Her hostess had the ball in her hand that Summer had caught her with.

"How did you do that? How does all this work?" asked Tea in amazement, getting up from the floor. She didn't expect an answer from Celine but she just couldn't understand.

"I just have a lot of talents that are beneficial to my business," Celine replied casually, pressing Summer's Pokéball to Tea's belt, "Besides, you'd better hurry. Summer is about to catch Chloe right now."

She pointed to her tablet and Tea watched Chloe transform into a blue snake-like Pokémon. Tea didn't know the name but she knew Summer had called it a dragon.

"Thanks for the tip! This time I'm going to catch Summer and take the win!" shouted Tea, waving at Celine and running back into the maze. On the tablet she had recognized where Summer and Chloe fought that would give her an advantage. She just had to not throw so hard this time and victory would be hers.

Summer looked down at the captured Chloe and how the latex wrapped around her body until she had transformed into a Dragonair, the Blue Dragon Snake Pokémon.

"Wow Chloe, you almost had me! How did you know I was here?" Summer asked Chloe, who was squirming joyfully on the ground, but she gave no answer and instead wriggled in the direction from which she had come.

"Didn't I win now?" shouted Summer over the walls, getting no response. Celine was probably too far away. Exhausted, Summer let herself slide to the ground and closed her eyes for a moment. She had used her last Pokéball on Chloe, after dodging all the others earlier. They were now crisscrossing the other hallways. Summer was about to get up to pick them up when Tea popped out of a corner, a Pokéball at the ready. Summer froze as she grabbed her empty belt and looked around feverishly for her balls. None were within reach and she clicked her tongue disapprovingly.

"Nah come on, let's get this over with," Summer said exhaustedly and Tea grinned.

"Now I'll be your trainer!" shouted Tea triumphantly and threw. Her Pokéball flew in a high arc, landing in Summer's direction on the ground in front of her and rolling to just in front of her right shin. Stunned, Summer and Tea looked at the ball while Chloe, still crawling across the floor, couldn't suppress her laughter and began giggling and twitching helplessly into her gag. Summer picked up the Pokéball next to her and threw it while Tea feverishly reached for another. It flew over Chloe and hit Tea in the chest and stuck.

"Oh come on!" muttered Tea as the latex flowed over her body and took possession of her. Within seconds, she landed on the ground again as her body transformed into the caterpillar Pokémon Caterpie. Mortified, she dropped her head to the ground.

"Wow, Tea that was embarrassing." said Summer, coming over to her friend. Chloe was still laughing her head off and had apparently given up on reaching the exit. Summer sat down on the floor and took Tea's body as a lean.

"Even though I caught you two, I hope you still had fun," Tea nodded eagerly and after Chloe calmed down she hummed approvingly into the gag, "We'll definitely have to do that again."

A short time later, the walls were lowered and the lights grew brighter again. Caitlyn and Ava had tried to make their way together but had gotten completely lost and were on the other side of the hall. Celine helped Summer gather her friends and carried them upstairs to the lobby.

"Haa that was really fun watching you guys, I hope you had as much fun!" said Celine, earning approval from Summer and her Pokémon.

"I already have beds made up for you, they are behind me," Celine said pointing to the doors that were previously locked, "I would..." she interrupted herself and glanced outside. She frowned worriedly and then continued hastily, "Ehm where was I, yes I would now put this house at your disposal for the night and unfortunately I must apologize. Please for your own safety do not leave the house and erm… Good night!" she said quickly and left.

"Celine, wait! How do I get… and she's gone. Looks like you'll have to sleep in there girls." Summer said, earning sometimes cheers, sometimes grumbles from her friends in costumes.

"Mmh this is really dumb for you guys, but how about we all sleep together here in the lobby?" asked Summer, patting Tea and Ava’s heads.

Less than TEN minutes later, Summer had raided each of the rooms and pulled the mattresses into the hallway. She had laid them out in a large square on the floor and her friends had made themselves comfortable on them. Summer finished by throwing blankets over them and putting pillows under their heads before laying herself down between her Pokémon.

"Is everyone okay?" asked Summer to the group, getting approving murmurs in the gags.

"Well then, good night everyone," Summer said softly, closing her eyes.


Art by pyperhaylie

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