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7: Caitlyn's Solo

Caitlyn stood in the kitchen in the evening and put a bowl of water in the freezer. In it were all the keys for the locks she was about to use. By the time she got back to the bowl, the water in it had long since frozen and she would have to wait until she could free herself. She was quivering with excitement and couldn't wait for her little brother Luke to leave the house.

"Joo, what are you doing?" he asked, and Caitlyn flinched in surprise.

"Oh you know," she said, smiling nervously as she turned to him, "Just making some ice for drinks."

Caitlyn could tell by his frown and doubtful look that he didn't believe a word she said.

"Caitlyn ... if you don't want to talk about it that's okay. I'm not ten anymore. I'm not going to rat you out, nor am I naive enough to think that the package that came for you the other day included printer accessories ... but please don't take me for a fool. Just promise me to be careful."

"You do realize you're my little brother?"

"Dad still told me to look out for you. And after what happened with Kim..." he fell silent for a moment and shook his head to collect himself, "Remember I tightened up the security system and we should be perfectly safe now, but please still be careful with this bondage stuff, not that you suddenly end up helpless in your room and thieves clean out our house."

Caitlyn tried to hide her guilty expression and just nodded.

"I'm going to the movies with Kim, but I won't be back until tomorrow evening."

"You two have fun, see you tomorrow, and say hi to Chloe for me."

"Sure.", Luke said laughing and disappeared from the house.

Caitlyn waited for the car to howl and heard a short beep as he left the lot and the alarm turned back on.

Satisfied, she licked her lips and hurried upstairs to her room. Chloe had truly lent her an arsenal of bondage gear, but it wasn't enough for her. She wanted to impress her friends and had bought additional equipment.

With trembling hands, she opened the box of printer supplies. Out came several bags, some of them from C&T. Shirt, pants and underwear ended up in the corner and Caitlyn took instead her new silver swimsuit, which she had bought on the advice of Summer. It had a leotard cut and was made of a very dark shiny material which suited her raven black hair. At the back it had a zipper, which she had provided with a small ring, so that it could be locked with a combination of her new collar. Caitlyn wanted the swimsuit to be her new skin for the entire session. Slowly she pulled it up her smooth legs and blushed as the material settled on her chest. Caitlyn tucked her arms into the sleeves and it slid up over her shoulders on its own. Nervously, she looked down at her crotch.

"Isn't this a few sizes too small?" she muttered, fumbling for the zipper. Despite her concerns, it zipped easily but the pressure on her body multiplied.

"Fuck!" she cursed as the swimsuit seemed to clamp down on her, exposing every curve of her body. Shocked, she realized that her breasts and crotch were clearly visible underneath.

"I'm not going to the beach in this," she muttered, blushing. Her fingers hovered briefly over her crotch and breast, but she shook her head to take her mind off it. Caitlyn had a job to do. Instead, she took the next package out of the box and opened it. Immediately a sweet smell hit her and she took out the latex clothing that had caught her eye when she had searched the internet for ideas. A pair of long opera gloves and matching overknee socks. Since they were also from C&T, Caitlyn was able to slip the black clothing on without any problems. Intrigued by the look of her new skin, she paused to admire her hands. They shone almost unnaturally in the light of her lamp, and through the long sleeves of the swimsuit, no part of her arms was now visible.

She opened the next package and held her breath when she saw the hottest high heels she had ever bought. Without thinking twice, Caitlyn grabbed the shoes and strapped them to her feet. The hand-width long heels were not too high for her, yet she was slow to get up and walk to her mirror. Across from her was a nervous and anxious looking girl who wasn't sure if her purchases were a good idea. If anything happened now she could still save herself, but in just a few minutes that would no longer be an option. For a moment she wondered if she should really go ahead with her whole plan, a pair of handcuffs should be enough for her purposes, right?

"I wonder what the others would say if they could see me now," Caitlyn murmured, closing her eyes and caressing her breasts and belly. The latex made the touch feel strange, like someone else was in her room with her, caressing her slender body.

"I wonder if we'll meet at Summer's soon. Should I wear this then too?" pondered Caitlyn, her thoughts lingering on the message Summer had sent her.

Might still be a bit much for you as a newbie.

"That's for me to decide!" Caitlyn shouted defiantly to her mirror and the shy girl turned into a boldly smiling woman. She grabbed her phone and, after taking off one of the gloves again, snapped a picture of her reflection. The picture showed almost her entire body and no room for imagination because of the swimsuit. Only her face had been covered by her hand and camera. Before Caitlyn could think much longer, she sent it to Summer.

Caitlyn: Newbie my ass!

Summer: What are you going to do?

Caitlyn: I'll tell you when I see you!

Summer: Wait cait, did you …

Caitlyn didn't read any further, she wanted to prove herself to her friends and put her phone next to the door of her room. In the next step, she turned on her TV and turned on the sleep function so that it would go off by itself in half an hour. She stowed her bedside lamp in the closet and turned off the light from her overhead lights as well. Caitlyn turned to her bed and opened the last package. In it was a red ball-gag and leather cuffs of various sizes just waiting to capture her body. Satisfied, she looked at her restraints and after putting the latex gloves back on, took the ballgag out of the box. Caitlyn put it in her waiting mouth and locked it in her neck. A heart-shaped lock from Chloe's bag prevented her from removing it in anytime soon. Caitlyn screamed into the gag, but only a low moan was heard. It served its purpose and still sat comfortably in her mouth. Next came the leather cuffs which she fastened to her wrists, her upper arms above her elbows, thighs and to her ankles. Last she took the crown jewel out of the box, a black collar with red lining which she placed around her neck. It rested comfortably on her neck and didn't pinch anywhere. Caitlyn hesitated briefly but quickly fastened the two locks to secure the collar and to connect it to the swimsuit.

"Almost done." Caitlyn thought and attached a long chain to the collar and then shorter ones between the leather cuffs. She looked in the mirror again. Red with embarrassment, it was no longer a woman staring back at her, but a slave. Caitlyn could no longer lift her hands because the chains on her upper arms ran behind her back and the cuffs on her hands now acted as handcuffs and were connected to her foot and leg restraints at the same time. The chain between her feet still allowed her to walk and climb stairs but running was out of the question. She picked up the last piece of her plan. A combination lock she took to connect her collar chain to her bed. Caitlyn twisted the numbers on it and lay down on her bed, looking at her TV. Once it went off, she was trapped in the complete darkness of her room and couldn't open the lock until daybreak and go downstairs to get the keys from the freezer. After that, she just had to wait for the ice to melt and free herself before Luke got home. And if she got stuck ... at least he already knew about her new hobby. It would be a shock for him to find his sister in this getup, but she had read that much worse things could happen during self-bondage, which she was even less keen on.

Satisfied, she chewed on her gag and made herself comfortable on her blanket and pillow. Caitlyn looked at her television. It was showing her a documentary about penguins when it went off without warning. It ran freezing cold down Caitlyn's neck. Now there was no turning back. Her heart was pounding in her throat and her mind began to race.

What had she done? What if Luke came home early? What if the house started burning or someone broke in? Luke's security system was incredible, to be sure; he'd proven that several times through testing. But what if someone really did break in and find Caitlyn. She straightened up, but the rustling of the chain on her neck reminded her that even if something happened now, she had no chance of getting out. She dropped heavily back into her bed and looked up at the combination lock. None of the numbers were visible, Caitlyn had to hold out until morning.
"Prisoners of my own chains." She thought and closed her eyes. Nothing she could do would free her and she remembered back to the bondage adventure with Ava and Chloe. She had enjoyed fighting against the bonds with her friends and waiting for the key. Chloe had told of her experiences and Caitlyn was fascinated by her stories, but at the same time she felt incredibly inexperienced. She began to smile behind the gag.

"Just you wait Chloe, next time we see each other I'll have something to tell you too." she thought and let her mind drift until she fell asleep peacefully.

Late at night, Caitlyn opened her eyes. The rustling of the chains seemed to have awakened her. There was still absolute darkness in her room and Caitlyn was quickly overcome by fatigue again and closed her eyes. The house-bell rang and immediately she was wide awake.

"Who in the world rings doorbells late at night on houses that stand alone on the edges of the woods?" thought Caitlyn, answering herself the question, "Burglars!"

Immediately she straightened up and jumped out of bed. The chain tightened and Caitlyn was rudely reminded of her collar.

"Krrrrrk!" she squeezed out of her gag as she was painfully pulled back onto the bed. Tense, she bit down on the gag, clenched her butt, and listened into the darkness. The doorbell rang again.

"Please just go away! Please, please, please!" she pleaded, squinting her eyes as if to wake up from a nightmare. Apparently her prayers were answered as the night visitor did not ring again, but Caitlyn could not think of sleeping after this shock. She lay awake until the first rays illuminated her room and she could free herself from the combination lock. Caitlyn hurriedly got up and staggered out of her room. She wanted to free herself as quickly as possible and see on the surveillance videos who had rung the bell. Carefully, she descended the stairs into the hallway. Her high heels did not make this task too easy for her and the shackles between her legs were not helpful either. The chain dangling from her neck swayed back and forth. At one point it got caught in the railing and Caitlyn had to jerk it loose. It took her half an eternity to finally get to the kitchen, but triumphantly she stood in front of the refrigerator. She opened the freezer and raised her hands only to feel her shackles on her back as the chain prevented movement and cut into her skin.

"Shit," Caitlyn thought, cursing into the gag, "think! How do I get this?"

She remembered the small ladder in the closet and walked to the door, smiling, satisfied that she had found a quick solution. Caitlyn opened the door and stared into the empty room.

"What the! Luke, why don't you bring the damn ladder back when you've used it!" she thought, exasperated she climbed the stairs again and had to release the chain from the railing several times with a jerk of her neck. Out of breath and exhausted, Caitlyn looked in her brother's room for the ladder, but again it was nowhere to be seen. She rolled her eyes and returned to her room. Her phone was still on the floor and Caitlyn had to lie down next to it to pick it up. Panting, she got back up and threw it on her bed. She tried in vain to unlock it with her fingers but her latex gloves prevented any manipulation of the screen. Instead she used her nose. She would have loved to call Luke and verbally rip his ass open, but the gag prevented her from doing so. Instead, she laboriously typed in a message with her nose and asked for the ladder. He did not answer. With a glance at the clock she knew why. It was just about six. He and Kim would probably still be asleep. Exhausted, she settled down on her bed.

"Maybe I can catch up on some sleep," Caitlyn thought, closing her eyes. Her mind wandered to the freezer.

"How could I have missed not being able to get to it, tied up like that? How could I have been so blind?" annoyed, she expelled air and tried to stop thinking about it.

A few restless hours later, her phone vibrated, jolting her from her slumber.

Luke: Why do you need a ladder at six in the morning!?

Caitlyn: ...

Luke: In the shed

Caitlyn didn't need to know any more than that and went downstairs to the hallway again. She turned off the alarm and opened the door. As long as it was open, her brother's security system would pause. There was no wind, so she didn't have to worry about a gust that might lock her out and make her a victim for Luke's traps.

"Again," Caitlyn thought, blinking.

Why again? She had never fallen into Luke's traps before, had she? Caitlyn shook her head and heard a clank behind her. Annoyed, she pulled on the chain with her neck and stumbled forward as the chain tightened, then gave way too quickly, tightened again as she stumbled, and finally came loose. A dull bang sounded as the door slammed into the lock and Caitlyn panicked, glancing backward. The chain had caught in the door handle as it had before by the railing and Caitlyn had pulled it shut out of reflex. She had locked herself out. A soft beeping could be heard inside the house as the alarm system armed itself again and cold sweat broke out on the back of Caitlyn's neck.

"Noohh!" she whispered.

A flap opened between the bushes in front of the house and from it rose one of Luke's traps.

"Noh! Noh! NOH!" she screamed and ran away from it. But as Caitlyn stepped onto the grass, her high heels sank into the soft ground, causing her to topple to the side, cursing. Caitlyn squinted her eyes to brace herself for the impact, but before she hit the ground, she felt a blow in her back that catapulted her forward. A net opened around her, immobilizing her. She struggled to free herself from Luke's trap, but the net only seemed to tighten. Suddenly she felt herself being pulled across the grass and looked up. The net was being pulled back into the house by a rope and with it the helpless Caitlyn. Wet grass got caught in the making of the net and stuck to her bondage outfit.

Caitlyn groaned as she was pulled through the bushes and in the next moment hung up in the basement like a piñata.

"Fukk!" she cursed, looking up at the metal flap that closed over her with a rumble. Her brother's words came back to her mind.

See you tomorrow night

Caitlyn could only hope that Chloe kicked her brother out early, because the way she was tied up and trapped in the basement, she saw no way of getting out on her own. Especially with the extra features her brother had installed.

"Hey Cait." someone said next to her and Caitlyn startled. Next to her dangled two more nets and Caitlyn could see that it was her friend Summer and another woman, who was still asleep.

"Hummeh?" asked Caitlyn in shock.

"Good morning Cait," Summer said, yawning, "I figured you'd come down here eventually, but I expected you'd rather take the stairs. Will prefer to use that next time too."

"Wah? HOH?"

"Haa yeahhhh, see after your message and your picture, by the way rockin hot outfit, I was worried about you. So Tea and I went out at night to check on you, but you seem to be doing just fine so far. I hope we didn't wake you up?"

"Fukk yoo!", Caitlyn nagged at her as she remembered her panic attack from last night and Summer smirked.

"Not so loud Tea is still asleep," Summer whispered pointing to the other net next to them, "She's just learning what it means to give her body a rest. Sooo, but enough about us, how have you been?"

Caitlyn rustled her chains in response.

"I take it there was some trouble? That's why I wrote to you that you should always have a backup, but unfortunately you didn't read it. Otherwise, I guess we all wouldn't be here, haha!"

Caitlyn put her head back, she didn't feel like laughing at all. She wanted to prove herself to her friends and instead she was still trapped in her own chains, helpless in a net in the basement.

"Judging by your face, I guess we can't get out that easily, can we? I was going to wait for you to come down and free us so nothing gets broken, but I guess that's out of the question. Well, time to get to work!" said Summer, reaching into the mesh of the net.

"Nooh! Hummeh! Hoh hah!" exclaimed Caitlyn panicking and shaking her head.

"What, I'll just make a little hole then we're ..." Summer was interrupted as a cold computer voice said, "Escape attempt detected countermeasures initiated!"


Caitlyn closed her eyes in annoyance, knowing what was about to follow. Grappling arms came driving out of the ground, hooking into each of the nets and pulling them down. This resulted in the nets tightening around them, forcing them to stand up so the meshes didn't cut into her skin.

"Summer, not the sleeping bag again, you promised me..." Tea mumbled sleepily, waking up when the pressure didn't let up.

"Ouch! What the? What's happening now?" asked Tea in horror as she struggled to her feet.

"Well in a nutshell, I fucked up Tea dear," Summer said, glancing over at Caitlyn, "Your brother's really got some skills. However, I could still..."

"NOOOOH!" screamed Caitlyn into the gag as Summer fiddled with the mesh again.

"Escape attempt detected countermeasures initiated!"

"Oh come on!"

"Summer what did you do!?!" asked Tea in horror.

"Told you, I screwed up." mumbled Summer as more arms rose from the ground and began to twist around the nets. A white web of fabric was attached to them that slowly worked its way up and began to wrap around the bodies of the three women.

"Hummeh? Hi hai hoo!"

"I love you too Cait," Summer replied as the lengths of fabric wrapped their knees.

"Look on the bright side. You wanted the Ultimate Selfbondage Experience and now you just get it as a gift from your brother! I envy you!"

"Summer ... shut up!" said Tea.

"Wow why so aggressive right away? Did you forget who your trainer is?"

"Am I wearing one of the costumes?"

"Right." said Summer with a grin, pressing her lips together.

"Anyway, nice to meet you Caitlyn … just wish we had met under better circumstances," Tea said as they lost their arms to the fabric sheets.

Caitlyn shrugged and mumbled something into the ballgag.

"I'm sorry, what?" asked Tea.

"She said the joy was all hers and that at least she wasn't stuck down here alone," Summer translated, "and that's what friends are for Helping each other out! I think I might even be able to get through the fabric ..."

"SUMMER!" yelled Caitlyn and Tea at the same time.

"Just kidding, that's pretty tight. Props to your brother." Summer laughed, muffled through the fabric, as the machine came to a stop, turning all three women into mummies from head to toe. The white fabric was wrapped tightly around their bodies, giving them an hourglass figure.

"How long do we actually have to wait to be freed now?" asked Summer. A groan could be heard throughout the basement as Caitlyn remembered that her brother would not be back until tonight.

"Oh, so late?" quipped Summer.

"Summer? Shut up!"

Caitlyn growled in agreement.

In the early evening, Luke pulled into the driveway of his home.

"And this is where I live with my sister and my dad. He's on a business trip right now, though, and won't be back for a few days." he explained to Kim, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

"Isn't that mega creepy living so far away from the city, right next to a forest?"

"It is, but I built a security system that keeps uninvited guests out."

"Uninvited guests? I hope you don't mean me by that?" she asked, amused.

"Never." he whispered and leaned in to give her a kiss. Kim returned the kiss and blushed.

"Come on I'll introduce you to my sister," Luke said, getting out of the car and adding quietly, "I just hope she hasn't done anything stupid."

"Please what?"

"Nothing, nothing. She just wanted the ladder this morning for some reason. Seemed a little weird to me."

He opened the front door and let Kim enter.

"Wow, really nice place! Is that the alarm system?" asked Kim, pointing to the console next to the door.

"Oh yeah. I'm working on that ..." Luke fell silent when he saw that someone had entered the property without permission and was waiting for rescue in the basement.

"Can you go to the living room?" he asked hesitantly, opening the door downstairs, "I need to check on Caitlyn for a minute."

"In the basement? Come on Luke, don't tease me. What's down there?"

Luke paled as he heard soft moans coming from the basement.

"Maybe my sister made a mistake with the system," he mumbled sheepishly and headed down the stairs, Kim watching him curiously.

As Luke stood at the bottom, he frowned as he saw the bodies of three women caught in his trap. One of them had her Hands crossed in front of her stomach. The net must have pressed painfully into her.

"'Psst Caitlyn?" he asked, and immediately he heard his sister's gagged whining.

"Oh, hey Luke! Long time no hear!" said one of the other two mummies.

"Summer? What the ... how long have you guys been here?"

"Ohh since ... two in the morning give or take? Caitlyn here a little later. Could you get us out of here? I really need to go to the bathroom." said Summer with an impatient undertone.

"And who's that there?" asked Luke, pointing at Tea's cocoon.

"I assume you mean Tea? She's my Pokémon."

"Just now, I'm not, Summer! Luke I would really appreciate it if you would get me out of here NOW. I don't know how much longer I can hold it!" said Tea irritably.

"Um yeah I'll get you out in a minute I just have to get Kim ..." began Luke turning around and freezing as he looked into Kim's aghast face.

"Kim I can explain," he started but Kim stormed up the stairs and disappeared from the basement.

"Great thanks Caitlyn!" Luke threw at his sister who just gasped in confusion through the gag.

The four of them heard the door upstairs slam and then there was silence.

"Don't you want to go after her?" asked Summer.

"And scare her some more? Didn't you catch what happened to her a few days ago? She must think I'm some kind of maniac now!"

"Well I was thinking more along the lines of shutting down the system."

"Oh shit!" cursed Luke, rushing upstairs as a hatch opened above Caitlyn and the net launcher powered up. The three women could hear a scream and Kim cursing as she was dragged through the garden to the basement.

"Just a minute Kim I've got this!" they heard Luke's panicked voice from upstairs. Kim was pulled into the basement along with the net, which was immediately pulled tight, forcing her to stand. One arm folded out from under her and began to spin Kim into a web, until there was nothing left of her to see.

"LUKE LET ME OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW! I'm not in the mood for this shit!" Kim raged, wriggling with all her might against the restraints.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Summer said with amusement at a pause for breath from Kim.

"SHUT UP!" threw Kim at her, trying to find a gap in the fabric.

"Escape attempt detected countermeasures...aborted." the computer voice said and they heard Luke running down the stairs.

"Oh Kim, I'm so infinitely sorry!" he cried in dismay, ripping the fabric from her face.

"Get me down from here right now!" she hissed. Luke nodded in dismay and began to remove the fabric.

"Ehm Luke I hate to interrupt, but could you free Tea and me first? We'd have to go to the bathroom."

Stunned, Kim and Luke stared at the mummy.

"Wait a minute I'll just get Kim ..."


Luke and Kim exchanged a look and swallowed. The young woman nodded at him and Luke hurriedly went to Tea and Summer to free them from the trap. As soon as the nets were removed, Tea and Summer rushed up the stairs. Luke followed to show them the bathroom.

Silence spread through the basement as Kim and Caitlyn were alone.

"I overreacted, didn't I?" asked Kim.

"Mmmhhhmmm." said Caitlyn, shrugging her shoulders.

"You're Luke's sister?"


"Is something wrong?"

"Mmmh mmmh Gmmgmee."

"I'm sorry what? Are you gagged? Oooohh I see, sorry. Wait, WHY ARE YOU GAGGED? Was that Luke?"

Caitlyn shook her head.

"Then who was that?"


"I? YOU did that yourself? But why?"

Before Caitlyn could answer, Luke came back down the basement with his head down and began to free Kim from the trap. He said nothing until the net came loose.

"Hey ehm Kim I'm really sorry about what happened ... if you want to leave I can't blame you."

Kim exhaled deeply and looked him in the eye.

"I'm sorry Luke, I overreacted a little ... after Judy I'm ... could I maybe talk to Caitlyn?"

"Um, sure if that's okay with her?"

The mummy nodded.


A little later Kim was standing in Caitlyn's room with a red head after she had to free her from the net and after Luke had seen what kind of outfit his sister was wearing. Since the keys were still frozen, Caitlyn had to hold out in her bonds, but Kim was able to pull out the gag with some effort. Caitlyn had poured herself a glass of water with Summer's help which now rested on her nightstand with a straw.

"So?" asked Kim as she sat down on her bed with her back to Caitlyn.

"Soooo?" asked Caitlyn as she sipped from her straw. The cool water was a gift after the day's ordeal.


"Haa, that was much needed," Caitlyn breathed, her chains clinking softly as she tried to stretch, "What did you want to talk to me about now Kim?"

Kim looked like she couldn't think of the right words and turned even redder in the face.

"Spit it out already."

Kim took a deep breath.

"How can you sit here so calmly? Tied up in that outfit?"

"Well I can't do much about it, can I?"

"But you're not even red in the face yet."

"Well ... I was red in the face when I locked myself in here and when Luke came down the stairs to rescue us. But now there are more important things to talk about, it seems to me."

"Are you like Chloe? When we were at Judy's ..."

"Like Chloe? What do you mean ... oooh. I don't know if I'm the right person to explain this to you Kim. Maybe you should talk about this with Chloe herself. It's all so new to me and I wanted to try something, made a rookie mistake and now I'm waiting for my keys. This is so different from what you guys, especially you, have been through," Caitlyn said, leaning back and flopping across her bed. As she did, she looked up at Kim, who looked at her for a moment and then quickly looked at a plant in the corner.

"So you really did this to yourself?"

"Yup, went a little overboard, but when Chloe told me about her adventures and Summer said I wasn't ready for her stuff ... I just wanted to prove it to them, you know?"

"I suppose you did now?" asked Kim, glancing briefly at the latex and Caitlyn's swimsuit.

"I guess so, haha."

"But why? Just because you're only a beginner? Why?"

"It's something new, a real adventure. I feel comfortable doing it and somehow," Caitlyn fell silent, thinking about her next words, "I feel the closeness to someone. Someone I knew a long time ago ... But actually, I thought we were going to talk about Luke?"

"Ehm ... Yeah, No, I really overreacted, I want to forget all that crap ... and then I saw you guys tied up in my boyfriend's basement. It was too much for me at that moment," Kim said, noisily wrinkling her nose, "Whew, that smell is not making it easy for me right now," she added, muttering and pointing at the latex gloves.

"I'm really sorry Kim. I didn't mean for you guys to see that. Believe me. But to make a long story short, Luke is not at fault. He just cares a lot about the people he loves and that's why he built this incredible system. Normally, accidents like this don't happen either."


"Talk to him. You'll see he's a lovable nerd and not a maniac who locks his own sister in the basement."

Kim chortled.

"Thanks Caitlyn ... and ehm fancy outfit."

"Thanks. I'd be happy to let you borrow it sometime."

Kim's face froze.

"Naaaa not for now." She laughed affectedly and hurriedly went downstairs as she realized what she had just said.


Less than five minutes later, Summer came storming into Caitlyn's room.

"So Cait," Summer began, "do you feel like going on in a special place? You're already dressed quite appropriately for it too."

"Whew Summer I'm honestly a little tired already.", Caitlyn laughed as she looked into Summer's grinning face.

"Sure, sure. Can totally understand," Summer said slyly, turning around and raising her fist, "You can pick these up next week then, ok?"

Summer opened her fist and Caitlyn saw that a key ring was hanging from her middle finger. Stunned, Caitlyn stared at the keys dangling from it.

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