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19: Servant of the Void

"What did you think of the movie?" Luke asked after he and his girlfriend Kim had left the cinema. The night was chilly and they were both wearing thick coats to protect them from the wind that whipped between the skyscrapers of Leon City.

"It was okay," Kim said curtly, not even giving him a glance. But Luke didn't let that put him off. Kim had been through a lot in the past few months. He just hoped that she would soon get back to her old, cheerful and curious self.

"Do you think so? I think it even surpassed the book. I was frankly expecting the worst, but I'm pleasantly surprised."

Kim rolled her eyes and breathed a bored sigh of relief. Luke felt a stab in his heart, but he didn't give up.

"Shall we come to my place and have some more fun? Even with bondage, if you like? I've watched a few videos so that I'm better prepared?" Luke asked hopefully. He wasn't exactly thrilled with his girlfriend's hobby, but if she enjoyed it, why should he turn her down?

"Luke, I…" Kim began as she looked around, barely noticing. She looked ahead again and quickened her steps.

"We're being followed," she whispered, licking her lips.

"I'll call Caitlyn, she should be on patrol near here right now," Luke said in a panic and reached for his cell phone, but Kim's hand clawed at his arm.

"Wait a minute. Maybe I'm wrong," Kim muttered, but Luke could see something in her eyes that he hadn't seen for a long time. Joy.

"Um, Kim?"

"This way," Kim said, pulling Luke into an alley of houses bathed in twilight from flickering neon lights.

"Kim, I don't think we-" Luke fell silent as he spotted a metal fence in front of them, blocking their way, "we have to go back, it's a dead end."

"No, no. It's too late anyway," said Kim, pulling Luke onwards as their three pursuers turned into the alley behind them. Sweat immediately broke out on Luke's forehead and he tried to reach for his cell phone again, but Kim held his arm like a vice.

"Kim, let me call the police," Luke demanded with growing panic, which was only met with another roll of Kim's eyes.

"Let me have my fun."

"Fun?" Luke asked in horror, trying to free his hand.

When did Kim get so strong? Luke asked himself, wincing as Kim's grip began to hurt.

"Kim, let go of me!"

"Then don't call the police!"

"But…" Luke fell silent when he saw the look on Kim's face and a shiver ran down the back of his neck. She let go of his arm and pushed Luke towards the fence before turning around and facing her pursuers.

"What are you doing?" Luke asked, scrambling to get between her and the men, but he was shoved back again by Kim and fell to the ground.

"Don't move," she said coldly, this time without giving him a glance.

"Ohooo? Have you had enough of your boyfriend and want to come with us voluntarily? Very brave of you, little one. I promise we'll take good care of you and give you an exciting life," one of the men announced and the others laughed.

"No, thank you. I prefer to finish you off," Kim said and took off her jacket, which she carelessly threw towards Luke. Her reply was again met with laughter.

"Ooohooo we got a fighter, boys. Let's make sure she doesn't get too many bruises…" said the leader, but he fell silent in surprise as Kim sprinted towards the men. She leapt up with a flourish and kicked his head with full force. The force of the kick knocked him over immediately and he crashed unchecked into a nearby garbage container. His companions looked stunned at his body and at Kim for a moment before they cried out and tried to throw themselves at Kim. She jumped backwards at the last moment, knocked the hands of her attackers aside and kicked again. There was a loud crack as she hit the chin of one of them and his howl could be heard throughout the alley. The third stumbled back. He was white as a sheet and fear was written all over his face.

"Mo… monster!" he cried out and turned back when he saw Kim start to smile and chase after him. Within seconds she had caught up with him, grabbed him from behind and pushed him head first against the dirty asphalt. A quick punch from her fist silenced his howl.

"K… Kim?" Luke asked, completely frozen by the violence he had just witnessed. Kim didn't look up, she knelt beside her attacker and looked at him for a moment before brushing her blonde hair back and standing up with a sigh. She turned to Luke and he searched her eyes in vain for the blue glow he had fallen in love with.

"Jacket," Kim prompted him and Luke swallowed before shakily standing up and walking over to her. He handed her the jacket and Kim put it on without giving him another glance.

"That was really fun," she muttered more to herself than to Luke and took a few steps back towards the road.

"Kim, wait. We can't just …"

"I'm breaking up with you," she said suddenly, without slowing her steps.

"Wait, what?" he asked incredulously, walking after her and grabbing her arm to make her wait. Kim, however, just gave him an icy cold look and he immediately let go of her.

"Don't ever touch me again."

Luke watched after her as her footsteps echoed softly in the alley until she arrived at the street and disappeared. He looked down at the kidnappers as tears rolled down his face.


Kim felt great. The power she'd received was intoxicating and her fingers had been itching to test at least a fraction of it. Those kidnappers had gotten off lightly, she hadn't wanted to cause a bloodbath in front of Luke.

"Luke…" she murmured, losing herself in thought for a moment before the power bubbled up inside her again. He had slowed her down, stopped her even, and she deserved better.

"Something better…" Kim muttered and looked up as a red Porsche stopped in front of her. Immediately all eyes were on Kim and the car, something that would certainly have made her blush in the past, but not now. One of the tinted windows rolled down and the young blonde could see the broadly grinning Tea at the wheel.

"Hey Kim, are you alright? Want a lift?" she asked and she pressed a button, causing the passenger door of the car to hiss and slide up to allow Kim in. Kim put on the same smile and dropped into the passenger seat.

"Where did you get that badass car?" Kim asked as the door next to her hissed shut.

"Summer gifted it to me," Tea replied, waving a credit card around, "She was very generous after I explained our new power structure to her."

Kim shook her head in amusement and felt a pleasant warmth in her chest. She lifted her hand and touched the crystal that had settled on her chest since the incident at the theater. It always made her feel like she was doing the right thing, just like with the kidnappers or Luke.

"You feel it too?" asked Tea as they drove off.

"Wha… what do you mean?" Kim asked in surprise.

"You got a crystal too, didn't you? I can feel it on your chest. The first few days I made this expression and reached for it too," Tea explained, pressing on her chest so that Kim could see the outline of a small crystal under her shirt. Kim was surprised at first by this revelation, but the warmth told her that Tea was a friend.

"Yeah… it's really intoxicating. I never thought I could ever gain such power. If I'd had it earlier …" Kim fell silent as she thought about maybe visiting her stepfather and thanking him for all the great years, but she shook her head, something told her she had more important things to do.

"Say, where are we going anyway?" Kim asked as they crossed the big bridge but drove past the large parking lot that led to C&T and thus her home.

"I… I'm not sure… Do you want to go home?"

"Naaaa, I'm sure I'll just have to get an earful from my sister," said Kim, "can you maybe drive a bit faster?"

"Heh… I thought you would never ask."

Tea pressed the pedal to the metal and immediately both women were pressed into the seats as the car roared and accelerated to a crazy speed.

"Woohoo!" Kim exclaimed loudly and Tea threw her a grin. Cars shot past them left and right, but Tea skillfully dodged them and didn't even think about taking her foot off the gas. Both women felt inspired by their crystals. This was the right thing to do, this was freedom. Tea, spurred on by her and Kim's feelings, dared to make even closer overtaking maneuvers as the car continued to accelerate. Suddenly, red and blue lights flashed behind them.

"Oh, oh, fun over," Kim mumbled disappointedly, but she looked up at Tea as the car continued to accelerate. Immediately understanding, Kim looked ahead again and bit her lower lip.

"You don't think I'm going to let this spoil my evening, do you?" asked Tea, licking her lips as the police car drove further and further away from them. Up ahead, the women could see a freeway interchange and Tea moved into the right lane.

"And now for my next trick."

Tea shot past all the cars as she pulled onto the hard shoulder, taking the exit too soon. They shot up the exit ramp and the Porsche's tires started squealing as Tea drifted around the curve and took the entrance back onto the highway toward the city. She pulled back onto the road just as the police car shot past beside them, hoping to catch up.

"Goodbye, losers," Kim laughed and Tea joined in as she started to signal again and took another exit. Kim started to blink as the country road looked familiar.

"What are we doing here?" she asked with her eyebrows furrowed. Her worries were suddenly all back, drowning out the beautiful feeling the crystal was giving her.

"Tea I don't want to go back here!"

"Calm down. The hotel is empty, all the traps have been disarmed and I just want to take a closer look."


Kim fell silent as they drove past the trees lining the road and the Bondage Hotel Éternité appeared in front of them.

What the hell is Tea doing here? This is definitely not where I wanted to go, but …

Kim interrupted her thoughts as Tea skidded to a halt in a parking space and she got warmer. But she didn't want to admit that she was in the right place.

"Come on. You can show me around. I want to see everything and maybe I'll buy it later with Summer's money if I like it," laughed Tea and swung out of the car, closely followed by Kim, who looked nervously up at the hotel. The moon loomed over the building, giving it an ominous outline.

"Tea please…" said Kim, but Tea hooked her arm and dragged Kim up the stairs and in front of the hotel door, which she opened with a firm kick.

"Don't you realize how good it feels?" asked Tea, who seemed to ignore Kim's resistance.

"Yes, but …"

Tea looked encouragingly at Kim and raised her hand to gently stroke the blonde's crystal. It sent a shiver down Kim's spine. It felt good and Kim moaned with delight.

"Trust your power and you will become all the stronger. Away from prying eyes, I can show you," whispered Tea, letting go of Kim and grabbing her own crystal with both hands. Suddenly it glowed a dark red under her hands. Fascinated, Kim saw how Tea's body seemed to glow with the same light from the inside out and her clothes disappeared the next moment. Instead, an opera ball mask formed over her eyes and a wedding dress of black and dark red latex grew from the crystal. The front of the skirt was sheer, allowing everyone to see inside. Tea gently clicked her heels together and immediately her legs were wrapped in ballet boots that were undoubtedly not meant for running. The tips of the boots were sharp and looked like daggers. They helped Tea to tower over Kim and no doubt many men would feel the same way. Finally, Tea swung her arms in the air and from her wrists to just above her elbows appeared elegant arm sleeves decorated with vines. The dark glow slowly faded, leaving Kim once again in the darkness, who had been spellbound by her friend's transformation.

"Wow," she said barely audibly, admiring Tea's new form, "What… what is that?" Despite the murderous boots, Tea easily walked up to Kim and took her hands in her own.

"The power that was bestowed upon us. Haven't you tried it yet, Kim? It helps me see things more clearly, control my own destiny and stop being a pawn. I no longer feel fear, Kim, and you can too. You just have to want it," murmured Tea kindly, guiding Kim's hands to her blue crystal. The young blonde looked down at Tea's and her hands and licked her lips.

No more fear, no more slave to fate. Kim thought and tilted her head slightly. She had already taken her fate into her own hands, but taking control of it would be the next logical step.

"I never want to be afraid again," Kim whispered and took hold of her own crystal, as she had seen Tea do.

Kim immediately closed her eyes as a wave of pleasure washed over her and a dark blue light shone between her fingers, illuminating the entrance hall. A ball mask appeared over Kim's eyes and, like Tea, her clothes disappeared as her body began to glow. Instead, a dark blue and black to purple layer of latex unfolded from the crystal and covered her body. Unlike Tea's dress, it coated Kim's upper arms and grew over her hands. Her breasts were adorned with blue flames and it lay skin-tight over her stomach. The latex stopped at her thighs and formed a skirt that kept moving and looked as if it had been woven from ice-cold fire. Finally, her legs were fitted with boots that lifted her feet slightly and came to just below her knees. Kim stumbled forward and into Tea's arms as she was overcome by the feelings exploding in her body. Her arms and legs shook and she looked up at Tea, who gave her a knowing smile.

"It's an incredible feeling, isn't it? Who would have thought that magic actually exists in this world?" whispered Tea, holding Kim until she caught herself.

"Yeah, who would have thought?" Kim lied, trying not to think about her new home in the middle of the magical, cursed forest.

"How are you feeling?"

Kim hesitated to answer and closed her eyes to control her trembling. She released herself from the embrace and her mouth adorned a sinful grin.

"Like I could conquer the world," she murmured.

"The world?" an ice-cold voice asked mockingly and Kim whirled around, startled. Tea also took a step back when she heard the voice and they both saw a figure covered in latex from top to bottom. She was sitting on the counter of the reception desk and Kim recognized the figure immediately, it was Micah, forever trapped in latex. The owner of the hotel smiled amusedly at them, as if Kim and Tea had just told a terrible joke.

But the voice… is different. Kim thought and took a step back next to Tea.

"You want to conquer the world? Don't be ridiculous, you can't even leave this place without me letting you," the figure said, making a casual motion with her wrist. The double doors immediately slammed shut behind the women and they both jumped in shock. Tea went to it, but all the pulling and shaking had no effect and it remained closed. She turned back around and grudgingly stood next to Kim.

"No more fear? Don't make me laugh."

Kim clenched her fists and she didn't know how she did it, but blue fire appeared on her hands, cold and warm at the same time. Tea also raised her hands and a clarinet appeared in them, which she immediately put to her lips. Kim grinned briefly at the powers the two women possessed and raised her voice.

" Let us go now, or else…"

The figure interrupted Kim with a laugh.

"You're threatening the one who gave you your powers? I think I need to teach you a lesson."

"Wait, what?" Kim asked in surprise, but the figure ignored the question. Instead, she snapped her fingers and suddenly another person came into the entrance hall from the corridor. Kim and Tea's breath caught. The new woman hovered a hand's breadth above the floor and with good reason, they both doubted she could move even a hair's breadth. Her whole body was wrapped in heavy chains and you could rarely see a glimmer of latex underneath. Her legs were in ballet boots even higher than Tea's and she wore another ball mask over her eyes, but it obscured her vision. A dark gold ballgag sealed her mouth and a golden crystal shimmered between her breasts through the restraints. Kim could see from beneath her far too long silver hair that the woman's arms were caught in an arm binder, bound with yet more chains. She made no sound as she floated slowly to the figure until it stroked her cheeks gently. Kim heard a contented moan and saw the woman shiver and blush.

"Vale darling? Could you show our guests to their seats?" the figure asked and Vale gave a barely perceptible nod. She floated into the middle of the room and stood in the way of Kim and Tea, who looked at her uncomprehendingly.

"And what is this Vale supposed to do against us?" asked Tea, who was the first to regain her voice. The figure just grinned and leaned back to enjoy the show. Tea, visibly annoyed by the figure, blew her clarinet and notes leapt out of it and shot at the figure. But to both their astonishment, Vale flew between them in a flash and blocked each of Tea's spells. They heard a deep and lustful moan with each hit and Tea paused her playing in confusion.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Tea, visibly horrified, as she had already tested the spell on Summer and she had begged Tea to stop with every hit. But it had been a fair punishment, Tea thought, as Summer had tried to get the upper hand again. Each note had been like a lash to her girlfriend as she stood blindfolded in a pillory. Tea shook her head and carried on playing.

You can't take this forever! Tea thought and nodded at Kim. Kim understood immediately and was about to run around Vale and attack the figure directly when one of the chains around Vale's body came loose. It shot in her direction and Kim couldn't dodge in time. The chain hit her stomach hard, wrapped around her waist and threw her against Tea. They were thrown to the side and only stopped when they smacked against a stone pillar. Both women screamed and gasped in pain as their flight was abruptly interrupted. The clarinet fell to the ground and disappeared. Kim's fire went out as more chains came loose from Vale and wrapped around the two women and the pillar. Kim had to turn her face to the side as one of the chains pressed her head against the pillar and tightened. It took her breath away as the chains became tighter and tighter, pressing into her skin. Kim knew immediately that her dress protected her and shielded her from greater harm and pain. If she hadn't had it, she would probably have broken every bone in her body. Kim strained to look up and saw that Vale was now completely free of the chains and the gag and blindfold were gone. However, her body was still firmly encased in a hobble dress and the armbinder. The latter came undone the next moment and the dress opened. It wrapped around Vale's shoulders like a cape, exposing Vale's body wrapped in a latex catsuit. The suit had silver stripes that emphasized her hips and breasts. A smug smile played around her lips as she saw Kim and Tea's helpless bodies.

"That should do it, Vale, you did well," the figure said with satisfaction in her voice and Tea and Kim heard footsteps approaching.

"It was a pleasure, mistress," Vale said, bowing to the figure and stepping aside. The latex woman stroked Vale's cheek. The touch caused her to close her eyes and bite her lower lip.

"Good girl," the figure commented and turned to Kim and Tea. Despite the latex skin that completely encased Micah's body, Kim could see every detail of her former captor's face.

"What…are you?" asked Tea, wiping the smile off the figure's face.

"How rude to ask me what I am before you ask who I am. But I will grant leniency… for now …"

The figure raised her hand to Tea's face and the young brunette tried to turn away, but the chains kept a firm grip on her. Kim could only see her captor's hand in the corner of her eye and heard Tea draw in a sharp breath as her cheek was touched. Her friend's frantic inhalation became quieter and quieter until it was barely audible.


"Don't worry, my child, your friend has finally found meaning in her being, just as you will shortly."

At these words, Kim felt strangely reminded of Judy and she swallowed as the figure turned towards her. She saw the hand approach her cheek and, like Tea, she tried to turn away, but the chains pressed her painfully against the pillar. The hand made contact with Kim's face and the young blonde moaned as another wave of pleasure swept through her body, stronger than anything she had ever experienced. She widened her eyes and her normally light blue eyes turned completely black. In addition, Kim's hair grew longer and turned a dark blue and purple to match her dress. It split into two braids and slid from either side of Kim's head down almost to her boots. Kim's thoughts were felt with longing. Longing for the touch of her mistress. Longing for her true love, which Kim was otherwise not granted. To obey her was now Kim's wonderful goal. To serve her new mistress forever and enslave Leon City for her.

"Such good girls," the figure murmured, stroking the bound women's heads, causing them to tremble once more.

She's touching me! She's really touching me! Kim thought as her and Tea's eyes returned to their normal color. The conflict and her previous thoughts were blown away.

If Kim's mistress wanted her to stay, she would stay!

"Vale you can release them now," the figure said and walked back to the front desk where she sat back down on the table. The chains loosened and wrapped around Vale's body again, but this time like armor, allowing her to move freely. Kim and Tea fell to the floor in the same breath and remained on all fours for a moment until she had collected herself.

"Come," her mistress commanded, and while Kim and Tea crawled to her, Vale walked beside them. After their insolence, they had not yet earned the right to stand upright in front of their mistress. They had to earn it first.

"You two… show me you are worthy of my power and go to town. Cause suffering, corrupt its inhabitants and eliminate those who stand in your way."

"Yes mistress," Kim and Tea said as if from the same mouth and rested their foreheads on the ground. The friends crawled back with their heads down until they arrived at the door and left the hotel, this time without a hitch.

"What a little persuasion can do," the figure muttered, turning to Vale, "You did well, Vale. You deserve a reward."

"Serving you is reward enough, mistress."

"Hey, I'm sure you do, but there's a reason you joined me earlier and of your own free will than your comrades, isn't there?"

Vale nodded after a moment's hesitation, gritting her teeth as she thought of the person who had stolen her love.

"I'll allow you to get revenge, Vale… if only a little. We wouldn't want the whole town to suddenly go on a witch hunt, would we?"

"No mistress, thank you mistress… I thank you," Vale said and bowed before leaving the hotel as well.

The figure looked after her for a moment and licked her lips. Several measly human lifetimes had passed since she last walked the earth.

"Your turn… old hag."

She let herself slide off the reception desk and walked back into the great hall where she had taken possession of this shell. The demoness had intended to stay in the shadows and grow stronger until she made her move, but the lack of food in the city would have set her plan back years or even ruined it altogether. She stood back in the center of the room and rudely stuffed the many tubes into her openings again. She didn't particularly want her shell to die, no matter how disgusting she found this Micah. She needed a willing spirit, and since Micah's was almost completely broken …

"Micah wake up, sweetie. It's feeding time," the demoness said in her mind and something stirred in a dark corner of her head as the blonde woman crawled into the light to take over her body. She had been a wreck when she found Micah, not even a shadow of her former self.

"Thank you, Jinara," Micah whispered weakly, taking back control of her body. Not that she could move without the demoness's magic. But she would do anything to escape her latex prison. Even if she had to share her body and her thoughts with a devil who had promised to free her one day. Micha began to squirm against the grip of the latex as Jinara slipped into the darkness of her head. She closed her eyes in amusement. The moans and the struggle Micah put up against her prison every day were like music to the demoness' ears.


"Sorry about your brother Boot," Officer Ruiz mumbled after Caitlyn rejoined him. She had been on the phone with her father, he and Luke were going to spend some time out of town to take her brother's mind off things.

"Thank you sir," Caitlyn said simply and buckled her seatbelt. She couldn't allow herself to be distracted, especially on another night shift.

"Theo 109, we've had several calls about… spider webs in the subway. Can you take a look?"

Ruiz looked at the radio and then at Caitlyn, frowning, before reaching for the device and bringing it to his mouth.

"Central repeat please… Did you say spider webs?"



"Theo 109, yeah, spider webs. A few people must be stuck."

"We'll take a look. Which station is affected?"

"Falenplaza station. We're getting dozens of calls."

Ruiz massaged his temples. Sure enough, it was Falenplaza again.

"Roger that. We're looking at Falenplaza Station," he said and hung up, "Afraid of spiders, Taylor?"

"No, not afraid, sir," Caitlyn answered the question and sat up as Ruiz headed for the subway station, where dozens of people were already rushing out of the tunnels.

"I'm telling you, if this is some kind of prank, flash mob or some shit…," Ruiz muttered as he and Caitlyn got out of the car. He didn't notice that Caitlyn looked worried. She had a hunch about what was happening in the tunnels, but she prayed she was wrong. Caitlyn didn't really feel like capturing Celine's melon spiders, let alone explaining to the witch that she should keep her pets in the forest. The officers ran down the stairs into the battered station.

"Please keep running. Just upstairs, yeah, you're welcome," Ruiz muttered to the people coming towards them, but he was left speechless when they arrived at the train platform. One of the trains was spun up from top to bottom. The other was sparking as the wheels spun, trying to leave the station as a huge net pulled it back.

"My God," Ruiz said as he stepped closer to the train and saw people inside, wriggling in cocoons and looking at him pleadingly. The muffled screams could barely be heard through the silk and closed doors, let alone the screeching of the other train's wheels. Caitlyn picked up her radio, she doubted Ruiz could process what he was seeing.

“Control, this is Theo 109, we need someone at Falenplaza Station to turn off the power to the trains, the fire department and ambulances."

"Help is on the way and Storm will be out shortly."

"Thank you, Control. Sir? We need to secure the people and try to get them out of there," Caitlyn said to her instructor, putting her hand on his shoulder to bring him out of his shock.

"Yeah… Yeah," he muttered, shaking his head and drawing his baton to clear one of the doors of the cobwebs, "Damn, they're stubborn."

Suddenly, Caitlyn felt a tingling sensation on the back of her neck, as if someone was watching her. She turned around, but there was only the other train. At that moment, it went pitch black as the power went out throughout the station. The screeching of the train stopped and Caitlyn and Ruiz pulled out their flashlights. They saw the train being pulled back into the station when it could no longer escape the strings. One of the doors stopped right in front of Caitlyn and she pursed her lips.

"Control, I meant the power for the trains, not the whole station," Caitlyn said into her radio, but she got no response.

Not a good sign.

"Sir, I'm going on the other train," the young cop said, drawing her own baton. Ruiz nodded to her, opened the door and went into the train car. Caitlyn removed the strings blocking her access and pried the door open. She could only describe the inside as a white hell. The entire floor, walls and ceiling were covered in cobwebs. Caitlyn had trouble lifting her legs and she didn't dare touch the walls, let alone the cocoons of wriggling people. If those really had been Celine's spiders, she knew that one wrong touch might be her doom too.

I have to secure the wagons first and not become a victim myself. If there are more spiders here and they're not friendly… she didn't finish the thought and shook her head.

"Don't worry, help is on the way," Caitlyn assured the passengers, who stared at her anxiously in the cone of the flashlight. Armed only with her baton, she carefully made her way further and further inside the train. More than once she got caught on the sticky threads and lost not only precious time but also her body camera when she tried to free herself. She rolled her eyes in annoyance. She was going to have to hear a word from Ruiz again. She was also becoming increasingly nervous. The threads seemed to swallow up the beam of her flashlight and the groans of the passengers were anything but reassuring. When she arrived in the front carriage, she realized that there were no other people here, but she heard a rustling. Caitlyn used her flashlight to find the cause and sure enough, she saw thin black legs under a bench seat, fleeing from the beam of her light.

"There's the culprit," Caitlyn muttered, putting her baton away and holding her hand in front of the lamp to dim the light a little, "Hey buddy, are you lost?" she whispered softly and sure enough, the spider peeked out from under the seat. It really was one of Celine's fluffy, melon-sized spiders. It was orange in color and looked scared, even more than Caitlyn would have expected.

"You need to get out of here quickly before someone finds you. We don't want a panic to break out, do we?" Caitlyn asked kindly and she thought she saw the spider nod in the twilight.

Wow, I didn't think she'd understand me. I definitely need to talk to Celine, though, Caitlyn thought and drew her baton again to clear the cobwebs from one of the windows. But as she was about to smash it, she suddenly heard music coming from the driver's cab. It didn't sound to Caitlyn as if the music was coming from a radio, but as if someone was actually playing a melody on an instrument.

"Is anyone else there? This is Officer Taylor of the LCPD, please remain calm while I…" Caitlyn fell silent as the spider crawled out of its hiding place and faced her. Her eyes glowed red and she let her teeth click.

"Hey, calm down, buddy," Caitlyn said kindly, raising her voice as the spider approached menacingly, "Stop playing music right now, that's an order!"

But as she feared, the person didn't listen to her. Caitlyn raised her hand from her flashlight and used the light to keep the spider away. It fanned her and dodged the beam. Caitlyn took the chance and smashed the window with a powerful blow so the spider could escape, but it didn't seem interested anymore. It shot a beam of threads towards Caitlyn and caught her flashlight. The light went out instantly and Caitlyn was suddenly standing in the pitch-black train car, her eyes wide.

"Oh, shit!" Caitlyn screamed, stumbling back to the carriage door. Forgetting that she was still standing in the sticky threads, she fell over backwards. Immediately she knew she was screwed and she felt painfully reminded of the sticky trap in the bondage hotel. Any pulling only used up useless strength, as the many threads immediately pulled her back to the ground.

"Come on!" she growled, trying to peel herself out of her uniform as she had done then, but stopped when the spider suddenly leapt onto her stomach and its many legs pinned her to the floor. Caitlyn could see the glowing eyes and now she understood why her friend Ava was so afraid of them. Caitlyn swallowed.

"Hey, I just want to help you, remember?" she asked hopefully. The spider ignored her plea and sank his teeth into her neck without hesitation. A brief twitch went through Caitlyn's whole body before her facial features relaxed and she fell asleep instantly. At that moment, the door to the driver's cabin opened and Tea stepped out. Behind her was the train driver's cocoon, wrapped up and asleep. In her hands, she held her magical clarinet, which was playing the lovely melodies that had put all the passengers to sleep and the spiders under her control. They had all run back into the forest by now, but this one had hidden instead of running away. Much to Tea's delight, she didn't have to get her hands dirty on her friend Caitlyn. Her music prompted the spider to cocoon Caitlyn like everyone else and she watched with a grin as the spider did its work. It crawled to Caitlyn's legs and effortlessly removed them from the ground before tying its strings around her feet and ankles. The spider crawled along the walls up to the ceiling of the train car and shot its spider silk down onto Caitlyn. The lifeless policewoman's body was pulled upwards and dangled back and forth in the dark train. The spider dropped onto its victim and crawled clockwise around Caitlyn. It splattered Caitlyn with its wet sticky filaments and within seconds her legs were trapped in pure white silk. Her arms were pressed into her back, pushing her breasts forward, and the spider clamped the rest of Caitlyn's body. The damp silk was skin-tight over her uniform, but it was impossible to see underneath. The only thing about Caitlyn that could still be seen was her right eye. The spider, spurred on by the music, made another lap around Caitlyn's body, pushing her breasts forward. As the silk air-dried, it contracted, giving Caitlyn an hourglass figure. A moan could be heard from her and if her face wasn't nearly covered, a flush of red would have been visible. Tea stopped playing her clarinet. The spider immediately stopped its work. It looked confusedly at Tea, then at Caitlyn before leaping to the window and disappearing into the tunnel, back into the forest.

"I'm sorry, Caitlyn, but you will not interfere," Tea whispered, stepping effortlessly across the threads to Caitlyn. She bent down to her and brushed aside a strand of her black hair.

"Sleep poorly, Caitlyn…be a good girl and feed my mistress," Tea murmured, turning to leave. She didn't see Caitlyn wake briefly and open her free eye a crack. Half asleep, she saw a masked woman in a shiny, dark wedding dress. The compartment lit up briefly and the woman was gone. Caitlyn closed her eyes before falling asleep again, this time until the fire department arrived to rescue her.


"Are you sure you don't need to go to the hospital?" asked Ruiz as he parked in front of Caitlyn's house, "I mean, you've been hanging from the ceiling for a while and can't remember how you got there like everyone else."

"Yeah, all good, I just need a good night's sleep," Caitlyn mumbled, getting out of the car.

"Mh, if you say so, Boot… get some sleep, we're not on duty tomorrow."

"I will sir, good night," Caitlyn said, waving goodbye to him. She waited until he had taken the forest path back to the town and disappeared behind a group of trees. Only now did she allow herself to sink to the ground. With trembling hands, she covered her eyes and tried to remember exactly what had happened. The other passengers said that they had heard music and had fallen asleep. None of them had seen the spiders, unlike Caitlyn. And there was something else.

"Who are you?" wondered Caitlyn as she thought of the girl in the dark wedding dress, "Didn't Rilliana say there was hardly any magic left here?"

She looked past her house towards the forbidden forest.

"'Heh…hardly any magic left my ass," she muttered, wishing she could control her own better. Then she wouldn't have fallen for the spider and the strange girl. Caitlyn pulled out her cell phone. It was already four in the morning, but her thoughts were racing in her head. She couldn't go to sleep yet.


Caitlyn: Hey Celine, I hope I don't wake you up, but this is very important. Something happened in the city tonight and your spiders shut down the subway in Falenplaza and tied up all the passengers. I have a hunch they were forced by someone, someone who knows magic. Someone in a dress…

Caitlyn: I or my colleagues are not trained for this. Is there really nothing you can help me with? Any magic? A bloody wand?

Caitlyn: I'm sorry, that was rude… I'm just so frustrated


Caitlyn exhaled deeply and put her phone away.

"Damn. What am I doing here? I need to think, get better," Caitlyn whispered, standing up unsteadily. She opened the door to her front yard, but looked around again. She felt like she was being watched again.

"Who's there?" she asked into the forest, but no one answered. Instead, her eyes flashed gold briefly, but Caitlyn didn't notice. Suddenly she had a strange craving. She rubbed her mouth and bit her lower lip.

Maybe I should try to go to sleep after all or… Caitlyn glanced at her home. Her brother and father weren't there, which meant she wouldn't be disturbed.

Or some self-bondage? She thought about it and licked her lips. Caitlyn didn't hesitate for long and hurried into the house. She was hot, despite the low temperatures outside. And she took off her uniform on the stairs outside the front door, while at the same time looking for her key. She jammed it into the door lock and stumbled into her home. Caitlyn barely managed to slam the door behind her before she rushed up the stairs and just dropped her clothes where she was walking. Even her sports underwear landed carelessly outside her bedroom door. Caitlyn stumbled into her room and skidded to a halt in front of her closet. She nearly ripped the door off its hinges and threw all the bondage gear she had onto her bed. Handcuffs, ropes, chains, everything. Her black catsuit from C&T landed next to it and even the latex catsuit she had from her kidnappers landed on top of it.

"I need more. More!" Caitlyn muttered feverishly, throwing various belts after her. Finally satisfied with her mountain of bondage utensils, she turned to the pile and inserted a vibrator into her crotch without hesitation. A butt plug followed in her ass and she set both to the maximum level with her cell phone. They would come on automatically after a timer expired. So that Caitlyn couldn't push them out, she quickly slipped into CT's catsuit. As always, it didn't need oiling and it almost pulled itself on. Next came the other catsuit. It was still far too small for her, but it was exactly what she needed. It pressed against her skin and made it harder to move, but she didn't mind.

"Ropes! Cuffs!" she exclaimed madly, wiping the handcuffs off the bed to get to the cuffs. Caitlyn had a crazy plan and she didn't need them. There was an old hook in the ceiling upstairs in the hallway that would help her with her session. She tied the cuffs around her upper and lower arms. She did the same on her legs. Caitlyn grabbed the belts and the ropes and went into the hallway. Once there, she put on a rope harness like she had seen in the videos. Woven diamonds had been the name of the video. Caitlyn folded the rope in half and placed the middle in her neck. From there, she tied knots in the rope at regular intervals and then passed it through her crotch. The rope was passed through her neck and then under her arms into the spaces between the knots. Caitlyn pulled it tight and the typical diamonds appeared over her latex skin. She tied it to her waist and ran back to her room. She had forgotten her shiny red ball gag. It immediately sealed her mouth and prevented her from saying anything sensible. Back in the hallway, Caitlyn threw several ropes up to the ceiling hook and, after several attempts, managed to hang them from it. She connected them to her rope harness and cuffs and tied the other ends to the railing. The rope in the railing braces would break her fall.

"Belt, belt, belt!" Caitlyn kept muttering into the gag, tying her legs with them. She looked up at the ceiling. Not once did it occur to her that she might be making a mistake here and instead pulled herself up the railing with the help of the ropes. Balancing on the thin wood, Caitlyn tied one last belt in her back and put her arms through it.

Now just bend forward and enjoy. It popped into Caitlyn's head, but she hesitated.

Haven't I forgotten something… something important? Caitlyn blinked.

Something was wrong, what am I doing here? Can I even escape if …

She got no further when she suddenly lost her balance and toppled forward. Caitlyn's eyes were as big as plates as she approached the hallway floor. But she heard the whirring of the ropes on the railing above her and her fall slowed. Nevertheless, she suddenly came to a halt a meter above the ground and at the same moment all the restraints tightened around her body. Her arms were painfully squeezed and pulled deeper into the belt. Her harness pressed into her latex skin and especially into her crotch. Her legs were pulled back and almost touched her arms. A sharp cry escaped her mouth, but it was effectively stifled by the gag. Exhausted, she lowered her head and tried to ignore the pain.

I have to get out of here, I have to… She tried to move her arms, but they wouldn't budge.

"Moh… mohmohmohmohmoh!" Caitlyn screamed into her gag, but it was no use. She was stuck, again, and this time with no prospect of release. A lump formed in her throat and tears poured from her eyes and dripped onto the floor.

What have I done? What have I gotten myself into? I'm usually always reasonable and…

Suddenly there was a knock at the front door. Caitlyn froze.

How can I be so lucky, she thought, and was about to call for help, but stopped. How could the alarm system not have gone off? The door clicked softly as it opened and Caitlyn saw a beautiful woman with silver hair enter her house. She had a black catsuit decorated with silver stripes and a cape of the same material adorned her shoulders. She was pretty, Caitlyn could see that despite the eye mask, but a cold shiver ran down Caitlyn's spine when she saw her mischievous smile.

Is this another one of them?

"Ohohoh, who do we have here? Is the little cop in over her head?"

Caitlyn swallowed nervously and made another attempt to free herself from her restraints, with the same result as before. The woman stepped closer to Caitlyn and grabbed her cheeks roughly. Her grip was like a vise and Caitlyn grimaced as her skin was pinched between the ball gag and her fingers.

"This is my first and last warning. Lay a hand on my mistress again and I will destroy you. Do you understand?"

Caitlyn didn't know what she meant, but she had no choice but to nod.

"Good," the woman said, patting Caitlyn's head before turning around.

"MMMHHF! Mmm!" begged Caitlyn in a panic, hoping the woman would take her down. She turned around and grinned snidely.

"What, untie you? After I tricked you into letting your lust run wild? No, no. This is my gift to you. Have fun," the woman said, stepping out into the early morning and closing the door behind her. Caitlyn shouted after her, but she didn't come back. At that moment, the vibrator and butt plug spoke up and began to torture Caitlyn for the next few hours, until hopefully they ran out of juice. Caitlyn's moans and screams could be heard throughout the house, but from outside the house was absolutely silent. Surrounded by trees at the edge of the large forest.


"Morning detective," the young police officer Martin Dennis greeted his superior Lydia Charlotte in a friendly manner. Which only made her roll her eyes.

Why did he always have to arrive at the same time as me? Lydia asked herself and stepped into the elevator, closely followed by the rookie.

"Have you heard?" Martin asked excitedly.

"Dennis… what did I tell you about talking before I had my coffee?" asked Lydia, pressing the bottom button in the elevator. The lettering had been scratched off and instead it said End of the line. Just like Lydia's career.

"Oh. I'm sorry, Detective, I," he stuttered, catching an annoyed look from her, "shut up."

"Thank you," Lydia mumbled.

Another day in the most pointless department in all of LCPD. She thought, stepping through the elevator doors as she was nearly knocked over by her other colleague as he pushed his way into the elevator.

"Smith! What the hell! Can't you watch out?" Lydia asked what was probably the most senior cop in the entire LCPD. She had never seen him move so fast.

"No time, we have to go now!" Smith said, gasping for breath and drumming on the button to the garage.

"What's going on?" asked Lydia.

"A couple of our colleagues have discovered something supernatural tonight! We need to get to her and question her right away," Smith said cheerfully. He seemed as happy as a child who had fallen into the cookie jar. Lydia scowled.

"You're serious?"

"Yes, it's true! The others were talking about it! Meter-long spiders that are supposed to live in the tunnels! At last we can prove that the ACIU isn't a waste of taxpayers' money after all," Martin joined in and stood next to Smith. They both looked at Lydia, beaming with joy. She groaned.

"Whatever, we're going… where?" she asked as the elevator doors opened again and the three of them walked to the battered police car.

"Caitlyn Taylor is the witness. A rookie like me. I met her at the Academy. Top of her class and known for… well …" He fell silent, embarrassed. Lydia shook her head.

"Let's just get this over with."


"Oh, who would have thought it. She's not opening. What a waste of time," Lydia muttered as they stood outside Caitlyn's house.

"You'll have to be patient, Lydia, I can see her car and the schedule says she's off today," Smith said. She turned towards the car while he rang the bell once more and was startled when she almost collided with a tall woman with red hair.

"Excuse me," she mumbled in surprise as the woman looked down at her with a raised eyebrow.

" No problem, darling," the woman said with a smile and adjusted a box she was holding under her arm.

"Do you want to see Miss Taylor too? I'm afraid she doesn't seem to be in," Lydia said, pointing her thumb in the direction of the lonely house.

"I'm a friend of the family and \1."

I have a key," Celine said, jingling a bunch of keys.

"And you areeeeee …?" asked Lydia.

"Celine," the witch said curtly and walked past Lydia and her colleagues, "And you?"

"Lydia Charlotte, these are my colleagues from the LCPD's Abnormal Crime and Investigation Unit."

"I see, never heard of them," Celine muttered, pretending to put a key in the lock. Instead, she cast a spell that opened the gate and disabled the security system. She walked through and was about to close it behind her when Lydia stepped in.

"We have a few questions for Miss Taylor and I'd appreciate it if we could come in with you."

The question was a request, but she let Celine know that she wouldn't take no for an answer. Celine rolled her eyes and stepped aside to allow the police officers to enter the premises. Celine walked ahead to the front door and used the same spell again, opening the door.

"Please come in," Celine said and stepped aside again. However, the policemen didn't move a muscle and stared into the hallway as if spellbound. Celine shook her head in confusion for a moment and looked in herself. She drew in a hissing breath when she saw Caitlyn hanging in a hogtie and in the ropes. A small puddle had formed beneath her, no doubt from saliva, tears and more after the loud humming that emanated from her. She immediately rushed to her.

"Caitlyn, are you awake? Caitlyn!" she gently slapped the black-haired beauty's cheeks and she heard a faint moan. She carefully removed her gag and Celine could hear a soft thank you. Relieved, Celine breathed out and turned to the police officers, still frozen in place.

"How about you go into the living room until Caitlyn's feeling better? I'll get her down here for a minute."

"We could help," the young policeman offered, but dismissed the idea when he felt the ice-cold gaze of the red-haired woman on him.


For almost an hour, the three police officers peppered Caitlyn, who was wrapped up in thick blankets, with questions, but she denied every one of them. Gritting their teeth, they finally had to leave the field after Celine asked them to leave when she had the feeling they wouldn't believe the young policewoman.

"What happened here, dear?" Celine finally asked when the policemen had gone.

"A person broke in here last night. She forced me, with magic, to tie myself up or something, I'm not sure…" mumbled Caitlyn, closing her eyes, exhausted, "I don't know how long I would have hung there without you. Thank you, Celine."

"You're welcome, Cait. By the way, I got your message yesterday and had an idea that might help you against those mages," Celine said, placing the box she had brought on the table in front of Caitlyn.

"After tonight, I wish you'd just stomp those guys into the ground."

"Hahaha, that would take some of the work out of it, wouldn't it?" laughed Celine, tapping the box, "It might help you focus your powers and the earrings included will protect you from a spell or two."

Caitlyn opened her eyes and leaned forward. As she did so, the blankets slipped off her shoulders, exposing her still latex-clad body.

"This shouldn't happen so easily then," Celine commented, pointing at Caitlyn's body.

"Thank you," Caitlyn mumbled and curiously opened the box. Inside was a short turquoise dress along with boots, overknees, gloves and a wand that looked like Celine had stolen it from an anime.

"I'm not wearing that!" Caitlyn shouted immediately, her head red.

"Oh come on! You'll look super cute in it!"


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