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17: Best Catburglar/Kidnapper Ever IV

"Rest well, Boot, we'll continue after the weekend. Don't think I'll grant you any slack!"

"Never expected it, sir!" said Caitlyn to her instructor, Officer Ruiz. He had a tough exterior, but he was an excellent teacher. After her abduction, he had taken Caitlyn under his wing and made it clear right from the start that he would treat her just like all the other rookies before her. Just like Caitlyn wanted. She didn't want any special treatment.

"Thank you for the ride home, sir, and have a good weekend," Caitlyn said. Ruiz said nothing, but Caitlyn could see that he smiled briefly before he drove back into town. Caitlyn watched him go until he disappeared behind the trees that surrounded her house. Caitlyn pulled out her key and opened the gate, disarming her brother Luke's alarm at the same time. In the one week they'd been home, he'd holed up in his room and tightened up his system when he wasn't at school or out with his girlfriend Kim.

"I'm back!" exclaimed Caitlyn as she opened the front door and was immediately surprised by her father hugging her, "Wow dad, you're crushing me, haha."

"I'm just glad you're back," he mumbled, letting go of her.

"We saw each other this morning."

"Yeah… but… can't you maybe do an office job at the police station?" he fell silent as Caitlyn shook her head. He'd never been thrilled about her wanting to be a cop, and now, after the kidnapping of his children, he was even less in favor of it.

"Dad… I need to keep going. Ever since I got back here and saw what a mess the city was in, I knew I had to do this. Please understand," Caitlyn said, leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her father's cheek. Before he could say anything, though, Caitlyn had already turned and run up the stairs. She went into the bathroom to wash the day's sweat from her body and was about to close the door behind her when she paused.

"Um, I'm about to go to bed too. It's been a busy day today, but I've already eaten," she called down.

"Yeah, all right," she heard her father say, shaking his head as he disappeared into the living room. Caitlyn closed the door and took a deep breath before peeling her work clothes off her body. It consisted of a dark blue long-sleeved wool shirt, as was customary for the Rookies, and dark blue pants. Her shirt and underwear quickly followed and landed on top of the pile of laundry.

"Oh, that feels good," she murmured as the water poured down her back. It was what she had missed most in her captivity, hot showers and the first thing she had done after being freed. It had felt as if she had been able to wash away all her worries and burdens. All that remained was the embarrassing memory of being locked in a confined space with Luke, wearing nothing but a latex suit so they wouldn't have to face each other naked. When they were finally freed, Caitlyn's colleagues had given them blankets and taken them home. Luke had then ripped his suit off his body and thrown it in the trash. Caitlyn, however, as much as she hated herself for it, had kept hers. It was now in the back of her closet, next to C&T's.

I have a free weekend, I could try it again. She thought and massaged her breasts with soap. Caitlyn blushed as she thought of what she was about to do to herself and bit her lower lip. What if her father suddenly came in or her weekend off was canceled.

No, that wouldn't happen. My instructor didn't feel like working this weekend himself and I can just lock the door.

Caitlyn nodded confidently and washed the remaining soap from her body. Dressed only in a towel, she slipped into her room and locked the door. A tingle traveled through her entire body, the excitement she had experienced since her first time in bondage. In captivity, Caitlyn had felt it too, if only subliminally. The anger towards her captors was too great. The towel slipped from her waist and Caitlyn opened her closet. She had bought a small collection of bondage equipment and everything was neatly stored in a box under the latex catsuits. Caitlyn took everything out, placed the catsuits on her bed and opened her Pandora's box. Inside were the latex gloves and stockings that she had also worn during her last self-bondage session, but she wouldn't need them today. Instead, she took out the handcuffs and ankle cuffs, with their little padlocks and her latest acquisition, a vibrator. It was built to be worn under the catsuit, and it didn't give itself away with a hum or a bulge. Nevertheless, it was strong and, according to the instructions, intelligent enough to drive Caitlyn insane if she wanted it to. Carefully, she pushed it into her crotch, and it slid in effortlessly.

"Oh damn," she muttered as she realized how much she wanted this, "all… Chloe's fault…?"

She blinked. Was it Chloe's fault? Something seemed wrong about it. Caitlyn paused in her plans. Something or someone was in her thoughts and the more she tried to remember it, the more it slipped away. Like she was trying to remember what she had last dreamed. There was a smell, a pair of green eyes, a laugh. Suddenly there was a knock on her door and she was snapped out of her thoughts. She was just about to open her mouth to scream out loud when the handle was pushed down, but the door remained closed.

That was a close call.

"Cait? Did you lock it?" her brother asked.

"Yeah… yeah, I'm changing right now," Caitlyn called out.

"Oh," Luke said awkwardly, probably just as glad as Caitlyn that the door was locked, "I just wanted to say that dinner's ready."

"I'm not hungry, thanks anyway."

"Ah, I see. Good night."

"Good night," Caitlyn said, listening intently to her brother's footsteps until he arrived at the foot of the stairs. She breathed a sigh of relief.

"So where was I?" she murmured, running her hand over her equipment until she reached the C&T catsuit. She unfolded it with a flourish and sat down on her bed. Normally she would have had to apply cream beforehand to wear latex clothing, but that was what made the gift so special. She could simply pull the neck opening apart and put her legs inside. Her feet slid into place as if by magic and she was able to pull the latex catsuit over her hips effortlessly. Caitlyn's hands were also in the gloves of the catsuit within seconds, and the neck opening snapped around her neck. There it was again. A tingling sensation that spread over her whole body as the remaining air was pushed out of the catsuit and the latex pressed against Caitlyn like a second skin. She instinctively reached for her breasts and crotch, but the vibrator, which was now stuck, prevented her from getting any closer to a climax. She briefly wondered if she should just take her cell phone and command the vibrator to go full throttle, but where was the fun in that?

"Go on, Caitlyn! You haven't earned that yet!" she ordered herself and reached for the second catsuit. Caitlyn's spoils from her captivity and now punishment for nearly becoming weak. Thanks to the C&T suit and the zipper in the back, she had no trouble putting it on this time either. Caitlyn pulled up the clasp and the pressure on her body multiplied. It had actually been a little too tight for her from the start, no doubt a punishment from this blonde witch for Caitlyn's escape attempt. Caitlyn shook her head, trying to shake off thoughts of her captors. Instead, with trembling hands, she picked up a small padlock and threaded it through the zipper and eyelets of the catsuit. It clicked and she was trapped. Caitlyn placed the key in a special drawer in her bedside table that her brother had made for her after he had more or less caught her last time.

"Now just the restraints," she murmured, putting the leather cuffs on her hand and ankles. Before Caitlyn got to the finale, she used her cell phone to set the vibrator to random and for it to start in a minute. She placed it in the cabinet next to the key and locked it before setting the safe to pop open at six o'clock. Even if the power went out, the lock would unlock and Caitlyn would be able to get out. Caitlyn wanted to keep the rest of her bondage simple, so she used only carabiners to cuff her hands behind her back and hold her legs together. Panting, she dropped onto her bed. Although she wasn't warm, thanks to the properties of the C&T catsuit, she was still incredibly excited. She silently counted the seconds.

Ten… Eleven… Twelve…

But when she reached thirty, she frowned.

"Was I that fast?" Caitlyn mumbled, confused. She glanced at her bedside table as it began to vibrate when her cell phone received a message inside.

"Well at least one of us is having fun," she said to him pouting and sat up. Her evening was ruined and only because she had accidentally entered the wrong number. Caitlyn was about to grab the remote from her TV to lull herself to sleep when a powerful vibration in her crotch startled her before it instantly faded and became a slight, barely perceptible tingle.

"Oh shit, it's this random?" she cursed. Caitlyn hadn't known that the vibrator could go out as well, but she was relieved that it did work. She let go of the remote and snuggled awkwardly into her blanket, concentrating on the vibration between her legs. It almost seemed as if her vibrator was trying to tease her, the tingling was so slight.

"I should have just set it to maximum," Caitlyn muttered in frustration and was about to undo the carabiner on her back to give it a little help when her closet vibrated again.

"Didn't I mute you? Unless…" she paled as she realized that only one person was exempt from the mute function on her phone. Her instructor Ruiz.

"Oh come on!" she said the moment it rang and the next moment her father's voice echoed.

"Cait? I think you need to work overtime, dear."

With a deep red face, Caitlyn settled into the passenger seat of the police car. With the catsuit locked up tight and its key out of her reach, all she could do was remove the restraints and throw on one of her uniforms. With every step she took, she prayed that no one heard a squeak and that the vibrator really was as quiet as promised.

"I'm really sorry Boot for ruining your evening," Ruiz said, sitting down next to her and buckling his seatbelt.

"No problem, sir," Caitlyn said curtly, trying to hide her panic.

"It's just that a special assignment came in and… are you sure you're okay, Caitlyn?" he asked worriedly when he noticed her red face.

"YES!" she replied curtly and quickly as the vibrator shifted up a gear and Caitlyn began to curse inwardly.

"Mmmmmhh?" he mumbled, raising an eyebrow, "fancy gloves, by the way."

Caitlyn's face paled as she realized she'd forgotten to cover her latex gloves.

"Uh huh."

"It's all good, I got you out of your free weekend. Let's just not say a word about it."

"Thank… thank you sir."

"You're welcome, Boot. I hope you can still work."

Caitlyn nodded and her heart calmed a little.

"What… What is this job, sir?"

"Heh, you'll like this. You know a certain Judy, don't you?" he asked with a smile and immediately the vibrator between Caitlyn's legs was forgotten as she turned her head towards him and sheer anger flashed in her eyes.


"Where have you been again?" Maike asked impatiently as Jade tried to sneak quietly into her loft.

"Oh, umm, having lunch with a friend," Jade said when she was caught by her partner and grinned back at her, "You didn't have a job, did you?"

Jade could literally see that Maike had to restrain herself from shouting at her.

"Yes, I did and you're late!"

"It's only noon."

"Yes, I realize that too, but you have to prepare yourself. We can't mess up this job, whatever the cost. Go to the bathroom and put this in your hair," she ordered the redhead and threw her a bottle. Jade caught it deftly and frowned.

"Maike… why should I dye my hair?"

"BECAUSE," Maike fell silent and took a deep breath as Jade raised an eyebrow in annoyance, "Because your red hair stands out too much and this will be an assignment where a lot of people will see you. Think of it as part of your disguise. The rest of it is in the bathroom."

Jade drew a pout. She liked her flaming red hair and she wasn't really keen on doing jobs for Maike anymore. But to keep up the lie, Jade had to play along.

"Fine, but I hope this stuff washes out well!" said Jade, going up to the bathroom.

"Hurry up, your ride will be here soon too!" Maike called after her.

"Yes, yes."

"And remember your eyebrows!"


Maike looked after her until the bathroom door had closed and turned away, shaking her head.

Jade didn't like the disguise at all. Not only did she think she'd washed her hair in tar, it was so black now, no, she was hiding the uniform of the nearby prison under a long coat. Jade still didn't know her mission, but she already suspected something bad.

Was Maike trying to hack into the prison? Jade thought about it and looked at her watch. Maike had provided Jade with a few extra men who would be arriving any minute. As if on cue, a black van pulled up and the passenger door opened. A man looked expectantly at Jade, who nodded her thanks and got in.

"Hey, so you're our door opener?" the passenger asked in a friendly manner, pointing with his thumb to the back, where two other men were sitting and nodding at Jade.

"I suppose so. My partner didn't tell me much about the job," Jade explained, taking off her coat at the sight of the other men, who were also wearing the guard uniform.

"Yeah, that's the way it should be. You're just here to open doors in case something goes wrong," the driver said, heading towards the highway.

"Come on, a little more information would be better so I can prepare myself mentally."

The driver groaned in annoyance, just like Maike always did.

"Not my problem. All you need to know is that we're going to the prison and pretending to be guards."

"Hey, that's enough, now I know we need key-cards," Jade was about to say when he tossed a key-card and a cappy into her lap.

"That should be enough," he mumbled.

"Johanna Smith," Jade read from the piece of plastic. The woman pictured on it also had long black hair, but that was where the similarities ended. The woman had dark eyes, almost black, with a hint of red in them and a stern expression. Jades, on the other hand, had green ones and had to make an effort to look serious. Where had Maike dragged her into this time?

"I hope this works, guys," Jade muttered, biting her lower lip nervously. Somehow the woman in the photo looked familiar to her. She couldn't quite put her finger on it, though.

"Don't worry. The guards have been sufficiently bribed and won't cause us any trouble. We're just not allowed to cause any problems so that the District Attorney doesn't get suspicious."

Jade wasn't convinced yet, but the driver didn't seem to want to talk to her any more. She tied her now black hair into a ponytail and put it through her cap before putting it on. Jade pulled it into her face, leaned against the window and closed her eyes. Her mind wandered to her foggy past. Caitlyn and Jade were sitting on the floor in a room. A circle with strange symbols had been drawn around them, and it glowed slightly in the dark of the room. A rope was wrapped around their hands, preventing them from separating. And even if they could, neither Jade nor Caitlyn wanted to be anywhere else. They wanted to be together, forever.


Their drive lasted into the early evening and ended in front of a gate at the prison.

"Hello, gentlemen… and lady. How can I help you?" said the guard, studying their uniforms carefully.

"Hey, we're here to support you. You're understaffed right now, I hear."

"Haha, you're just in time. So many people have called in sick. It's like a cauldron in there. Can you identify yourselves?"

"Sure," said the driver, holding out his ID. Jade and the other two did the same. The guard frowned briefly when he saw the IDs, but he nodded.

"All right. Then please drive on and hand in any weapons at the entrance. Tasers are the only weapons allowed in the prison, but only with a special permit."

The driver nodded and drove off as the gate rose and let them pass.

"Did he notice anything?"

"Yes, and he remembered he was sufficiently bribed," the driver replied, pulling into the main entrance parking lot where Jade and her partners got out, "Now just stay calm and play along."

Jade nodded, despite her growing doubts. They entered the prison and the three men showed the guard their special permit to carry tasers. They were each handed one and, with a wink, a bag and a wheelchair.

"What are these for?" asked Jade, earning a punitive look from her partners.

"You're supposed to pack her up and put her in the hole. Didn't your superiors tell you about this?" asked the guard.

"Oooh, that's what he meant, I'm sorry he's always so cryptic," Jade lied and slapped her hand to her forehead.

"Aha, must be new here huh?"

Jade nodded and walked on hurriedly as the person behind her pushed her on impatiently. The steel gate closed behind them and an icy shiver ran down the back of Jade's neck.

"Why don't I get a taser?" she asked, hissing and eyeing the weapon hanging from the belt of the man in front of her.

"Your hands should remain free in an emergency and make a way out for us," the driver said curtly, leading the way through the labyrinthine corridors and cells that stretched to their left and right. In each one sat a woman who looked after them suspiciously, angrily or enviously.

"We're here," the driver suddenly said and paused. He opened the cell lock with his key card and pushed the bars aside. He stepped inside and Jade followed behind as the person behind her started to push. Jade froze.

This isn't a cell! This is a fucking living room! Jade thought to herself.

The cell was decorated with red velvet, and a number of electrical appliances that made prison life more pleasant were arranged in rows. But what took the whole thing to the extreme was a huge armchair in which a slim, attractive woman was sitting. She had her legs propped up on another woman, who was kneeling in front of the chair and stubbornly looking at the floor. Jade couldn't believe that the muscle-bound woman was letting herself be abused as a stool when her mistress looked more like a toothpick in comparison.

"There you are at last. I've waited long enough," the woman murmured and rose from her chair. She kicked at her servant to make her crawl aside and put her hands on her hips. All at once, the room became ten degrees chillier as Jade recognized her. The woman in front of her was the same as on her ID card, but it wasn't Johanna Smith, it was Judy, the slave merchant. Jade stumbled back a step, but she felt something press into her back, and the next moment her body was jolted as her partners turned on her. She lost control of her limbs and slumped to the ground. Jade was still conscious, but her body no longer obeyed her. A zipper could be heard in the cell as one of the men opened the bag.

"Mmmh, nice of the DA to provide such charming equipment, reminds me to say thank you for that," Judy said, pulling the cap off Jade's head. She slipped off her jumpsuit and dropped it to the floor as the men began to undress Jade.

"What… what are you doing?" asked Jade weakly.

"You're doing my job, love," Judy said, brushing Jade's hair out of her face, "Maike doesn't need a traitor like you. I'm her new partner and you have the honor of taking my place here."

The men slipped the orange jumpsuit over Jade while Judy slipped into the guards uniform.

"You won't get away with this!" croaked Jade.

"Sweetheart, I already am. This prison is under my control, I could have just walked out of here. The only trouble is that annoying questions will be asked and that's where you come in. You'll go to special solitary confinement instead of me, where you'll never see the light of day again. By the time anyone realizes you're not me, I'm sure I'll have already settled the score with this town and then you'll stay here anyway because no one gives a damn about a little thief like you."

Jade's forehead was drenched in sweat as she slowly regained strength over her body, but she continued to be pinned mercilessly to the ground as the men slipped a restraint bag over her legs. This was followed by a straitjacket made of the same material. The jacket was strapped tightly around her chest and the sleeves were pushed through the loops and tied behind her back.

"HELP! GUARDS! SOMMMHHMMM!" Jade wanted to shout as she regained her voice, but by then a thick panel gag was being forced into her mouth. It hid the entire lower half of her face and barely allowed her nose to peek out.

"Wow, she's angry," one of the men commented, holding Jade down as she started to fidget and kick.

"Just give her another one with the taser," Judy ordered and not a second later Jade was just a twitching bundle on the floor, "Get her ready and take her to her new cell."

Jade, despite the pain, felt the sack being connected to the straitjacket and pulled tighter with belts. Effortlessly, she was pulled up and placed in the wheelchair, where one of the men began to strap her in and the driver smiled diabolically down at her. In his hands he held a white leather mask, which he opened for Jade. Jade stared wide-eyed at the Gwendolyn mask, and even Judy raised an eyebrow.

"Wow, the DA really seems to hate me," she commented as Jade started shaking her head frantically to avoid the inevitable.

"Hold her head still," he ordered and Jade's head was immediately held as if caught in a vice. The driver slipped the mask over her with ease and pulled it tight with the help of the laces. All Jade could hear now was a soft whimper and her head disappeared completely under the leather, except for the upper half of her face.

"Ready, now just put her in the hole and let's get out of here!" said the driver, grabbing the wheelchair.


"Hey Dan, you okay?" Officer Ruiz asked the guard at the front desk, putting his gun in a box for storage.

"If my little one doesn't scream all night, by all means haha. Who did you bring me?" the guard asked, looking curiously at Caitlyn, who was standing red-faced next to her instructor, praying no one saw what she was wearing under her uniform. She had hidden her latex-covered hands with gloves, but she still feared being discovered.

"My new rookie. Best of the academy, but still a little green behind the ears."

"Haha, I see. What brings you here?" he asked as Caitlyn handed over her gun and taser.

"We're supposed to make sure your premium prisoner doesn't make any funny business." Ruiz said, looking up as the guard looked at him nervously.


"A few people have already gone to see her, just a few minutes ago."

"I know. The District Attorney just wants to play it safe."

"Oh um all right, you can go on," he said, unlocking the bars, "but watch out, the prisoners are in a bad mood right now."

"When are they not?" Ruiz laughed, beckoning Caitlyn to follow him.

"Did you notice anything, Boot?" asked Ruiz after they had walked a few steps.

"He seemed nervous," Caitlyn mumbled, trying not to groan when the vibrator spoke up again.

"That's right. I hope the District Attorney is just exaggerating, but if what they're saying about Judy is true, we'll have to reckon with everyone here. Keep your eyes open, Boot."

"Yes sir," Caitlyn said, groaning with relief as the vibrator paused again.

"Should I have left you in the car?"

"No, no, sir. I've got it under control."

"I'm hoping. Look out, we're here," Officer Ruiz said, walking determinedly towards a cell full of people.

"Ready, now just put them in the hole and let's get out of here!" said one of the men, grabbing the wheelchair in their midst, on which a mummy appeared to be sitting. At the sight of the two policemen, however, he stood rooted to the spot.

"Didn't anyone tell you to wait for us?" Ruiz asked indignantly, letting his gaze wander over the three men and the woman until he frowned at the prisoner kneeling on the ground and examining the floor. Finally, Ruiz lifted one corner of his mouth in amusement as he looked at the bound woman in the wheelchair. She had tears in her eyes and was raging like a fury.

"Wow, we're playing it safe here, aren't we guys? Caitlyn, look at this. This is what happens to criminals when they think they're the rulers of the city. Judy's gonna be behind bars for a long time with nothing but those nice clothes on."

Caitlyn peeked behind his back and cast a hateful look at the person who had been responsible for all her friends' suffering. Her and Judy's eyes crossed and all at once the woman in the wheelchair calmed down. But Caitlyn's heart began to race, and it wasn't from the panic of being discovered. All her hatred disappeared at once and she stared uncomprehendingly at the figure in front of her. Black hair peeked out from under a white leather mask. Beneath it, Caitlyn could see that Judy was gagged. Her hands were in a straitjacket and her legs were in a restraint bag that made it impossible to walk. All the restraints were pulled incredibly tight around the criminal, and additional straps held Judy firmly in the wheelchair. But all that was quickly forgotten when Caitlyn saw Judy's eyes. They were green, the very same eyes from her daydreams.

"Earth to Officer Taylor, are you still with us?" her instructor asked, snapping her out of her thoughts."

"Yes… yes sir. I… is this legal?"

"This is Leon City for you, Boot. If you fuck up enough, like this scum here, you'll end up in the hole with new clothes," Ruiz explained, patting her shoulder, "Didn't you learn that in the academy?"

"Yes, I did… but seeing it."

Caitlyn shook her head, trying to reorganize her thoughts and banish the eyes from her head, which she couldn't do.

"If the colleagues don't mind, would Officer Caitlyn please push the wheelchair?" Officer Ruiz asked kindly, but it sounded more like an order. The guard took a step aside and looked nervously at the woman next to him.

"Come on boot, I want to get home today," Ruiz hissed and Caitlyn stumbled forward to grab the wheelchair and push it. Caitlyn heard Judy start to whimper and say something into her gag, but she couldn't understand a clear word. Caitlyn even thought Judy was calling her name into the gag. But that couldn't be. She was probably imagining it and was just too preoccupied with the woman's beautiful eyes. She didn't really want to think about them, but she couldn't get them out of her mind. In addition, a familiar smell came into her nose, but she couldn't identify it either. It was only when the vibrator between her legs made her legs wobble and earned her looks from everyone present that she banished the thoughts from her head.

That's Judy! No matter what she looks like or what she's wearing. She's a monster! Caitlyn admonished herself, thinking back to the first time she had heard about Judy on the news. She had almost gotten away with selling her friends into slavery. Caitlyn had cursed her, called her a demon. Calling her one suited her because of her pitch-black hair and eyes that hid her rotten soul. Caitlyn's breath caught in her throat.

Black eyes? It flashed through Caitlyn's mind and she looked up. The men and her instructor next to her didn't seem to have noticed anything. Caitlyn looked over her shoulder at the woman who hadn't said a word yet, trying as best she could to hide her face under a cap. Their eyes crossed. Caitlyn saw the dark eyes she'd seen on the news, and all at once Caitlyn understood that she wasn't pushing Judy, she was walking beside them. Judy realized that Caitlyn had recognized her and clicked her tongue disapprovingly.

"Plan B," the woman said curtly, and suddenly Caitlyn felt something at her back. At the same moment, her instructor cried out and collapsed as he was tasered to the ground. Caitlyn expected to feel pain too, but nothing happened. Stunned, the man and Judy stared at her. Without thinking further, Caitlyn pushed the man's arm aside and punched him in the throat, sending him stumbling backwards, gasping for air. Immediately all hell broke loose in the prison as the inmates jumped to their feet and began screaming and cheering loudly.

"Fight, fight, fight, fight!"

Caitlyn could see that Judy was thinking of escaping and tried to cut her off, but she was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground. She flew unchecked into the cold prison corridor, tasting blood. Caitlyn whirled around, eyes wide, as one of the attackers leapt at her with his taser raised. He rammed it into her chest and the force took her breath away. Lightning flashed from the weapon to Caitlyn, but she didn't even feel a tingle.

The catsuit! It flashed through Caitlyn's mind and she took advantage of her attacker's renewed confusion and hit his head with full force. He flew off her and Caitlyn scrambled to her feet. However, there was no sign of Judy or the last man. She quickly went after her attackers and handcuffed them before running to her partner.

"Officer Ruiz!" shouted Caitlyn, kneeling down beside him. He was unconscious, and Caitlyn reached for her radio. She pulled half of it from her belt while the other landed on the ground. Caitlyn rolled her eyes as she thought of the coming reprimand and reached for her instructor's device.


"How could Judy be gone? I put a damn radio message through for them to lock everything down!" Caitlyn explained, stunned to her sergeant.

"Calm down, Taylor. No one is blaming you. An investigation has already been launched to uncover what happened in the prison. Your bodycams have already been analyzed and please don't worry."

Caitlyn breathed a sigh of relief.

"However, we do have a problem with the suspects you were able to subdue. The men aren't talking and the woman seems to be the only one willing to cooperate, if only on one condition," he said and Caitlyn looked at him, frowning.

"What does she want?"

"She just wants to talk to you."

"With me?"

"I quote, 'I'm only talking to Caitlyn Taylor,' and to the best of my knowledge, you are. How is it that perhaps our most important witness and suspect wants to talk to our newest rookie of all people? Do you know her?"

Caitlyn was about to answer no, but she paused.

"I don't know, sir. I just saw her eyes and they looked familiar. Should I…"

Her sergeant nodded and pointed in the direction of the interrogation room where Caitlyn and her trainer had placed the shackled parquet.

"Get the suspect to talk before her lawyer shows up. Can you do that?"

Caitlyn wasn't sure, but she nodded. Her supervisor escorted her to the interrogation room and disappeared into the room next door. She took a deep breath and opened the door. The woman was sitting in front of her, still tied up in the straitjacket and sack. She had been freed from the mask and the gag. Her black hair was tousled and she looked up scowling at the two detectives in front of her.

"There's Officer Taylor, are you ready to talk now?" one of them asked.

"If you'll both leave the room," the woman said snappishly. Caitlyn's colleagues rolled their eyes and walked past Caitlyn into the next room. There was a loud rumble as they slammed the door behind them.

"Someone's in a bad mood," the woman muttered, smiling at Caitlyn as she stifled a laugh.

"So um… you know my name, but I don't know yours. What's your name?"

"Jade," the woman said, pursing her lips.

"Jade…" Caitlyn blinked, "do we know each other?"

"Yes. From another life."

"What do you mean…?" Caitlyn interrupted herself as the door swept open and a blonde woman entered the interrogation room. Stunned, Caitlyn stared at her.


"Please leave me alone with my client, you're not authorized to talk to her!" Rilliana interrupted Caitlyn and unplugged the cameras and microphones in the room. Cursing could be heard from next door. The blonde C&T employee was wearing black high heels and an elegant pencil skirt that came to just below her knees. A white blouse could be seen under a black blouse and glasses rested on her nose.

"Wait… let her stay. I want her to know," Jade said. Rilliana rolled her eyes and nodded before pulling down a blind in front of the see-through mirror and sitting down next to Jade.

"What's going on here? I thought you worked for C&T?" Caitlyn asked, raising her hand towards Rilliana uncomprehendingly.

"And I'm not allowed to be a lawyer too?"

"Well…" Caitlyn didn't know what to say to that. Suddenly, an image of Rilliana in a latex catsuit flashed through her mind as she tried to defend Jade in court.

"You're right. I'm not really a lawyer, but someone has to get this shithead out of here," Rilliana said, shrugging her shoulders. Caitlyn was just about to jump up and throw Rilliana out when the vibrator drew her attention again and made her slump down in her chair. Rilliana raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't know the LCPD allowed latex and vibrators during work hours."

"It was an accident," Caitlyn whispered, blushing and wondering how Rilliana knew, "But it doesn't matter now! Do you know what kind of trouble you're in if someone finds out you're not a lawyer?"

Rilliana shrugged her shoulders again.

"As long as you don't say anything, it's all good, besides, you should listen to what Jade has to say," Rilliana said and turned to Jade, "Then go ahead."

Jade blushed.

"Can I maybe get out of here first?" asked Jade, fidgeting in her straitjacket.

"Naah, it suits you," Rilliana said, leaning back in her chair.

"Oh, come on," Jade mumbled, looking up at Caitlyn, "When you look at me… what are you thinking?"

Caitlyn frowned.

What kind of weird question is that? What am I supposed to think when I look at that… adorable face? Caitlyn thought, and suddenly her heart warmed. She remembered long-forgotten dreams of walking through the park with a woman and seeing the previously faceless woman Jade's face.

"You said earlier that we knew each other from another life."

"We…we were a couple, a few years ago," Jade said in a shaky voice.

"Seriously, you're starting with that? Why don't you say straight out that she's a…" Rilliana interrupted.

"Rilliana!" Jade shouted out.

" All right, all right. I'll take care of your release."

Jade nodded and looked after Rilliana, who got up and left the room.

"We were together? Shouldn't I be able to remember that?" asked Caitlyn.

"Normally, yes… this may sound insane, but please believe me. How well do you know about memory alteration?"


"Caitlyn are you okay?" Rilliana asked.

"Of course I'm fine. I've just been living a lie for the last three years. All of a sudden I have a girlfriend, a hacker poisoned me and oh yes, my mom didn't leave me, no, she was just kidnapped! And apparently everyone knew about it except me! Nothing is okay!" Caitlyn shouted while she and Rilliana waited for Jade. She had to make a few final statements to exonerate herself.

"Well not everyone…" Rilliana fell silent when she saw the angry look on Caitlyn's face.

"Look, it's complicated and I wish we could tell you more, but right now it's still too dangerous."

"What, there's more and it's too dangerous? I'm a police officer in the city with the most kidnap victims in the country! Don't talk to me about dangerous!"

"Calm down, please, and not so loud," Rilliana said placatingly, but Caitlyn wasn't going for it.

"YOU WANT ME TO CALM DOWN? I…" Rilliana snapped her finger and suddenly Caitlyn's eyes closed. Before she toppled from her chair, Rilliana caught her deftly. She leaned the young officer against her shoulder and looked up as the door to the waiting area opened. Jade was pushed in by Officer Ruiz. She had a scowl on her face while he just looked tired.

"Why hasn't she been released from the straitjacket yet? She's a witness, not a criminal!" Rilliana said, pointing at Jade.

"Oh right," Ruiz muttered, rubbing his eyes, "can you do that? I really need to get home and get a good night's sleep. Boot are you coming?"

But Caitlyn was so deeply asleep that she didn't respond.

"She's already gone haha," Rilliana said, "Officer Ruiz, you can go ahead. I'm taking Officer Taylor home. I'm a friend of the family."

"Coincidences do happen," he muttered, walking over to Caitlyn and carefully lifting her out of the chair, "I'll walk her to your car."

Rilliana nodded her thanks and began to push Jade through the police station.

"I can still walk, by the way!"

"Don't be ridiculous. How are you going to walk with that bag?" Rilliana asked sternly. Jade exhaled loudly and annoyed, but resigned herself to her fate.


"What happens now?" asked Rilliana in the parking lot.

"The intel you gave us is good. Unfortunately, this Maike's apartment was completely empty."

"What about my belongings?" asked Jade.

"Gone too, as if no one had ever lived there."

Jade groaned. She had nothing left except what she was currently wearing, and that wasn't exactly something she could venture out onto the street with.

"And now what? Where am I supposed to stay?"

"Out of town," Officer Ruiz muttered, lifting Caitlyn into the passenger seat, "Take good care of my rookie," Officer Ruiz said, waving goodbye before yawning loudly and walking to his own car.

"How am I supposed to… without money?" Jade began, but Rilliana interrupted her.

"We'll get you somewhere. I think a certain someone will be happy to take you in," Rilliana said, patting Jade's shoulder.

"I don't know, she didn't sound very enthusiastic just now."

"Don't worry about it. You've always made up quickly."

"And that's still creepy as hell that you know more about us than we do," Jade said, shrieking briefly as the restraints holding her to the wheelchair magically released and she was thrown into the back seat.

"Was that really necessary?" Jade asked indignantly, struggling against her restraints to sit up as Rilliana strapped her in.

"No, but don't act like you've never wanted to be driven around in a straitjacket before," Rilliana laughed, stroking Jade's hair. Her head suddenly began to tingle and her dyed black hair became paler until her red mane finally reappeared.

"Thank you," Jade whispered and smiled.

"You're welcome, dear. Get some rest, you've had a long day," Rilliana said, pressing a kiss to Jade's forehead.


Caitlyn blinked as the light of the morning sun hit her eyes. She wanted to raise her right hand protectively, but it didn't follow her.

Am I really still that tired from work? She thought and felt a tingling sensation in her hand, as if she had been lying on it.

"What a night," she mumbled and closed her eyes to think about what had happened.

"Tell me about it."

Caitlyn snapped her eyes open and was wide awake all at once. She jerked her head around and stared into the dreamy green eyes of her "girlfriend" Jade. Now she realized why her arm had fallen asleep. Jade was lying on it, but as she was still in her straitjacket, she couldn't move from the spot.

"Hey," Jade said, making an embarrassed face.

Caitlyn stared at her blankly until, once again, the vibrator began to do its work, this time with the intention of completing its job. Caitlyn's body betrayed her as it switched to full power and mercilessly worked her crotch. It took her breath away and her free hand clawed into Jade's breast, making her moan with pleasure. After a long night, the vibrator's endless teasing finally came to a climax as Caitlyn was thrown over the edge. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and a rasping moan escaped her throat. The orgasm she'd been holding back all night robbed Caitlyn of her strength, and she was paralyzed when she saw Jade's face.

"Glad to see you too," Jade whispered, her face as flushed as her hair, and snuggled closer to Caitlyn. Caitlyn's mouth opened, but no words came out. Her mind was a blank and she didn't even know if she wanted to reprimand the redhead, apologize or just enjoy the moment. Caitlyn thought of the words she had said yesterday to admonish herself.

You don't deserve this yet!

It seemed as if the vibrator was telling her that she had finally earned her orgasm. And so much more.


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