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Part 1
Summer’s Backstab

"Alright then ladies, we're done for the day, but remember that selection competition is this afternoon and we're cheering hard for your new teammates!" their coach shouted, and the girls of the cheerleading squad broke out their applause. Summer didn't. She disliked the tradition that came with the selection process, and despite her coach's warnings, these incidents kept happening. Summer glanced around the group and could see directly that Sarah and her friends were plotting something. When one of them noticed Summer's gaze, the pink haired girl quickly looked away. She wanted nothing to do with it, but she thought she saw out of the corner of her eye that the women had started whispering among themselves.

Summer exhaled loudly and closed her locker, only to flinch when she saw her friend Ava appear from behind the metal door.

"Ava! Geez, what are you always scaring me like that for!" laughed Summer, giving Ava a quick hug as the shy woman winced at Summer's outburst.

"Hey Sumsum… um, I wanted to ask you a favor."

"Sure fire away! I always have an ear for my best friend, don't I!" said Summer, putting an arm around Ava as they walked down the University hallway together.

"So… I heard that selection practice is today and…" began Ava, but Summer cut her off.

"I'm sorry, Ava, but I can't help you."


"No matter what you ask, I can't give you any tips or put in a good word for you with Coach, please refrain from asking the others as well."

"Please Summer, I've been training for ages and I really want to make the team, can you at least take a look at what I've been training for?"

Summer closed her eyes for a moment and exhaled deeply. She then took a quick look around the hallway, just to make sure no one was watching her, and pulled Ava back into the gym.

"Fine if you want, show me what you can do and I might be able to give you a few tips after all, but, and this is essential now, don't tell anyone!"

Ava nodded seriously, but seemed overjoyed that Summer at least wanted to see her dance.

"GOOOOO LIONS!" shouted Ava powerfully, landing on the floor in a perfect split. Her hands spread out and grinned. Summer stared at her with her mouth open and Ava's smile disappeared.

"Was I that bad?" she asked uncertainly, slowly standing up.

"No, Ava, that was…"

"Underwhelming!" a woman called from the doorway, entering the gym with three others. Summer cursed inwardly as she recognized Sarah and her group.

"You think…?" asked Ava uncertainly, walking backward toward Summer, careful not to show her back to the newcomers.

"I don't know what you were training for, but dancing definitely wasn't it," Sarah said, laughing affectedly, her friends joining in.

"Oh," Ava said, hanging her head.

"But, since our dear Summer seemed to want to take care of you, we could show her our special stretch workout right away, couldn't we?" asked Sarah, and Summer paled, while Ava started to beam.

"Wow wait a minute, I just said I'd watch her dance, I've never…"

"A special stretch exercise, how does that work?" asked Ava over Summer.

"Ohoho, I'm sure Summer will show you," Sarah said, adding in a whisper, turning to Summer, "You know what you'll get if you don't."

Summer slumped her shoulders and pulled Ava along with her, who seemed perfectly happy and oblivious to what was going on in Summer's head. A struggle between her conscience and fear of what would happen to her if she didn't do what Sarah wanted her to do. She was pressured to do what was asked of her, or she had to live with the consequences.

"In here," Summer muttered curtly, pushing Ava into the equipment room.

"What are we doing here?" asked Ava irritably, looking around the room. There was nothing here but a few lockers of exercise balls, a mat cart, and various other pieces of gym equipment.

"Your stretching…" said Summer, handing her a crumpled cloth, "Put this in your mouth, please."

"What for?"

"The exercises can lead to some unfortunate noises. You don't want anyone else to overhear that and get an advantage too, do you?" asked Summer, opening one of the cupboards.

"I… don't think so?" said Ava cautiously, popping the cloth into her mouth. Summer handed her a training rubber band.

"Here, to keep it in."

Ava just shrugged and tied it around her head so she couldn't spit the cloth out.

"Arms back!" ordered Summer, and Ava frowned at the command, but didn't question her best friend. Summer grabbed Ava's hands and took one of the jump ropes to tie Ava's hands tightly together. The young-woman glanced questioningly over her shoulder as she felt the rope on her skin, but said nothing. She trusted Summer, even as doubts slowly rose in her mind. Summer, meanwhile, cursed herself with every twist she added to Ava's bondage until Ava's torso was tightly tied in front of her. But before Ava could ask through her gag what her friend was doing or Summer could come to her senses, the door to the equipment room opened and Sarah and her friends walked in.

"Ohh, I always forget Summer is so skilled with the ropes. Didn't think you could tie that rich brat up so fast. Well go on now, selection starts soon and I want some more decent photos."

Ava froze, something was going very wrong here.

"Fumfum?" she asked pleadingly through the gag, but Summer turned away and grabbed more ropes. She tied them tightly in her back and pulled Ava up to the ceiling so she had to stand on tiptoe, then tied a loop, caught Ava's left foot and pulled it up so Ava had to stand in splits. The effort was written all over her face and panic set in.

"Fummer?" she asked in a panic, looking around for her pink-haired friend.

"Yeah emm. Sorry Ava, but this is a… prank we play on the newbies when they ask us for tips… good luck next year." said Summer without a trace of emotion, while Sarah and the others pulled out their cell phones and started snapping photos of the pale Ava.

After ten minutes, they left Ava alone in the equipment shed. Whimpering, she had looked over and over at Summer, who looked down in shame as the others danced around her, taking pictures of Ava. When the bell rang, Ava knew that selection training had begun and she was not there. But this is what she had been training for since she saw Summer dance. Ava hung her head until evening fell and someone finally appeared in the shed. It was Summer, who ran worriedly to her friend and immediately brought her down.

"Ava I'm so sorry for the prank, Sarah is…" she didn't get any further, as Ava slapped her across the face, which echoed in the room like the shot of a gun.

"Stay away from me," she muttered, turning and leaving Summer standing alone in the room.

The next day, five girls were called into the coach's office and unceremoniously kicked off the team, including Summer and Sarah. The latter immediately pulled out her cell phone to post Ava's photos on the Internet, but they were gone. With mouths agape, each of the four women stared at their phones, while Summer smiled briefly. She had told her coach everything and deleted the pictures. The least she could do for Ava.

"Are you sure you want to leave the team, Summer?" her coach asked after the others had left the office.

"Yeah… I think I'm going to focus on science and computers… but I would advise you to put Ava on the team… she's a bigger asset to the squad than I could ever be."

Part 2
Εξυπηρετήστε την Αφέντρα

Ava faced her last hope of being accepted into a sorority and gritted her teeth. Summer had told her about the Epsilon Tau Alpha before her prank. A sorority that had apparently been around since the university's founding. Ava wasn't eager to be with Summer again, but she had no choice since the other sororities were already full. She walked the short distance through the front yard and knocked. She heard thumping as a person inside the house knocked over furniture. Then there was silence for a moment before the door opened a crack and a woman looked at Ava out of small eyes.

"Yes?" she asked curtly and Ava smelled on her breath that she had been through a wild night.

"Hey my name is Ava and I was wondering if you had any room in your sorority?" asked Ava with a slightly doubtful look. The woman's head behind the door seemed to rattle until she said, "Hands out."


"Do you want a chance to be in the Epsilon Tau Alphas or not?"

Ava had a dark premonition of what was about to happen, and sighed. She held out her hands and the student let a pair of handcuffs snap around her wrists. The chain was longer than usual and would not restrain Ava as too much.

"That explains why I see girls walking around with handcuffs every year." Murmured Ava.

"Those are the rules, aspirant," the woman muttered, "Keep the handcuffs on the rest of the day and come with the other new ones to the parking lot by the cursed forest. Ten o'clock sharp and don't even think about opening the handcuffs, they are custom made."

With those words, the door was slammed in Ava's face. A shiver ran down Ava's spine and she shook herself.

"No wonder Summer wanted to come in here," Ava muttered and walked back to her car.

That evening, Ava had driven to the parking lot outside of town very early. What else was she going to do with her obstructive and flashy jewelry around her wrists? Some of the other candidates were also already there, but unlike Ava, they seemed excited and not annoyed.

"What do you think the rite of passage consists of?" one of them asked.

"Now come on down, we're not joining a cult here," Ava muttered with her arms crossed.

"I heard that they steal our clothes and we have to find them in the forest before the sun rises," one of them said suddenly, earning startled looks from the others. Ava just rolled her eyes and glanced into the forest, where she saw torchlight. Several women dressed in hooded cloaks came walking out of the forest. Each of them wore a mask and approached Ava and the other candidates.

"Mmmmh look at the fresh meat, they will be a worthy sacrifice to our goddess," one of the hooded figures said and the women next to Ava flinched in fear.

Oh, please. Ava thought and rolled her eyes again.

"Line up one behind the other and kneel down!" the woman ordered and they were pushed to the ground. One by one their shackles were removed and replaced with new shorter handcuffs on their backs. Ava was just considering getting up and leaving when she was free, but a familiar voice rattled her.

"Ava, what are you doing here?" whispered Summer beside her, tightening her bonds.

"Sumsu… I mean Summer! What the fuck is this?" whispered Ava back.

"The Rite of Ascension to the Epsilon Tau Alphas, or did you just happen to end up in the parking lot with our cuffs?" asked Summer, helping Ava to her feet.

"All the other sororities were already full, but I didn't think you guys would make such a shitshow out of it!" replied Ava snappily.

"Hey, you can talk later or you'll get the curse of silence!" the leader said, which was met with a murmur from the cultists and aspirants.

"We'll talk later," Summer whispered, and Ava thought she heard something like worry in her voice. Confused, Ava looked around for Summer, but she had already rejoined the others. They were led onto the forest path and the last light of the day disappeared, but the torches lit the way and gave it a spooky atmosphere.

"Isn't the forest cursed?" asked a woman in front of Ava.

"So that's it! Upon you shall be brought the curse of silence!"

"But I…", she didn't get any further, when suddenly one of the female students pressed a ball gag into her mouth and locked it. She shrieked into the gag and the others began to whimper. Ava just shook her head and went after the women until they arrived at a wooden structure that stood in a small clearing. A staircase led all around to a massive round platform. Ava frowned as she saw a black pool of thick liquid in its center. A one step high plank led across it, ending almost exactly in the middle. Ava and the others were forced back onto their knees and had to look up as the leader stood up in front of them all and began to speak.

"Sisters! We have gathered here today to separate the wheat from the chaff! Today we welcome new sisters into our ranks and brand those who prove unworthy under the eyes of our mistress. Aspirants! Your task is simple! Take off your clothes and walk the plank. Jump boldly into the pit of revival and rise as one of us, if you are worthy!"

Ava's mouth dropped open as she heard the rules of the ritual and she was about to object like everyone else, but she was nudged from behind again as her handcuffs were released.

"Shut up, I'll handle this for you," Summer whispered.

"Like last time?" spat Ava back at her.

"Please, you certainly do not wish to participate in what follows."

"SILENCE! You marked of silence, you first!"

The gagged student was stripped of her clothes and pushed onto the plank. She looked nervously down at the others.

"Go on! Show us your conviction under the eyes of our goddess! Sister, why don't you help her out a little?"

One of the students poked a stick at the naked woman, who fell shrieking into the pool. The strange substance swirled up and began to settle on the woman's skin. Ava could see her sink into the liquid and disappear with a flup.

"Where did she go?" asked Ava in horror.

"Hehe, below us, fighting the battle that each of us fought. If she passes, she will be resurrected as a true Epsilon Tau Alpha! Go Next!"

All the aspirants were pushed into the pit one by one until Ava was the last.

"Aaah you're Ava, aren't you? Are you ready to become one of us?" the leader asked, and Ava was about to throw some well-chosen words at her head when Summer intervened.

"Sorry, Mistress, she has concerns, expressed!" she said in a strong, powerful voice.

"I don't care, may she rise from our goddess' latex embrace or crawl around on the floor like a worm forever!"

"LATEX?" asked Ava suddenly, as if shot out of a gun, and Summer had to grin under her mask.

Thank you, Ava, that's incredibly helpful.

"Mistress, we can't do this!" said Summer before Ava could continue talking.

"And why not Sister Summer?" the leader asked, almost bored.

"She's allergic to latex."

The leader sighed out heavily.

"Damn allergies… what a bummer, well, go get the ropes, Sister Summer, and take her to the others!"

Summer bowed and pulled Ava under the platform with her.

"What the fuck is this Summer? Where are the others?" hissed Ava at her former best friend.

"Here," Summer said tersely, opening a door. Ava's breath caught as she saw the other women trapped head to toe in latex, struggling against the thick rubber. A latex membrane was stretched over them and liquid latex dripped from a small tube onto the floor above them. Ava suspected that when they were thrown into the pool, they would be pushed through the tube and the liquid latex would bind to their skin.

"That's sick."

"It's tradition."

"You know what Summer, forget it. Screw the sorority, I'm out of here!"

"Understandable…" Summer closed the door and showed Ava the way out of the forest.

"Follow the path and you'll get back to the parking lot, I'll make up an excuse for you," Summer said, smiling encouragingly.

"You don't have to…"

"Well I do, we're friends aren't we? That was just a silly prank. I'd really like to do more with you again," said Summer.

"Summer, I… thank you, but… it wasn't. Excuse me, I have to go home," said Ava, shaking her head. She walked past Summer, leaving her standing alone next to the wooden structure.

"Sister Summer? Where is the aspirant?" the leader asked from the platform.

"She had to leave, one of her friends isn't feeling well…" muttered Summer, walking up to the podium to join the others.

"Mmh too bad, she could have made a good sister for sure, with that loyalty to her friends."

Part 3
Japan Day

Tea unlocked the door to Summer's house, a smile on her face and without a care in the world. After meeting the pink-haired bundle of energy, her world had turned one hundred and eighty degrees. She had landed a role in a play, met new people, and also discovered a new hobby for herself thanks to Summer. Tea walked straight past her old room, which Summer was "remodeling" now that they shared a bedroom, and flopped down on the sofa.

"Hey Tea dear, how was your day?" asked Summer, who had just come out of the kitchen.

"Unbelievable! I'm telling you Summer, this play is amazing! But for now, it's my weekend! Was there something planned?"

"Hehe, glad you asked, I actually have something planned and the final preparations are happening right now," Summer said proudly.

"And those would be?"

"Tea," Summer said curtly, shrugging her shoulders as the tea kettle started whistling in the kitchen.

"Ah sure tea," Tea said, shaking her head with a laugh as Summer disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a silver tray. On it was an old-fashioned teapot and matching cups that Summer had brought back from her trip to Japan.

She poured them both a large cup and handed the tea to her friend.

"Thank you very much, Summer, but why the cups? I thought you only used them on special occasions?" asked Tea, sipping from her hot cup. The tea was delicious.

"And today is a very special day!" retorted Summer in shock, holding her phone under Tea's nose, "Today is Japan Day!"

"Japan Day?" asked Tea, irritated, reading the little text Summer showed her.

"You do know that Japan Day is only celebrated in only one city… in… Germany?" asked Tea, confused and with a raised eyebrow.

"You think that's going to stop me from celebrating it here too?" asked Summer, raising her eyebrow as well, causing Tea to start snorting into her tea.

"When you finish your drink, I'll be waiting for you in your old bedroom!" ordered Summer, giggling, walking into the room and closing the door behind her.

"Should I wear something special?" called Tea after her. The door opened a crack.

"Naked. And give me a little more time, I have to get some more stuff prepared. Like, half an hour?"


Tea was curious to see what her friend had in mind. It had nothing to do with their usual games, both of their latex clothes were still well stowed away in Summer's closet.

"Gee Summer, why do you always have to keep me on the edge of my seat?" asked Tea through the door. She had undressed immediately after drinking the tea and was now waiting more or less patiently for Summer to let her in.

"It's okay! Come on in!"

Tea opened the door and froze. Her former room was unrecognizable. Summer had changed the room from top to bottom and it now bore more resemblance to a Japanese dojo than a room in Leon City. Paper adorned the walls and was framed by wood.

"What the," Tea stammered, not noticing Summer at first, who was kneeling in the middle of the room, looking thoughtfully at Tea.

"Do you like it?"

"I mean Japan isn't really my thing, but this looks amazing!" she said and only now looked at Summer, who smiled kindly at her.


Summer had apparently gotten herself a new costume made of latex, as her body was adorned by a red and black kimono that perfectly accentuated her slender figure despite the vast amounts of material. The long wide sleeves of the kimono hid her, hands that were folded in her lap and her normally free pink hair had been tamed with a hairpin.

"I feel a little underdressed," Tea muttered, kneeling on the floor opposite Summer.

"Don't be, there's a reason for everything." Summer announced in an uncharacteristically calm voice, reaching to her right where she had hidden a stack of ropes.

"Heh, was wondering what was going to happen now," Tea said, turning around and crossing her hands behind her back.

"Not your hands yet dear, your body first," whispered Summer, who was suddenly all the way up to Tea's ear, placing the first rope on her neck. Summer pulled her friend to her, grabbed, with her hands, the two ends of the rope and began her work. She knotted the ropes together in several places, creating a kind of chain on Tea's torso. The long latex sleeves brushed over her naked body, giving her goosebumps. Tea wished that she herself was also wearing a latex suit, but then she would miss this special touch by her friend. Summer now pulled the rope through Tea's crotch and back through the arch at her neck. From there, she went back under the arms to the front, where she passed the rope through the gaps in the knotted chain.

"It's called a hishi karada," Summer explained quietly, pulling the ropes up Teas's back, only to guide them forward again and target a gap further down. She repeated this until Tea's body was divided by several diamonds.

"This is breathtakingly beautiful," Tea murmured as she traced the ropes with her hands, "Why don't we do this more often?"

"Ropes are more Chloe's specialty, but once in a while I think we can do it if you like it," Summer said, meanwhile taking Tea's hands in her own. She tied them behind her back and weaved new rope into her friend's arms so they were just as artistically wrapped.

"Absolutely!" said Tea, who was now laid on her stomach by her friend. Summer bent Tea's legs at her knees and tied her feet to her thighs in the same style.

"How does it feel? Nothing too tight?"

Tea squirmed in her bondage, blushing as the rope pressed deeper into her crotch.

"No… it's perfect.", Tea whispered and was placed by her friend in the center of the room on a large white canvas.

"What are you up to?" asked Tea weakly, but her face was taken in Summer's hands and she gave her a sensual kiss. Their lips parted and Tea leaned forward. She longed for more, but Summer brushed some hair from her friend's face and looked deep into her eyes.

"I love you, Tea."

"Summer… I love you too!"

Summer gave Tea an even longer kiss and when they broke away again, both were breathing heavily overcome with emotion. Summer briefly considered whether they should leave it for today, but shook her head.

"Ready for the finale?" she asked, and Tea nodded, licking her lips. Summer went to a small Japanese commode and retrieved a bowl and brush from it. Summer knelt back down to Tea and brushed a strand out of her face after it had come loose from her braid. She dipped the brush into the bowl and raised it over Tea's body.

"Hold still as best you can, please. My handwriting isn't the best." whispered Summer, with a hint of her old wit, lowering the brush to Tea's chest. The ink was cold and the brush hairs tickled Tea but she held still and gritted her teeth. She didn't want to ruin whatever Summer was drawing on her body. Summer filled each diamond of Tea's body with a symbol until she finally arrived at her belly button. Summer let the brush move around it and into it without pause.

"Ick! Summer, what are you doing! Aaah, please, that feels so weird!" Tea stammered, squirming back and forth under the brush.

"Ooh I'm done, I just wanted to have a little more fun dear," Summer said laughing and put the brush aside. She gave Tea one last kiss before standing up and rolling a large mirror in front of Tea and tilting it so she could look at herself.

"Oh my… I look…"

"…Gorgeous," Summer completed the sentence, taking in the overall picture. Tea lay bound on the floor, the rope framing her breasts and stretching over her entire body. In the spaces between, Summer had drawn in Japanese symbols. They weren't perfect, but the mistakes still seemed intentional and gave the brown-haired woman a mysterious look.

"What do they mean?" asked Tea without taking her eyes off her body. Summer knelt beside her again and pointed to each of the symbols.

"That we belong to each other, we love each other and we will always stay happy and look cheerfully into the future." explained Summer.

"And this on my belly button?"

"Oh! Yeah, um that's where I ran out of ink, so I had to go over it several times."

"Oh, ok? But what does it mean?"

Summer blushed.

"It's the symbol that you're my slave."


Part 4
Tea’s Gift

Summer: Ava you have to help me, please!

Ava: Oh my god, Summer, what happened?

Summer: I really need your help! I forgot Tea’s birthday and I really need a present. Do you have any ideas?

Ava groaned when she read Summer's message, but her heartbeat calmed down again after she thought something bad had happened to her friend.

Ava: Are you serious now? You're scaring me like that for no reason

Summer: Please Ava you always have the best ideas and I don't want it to look like the gift is for me to give Tea bondage stuff just so I can see her tied up in it.

Ava: I think I have something. Come to me, we'll work on it and Tea will get her present on time.

Ava: And bring your catsuit

Summer: Oh you are a lifesaver

Summer: Wait, what?

But Ava put her phone aside without answering Summer. She turned in her office chair to the package that had come the days, and a smile graced her lips.

"I finally get my sweet revenge, MUHAHAHA!"

Summer stood outside Ava's door and knocked. She was nervous and unsure, something she almost never felt and she didn't like in any way. The pink haired girl had been wondering the whole trip what Ava was going to do with her, because it couldn't be just about Tea's present if Summer had to take her Catsuit. She had already put it on and it could barely be seen under her normal clothes. She felt for it and squeezed the latex, which stretched tightly below her neck all over her body.

"Ava, where are you? You opened the gate for me too, didn't you?" asked Summer, looking up at the sun shining relentlessly on the house of Ava's parents, who were once again on vacation. Finally the door opened and Summer stared into the broadly grinning face of Ava. She was wearing only a black tank top and hot pants.

"Hey Summer, what are you doing here?" asked Ava with mock surprise.

"Come on, now don't do this one, Ava. I'm all stressed out about Tea's birthday!" muttered Summer, striding through the door presented to her. She was about to go up to Ava's room when her hostess's fingers clawed into her shoulders.

"Not so fast, undress first!" commanded Ava softly, and Summer felt a chill run down her spine. Normally she was on the other side and although she couldn't see Ava's face, she knew exactly what expression she had on her face right now. She didn't know why, but her arms disobeyed her and she undressed as if on her own. Her shirt, jeans, and socks landed in a pile in the hallway, and Ava picked them up, smiling.

"Come on, we have a lot to do," she said to Summer, taking her by the hand to lead her friend upstairs.

"Ava, why are you doing this so strange, all I wanted was a present for Tea," Summer muttered, blushing.

"Simple Summer, you have apologized for your misdeeds but you have not atoned for them yet. I will help you finish Tea's gift on time, but you will have to pay for it."

They opened Ava's room door and Summer entered the old familiar black and white room with the round bed and the artistically designed butterfly above it.

"Well, um, that sounds only fair," Summer said hesitantly, and was sat down on the bed by Ava. She was more relieved now that she knew what she was in for, and slowly her usual cheeky grin came back to her lips.

"What are you up to?" she asked as Ava opened a package and placed his in holds out of Summer's view.

"You'll see in a minute," Ava muttered, wondering what to start with, but then decided on the black bondage tape.

"Oh, so you've been shopping?" asked Summer, willingly showing her hands to Ava for bonding, "Now I'm really excited to see what you're up to!"

"You like this way too much, it's not punishment if you're excited about it," Ava said, putting her hands on her hips.

"Well… I'm just glad you're sharing this hobby with me now, and I hope we're really even after this. No matter what, I'll let you do it!" said Summer, standing up and putting a hand on Ava's shoulder. She smiled encouragingly at her friend.

"Damn it Summer, you're making this so hard for me! Come on, sit back down on the bed!" commanded Ava, smiling, and Summer could see a tear appear in her eye. Summer did as she was told and offered her hands again, but Ava folded them at the elbow and wrapped the bondage tape around them from top to bottom.

"Here hold these tight," Ava said, pressing two foam balls into Summer's hands before also wrapping Summer's hands and rendering them useless.

"I see you've been learning," Summer commented, getting a smile in response.

"More than you know," Ava whispered, pushing Summer onto her back and beginning to bind her legs. Like Summer's arms, Ava folded her legs at the knees and wrapped them with the bondage tape.

"So your idea is to give me away to Tea as a pet? Well um, thank you, but I was expecting a little more," Summer said, trying to roll over onto her stomach. Ava just shook her head after all.

"I'm far from done my dear, next we'll take care of your head," Ava said holding up a black latex mask that had openings for mouth, nose and eyes.

"Nothing I don't already know," Summer said as she gazed up at her new face.

"Of course," Ava said with a shrug and slipped the mask over Summer's head. She tucked her pink hair under the suit and pulled the zipper of the mask closed. Ava tucked the neck of the mask into Summer's suit as well.

"How does it feel?" asked Ava, looking for the next item.

"The mask fits perfectly, dear," Summer said, watching her but freezing when she saw what Ava was now holding up. She had some kind of gas mask in her hand with a tube attached to its mouth. Small darkened lenses for her eyes were embedded in it and would almost blind Summer.

"Wow, Ava, isn't that a little much?" she asked with mock confidence.

"You think so? I think it's more than reasonable for the coming step, we still want you to get your breath," Ava said, laying over Summer so she couldn't crawl away, "I thought you said you'd take it all in?"

"Well…," Summer started, but Ava was right, besides, it was just a gas mask, nothing threatening.

"Well, I guess it's a new experience for a change," Summer muttered.

"Then open your mouth nicely, there's a gag in it," Ava said and slipped the gas mask over Summer so that it formed an airtight seal with Summer's mask and suit. Immediately, Summer's breath could be heard coming from the tube, a little fast but steady. Ava nodded with satisfaction and retrieved the last piece. Meanwhile, Summer remained motionless on the bed. She listened to her own breathing, as she could barely hear what her friend was doing through the layers of latex. Her eyes looked up through the cloudy lenses of the gas mask, du the butterfly above Ava's bed.

Kind of cozy to be on the tied up side for a change. Summer thought, suddenly looking up into Ava's face. She was showing her what looked like a flattened teddy bear. Summer wanted to ask what it was, but all that came out of the tube was unintelligible gibberish.

"Don't worry Summer, I'll take some pictures for you and me. Tea will love the gift!" said Ava, sounding very muffled to Summer. Ava laid out the teddy bear costume next to Summer. Normal plush teddy bears of this type were for stuffing yourself, but after seeing this one at C&T, with Tea's birthday coming up, she knew she had to put Summer in it somehow. It had a fluffy outer fur and was well padded on the inside. Ava was about to put Summer in the bear when she noticed the zipper in Summer's crotch. She hesitated and ultimately shrugged.

"Oh why not, it hasn't been a punishment for you yet anyway," Ava said, unzipping her crotch. Summer immediately closed her legs when she felt the cold air on her clean-shaven crotch and began to protest.

"Don't be like that, we all showered together at C&T after all!" exclaimed Ava, pushing Summer's legs open and inserting the two brand new Bullet vibrators into Summer and switching them to medium. Immediately, a soft humming sound was heard in Ava's room, and Summer moaned loudly. Ava quickly zipped up the vibrators before she could push them back out. Turning Summer onto her stomach, Ava pulled her friend onto the teddy bear and placed her limbs in the pockets provided. Finally, she made sure the tube anchored itself in the bear's mouth and zipped up the back with difficulty. Ava licked her lips

"If only, then only," she muttered, attaching a combination lock to the zipper as well. She would give Tea the password later. The padding pressed tightly around Summer, causing her arms and legs to stand forward. The costume, while fluffy, was still tight enough around her body that she couldn't move.

"There, now one more bow," Ava murmured, attaching a pink bow to the bear's head, "And here we go!"

Ava carried Summer down the teddy bear, opened the door of her parents' house, put her friend in the back seat of Summer's Toyota, and strapped her in. Ava herself climbed into the driver's seat and started the car. It started humming, drowning out Summer's moans. Ava propped herself up on the back of the seat and looked back.

"Hold on tight, Sumsum, I think I'll take your Toyota out for a bit. Besides, I want to take Tea out to eat and of course she has to drive me back later, so it could be a long day for you. After that, we're even." Ava said with a laugh and turned her attention to the road.

Well played, Ava… well played! Summer thought, beaming, and resisted the teddy bear's firm grip in vain, with the first impending orgasm within reach.

Part 5
Snakes on the Mattress

Ava stared glassy-eyed at the TV in the living room, shaking her head as the movie finally ended.

"Who else is in favor of Summer not being allowed to pick movies anymore?" she asked the room, and Tea and Chloe spoke up as Summer indignantly put her hands on her hips.

"Come on, it wasn't…" began Summer, but Tea interrupted her.

"Honey, that movie had snakes the size of submarines and looked like crap in the process…"

"Yeah, they did, but… you guys are right, of course. I'm sorry, I just thought that if we're going to try out these sleeping bag prototypes from C&T, we might as well be in the right mood for it." said Summer and rummaged around in the box she'd been keeping a huge secret all evening. She ended up pulling out four sleeping bags. They were colored like anacondas and were longer than usual, with a pointed end. They all had the typical pattern of snakes and were made of a firm and smooth material on the outside. On the inside, however, they were fluffy and soft.

"Summer, I've set up extra beds for you, let's not use these… what the hell is this?" asked Ava, accepting one of the snake sleeping bags. Ava trusted Summer to want to play some kind of prank on them again.

"I don't know, but Celine sent them to me the other day and I figured if not at Ava's slumber party then when?" asked Summer, handing Tea and Chloe the other two sleeping bags.

"This isn't latex, is it?" asked Chloe in irritation, rubbing the skin of her sleeping bag. She looked a little disappointed.

"Everything doesn't have to be latex either!" said Ava indignantly, but Chloe thought she saw a hint of disappointment on her lips as well.

"Latex or not, I definitely want to try them! They look so snug!" said Tea, hugging her sleeping bag.

"Well… I guess we can get the mattresses downstairs like we did at Celine's…" murmured Ava thoughtfully, "Chloe come with me, get the mattresses down. Summer, Tea, can you put the sofas aside for that long?"

The two women nodded eagerly, and in no time the four mattresses were close together on the living room floor.

"Quite comfy, these things," Ava murmured with her arms folded behind her head. The sleeping bag warmed her and hugged her gently, as if she were lying under a weighted blanket. Her upper body peeked out from the sleeping bag's snake neck, as if she were about to be swallowed by it.

"Indeed…" murmured Tea, who was having trouble keeping her eyes open.

"Am still a little disappointed. I thought there would be more to it." Said Chloe, trying in vain to somehow wrap the sleeping bag tighter around her body.

"Mm, maybe there's something in the instruction manual," said Summer, and Ava straightened up, startled.

"Why in all the world do sleeping bags need an instruction manual, and why haven't you read it yet?" asked Ava, kicking herself free. She stared suspiciously at the snake and smacked its snout. But it didn't move and lay there innocently.

"Like you said, it's just a sleeping bag," Summer muttered, reading the attachment to the email she'd gotten from Celine, "It says you have to smack the snake on the snout to activate it."

Ava's eyes widened and she scrambled away from the snake to the edge of her round mattress. Summer frowned and reached over to Tea's sleeping bag to pinch her snake's nose, but nothing happened. Chloe did the same, with the same result.

"Mmh, maybe really not completely developed yet," Summer said thoughtfully, pinching her own snake's nose.

"What would happen if they did work?" asked Ava.

"It just said let yourself be surprised."

Immediately Tea's eyes snapped open and she stared at her friend in horror.

"And you're using me as a guinea pig! Just you wait!" laughed Tea, struggling free from her snake only to grab a pillow and slam it into Summer's face. The pink haired girl was caught off guard by the blow and she joined in the laughter as feathers scattered around the living room.

"Guys, we're going to have to clean all this up later…", Ava was about to say when Chloe threw another pillow in her face from across the room.

"Oh just you wait!" said Ava grabbing a pillow and striding towards Chloe, who was just trying to struggle out of her sleeping bag. More feathers scattered around the living room as Ava, slammed the pillow into Chloe's face with full force. The blonde woman fell over backwards and landed heavily on the mattress. Everyone fell silent until Chloe started laughing and threw herself on top of Ava. They rolled across the soft floor and over the sleeping bags until Chloe was lying victoriously over Ava, breathing heavily and looking down at her friend. Her arms held Ava pinned firmly to the floor, and they stared deeply into each other's eyes. They just lay there for a few seconds until Summer called out, "Kiss her!"

Both women immediately blushed and simultaneously threw pillows in Summer's direction. The pillows swept Summer's feet out from under her and she fell onto the mattress, leaving her defenseless to face the onslaught of her friends, who were now raining pillows down on her.


After the four girlfriends had finished their pillow fight, they had settled down on the mattresses, exhausted. Sleeping bags lay forgotten around the room, and the soft rhythmic breathing of Summer, Ava, Tea, and Chloe filled the room. Ava giggled as she was tickled on her feet.

"Summer cut the crap," she mumbled sleepily, opening one of her eyes. But Summer was lying quietly asleep, with Tea in her arms, under a blanket. Confused, Ava straightened up and pulled her legs deeper under the covers, but the tickling didn't stop.

"Chloe!" she shouted indignantly, but only now did she realize that her blonde friend was in her corner, also sitting up in fright.

"What the, I'm not doing anything!" said Chloe, suddenly starting to laugh as something also tickled her feet. She was kicking under the covers, but she couldn't seem to escape the merciless attack. Awakened by the noise, Summer and Tea blinked at Ava and Chloe, who were now both laughing unrestrainedly.

"Did we miss a joke?" asked Tea, rubbing her eyes.

"I don't know," Summer muttered, watching Chloe and Ava try to pull away their bed covers and ultimately toss them aside. They all caught their breath as they saw two of the sleepingbag snakes stuff Chloe and Ava's legs down their throats and slowly pull them down. As they did so, they tickled the soles of the two women's feet, causing their resistance to approach zero.

"Suu Suuu SUUUMMMMEEEERRR, do hahaha some ssssthing!" screamed Ava at the top of her lungs, kicking against the steady pull of the sleeping bag, while Chloe pounded the floor with her fists, trying not to wet herself while laughing. Summer immediately jumped up.

"Tea take care of Chloe! I'll help Ava!" she shouted and rushed to her friend, but stepped on her sleeping bag in the process, which wrapped around her legs all at once and brought her down. She squealed loudly as she landed unchecked on the mattress next to Ava. Her sleeping bag wrapped around her tighter, and the snake's head appeared at Summer's eye level.

"Oh no…" she whispered, looking around for Tea, who was tugging futilely at Chloe's sleeping bag. Summer saw the last snake engulf her girlfriend's legs and Tea went down laughing next to Chloe. Summer looked back to Ava and was greeted instead with the head of her sleeping bag, its mouth opening wide and engulfing her head. She could breathe, but she was plunged into absolute darkness and felt the snake go deeper and deeper down her neck and over her shoulders. Ava now heard the joyful screams of Summer next to her as she too was also tickled by the snake.

"Summer hahaha, when I get out of here… you are so on! HAHAHA!" said Ava as she lost her hip to the snake. She was about to stretch her arms out so the sleeping bag wouldn't swallow her whole, but a tongue had released from its mouth and twisted across her body, pinning her arms under her chest. By now gasping for breath, Ava complied with the sleeping bag. It made short work of her when it sensed she was no longer resisting, devouring the rest of her body in a matter of minutes. Only her head was still peeking out of the maw and had a dreamy expression on her lips. The sleeping bag massaged her body and squeezed her pleasantly tight. Even tighter than he had done before the pillow fight.

"Summer, this is crazy!" said Ava when the tickling finally stopped and she tried to turn so she could see Summer. Her body was perfectly visible through the skin of the sleeping bag, leaving little room for fantasy. She heard a frustrated, yet happy murmur beside her.

"Chloe, Tea, how are things on your end?" asked Ava.

"Tight, very tight!" said Chloe with a groan.


"I'm in heaven…"

It had taken Chloe and Tea almost half an hour to recover from their ordeal and crawl over to Summer and Ava. All four were lying side by side on Ava's round mattress, enjoying the mess that they had been put in by Summer and Celine. How they were going to get out of it, they didn't know yet. That would be a task for their well-rested selves.

Part 6

Summer sat on her couch in the living room, staring intently at the TV. In her hands, she held the controller of her game console and pressed the B button repeatedly, making the click echo throughout the apartment.

"Come on, stay inside! Why are you resisting the inevitable!" yelled Summer at the Pokémon, which seemed to laugh at her every time it broke out of the Pokéball. She threw another ball and suddenly the walls of Summer's home shook as a bolt of lightning broke the stillness of the early evening and rain slammed against her windows. Summer rolled her eyes as the monster escaped its ball once again and got up to close all the windows. She glanced outside and began to grin as she saw people hurriedly running into their houses to shelter from the rain.

"Heh, it's a good thing I don't have to go outside," she muttered, returning her attention to her game again.


An hour later, she put her controller aside and sat back. The cursed Pokémon had finally been caught and Summer had enough for today. She looked outside and noticed that it was still pouring rain. She shook her head, drummed her fingers on her legs, and reached for her cell phone. Her smile froze on her lips as she read that she had four missed calls and eleven messages, all from her girlfriend Tea. Summer suspected bad things when she looked at her calendar and her fear was confirmed when she read the reminder.

"Oh shit TEA!", Summer cried out and jumped up from the sofa to pick up her friend from the train. She ran into the hallway and at that moment she heard the key in the door lock. The door swung open and Summer saw her friend, soaked from top to bottom. Tea's left eyelid twitched furiously as she saw Summer dressed only in an oversized hoodie that could just barely hide her panties.

"WHERE. WERE. YOU!" shouted Tea at the pink haired woman as she dripped onto the hallway floor.

"Well um…I was just heading out." stuttered Summer guiltily, stumbling back.

"My ass, just heading out! You don't even have any pants on! Summer, I'm soaked to the bone, you were supposed to pick me up! Tell the truth, were you playing?"

Summer hesitated and swallowed before nodding.

"STRIP, KNEEL, IMMEDIATELY!" hissed Tea and walked past Summer into the bathroom where she ripped off her wet clothes. Summer instantly obeyed the orders and knelt in the hallway as requested. She had never seen her friend so angry.

"I think a new wind needs to blow in this house and we should redistribute the power balance of our games," Tea said, walking naked past Summer to her closet. She grabbed several boxes out of it and placed them in the bathroom before standing in front of Summer and placing her hands on her hips.

"I'm going to take a bath, you stay here and don't move!" she hissed at Summer. Summer nodded again and lowered her gaze to the floor.

"Good and don't make a sound!" said Tea, walking past Summer again and slamming the bathroom door behind her.


After an hour, Summer's knees hurt and she hoped Tea would be out of the bathroom soon. She hung her head and thought about what a terrible mistake she had made. A moment later, the door opened and the first thing Summer saw was a shiny black boot appear in her field of vision. Summer looked up at Tea, but she pushed her head down.

"Kiss!", Tea ordered curtly and Summer bent down even lower to kiss Tea's boot.

"That's enough, look at me," Tea said quietly and Summer slowly looked up. Tea had on overknee boots that were laced tightly all the way up and had steep heels. Over her latex catsuit she had pulled on a red corset, which nevertheless further narrowed her already slender waist.

"Can you tell me what you did wrong?" asked Tea, holding a riding crop under Summer's chin.

"I forgot and lied to you." Summer muttered, wavering between lust and fear.

"That's right, and I'm going to punish you for it. Playroom, now!" said Tea, walking back past her slave and into her old room. Summer was about to get up to follow her, but Tea turned and said, "Did I say anything about allowing you to stand up?"

"No Mistress," Summer squealed and immediately dropped back down to her groaning knees. She crawled on all fours into her dojo playroom, not daring to look up. Instead, she studied Tea's boots intently, and it burned on her tongue to ask her friend when she had bought them.

"I was thinking while I was bathing how I could punish you. I could whip you, but I think you'd only like that. Take a shower with cold water? Well, you might get sick and then I'd have to take care of you. That would send the wrong message. No, I've thought of something better. A break from everything that always distracts you." Tea said, leaving Summer alone again while she went to get the necessary equipment from their shared room. While Tea returned, she began to speak again.

"You're probably wondering where I got all this stuff, right? I got it when you almost forgot my birthday. I was beginning to think you'd learned your lesson when Ava turned you into a teddy bear and I wouldn't need the stuff, but oh well."

Tea came back into the playroom and placed several boxes of various sizes in front of Summer. She handed her pink-haired friend two smaller ones.

"Put them on," she ordered gruffly.

Summer gulped and opened the first box. Inside were contact lenses. She frowned and took one out. They were transparent, though Summer could make out fine wires around their edges. She looked up at Tea, who only raised an eyebrow, and Summer quickly looked back down at the lens before inserting it. Summer already had practice, having worn contact lenses for various costumes. Her eyes had to get used to them, and she blinked several times before opening the next box. She didn't notice any change in her field of vision, though. She shook her head in confusion and, under Tea's watchful eye, retrieved two hearing aids from the second box. She put them in her ears and immediately her world was silent. A little startled, she looked up at Tea, who just nodded at her and pointed on the floor to the other boxes. Summer opened them with trembling hands to reveal metal hand and ankle cuffs. They had no rings to connect them and were polished smooth. Without hesitation, Summer put them on and they clicked one by one around her joints. Summer looked up at Tea, who held the last piece in her hands. A collar made of the same material. Summer lifted her hair to keep her friend from pinching it and snapping the collar around her neck. A shiver ran down Summer's spine. Tea now held a metal frame under her nose, reminding Summer of her old braces. She took it in her hand and stuffed it into her mouth. She squeezed it into place, but wondered how it would prevent her from speaking. She looked back up at Tea, who picked up her phone and gestured for her to close her mouth. Tea pressed her phone and Summer heard a single beep and she felt she couldn't move her jaw. She frowned as Tea held her phone to her lips.

"From now on, you are mine until you learn your lesson," Summer heard her friend's voice over the speakers, "I will determine when you may speak, what you hear and what you see. Obey my commands and you will be rewarded. If not …," Tea said, pressing a button. A single mild electric shock ran through Summer, "That was level one of a hundred. Every time you disobey me or do nonsense, I will raise the level, so be a good girl."

Summer nodded, but she still wasn't quite sure what Tea meant by ‘determine what you see’. Summer pointed to her eyes and Tea smiled.

"With the push of a button, I can plunge your world into darkness," Tea said, and the next moment Summer was blind as the contact lenses turned black, "Or make you the loneliest person in the world," Tea said. Summer's vision returned to normal, but there was no sign of her friend. Suddenly, Summer felt a hand on her shoulder and she recoiled, unable to see it. Tea pressed her phone again and suddenly Tea reappeared in front of her, smiling at Summer's panicked expression.

"But don't worry. I want to avoid you accidentally knocking me over, so I'll rarely use this option. However, I will leave this function permanently active." explained Tea pressed a button. But nothing happened. Summer tilted her head and Tea showed her phone. It was just a glowing screen. Summer's eyebrows drew together and suddenly she snapped her eyes open and ran into the living room. She heard Tea's laughter in her ears, but it didn't get any quieter as she moved away from her. Summer came to a skidding halt in front of her TV and turned it on. Normally, the home screen of her game console would be displayed now, but there was nothing. Just a white image. Summer slumped on the floor and looked up at Tea, who was just coming into the living room.

"That's right. No games and no TV for you."

Summer stared at her in horror and shook her head.

I'll just take my contacts out, fuck it! Summer thought and raised her hands to her eyes, but an invisible force held her back as if she were fighting a magnet.

THE COLLAR! Shot through her mind and she looked back up at Tea, who just smiled at her in amusement.

"Yup, no escaping it, honey. Why don't you make yourself useful for a bit and do the laundry, I'd have something to drink first though!" said Tea and settled down on her sofa. She reached for the remote and flipped the channel. Summer still only saw a white picture. She was completely under Tea's thumb. Who knows for how long.

Part 7
Summer's Net

Summer wiped the sweat from her brow and took a few steps back from her art project. A massive spider web stretched up to the ceiling in front of her. She had created it from special tape. The manufacturer advertised it as extremely sticky (The thing Summer needed) and multi-layered (For whatever reason). She had spent the last few days decorating an unused 15-step-high hallway in the university with the tape and was finally done with it.

"All that's missing is a spider," Summer muttered. She briefly considered putting Tea in a matching costume, but shook her head. Tea was in the middle of the final stages of her theater rehearsals. She had better things to do, by far. Unfortunately. Summer was about to put the ladder away when a small bird flew into the hall through the open window and began making its circles on the ceiling.

"Hey, are you stupid? Get down from there before you…" shouted Summer, but fell silent as the bird made a sharp turn and got caught almost at the top of the spider web. Its frightened chirp echoed throughout the hall. Summer rolled her eyes and put the ladder back in place before climbing what felt like a hundred steps. She approached the frightened animal, who was flapping wildly back and forth, threatening to get even more tangled. Summer reached out to it, wishing briefly that she had pushed the ladder a little closer to the net. It swayed menacingly, but Summer remained composed; she had been working on it for days. In a brief moment, the bird flew toward her hand and Summer quickly grabbed it. She carefully pulled it out of the net and the bird screeched fearfully as a piece of tape stuck to its wing, but the net remained intact.

"Ahh, multi-layered," Summer commented, wedging herself into the ladder and carefully trying to separate the tape from the wing. A difficult task, as the bird would not sit still in her hand. Summer removed the last piece and sighed happily as the bird continued to complain.

"It's okay, you'll be free in a minute. I'll just take you downstairs and OW!"

The bird didn't agree with the plan and pecked Summer painfully in the hand. Startled, she let go of him and lost her grip at the same time. The ladder tipped over and Summer fell to the ground with her eyes wide open. She started screaming and waving her hands wildly in the air. Her left hand hit the net next to her and her fall was instantly slowed. The rest of her body was pulled toward the net and instantly stuck. The momentum, however, tore several layers of tape and she rolled on her own axis until she stopped horizontally in the middle of the net, mummified from top to bottom with the special tape. The only thing left of her that could be seen was one of her green eyes and a strand of her pink hair. She was dizzy and the tape pressed her hands tightly against her body.

"Mmmmh!" Summer cursed into her duct tape gag and began to wriggle. But the netting held up to her and the cocoon kept a tight grip on her. Annoyed, Summer rolled her eyes and looked up at the bird, which had begun circling again, suddenly taking a dive and flying back out into the open through the window.

Traitor, thought Summer, hoping that Tea would come home early for once today and start looking for her.


"Ava, Good job at practice today!"

"Thanks Coach," Ava said happily, "Um, can I talk to you in private for a moment?"

Ava had been waiting to be alone with her trainer for quite a while. She wanted to ask her coach something important.

"Of course Ava, what's on your mind?"

"Well…I've been back in touch with Summer more lately and she revealed to me the circumstances surrounding her kicking out of the team. I've forgiven her and um wanted to ask you if Summer could be part of the team again?"

Her coach smiled knowingly.

"Well Ava, if she wants to, she's welcome back on the team, but she didn't want to continue on her own at the time. I offered it to her."

"Oh," Ava said in surprise, frowning, "Then she quit because of me?"

"Probably. But since you're good friends again, I'm sure she'll be happy to join again. Ask her and I'll see you tomorrow."

They waved goodbye and Ava headed for the Great Hall. She knew Summer had been busy there for a few days, working on her art project. No one knew what she was doing in there except the art teacher, Ms. Widow.

"Summer? Are you there?" asked Ava as she entered the Great Hall and right away she noticed the big ladder lying on the floor in front of her. Next was the spider web and in its center a cocoon that was wriggling slightly. Ava saw a pink strand peeking out of it.

"Summer?" asked Ava again in disbelief and she thought she heard a barely audible moan.

"Haha, how did that happen, Sumsum?"

A grumble was heard and under Summer's gaze, Ava lifted the ladder to help her friend down. The ladder wobbled ominously, Ava guessing that the fall had caused it to come off a bit. When the young woman finally arrived at the pink-haired one, Ava saw Summers watching her nervously.

"So, what's the best way to get you out of there?"

"Mhmmm, mmmm MMMHHH!" said Summer through the gag, and Ava looked at her, frowning.

"You, this is less helpful than you think. I'll just give it a tug here." said Ava shrugging and reaching for the tape on Summer's mouth. Her hand immediately stuck to it.

"Oh. Hold on, we'll get to that in a minute."

Ava pulled hard on her hand, a layer of the tape coming off and surprising her. The momentum caused the ladder to tip to the side and Ava quickly tried to hold onto it. It tipped back and the change in direction caused Ava to lose her footing and she jumped onto the net out of reflex. She landed on the tape with her hands and feet outstretched and immediately got stuck.

"What the hell is this stuff Summer!" hissed Ava, bracing herself against the sticky tapes, but the net kept a firm grip on her.


"Not helping Summer! How do we get out of here?"

"Mmmh, mmmhhh, MMMHH!"

"I don't understand a word you're saying," Ava said, annoyed, clicking her tongue disapprovingly.


Ms. Widow walked into the hall and looked up at the spider web, where two people were stuck in Summer's web.

"Not bad Summer! Didn't think you'd sacrifice yourself so much for your art!" she exclaimed. Ava tried to turn her head toward the teacher, but the tape kept pulling her back.

"Are you Summer's teacher? Can you please help us out of here?"

"Pfff of course not! Tomorrow is the show and the net just looks incredible with you two! I'm sure Summer feels the same way!"


"My words! That's what I call commitment. I'll tell your girlfriend not to worry about it. Good night girls!"

Ms. Widow left the hall, leaving Ava and Summer alone again.

"Why is it always me…" muttered Ava, making one last attempt to break free. She pulled on her arm and one of the tapes snapped. Ava rolled down a step and in the next moment was as trapped as Summer. Two tightly tied cocoons dangled below each other in Summer's web.


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