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Leia in Carbonite

by Order69

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© Copyright 2009 - Order69 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; vacbed; M/f; tease; toys; oral; sex; scifi; cons; X

Leia Solo was startled out of her fantasy when the door chimed.  Is it finally here? She wondered. Leia jumped out of bed and grabbed her robe. She had been in the middle of a reoccurring fantasy of hers. In Jabba's palace it had been her husband, Han Solo's body trapped in carbonite that was now burned into her memory. Her fantasy was just that, trapped in carbonite, or at least something equivalent. Only the fantasy wasn't about Han trapped in the cold unyielding carbon slab, but herself in his place. Every night she rubbed and fondled herself to sleep imagining herself trapped against her will, unable to move, unable to resist, imagining the borderline orgasmic feeling Han had explained to her in vivid detail.

At that time they had only just professed their love for each other, but his story had remained with her until now. Now they were married, living in a penthouse on Coruscant. She gave her nipple one last rub through her robe and opened the door. Behind it stood an unremarkable droid from the delivery service who passed her the box and had her sign for the delivery. Without hesitation, Leia closed the door and dragged the box into the bedroom. She slipped off her robe and began the relatively quick assembly of her new toy...

What stood before her now could not be mistaken for anything else - a vacbed, which had quickly come to fame in the sex circles she had "stumbled into" on the Holonet. The large structure stood about Chewbacca's height when standing vertically in its base. "Well, lets get this party started right," leia muttered to the empty room. Han and Chewie were expected to be back today from their trip off-world, and with them having just called in an hour ago, the vacbed hadn't arrived a second too late. Leia left a note for Han to come straight to the bedroom for a hot surprise. The forewarning would make sure Chewbacca wasn't invited into the bedroom as well as keep Han from fearing the worst after he had seen the device that held her captive.

Slowly Leia put on the slave outfit she had been forced to wear at Jabba's palace. Despite bringing her bad memories, they had kept it due to Han's infatuation with seeing her in it.  Last step she thought to herself as she set the system to start in one minute and maneuvered her way into the standing fixture. After a few moments, she felt the air sucked out around her as she posed the way Han had been trapped years ago. When the vacuum had stopped, all Leia had left to do, all Leia could do, was to wait...

Han stepped inside their home expecting to see his wife immediately, instead the room sat empty of life. Lying on the table was a note with his name on it. Han walked over and read it. A devious grin spread over his face, “Chewie… I think me and Leia are going to turn in for the night.”

Chewbacca stared at him for a moment and nodded, proceeding into his own room to give them any privacy they may need. Han threw the note away and made his way to the bedroom. When he opened the door his face matched his shock – standing in front of him was his wife trapped in what looked like carbonite. Han started to panic but then remembered the note, noticing now that her means of captivity was greatly thinner than his own prison. In addition she was wearing her slave outfit they had kept after all these years. His wife had imprisoned herself for his enjoyment, and where she had been his only escape, now the tables had turned. Han smiled and shook his head “Honey, I’m home…”

Leia heard the door shut in the other room and shivered with excitement at the thought of what Han might do to her when he came in. “Honey, I’m home…” she heard after he entered the room. he made his way to either side of her, taking in the view of her predicament. “is this all for me?” Leia grunted a yes.

“So this is the surprise then?” another grunt.

“I Love you” Leia grunted what she intended to be I know.

Han didn’t say another word, and not being able to see, she began to worry he might leave her there overnight – a long term stay she had not anticipated. Leia heard Han slide his clothes off, suddenly feeling a hand caress her side through the vacbed. Leia felt kisses working their way down from her neck, to her stomach, stopping at her thighs. She heard a rustling in one of the drawers in the room, and out of nowhere a vibrator was pressed hard against her skirt where her clit should be. The angle of her body and the thickness of her skirt kept him from finding his target, and Han moved the vibrator up to the crotch plate holding the skirt. The metal resounded the vibrations over her pelvic bone, hips, and butt plate.

Slowly the vibrations overcame her making her twist and turn as much as the vacbed prison would allow. Leia let out a low purr-like moan, getting louder as she came closer and closer to her limits, the vibrations combined with the anticipation, drove Leia over the edge of orgasm as her hastened moans turned into a loud groan through the breathing opening in the vacbed. Han worked the vibrator across her stomach, encircling her navel, before continuing on his way to the metal bikini top hugging her chest. He moved it to the center of the metal bridge piece which, like the crotch plate, carried the vibrations across her entire chest. Leia began to grind and twist again, but Han removed the vibrator, making Leia let out a disappointed moan.

Han went over to the drawer again and pulled out another vibrator and some tape, attaching one vibrator each to either of the parts of her metal bikini. With the vibrators firmly in place, he worked his hands over her legs, arms, and the rest of her body, massaging each part in turn while lightly brushing others to surprise her. Slowly Han was driving her closer and closer to a second orgasm. Han couldn’t wait any longer and before Leia reached the precipice for the second time, Han ripped off the vibrators and turned off the vacuum.

Before she could protest, Han quickly unzipped the vacbed, pulled leia out by the waist, and threw her on the bed. Han pulled down her skirt kissing her most intimate parts before licking her pussy with quick flicks and deep probes, continuing till she reached a sudden and powerful climax that caught her off guard. Han let them both catch their breaths before changing positions, maneuvering himself to penetrate Leia’s waiting dripping cunt. He began to thrust into her with passion, untying her top and leaning over to kiss her as he did. Again and again he fucked her, together gathering a speed and passion that neither had imagined before. They threw their heads back as they reached the last climax of the night and collapsed into each others arms, exhausted and content.

Leia turned over to spoon with Han at her back. “So how did you like your surprise?”

“I loved it,” Han whispered, “I hadn’t known you were turned on by the thought of being trapped in carbonite. Did I just miss it or did you hide it that well?”

Leia thought for a moment, “I hid it for the most part, but I thought with the both of us working on stabilizing the Republic day after day without rest… that we could use some ‘us’ time.”

Han kissed her neck, turned her over and kissed her deeply, “It was perfect, thank you.” Han snuggled closer, and after a moment, with his devilish grin, “and next time, maybe… just maybe… we will switch back to our old roles.”

“So… here’s to next time.”

“To next time,” Han repeated as they drifted off to sleep in a loving embrace.



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