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Storycodes: M/f; latex; chast; bond; susp; cons; X

David sat behind the counter and whistled softly. "Slow day," he said aloud. "Should be busier, especially for a Friday!" he mused. He surveyed the collection of merchandise that surrounded him. Rubber and leather outfits were hung up against one wall. On the same wall, he had a small shoe rack that had a number of very high heeled shoes on display. Another wall had his whips, crops, chains and restraints. There was a doorway cut out of that wall, covered by a red leather curtain, that led to the dressing room. The third wall had corsets and various lingerie set up for examination. Behind the main counter, under glass, he had his selection of sexual aids, stimulators and such.

On an island in the center of his small shop, he had a display rack showing various bondage and fetish magazines. David was paging through one of them now as he passed the time. There was also a front window, behind the counter, that had two mannequins dressed up from head to toe in leather. Kinky Korner, he had called it. The store had just been open for a week, but even the gawkers were few and far between.

There was the sound of the front door opening. Dave turned, and saw a young woman walking into the store. She was about twenty five, give or take a few years, with blond hair and a nice figure. She wore a knee length skirt and a white cotton blouse with pumps and carried a purse in her hands. Dave nodded to her, but then returned to his magazine that he had been reading. Don't want to scare her off, he thought. I've already done that to a few potential customers by being too aggressive.

The woman was not shocked by what she saw in the store, but was apparently not entirely familiar with it, either.

"Excuse me?" she asked. "I... would like to try a few things on. Is there a dressing room?"

"Past that curtain," said Dave. "Can I help you get anything?"

"Well..." she said. "I have a rather... special date tonight," she said. "I want to wear something memorable."


"I was thinking of a pair of boots like the mannequin is wearing," she said, "In a size nine?"

David looked behind him, and saw that the mannequin was wearing thigh high leather boots with six inch heels. "I'll have to check in back," he said. "Anything else?"

"And...maybe a corset?" she asked. "One of the black leather ones? I'm not sure what size to get."

"What's your waist size?" he asked.

"Twenty six," she said.

"Probably a twenty two would be fine," he said.

"Well..." she said, "How about a twenty inch?"

"That will be very tight, ma'am," he said. "Even with the lacing open."

"I want to look my best," she said.

"I'll look in back," he said.

David went through the curtain to the dressing room. The small dressing room was on his left, while the stockroom was through another door on his right. When he returned, he had a pair of boots and a black leather corset.

"Is this what you had in mind?" he asked.

"That's it," she replied.

David kept the leather items and led her to the dressing room. "Call if you need anything," he said, putting the boots down on the floor and the corset on the small bench.

He heard the sound of her voice a few minutes later. "Could you help me?" she asked.

David walked up to the curtain. "What can I do?" he asked, guessing what the trouble was.

"I need help with this corset," she said.

"Can I come in?"

"Sure," replied the woman.

David entered, and saw the woman standing there in the black leather boots. Her skirt and blouse were on the floor, and of her original clothing she now wore only her underwear and bra. The woman staggered a bit in her heels, and steadied herself against the wall.

"I can't even get the corset on," she said.

David came up to her and picked up the corset. "Let me try," he said, reaching around her and putting the corset around her.

It wasn't too hard for him to attach the front busks. But even with the back lacing fully open, it was still a snug fit.

"Now lace me up," she said, turning around and leaning against the wall.

David felt a hard-on arrive as he started to lace her corset. "How's that?" he asked when half of the six inch distance had been closed.

"Tighter," she said.

David took off another inch. The lacings were now quite tight. "How is that?" he asked.

"Tighter! Close it all the way!"

David shook his head, but then complied. He had her hold the laces herself while he worked his way up and down the lacing with his fingers to tighten it further. It must have been twenty minutes before he was done with it. By the time that he had tied the cord around her waist, he could hear her struggling for breath against the corset. "Are you sure you're all right? It's not too tight?"

"It's very tight," she said breathlessly, "But that's the way I want it."

David stepped back to look at her. "You do look very hot, ma'am," he said.

"Thank you," she said, with a bit of a blush. "You can call me Tammy, not ma'am."

David stepped out of the dressing room, and waited behind the counter. A few minutes later, Tammy emerged from the dressing room, dressed again. David could see the dark outlines of the corset through her blouse, and noticed that she was wobbling in the high heeled boots.

"You'll be wearing that home?" he asked.

"Yes," she replied with a smile.

David scribbled out a receipt. "That will be four hundred dollars, for the boots and corset," he said.

Tammy dug in her purse. "Credit cards are maxed. Damn, I forgot!" she said.

David had a sinking feeling in his stomach. Oh, the bills are coming, and still not a single sale!

"I have one fifty in cash," the woman said. "Can I work out something?"

"You could put them on layaway," he said, "and pick them up when you're all paid up."

"No good," she said. "I want them both tonight. I can pay you the rest tomorrow," she said.

"I don't mean to say that I don't trust you, but I can't do it that way. I have no way to know if you're going to be in here tomorrow," he said.

"What can I do?" she asked.

One fifty would pay the electric and phone bills, and would pay part of the heating bill. Merchandise on the rack wouldn't help him at all... An idea suddenly crossed David's mind. "Maybe there's a way..." he said. "But it will add a little to the total."

"Whatever it is, I'm sure I can agree to it," she said.

David walked over to the wall that had the whips and the restraints. He selected a pair of unconnected steel ankle cuffs.

"I don't understand," she said.

"I'm going to lock the boots onto you," he said. "And I have the key. You'll have to come back her to get the key for them."

Tammy chewed on her lip. "Do it, then," she said.

David knelt over and locked the ankle cuffs around the narrowest part of her ankles. They were brightly obvious against the shiny black leather.

"The corset, too," he said.

Tammy nodded again. David found three very small padlocks, and had her follow him to the dressing room.

After she took off her blouse, David worked the padlocks through the lacing holes in back. It was very tight, but he managed to do it. This was only possible because it was laced up completely. When he was done, the corset was locked in place at the top, the middle, and the bottom. If she somehow managed to unlace the corset, the locks wouls still keep the corset tightly closed.

When they were done, and at the counter, Tammy handed him the money.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" David asked.

"I'll see you tomorrow..."she said.

"It's David," he finished for her.

"I'll see you tomorrow, David," she said.

David was behind the counter early on Saturday afternoon. So far today, he had managed to sell a dildo and a play whip to a plump woman who said she was planning a bachelorette party. Every little bit helps, he thought.

He heard the door open, and saw Tammy walking into his store. The look on her face was very apprehensive. She was wearing a blouse and a long print skirt that covered her from waist to floor to the floor. She also wore a belt around her that emphasized the true narrowness of her corsetted waist. As her skirt flowed, he could see the toes of the leather boots emerging from the fabric.

"I... I can't pay the rest of the bill today," she said.

David let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry. But my boyfriend was supposed to fly in last night, and he has a big bonus check in his pocket. He promised to buy me something special with it. He called me up and said that his meeting lasted longer than he thought, and he missed his flight. He'll be in tomorrow, for sure!"

David just looked at her. At least she's paid me something so far, he thought. She sounds like she really is upset by it.

"I can give you forty more today," she said.

That convinced him that she was serious about paying. "That will work," he said. "Just remember, no keys until your account is paid in full."

Tammy nodded and handed over the money. "Do you mind if I look around some more?" she asked.

"Go right ahead," he said. Anything you need, just ask."

She slowly walked around the room, carefully checking the merchandise that he had on display. The magazine rack in the center caught her eye. She spent several minutes paging through a magazine titled 'Leather Lady'. After she was through with that, she worked her way quickly through the black leather items. Tammy picked out a pair of very long black leather gloves, and a matching black leather halter top.

"Could I try these on?" she asked.

"Go ahead," he said.

A few minutes later, she emerged from the dressing room. Her skirt was still on, but her blouse was gone.

"What do you think?" she asked.

The shiny black leather gloves fit her tightly all the way up to her shoulders. At the top of the gloves, there were small metal D-rings attached. The black leather halter top fit around her full breasts snugly and supported them. As she breathed, it looked like they were floating in midair, defying gravity. The top was held up by a leather strap that came around the back of her neck, and the strap was attached to a metal studded leather collar that she now wore around her neck. There was just an inch of bare flesh between the bottom of the halter top and the top of the corset.

As Tammy turned around, he saw that the locks were still in place on the tight black leather corset. David felt a hard lump forming in his crotch as he watched her.

"That's... really stunning," he said, meaning it.

Tammy turned to face him and looked at him with wide blue eyes. "I was wondering... could I put these on layaway too?"

David almost let out a groan. But another look at her in the shiny black leather made his mind up for him.

"The same deal applies," he said.

Tammy nodded as David fished out a few more small locks. First, he worked a key through the buckle in the back of the collar. When he was done, the collar was locked firmly in place. David had to use a bit of thin silvery chain and a pair of padlocks to attach the gloves to the collar. When he was done, the top edge of the gloves were attached by the lock to the chain, which looped around the collar. In David's best estimation, they were not removable without ruining the gloves.

"Thank you so much!" she said, and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

David stood there stunned for a moment as Tammy slowly walked back to the dressing room. When she emerged, she was wearing her blouse again. All that could be seen of her leather attire were her gloves and the toes of her boots.

"I'll be back tomorrow, I promise!" she said.

David had short hours on Sunday. He did not open the store until noon.

Only a few minutes after that, Tammy walked into the store. "I take it you don't have the money yet?" he said after a glance at her face.

Tammy was dressed in a long sleeved dark brown dress that would have come down to the floor if it had not been for the six inch heels. David could see the black leather of her gloves, and the belt that she wore pulled the dress tight against her corsetted waist.

"No..." she said, with a sigh. "My boyfriend's plane had a problem in flight, and had to come down in some hick town in Oklahoma. There wasn't another plane coming for them until tomorrow, so he rented a car and is going to drive the rest of the way."

"Your boyfriend sure seems to have bad luck with his travel arrangements," said David.

"I managed to scrape together another hundred dollars," she said.

"I can deal with that," he replied.

"But..." she said. "I might want to put some other things on 'layaway'"

The money was still coming in, and he would hopefully get a chance to see her dress up in even more leather...

"I think that could be arranged," he said.

Tammy first went to the magazines again. After paging through one of them, she headed for the black leather, quickly picked something out, and headed for the dressing room. He heard his door open again. Another customer? he wondered in a moment of excitement.

"Delivery for Kinky Korner," said the man. "Sign here please."

David signed the paperwork and took custody of a medium sized cardboard box. "Looks like some of my stock arrived late," he said.

David was unpacking it when Tammy emerged from the dressing room. Her dress was gone, and David could see her in her entirety. The black leather collar, halter top, and gloves were still locked in place. He could see the top half of Tammy's corset, but below the waist, he
saw a very tight black skirt that went from waist to knees. The black leather spiked heeled boots were on underneath it. Tammy could only take very short steps in the skirt as she walked forward towards the counter.

"That looks wonderful on you," he said.

She smiled and turned for him. This skirt had a zipper in back that David knew had to be started from the bottom. Therefore, it was not possible to unzip it to gain further walking mobility. It was either on completely, or off.

"What is that?" she said, pointing to the items that he was arranging on the counter.

"Oh, that's a chastity belt," he said.

Tammy gingerly touched the dildo and rubber insides of the metal chastity belt. "Is that... normal for a chastity belt?"

"It depends," he said.

"It looks absolutely wicked!" she said. "Could I... try it on?" she asked.

David had to contain his excitement. "I think that you could... but you might need some lube," he said, pulling out a bottle from under the counter.

A minute later, he heard a voice from the dressing room. "I think I need some help with this," she said.

David grabbed a lock and was in the dressing room almost immediately. She was sitting down, with the leather skirt off, facing him. She was struggling to get it around her corsetted waist, but was not having much luck. Her underwear was on the floor, and David had a clear view of her bare shaved crotch between her spread leather covered legs.

"Stand up," he directed her. "Now spread your legs as best you can."

That position would have been impossible to maintain anywhere except in the tight quarters of the dressing room. Each foot was wedged at the intersection of a wall with the floor. As she stood there, David pulled the waist belt around her and locked it in place. It was a very tight fit, even with the corset on. Tammy had already lubricated the dildo. As David slid it slowly into place, he noticed that, further up the crotch strap, above the dildo, there was a raised rubber lump that was covered with tiny rubber fingers. This has a built in clit simulator, too, he noted. The front strap required a padlock to keep it in place. David fumbled in his pocket, and found the lock there.

"Oh! Mmmmm!" she said as he locked it in place. "This is funky!" she said.

He watched her move her hips for a little while. "I'd like to put this on layaway too," she said. "Please?"

There was no way that David could refuse. "Sure, Tammy," he said.

"I've got to get home," she said. "He'll be home soon."

David helped her to get into the skirt. She had to hold it in place as he zipped it up, starting from the bottom.

"We'll have to do something with the skirt to make it layaway material, before you leave," David said.

Fortunately, there were belt loops sewn into the skirt. David took another padlock and attached a back belt loop to the corset lacing. She could now unzip it, but she couldn't remove it. Tammy was very unsteady as she walked out of the dressing room, clutching her purse. David had to steady her as she struggled to walk in the six inch heels, very tight skirt, and with the dildo and clit stimulator wriggling around inside of her.

"Here's one of the keys to the chastity belt," he said. "You'll need it to go to the bathroom."

Tammy nodded and tucked the key into her purse. Idly, she handed him a wad of twenties, and headed for the door. As she staggered out into the street, dressed in black leather, David had a huge smile on his face. "That's the best advertising I could get," he said.

He walked back to the dressing room, to clean it up. He saw that she had forgotten to put her brown dress back on before leaving. David had a momentary urge to chase after her, then decided to simply put the dress away behind the counter.

It was a few minutes before ten on Monday. As David was turning on the lights to the store, he saw a familiar black leather clad female walk up to the front door and knock. David opened it up, and Tammy walked inside. She was sweating , and seemed to be trying to swivel her hips with every step.

"Is everything all right?" he asked.

"No!" she said, leaning against a wall. "I forgot my dress last night, and had to walk home this way. That wasn't that bad, though. It was actually kind of fun. I was sitting there, dressed up, and my boyfriend called. It's... he's not coming back! He found a woman over there that he's going to move in with!" A tear started to come from her eyes.

"I don't know what do!" she said. "I tried to call in sick today, but they just said that I might as well head to the unemployment office, because
I was being fired! Oh, everything's gone wrong!"

David felt sympathy for her, but he also felt very turned on by her presence. "How is the belt?" he asked.

"It was the only thing I had to comfort me last night," she said. "I... oh god, it can get me so close sometimes!"

"Maybe..." said David. "Maybe I can find a job for you here," he said.

"R... really?" she asked. "You don't seem to have much business."

"That will change," he said with confidence. "Besides, you need to earn some money to finish paying for your layaway items."

Tammy looked at him, started to say something, then stopped. "What do you want me to do?" she asked.

His new display sure was bringing in the business, he concluded. The magazine display had been moved to one corner of the store. David had attached a chain to the center of the ceiling that dangled downward. Tammy hands were manacled and attached to the chain. Her hands were held well above her head, and were still encased in the leather gloves. The collar and halter top were also still locked in place. Tammy looked fabulous in the corset and tight skirt, and she was managing to balance quite well in the heels.

Upon reading the instructions in the shipment of chastity belts, David had discovered an additional feature. To take advantage of it, he had strung a wire around the ceiling chain, and had worked it down her back under her skirt. He had plugged the wire into the dildo and clitoral stimulator of her chastity belt. David had a box on his counter with a dial and a button on it. It connected to the wire that led to her chastity belt. With a single push of the button, he could send power through it, and the dildo and clit stimulator would vibrate madly.

It was seven in the evening, and he had already sent her to a dozen orgasms. He reserved this for moments when the customers were not looking.

"Remember, you're paid on commission," he said to her. "Five percent of sales." David was now charging customers five dollars simply to browse in the store, and Tammy did not receive a commission on that. Tammy was talking to a man, who pretended to look at a leather jacket while he drooled over her. Her face was flushed from her last vibrator induced orgasm. David had noted that even when it was off, she seemed to find the belt to be very distracting.

"Are you going to buy anything, or not?" he asked the customer.

"Ah, I'll take this jacket," the man said, not even bothering to try it on.

With that purchase, David took down the open sign and locked the door.

"That's a pretty good first day's haul," he said, buzzing her belt in short pulses, "especially for a Monday."

"Thanks," she said breathlessly against the corset. Now, as David played with the settings, she could twist and turn, and moaned as the belt brought her higher and higher. Tammy's face contorted as if to scream, but only the sound of ragged breathing came out.. She slumped down, hanging momentarily by her wrists.

"Are you all right?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine," she said, struggling to regain her feet. The chain had only allowed her to fall a foot or so, and her knees had not even touched the floor. David unlocked her wrist chains and disconnected the wire.

"Now time for cleanup, and we can head home," he said.

"I was wondering..." Tammy said, looking at David with her big blue eyes. "Could I... get a few more things? On layaway?"



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